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235 Park Ave S, Fl 12
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Used SeatGeek to purchase tickets to an NFL game this weekend. (in 41 reviews)

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1 review
4 helpful votes

On Friday June12th I did an online search for Prince tickets for the 8pm show on June 14th at The Warner Theatre, in DC . We selected and paid for 2 tickets for the 8pm show in seats located in the mid-balcony using Ticket City via Seat Geek. At the time of placing the order they just gave a confirmation code and no other details confirming the seats or performance time. We received the 2 tickets 12hrs later for seats located in the orchestra section and for the 11pm show. We called Ticket City to query the mixup and they blamed Seat Geek saying that seat geek were selling tickets for the 11pm show under the guise of the 8pm show. The ticket agent admitted that many other customers had the same problem/complaint. Even though my credit card statement clearly states that I bought the tickets from Ticket City, they are refusing to give a refund for the tickets saying they held up their end of the deal in providing the tickets. Ticket City suggested we contact seat geek saying they were the ones responsible for the ticket/seat mix up. Ticket City refuse to take any responsibility claiming they are a reputable company. Seat Geek do not have a direct telephone contact number and online reviews claim Seat Geek to be fraudsters. We have emailed seat geek and have not yet had a response. My advice is to never use Ticket City OR seat geek. I am now stuck with 2 tickets (that I paid $578 for) to a 11pm show that I did not want to go to. I wanted tickets for the 8pm show.

Ask Joanne about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchase tickets through Uberseat via SeatGeek for a concert at Merriweather post. They seemed a great deal, but hey, sometimes you can get lucky. They were e-tickets, for which they say they will be delivered at least a day or two before the event - which had me worried. So I followed up with them and they assured me that I would get them ahead of the event. I also wanted them to confirm that I was in the proper section - they had mapped the seats to GA - floor (next to stage), but there was also a GA - lawn section much further away. The first response i received was only "they are GA". I asked a second time and they finally admitted they were GA lawn. They had listed 90 tickets as GA - floor... whoops. Thankfully I had followed up early.

They were responsive, but their compensation for my trouble was pathetic. Either they are incompetent enough that they cannot list things accurately, or they are willfully baiting and switching. Avoid this service.

Ask Nick about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

SeatGeek (that used Ticket Zoom for billing), showed me the "price", explained their non-cancellation fee, got my credit card.on the last page they showed a $125.00 service fee for each ticket. Could I cancel? They do not price match and take no responsibility if you pay too much. Two tickets from TicketMaster would have been $218.00 but cost me $436.00 from SeatGeek/Ticket Zoom

Ask Bruce about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

No customer service phone number. Charged tickets never go tickets said sold. Terrible service

Ask Bruce about SeatGeek
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have never been so upset with a service in my life. I recently bought tickets for myself and my boyfriend for an Anaheim ducks vs. blackhawks playoff game on May 25th. The broker was UberSeat. These were a surprise present for my boyfriend before he deploys to Iraq for 6 months. I paid over $400 for these tickets. So imagine my surprise when I get an email this morning telling me the tickets that I have already paid for are unavailable. I bought them through and is is very interesting how on their site there is no information that says there is a high probability that working with UberSeat will result in you getting completely screwed over.

This is a play off game. Are my tickets still available for the same price or in the same section? Of course not! I called UberSeat arsing them what could be done, if they could help me locate tickets that have a guarantee, why their entire business model is flawed, and, at the end when they offered me no help, why they were so incredibly useless.

Warning to everyone using their site. I have never been so blind sided or had such awful and useless customer service in my whole life. I am actually going to enjoy writing these reviews because I never want this to happen to anyone else and it may just make me feel a little better for completely ruining a surprise gift before my boyfriend deploys.

Ask Daynia about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

I bought seats and then recieved a message that they were already sold. So we bought different ones and again, same message. My credit card has been charged twice but no tickets! Then I decided to read blogs about them. Man, wish I did that before I bought tickets because it appears no one gets their tickets fromt his company. Shame!

Ask Yes about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Apparently my ticket transaction didn't go through but they held my money for 4 days!

Ask Isaac about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

You cannot find out anything about status of your tickets or if your credit card has been charged. No phone # to call. I have purchased many tickets from other sites without any problem. They can't even answer my email in a timely manner. Stock email saying we will get back to you. The game I purchased is tomorrow. How long do I wait!!

Ask Marie about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Their Listings are misleading if you do not read them carefully. If you find one and leave it, and try to return to it, you may get a separate seat listing. Attempt to merely exchange was greeted with long phone wait and garbage line that it was already accepted, and they could not merely exchange it.

Ask Bill about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

I received my tickets with no problem and liked having such a wide choice for the concert. Great seats too!

Ask Anne about SeatGeek
1 review
9 helpful votes

I went to purchase three tickets for tomorrow nights Yankee Nets game and entered all my credit card information. I received an email staring that I would receive a conformation email shortly. Several moments later I received an email stating the tickets were no longer available and that they had been sold. I called customer service to inquire and was again told the tickets were sold already. Keep in mind I already payed for them and I had recieved conformation about them. Ten minutes later I went onto StubHub and bought the same three tickets. Go home Seat Geek! I would never recommend you to anyone.

Ask Anynomus about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought tickets for the Cavs game May 4th and I was told at check is get a confirmation email, have yet to receive a confirmation email or a receipt or the tickets (surprise, surprise). I have tried to email them a few times now to see what the deal is, and where the tickets are, but clearly they only care about getting back to people on here to save their name. But for real seatgeek if you could get back at me that'd be nice.

Ask Sherri about SeatGeek
1 review
10 helpful votes

my wife and purchased 2 baseball tickets and to no suprise the money is gone from my account but no e -tickets!!!! cant get ahold of anyone either... im pissed, and will never recommend this company for a darn thing...

Ask dan about SeatGeek
1 review
6 helpful votes

I bought tickets and they canceled the order the day of the event and never sent them. They'll pass the buck and say it's not their fault, it's the fault of ticket broker, but come on, Stubhub doesn't let you down.

Ask Drew about SeatGeek
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have not heard about SeatGeek until today when I posted about Meghan Trainor being a free concert at the NYS Fair this summer and a friend of mine told me I was wrong and that SeatGeek said Meghan was supposed to be in the Grand Stand. I explained to my friend that I had gotten this information from the Fair's website and that I would look into the SeatGeek issue. And sure enough, when I searched Meghan Trainor on SeatGeek, concert tickets for the NYS Fair on September 3rd popped up. This is outrageous. SeatGeek is allowing "third party distributors" to SCAM unsuspecting patrons for HUNDREDS of dollars FOR FAKE TICKETS THAT DO NOT EXIST. I immediately contacted SeatGeek via the "contact us" link and told them about the issue, but I am leaving this review so that people can see that SeatGeek is 100% reliable for any and all scams that happen during use of their website by not regulating postings. A true, reliable site would look into concert dates and make sure that the tickets at least had a chance of being real before allowing fraudulent transactions to take place. If I could give a zero star rating, I would. This is absolutely disgusting and I hope this website gets shut down, or the owner/operator starts actually caring about the customers and buyers. Because running a $#*!ty website that scams people can only last so long until people stop visiting the site altogether.

Ask Shannen about SeatGeek
1 review
6 helpful votes

I clicked on 2 "Row 4" seats for a Golden State Warriors game, but "Row 4" became Row 15 in the purchase. Not sure when the switch happened ... but I won't do business with them again.

Ask Michael about SeatGeek
1 review
5 helpful votes

SeatGeek is just a ticket aggregator……Guilty by association as I see it.Would love to grab some offered tickets on SeatGeeks site,but can not chance a let down before or on the day of the concert.Why be an aggregator of such that choose to disrespect the work that goes into earning the money we pay,inflated at that,to see a artist

Ask william about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

If you like spending thousands of dollars while assuming the company on the other end (Seat Geek) would hold up their end of the purchase for the tickets you had just bought, and enjoy being told 2-days before your event they no longer have them available, THIS SITE IS FOR YOU... However, I had a absolute horrible experience when trying to purchase Super Bowl Tickets. Sure the prices were lower than the other sites, but it really is a "too good to be true" site. They will gladly collect your money with full intention of finding a higher buyer for your seats. This allows them to give you a 125% refund, but they are still making their money by selling your tickets for much more. There's no integrity with this site and they crush people's dreams by telling them 2-days before the Super Bowl that "they no longer had our tickets". Based on how much they advertise on the radio, I thought they were legit, but would NEVER trust this site again.

Ask Todd about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

A scummy company. Will take their cut of the price of the tickets, but will do nothing to make sure you get your tickets.

Ask Jon about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

As you can tell from the one star reviews and subsequent replies from Seat Geek, this site only collects ticket information from the many resellers out there. Unfortunately, this lends credibility to the many scammers by lumping them in with the reputable dealers. You assume there is some screening process done by Seat Geek, but that doesn't seem to happen. I purchased a Super Bowl ticket only to have the dealer contact me to tell me there was an error and were refunding my money. This tied up my credit line for a few days and could have held up my subsequent purchase from StubHub. I was lucky, the refund did come through and I was notified by RazorGator in time to purchase another ticket. Seat Geek should track the dealers' performance and exclude those that are not providing a basic level of customer service. If Seat Geek becomes the goto place to find tickets, they should be able to insist on performance by the resellers they include on their site. I will continue to use them to scout tickets, but will probably only buy from resellers I am familiar with.

Ask Shana about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

SeatGeek's broker, Ultimate Event Tickets, cancelled our Super Bowl ticket purchase. We are promised a refund, but it has ruined a dream vacation. We also have thousands of dollars in non-refundable costs since it is Super Bowl weekend. It sounds like Stub Hub only sells Super Bowl tickets that are in hand. I would never use a broker site like SeatGeek that doesn't have tickets in hand. Just go with Stub Hub for the important events.

Can I give ZERO starts to SeatGeek?

Ask tommy about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Bought playoff tickets through this site that turned out to be duplicated. We were denied admission to the game and are out $500. We're disputing the charge now...but shouldn't have to.

Ask Kris about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

Terrible service. We made the mistake of buying Rose Bowl tickets from them. Ordered and paid on 12/13 and then waited for the tickets. The tracking service provided had a shipping number but queries showed that the number had not been used for an actual shipment. As of 12/29 at noon, the day before we were leaving to travel to the game, they still had not shipped. Only by exceptional service from FedEx and a reroute that we organized and paid for were we able to get the tickets to our hotel in California.

Ask John about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't use SeatGeek! Spent $500 on hockey tickets that I bought as a Christmas gift for my family. 5 out of 8 tickets didn't work. Showed that they were already scanned and used. Customer service was no help. Shady people making a buck and Seat Geek is the store front. DONT TRUST. DONT USE! NOT WORTH IT!

Ask CECI about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

The good reviews listed above are coming from people whom work at "seat geek"
Don't let any of them fool you, this website is fraudulent, and it would be a shame to see anyone else loose their money. DONT USE IT.
This Website and all of its entities working with, are under investigation currently here at the police department. Everyone Have a Merry Christmas, and Be Safe!

Lt. Detective Hatchell

Ask R about SeatGeek
1 review
0 helpful votes

very disappointed and felt deceived by the way the their website post the seating arrangements. Now, I am stuck trying to resolve the problem between SeatGeek an 3rd party ticket broker. I am willing to pay more for a better ticket that I was made to believe I was getting but unable to contact anyone at SeatGeek.

Ask Richard about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

DON'T use them, Cher cancelled and I can't get a refund. 6 times the have not returned an Email.. giving them 1 star is to high...Buyer beware I made a BIG mistake

Stub hub refunded money in 24 hrs

Ask Kevin about SeatGeek
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

I bought Chicago Blackhawks tickets from SeatGeek for the first time yesterday after a friend recommended it. I was a little skeptical purchasing tickets from my phone but really liked the app and it was a quick and painless process to purchase tickets. Got the confirmation within seconds and the e-tickets were available shortly thereafter. Did not even take an hour to have everything processed for me! Love it! I'm excited to go to my game now!

Ask sallie about SeatGeek
1 review
6 helpful votes

Beware!!! I got the tickets as advertised, but the next day there were fraudulent charges on my card. I have never had card number stollen till using SeatGeek. Stick with StubHub it's worth the extra money not to get your card stollen.

Ask Mike about SeatGeek
1 review
1 helpful vote

The rating system for SeatGeek is completely bogus. The logarithms used to created them are faulty and not credible, in my direct and personal experience. Where I know the stadium and seating experience, SeatGeek gives higher color ratings to directly comparable, poorer seats that are selling for less than the seats they rate as a "better buy". Advice, go to StubHub or Ticketmaster and do you work there. Forget about this system because it is unreliable.

Ask Dallas about SeatGeek
2 reviews
13 helpful votes

Used SeatGeek to purchase tickets to an NFL game this weekend. I was skeptical at first, since I saw negative reviews, but I'm glad I used them. Much better seats for a much better price than I found on StubHub. Received my tickets via email within the hour. Also really liked the way the site/app was set up so I could find the best seats in the price range I wanted. Will use them again.

Ask Erika about SeatGeek
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

Don't use this site!! Stubhub is the only way to go. It's worth a couple extra bucks to actually get IN to the event you paid $300 for! I received two invalid tickets and were turned away at the door and had to buy two more to get in and sit a level higher than we wanted to! Seatgeek does not check out their sellers the way they are supposed to. They let Ticket Network sell tickets through them, and they are legit SCAMMERS. never again. I want my money back for the invalid tickets AND the ones we had to buy last minute... i'll see if they comply.

Ask Lisa about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

I find Stub Hub a better choice. You always know what you getting and they deliver what you ordered. My comments on Seat Geek - Buyer Beware

My experience is as follows:
I saw on Seat Geek Section: 31 Row: AAAA with a big Green Dot meaning “Great Deal”
What I thought I was ordering from TNDirect was Section: 31 Row: 4A
What I actually ordered - Section: 31 Row: 4A-5Q ( even the TNDirect phone agent had to ask her manager what this meant)
What I received is Section: 31 Row: 4L ( clearly not deserving of a big Green Dot)

Maybe I was naive but In my view this is a deception. I feel the site, the seat rating, and the shell game of moving a client from one expectation to something else is not honest brokering.

My advice... Buyer Beware or simply use StubHub. They are honest brokers

Ask Paul about SeatGeek
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was extremely skeptical of SeatGeek along with the Reseller Ticket Network Direct or TNDirect (including another subsidiary called Ticket Galaxy).

I was wrong-- the service was amazing. I ordered 2 VIP tickets for a show, and Ticket Galaxy was all over it. They reached out to the venue to setup the Will Call without problems.

I did run into an issue where our parking pass was not included at Will Call, however Ticket Galaxy immediately provided a refund for the cost of the parking.

I will absolutely use SeatGeek and TNDirect again in the future.


Ask Drew about SeatGeek
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

I purchased tickets from Seat Geek. The name of the ticket seller was listed as Ticket Network. I got an email from Ticket Network saying that the ticket seller was not them but some company called Song Entertainment. Okay, that was new information.

Then I noticed that my credit card was charged two times. Later in the day I get an email from Song Entertainment informing me that I needed to provide them with my address as it could not be verified as correct for my credit card. Okay.

In the email, Song Entertainment provides me with two phone numbers and an email. They want me to provide my updated address via email or by calling. Okay, so I called the first number listed, and it's a voicemail. The voicemail runs all hours of the day and night. No one answers. They want you to leave your information on the voicemail.

I call the other number provided, and it rings and rings. No one ever answers.

Then I check the URL of the email they sent to attempt to go to the website. The website is parked on a Godaddy page. It is non-existent.

When I inform Seat Geek that the seller does't seem to be in business, they refer me to Ticket Network. Ticket Network says they can never get their own ticket seller on the phone either, but they assure me that Songs Entertainment is a big time ticket seller and that they do business with them all of the time.

The Ticket Network rep tells me that I should email Song Entertainment. They claim that Song Entertainment replies to emails fast. Really? I sent them three and have yet to get a reply.

So, I spent 150.00 on tickets and I can't reach the person that sold them to me. Seat Geek, the aggregator can't reach them, and neither can Ticket Network, which is also a ticket aggregator. But they want me to be confident that while no one can actually reach Song Entertainment, everything is on the up and up and all I need to do is email.

I couldn't even reach Ticket Network initially because the link in their email to their own website was a dead link.

I'd say Seat Geek should do a better job. If I wanted to buy tickets from Vinny on the street, then I would have to put up with this unprofessionalism. But I bought tickets from what I believed was a valid company.

I still have not heard anything from Song Entertainment aka Song Entertainment P3. Left them a voicemail and called multiple times.

Ask NJ about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Absolutely terrible!!! NEVER USE THIS SITE. If I could give negative reviews, I would. I bought tickets to a huge game for around $200 and almost a WEEK later they inform me because of some technical error, the tickets aren't available. This technical error = trying to make money off a higher buyer.

Ask Jamie about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Disappointed. I never received a confirmation and I checked stubhub and the same tickets were $10 less each. I bought 4 so that's a $40 profit for Seat Geek.

Ask Bonnie about SeatGeek
34 reviews
100 helpful votes

I wish I would have found this site before I used Seatgeek. Seatgeek has problems with their software mapping direct seat locations. This is why you hear of so many complaints from people not getting the seats they purchased.

Here is a quote from Bryce at RazorGator "SeatGeek is in charge of mapping the tickets accordingly to match the listing from our site. As you have stated, we did not specify on the listing whether these would be left, right, or center. This issue is with SeatGeek and how they mapped our tickets on their site.We do not control what section they map the tickets to. If the tickets were mapped in the center then that was a misrepresentation by SeatGeek."

Also, I sent more than one emails to Seatgeek but never received a response.

Ask Leon about SeatGeek
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Used seatgeek to purchase tix for a Nationals game today. Love the site, great experience!

Ask Sally about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Very bad experience with the final four-tickets ended up not being the tickets I paid for-Seat Geek was no help in correcting the problem-keep pushing the problem to the supplier-Stubhub forever

Ask John about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Found tickets for Washington wizards game the day of. Saw the same tickets on stub hub for$15 more. Purchased tickets at 3pm. Started calling and texting seller at 5:30pm. My order was canceled and seller said he only had one ticket and not the three he listed. I'm sure he sold the two for more money.

Ask Sandiggity about SeatGeek
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Outstanding experience buying Super Bowl tickets on SeatGeek. The interactive maps were easy to use and their deal score functionality made it simple, and when I wanted to buy my tickets they made available a phone number where I could call in an talk to a real person to complete the deal. Awesome seats in Section 204 at Met Life to see my Hawks win it all!

Ask John about SeatGeek
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered tickets for final yankee game as its jeters final game; broker must of seen price spike it game ticket prices; cancelled my order.

Ask Nick about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

waste of time to buy from these geeks. I tried to buy John Mayer tickets from them and they sell the tickets through another website "uberseats". Their promise is tickets delivered in 1 business day. Never received the tickets or answers to my emails and I tried for 3 days. I would never try them again.

Ask SCOTT about SeatGeek
1 review
3 helpful votes

Never again. We paid $80 for Dodgers tickets and drove through LA traffic on my friend's birthday to find out that our tickets didn't scan through. The ticket office told us that multiple people had come to them with the same name. We were out $20 for parking, $80 for tickets and wasted a night, missed the big game, and ruined the birthday. They do not have good security against fraud. Stick with stubhub.

Ask Maret about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

This website is HORRIBLE! I put in an order and they did not confirm it. so i talked to the company the day of the event and they said that the order was cancelled. NEVER USE THIS SITE!!!!

Ask Matt about SeatGeek
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered tickets to a basketball game, incredible seats for an incredible price. Not only did i find seats no other website had available but i also saved about $100.

Ask natalie about SeatGeek
1 review
7 helpful votes

Sold bogus tickets.. Called company too get refund and only got answering machine, no call back and out $600. DO NOT USE... AWFUL

Ask S about SeatGeek
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

Great Site! Cheaper prices then stubhub! PLEASE USE! all tickets easy to find and it compares the prices on many different reliable websites! they don't sell tickets, like someone earlier mentioned they are like a KAYAK for tickets.

use this site when looking for tickets!

Ask Jake about SeatGeek
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I found tickets for the RedBulls game on here last week and the experience was AWESOME. Their site is beautiful and easy to use. I saved like $20 by purchasing the tickets on the secondary market also.

Ask James about SeatGeek

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Q: I just purchased tickets for a WHite Sox game and then I read really bad reviews and lots of bad stories about people not getting in with tickets purchased from here. Now I am worried that we got bad tickets. There is no confirmation number on the tickets and some lady's name. Is there a way to find out if they are valid or not?
12 hours ago
A: The name on the ticket is the person who purchased them, if you printed them at home you should be good
2 minutes ago
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