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ShoeDazzle reviews

161 reviews
2501 Colorado Ave #325
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 1-888-508-1888
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161 Reviews for ShoeDazzle

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I can't wait to check my showroom on the first of every month.

I bought a pair of green/teal/brown 4" heels and a Zebra Print 4" wedge.

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New Reviewer

It sells itself as a shoe club, and what's a part of clubs? Member fees. People should probably read the terms before forking over credit card information on the internet! Fortunately, recently the site advertised it wouldn't be charging monthly fees and there will be no need to "skip." Also, 39.95 is everything; a lot of sites you go to say, "$26.50" and then when you go to check out, between taxes and shipping another $10 is tacked on! I prefer no hidden costs that I always seem to forget to factor in. Are the shoes practical? No, but ideal for going out and fun occasions; they're for ladies who want to stand out for a night on the town. Try zappos if your looking for practicality.

New Reviewer

They were never clear about the whole monthly thing. You would think that after you sign up they'd send you an email in regards to the monthly fee only, but that's how they get you. My boyfriend and I gave them hell for charging us when I had no idea. I ordered once from the site in January and never signed on again because I'm not much of a shoe fanatic, but they continued to charge me for the month of February and March. When I called and asked why if I never received any kind of notice or bought anything, the rep said that it was stated in my order confirmation on the bottom. I got so pissed off and told her that this website is a complete scam by practically hiding it from people. And if it's something EVERYONE knew about why did they decide to take the monthly membership fee off? Because people complained the same way I did. It was completely unfair. Nevertheless I got refunded for the month of March and not February, but was given 2 credits. I don't care for it though, the site can go to hell.

New Reviewer

I just received my first pair of shoes from shoe dazzle in the mail. They fit great, but are very cheaply made. I won't be ordering from the website again.

New Reviewer

I signed up for the site a few months back. I had received 2 pairs of cute heels. When they came, it was quick and the packaging was perfect. The shoes were really nice. I order my third pair. These finally came after what seemed like weeks. The box the shoes were in was not from shoedazzle. The shoebox was almost completely crushed in on 1 corner. Oh, and they included some cheap press on nails for some reason. The shoes were fine from 1st appearances. When I pulled out the second shoe of the pair, it was obvious it was used. They put a new heel tip on it and attempted to resole the bottom. It looked like a hippo tried to squeeze her fat foot in it and run a marathon. I immediately called customer service. The rep told me she would refund my checking account. No sincere apology or anything. She just read her little script. After 10 days had passed, I called again to see where my refund was. The rep asked for the return tracking number. I told her I had not been able to get them in the mail yet. She then told me in order to get a refund, they must receive the shoes first. I told her that I was not a mind reader and that the previous rep never told me that. After dealing with this snotty girl for entirely too long, I told her that I would get their used a** shoes out as soon as possible so that I could be done with that company forever. How dare they put someone's health in jeopardy for a buck. They knew those shoes were used, and sent them to me anyways. Who knows if the previous user had any sort of foot disorder. I will never shop shoedazzle again and I will make sure anyone I know doesn't either. I'm sure Kimora would appreciate my business.

New Reviewer

They do have nice selections, but you can find the EXACT same styles on other websites such as for MUCH CHEAPER! I don't recommend shoedazzle, its a waste of money!

New Reviewer

I luv Shoedazzle. Their prices are affordable Amanda their styles are popping. Here is my official review:

New Reviewer

Poorest quality shoes I have ever had the displeasure of purchasing. They are stiff, all synthetic materials, and completely mis-sized. If you're looking for cheap, uncomfortable shoes then please, buy from this site. Otherwise just stick to your local Nordstrom or Macy's for REAL designer shoes. I'm pretty sure I've found better quality at Payless.

Oh, and $5.95 fee for non-exchange returns? YEAH RIGHT!! I'm not going to pay $5.95 because you can't make a decent shoe! Your Problem, Not mine.

New Reviewer

I just received an order from Shoe Dazzle yesterday and it was wonderful!!!! They come in this cool pink box, and includes a pink shoe bag, and a free gift which was Dazzle Me Pink nail polish, a nail file, a coupon book and it all came in a silver mesh bag. I'm loving Shoe Dazzle!!!! All :) this way!!!!

New Reviewer

Showdazzle is the worst site ever. Do not buy anything from there. Their details about their shoes are off, their customer service is terrible, and I have not even received the last two shoes that I ordered and they refused to do anything about it. All they did was give me free "style points" which are damn near worthless.

New Reviewer

Pure crap! I bought a pair of shoes, unaware of the monthly charge, and they were cute enough. But they completely fell apart less than an hour into wearing them!! THEY FELL APART!! No joke! The stiching came undone and the entire front part of the shoe fell off! So I was left shoeless! Scam and cheap cheap cheap! I could buy a cheaper better quality and just as cute shoe at target! plus my "show room" none of the shoes even match my requirements. I'm 6'2" so I wear a lot of flats and I requested to look mostly at flats and lower heel heights but all I got were 5+ inchers!

New Reviewer

Although this website has very nice shoes , they are theeee worst when it comes to business!!! First of all they never ever advertise the fact that the moment you purchase your first pair of shoes that your entered into a membership contract . Secondly they never ask you if you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract which includes them charging you a $39.95 a month fee . Then when you call them and ask for your money back , they tell you that the "monthly membership fee" isnt really a monthly membership fee , but a credit for a pair of shoes that you might want .. which means that they are basically forcing you to buy products because they have already charged your account for it .. then have the nerve to try and make it sound nice by saying all you have to do it pick out what you want and we'll send it for free.. its not free because they already charged you for it .. This site should really think about choosing better advertisement and give people the option of this membership not just assume that people are okay with the terms and conditions .. its a lawsuit waiting to happen !

New Reviewer

The quality of the shoes are REALLY bad!! Looks good onces, super poor quality, extremely uncomfortable, no cushion or padding in the shoe anywhere! I think they have a 90% profit on each shoe, that's how cheaply they're made.

New Reviewer

DO NOT DO IT GIRLS. Worst experience. Ordered shoes and my account was charged that same day. A month later no shoes. A month later however I did get an additional 39,99 charge. They apparently had been trying to contact me to verify my account. As if getting my money was not good enough. An to top things off by the time things were cleared out the shoes I had orded were no longer available. Two and a half months later and I am still waitting for a credit to my acccount. Every time I call it is a 30 minute waite before I can get an actual person on the line.

New Reviewer

It's a fraud. The $39.95 monthly charge is a big deal. But they hardly mention it if at all when you sign up. That should be bold on the home page, not hidden! Not to mention it took over two weeks to get the shoes. They were so small I couldn't get my foot in them. I returned them the day I got them on Dec. 13! It's now Jan. 17. Still no refund! Just called them and they said they thought I wanted store credit! I clearly stated I wanted a refund on the form. I even called them the same day to ensure I was getting refunded and not store credit! On top of that I cancelled my account the day I received the shoes. Why would I want store credit if I cancelled my account?! I asked if they were ever going to notify me of my store credit. They had no answer! Because it's a scam! They were going to keep my money and never contact me. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this site! Awful experience and I feel totally ripped off! I also want to mention that shoedazzle has removed my negative comments twice now on two separate sites. Both of those sites say nothing but "stellar" reviews for shoedazzle! Clearly shoedazzle has control over removing negative comments. I guess you have to when you're running a scam!

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE!! Read the small print...
I bought a $39.95 hairdryer -the deal said "First time buyer special"
then I got charged 3 months in a row for "Membership Fees" I have now cancelled, but I cant get my money back...I HAVE to buy something to get my money back. RIP OFF.

New Reviewer

This is a terrible service. If there are real stylists behind this site they are not very good at their jobs. The shoes and bags are cheap-looking. When I got my first selection I thought I must have accidentally checked "Clubbing" somewhere as an interest because the shoes were so slutty. So I clicked the 'alternatives' button and completed another survey. The alternatives suggested were only marginally better - in some cases I think they were showing me the same shoes and bags. Unimpressed. I agree with those who say this website is a scam. Also, once you sign up the only way to cancel is by calling (this is a a big pet peeve of mine for online sites - if I can sign up online, I should be able to cancel online). I waited on hold for far too long to be able to cancel.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for around 6 months. I have size 11 feet and find it very difficult to find my size shoes that look decent, and I don't want to spend a few hundred bucks everytime I want a new pair of shoes. I LOVE that I am able to select ANY shoe in my size. I have never had so many fahionable shoes that look great! It did take a while for me to familiarize myself with the quality of shoes, and sizing by looking at the styles online. You are able to zoom in on pics of product so you can tell how cheap/good the look which is great, some of the fabrics/materials are very cheap looking, but no different then the ones you see at cheap shoe stores at the mall. My first few purchases I had to return, until I established which type of shoes fit me best. Now its excellent! I love the product reviews which tell you how people like the fit/quality, etc. As long as you take your time ordering, and wait to read product reviews, you shouldn't have any problems with this site. I am very happy with my purchases to date. Returns are a pain in the a** and you have to pay to return, but that's why you should take your time making purchases and wait for reviews to be posted before you buy.

New Reviewer

The shoes are not good quality. I can find a cute pair of Nine West or another reputable company on sale for the same price or less. A lot of the shoes just look gaudy to me. I also think it makes absolutely no sense to set it up as a subscription site. If people like your product so much, they will return and purchase from you. There is no need to automatically deduct $39.95 from their account. I think this a method to just prey on people who have a lot going on a forget to forego the month. It is a company set up by a Kardashian so of course the only goal would be to make money at the expense of having a conscionable company.

New Reviewer

I just got my first purchase from shoedazzle...and YES, I know this is a monthly subscription site. The ordering process was really easy and simple and as far as the rules for the monthly subscription it was easy to understand. I did contact them about a charge on my card which the next day I received a response that it was just to make sure the card is valid. The rep told me this charge will go away and it did. So as far as what I can tell they have good customer service. Not to mention I got 20% off my first item. They also have a style points program where you are given points for you purchase for money off other orders. Like any other reward program it will take a few times to acquire enough to redeem it.

My shoes came in a timely manner like promised from the company. Packaging was great. They had the shipping box itself then the shoe box inside with the packing slip with the return policy etc on there. Also came with a pre-printed shipping sticker if you wanted to return your item. Opening up the cute shoe box they have a protective bag for your shoes (if you even like to store your shoes this way). I think this is a nice perk because you can use it for a handbag or other things. Each shoe was individually wrapped in plastic with the tissue paper around the bottom and top also a divider in the middle of the shoes so they are not scraping up against one another.

The price you are paying for the shoe matches the quality. I don't understand why people whine about quality of the shoe....where you expecting them to be Christian LouBoutins for 40 bucks? Some glue/flaws are noticeable if you are sticking it 2 inches away from your face. There was a weird smell with these shoes but I am guessing that is coming from the suede material. True to size though there was some digging in the back of my heels which I am not angry about because you will get that with a shoe once in awhile.

It's a cool website I've been a member for awhile now and it's free of charge until you purchase something. For someone who can't dish out the money its like being able to have your own stylist where you can then go out on your own and buy a item that's alike.They also allow you to skip months as well if you don't like anything that particular month or opt out anytime you want.

New Reviewer

Hate hate!! Crooks! They of course have the fine print where you are charged a $40 membership fee monthly and surely don't send you a reminder to unsubscribe before they charge tou for the new month. So now you're stuck with this $40 store credit you HAVE to use on this $#*!ed up website. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Apprentice Reviewer

Smh, this site is just OK.
Don't come here looking for exclusive shoes in a showroom customized just for you. You'll be disappointed if you do. BIG **FYI** Once you make a purchase, you become a "member" and they will charge you every month for a future purchase, unless you tell them not to by the 5th or so each month. If you want to cancel your "membership" you have to call...annoying.
However, the shoes are actually pretty good for $40. I've never had a problem with shipping or had to return anything so i can't speak about customer service.
I've ordered several pairs of shoes, a handbag and a travel bag. Everything was good quality and very stylish. People will compliment you.

New Reviewer

Not a fan of this site at all. They did not state anywhere that they would be charging my account a "monthly membership fee" of $39.95 after I ordered my first pair of shoes. It's amazing the way they draw you in with all these promises. So I ordered some shoes at 9pm, and once I got the email that they signed me up to have a monthly fee billed, I sent an email asking them to cancel my order and cancel my account. I didn't get anything back so I called in this morning. The representative named Joann said that the shoes were "too far in the process" for her to cancel which is complete bull$#*!, they were not even shipped out yet! She told me this. She said that I could easily return the shoes once I received them WITH a $5.95 restocking fee. On top of this, if the item is sold out by the time I receive it, they won't take it back or be able to give me a refund! She said the only time they can cancel an order is 15 - 20 minutes after it has been placed. So if someone places an order at 9 or 10 at night or any other time they close, there is zero way they are able to cancel the order? Joann said yes, this is the case and she "apologizes for any inconvenience." I knew a site like this was too good to be true and they just hassle and sneak around their customers with hidden fees. I see a BBB case coming already.

New Reviewer

The shoes on the site are beautiful and $39.95 is a really good deal for high quality shoes. But, I just got my first purchase in the mail and they had multiple scuff marks on them and a piece of hot glue. Also, they aren't that comfortable. Needless to say, I won't be shopping with them anymore, which is a bummer, because the shoes really are beautiful.

New Reviewer

I didn't like having to provide my payment information and have to sign up for a monthly delivery before even seeing the merchandise. The 3 pairs of shoes I received were VERY low quality, in my opinion worth maybe only $10-12. I kept one pair to give it a chance, exchanged the second, and canceled my membership because you only get a credit for another pair of shoes on returns, and their shoes are junk. Plus, you have to call in to cancel during business hours (inconvenient!) but to be fair it was really easy to quit once I called in.

Apprentice Reviewer

I just had my first ever experience. Of course I did my research FIRST, read the reviews on here, and other sites alike ... found out the pros and cons, and after a month or so of that decided to join the Shoe club!!!!

My first experience was a great one! I picked my shoes, they shipped within 24 hours, it took about 10 days to get to me in Canada, but The shipping cost on the parcel said it was 28$ to ship it to me, and I only paid 9$ so I'm even more thrilled on that

the packaging of my new shoes were awesome! this will make storing all my shoes so much easier and more organized, I love the pink shoedazzle box, the dust bag for my shoes (though I believe you should have two dust bags, 1 per shoe... but zero complaints, true to size, though not chanel quality, I'm thrilled with my shoes, and I can't wait for next months collection!!!!

New Reviewer
8/1/11 is a decent site. The Customer Service team is phenomenal. The shoes come from designers for Shoe Dazzle and other brands like Chinese Laundry and Micheal Antonio. I love both of those brands so being able to purchase them for $39.95 is great. I have not purchased any jewelry or purses, I won't spend almost $40.00 CAN on junk jewelry but that is just IMO.
I will say that if you are going to be buying shoes do your own research on the sizing. Read the individual reviews of all shoes because according to their marketing team every shoe is true to size, which I have not found to be correct. Also if you are purchasing in Canada, you won't want to return them because the cost of shipping makes the shoes far more expensive than they are worth.

Apprentice Reviewer

I read all the reviews before getting a Groupon and trying it out. I ordered a pair of heels that are cute and comfy - but I definitely wouldn't've purchased them for $40. If you want to try it out, definitely wait for a Groupon. I'll keep checking back monthly for things, but I'm not sold on the quality.

New Reviewer

When I found out that I can by a pair of shoes for only 39.95$, I was over the moon excited. I an a shoe-aholic, and couldnt wait to sign up. I'll admit the shoes are cute. I ordered a pair of shoes. As we speak still waiting, it's been almost 3wks now. When looking at my purchase statement I noticed that I was bring charged 40.95 not 39.95 and being a first time buyer they took off 7.00. So, next tine if I choose to buy I will be charged full price so it will come out to more. False advertisement!!! Also, they are supposed to give yiuba tracking #, I never got one, so I called, basically because I live in Canada it take almost a month and we do get charged shipping and handling!! I am pretty disappointed. These shoes better meet my standards, whenever I get them. I don't reccomend this to anyone living outside the states. I'd rather go shoe shopping then look online.

New Reviewer

I've had my shoe dazzle account for about four months now. its a shoe club... 40 will be charged unless you cancel or opt out, they make that really clear, so i don't know why people don't get that or want to be overly skeptical about it... but anyway, ive been having a lot of fun anticipating my "showroom" and sitting down to look all of them over and over, getting advice from the roommate about choices, getting excited when the box shows up at my door, etc. overall, its been a good experience, considering i never have much time to actually shop at the mall, and i can't help but talk myself out of more expensive purchases. A few things that annoy me:
-the "personal showroom" thing is obviously some sort of algorithm, i seriously doubt there are little dazzle elves that know your name and stuff. that being said, i get frustrated with not having access to the entire inventory, and knowing that because of my eclectic style, there might be some shoe floating out there that i would looove, but isnt in my showroom or alternates, so i end up clicking through EVERY FREAKIN shoe to see the "similar style" options because sometimes there are cute ones that i wouldnt have seen otherwise. tedious.
-the "request alternate" is kind of not that interesting, they just shove some other ones at you that arent really a "eurika, they understand ME" selection, but its still fun to sift through some more.
-i'm 24, and have a job where i need to look dressed up, and they have like, nooo low-heel shoes. A LOT of the shoes are 3 1/2 + heels with huge platforms that wouldve looked awesome when i was still going out a lot in college, but arent suitable now. i know, because the last two heels i purchased were CUTE but tall, i don't have much of an opportunity to wear them. i requested them to give me some alternatives, but it was kind of meh, though there are some a couple of nice ones.
-for the heels, a lot of them look nice for only 40, but for the flats and sandals (and especially the jewelry), i think i could go to the mall and find some as-cute ones for maybe 10 bucks less
-they send you a TON of emails.. like, one a day. its annoying, especially after you make a purchase, but good i guess if youre scared you'll forget a month, and sometimes they email you about sales. (there is a two for 40 sale right now that i am very tempted to get in on)
but all in all, its a real treat to pick and choose between the shoes. some look cheap, but most others look like a good deal for the price. a big plus is the amount of views they have of the shoes. always a picture of them actually on a model's feet, and some cute/campy advice on what to wear it with. other websites rarely have that very helpful advantage. and there arent nearly as many straight tacky/ skanky ones that you'll find on other cheap shoe sites.
BEST DEAL: FREE SHIPPING AND NO TAX! so awesome. thats what really puts them over the edge into being agreat deal.
also, i am cautious enough that i got showrooms at and one other one.. those shoes were WAY more cheap looking and tacky. this one is def. the best shoe club if you want to join.
hope this was helpful!

New Reviewer

this is the biggest scam yet, it is not about selling you the 5 imported sweat shoppe items, but charging your card 39.99 a month for nothing
really Kim Kadashian is such a predator, and looks like a repetile. She dicided to do this instead of selling phone cards and bank cards..she needs your money for all her high end clothes and plastic surgery,,,I guess whom ever buys from shoedazzle will pay for her plastic wedding, all sales on final,,DO NOT BUY FROM SHOEDAZZLE IT IS GARBAGE

New Reviewer

The shoes really are just overpriced. Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea.... for those selling the shoes. Example: The Becca was in my showroom and I thought that it was really cute. Then I did some research. Turns out that the shoes I would get from shoedazzle for $39.95 were only $24.99 from Shi by Journeys. RIP OFF DON'T DO IT

New Reviewer

When you sign up for this website, it CLEARLY states that this is a shoe club and that you will be charged 39.95 every month after your first purchase. If you do not like anything in your showroom you can skip the month and you will not be charged. If you do not skip, they do charge you but you will then have a credit on your account to use towards a shoe, purse or jewelry purchase. Is the quality the best? It could be better...but they are 40.00 not 400.00. I love this site, the cs is AMAZING. They go out of the way to make sure you are taken care of. Do I recommended this site? YES! Checkout the facebook page and you will see how much everyone on there loves the service.

New Reviewer

ShoeDazzle is great as long as you keep in mind what it is. No you don't really have a personal stylist and no the quiz doesn't give you completely accurate results. However, you can find some really fun shoes for a fair price. Customer service is EXCELLENT. You can interact with other members on the Shoedazzle facebook page for suggestions. If you don't see something you like that month-just skip! It's that simple.

New Reviewer

It's simple and easy and honestly I would rather have someone bring a slew of shoes from different outlets to me than having to look all over for myself. If I don't like anything I can just skip the month and not pay the service which is equivalent to buying one shoe a month with no additional service fee. As long as you're aware of the service and skip or buy when nothing or something respectively worthwhile comes up it's a great service.

New Reviewer

I have been a member of Shoe Dazzle for a couple of years and it's the WORST mistake I've ever made. First of all, I've had to return every pair I've ever purchased except for one. They were either cheaply made when I got them, didn't fit right or weren't as represented on the website. When I tried to cancel my membership by email, they never did and kept charging my credit card. When I finally called and got really upset with them, they finally cancelled them. However, after one month, they started charging me again!!! I didn't even notice since I hadn't been in my account for months and when i finally looked I had a $156 charge to my credit card. I'm now going through the Better Business Bureau to try and get my money back. I think they're a total rip off and you can get way better shoes at local shoe stores for the same price. I can't belief they haven't been sued and shut down yet. If I don't get all my money back, I may be the first to take that action though!

New Reviewer

This sucks, I thought I would be able to choose from a variety of different shoes, but no I didnt, and if I didnt like any, then it didnt matter i didnt choose that month, and 2 TIMES MY SHIPMENT WAS DELAYED. Ugh so mad.

New Reviewer

I purchased a necklace in December and did not realize I was signed up for their 39.95 a month program. When I finally saw the charges, I asked for a refund because I did want or like their shoes. They said they would give me a partial credit(2 months only) when I said I would contact my credit card company, they said they would not give me any money back!! Don't buy anything from this site, you will be sorry!!

New Reviewer

I see a lot of negativity and many who feel like they have been scammed. Well here is an honest review from someone who was always scared to out of her comfort zone.

I have always lived the look of super high heels and the look of confidence it gave women that wore them. It was the hot girls, the tall girls, the skinny girls that wore them. I sat on the side lines in my 2-3" heeled loafers or oxford type business shoes. I happened to see an ad on Facebook one day for Shoedazzle and thought I would try. $40 for shoes? That's cheap! And even better free shipping both ways? OMG!.... So my first month I wanted something wild and different, it was May and I was spending a week out of town with my husband so I went with sandals. I bought a pair of green/teal/brown 4" heels and a Zebra Print 4" wedge. WOW they were hot and unique. They didn't seel these at the local store, and they both fit perfect. One thing I have to be careful about is that I have had surgery on my feet and have to be careful with how my shoes fit, these were perfect. I bought a few more pairs and then I was sold. I cleaned out my closet and tossed or donated 27 pairs of black shoes.... they were all black.... boring.

Well, fast forward 10 months later 41 pairs of shoedazzle shoes in various textures and shades and I am in love. Can I find some (and I stress some) of the shoes cheaper? Sure, but I pay more for round trip shipping, having shoes that are classy, professional, casual, and clubby that I would wear.... oh and don't get me started on their customer service via phone or facebook page. They are a good company with A+ service.

You deserve to try it and make a decision on your own.

New Reviewer

there are so many fake reviews and haters here. Look at one simple fact, they have 600,000+ fans on facebook. That's something you can't fake. zappos has 100,000 fans and they're suppose to be the best online shoe retailer. What is there left to say.

New Reviewer

I think this is a decent site for those who like this type of shoe. Very high heels, very slutty, and low quality. However, the customer service was good. They never charged me without my permission because I always went to the site and "skipped" that month. Those who do not skip get charged. I also just cancelled because the shoes are really not my everyday style, but I had no problems cancelling so far.

New Reviewer

This website is great for people that can read policies and such.

I have never had a problem with the quality of shoes or purses I have ordered. Yes some of the styles are a little slutty but you don't have to buy them! You have the option to "skip" by the 5th of the month if you don't then you get charged. The charge is then used a credit on your account. But then again if you read the policies before giving them your cc info you would have read this!!

Never had a problem reaching anyone in the CS Dept. In fact I have had them call me to see if there was anything else they could do for me!

Once again READ before you put your cc info out there! As for mmc and uo these sites charge waaay more for some of their product and charge a hell of a lot more than the $9.00 shipping fee to Canada!

I have also never heard of them make you wait 5 years to cancel your membership! embellish much???

New Reviewer

I've been a member for over a year now and love Shoedazzle. I can't wait to check my showroom on the first of every month. I have had some cosmetic errors with the shoes before, but I just call CS and return the shoes for free. It doesn't matter to me at all that they don't make their own shoes, I love that they have found them for me! If you live outside of the US, unfortunatley of course shipping will cost you more. Plus, you can't really be mad when they tell you on the homepage shipping is only free within the US. The shoe selections are based off of your style survey and purchasing hx, however you can always check the facebook page out to find other shoes you are interested in and CS will add them to your showroom. I get compliments every day on my Shoedazzle shoes and I think they are great quality 99% of the time! Love love love

New Reviewer

I like using shoedazzle for the convenience factor. I've ordered 2 pair of shoes in the 5 months I've been a member and they both look great, but hurt like hell! I have three kids and never have time to shop. With shoedazzle my husband and I can pick a pair of shoes together and then I wear them for him. I tried wearing a pair out with friends, but they really do hurt.
It's obvious that you are put into a group based on the answers you provided when signing up. Everyone in your group gets the same choices. The stylist they show are probably the ones who found the shoes for the site. They have gotten better by allowing you more to choose from, but the shoes do often look hooker-ish. I guess that's why they are great for the bedroom!

New Reviewer

am thorougly disappointed. I am in Canada and was charged $9 for shipping plus the cost of shoes. I had ordered US size7 but the shoe I recieved was one size too small though it is size7!

Now I am told that if I want to exchange it, I will have to mail it back at my own expense (would cost me atleast 20 bucks) plus I will be charged $9 for handling the returned item and yet another $9 for shipping the exchange item. They charged me $40 for membership too!

What a rip off!!! Wont recommend it to ANYONE.

New Reviewer

I wear a size 5 and have a hard time finding shoes. I joined and strongly disagree with the negative feedback. If I don't like the selection I ask for more choices and if I still don't like them I opt out. I have found plenty of cute and comfortable flats and heels. They also offer bags and jewelery. I had one problem with a zipper breaking and they were great about getting me a new pair. NEVER have I been lead to believe a stylist picks them just for me or they are the only ones selling that style shoe. Sorry ladies, but read the details before signing up as my impression is not that they are exclusive in anyway. I know what I am getting by reading about the product. Geez, are people so naive they don't pay attention or do they just not read before they purchase or sign up? I love ShoeDazzle and the quality is what you expect for an item of that price range.

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I have been a member for about 6 months. I can't wear them to work as they are to sexy. But that's not why I joined. I joined as my Husband who I have been married to for 12 years has been telling me I am sexy everyday since we married. These shoes Make me want to be sexy for my Husband. They are not conservative, nor do I think Kim Kardashian has specifically read anything about me, and said ooh I will pick her shoe. I do know that the reason i joined is because she had her name attached, and let's be honest have you seen the girl with ugly shoes. My point is I honestly do not think she is going to stand behind something she doesn't believe in. It's a great concept and I have yet to have a bad experience.

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Don't do it girl..this site is a scam, they aren't forthcoming that you will be automatically charged 39.95 a month no matter or no shoes. When I discovered the charges on my credit card bill I called to cancel and get my money back. They indicated that their 'policy' was to only refund one months charge, but I hadn't realized there was an unbilled charge from them just days before I recieved my bill. After requesting the account closed, they still charged me again the following month. When I called to get those funds back, they told me I 'misunderstood' the last discussion I had with them and I was supposed to call back AGAIN to cancel otherwise they feel it their right to keep charging. I'd like to start my own policy...when I say CANCEL it means cancel and nothing more...not sure where the miscomminucation occured. I still can't get my money back. The inital purchase made was for a necklace and it's the cheapest thing I've ever seen in my life and the material product is questionable at best. Highly do not recommend getting roped into this sham of low grade product.

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I was a member for over a year. After about 9 months I started realizing that unless I'm twirling on a pole, I have no use for the 6" stilettos that became the constant crap they were "recommending" to me based on my survey (where I requested only flats??) Dont get me wrong, some of the shoes were cute and of decent quality. But the majority were (like other reviews said, CL and MA) cheapy brands and were sub-par in quality. Their return service was speedy, but what good is that if all the options suck?? Even worse, I've been trying to cancel my account for the past 10 days where they will not cancel it via email for their "security purposes". And when you do call... don't expect anyone to answer. If they don't close my acct in 2 days, I'm contacting my credit card company and the BBB.

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I signed up for shoedazzle because I was curious. It gave me my options and I hated every shoe. So I asked for new ones. Hated those even more.
I have 2 e-mails, so I signed up under my other e-mail and mnade completely different choices for my style survey. Got my choices, the exact same shoes offered before, but in different colors. Are you even trying? What's the point of telling you what I like when everyone gets the same options?

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I'm not sure what other people are talking about, since I've never seen Shoedazzle advertise that the shoes they sell are THEIR shoes. They never said they manufactured their own shoes, so its pretty obvious that they go shopping and find shoes to sell. Maybe those same idiots think Marshall's or TJ Maxx manufacture their clothes...

I have been with Shoedazzle for 2 months. I've ordered 4 pairs of shoes, returning one pair because I just didn't see myself ever wearing them (but I loved them!). The customer service here is AMAZING. I comment on the facebook fan page that I want a certain style and they put those shoes in my showroom. I ask for a CS representative to call me, and they call me!

Oh, and I'm sorry, but for whoever thought that the stylists go out and find shoes SPECIFICALLY for them, individually, is an idiot. To think that a stylist goes out shopping and thinks "hmm, would Jane Doe like this shoe?" Sorry, you deserve to get your credits taken away. Obviously they pick shoes that cater to a certain style, and those shoes are automatically uploaded to whatever style you match up with.

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