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62 reviews
Categories: Running Shoes, Shoes, Shopping
2205 E Pioneer Dr
Irving, TX 75061, US
Tel: 888-446-1788
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62 Reviews From Our Community

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customer service takes forever to respond to emails.. (in 25 reviews)


"I wanted to order some shoes that i can only find on this website. (in 39 reviews)


I order a pair of shoes Saturday and got my shoes Wednesday LOL. (in 44 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Absolutely the worst customer service ever.
I would give zero stars if I could.

Ask Henry about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was afraid to order from them after negative reviews, but they were outstanding. I called with questions and had immediate live help on the phone, someone courteous and knowledgeable. They shipped/delivered crazy fast, shoes were perfect and lowest price I found anywhere. I will shop with them again for sure!

Tip for consumers: Look for coupon code, it worked for me and gave me an even lower price.

Ask Sam about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a pair of soccer cleats for my son, and at the same time, on another competitive vendors' website, placed an order for clears for my daughter. SHOEBACCA charged me shipping, while the other vendor did not. I received my daughters cleats two days later (free shipping), while I still haven't received the cleats that SHOEBACCA charged me shipping costs for (more than 9 days later)!!
I contacted their customer service & highlighted the irony, asking them to justify their charges & update me, and they ignores my initial email....a couple of days later I emailed them again, and additionally highlighted that their statement in their landing page that says "No sales tax", was inaccurate as I had been charged tax. They replied to my second email in a care-less manner & didn't answer my questions regards charges (tax & shipping). Still don't have my Son's cleats, and doesn't seem like they care??? I WILL NOT SHOP WITH THESE GUYS AGAIN - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY; SHOP ELSEWHERE ( will give you way better customer service & peace of mind)

1 review
0 helpful votes

Shoebacca your the best. Had my order at my doorstep 2 days after I ordered them. I could not find my adidas anywhere but Shoebacca & the prices are great. I will definitely be ordering again.

Ask Diana about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was pretty hesitant to order from Shoe Bacca after reading the negative reviews. I placed my order on a Friday evening and received it on Tues. My shoes were perfect as ordered. Nice job ShoeBacca. I will be back!

Tip for consumers: I used Paypal for an added measure of security.

Ask Michelle about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered some Timberlands last week from Shoebacca(12/15/14) through Amazon. They estimated a shipping date around the 16th or 17th. Their words, "This process can take some time but it does not change the delivery date." I find it difficult to give a delivery date when you haven't given a shipping date. I sent them an email and they have not responded yet.

Ask Sean about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered shoes direct from site on 11/11/14,this process was easy. However am still waiting for delivery. Email sent to say my item will be delivered by Ups as I am a UK resident. Am getting a run around for this item, shoebacca say contact I parcel, I parcel
State check with merchant as they have request for shipping but no item.
Don't order from here customer service is next to rubbish. Am still waiting and not even decency to say if item out of stock. It wad in stock when ordered.
R smith

Tip for consumers: Go elsewhere

Ask ranjna about SHOEBACCA
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wow, if I would have seen these comments, I would have never ordered from ShoeBacca. I order a pair of shoes Saturday and got my shoes Wednesday LOL. That was the BEST customer service I EVER had. Sometimes you gotta take your own chances.

Tip for consumers: Hey give them a chance, I did. Worked out perfectly.

Ask Arturo about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered shoes via Amazon. I realized brand tended to run small - since order had not been packed or shipped, I requested they send 1/2 side bigger.. they refused.
Thereafter they agreed to cancel or and refund money - instead they shipped item and charges me! Their customer service rep (Jessie) outight lied! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

Ask Unn about SHOEBACCA
1 review
3 helpful votes

A BUNCH OF SCAMERS BEWARE STAY AWAY TRY TO CHARGE ME FOR 5 PAIR OF $400.00 PAIR OF BOOTS, CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 reviews
21 helpful votes

I see that there are a lot of negative reviews regarding SHOEBACCA, but I've only ever had a pleasant experience. My orders were processed quickly and I received my items within a few days. I received exactly what I'd ordered, and I paid a fair price. If I run into problems in the future I will be sure to update this review.

Ask Jim about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Shoebacca, and one pair was okay but they weren't really the color that was shown in the picture. The other pair was a pair of rainboots that did not have any soles in them. Instead they had this grate thing in them that hurt when you stepped on it. And they were 60 bucks. Why wouldn't they have real soles in them if they cost that much? Its a damn good thing they will pay for your shipping when you return them! Otherwise I'd say don't even shop here.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was hesitant to use this company because of all of the negative reviews that I read online. But, I decided to risk it because the hiking boots that I wanted were 40% off, saving be a total of around $100. I found ordering to be very easy, and completing my order Monday eventing, I received them on Friday as expected. It was a 3 day delivery from Texas to Northwest, Ohio. In conclusion, I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again.

Ask max about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

first time ordering a pair from shoebecca and I have absolutely no complaints, order was shipped on the same day and arrived within 4 days free shipping!! overall very satisfied. definitely coming back to shoebecca

Ask thiago about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

10 out of 10, so far.
I placed an order with Shoebacca online on a Tuesday, and my parcel was delivered to my door 10 days later. Thats 10 days from USA to my front door in Ireland. I am very happy with their service. The product is exactly as I expected it to be, with no flaws or defects. As I said I have only ordered from them, and haven't had to return anything, so far.
As of now I am very pleased with Shoebacca.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I try to post a review on a pair of Adidas shoes I bought. They fell apart after a month after purchase. They did not post it because it was not a good review. I guess they only post the good reviews.

Ask Anita about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

Cancelled my order. Told me my credit provider would not authorize the charges, but their charges registered on my card. Credit provider said they had not declined the charge at all, but that Shoebacca does this all of the time. Shoebacca charged me, cancelled my order, and had to file fraud report with my credit card to get my money back. Wouldn't even refund after I forwarded them their own email telling me they would not fill my order. I order literally dozens of pairs of shoes per year. Next time, I'm going to Footlocker.

Ask Kaya about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

With so many negative reviews, I very warily bought some boots from this place. And I'm glad I did! They arrived today (less than a week after I placed the order), and are exactly as described. I wish I could give them an extra half-star for thinking up the name "Shoebacca." Genius!

One little thing - I hadn't realized that my order had shipped until yesterday because they never included a tracking number on my order history. But it turns out that they had emailed me a shipping notification and track number; I just didn't see it. :)

Ask Morgan about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

worst experience ever if you have to return a shoe because of defect they will not issue full refund without a fight stupid company

Ask Patrick about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had ordered a pair of shoes to wear for work. I put them on and they made my pinky toes hurt. I sent them back, and was told that I will not receive a refund because they were worn and had a scuff mark. I will never order from this site again and will let everyone I know about my experience.

Ask Samantha about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've ordered shoes online for many years, never a problem on returns.. never..ever, not even remotely close. In fact, I've never registered a complaint about any company online. .. until now. Shoebacca won't accept a return, accusing me of the shoes being "worn". I'm not a newbie online orderer.. I know not to "wear" shoes and return them, for chrissakes! I clearly explained what I did, I wore them in the house, several different surfaces to see how the shoes support, which is the reason for trying them on!. But, nope, they claimed "worn" and they all "looked" at the shoes... so I'm stuck.. no refund; their word against mine, .. and they wanted me to send them a shipping label so they can ship these "worn" shoes back to me. So, I'm stuck... getting a pair of shoes back I didn't want, and did NOT WEAR. I will NEVER UNDER any circumstances order again ... price isn't everything, customer service is. Zappos, Shoebuy, etc, and I'll stick with them. If you use shoebacca, bit of advice: Put shoes on, take two steps on rug and you'll have to decide.. don't walk around your'll get stuck with them.

Ask Kathy about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

The boots are not slip resistant and I sent two e-mails to Shoebacca through their system indicating such. I work at Olive Garden and must have slip-resistant shoes, as I work in the kitchen. I ordered these $#*!ies raiders as they were waterproof and slip resistant, thinking that I would get a good shoe, but that was not the case. Since this is my fourth order with Shoebacca, I trusted the company. Evidently, that was a mistake. I called today, as I did not receive any e-mail responses, and quite frankly, I was beyond angry. I spoke to supervisor named Elda, who told me that I had to return the shoes before I could get a replacement pair. I told her that these are now the only work shoes that I have as the others molded, and I threw them away. At this point, these insufficient boots are all that I have and I asked her if that meant that I was stuck with them. Evidently, that is the case, as I cannot go to work without black shoes. I told her that I would be more than happy to give the shoes that I have now to UPS when new ones are delivered, and as a representative of the company, she refuses to do so. At this point, I am very dissatisfied, having been a customer since 2011. I am stuck with a pair of boots that cannot keep me safe, I have to wear overshoes over them, which makes them mold.

Ask Deb about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I finally found the Nike sneakers I had wanted on this site, so I ordered them and an additional pair that caught my eye while browsing. Unfortunately, they went out of style by the time they got to me. I waited two weeks before I sent an email to customer service inquiring about my order. No one responded. I didn't get a tracking number on my shipping confirmation email so I couldn't even check on it that way. I sent another email after three weeks and got a response a few days later stating that my shoes were on their way. Five weeks after my order was initally placed, my shoes arrived.
I gave the second star because the shoes arrived in good condition and were packed well for shipping. But due to the geriatric snail delivery wait, I doubt I'll shop with Shoebacca again.

Ask Brooke about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got scammed!
I ordered two shoes through paypal. I sent two transactions but they claim they only received one. I only received one item. Open a paypal dispute and they claimed the tracking number for the 1st order for the 2nd order as well. I lost the dispute because they cheated the system!! STAY AWAYYY

Ask jack about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have called customer service 4 times to order 1 pair of shoes. They do not have their stuff together. Ordered a pair online, then a week later told via email that the shoe is out of stock. When I went to make another order, it said it was not available online. How do you have an online site that you can't place orders on? So I called in to make the order. After being passed around from rep to rep, I thought I had finally completed my transaction. Instead, I was just beginning. After a couple weeks (super slow shipping unless you pay extra) my shoes finally arrived, but so did a charge on my credit card statement $30 higher than what I purchased! I called shoebacca to find out why, once again I got passed through the maze of transfering to somebody else in hopes I'd eventually hang up. I didn't, so when somebody was finally ready to help me they told me they could take a message and leave it for someone else to look over and call me back. Awesome. Now I'm having to deal with my credit card company to dispute the charge. This site is a scam! They will take your money, stay away!

Ask greg about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

took forever to ship.. customer service takes forever to respond to emails.. notifications also take forever to recieve..returns are difficult and also deduct more $$ from that order when the return is processed...wahh

but when my shoes finally came they were awesome.. 3 stars i suppose!

Ask cheri about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

All sneaker heads shoul boycott this site. They are theives and will charge your card more thanyou authorize them to. And no matter how manytimes you explain this to customer service, they just dont get it, even though they admit they are wrong. Dont get scammed like me!

Ask Andreja about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

gave them a second chance and ordered nike sneakers. It came with defects on top of toe area. indentations and marks. had to pay $11 to return since, I had ordered thru shoebacca outlet store. Was contacted by shoebacca via email after I gave bad review and they said, Oh you should of called us, we would have given you a prepaid postage sticker. Yeah, a little late, since I already mailed out package. Then I awaited for my refund. Note: always get confirmation tracking with Post Office. After confirming that with USPS, that package was delivered, 6 days later, I still did not get credited. Called them and CSR had no idea why I wasn't credited. Threatened to cancel through my credit card and two days later I get an email notifying that they credited my account. Since I couldnt see on site which credit they credited. (I wanted to check to make sure it got done), I called Shoebacca again. and new CSR stated that it took 5 days for credit to show up. I said well, it's now been 8 days since you received it. He then asked for my name number, email etc. I said to him, don't you have that info, since I just gave you my account #? He said oh yeah, then told me that Billing would let me know which credit card it refunded. What ineptitude. I will never order from them again. Most customer unfriendly, besides terrible quality assurance. What a waste of $ (shipping $) and time

Ask nancy about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible customer experience. Takes forever to process returns. I bought a Living Social voucher, $30 for $60, to use for this company and now they will not let me use it at all. They basically stole $30 from me.

I had to return my order 2x - the first time, because the items shipped did not look at all as pictured, second time, because they didn't fit.

I got an email saying that I was limited to 2 returns with the voucher, even though there was no fine print ANYWHERE on the voucher beforehand to explain this. I then called to ask them about this, and they said sorry that's our policy. I said it's not a fair policy when you don't tell people about it at all beforehand, and they basically just took my money that I spent on my voucher, and I have nothing to show for it.

TERRIBLE customer service.

Ask annie about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had the same problem as others on my first order - I'd only worn the shoes around my carpetted home to see if they fit, but when I returned them they tried that 50% bs on me. I complained via email several times, and threatened Better Business Bureau. I got my full refund eventually.
My current problem is the Nike's I bought from them. I'm 36 and have worn Nikes all my life. I've Never gotten a back-of-heel blister from Nikes, not even barefoot. These gave me blisters, through socks, everytime I've worn them (about 4 times now). What's really weird about these shoes, and makes me think they are knock-offs is the mis-matched insoles. I've never ever seen Nike sell shoes with a right insole that is red with a double L in black imprinted on it, and the left one is black with a red nike logo. Definitely some weird sh!t. I'll be calling Nike this afternoon to get their feedback on the shoe. If I find that these are knockoffs I'll be asking Shoebacca for a Full Refund, and if they refuse... straight to the BBB it is. Oh, and I'm sure Nike will want to know who's selling knock-offs so they'll be up shoebacca's a$$ too.

Ask mari about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought from these guys, and yes my stuff did arrive. In the size and color I picked, so I am very happy with that. Less happy that it took about a week to arrive. However, I did pick the cheapest shipping method, but I guess I got so spoiled by a "zapata" seller on the web. Anyway, you can totally shop with these guys, just don't expect overnight shipping, if you didn't pick that method.

Ask ariel about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

tried ordering shoes 3 different times, with live customer service, took my credit card number, waited a week, no shoes. checked my email.. no invoice or record of order. tried ordering again with debit, this time it showed the preauthorization, then it expired 5 days later.. called shoebacca, waited on hold for a half hour, then they said there was no record of my order. and my order was like $300. seemed like they were trying to NOT sell me shoes, so i gave up and ordered them from a different site. this is the worst website i ever ordered from, the prices were the lowest though, but if they don't ship your order what good is it? i'd rate it 0 stars if i could.

Ask nathan about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I found this site because they were the only site that had the particular style of PUMAs that I wanted. I read some bad reviews, but since I work for an online retailer as well and know how the bad reviews are pretty much the only ones you see, I gave them a chance. I am ABSOLUTELY pleased with the transaction process and speed of delivery. Shoebacca is now listed in my favorites.

Ask Jenn about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a Groupon for $30 towards $60 at Shoebacca in 2011. I bought my shoes in August of 2011, and they arrived in a reasonable time. They were advertised as 0 drop, minimalist shoes, but had a pronounced arch, so I exchanged them. The second pair of shoes came MONTHS later. Those shoes didn't fit well. I called to make another exchange, the girl took my new shoe order and said that it would be processed within days of receiving my exchange. I dutifully sent my shoes. MONTHS later, I hadn't received any shoes (I expected it to take months, since the first ones did). I email customer service, and they issue me a $15 refund, saying that Groupon shoes only qualify for 1 return. There was NO mention of this on my Groupon or their website. There is now a disclaimer on their website, but not when I completed my return. Also, why would the customer service girl take my exchange instead of saying, "if you return these shoes, we will keep them and refund only a fraction of your money." Basically, they are stealing from people.

Ask Michelle about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was a bit weary when I read these reviews so I processed my order through PayPal for safety more or less.
I placed an order and within a couple of days my order was shipped. I received my order and exactly what I ordered on the expected delivery date.
I have no complaints about this company.

Ask Auj about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

My experience was pretty awesome with, only problem I had was because I was trying to pay with two separate gift cards and the system only allowed one card. I had to call their customer service so a rep could place the order for me, and they even went so far as to call me back later that day to make sure the order processed. So I got a fresh pair of kicks that I couldn't find anywhere else, and I had them on my feet 3 days after I placed the order. Standard shipping. is awesome and I would recommend their services to everyone looking for shoes at a great price!

Ask David about SHOEBACCA
1 review
0 helpful votes

This review is positive since I received my order relatively quickly (3 days, I think) and it was good quality and arrived in good shape. Moreover, they had the backpack that I wanted (a replacement Keen backpack for mine that died after 4 years of daily use) that was 75% off of the original price. (I'm guessing it has been discontinued, so they're selling the remaining stock.) I didn't have to deal with their customer service at all, so I can't speak to that.

Ask Melissa about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have purchased from them several times and had little problems. I ordered a few pairs of shoes for my kids and noticed them cheaper on another site. I submitted it to their customer service team and after a day or so, I got a response about getting the difference + 10% more. The shipping was free, but not overnight like some other places. The shoes were a lot cheaper so I don't mind having to wait a couple of days to get them :) I hope this helps.

Ask Nathan about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

They are not responsive and SLOW!! Not buying again... I have 3 unanswered emails to customer service for the last 3 weeks.

Ask Daria about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Today is 26 Sept, 2011. I ordered two pairs of shoes three weeks ago. The website allows you to place an order to a P.O. Box but their policy does not allow P.O. Box deliveries, so they shipped the shoes, and I only found out from USPS tracking that it has been returned to sender on 16 September. I called them and provided a physical address. I also responded to customer service automated emails with the same request. I called two additional times, one time they promised to call me back and they never did. On 26 Sept, still no shoes, customer service did not cerdit my money back to my account and did not re-ship the shoes! Conveniently, their manager is unavailable when I demanded to talk to him/her to enlighten him/her about the breakdown in communications and poor customer service relations in the organization. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Monika Comeaux

Ask Monika about SHOEBACCA
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site stinks, don't buy anything, they blocked my money and send me nothing.

3:13 PM Elda: Hello, Pushkar. Please give me a moment while I review your question.
3:13 PM Pushkar: Order #1100248623
3:14 PM Pushkar: I chatted with customer care yesterday as well, as per the information they gave me, it should have shipped yesterday.
3:14 PM Pushkar: but the status is still processing
3:15 PM Elda: I'm very sorry, it seems that in processing your order, it was found we had an inventory error and the item was not in stock. The order was closed and a refund was issued
3:15 PM Elda: I'm very sorry for any inconvenience
3:16 PM Pushkar: What the hell, So I am not getting my order anymore?
3:16 PM Pushkar: Why was not I informed of it?
3:18 PM Pushkar: I got no notification from Shoebacca..
3:18 PM Pushkar: and today is the fourth day I have been waiting for it'
3:19 PM Pushkar: You there?
3:20 PM Elda: Unfortunately the issue did not arise until recently, it was delayed because our warehouse was attempting to find the item for you
3:21 PM Elda: And I am very sorry you did not receive an email from us earlier, that is something that should have been sent.
3:21 PM Pushkar: but then why did the customer care said that it will ship yesterday?
3:21 PM Elda: Because yesterday it was still set to ship
3:22 PM Elda: The inventory error had not yet been reported unfortunately
3:23 PM Pushkar: man that's crazy
3:23 PM Elda: I understand and I'm very sorry for all the inconvenience
3:23 PM Pushkar: and if I wouldn't have followed up, i would have never known and would have kept waiting for it
3:23 PM Pushkar: and the amount is still deducted from my account
3:23 PM Pushkar: I am gonna write bad review of Shoebacca
3:24 PM Pushkar: this is totally unacceptable
3:25 PM Elda: Like I said, I do understand your frustration and honestly can't blame you for it either. All I can do from here is make sure the $177.99 goes back to your card as soon as possible, which I will be doing today
3:26 PM Pushkar: Yes Please!! and this Chat is going on this websites review.

Ask Pushing about SHOEBACCA
1 review
3 helpful votes

After reading the reviews on this site i was weary of using SHOEBACCA but the shoes were about 50% of the price compared to the rest of the internet so I ordered them anyway. I know what size I am as I had tried on similar shoes (same brand) in a store. I ordered that size and I received my shoes about a week later (including labor day). The shoes are new and perfect. they fit...whatever I am happy with the shoes.

SHOEBACCA did exactly what I would expect. I pay them they send me shoes. Did I try to return them after wearing them for a few days... no. If I were an online shoe company I wouldnt take returns for faulty merchandise that someone else made or size returns with worn shoes. What are they gonna do with worn shoes? Send them to another customer (Imagine how pissed you would be if your shoes looked worn out of the box??) or eat the cost of you not knowing your shoe size or being to lazy to go to a store to try them on??

Give SHOEBACCA a break... Great website with really truly cheap designer shoes.

Ask Nick about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered from this site because they were the only carrier of my favorite havaianas flip flops, so I found a coupon code from and placed an order. I hadn't received my package in a week, so I checked the ups tracking number, which said my item was damaged/stolen. I called Shoebacca customer service who promised me a new pair of the same flip flops. After another week without any notifications, I called back to hear my refund is processing. I did not ask for a refund I wanted a replacement. Several calls to customer service and a month later, no replacement, no refund, and no customer service follow-up. Now I have no flip-flops and no money to buy another pair, it's a good thing summer is over. BEWARE of this company because I am not the first customer to have this situation, buy at your own risk.

Ask Leanne about SHOEBACCA
1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not buy this shoe; it is completely a waste of money and will not accept your shoes even though they have a 365 return policy. I could wear this DEER STAGS shoe pair only for couple of times in the last three weeks. The whole shoe sole came out one day. Luckily I had some pictures of the shoes taken a day earlier, as I wanted to send them to I was surprised by what staff told me when I try to contact them to return the pair of shoes. Their return policy is totally insane. They misguide you with the 365 day return policy. You should not wear the shoes if you want to return them. You can see the pictures by following these links:

Ask Chamila about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

honestly, i went onto google shopping and found the cheapest place for the sneakers i wanted (puma RS1's) the first place i did a quick search on for a review and everyone said they never recieved their shoes.. so i went onto the next best priced website and that happened to be shoebacca.. i found a promo code bought them. THEN i did some searching for reviews and saw only bad things being said about them.. i have to say i was very nervous at first, but i got a confirmation email and a tracking number that day, and they shipped them out and had them to my door in less than a week. not as fast as some shipping companies but good enough for me. i have not dealt with the returns but so far as the purchase goes, everything went really well!

Ask Ben about SHOEBACCA
71 reviews
178 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of Bearpaw boots from this company through their website. It was a great deal at 50% off the original price. But alas it was not to be...I waited and waited for this company to send me an email confirming my purchase...I checked my bank account daily....Finally I called them to ask them if they had received my order...The phone was answered by a lady and I then explained why I was calling...She asked me to hang on...She then proceeded to ask another person about my order...The background noise sounded as though this place was being run out of a house...When she returned to the phone several minutes later, she informed me that the boots that I had ordered were mistakenly put on the site and they wouldn't be able to fulfill my order beacause they didn't have them...I guess I am grateful that they never pulled the money from my account but I will never shop there again...I noticed shortly after this experience that this company was offering a groupon deal...I only wish that I had been a part of this site so that I could have warned others to stay away...

Ask Joanne about SHOEBACCA
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased some shoes for my son and they were too small. He could barely walk in a circle before I had to take them off. I sent an exchange request and they sent me a label. Weeks later I followed up due to no response from them. They advised me that there was wear on the shoes - that they were keeping them and charging me a 50% restocking fee! I demanded pictures and they did show a little rubber rolled on the edge (with an incredibly magnified camera) but nothing that would rate as worn. I AM LIVID and my son is now without shoes. Is this some sort of scam?

Ask Jessie about SHOEBACCA
1 review
3 helpful votes

Bought a pair of gorgeous shoes, but when I tried them on, they just didn't fit right. I walked around my carpeted house for a good 2 minutes hoping I could convince myself to keep them. But I couldn't. I purposely left the tissue wrapped around the buckle since I didn't need to take it off, and wanted no problems with return. I noticed though, as I put them back in the box, that the sole was painted gold, and my few footsteps had caused a little scratching. Not enough to signal wearing, plus I didn't wear them, and the tissue paper was still on the buckle (what tacky girl where's the tissue paper? I'm not a 20-something black guy who needs tags to prove its new!!) Anyway....
These *&^%!'s claim I wore them. They refuse to return my so-called worn merchandies. And they refuse to refund the full purchase price. They're only refunding 50%!!! Claiming a Re-stocking fee. SO.. they are re-stocking worn items??
Stay away from them. Their selection sucks anyway. And that return policy is just ridiculous. I'd rather go barefoot in a Cleveland winter than shop with Shoebacle again!!! Stick with Zappos and Shoebuy - they know how to treat customers.

Ask mariss about SHOEBACCA
1 review
4 helpful votes

Shoebacca will gladly take your money, but if your shoes never arrive, oh well! They are penny pinchers who would rather screw over a customer than take a $30 hit and satisfy a customer. Buy from instead.

Ask James about SHOEBACCA
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BEWARE! I NEVER received my shoes!
To make a long story short, there was a mix-up with UPS and my shoes were delivered to the wrong place – gone, never to be seen again. Customer service at Shoebacca will do absolutely nothing about it! They keep passing the buck to UPS (who also can't/won't do anything). At the end of the day, I didn't order shoes from UPS, I ordered them from Shoebacca! After numerous phone calls over the course of 6 weeks asking where my shoes were, they finally informed me that they were delivered (to God knows where) so they were no longer responsible. Then, the Customer Service Manager proceeded to argue with me needlessly and childishly for nearly 30 minutes in total as I begged and pleaded for them to either refund my $41.99 or send me the shoes. In the end, she essentially told me she would prefer to lose my business and the business of anyone I could tell about my experience rather than make my situation right. I am out money and shoes and they couldn't care less. Spread the word – they DO NOT care about their customers! Don't give them business!

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Q: i order some shoes and i can't track them while the status of the shipment says it complete.
A: Its the same issues I had when I wrote the review. I had difficulty trying not only to track but to get someone to deal with my query effectively. They kept quoting shipment sent but no delivery. I wrote to them by email to complain several times and requested a refund as unable to track and no receipt of goods.

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