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Review of ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle reviews

282 reviews
2501 Colorado Ave #325, Ste. 5100
Santa Monica, CA 90404, US
Tel: 1-888-508-1888

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282 Reviews From Our Community

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I have been going on spending sprees lately so I decided to cancel my membership and called customer service. (in 69 reviews)


I've purchased eight pairs of shoes (not all at the same time) and one purse since joining. (in 185 reviews)


While yes -- they do charge you around 40$ for a "VIP membership" -- you can skip paying for the month... (in 26 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give this zero stars I would. I bought ONE pair of shoes there. They came and were very cheap and tacky as hell. Looked nothing like the picture. Seriously
Looked like a Kmart shoe. But that's not even the worst part. They trick you and charge you every single month of 39.95. I didn't realize they were doing this till months later. ( I've very bad at checking my bank statements.) So they had taken over 400 bucks out of my account and refused to fund me the money. So I paid 400 plus the ONE and only pair of shoes I bought there and it cost me over 400 bucks.
For that I could of got a lot of really nice Vince Camuto shoes. I'm
Writting this review because I want to warn people that this site is a scam. Do not purchase anything from there cause they will countinue to
Take money out of your account. Also keep in mind the shoes are very cheap and tacky. Not at all what they look online. I'm surprise this website hasn't been sued for false advertisement!

Ask Ashlee about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I decided to join and ordered 4 pairs of shoes right away. I waited patiently for their arrival! Alas, they finally came, and I was very disappointed with all 4 pairs of shoes. Each of them were cheap quality and I would not wear them anywhere. Back they go!!!

Ask Diane about ShoeDazzle
1 review
3 helpful votes

Don't listen to all of the negativity on here. It sounds like the same person posting. I have been with Shoe Dazzle for a few years now and they are great. It is no secret that you have to SKIP THE MONTH so that you don't get charged. You are informed of that whey you sign up. They also send out email reminders for it. I have contacted customer service several times for questions and they are always helpful. I have gotten free shoes and accessories with the bonus credits that they send me and I don't even make purchases often. By the way, their shoes are great quality too.

Ask elizabeth about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

ShoeDazzle is the biggest rip off online company out there. I shopped there for few months and found out that they were charging me 39.95 for VIP membership that I didn't sign up for. I called to get a refund and that I didn't sign up for it, SD said that they signed me up to help me get more discounts. I asked to be removed from their membership, that I didn't want additional discount and will pay for my shoes as advertised. I was told that they will cancel it for me. Couple of months down the line I see membership charges yet again. I called them back and went throughout the same crap about them helping me out and so forth. SD canceled the order for me again, so they say. I cancelled this so called "VIP MEMBERSHIP" about three times if not more. Finally I canceled my card, since I can't stop SD from withdrawing money out of my account I figured this will work. What a surprise, they still managed to take money out of my account AGAIN TODAY. This has to be illegal. I called AGAIN today. I have been on hold for almost an hour now, due to a high volume of calls (not surprised). I will be calling a lot of people tomorrow morning. Including the Attorney Generals office. I hope everyone that went through similar situations, as I see many people have, would do the same.

Ask Mi about ShoeDazzle
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I ordered these shoes about a month ago, loved them, what not. A month later, I get this mail from my credit card company telling me that shoe dazzle monthly subscription charged me almost 100 dollars! I am very angry about it, I want a refund! I'm going to call them tomorrow morning wanting a refund and to cancel this subscription crap.. I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS.

Ask Rebecca about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

WOW. I thought I was getting a great deal by shopping at Shoe Dazzle, but I was WRONG! First of all, the quality of the shoes are terrible. I ordered a pair of booties that zipped up the back... the first night I wore them, the zipper broke and I couldn't unzip them so my foot was literally stuck in the boot. I had to have someone else pry the zipper open so I could slide my foot out. THEN, the clasp on the zipper fell off that same night! I couldn't believe it. Second, I went on to check my bank account today and saw that shoe dazzle has been taking almost $40 out of my account EVERY month as "store credit"! I did not willingly sign up for this VIP package! I called them and they said they can only offer me a ONE TIME refund! I am so disgusted by this company I will NEVER shop here again! Don't even bother with this company because they scam you out of your money without you even knowing.

Ask Kelly about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

SHOEDAZZLE IS A SCAM. They charge 39.95 each month to your account without giving you a noticeable warning. They would not have nearly as many customers if they made this apparent up front. Do NOT USE THIS SITE.

Ask aeoirha about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

THIS SITE RIPS YOU OFF!!! charges you $40- a month!! but does not tell you this. huge rip off and should be shut down!

Ask johanna about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

Shoe dazzle stole, yes, STOLE $119.85 out of my account & every time I call I get told that I'll receive my refund in 5 - 7 days. On May 30th they charged my card $39.95 three times in a row! So I called immediately, 1st customer set.rep. said I'd have a refund so I called back yesterday & was told the same thing again! $119.85 for NOTHING AT ALL. Such a shame they have to steal money right out from under people. It really sucks for me I'm a single mother of 2 boys, so shoe dazzle basically stole half of my sons grocery money. Way to go! Truly PATHETIC! Signed, Jodie M. Busson- Ohio.

Ask Jodie about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

My first few years with shoe dazzle was an amicable experience. Not anymore. Shoedazzle RIPPED ME OFF for upwards of $100. I literally had to report them to my credit card company because they wouldn't cancel my subscription. This company is the dumps. They are so cheap that the shipping provider they use to Canada charges more in duties and tarriffs than the shoes actually cost. Its free shipping to the state's....less than 100 miles from me..... I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Ask Barbara about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

STAY AWAY. Don't get suckered in by the coupon. This company will rip you off!

I ordered a pair of shoes with a coupon and when I received them, the quality was VERY much lacking.

Why do they send you a pair of shoes every month? Because, that's about how long they'll last.

That said, upon receiving the shoes, I cancelled my account. Almost immediately. I had to spend a half an hour on the phone with a gentleman who repeatedly tried to sell me the service. Over and over again, he let me know what I'd be missing out on. I refused, and told him I wanted it canceled. I even verified at the end of the call that it was canceled. He assured me it was.

So, yeah. I didn't receive anymore shoes. But that didn't stop them from billing me. EVERY month I was billed $39.95, and when I called to get the situation remedied, I'd get the run around. I'd receive assurance it was canceled, but then.. the next month.. another charge. And another. And another. Each time I called, I was promised the billing would stop and I'd be refunded.

I finally gave up that merry-go-round and called my bank to stop and reverse the charges. Hey, at least someone was looking out for me, because SHOEDAZZLE certainly wasn't.


Ask karen about ShoeDazzle
1 review
5 helpful votes

Shoedazzle has some of the worst customer service I have had the displeasure of experiencing. And when you live in Los Angeles, that is saying something! At first I ordered and was pretty pleased with the boots I received. The second time I ordered, however, was a complete disaster. The three pair of strappy sandals I ordered all looked cheap and plastic-like. I returned them according to their guidelines and attempted to re-order replacement shoes, but they never credited my account.... even after 8 calls over 6 weeks. Finally, I wanted just a refund to my card. I have made 17 phone calls over 2 and 1/2 months, and it still hasn't happened. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Ask FAYLEY about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

At first I never had a bad experience with shoedazzle, this time I did. I ordered a pair of shoes about a month ago and received the wrong size, I had to return the shoes and wait another 2 weeks to receive the correct size. I just received my order today only to realize that they sent me the wrong size again. I called them and all they said was that they will send me the correct size and offered 20% off my next time, the same that was offered the first time they sent me the wrong size of the same shoe. I asked the representative if there's a way to expedite the shipping as it was not my fault that you sent the wrong size twice and now you're making me wait another 2 weeks for the correct size. They claimed there's no way their system will let them expedite the shipping. It's ridiculous that I'm the one having to pay for your mistakes. I canceled my membership

Ask Nneka about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I smelt a ripoff when I saw this membership crap, but I took the bait, and I got away with it. HAHA I got an email for a 10$ credit plus the discounts for VIP and first time customer. Called them at the crack o dawn to cancel. Paid 4.98 for a 30$ pair of shoes. The representative on the phone was hassling me not to cancel but I wasn't falling for it I even heard the dip in her voice when she saw that I already made a purchase. Even if the shoes are crap, it was only five bucks. I'll be keeping a weary eye on my bank account for the next few weeks though. Hope it was worth it.

Ask maia about ShoeDazzle
1 review
3 helpful votes

I read all of the disclaimers and everything when I signed up. I wasn't ever told that I would be charged $40 a month to be a member of a website. I saw the charge in my account and immediately had them close my account and refund my money. I contacted them and they said "oh we send email notifications to you about skipping the monthly payment", I never received any email about that. I opened my account in January and didn't get any sort of charge until now and it is April. I also looked at my billing info and somehow they got a hold of a new billing method that I didn't put into my account. How in the hell can they get that info without you giving it to them. This website is bs and it's just a scam. Stay the hell away from it otherwise you will pay for it!

Ask michelle about ShoeDazzle
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Loved my shoes and the quality!

Ask mia about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Shoedazzle has a policy to unsubscribe which is really crossing the line. First, you have to login to an account, that possibly you have not used in a year. I never ordered shoes as they looked so cheap. However, to even look at the shoes on the site, one must have an account established. In order to unsubscribe from their emails, one must log and go through a process where you have to change your email preferences. WHAT??? No one does that, you just click on unsubscribe. What a scam!!! Glad I NEVER purchased those cheap looking shoes. Go to and get a better quality selection and no weird account stuff.

Ask Belinda about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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Ask vee about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was a member of Shoedazzle for couple of years and I was more-less happy with their products. Also, I was pretty satisfied with the ways they handled all of my issues in the past, they were always very friendly and helpful. BUT their policies are the worst I have ever seen. This is the reason why I eventually cancelled my membership. During my last purchase, after I placed the order I realized that it is going to the veeery wrong address. I contacted their customer service through the live chat and they told me that the ONLY way to resolve this is to call them directly (which I find already annoying). So I called them immediately (within 5 minutes of placing an order). To sum it up, I was shocked to learn that there is absolutely no possibility to change the shipping address or to cancel the order. (Meaning, the package will be delivered to the wrong address and somebody will be very happy with my shoes and there was nothing I could do about it.) By this point I got frustrated and asked to talk to the supervisor. I was lucky that a customer service representative got creative and gave me an idea to contact FedEx once I receive tracking number and redirect the package. What a lousy policy!

Ask Yo about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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Ask real about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

seriously I have to choose a star? They're not even worthy of a star. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT EVER SHOP ON THIS SITE!! It's deceiving because you think you're getting really cute shoes/acccessories for an affordable price but all you end up getting is annoyed, irritated, and ripped off. I ordered 2 pairs of boots recently which ended up being $40 all together my first time purchasing something from this site. When I received them over a week later, only one pair of the boots were the correct size and the other size wayyy too big. I wear a size 7 and got a size 11. I then looked at my order history to make sure it wasn't an error on my end but it wasn't, it was their fault. I then had to ship it back to them which took another week and now I am waiting to receive the boots again in hopes they will be the correct size this time. It has now been almost 3 weeks since my purchase. It has been a complete pain in my ass and to make matters worse they have the most unprofessional and least helpful customer service I have ever dealt with. Because I received the wrong size and I had to ship them back they gave me a store credit which I applied to the boots that I originally ordered but were the wrong size so I reordered them again. I was charged for doing so not applying my store credit. So now I have been charged double ($80) and I only have one pair of boots in my possession. The whole thing has been a complete headache. Also, they didn't have my email inputted in their system correctly because apparently they don't know how to spell "outlook" correctly. THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL AND SCAMMERS. Please don't go down this awful road like I did. I now have to change my card because I'm in fear they will try to charge me again.

Ask ali about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

The WORST customer service I have ever dealt with and the product is crappy on top of it. I cancelled my membership over a year ago because the shoes were crappy quality. I decided to give them another shot. My address update failed so they mailed my order to the wrong address. The argued with me for 2 weeks that it had been delivered when in fact it was shipped back to them. they finally resent me a replacement order, only to screw that one up as well and again send it to the old address. during all of this they claim there is never a supervisor I can talk to. I finally spoke to a supervisor tonight, a MONTH after my order and he says he will ship out a new order, for a THIRD time!! he apologized but never offered a credit or a refund or anything as of course I was charged. SO a month later and I see do not have my shoes and I am not sure if I ever will

Ask a about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just wanted to buy a cute pair of shoes someone posted on Instagram. HUGE MISTAKE! When you check out you apparently click on terms and conditions that allows them to charge your credit card $39.95 per month. I went onto the website to find out what was going on, logged into my account, which read my account balance was $0, AFTER they took $159 out of my account.
Tried online chat and they just rudely kept repeating I need to call the customer service number. Then WHY does online customer service exist? Just to direct me to a phone number? Called the number, got through verifying myself, only to be disconnected.
Called again, re-verified myself and was told there were no supervisors available (how convenient). I told them I would wait until one was free, after 10 minutes they came back on and said there wasn't a possibility I could speak to one right now. He said he could only refund the last charge. I explained that their subversive ways of doing business and my account no showing any of my money posted to my account was so underhanded and slimy that I wanted all of my money back and they would get a scathing review on every website I could find. When I mentioned a bad review, they suddenly could refund two months.
These people are thieves and not to be trusted. I hate that I fell for this and didn't catch it sooner. Unfortunately I have to spend the remaining $79.00 they stole from me. It makes me sick to think of them getting ANY of my money.

Ask Julie about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a member of ShoeDazzle for a couple of years and LOVED my shoes, loved the process and was even a VIP member. I would recommend SD to any and everyone. My biggest complaint was that for me, the delivery was slow.
I recently purchased a pair of white shoes to wear for some of my bridal events, luncheon and shower. The shoes took about 10-11 days from the time I ordered (which is a little slow in my opinion but that is OK) I tired on my shoes and found that the left shoe was a little big but the right shoe was HUGE. I doubled checked the size and sure enough they were 7.5, which is what I always order from SD and all my other shoes. They were so large, I could fit two fingers between my heel and the shoe with my food in it.
I contacted them and explained my problem and they were nice and sent me a FedEx label to return the shoes and got me new order ready to exchange. I sent the package out at the FedEx store the next morning and got my confirmation from FedEx.
I checked my FedEx tracking the next couple of days and noted that it had no shipped. After 5 days I contacted SD. I was told to speak to FedEx-which is fine, I just felt that SD could do the same to assist me as their customer. The label is in their name there is no reason they cannot contact their shipper.
I called FedEx and was told that SD failed to create a scan so the package had just been sitting at FedEx for the past 5 days not moving. Meanwhile time is ticking away and I don't have my shoes.
I called SD back and spoke to an agent and explained my situation. She kept asking me if I had really returned the shoes and I promised that I had, I tried to offer her the FedEx tracking number to shoe that the shoes were in their custody. She declined needing it and then told me she would go ahead and mark the shoes as returned and ship the replacement shoes for me. I thanked her for her help and asked her again if she needed the tracking number for the old pair because I was worried that I would get charged twice since those shoes were sitting at a FedEx store in Atlanta. She said I would be OK.
I then asked her when the shoes would arrive and I was informed it would be their standard shipping (4-6 business days) -which means 9-11 days from my experience. I explained to her that I had placed an order for these shoes back on Feb12th and it was now March 4th, I was not going to wait another 10 days for the shoes to arrive. I asked if they could expedite the shoes to come sooner because of how long I had waited because of their mistakes. She said no. I told her to cancel the order and cancel my VIP membership and she quickly did so with no apology or care.
I called back shortly after to file a complaint with the company because I was so irate with the whole situation. I spoke to Logan. Logan (no last name because I am the only Logan here, they know who I am Logan) told me he would not help me because I could not verify the last 4 numbers on my credit card.I told him I was at work and did not have my credit card on me. I then told him I understood their security but I didn't need to change or access my account, I just wanted to file a complaint. He said no. I said then let me speak to a supervisor. He said no. I ran around in circles with Logan (no last name they know who I am because I am doing my job Logan).
I have NEVER dealt with a company that wouldn't allow a customer to speak to a supervisor or help them out.
I want to pass this along to people because it is not right to treat customers, loyal ones, like this.

Ask Kat about ShoeDazzle
1 review
4 helpful votes

Shoedazzle gives very poor customer service. I had my account canceled when I found out that they were charging me monthly for a VIP account that I didn't even ask for. Thanks to this they over drafted my bank account and when I went to claim this they didn't do anything about it. I tried using my the credit I had with them, they charged another account of mine and my purchases still haven't arrived and it's been a month. Horrible website!!! DON'T BUY HERE!!!!!

Ask Natasha about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

ShoeDazzle gives poor customer service I had a package to come back and I ask the lady if she could update the address in a system she told me she could but she had to do as ex change but she did it as a return( poor listening skills ) .Secondly I asked her what about my current order she said well you have to wait for them to send it to you return it back to us ...then call us back and then we will return your item back to you ..( what ) she refused to allow me to speak to a manager and hung up the phone. I called back only to get someone who is just as customer friendly as the last one (I'm being sarcastic) After speaking to a manager and she tells me unfortunately there's nothing she can do and it's going to take 5 to 7 business days before I can receive t my money back . ShoeDazzle does have beautiful items but there customer service is in need of a make over.
After I receive my second order I will be canceling my membership. if there's a sense of urgency to take my money...they should have that same since of urgency to resolve / address my issues and not be nonchalant about it

Ask Delon about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I decided that I was going to cancel my VIP membership. It was becoming too expensive. I had a $20 credit, of money they took from me, and it randomly disappeared. They did not inform me when I was canceling that it would expire as soon as it did. I also was pressured to not cancel and to upgrade to VIP elite and they did not listen to me when I said no multiple times. They also only said "sorry" when I found out they stole my money. They also have HORRIBLE customer service. I will be canceling my membership. This shoedazzle is not worth it.

Ask becca about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

as many others have stated these crooks basically auto enroll you
without your permission into their "vip" program... even though i had cancelled many months ago and had said no to all their popups i check this last month my credit card bill and there it is the fat 39.95 charge so i immediately notified my credit card company and they will take care of the charge and have changed my cc #.
Do not shop here... even if you uncheck "I do not want to enroll" somehow they will enroll you. Customer service/live chat is horrible. They give you the run around and try to make it appear as nothing can be done and you are to sit there and burn money month per month even if you don't even want to shop there ever again.
DO NOT USE SHOP HERE. there are better options online and offline to buy shoes but not with these crooks. Even with the fake "reviews" on here they are at 2 stars that should tell you something right there.

Ask Penelope about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a VIP member of shoedazzle for years and have always been beyond pleased with my orders. I always get compliments on my shoes and I would always rave about how wonderful shoedazzle was.
I AM NO LONGER A MEMBER OF SHOEDAZZLE AND I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. I feel scammed and cheated. I was being charged $9.95 on a monthly bases to be a VIP Classic member and I was completely okay with that. The $9.95 would go in to my account and I would get to spend it on anything on the website. I noticed that shoedazzle was charging me $39.95 a month now. I called and, apparently, shoedazzle had 'bumped me up' to a VIP Elite member. I never asked for this but I was told that the box was pre-checked for me. Great.... thanks????? NO THANKS! I called to let them know I did not want to be a VIP Elite for $40/month and please put me back to VIP Classic. She actually told me the computer wouldn't allow it. Bull Crap! All things are reversible. Basically, I had to pay $40/month or cancel my account. CANCELLED.

Ask MELISSA about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I live in Canada...and I haven't had to pay COD or any extra charges beyond a small shipping fee. I like the products they carry I find they're usually ahead of trends...I have a necklace like Caroline on Two Broke Girls and that was before the show started (I've been a member for ages). Service is decent and I only had one issue with a pair of shoes that were shipped with a small rub mark on them (am sure this happened during shipping). They gave me a store credit that I plan to buy some summer sandals with. I love that they're coming out with more designs that are either flats or low heels as I'm on my feet all day and unable to wear heels because of it.

Ask coffee about ShoeDazzle
1 review
2 helpful votes

I signed up for ShoeDazzle in 2010 after a coworker strutted through the office in some of the most gorgeous shoes I had seen in a while. She told me about ShoeDazzle and being impressed with the quality for only $39.95 a month (with the option to skip the month by the 5th day and shipping was free) I immediately decided to test it out for a few months.

A few months turned into a few years. I fell in love with ShoeDazzle so much actually; I successfully referred many friends and family to the service and purchased some nice jewelry and gifts for others. The items always arrived to my door packed beautifully, with cute dust bags and with convenient pre-printed return labels (which I have never had to use). A call to client services was an amazing experience. The girls that took the calls were incredibly bubbly, cheerful, and eager to help out. I imagined this was modeled after calling the Kardashian girls themselves, in a positive and fun way.

The website also had been a wonderful experience for the user. Full of vibrant, girly colors, fonts and photos, it is easy to use and navigate. There was no hidden cost or boxes that tricked you into getting something you didn’t want. A wonderful addition was the ability to read reviews of the shoes before you purchase, and the reviews proved a reliable tool. With just 2 clicks your shoes are ordered. Easy peasy!

I guess after Kim Kardashian sold her shares or something, but after she was no longer publicly affiliated with the site (or at least not a stylist any longer) I started noticing some major changes with ShoeDazzle in 2012. Most importantly, the $39.95 a month option with a 5 day grace period was removed and the membership was split into 2 tiers. Tier 1 - a basic membership where for no financial commitment, you simply have access to the site and can purchase whatever pair of shoes you want, but will pay a "full price" and also now pay for shipping. Tier 2 - a VIP membership that for $9.95 a month, you may apply that toward any item on the site or save it towards future purchases in your ShoeDazzle bank. With the VIP option, you would also receive a discount on most purchases plus continue to receive free shipping. I was definitely sad the old option was gone, but thought Tier 1 sounded dumb so I'd give the VIP membership a shot. Another major change was that the site no longer offered mainly $39.95 items, but a selection that ranged from about $29.95 to $99.99 for shoes, lingerie, accessories and handbags and the majority of the nicer items were of course priced much higher than the $39.95 figure that attracted the majority of us to ShoeDazzle to begin with.

Well now it's February 2014. This past week I had become severely ill and had an ovarian cyst rupture all in a 3-day period. A few days into being stuck on a couch, medicated up and sad, I was going through my emails and came across several promotions from ShoeDazzle advertising a 40% winter clearance sale. I thought, "OK, this is the perfect thing to make me a bit happier!"

I clicked on the link and found out that a pair of boots I had added to my "favorites" list a few month earlier was included in the 40% off sale. Totally excited, I immediately ordered the boots. I went through the usual prompts and noticed a bunch of promotion to join the VIP Elite program.

Mid to late 2013, I starting receiving a bunch of marketing material encouraging members to switch over to this Elite membership option. The Elite program was marketed as a Tier III membership (much like Sephora’s addition of the VIP Rouge program added for Beauty Insiders in 2013). After reading about this Elite program, which said nothing about the removal of the current VIP program, I decided the Elite was not for me and clicked an opt out button. The current VIP program for $9.95 had not only grown on me, but also proved to be perfect for my shoe buying habits.

Now back to February 2014, I order my boots, and distinctly remember clicking a "No Thanks" window that popped up during my session prompting me to enter in the VIP Elite program. However, when I received my confirmation for my shoe purchase, there was verbiage included that welcomed me as a new VIP Elite. Panicked, I went back to my receipt on the website and did not see anything that suggested I signed up for VIP Elite, so I thought maybe it was an error. A few minutes later though, an additional email came through specifically to welcome me to VIP Elite and giving me instructions for how the Elite program works.

I immediately wrote 2 letters to client services informing them this must be an error as I did not want to be Elite and wanted my membership to return to the original VIP program (now called VIP Classic). It was around 11:45pm however and client services was closed, so I figured, "Well this is an easy to use website, I'm sure it will be simple to click back into the VIP Classic program."

Unfortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. I was unable retrace my steps to figure out what had happened when I purchased the shoes and about 45 minutes later of research on, I finally came to a link that advised that the VIP Classic program had been canceled but it will still be honored for those who had originally signed up. Since I of course never left VIP Classic by my own doing, I figured my emails or a follow up call the next day would be a simple fix.

About 3pm the next day I realized I had not received a reply from client services (unusual a response would take so long from them) so I called. I was immediately shocked. Gone were the bubbly, cheerful voices I had grown accustomed to as a grumpy man with a heavy accent answered my call. I could barely understand him (and he could barely understand me) as he took down my information to access my account. Once I shared my story with him, he told me there was nothing they could do, and asked if I needed anything else before he hung up. I was flabbergasted! No apology, no explanation of what had occurred, nada, zip, zilch, zero. The next 15 minutes was spent with me explaining politely how I had been a loyal member for the last 4 years, referred many people over as that could see in my account (referrals were tracked by email and rewarded with free shoes or style points) and questioning how could they just blow me off like that? I explained, I had been ill and even asked if there was perhaps some verbiage I had overlooked when I made my purchase pointing out that I had DECLINED the offer to VIP Elite when the window had popped up. He said, no that VIP Classic simply wasn't being offered anymore and that's all I could do. So I read to him what I saw on the site – that it was in fact being honored to those of us who already were signed up in it. He finally said he would put his supervisor on the phone with me. After an incredibly long hold time, he came back on the line and PRETENDED TO BE HIS SUPERVIOR, now apologizing for what happening but saying since they could not put me back in the VIP Classic program I could have 50% off my next pair of shoes as long as I remained a VIP Elite customer. I stopped him immediately and said, “I'm sick, I'm not dumb. This is the same guy I was talking to before, you didn't even disguise your voice.” He admitted it and said his supervisor was too busy for me. I said, "OK, let's not do this. These aren't your rules, I don't want to be rude to you, I just want to speak to the real manager, I'll hold." He tried to argue with me and finally put me on hold.

20 minutes later, I had another guy on the phone. However this guy was worse. While his English was incredibly better, so the communication was easier, he was incredibly rude and had an a major attitude. He tried to cut me off many times and talk down to me. I explained repeated, that all I wanted to know was how I simply purchase a pair of shoes and suddenly my membership was changed without my consent and why they wouldn’t do anything about it. FINALLY, I got the real story…

Apparently, either select shoes, or all the shoes in that 40% sale were discounted with the condition of the purchaser becoming VIP Elite. However that was not stated in the promotional email. He tried to claim it was in some small print somewhere on the site, but was unable to be specific as to where (way to know your own product). I'll tell you one thing, it definitely was not near the purchase button, or in the description of the shoe, or even by the pricing. It also was not on the page that prior to confirming your purchase that shoes the original price of the shoe and the deduction for the “Clearance Sale”. His claim was, well you paid VIP price so you should have known. I said, of course I paid VIP price, I’m a VIP Classic member. It did not say "VIP Elite" price or "VIP Classic" price, and to be honest I didn't realize that it needed to since all the years before this the site was pretty basic, never showed a VIP Classic vs. Elite price difference and you didn't have to try to read between to lines to understand what you were paying for.

I offered, "OK this sounds simple. Cancel my order and just put me back into the VIP Classic program I was in before I made the purchase. My order has not been processed yet as the earlier rep had informed me, and you are still honoring VIP Classic so this does not sound like it should be a big issue." He replied that was impossible as my order was already in shipping (which was 100% untrue, if it was shipped, the first guy wouldn't have told me it had not been processed, plus ShoeDazzle never ships in less than 24-48 hours, and I would have had a shipping confirmation email, which even as I write this now the following day, I do not). He also said, he would not put me back in VIP Classic; I must be an Elite or cancel. So I said, cancel my membership and give me my $40.00 remaining in my shoe bank (which I paid for every month with the $9.95) back to my credit card. Of course, he said he would not do that either. If I canceled my account with money in the shoe bank the money would be lost to me.

Well whoop de doo. I hung up and got my attorney on the phone immediately (who won't charge me for such a small matter so it is worth it) and he said he’d get the $40.00 back. As soon as that is done, not only will I cancel my membership, but I'll ensure every single person I referred cancels as well and I'll be happy to return to a brick and mortar business for buying shoes.

It is clear to me that this company no longer operates with honesty and integrity and is more interested in tricking its members than keeping happy clients. Once a great idea and cutesy little club now morphed into a greedy, ugly scam of a business. A suppose a lot of membership based services are like this, I am just shocked to witness the decline. To take the members through so many changes in how membership works in such a short time period is ridiculous as it is, but then to treat your loyal members so harshly and to resort to trickery (as I'm assuming no one liked the VIP Elite program which is why they started tricking people in) in disgusting and dishonest. I'm unsure why these changes took place but I'm certainly glad for Kim Kardashian that she no longer associates herself with these awful people and business practices.

In reality, none of the shoes or accessories I’ve seen are exclusive to ShoeDazzle anyway and there have been times I’ve seen the same shoe in a little boutique along Melrose in Los Angeles for the same price or cheaper. I probably will not miss it.

So good-bye to my favorite shoe club now shoe scam, and hello department stores and DSW again. Maybe I'll look up some of the other shoe clubs, but I think this experience has soured me on them all.

Ask Melodee about ShoeDazzle
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Reading these old bad reviews have me so confused. I've been a member of ShoeDazzle since August 2012 and became a VIP member in February 2013. I've ordered countless shoes and several accessories from them and have never had ANY issues whatsoever. Some had a shoedazzle label, but many, especially more recently, have other designer labels on them. The quality is great.

If I had to complain about anything it would be that most of the time the shoes I want are sold out in my size-- but that's probably because I only shop clearance styles, so of course I can't expect them to still have a high stock on those.


Ask Kristen about ShoeDazzle
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this is my third time ordering shoes from ShoeDazzle. This past order I decided to order three pairs of shoes. The company, OnTrac they use to ship your orders have LOST my package. I have heard MANY horrible things about this company and I am MORE than disatisfied with them as well as ShoeDazzle for choosing such an unreliable shipping company. I will be cancelling my membership and going back to JustFab, sadly because of this.

Ask Morgan about ShoeDazzle
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Its ok quality..but the drama to Recieve the shoes were a disaster.,.it took 3 wks toget a pair of shoes....i will give them a try 1 more time. I found another dite called they have good stuff on there..acessories,handbags,and shoes....

Ask Sad about ShoeDazzle
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The shoes are okay, some are cute and of decent quality. But they aren't worth the drama with this company, especially the VIP (and new VIP Elite) program. They signed me up for the VIP Elite without my permission. I actually emailed them and told them *not* to sign me up for it beforehand (I've had plenty of experience with their scams)... And they did it anyway. It took days to get my $39.95 back. Buyer beware!

Ask Samantha about ShoeDazzle
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If I could rate this site with NO STARS, I would. Worst service ever. Dont order these cheap shoes. Not worth it and certainly not worth the 39.99 monthly scam they automatically sign you up for. I was simply requesting an address change for shipping 30 minutes after I submitted my order online and was told the order had already been processed for shipping so I could not make any changes.
Bull$#*!! Huge inconvenience. And this was after being on hold for 30 whole minutes. I cancelled my service with them immediately. NEVR AGAIN.

Ask BRE about ShoeDazzle
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Everything was good in the beginning. I was actually a member for a couple of years. Customer service has gone downhill. They sent me a promo for a black Friday sale. I decided to use the offer. The discount did not show in cart. I waited til they opened and called and stayed on hold for a very long time and then was told I was wrong there was no special. I argued about this for a while. I was on the phone with customer service for a VERY long time. finally I was told that that was indeed the special, but it just ended at 12 so too bad (???). I decided to cancel my "VIP" membership. I was told my unspent money would be credited back to my card. It wasn't. I was charged again a few weeks later. They did take back my "style points" which are a frequent shopper program. I emailed too to no avail. I tried the live chat. I got stupid responses like, "if you would like to check your status please go to your account details on the website." That was not helpful. I was told that to cancel I had to call. I called again. I told the CSR the entire situation. She said, "Unfortunately I can't do anything about that. If you would like to cancel your membership I will help you with that. Is there anything else I can do for you today?" I said yes, I would like an apology. This is unacceptable to treat your clients this way. She finally apologized and claimed to cancel my membership. We will see. This site will not last if this is the way they treat customers.

Ask Christine about ShoeDazzle
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Beware! If you don't uncheck the box, you will be signed up to their VIP membership and you will have money taken out of your account each month. Having to uncheck a box to opt out instead of checking it to opt in, is a scam in itself! I had to call and get my account cancelled and it cost me 39.95 to do so. So, I ended up spending twice the amount on the shoes I bought. An expensive lesson learned.

Ask Susan about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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!!!!!!BE WARNED !!!!!!
Complete rip off. Customer services take a minimum of 30 minutes to answer.
WHAT EVER YOU BUY WILL COST AT LEAST $40 MORE BECAUSE OF THE SUPPOSED VIP MEMBERSHIP. Oh and the products are sub standard just to add salt to the wounds.
I am also suspicious that any rating above 1* has been posted by the company.

Ask Martyn about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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I ordered ankle boots for my daughter who lives in Paris France. They looked very nice, stylish but still not something that would go out of style. I even ordered a second pair in another color. When she came to visit for Christmas she tried them on and liked them so she returned to Paris with them. Today was the first day she used them. She emailed me that the zipper on the back of the boot kept on slipping open all the time and the boot falling off foot. When she stepped out of the building one step to the street the zipper opened and also heel fell off the boot, she fell literally on her face on the street. So she limped on the corner where there was a shoe repair store, in 10 minutes they reattached the heel and she paid 10 euros for that, about 14 in dollars. After I researched the net I saw the same had happened to several other customers. I called ShoeDazzle and explained what had happened. The only thing they said was they would exchange the item, allowing 45 days. My daughter is very busy business executive in an international company and does not even have chances or running to post office, wait on line, in addition to the trouble she already had. I was also told that she should not have had the boot repaired. I asked if they expected her to limp around the office another 10 hours in business meetings with a missing heel???? I explained that the boot is a safety issue for other customers and wanted to talk to a manager. I was told that was not possible, having every excuse not allow that, like being short of staff, etc. etc. In all I was on hold on the phone over one hour, never being allowed to talk to any supervisor. After I explained that my daughter works in one of the worlds largest law firms I was put again on hold and upon the girl returning the most I was told that if I demanded they could pay for the boot repair the 10 euros and also I could return both boots for refund. To mail the boots to USA would cost already the price of a pair, around $50, go through the trouble was not worth it. I only wanted them to be warned about the danger of the design. The girl was very rude and explained to me that she was able to give me all info and there was nothing else to do. A rude girl most likely uneducated just punching return numbers to computer.... I would want to warn anybody for using this site, the quality is poor, the customer service is the absolute WORST I have ever experienced! Save your money, trouble and aggravation and use sites like Zappos, or amazon that have given excellent service.

Ask L about ShoeDazzle
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Cheap product. Horrid customer service..returns next to impossible. Charge a restocking fee, and keep trying to push store credit.. After one half an hour FINALLY got a refund. Zappos much faster with better customer service.

Ask Terry about ShoeDazzle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I received a pair of boots from here for Christmas and there to big I can't even walk in them I emailed shoe dazzle to see if I can exchange them for the right size they never replied back what should I do

Ask Leanne about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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The shoes were poor quality but as cheap as they were that wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was that they gave me the runaround in cancelling my membership. I now have a $20 credit on th account and can't login to use it b/c they keep saying my "browser needs to be upgraded". However, I try to update, my security scan says that the file could "harm my computer"... not a good sign.

Ask SLF about ShoeDazzle
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A lot of people complain about how the website automatically signed them up for the VIP membership. That is a lie, when ordering a pair you have to pay attention because it does have the box checked for the VIP membership showing that you get the bonus discount on your first pair. All you have to do is uncheck the box saying you don't want the VIP membership. It is NOT hard to pay attention, customers should be paying close attention anyways when purchasing ANYTHING on-line. I have ordered shoes from Shoedazzle and although I wish there was better package tracking, I am overall satisfied with my purchases.

Ask Mel about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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Shoe dazzle is the WORST website I have encounter with to purchase anything. BEWARE AMERICA...I recently made a purchase with my credit card, and then a few days later come to find out. I automatically signed for Elite membership, shoe dazzle withdrawn my account with 39.95. Please DO NOT shop here.....they are fraud site.

Ask Virna about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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Cancelled my VIP membership in Sept. Now all of the sudden, I am getting charged for $39.95 VIP membership that I didnt sign up for. Attempted to call them all day, but recording says their phone lines are down. Crooks!!Awful service!!

Ask Madlyn about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes
12/9/13 is a ripoff for one they took my money and over drafted my bank account 100.00 i didnt even sign up for this v.i.p. bs im so mad because now i have to pay my bank back because of there dumb a**

Ask nidara about ShoeDazzle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Expensive items for the quality. Also, when you try to cancel your membership, they give you a thousand run arounds so that you aren't able to cancel. The customer representatives are rude, unprofessional, make snide comments. Stay away!!!!!

Ask Daniela about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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This site is a ripoff charging $ 39.95 every month for a VIP membership without making it clear in a time purchase . Would not ever shop there .

Ask Susan about ShoeDazzle
1 review
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It's a scam! The first pair of boots I bought looked good online and after 2 weeks of waiting I got them and they look so cheap! Poor quality! Then you get forced into the VIP account which just automatically took $40 out of my account, AFTER I opted out of it! But the best was I added a pair of boots I liked to my shopping cart just browsing and they automatically charged my card for these $80 boots I never wanted! I didn't click buy or continue just add to my cart and all of a sudden their sending me and order processing email, then trying to return them was the worst experience I've ever gone through, since everything's digital and you have to call them to get a packing slip and form! Plus when you try calling them, they go by pacific standard time, so I called when they were open over there about 5 times and they still said offices were closed, even though it was the correct time over there, this is happend numerous times! WORST COMPANY EVER

Ask Shannon about ShoeDazzle

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Q: I have ordered a few pairs of shoes before and had no problems but I just ordered 2 pair on sale and it signed me up for the VIP thing! How can I cancel this? I don't want to be a part of VIP, I just wanted the sale shoes, What can I do?
A: Until you purchase your first pair of shoes they will not charge you. Once you do you then have till the 5th of each month to skip. If you forget to do this then you will be charged the $39.95 monthly membership fee. If you choose to cancel you have to call CS and they will cancel.
The CS is great and the shoes are good For $39.95 the quality is decent!

hope this helps!
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Q: where did the $39.95 that I've been paying each month since June 2014 go? I only bought one pair of shoes, and they broke days later. I didnt return them, so there was no shipping after the delivery. Why can I not get a refund? I didn't purchase anything else, so why are they billing me and taking the money out of my account automatically?
A: No It's not a scam. If you didn't read how the membership works, of course you're going to be frustrated. You have to click "skip month" between the 1st and 5th every month. If you don't you will be charged $39. I've had SD for over a year and yes it's annoying to remember to "skip month" but you just have to be smart about it and remember so they don't charge you. It's one click under your account info on SD. SD is not a scam. Just be wise and read about anything you're getting into.
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