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250 reviews
2501 Colorado Ave #325, Ste. 5100
Santa Monica, CA 90404, US
Tel: 1-888-508-1888

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I have been going on spending sprees lately so I decided to cancel my membership and called customer service. (in 63 reviews)


I've purchased many shoes from them, and have returned one pair for an exchange in a different size. (in 169 reviews)


I have been a member of shoedazzle for a while not and I really enjoy the selection and the VIP membership. (in 24 reviews)

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1 review
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as many others have stated these crooks basically auto enroll you
without your permission into their "vip" program... even though i had cancelled many months ago and had said no to all their popups i check this last month my credit card bill and there it is the fat 39.95 charge so i immediately notified my credit card company and they will take care of the charge and have changed my cc #.
Do not shop here... even if you uncheck "I do not want to enroll" somehow they will enroll you. Customer service/live chat is horrible. They give you the run around and try to make it appear as nothing can be done and you are to sit there and burn money month per month even if you don't even want to shop there ever again.
DO NOT USE SHOP HERE. there are better options online and offline to buy shoes but not with these crooks. Even with the fake "reviews" on here they are at 2 stars that should tell you something right there.

Ask Penelope about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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I have been a VIP member of shoedazzle for years and have always been beyond pleased with my orders. I always get compliments on my shoes and I would always rave about how wonderful shoedazzle was.
I AM NO LONGER A MEMBER OF SHOEDAZZLE AND I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. I feel scammed and cheated. I was being charged $9.95 on a monthly bases to be a VIP Classic member and I was completely okay with that. The $9.95 would go in to my account and I would get to spend it on anything on the website. I noticed that shoedazzle was charging me $39.95 a month now. I called and, apparently, shoedazzle had 'bumped me up' to a VIP Elite member. I never asked for this but I was told that the box was pre-checked for me. Great.... thanks????? NO THANKS! I called to let them know I did not want to be a VIP Elite for $40/month and please put me back to VIP Classic. She actually told me the computer wouldn't allow it. Bull Crap! All things are reversible. Basically, I had to pay $40/month or cancel my account. CANCELLED.

Ask MELISSA about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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I live in Canada...and I haven't had to pay COD or any extra charges beyond a small shipping fee. I like the products they carry I find they're usually ahead of trends...I have a necklace like Caroline on Two Broke Girls and that was before the show started (I've been a member for ages). Service is decent and I only had one issue with a pair of shoes that were shipped with a small rub mark on them (am sure this happened during shipping). They gave me a store credit that I plan to buy some summer sandals with. I love that they're coming out with more designs that are either flats or low heels as I'm on my feet all day and unable to wear heels because of it.

Ask coffee about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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I signed up for ShoeDazzle in 2010 after a coworker strutted through the office in some of the most gorgeous shoes I had seen in a while. She told me about ShoeDazzle and being impressed with the quality for only $39.95 a month (with the option to skip the month by the 5th day and shipping was free) I immediately decided to test it out for a few months.

A few months turned into a few years. I fell in love with ShoeDazzle so much actually; I successfully referred many friends and family to the service and purchased some nice jewelry and gifts for others. The items always arrived to my door packed beautifully, with cute dust bags and with convenient pre-printed return labels (which I have never had to use). A call to client services was an amazing experience. The girls that took the calls were incredibly bubbly, cheerful, and eager to help out. I imagined this was modeled after calling the Kardashian girls themselves, in a positive and fun way.

The website also had been a wonderful experience for the user. Full of vibrant, girly colors, fonts and photos, it is easy to use and navigate. There was no hidden cost or boxes that tricked you into getting something you didn’t want. A wonderful addition was the ability to read reviews of the shoes before you purchase, and the reviews proved a reliable tool. With just 2 clicks your shoes are ordered. Easy peasy!

I guess after Kim Kardashian sold her shares or something, but after she was no longer publicly affiliated with the site (or at least not a stylist any longer) I started noticing some major changes with ShoeDazzle in 2012. Most importantly, the $39.95 a month option with a 5 day grace period was removed and the membership was split into 2 tiers. Tier 1 - a basic membership where for no financial commitment, you simply have access to the site and can purchase whatever pair of shoes you want, but will pay a "full price" and also now pay for shipping. Tier 2 - a VIP membership that for $9.95 a month, you may apply that toward any item on the site or save it towards future purchases in your ShoeDazzle bank. With the VIP option, you would also receive a discount on most purchases plus continue to receive free shipping. I was definitely sad the old option was gone, but thought Tier 1 sounded dumb so I'd give the VIP membership a shot. Another major change was that the site no longer offered mainly $39.95 items, but a selection that ranged from about $29.95 to $99.99 for shoes, lingerie, accessories and handbags and the majority of the nicer items were of course priced much higher than the $39.95 figure that attracted the majority of us to ShoeDazzle to begin with.

Well now it's February 2014. This past week I had become severely ill and had an ovarian cyst rupture all in a 3-day period. A few days into being stuck on a couch, medicated up and sad, I was going through my emails and came across several promotions from ShoeDazzle advertising a 40% winter clearance sale. I thought, "OK, this is the perfect thing to make me a bit happier!"

I clicked on the link and found out that a pair of boots I had added to my "favorites" list a few month earlier was included in the 40% off sale. Totally excited, I immediately ordered the boots. I went through the usual prompts and noticed a bunch of promotion to join the VIP Elite program.

Mid to late 2013, I starting receiving a bunch of marketing material encouraging members to switch over to this Elite membership option. The Elite program was marketed as a Tier III membership (much like Sephora’s addition of the VIP Rouge program added for Beauty Insiders in 2013). After reading about this Elite program, which said nothing about the removal of the current VIP program, I decided the Elite was not for me and clicked an opt out button. The current VIP program for $9.95 had not only grown on me, but also proved to be perfect for my shoe buying habits.

Now back to February 2014, I order my boots, and distinctly remember clicking a "No Thanks" window that popped up during my session prompting me to enter in the VIP Elite program. However, when I received my confirmation for my shoe purchase, there was verbiage included that welcomed me as a new VIP Elite. Panicked, I went back to my receipt on the website and did not see anything that suggested I signed up for VIP Elite, so I thought maybe it was an error. A few minutes later though, an additional email came through specifically to welcome me to VIP Elite and giving me instructions for how the Elite program works.

I immediately wrote 2 letters to client services informing them this must be an error as I did not want to be Elite and wanted my membership to return to the original VIP program (now called VIP Classic). It was around 11:45pm however and client services was closed, so I figured, "Well this is an easy to use website, I'm sure it will be simple to click back into the VIP Classic program."

Unfortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. I was unable retrace my steps to figure out what had happened when I purchased the shoes and about 45 minutes later of research on, I finally came to a link that advised that the VIP Classic program had been canceled but it will still be honored for those who had originally signed up. Since I of course never left VIP Classic by my own doing, I figured my emails or a follow up call the next day would be a simple fix.

About 3pm the next day I realized I had not received a reply from client services (unusual a response would take so long from them) so I called. I was immediately shocked. Gone were the bubbly, cheerful voices I had grown accustomed to as a grumpy man with a heavy accent answered my call. I could barely understand him (and he could barely understand me) as he took down my information to access my account. Once I shared my story with him, he told me there was nothing they could do, and asked if I needed anything else before he hung up. I was flabbergasted! No apology, no explanation of what had occurred, nada, zip, zilch, zero. The next 15 minutes was spent with me explaining politely how I had been a loyal member for the last 4 years, referred many people over as that could see in my account (referrals were tracked by email and rewarded with free shoes or style points) and questioning how could they just blow me off like that? I explained, I had been ill and even asked if there was perhaps some verbiage I had overlooked when I made my purchase pointing out that I had DECLINED the offer to VIP Elite when the window had popped up. He said, no that VIP Classic simply wasn't being offered anymore and that's all I could do. So I read to him what I saw on the site – that it was in fact being honored to those of us who already were signed up in it. He finally said he would put his supervisor on the phone with me. After an incredibly long hold time, he came back on the line and PRETENDED TO BE HIS SUPERVIOR, now apologizing for what happening but saying since they could not put me back in the VIP Classic program I could have 50% off my next pair of shoes as long as I remained a VIP Elite customer. I stopped him immediately and said, “I'm sick, I'm not dumb. This is the same guy I was talking to before, you didn't even disguise your voice.” He admitted it and said his supervisor was too busy for me. I said, "OK, let's not do this. These aren't your rules, I don't want to be rude to you, I just want to speak to the real manager, I'll hold." He tried to argue with me and finally put me on hold.

20 minutes later, I had another guy on the phone. However this guy was worse. While his English was incredibly better, so the communication was easier, he was incredibly rude and had an a major attitude. He tried to cut me off many times and talk down to me. I explained repeated, that all I wanted to know was how I simply purchase a pair of shoes and suddenly my membership was changed without my consent and why they wouldn’t do anything about it. FINALLY, I got the real story…

Apparently, either select shoes, or all the shoes in that 40% sale were discounted with the condition of the purchaser becoming VIP Elite. However that was not stated in the promotional email. He tried to claim it was in some small print somewhere on the site, but was unable to be specific as to where (way to know your own product). I'll tell you one thing, it definitely was not near the purchase button, or in the description of the shoe, or even by the pricing. It also was not on the page that prior to confirming your purchase that shoes the original price of the shoe and the deduction for the “Clearance Sale”. His claim was, well you paid VIP price so you should have known. I said, of course I paid VIP price, I’m a VIP Classic member. It did not say "VIP Elite" price or "VIP Classic" price, and to be honest I didn't realize that it needed to since all the years before this the site was pretty basic, never showed a VIP Classic vs. Elite price difference and you didn't have to try to read between to lines to understand what you were paying for.

I offered, "OK this sounds simple. Cancel my order and just put me back into the VIP Classic program I was in before I made the purchase. My order has not been processed yet as the earlier rep had informed me, and you are still honoring VIP Classic so this does not sound like it should be a big issue." He replied that was impossible as my order was already in shipping (which was 100% untrue, if it was shipped, the first guy wouldn't have told me it had not been processed, plus ShoeDazzle never ships in less than 24-48 hours, and I would have had a shipping confirmation email, which even as I write this now the following day, I do not). He also said, he would not put me back in VIP Classic; I must be an Elite or cancel. So I said, cancel my membership and give me my $40.00 remaining in my shoe bank (which I paid for every month with the $9.95) back to my credit card. Of course, he said he would not do that either. If I canceled my account with money in the shoe bank the money would be lost to me.

Well whoop de doo. I hung up and got my attorney on the phone immediately (who won't charge me for such a small matter so it is worth it) and he said he’d get the $40.00 back. As soon as that is done, not only will I cancel my membership, but I'll ensure every single person I referred cancels as well and I'll be happy to return to a brick and mortar business for buying shoes.

It is clear to me that this company no longer operates with honesty and integrity and is more interested in tricking its members than keeping happy clients. Once a great idea and cutesy little club now morphed into a greedy, ugly scam of a business. A suppose a lot of membership based services are like this, I am just shocked to witness the decline. To take the members through so many changes in how membership works in such a short time period is ridiculous as it is, but then to treat your loyal members so harshly and to resort to trickery (as I'm assuming no one liked the VIP Elite program which is why they started tricking people in) in disgusting and dishonest. I'm unsure why these changes took place but I'm certainly glad for Kim Kardashian that she no longer associates herself with these awful people and business practices.

In reality, none of the shoes or accessories I’ve seen are exclusive to ShoeDazzle anyway and there have been times I’ve seen the same shoe in a little boutique along Melrose in Los Angeles for the same price or cheaper. I probably will not miss it.

So good-bye to my favorite shoe club now shoe scam, and hello department stores and DSW again. Maybe I'll look up some of the other shoe clubs, but I think this experience has soured me on them all.

Ask Melodee about ShoeDazzle
7 reviews
13 helpful votes

Reading these old bad reviews have me so confused. I've been a member of ShoeDazzle since August 2012 and became a VIP member in February 2013. I've ordered countless shoes and several accessories from them and have never had ANY issues whatsoever. Some had a shoedazzle label, but many, especially more recently, have other designer labels on them. The quality is great.

If I had to complain about anything it would be that most of the time the shoes I want are sold out in my size-- but that's probably because I only shop clearance styles, so of course I can't expect them to still have a high stock on those.


Ask Kristen about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

this is my third time ordering shoes from ShoeDazzle. This past order I decided to order three pairs of shoes. The company, OnTrac they use to ship your orders have LOST my package. I have heard MANY horrible things about this company and I am MORE than disatisfied with them as well as ShoeDazzle for choosing such an unreliable shipping company. I will be cancelling my membership and going back to JustFab, sadly because of this.

Ask Morgan about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Its ok quality..but the drama to Recieve the shoes were a disaster.,.it took 3 wks toget a pair of shoes....i will give them a try 1 more time. I found another dite called they have good stuff on there..acessories,handbags,and shoes....

Ask Sad about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

The shoes are okay, some are cute and of decent quality. But they aren't worth the drama with this company, especially the VIP (and new VIP Elite) program. They signed me up for the VIP Elite without my permission. I actually emailed them and told them *not* to sign me up for it beforehand (I've had plenty of experience with their scams)... And they did it anyway. It took days to get my $39.95 back. Buyer beware!

Ask Samantha about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

If I could rate this site with NO STARS, I would. Worst service ever. Dont order these cheap shoes. Not worth it and certainly not worth the 39.99 monthly scam they automatically sign you up for. I was simply requesting an address change for shipping 30 minutes after I submitted my order online and was told the order had already been processed for shipping so I could not make any changes.
Bull$#*!! Huge inconvenience. And this was after being on hold for 30 whole minutes. I cancelled my service with them immediately. NEVR AGAIN.

Ask BRE about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Everything was good in the beginning. I was actually a member for a couple of years. Customer service has gone downhill. They sent me a promo for a black Friday sale. I decided to use the offer. The discount did not show in cart. I waited til they opened and called and stayed on hold for a very long time and then was told I was wrong there was no special. I argued about this for a while. I was on the phone with customer service for a VERY long time. finally I was told that that was indeed the special, but it just ended at 12 so too bad (???). I decided to cancel my "VIP" membership. I was told my unspent money would be credited back to my card. It wasn't. I was charged again a few weeks later. They did take back my "style points" which are a frequent shopper program. I emailed too to no avail. I tried the live chat. I got stupid responses like, "if you would like to check your status please go to your account details on the website." That was not helpful. I was told that to cancel I had to call. I called again. I told the CSR the entire situation. She said, "Unfortunately I can't do anything about that. If you would like to cancel your membership I will help you with that. Is there anything else I can do for you today?" I said yes, I would like an apology. This is unacceptable to treat your clients this way. She finally apologized and claimed to cancel my membership. We will see. This site will not last if this is the way they treat customers.

Ask Christine about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

Beware! If you don't uncheck the box, you will be signed up to their VIP membership and you will have money taken out of your account each month. Having to uncheck a box to opt out instead of checking it to opt in, is a scam in itself! I had to call and get my account cancelled and it cost me 39.95 to do so. So, I ended up spending twice the amount on the shoes I bought. An expensive lesson learned.

Ask Susan about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

!!!!!!BE WARNED !!!!!!
Complete rip off. Customer services take a minimum of 30 minutes to answer.
WHAT EVER YOU BUY WILL COST AT LEAST $40 MORE BECAUSE OF THE SUPPOSED VIP MEMBERSHIP. Oh and the products are sub standard just to add salt to the wounds.
I am also suspicious that any rating above 1* has been posted by the company.

Ask Martyn about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered ankle boots for my daughter who lives in Paris France. They looked very nice, stylish but still not something that would go out of style. I even ordered a second pair in another color. When she came to visit for Christmas she tried them on and liked them so she returned to Paris with them. Today was the first day she used them. She emailed me that the zipper on the back of the boot kept on slipping open all the time and the boot falling off foot. When she stepped out of the building one step to the street the zipper opened and also heel fell off the boot, she fell literally on her face on the street. So she limped on the corner where there was a shoe repair store, in 10 minutes they reattached the heel and she paid 10 euros for that, about 14 in dollars. After I researched the net I saw the same had happened to several other customers. I called ShoeDazzle and explained what had happened. The only thing they said was they would exchange the item, allowing 45 days. My daughter is very busy business executive in an international company and does not even have chances or running to post office, wait on line, in addition to the trouble she already had. I was also told that she should not have had the boot repaired. I asked if they expected her to limp around the office another 10 hours in business meetings with a missing heel???? I explained that the boot is a safety issue for other customers and wanted to talk to a manager. I was told that was not possible, having every excuse not allow that, like being short of staff, etc. etc. In all I was on hold on the phone over one hour, never being allowed to talk to any supervisor. After I explained that my daughter works in one of the worlds largest law firms I was put again on hold and upon the girl returning the most I was told that if I demanded they could pay for the boot repair the 10 euros and also I could return both boots for refund. To mail the boots to USA would cost already the price of a pair, around $50, go through the trouble was not worth it. I only wanted them to be warned about the danger of the design. The girl was very rude and explained to me that she was able to give me all info and there was nothing else to do. A rude girl most likely uneducated just punching return numbers to computer.... I would want to warn anybody for using this site, the quality is poor, the customer service is the absolute WORST I have ever experienced! Save your money, trouble and aggravation and use sites like Zappos, or amazon that have given excellent service.

Ask L about ShoeDazzle
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Cheap product. Horrid customer service..returns next to impossible. Charge a restocking fee, and keep trying to push store credit.. After one half an hour FINALLY got a refund. Zappos much faster with better customer service.

Ask Terry about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I received a pair of boots from here for Christmas and there to big I can't even walk in them I emailed shoe dazzle to see if I can exchange them for the right size they never replied back what should I do

Ask Leanne about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

The shoes were poor quality but as cheap as they were that wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was that they gave me the runaround in cancelling my membership. I now have a $20 credit on th account and can't login to use it b/c they keep saying my "browser needs to be upgraded". However, I try to update, my security scan says that the file could "harm my computer"... not a good sign.

Ask SLF about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

A lot of people complain about how the website automatically signed them up for the VIP membership. That is a lie, when ordering a pair you have to pay attention because it does have the box checked for the VIP membership showing that you get the bonus discount on your first pair. All you have to do is uncheck the box saying you don't want the VIP membership. It is NOT hard to pay attention, customers should be paying close attention anyways when purchasing ANYTHING on-line. I have ordered shoes from Shoedazzle and although I wish there was better package tracking, I am overall satisfied with my purchases.

Ask Mel about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Shoe dazzle is the WORST website I have encounter with to purchase anything. BEWARE AMERICA...I recently made a purchase with my credit card, and then a few days later come to find out. I automatically signed for Elite membership, shoe dazzle withdrawn my account with 39.95. Please DO NOT shop here.....they are fraud site.

Ask Virna about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Cancelled my VIP membership in Sept. Now all of the sudden, I am getting charged for $39.95 VIP membership that I didnt sign up for. Attempted to call them all day, but recording says their phone lines are down. Crooks!!Awful service!!

Ask Madlyn about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes
12/9/13 is a ripoff for one they took my money and over drafted my bank account 100.00 i didnt even sign up for this v.i.p. bs im so mad because now i have to pay my bank back because of there dumb a**

Ask nidara about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Expensive items for the quality. Also, when you try to cancel your membership, they give you a thousand run arounds so that you aren't able to cancel. The customer representatives are rude, unprofessional, make snide comments. Stay away!!!!!

Ask Daniela about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is a ripoff charging $ 39.95 every month for a VIP membership without making it clear in a time purchase . Would not ever shop there .

Ask Susan about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

It's a scam! The first pair of boots I bought looked good online and after 2 weeks of waiting I got them and they look so cheap! Poor quality! Then you get forced into the VIP account which just automatically took $40 out of my account, AFTER I opted out of it! But the best was I added a pair of boots I liked to my shopping cart just browsing and they automatically charged my card for these $80 boots I never wanted! I didn't click buy or continue just add to my cart and all of a sudden their sending me and order processing email, then trying to return them was the worst experience I've ever gone through, since everything's digital and you have to call them to get a packing slip and form! Plus when you try calling them, they go by pacific standard time, so I called when they were open over there about 5 times and they still said offices were closed, even though it was the correct time over there, this is happend numerous times! WORST COMPANY EVER

Ask Shannon about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Dealing with this company was hell. They did not put my appartment number on my packages, I double checked that it wasn't my fault. They were of course returned to sender without my knowledge that they had arrived. I inquired about a refund to no avail. I checked the tracking numbers and saw that they were infant signed for on their end and returned and it took three weeks of me hassling them to get my money back. I've never had such a terrible online shopping experience.

Ask Kayla about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

They're thieves. I'm currently waiting on the phone (45 minutes and counting) to cancel the VIP account they forced me into.

Ask A about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Got a pair of boots from shoedazzle, looked super cute online. I understand these are $40 shoes, but when I received them I was thrown back by the cheap quality of these boots. No padding in the soles whatsoever and the heels felt as if they would break. So I requested a return label and received it. I sent my package out with it and waited, and waited, and finally after about a week and a half I called to see if they had received my return. They had not. Days later, the same package shows up on my doorstep. At this point I am ticked bc I should've had my $ back by now, and now I am going to have to wait another 2 weeks and hope the return gets there. So I called their customer service and they told me to send it out again. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen, which must be how they end up making $ through having people keep their cheap shoes. Totally disgusted with my first and only experience with shoedazzle! Why can't they just give me the return address, and I will pay for the shipping back instead of the package continually being returned to my doorstep? So stupid!

Ask K about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Really poor customer service. Basically said sorry but you will get the shoe when you get them after being lied to. Rep promised expedited shipping and when I called back to get tracking number he did not do it correctly.

Ask Angela about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I signed up and recieved a 25% my first order. I had to return the boots bc the had a scuff on them. I received store credit. When I called and asked if I could use a coupon again on a replacement the said it expired....not happy with the customer service. I will use my credit and then never shop here again.

Ask Ali about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Consumer beware! Filed a BBB complaint against this company after they took funds out of my account. They are now refusing to refund said funds. Though it may seem like a great site, their business practices leave lots to be desired. Arnold Dazzle, my customer representative, was no help. Want to talk directly to someone? Was unable to get anyone on the phone the 10+ times I've called. The shoes are not worth this hassle.

Ask Emily about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

CANADIANS BEWARE !!!!!!!Although the shoes and styles are great, Shoedazzle has left me basically as irritated as I get. I ordered two fabulous pairs of trendy ankle booties, I paid 14.95 shipping as part of a 78 dollar order. not bad, right? WRONG. they shipped each pair separately even though i ordered them at the same time, and each pair was charged COD charges. One pair about 23 dollars and the other pair about 17. I order form a lot of US sites and although I have paid duty/customs, import fees before I once ordered about 300+ dollars of merchandise and was only charged about 25 for fees, plus on duty you can use credit cards, after receiving the second pair I confirmed with my Canada post office what a COD charge actually was and if the COD charges I was paying(that BTW had to be cash or debit) had any duty or customs included. The attendant said, nope this was completely different paperwork, all COD requested by the vendor. ON the shoedazzle site, they do mention possibility of canadian orders incurring import or tax fees, but COD is something totally different my post office advised, and nothing on the site mentions a COD. I sent client care two emails asking about it to which they basically apologized I had a bad experience and played me for a fool trying to say they were for sure duty and customs and taxes charges, which as I confirmed with Canada Post is NOT TRUE. so basically my order that I budgeted 80 dollars for cost me 120 dollars, and then the customer care representatives tried to cover their butts, with FALSE information. I order from many MANY US sites and NEVER get charged amounts that high, especially when They charge 14.95 for shipping to start with, basically I paid $65.00 for shipping without the warning that COD charges would apply. SO NOT COOL. I am trying to leave negative reviews on every possible site I can because they did nothing to rectify the situation, and tried to make me believe a lie. Canadians have been studied and we shop for value, and quality for decent price, we are smart and savvy buyers, I want all of my fellow Canadian shoppers to know about how terrible shoedazzle was. I even ordered form them last year without this hassle, so they've updated something, and decided to be dishonest about it. Canadians really hate dishonesty too.

Ask Sheryl about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a pair of shoes, specifically not signing up for the monthly fee or so I thought. I had to return the shoes and was going to in exchange get another pair, however after tracking my package and them recieving my return I was NEVER notified it was received and never refunded my money. I have sent multiple e-mails and called only to be put on hold forever. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Go get cuter shoes somewhere else..

Ask Nicole about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm so surprised to hear so many negative comments. I have ordered many shoes from shoedazzel and they are all great. I even ordered my mother shoes. I ordered shoes but didn't pay attention to the vip details and chose to cancel it. Thought about it for a day or two and signed up for the vip. Hell, you'll spend 9.99 on something else anyway might as well be a pair of nice shoes, and whatever else you want. My experience has been great. Even customer service reps has been great. The only thing I don't like is a lot of their shoes be posted for a while even after they are all sold out. FYI if you are getting closed toe shoes get a size larger especially if they are platform shoes. Just saying.

Ask nikki about ShoeDazzle
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I have been a ShoeDazzle customer for a few years, and knowingly joined their VIP service (it's $10/month, and you can save your credits for a few months so you don't have to buy a pair every month like you did with their old membership). I hadn't ordered shoes in awhile, so I had about $50 in credits, perfect, free shoes! Every time I tried to order, though, they "lost their balance." No matter what device I used, I couldn't place my order. But they could still continue to charge my account! I sent several emails which I never got a response to (2 business days my ass!) and after they charged me $20 MORE I called and demanded a refund. The rude $#*! literally said, "yeah, that's not gonna happen." and LAUGHED at me! I spoke with someone else who placed an order for me and canceled my account. I was still getting emails from them about their daily fix and everything else I'll NEVER consider looking at again. So today I receive an email from Client Services (10 days after my LAST email) "oh it looks like your account is canceled" NO $#*! LADY I wasn't gonna wait for you so I could continue to be fraudulently charged! I've heard JustFab is much better, but BEWARE because JustFab and ShoeDazzle are MERGING so that will probably change! Also, the shoes are just okay. You get what you pay for. They're okay looking but VERY poorly made.

Ask Britney about ShoeDazzle
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this is a great site for discounted cute shoes. Alot of times, you can find shoes that are decent quality for less. Sometimes you have to do some digging, but for shoe lovers, it shouldn't be hard

Ask Dolores about ShoeDazzle
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I made a purchase on August 11,2013 ten days later I did not receive anything and I wrote an email to them. I receive no answer at all, I wrote 5 emails and I made a call I wait on the line for more than 10 minutes and nobody pick up the phone.
Today I called them again someone called "Emily" pick up the phone after waiting 11 minutes, she told me that because the courier could not find me they sent the purchase back to them. I know that this it is not true for two reasons first it is always somebody at home and second when the courier company comes they always leave a note. The company knows that I did not receive anything but they told me that I have to wait when they receive the purchase they are going to send me the money back.
It is very bad way of doing business for sure I am not buying anything from them never again. When I just made the purchase I receive an email confirmation right away but when I wrote the complains about not receive what I bought they did not take a few minutes to answer any of the 5 emails
How I rate one start it is too much cero is what they deserve.

Ask Zanni about ShoeDazzle
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I wasn't scammed by the VIP option, but I have been scammed by their addition of a "duty" charge. I live in Canada and have purchased shoes from here before without having to pay any sort of duty fee...however, when my husband went to pick up my 'parcel', they tried to charge him a $21.68 fee for duty. Our postal outlet said they had to take it to ANOTHER town for me to get it...such a mess. I also already paid the $19 shipping fee, so my total keeps going up and up and up!! This all started with a purchase I made back in June. I ordered a pair of shoes ($49) and they charged my credit card...three days later getting an email saying "we are out of stock, but here's an extra $15 for the inconvenience". Apparently this extra $15 only lasted a few days and I lost it. However, a summer promotion came up, so I thought I'd take advantage of I'm paying $80 for a $25 bracelet and $30 purse= $55 - $15 promotion = $40 (is what I SHOULD have had to pay!!!!, plus regular shipping of course, but this is crap).
Like everyone else, I've tried calling only to be put on hold for forever!! I emailed a couple days ago, but have yet to receive a response. It took 7 days the last time I emailed regarding the "out of stock" situation. I will be leaving a bad review on their website, unliking them on FB and warning everyone I know that they are sketchy! Oh and their shoes are POOR quality (I can't even get my left foot into the pair I DO have).

Ask Danielle about ShoeDazzle
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I believe this shopping site does manipulate their customers into a monthly membership. I was introduced to this site by accident due to my bf letting his relative purchase shoes with my credit card. That inside drama taken care of privatly aside, Shoe Dazzle does charge the credit card on the account monthly, even if no purchase that month was decided. I'm sure this disclosure was brought up in a way that would confuse the consumer. I have no idea since the only way I knew about this company was through a investigation of faulty credit card transactions on my account. I believe Shoe Dazzle does conduct tactics to a younger market to manipulate them Into a monthly membership they are unaware of. This company charges their customers a fee every month even if they didn't make a monthly purchase. I understand how memberships work and monthly fees that could be included. However, I believe Their tactics for payment could be misleading due to their multiple complaints and confusion towards their monthly fees.(even without a monthly purchase). I understand the term " read between the lines", however, if misunderstanding happens frequently by the consumer it is considered "hidden fees" or "fraud" ....

Ask Lynne about ShoeDazzle
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It's great. The people who rate it badly DO NOT know how to use it. PAY ATTENTION when signing up! You have to read what you are signing up for, people. Otherwise, you will be charged and not know how to use it. However, I use it and don't get charged unless I actually order something. In other words, be smart. It's not a scam, they're just doing what all companies do...trying to get your money.

Ask Fatisha about ShoeDazzle
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I use to be a faithful customer to Shoedazzle, but since they have changed the way they do things, I am no longer. Before the change they had some cute and unique styles for everyone. Now, I think about the only women that can wear their shoes are either dancing on a pole or working a corner. They have also went up on their prices and added the 9.95 a month charge. Justfab charges a 39.95 a month unless you hit skip before the 5th. Their styles are a lot more wearable. And they have something for everyone! Gonna stick with them!!!

Ask Carrie about ShoeDazzle
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Back in June I ordered a pair of shoes during their free VIP month trial deal. I was really shocked when I received an email welcoming me to VIP service since I never joined it and only participated in the deal which was already in my cart prior to me paying and that I could not remove. I decided to just ignore it since the website did not show that they had a credit card on file for the VIP account so I thought that in a months time the trial would expire. Unfortunately that did not happen. I found that the card I had last used was charged $9.95. I guess I was one of the lucky ones since when I called the VIP concierge line, I was able to get someone almost immediately, and they canceled the membership and refunded my card. This was definitely annoying and felt kinda scammy since I never signed up for VIP service and I never authorized them to take money from my card for VIP service. But since it was resolved rather quickly I can't say that I won't ever order from them again.

PS: The lady I talked to on the concierge line told me to be more vigilant to a small checkbox that says enroll in VIP service. I think that's how many have been fooled.

Ask rachel about ShoeDazzle
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Shoedazzle is a scam! After ordering a pair of shoes a noticed a reoccurring $9.95/mo. Charge on my credit card which I never authorized. I've called their 888 phone number three times and was put on hold for an hour each time and never got through. Any suggestions to get this to stop?

Ask Sherry about ShoeDazzle
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Scam Alert! OK - first of all, they mostly get you to order shoes so they can drag you into their $9.95/month VIP service. My daughter ordered shoes and I started seeing this charge on my card, even though she believes she did not sign up. Further, she sees no credit in her account.

OK - so let's say she was stupid and signed up accidentally. I called to cancel and waited on hold for over 40 minutes 3 times and no one picked up. I then emailed them (they say 2 day response) and heard nothing for 6 days. So now I've disputed this with my credit card company.

don't get sucked in by them!

Ask David about ShoeDazzle
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I recieved an e-mail from ShoeDazzle after signing up for a free account about getting a $15 credit on my account for some Summer Promotional thing. After finding and purchasing a 15 dollar pair of shoes, I recieved yet another email thanking me for joining their VIP service, which I wasn't at all aware that I'd signed up for. After sending two e-mails (which they promise on their site that they will respond to within two days) and not getting any answer from either, I called the VIP phone line, was on hold for an hour until I had to leave for work, and called again today, and was on hold for half an hour until someone finally picked up.

ShoeDazzle seems very scammy to me and I would not reccomend anyone buying shoes of their site, even if it seems like they're giving you a good deal.

Ask Jenn about ShoeDazzle
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Shoe dazzle has so many great and unique styles I love them all but the prices are a bit too much sometimes.

Ask Kristy about ShoeDazzle
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Have always trusted and love the shoes and the experience I have received from this site but after today I don't see myself ever purchasing anything from it, jr the (supervisor) it not about been refunded for the shoe but it for the love I had for it but you guyz took that away m not getting the exchange size I requested for either m I getting the one I sent back how it like taking candy out of a baby month that was my experience today

Ask Amanda about ShoeDazzle
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I received my first pair of shoes from shoedazzle today which was the Jan wedge hill and I must say, they are fabulous. They are true to size and very comfy to be a high heel. Very strong leather not cheaply made! I am very satisfied with my order!

Ask Angie about ShoeDazzle
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The website is weird to navigate around. It's suppose to be set up in a trendy and helpful way I guess, however I think it would be more helpful to keep the site simple. I spend most of my time on the Internet -sadly- so I'm not just saying its kind of difficult to navigate around because I'm inexperienced with computers haha. The shoe selections are okay. For every 10 shoes I usually find one I adore. I've only bought one pair and they're very cute shoes, the shoes came in about three days (I only live a few towns over from their headquarters though), and everything on the shoe seems very good quality-except the heel. Of course the one part of the shoe that's holding me up feels like cheap plastic. The rest of the shoe's materials feel great but the heel really concerns me.

Ask Kate about ShoeDazzle
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I haven't had all bad experiences with Shoe Dazzle, but I haven't had all good ones either. I have a problem with them giving me my credit and if I don't use it in the time frame they say, I lose it. I also located another site that I am trying out now,( I hope I have a better experience with them since I have a shoe fetish out of this world. Shoe dazzle received a lot of business from me, but the wait time to get a response for a problem is way too much.

Ask Christelle about ShoeDazzle
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got caught up in vip service which means they charge you 9.99 every month and credit your account with it which isnt horrible but the promise of vip service sucks. I ordered a pair of earrings which came in broken sent 2 emails which were promised to be answered within 48 hour s neither were answered called vip line was on hold 15 minutes not my idea of vip . had to take earrings myself to fed ex buy an envelope and print package label . not my idea of vip service. and not for cheap 10.00 earrings don't go there.

Ask Terry about ShoeDazzle
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I have online shopped on many different websites and shoedazzle is single handedly the worst customer service I have ever dealt with for one simple reason: THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought shoes off their website May 15th and got them May 21 which isn't bad at all. Also, I read the return and shipping policies before buying the shoes so I did not make any mistakes. However, I tried on the shoes and they were just too tight so I put a return in for the next size and sent it out the 29th. I tracked it for days and it didn't get to their location till June 10th. By that time the shoes I had wanted on the site were sold out. I was annoyed that it took so long to be returned and that because I put in a return request earlier that the shoes in my requested size weren't set aside. Shoedazzle "client services" sent me emails notifying me that the shoes were sold out and that they would give me my credit on the website because you cannot receive your money back. However on the website it says I only have $10 in credit when I spent over $32 on the shoes I DON'T HAVE. I have called on several different occasions, even selecting all the different options on the phone menu, and emailed client services and have still received a response or answer. I have waited on hold for over two hours and filed a dispute with the company through my credit card company. Don't use this website because it brings too many headaches that are not worth any nice pair of shoes!

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Q: I have ordered a few pairs of shoes before and had no problems but I just ordered 2 pair on sale and it signed me up for the VIP thing! How can I cancel this? I don't want to be a part of VIP, I just wanted the sale shoes, What can I do?
A: I am thinking about joining shoe dazzle, but I am hesitant because of the negative feedback. Do they debit your account only when you purchase shoes, or do they do this before you indicate that you want the shoes offered for your selection.

Many thanks.

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Q: where did the $39.95 that I've been paying each month since June 2014 go? I only bought one pair of shoes, and they broke days later. I didnt return them, so there was no shipping after the delivery. Why can I not get a refund? I didn't purchase anything else, so why are they billing me and taking the money out of my account automatically?
A: Because they it's a scam. They don't care about you. They just want money. I lost about 300 dollars from this terrible website so I know how you feel.
2 weeks ago
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