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ShoeDazzle reviews

208 reviews
2501 Colorado Ave #325, Ste. 5100
Santa Monica, CA 90404, US
Tel: 1-888-508-1888

208 Reviews From Our Community

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Their customer service is top notch, better than any customer serivce I have ever had dealings with. (in 52 reviews)


The price is worth it, in my case, since finding shoes in my size is more of a chore on other sites. (in 144 reviews)


However, as of today 9/30/14 I called to cancel my VIP membership to cut back on some expenses. (in 15 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I recieved an e-mail from ShoeDazzle after signing up for a free account about getting a $15 credit on my account for some Summer Promotional thing. After finding and purchasing a 15 dollar pair of shoes, I recieved yet another email thanking me for joining their VIP service, which I wasn't at all aware that I'd signed up for. After sending two e-mails (which they promise on their site that they will respond to within two days) and not getting any answer from either, I called the VIP phone line, was on hold for an hour until I had to leave for work, and called again today, and was on hold for half an hour until someone finally picked up.

ShoeDazzle seems very scammy to me and I would not reccomend anyone buying shoes of their site, even if it seems like they're giving you a good deal.

New Reviewer

Shoe dazzle has so many great and unique styles I love them all but the prices are a bit too much sometimes.

New Reviewer

Have always trusted and love the shoes and the experience I have received from this site but after today I don't see myself ever purchasing anything from it, jr the (supervisor) it not about been refunded for the shoe but it for the love I had for it but you guyz took that away m not getting the exchange size I requested for either m I getting the one I sent back how it like taking candy out of a baby month that was my experience today

New Reviewer

I received my first pair of shoes from shoedazzle today which was the Jan wedge hill and I must say, they are fabulous. They are true to size and very comfy to be a high heel. Very strong leather not cheaply made! I am very satisfied with my order!

New Reviewer

The website is weird to navigate around. It's suppose to be set up in a trendy and helpful way I guess, however I think it would be more helpful to keep the site simple. I spend most of my time on the Internet -sadly- so I'm not just saying its kind of difficult to navigate around because I'm inexperienced with computers haha. The shoe selections are okay. For every 10 shoes I usually find one I adore. I've only bought one pair and they're very cute shoes, the shoes came in about three days (I only live a few towns over from their headquarters though), and everything on the shoe seems very good quality-except the heel. Of course the one part of the shoe that's holding me up feels like cheap plastic. The rest of the shoe's materials feel great but the heel really concerns me.

New Reviewer

I haven't had all bad experiences with Shoe Dazzle, but I haven't had all good ones either. I have a problem with them giving me my credit and if I don't use it in the time frame they say, I lose it. I also located another site that I am trying out now,( I hope I have a better experience with them since I have a shoe fetish out of this world. Shoe dazzle received a lot of business from me, but the wait time to get a response for a problem is way too much.

New Reviewer

got caught up in vip service which means they charge you 9.99 every month and credit your account with it which isnt horrible but the promise of vip service sucks. I ordered a pair of earrings which came in broken sent 2 emails which were promised to be answered within 48 hour s neither were answered called vip line was on hold 15 minutes not my idea of vip . had to take earrings myself to fed ex buy an envelope and print package label . not my idea of vip service. and not for cheap 10.00 earrings don't go there.

New Reviewer

I have online shopped on many different websites and shoedazzle is single handedly the worst customer service I have ever dealt with for one simple reason: THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I bought shoes off their website May 15th and got them May 21 which isn't bad at all. Also, I read the return and shipping policies before buying the shoes so I did not make any mistakes. However, I tried on the shoes and they were just too tight so I put a return in for the next size and sent it out the 29th. I tracked it for days and it didn't get to their location till June 10th. By that time the shoes I had wanted on the site were sold out. I was annoyed that it took so long to be returned and that because I put in a return request earlier that the shoes in my requested size weren't set aside. Shoedazzle "client services" sent me emails notifying me that the shoes were sold out and that they would give me my credit on the website because you cannot receive your money back. However on the website it says I only have $10 in credit when I spent over $32 on the shoes I DON'T HAVE. I have called on several different occasions, even selecting all the different options on the phone menu, and emailed client services and have still received a response or answer. I have waited on hold for over two hours and filed a dispute with the company through my credit card company. Don't use this website because it brings too many headaches that are not worth any nice pair of shoes!

New Reviewer

The styles are cute but the quality is very cheap. I have never had a problem with customer service or shipping but I do have a problem with the way the shoes just fall apart. Not good enough quality for $39.95. They are sort of like Forever 21 for shoes in that it's disposable footwear. I had the most success with the flats and the bags were ok. I used to love this site but noticed the quality had gone down since it started.

New Reviewer

What did I expect from anything that a Kardashian touches. They are horribly mis-sized. When I called customer service, the representative told me that "clients from Canada should call in before ordering so one of the girls in the office can tell you how a particular shoe fits". Yeah, that's normal. Everyone always calls customer service before they order to make sure the items are true to size. Really? A Canadian woman's size 7 feet are different than an American woman's size 7 feet how? One pair I ordered fit my niece, who takes a size 11. The other pair were so small, I couldn't find an adult that they would fit, and with a 4 inch heel they were totally inappropriate for a teenager. With the hefty return fee of $14.95, I let my niece have the too big pair, and donated the other pair to Goodwill.

New Reviewer

If I could give this site zero stars I would! I ordered a pair or shoes from them on 5/1/2013 and received them on 5/9 which I thought was great. Unfortunately the strap on the left sandal was about 2 inches too long! So I printed out an exchange form and sent it back out the same day. it is now 5/28 and havent gotten my shoes back yet. I have emailed them several times and am currently sitting on hold (for an hour now) waiting to talk to someone! Will NEVER order anything from them again!

New Reviewer

I just got the wedges, crappy workmanship -- warped "wood" on the left shoe, and open stitch on the braiding of toe. And they fit a half size too small. Sending them back. Will not be shopping there again. Wish I'd checked reviews before going there, which I usually do, but I was all "Ooooh, Rachel Zoe, though..." Bleh.

New Reviewer

It's too hard to get to the site to buy a pair of shoes. WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THESE SHOWROOMS AND STYLIST-----THAT'S FOR UPSCALE SHOPPING AND PERSONAL SHOPPING---TIME IS MONEY....All I wanted to do was buy a pair of shoes and I had to register remember yet another password....What's the secret to buying a pair of $39 shoes. Table this and get back to the drawing board with some better marketing ideas. Some people have a life and all they want to do is shop on line when it's convenient. It should not take a half hour to buy a pair of shoes.....

New Reviewer

I enter the site via address bar or link and get the same message; please click on your browser's icon to update. I already have the most up-to-date version of IE and I still can't get into the showroom. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone - no way to even contact them and tell them the problem I'm having!

New Reviewer

Awesome Webiste, Best Shoes Ever! Only Problem Is When I Got My Shoes One Of The Spikes Looked Like It Was Thrown In The Box Instead Of Attached Of My Shoes Smh

New Reviewer

This is the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a company & I strongly encourage you to stay away. Their customer service is horrible and I have never been so mistreated by a company.

Upon ordering my shoes I saw that they were made from really cheap material and not what they seemed. So, I went to send them back free of shipping charges like they advertised. Not free! They charged my a re-stocking fee that I was not made aware of prior to my purchase. When I called and complained they were very rude and then I asked to speak to a manager. The manager not only didn't care about his rude employee but made the following comments "Of course we are not going to advertise that we charge a re-stocking fee under free return shipping, people wouldn't buy as much." He also said, "Mostly people don't notice always so it's not a concern for us." He wouldn't help me or let me talk to anyone higher up in the company and refused a refund for the re-stocking fee. Also, I returned my purchase weeks ago and have yet to be credited anything at all.

New Reviewer

I have purchased several pair of shoes from this site and I have nothing but good things to say about the service and the shoes. I love the shoes and the customer service was always nice to me. To top it off, I like the cute box the shoes come in. It pulls out like a drawer, so they are great for stacking.

Now I must say; I don't like the fact that the prices have gone up tremendously! If I'm going to pay the prices they're asking, I have to try the shoe on; especially since they have a restocking fee of $5.95 a pair. I haven't made any purchases lately because the prices have almost doubled. So now I'm back at DSW for my pumps.

New Reviewer

Guilty Soles has officially launched!!!

Guilty Soles shoes and apparel is the NEWEST and HOTTEST shopping experience to hit the online market. Do you have a love for fashion and want to be able to enjoy the latest, new styles of the season without all of the guilt of having to pay high-end prices that go along with it?

Our company has come up with a new concept that allows us to provide a simple, convenient way for our customers to get the fashion they want at the prices they want, whenever they want. We offer a one-time membership fee of $49.99 per year with NO limitations! This makes your experience a luxury with you, the shopper in FULL control. Once you become a part of Club Guilty, everything is one price $20! This includes shoes, handbags and with the benefits of our brand expansion into other avenues, along with VIP passes to all our events nationwide.

New Reviewer

My son purchased a pair of shoes for me for Xmas from this website, they were ok, but I noticed that the shoes were not of top quality and they were from the big,
"C" China. When I went to try the shoes on, one shoe fit and the other shoe was to small. I figured heck, for the cheap price of their shoes, you know the saying when purchasing something not of suck great quality.
"YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". Well anyway,
It was the thought that counted and it was a Xmas gift.

New Reviewer

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website. I agree! The shoes may look cute but the quality is not great. PThey are all faux leather and suede. If you are little patient you can get a good deal on sale for just a little but more but they are real leather or suede! Furthermore, if you are not in the USA you will have to pay shipping fees, which can cost you over $40.00 as it cost me!

New Reviewer

I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer servive from Shoedazzle. I have been ordering shoes from this company for 2 years and the first time I have to contact the company for actual assistance, I got nothing. I ordered shoes from them over the holiday and after clicking purchase, I noticed I forgot to update my shipping address. ( my mistake, no dispute) But upon, noticing this, I was unable to correct my order on their website and the soonest I could talk to a representative was today at 7am PT, at which time I called them exactly. After being on hold for some time, the representive who answered stated the order has been "processed" and there was nothing she could do. Her solution to me was to make sure my change of address at the post office was working and that I could call back if I did not get my order and they could file a lost or stolen claim with the post office...Seriously, how can you not be able to correct/cancel my order or at least offer me a way to do so myself. Your reply is basically, "I hope you get your shoes eventually". So do I as I paid for them!! If if do not get my order in 2 weeks, I will be filing a complaint with my credit card company and every customer service review that I can find on the internet will be informed of the type of "customer service" they can expect from Shoedazzle. NONE!

New Reviewer

Shoedazzle has the worst customer service i have ever experienced. I made 2 orders a friday night however one was made in error i emailed them trying to cancel the order and they never responded. I called the monday and was on hold for 45 mins then to be told that my order could not be cancelled although the order was not yet shipped. I am furious. I will never order anything from them again. They clearly do not value there customers and do not have high customer service standards. NEVER AGAIN.

New Reviewer

The people are nasty and rude on the phone and don't have a clue about anything and can't even find out from there warehouse if the item got sold to someone else if there is only one left. They gave me attitude and they say "ummm, like, ummm i'm not sure " they are just the worst. I ordered on a friday and it's now tuesday night and my item still hasn't shipped and they have no idea if I will even receive it!! NEVER BUYING FROM THEM AGAIN

New Reviewer

When I discovered shoedazzle, I fell in love! But the shoes I bought were a size too small for some reason. I checked, they were final sale, meaning I could not return them!! I pleaded with them via email and they finally accepted me to return them. Free shipping. Then they requested I pay for shipping back to me! No problem, I agreed to pay. Then they email me saying my credit card in file was rejected. :S I had money on my card! I called them, I waited for an hour and a half to speak with a representative. I finally did, she said my address in file was incorrect. I gave her 2 other different credit cards and she said all three were wrong!

What are the chances of 3 different bank cards having incorrect address? I also just used my card that same day to shop online! She hurried me off the phone saying I should sort it out with my bank.

About a week ago, they said my card was processed and only one of the shoes have been shipped :O I am waiting, 2 weeks, I am yet to receive them.

I made my initial order at shoedazzle on October 5th, its November 13th, I still havent gotten what I wanted.

I am going elsewhere!

New Reviewer

I was a first time purchaser, ordered a pair of shoe boots. Received them, tried them on and they did not fit my foot. I called to explain that I didn't need a different size, the arch was too uncomfortable for my foot. The representative was very hesitant and was not trying to accommodate me as a customer. Finally we agreed that I would exchange them for a different shoe boot. I chose a different item, the representative was supposed to email me a return shipping slip. He never did. Service is horrible! Getting a human being/person on the phone took 20 minutes!!!! STAY AWAY! I still have the shoe boots. Never worn. About to put them on ebay.

New Reviewer

First of all, I only chose one star because there was no option of choosing a ZERO STAR rating for this company. If you live in Canada, DO NOT BUY from this website. When I finally got my pair of boots, outside of the time frame that they said I would receive them in, I had to pay an extra $23.00 for duty taxes. This meant that I actually ended up paying MORE in shipping costs then I did for the shoes! And, because the shoes were NOT "true to size", like they advertise, I would have had to return them. But, because they do not offer free return labels for purchases from Canada, I would have had to spend another $20.00 to ship this item back, which in the long run wouldn't have saved me any money.
I would also like to point out how they offer free shipping for the "contiguous U.S." AND a free return label (for orders over 39.95), yet they charge Canadians $14.95 for shipping NOT including a return shipping label... Not quite sure how this makes sense. Perhaps it is beneficial for those who live in the U.S., but it definitely is not for any citizen of another country.
I would not refer this company to anybody. The quality of their shoes is absolutely horrible and I wish I had known this before I became a member of this website and got sucked in to all their marketing schemes.

New Reviewer

Don't bother. Poor quality shoes. Once the shoes arrived mysteriously they were no returns on the shoes and they store your credit card information, you don't even have the option. I canceled my membership and vow to tell as many people as possible not to purchase from them.

New Reviewer

I made 3 purchases from Shoedazzle--2 pairs of shoes and a lingere set--and was OK with the products. The lingere fit horribly and was really cheap, and the shoes were decent looking but nothing to go crazy over, plus they fit a little too tight and seemed to be made out of cheap material. I wasn't too happy with them but I was content to give them another shot at some point in the future. I sent in the return, only to discover that you need to pay a restocking fee for EACH item and EACH item needs to be shipped seperately! This is crazy! I got completely screwed on restocking/shipping fees for nothing. The shady policies behind this company alone make me never want to order from them ever again. I'm going to cancel my membership immediately. Not worth it!

New Reviewer

Omg I purchased shoes and a bag from this website. You would never believe my experience but everything was weeks late after calling customer service over and over. Then I get them and they do t look like the pictures on the website. Then like after a month they begin to discolor. I called the company and they said they couldn't help me. Do not shop on this site.

New Reviewer

I have had a good experience so far with ShoeDazzle. I've only used the site to buy handbags, and the two that I've bought have been unique, fairly priced and seemingly of a pretty good quality. I can't speak for the shoe-buying aspect of the site, but for handbags it seems to be a really good deal.

New Reviewer

I ordered shoes from this site and never received them! I called customer service and the refused to help me. I called the CEO and he hung up on me. Never ever shop on this site. They could care less about customers.

New Reviewer

THEY ARE A SCAM!! DON't PURCHASE FROM THEM!!!!!!!! I purchased a purse from this company and decided to return it. When I asked to return it they sent me a label...I informed the customer service person that I would be out of the country and could not send it for a bit, I was told this is fine to return it when I could...OF COURSE HE SAID THAT BECAUSE THEY TOOK MY PURSE AND WONT GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! They refuse to send my merchandise back to me and offered me a 20% off coupon for another purchase. WHY WOULD I PURCHASE SOMETHING ELSE OF TERRIBLE QUALITY? I DIDN'T EVEN WANT THE FIRST THING. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY UNLESS YOU WANT TERRIBLE QUALITY, SOMETHING THAT LOOKS DIFFERENT IN PERSON AND AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

New Reviewer

This site claims to have free returns, but in fact they charge a $5.95 "restocking fee" per item. Their site repeatedly claims to feature "risk free" shopping due to free returns and a "size guarantee." Yet I find myself forced to pay this "restocking fee" because their shoes are at least a full size smaller than normal. They intentionally mislead customers. In addition, their exchange process is lengthy (more than a month) and required three phone calls + an email to customer service. Skip this site and opt instead for the numerous alternatives that actually have free returns.

New Reviewer

Ordered an aqua purse on July 18th. Was shipped a red purse. Since I didn't take a photo of the wrong purse, they are charging me a restocking fee! I would have taken a new, correct purse, but it took them so long after they received my merchandise back (had to e-mail twice, and spend 20 minutes on the phone with them), that I don't trust the company and will gladly pay $5.99 to be done with this. Nothing worse than bad customer service...I guess you get what you pay for in this case! My bad for not checking the reviews first :(

New Reviewer

DO NOT, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! I was charged for over $100 for an order I did not place. When I tried to refund or exchange they essentially told me to go dispute it on my credit card and join Just Fab.

New Reviewer

Cheaply made shoes (I shouldn't be able to see the glue drips between the shoe & the sole) & they run VERY small. Not worth the price or the hassle of returning them... I am trying to return the three pairs I bought, & my order doesn't even show up in my order history, which has been a pain in the neck.

New Reviewer

Worse customer services have ever had to deal with!!! I was going through the site looking at things and noticed that everything I clicked to enlarge photo went to shopping bag, so I went to remove the items when the page went blank and was lost. Later to my surprise by back informed me that an order for over $100 went through and they couldn't cancel the payment. I called and had a huge run around also was told all sales are final. I finally got a supervisor number and have left at least two messages a day for almost a week now and have yet to receive a call back. Needless to say after I get my money back I will never canceling my membership!

New Reviewer

This is really unfair to me. I am sure you all are aware of my situation, my name is Tracey and Jonathan was disgusting to me. He told me that i was tying up the line and at some point I must give up. I am very un happy with the way i was treated. No one wanted to help me. He even said that his company did no wrong. This is not professional behavior at all!!!!

I never received an e-mail stating to give a different card. I assumed the card i gave was okay because my friend used the same card company and she received her order. I was told by Jaffrey/Jesse if i gave a different card/ a card that was issued from the USA they would ship my order out. I left work to put funds on that usa issued card, called back and was told that every item that i was confirmed on my order is out of stock. This is unacceptable!!!!

Jonathan is rude,mean and very very unprofessional! He did not want to help me in anyway. He just wanted me to stop tying up the line and give up.
All i wanted was to be able to get my order or to be able to pick 8 different items for the price of what i paid for the order that was cancelled without my knowledge. Jonathan even went as far as to "speak to a manager" to get authorization to disconnect the call. I was not rude to him in anyway. He raised his voice at me and was very demanding.

Because of this I will not purchase another item from this company because of how i was treated.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE!!!! they send substandard shoes and then somehow their size doesn't match the regular US sizes and the heels were actually uneven. If there were some stars lesser than 1 I would have given them that. On top of that you can never reach their clinet service number

New Reviewer

I recently ordered a purse and a pair of shoes from This was my first and will be my last time ordering from this company. I am almost positive the shoes are not exclusive as the website claims, which I kinda already knew this, because I do a lot of online shopping. However, they were having there two for one sale so I took a risk. The shipping was pretty fast, however the shoes I ordered look cheap, with smudges all over them like they had been worn. Not to mention it looked as if someone sewed in the shoedazzle logo over the original logo. I think this site is a rip off, forty dollars for a pair of shoes, sounds good however there are plenty of websites with cuter and better quality shoes, not to mention cheaper shoes than I only gave them two stars because I was satisfied with the purse I ordered.

New Reviewer

I have heard good and bad with this site - Owned by Kim Kardashian - But it is free to try and until i see something I fall in love with it will be a window shopping experience for this girl.

Some of those shoes look extremely hard to walk in - eeeeee

New Reviewer

Not exactly up front about final sales - I am now stuck with four pairs of shoes that I can't wear. The FINAL SALE info was in very very teeny tiny print. Thank Kim! Cancelling my membership now.

New Reviewer

i wanted to exchange an item and they didn't want to exchange, now i am stuck with shoes i will never wear. i am never ordering anything from this website again. its ridiculous.

New Reviewer

I've bought 4 pairs from Shoedazzle. Two of them were great quality, very comfy and stylish, nothing ordinary and very elegant. The other 2 I got, I knew they would be cheaply made because they looked like that in the pictures and I know when the platform is hidden and the shoe is made in China, the result is disaster! Nevertheless, I ordered them only because the particular colors I chose are hard to find in the slingback pump pattern, thats all! I dont know if i could step out in public in them though...
Some said that they change the labels. I have never ever seen similar or identical heels by other brands on Shoedazzle; maybe some high end designer immitation(China's favorite habit). Actually JustFabulous is the one that just changes the labels. 80% of their heels are made by companies like Qupid, Delicious, Anne Michelle, Breckelle's etc. I got heels from them that found out later that are made by Delicious(Paprika) and Ive seen a ton more from them that belong to other companies and on ebay for instance can be found for less or more, it all depends.
Final thoughts about Shoedazzle: I rarely am interested in their designs anymore, theyre repetitive. The heels always tend to be bulky, but for my job theyre perfect; their pumps are definitely NOT for everyday casual wear, only for going out. Some styles are VERY unique but still I dont think theyre worth the 39 bux tag, even with free shipping; just think that they prolly cost a dollar.

New Reviewer


Well, I am a shoe girl and love shoes to death. Having said that, I can tell when a shoe is a piece of crap!

Shoedazzle's shoes don't have any padding on the inside. They look great from the outside but feel like a piece of joke on the inside. Especially if you buy high heels from them, you will cry yourself to sleep after an event! You cannot even wear the shoes for 3 hours without feeling some pain on your pinky toes. If you are looking for a quality site to compare shoedazzle with, Ideeli is the "IT" place. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes so far and they are extremely confortable! When I say confortable, I mean to the extent of touching the inside of the shoe without putting it on and you can feel the soft padding!

I don't know why Kim and her team don't spend a little bit more money on some quality material to give the shoe some little class and confortability factor. I actually wrote them a letter and asked them to stop being cheap! Not sure if they will change or not. Honestly, there is nothing about those shoes for them to sell it at $39. They should just keep the site at $9.99 and I won't complain abit about the shoes they offer!

Some of the shoes that they marketted as "shoedazzle", I've seen the same shoes (exact shoes) by Michael Antonio!!

On the other hand, I must commend their customer service. They ship the items on a timely manner and process returns ASAP.

Bottom line, If you love shoes, love glam and want to keep one shoe for a whole event without feeling like a piece of hurting mama.. then stay away from shoedazzle until they improve their shoe quality. Again, STAY AWAY FROM SHOEDAZZLE!!

New Reviewer

Shoedazzle advertises exclusive new designs picked for you by a stylist every month. NOTHING NEW OR EXCLUSIVE ABOUT THESE CHEEP DESIGNS! 
As I've discovered Shoedazzle does not design any of these shoes, they are mostly these cheep Qupid, Bumper, wild diva,  or Soda shoes you can by at websites that advertise cheep club clothes, and Shoedazzle replaces the desiners name with there own.
Shoedazzle sells there shoes for $39.95 every pair, it turns out none of these shoes are real leather or real suede, they are actually only worth about $25.00!
Check out google for Qupid shoes and you'll find the magority of "Shoedazzle shoes"  for a much more affordable price, what they are actually worth!
Stick a celeb name behind anything and they try to double the value.

New Reviewer

It sells itself as a shoe club, and what's a part of clubs? Member fees. People should probably read the terms before forking over credit card information on the internet! Fortunately, recently the site advertised it wouldn't be charging monthly fees and there will be no need to "skip." Also, 39.95 is everything; a lot of sites you go to say, "$26.50" and then when you go to check out, between taxes and shipping another $10 is tacked on! I prefer no hidden costs that I always seem to forget to factor in. Are the shoes practical? No, but ideal for going out and fun occasions; they're for ladies who want to stand out for a night on the town. Try zappos if your looking for practicality.

New Reviewer

They were never clear about the whole monthly thing. You would think that after you sign up they'd send you an email in regards to the monthly fee only, but that's how they get you. My boyfriend and I gave them hell for charging us when I had no idea. I ordered once from the site in January and never signed on again because I'm not much of a shoe fanatic, but they continued to charge me for the month of February and March. When I called and asked why if I never received any kind of notice or bought anything, the rep said that it was stated in my order confirmation on the bottom. I got so pissed off and told her that this website is a complete scam by practically hiding it from people. And if it's something EVERYONE knew about why did they decide to take the monthly membership fee off? Because people complained the same way I did. It was completely unfair. Nevertheless I got refunded for the month of March and not February, but was given 2 credits. I don't care for it though, the site can go to hell.

New Reviewer

I just received my first pair of shoes from shoe dazzle in the mail. They fit great, but are very cheaply made. I won't be ordering from the website again.

New Reviewer

I signed up for the site a few months back. I had received 2 pairs of cute heels. When they came, it was quick and the packaging was perfect. The shoes were really nice. I order my third pair. These finally came after what seemed like weeks. The box the shoes were in was not from shoedazzle. The shoebox was almost completely crushed in on 1 corner. Oh, and they included some cheap press on nails for some reason. The shoes were fine from 1st appearances. When I pulled out the second shoe of the pair, it was obvious it was used. They put a new heel tip on it and attempted to resole the bottom. It looked like a hippo tried to squeeze her fat foot in it and run a marathon. I immediately called customer service. The rep told me she would refund my checking account. No sincere apology or anything. She just read her little script. After 10 days had passed, I called again to see where my refund was. The rep asked for the return tracking number. I told her I had not been able to get them in the mail yet. She then told me in order to get a refund, they must receive the shoes first. I told her that I was not a mind reader and that the previous rep never told me that. After dealing with this snotty girl for entirely too long, I told her that I would get their used a** shoes out as soon as possible so that I could be done with that company forever. How dare they put someone's health in jeopardy for a buck. They knew those shoes were used, and sent them to me anyways. Who knows if the previous user had any sort of foot disorder. I will never shop shoedazzle again and I will make sure anyone I know doesn't either. I'm sure Kimora would appreciate my business.

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