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I should also say has pretty good/friendly customer service. (in 28 reviews)


I contacted by email two days after my order. (in 54 reviews)


I waited just over a month for mine and then the item I wanted was out of stock. (in 46 reviews)

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New Reviewer

OK, they have good sale prices and periodically offer big rebates through ebates. So far so good. The problem is that they cannot seem to deliver anything on a timely basis. Recently ordered a small appliance. Now 2 weeks in and it is still sitting in "supplier processing" despite the website saying it is in stock and under shipping it says
"Leaves warehouse within 5 business days" Ha ha.
I am worried that they are under capitalized and that they in effect use your money free for a period of time so that they can fulfill other earlier orders. Keeping going in this scenario would depend on them getting new orders. Hopefully it does not all collapse while they have my money although I suppose my credit card company would cover me.

New Reviewer

I searched online for a gift and found it on with a huge discount! But after reading so many bad reviews, I was hesitant to purchase from this site. I went ahead & ordered it anyway, & I was completely surprised. My item was delivered less than a week after I ordered it, in perfect condition! Very pleased.

Ask Anna about
New Reviewer

I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews, maybe the positives are just not reviewing. I found it easy to order & pay on Nov 13. I live in Vancouver, both of my items arrived separately on Nov 19 (1 from Quebec, the other from Ontario) and both items were in perfect condition and as I expected.
I must admit, that if it were not for paypal inviting me to shop on with a $40 credit on $99 or more, I probably might find their "regular" prices outrageously high. Sale item prices are much more tolerable given the inclusion of free shipping.
All-in-all my shopping experience was very positive.

Ask Donna about
New Reviewer

I ordered a sweater and it was not delivered by the delivery date. I enquired with and after three days they let me know that it was out of stock. It took an additional two weeks to receive the refund. The same sweater was continued to be listed as in stock on the website. Stay away.

Ask Bob about
New Reviewer

Scam scam scam. Stay away!!
Shop .ca is so overpriced it's amazing how companies like this will just rip off consumers like we're all idiots. There must be enough people actually dumb enough to pay 3 to 4 times more than the same product on eBay, Amazon or a dozen other online stores.. Total scam involving pay pay trying to tell you you are saving money when really they jack up the prices so high in actuality you are paying more than retail! Don't be an IDIOT!

Tip for consumers: Don't ever use overpriced scam!!!

Ask Bruce about
New Reviewer
10/30/14, is the slowest on-line purchase I have ever made...2 weeks later and the item has not shipped. No response after 2 phone calls, they are still trying to contact the supplier. Didn't update me after the first request asking why my purchase has not been shipped as promised. So I've made a second phone call. They still don't know when or not use this company unless you enjoy being frustrated.

Tip for consumers: Don't use them, they don't ship as promised! Buyer Be Ware!

Ask Lauren about
New Reviewer


Tip for consumers: BE AWARE!!

Ask Denis about
New Reviewer

Ordered an item came fairly quickly, Quality is awful, beyond awful as they are head phones tells me that there are no returns,It clearly states right beneath the item free 365 day returns! I just returned bluetooth in ear head set to Amazon with no issues, Total scam artist AVOID

New Reviewer

Since my registration on, I keep getting (unrelated) spam emails. Before my email was spam free. Also my wife had the exact same issue. When contacting, they could/would not help me. AVOID registering at if you want to remain spam free.

New Reviewer

First and last purchase on that site. Bought a refurbished item; box was already all wrecked, no instruction booklet, parts missing. VERY disappointed for a 100$ item...

New Reviewer

I bought 2 HP 75 XL Tricolor refilled ink cartridges from this company. Great price, quick delivery BUT, the printer showed "USED" and would not print properly. An original HP cartridge of this type weighs 46.5 grams new and 35 grams empty. These weighed 36.5 grams new. looks like they added a few grams of ink and passed them off as full.

New Reviewer

This company should not be in the online retail business!!! I purchased a Happy Birthday Egift Card. It seemed like a quick and easy process except that they didn't send the card to my friend. I called and talked to a customer service representative the same day and she admitted it was strange the e gift card was not emailed right away. She took my friend's email and assure me the gift card will be emailed. Next day my friend still has not received her card. I facebooked them and asked for a refund. They responded asking about my friend's email address and said it would be resolved. I don't know if they'll refund my money or finally send the egift card, but if it takes days of back and forth with customer service for a simple online transaction such as the purchase of an egift card, the company should not be in the online retail business. Avoid at all cost!

New Reviewer

Purchased some Petro Canada Card from Returned the cards right away because they were not what I wanted.
They refuse to give me back a credit or a refund, or even return the cards.

New Reviewer

I bought a duvet cover from It arrived damaged. When I returned it the seller said it was returned soiled!. If it was soiled it was sent to me that way since I never even put it on the duvet. I have bought tons of things from Ebay and never had a problem.....this is my first and last time shopping here unless I get my refund very, vey soon!

New Reviewer

A shady outfit, stay away from it. This site offers what appears to be good deals, however, I question the legality of the product I purchased from them. I purchased a watch which arrived in a reasonable amount of time, however, there was no warranty with the item. The watch make is "Invicta" and, as I own another watch of this make, I know they are supposed to have a warranty number enclosed along with a warranty card. The watch did not even have a proper instruction booklet, it had a one page folded sheet similar to what one receives with a Wal Mart special. I wonder if the watch is even a legallly manufactured piece or if it is a knock off "copywatch". I emailed the company a few times and while they did answer my emails, they have never provided proof that this is a legally produced item.

New Reviewer

Some of the items are expensive and are not available. I tried an alternate site a friend recommended and I got hooked into it. It's fun and shopping can be so addicting. If you love shopping, then you should try it too.

New Reviewer

I had hopes for this website when it first appeared. They offered a promo of $25 as a new member, plus another $25 if I wrote several reviews. Then PayPal offered another $25 off a purchase. You'd think with $75 off a $100 purchase, I'd be able to find SOMETHING that was worth buying, but every time I checked, either the prices were ridiculously higher than elsewhere, or the sale items were "out of stock". In fact pretty much everything that was reasonably priced was "out of stock". If the item ever showed up as back in stock, the price was magically much higher than it was advertised for when it was :out of stock". Just today I looked at their arts and crafts supplies section. They showed 50 items for $1 each, in some cases multiple units for $1 total. Not one of these items was "in stock" and no surprise, these were items which sell for considerably more than $1. One example was some epoxy cement which sells locally for $7 a tube. Their website had 6 sets of tubes for $1.00!

While looking around the site today, I decided to log into my account. The $25 credit I had received for all my reviews was gone. After reading the reviews here, I deleted all my reviews, cancelled my account and my subscription. While I ended up never ordering anything (and glad I didn't) after being enticed to this website too many times by false promises, and ads which played games with the truth, I'm glad to know the trouble I would have had, should I have ordered from them, even at a 75% discount.

I did read their policy page, which is very enlightening. They basically give themselves permission to take your credits away without notice on their whim, to cancel any order, and basically to twist their policies any way that is to their advantage. I don't think I have ever read a more one sided policy statement from a retailer. My suggestion is save yourself a lot of potential headaches, and keep away. There are many on line retailers which actually want to keep their customers.

New Reviewer

I will never use this site again! they are too slow, ordered something more than a week a go, still shows up as "processing". It is before "shipping soon", and "Item in transit" status. So still long way! they are too lazy.

New Reviewer

This company is a Total scam. Used a paypay promotion and purchased a keyboard stand from Did not receive the item within the timeframe advertised. After many attempts to contact did not receive a reply to my emails nor was I able to contact them by phone, kept getting a voicemail box. I lodged a complaint with paypal which was eventually settled in my favour and got a refund. Paypal's complaint process worked great. is a scam.

New Reviewer

I think means well...but good intentions are not good enough.

I have purchased about 10 items from them ranging from $50 - $300 each.

I felt bad returning a few things but I had my reasons. One reason being the order took 1.5 months to finally ship and I had to make alternate arrangements and purchase the items elsewhere (being a gift). The other time I had an unopened unused product that was returned and refunded in the form of store credit. I was simply taking advantage of the 365 day returns they offer and it was all legit.

- they really do accept returns
- shipping is free on almost everything
- they are friendly when they email you back

- They are mostly selling items through the use of third parties vendors. Basically the same way in how amazon does this (which is an awesome online store but the third party sellers always jack up the prices considerably high there too). However, is almost entirely all third party vendors. This means terrible pricing and no accountability. always has a scapegoat. The vendors control the pricing (and it is really poor. I have seen $5 items at amazon listed as $50 at for example). The shipping times are also dictated by these third parties. I have had items arrive in a couple days (rarely) to as long as 1.5 months after having to request it to be shipped and having to "contact the vendor". is simply the middleman and both the consumer and are at the mercy of these sellers who don't seem to really care. Many of them are selling their items elsewhere too.

- Returns are slow! I mean really slow. You have to keep contacting and logging into your account to verify since they don't even email you when the refund is completed (they say they will though). Expect to wait 2-4 weeks for your refund to process. I waited just over a month for mine and then the item I wanted was out of stock.

- The website is a little difficult to navigate, there are technical and spelling errors and the stock and inventory is very poor. I purchased an item after their recent web update and the $15 off promo code did not apply. I cancelled the order (thanks goodness there was a button to do so) and immediately tried to reorder the two items. I couldn't! The items were now listed as out of stock (because I bought them) and it is now pulled from the site entirely and after contacting them can't do anything or has any record. So in short there are inventory issues.

- This is speculation on my part but after a lot of time trying to find something to spend my credit on it looks as if a lot of the items are year end stock and returned products from the vendors. One order I received had the price tags scratched off of all the items. I suspect it was due to it being cheaper if I purchased it in their store. I had no choice, I had to use my credit up. Another item (electronic) also had a paint chip and some very mild wear that led me to believe it was a store demo model.

- I have $5 credit left and am trying to make a small purchase. Everytime I click on the item I want I get a website error (tried on 3 computers, iphone and ipad too). I am then locked out of the site and have to clear my cache. I am awaiting assistance on this matter.

I could go on and on and my rant here does little justice. I purchase a lot of things online. I will stick with amazon, newegg etc... and even ebay is a more reliable system and that isn't saying a whole lot. If you can apply a promo code and have done your pricing research then you may score a good deal at, but expect to wait anywhere from a few days to over a month...and don't even think of returning it. There is just to much energy required to buy from them.

I suspect that will not be around much longer. They are doing an inferior outdated version of what others are already doing fairly well. Perhaps they will refine their system and take the endless amounts of criticism to heart. I get the impression they want to dominate but they are up against a lot. Time will tell. I wish them the best and hope they can begin to offer competitive pricing and an efficient shopping experience.


I ordered two items on May 1st, the items page says it will ship from the vendor in 5 days. I received the following email (for each item) on May. 6 instead:

"... has been flagged as back ordered from the supplier. The expected ship date is May 27, 2014."

Once again this reinforces my point concerning inventory issues and slow arrival.


They have been pleasant to deal with and went above and beyond to help sort these issues. I have adjusted my rating. The issues above are there but they really do mean well.

New Reviewer

I had been hesitant to use this site, although was very encouraged when it was associated with air miles and - using these sites with can greatly benefit the customer. So I went ahead and ordered the HP Envy 23 Recline noting that it would leave the warehouse within three days. Plus with other discounts and coupons, I got an amazing deal. There was some confusion when I checked and it read that it hadn't even begun to be processed after three days. I called to confirm the status and because there had been some concern due to thefts from our local post boxes, they said they had been delayed until I personally confirmed such a large order. Apparently, I had missed the phone call and when I called back four times, I didn't want to leave a message only to have them call back at their convenience - not mine. They really, really need to get rid of that darn thing and have a human answer when we call in. I would rather sit for 15 minutes on hold while drinking a coffee than to have them call back when I am in the middle of something - which I was and I wasn't as pleasant as I should have been. Once we realized that it was just miscommunication, they made up for the time delay and shipped it overnight. I couldn't have been happier. They are a relatively new company that will have its burps and hiccups, but they are truly trying to be the best they can be. BUT GET MORE PEOPLE TO WORK THE PHONE! I earned more bonus discounts, plus using ebates, you can get further discounts. Plus you can earn discounts on their facebook site plus other other couponing sites as well. I will be ordering from them again. I admit, when I checked for complaints and seen this site, my stomach sank, thinking I was so stupid for ordering from them with as many recent complaints seen here. There was some bumps on my first order, but they more than made up for it. And love my new computer, too. I will use again.

New Reviewer

I ordered laser printer toner from them, because of a promotion through PayPal with The price was good because of the discount. Shipping was fast, everything arrived fine. But the product is crap! Might as well have no toner in my printer! So I complained to customer service. Only an automated response saying we'll get back to you.

So let's see: they sell junk, and won't respond when you complain about it. The good is they ship the junk to you ASAP!

Say away! Not recommended!

New Reviewer

Amazingly fast, reliable shipping and service. Products are always as advertised and arrive in mint condition. If I could buy everything thru I would. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

New Reviewer

WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE AGAIN! I ordered items in early December under a PayPal promotion. When I paid, the promo was not applied. I called customer service for 3 days straight, holding for hours, or getting voicemail, trying to get the promo applied. I finally gave up and emailed customer service to cancel my order. I was told that the items had already shipped and that I had to return them once I received them. It took them 2 weeks to send me the shipping labels (after sending several follow-up emails). It is now MARCH and I still have not received my full refund on the items I returned. Nobody answers the phone. And emails take longer than snail mail. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don't waste your time and money on these people.

New Reviewer

I ordered a camera which was an amazing deal. Although they over sold the product, they were extremely accommodating. They purchased another Camera to send to me even though it was a different colour. They also upgraded the memory card and gave me a 25 dollar credit for the inconvenience. I was amazed with their customer service. I will definitely purchase from there again

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 items in early December, they were x-mas gifts. I recived none. when I called there were no answers. they said they would re-ship them. I recived a partial refund instead, no x-mas gifts!!! I called and was told to re-order. again no items 1 month later. I called and they said the order was cancelled!!! no refund thou. what a $#*! company.

New Reviewer

I went to buy a $30 accessory kit for stacking a washer/dryer. Small item in both size and price that I could pick up anywhere... futureshop, sears, etc. Thought I'd try since I like the idea. They wanted to charge $59 shipping on a $30 item. With tax it was over $100. Whatever... is dead to me now. Tell two friends....

New Reviewer

Recently signed up with and my experience has been great. The sign-up was easy and simple. I ordered a few books, I received them all within the expected shipping period (5-7 business days), and shipping was free which was convenient. Overall, great shopping experience, will use again!

New Reviewer

Their customer service is slow and bad, as well as their shipping. Also, they force you to "like" their Facebook and social networking pages, but then take the money away later! They've removed money from my account twice with no explanation, that is pure theft. Selection is bad and their prices are above retail, there's no reason to trust or use this site. Anything you earn in rewards could be taken from you at any time. Should be illegal.

New Reviewer

Unprofessional and total scam artists. Sent a defective item. I promptly returned it but never received my refund. Customer service phone number automatically sends you to voicemail. Had to end up starting a Paypal dispute and only then did I receive an e-mail from telling me to close the dispute then they'll refund. Really? Because for weeks after they received the item back, they never refunded me so me closing the dispute would only kill my last recourse at actually getting my money back. Also, they make you return items to a different address than the one listed on their Paypal account so this causes confusion with Paypal reps. Finally, after numerous calls and about five weeks, Paypal refunded me. Ridiculous. should be shut down for their unethical practices trying to steal people's money. Wish I would've read reviews on this site before buying anything from them. Would've saved myself a lot of time and hassle.

New Reviewer

Ordered an item Dec 11...have not received it yet. I call every day and leave messages. Rarely do I get a callback. They tell me that Canada post has delivered the item...but I did not get it.

stay away from are slow and unreliable....and I spent $90 on an item I did not receive???

New Reviewer

1st I had problems with signing up due to me forgetting my password so they sent me a temp password that didn't even work so they just let me make a new one.

2nd I ordered 2 items and one got back ordered so I cancelled it and still haven't seen my money back. The second item came today and was damaged so I have to send that back as well.

3rd I've had to e-mail them numerous times about everything and always get somebody who not only can't spell correctly they can't even help me with my obvious problems that they say they have no problem dealing with.
Horrible website, turned me off shopping online all together. I think I'm going to "shop happy" at the mall.

New Reviewer

Spent hours navigating their awful site (poor layout, poor search capability) with the intent to "shop smart" by using some promotional money they gave to me - in exchange for tweeting for them, and also from visiting a Raptors game. Ordered a pair of waterproof headphones. 3 weeks later, the order was canceled, emails go unanswered and my time was wasted. Worst online retail experience I've ever had. Stay away. Instead, order from a retailer that honours their promotions and provides some semblance of customer service.

Also ordered some clothing items, those orders were all cancelled with no explanation (but canceled immediately and fairly, so I don't think it's fair to judge on those transactions).

The one purchase I did receive, was some parts from a reputable automotive supplier that I have done business with in the past. offered a much better return policy (1 year, no cost), but I so seriously doubt that I would have been able to return anything via (due to their completely invisible and non-responsive customer service) that all I seem to have done was paid a premium to shop from a middle man. I will shop directly from the retailer from now on, there is no benefit to shopping at

New Reviewer

Ordered 6 items for Christmas on Dec. 3rd. 4 of the 6 orders were cancelled without warning, 1 came through a week later, another is still stuck at "Shipping soon". Repeated attempts to contact through email and phone are met with automated replies and answering machine. Their company is a joke. Stay away, save your money and time. It's a joke how they market themselves as a Canadian site by Canadians for Canadians. They are a DISGRACE to the country and I hope they go out of business soon.

New Reviewer

Purchased a tool item early December, site noted 7 items available. Ships within 3 - 5 days. Watched item for several months and never a change in availability always had at least 7 items. Two weeks later checked order status and item still not shipped. Noted on website item availability is now zero (first time in 6 months!). Contacted by phone/email and told by customer care that supplier was getting more items by end of December and order would be shipped. Checked order status today and still in process and mysteriously item is no longer available on (item has disappeared). Checked with manufacture of tool and they have plenty of stock of this tool item and this item is sold direct from manufacture to retailer (no middlemen). Customer service is a joke, sounds like I was lucky enough to speak to a service rep back in December based on the reviews here. Will demand refund and I will see how log it will take to get my money back.

New Reviewer

We bought gas gift card from this website. They took back the rebate after we paid. will never ever buy anything from them.

New Reviewer

Site is terribly overpriced, very rare to find a "good deal".
Gimmicky rewards are a poor attempt to attain new customers.
Selection is horrendous.
Extremely slow customer service response.
Take this site down!

New Reviewer

Put in an order on Nov 4th. I got my order 2 weeks later but not even what I ordered! Calling the support number never gets a human on the phone. Even emails respond by robot saying they are just too busy. Finally got an email from a "human" , basically saying they are really busy! Wow great customer service. It is now Dec 27th and still have no refund or correct product. Are these guys related to TeamBuy. Same type of experience! Stay away.

New Reviewer

I saved so much money on this site. I basically got a PS4 with a game for $300 including tax. A Nexus 7 for 140 with tax and numerous ps4 titles for 24$. Be crazy not to use their site for deals

New Reviewer

Wow I should of read reviews before ordering from here,you can't reach these people at all I ordered from them but I wanted to cancel my order, so hours hours after I finally get them but than they make a mistake! I had two items I wanted canceled they only refunded me for one of the items,now I have to try again to reach them again ! which won't be easy for sure,why have a live chat thing on their site when you can't even get someone on there either! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE never again buying from them. STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM THIS SITE I'M WARNING YOU SHOP ELSE WHERE!

New Reviewer

I also use to shop for my Christmas gifts and never received the items at all. I called them several times, exchanged emails to customer service reps and their CEO, and even sent them messages in FB to get their attention. I never got satisfactory reply from all of it so I filed a dispute to Paypal and they have resolved it in my favor. I will never shop at this site ever again, my first and last! This site doesn't even deserve a star (I just did to post this review).

New Reviewer

Regarding the PayPal $25 offer... I kept a diary. I ordered two items on November 28.

I was already a customer (but never ordered until now and a long time user of PayPal. I figured this would be a good chance to use the rewards gift card I had and get a xmas gift. My total was $77, and after using my rewards it came to $52. I did see the “Special Offer” text listed on the checkout process at, but then I was charged the full amount through PayPal. I contacted by email two days after my order. No reply, no automated acknowledgement either.

December 2.
Second time contacting, there was an automated receipt message, and a day later, another email with a complete copy paste of what was written on the PayPal offer page, and a suggestion to call PayPall on their toll free number.
I’ve opened a dispute with PayPal and am waiting for a reply. The way I see it, it’s false advertising if the discount isn’t applied automatically in the transaction details through PayPal.
Oddly enough, today I got an email from regarding their November sales and how some customers had bad experiences, and offering me a $10 gift certificate. Strangely enough, it went to my primary PayPal email and not to the email account I use for the site.

December 4
Received ONE of the ordered items. Seems the other one is being sent in a separate parcel. The invoice for the single item has nothing to do with the invoice processed on the site.
Further reply from regarding the missing PayPal discount says: ”Unfortunately I do not have insight into your Paypal account. I suggest you give Paypal a call and they should be able to better assist you!.” This after I added transaction details to my email. Looks like the dispute within PayPal will need to be escalated to a claim.

December 5
Received second item. With a separate invoice, from a different shipping address too. Not sure what is going on with these invoices, they don't even have the same layout. customer service contacted 3 times, escalated dispute on PayPal to a claim. The refund still doesn't show on PayPal nor my credit card invoice.

December 18
PayPal resolved the claim and decided in my favor. They refunded me the entire amount of my purchase, which was a surprise, since I just expected the $25 refund.

Do not recommend using this site. The ordering process seems confusing (why two shipments, from different places, with different invoices that don't even show my discounts or total that was processed on the site?), the offer refund was forgotten and the customer service is seriously lacking. ANYONE can copy/paste text from a page. It takes a little more than that for online customer service, especially when people are having problems with your "false advertising" of a credit when they clearly have gone through all the right steps and met the requirements for said credit.

New Reviewer

Terrible ... took one month for my son to get his order and then it was not what I had ordered . Several emails and phone calls on hold for ever . Save your money use instead.

New Reviewer

ordered something on Nov 27...states "in stock, ships within 5 business days" 12 business days later still not shipped and the folks at cant even tell me where it's shipping from! As it does not state on the website that it's coming from a third party (like they do on Amazon) we assumed it came from their own warehouse. It is very difficult to get hold of people and you tend to get 'stock answers' in my opinion. They are e-mailing the supplier and cant tell me why they are not picking up the phone to talk to them........avoid this company! Too bad as we like to support Canadian companies when we can.

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 books for Christmas gifts and have been waiting for 3 weeks. The website says shipping it takes 3-7 business days. I've telephoned and can't get through, and have emailed with no response. Seems like a scam. Stay AWAY!! I am very disappointed that people do this type of thing. It's stealing!

New Reviewer

I have waited over 5 weeks for a refund form this site, made a claim with PayPal, which has since escalated to a dispute. No response from the vendor. I am counting on PayPal to sort this one out, because this business is not reliable. Zero customer service at a phone number that rings into a void before connecting to voicemail, where you have the opportunity to leave a message asking for a callback that will never come. Give this site a miss.

New Reviewer


This site is a complete scam!! I ordered a camera at 30%off (website sale) on September 5th... after 6 e-mails, i finally got a reply - "Sorry, but the item you ordered is out of stock" as if that does me any good when I wanted the camera for my daughter's birthday pictures...
so I thought, oh well, tough luck... I'll try again... the second camera i ordered was on October 12th - at full price of course! after a ridiculous amount of phone messages left - yes, they don't answer the customer service phone, and too many e-mails, i finally get a reply saying "sorry, but the item you ordered is out of stock..." oh but i shouldn't worry, they were going to credit my account $20 for the gift card I was using (a gift card that was worth $30!) so now they're stealing from me as well?

I have since called and e-mailed and e-mailed and called - this time both Laura and Roxane... STILL NO ANSWERS!!!

Honestly, I could have easily gone to Best Buy and grabbed a camera off the shelf in September and saved myself the trouble of dealing with such dishonest, disrespectful people...

please take my review as a warning directly from me to you...

New Reviewer

Placed order Dec 1st. Sent an email Dec 11th asking when it would be shipped, received and email today saying it is out of stock. Funny thing was still listed for sale Dec 11th. Disappeared after I sent my inquiring email. Christmas gifts gone and it's too late to order something else. Ho, ho, ho, thanks a lot
Pretty $#*!ty service.

New Reviewer

The website is hit or miss, leaning heavily on the miss. I've ordered 3 items, 2 of which actually arrived (one even had tracking information when it shipped!! Wow!)

The last (and final) order I made, the order was pending, showing "Shipping soon" for over a week. Then, without any word from them, they cancelled and refunded the order. I at least didn't have to fight to get my refund, but still, any site which suddenly cancels an order for an in stock item with no warning or explanation is not worth shopping at. You will find better deals elsewhere, so shop elsewhere, this site is just not worth the risk.

New Reviewer

Shipped only 1 of 2 items, but claim both shipped together! No response to phone alls, facebooked them and got a callback, but still nothing has changed. No product, no refund. Sad. Gives other online companies a bad name. They deserve the BBB rank of F.