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ScentMatchers reviews

52 reviews
Categories: Perfume, Shopping
9663 Santa Monica Blvd #25
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: 800-859-9878

52 Reviews for ScentMatchers

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Ran accross this site while trying to find scentmatchers email.

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New Reviewer

Scent Matchers is a scam. They have a rip off product that they ship to you, and then when you try to get a refund, they claim to have not received the return. I filed a complaint with the United States Postal Inspection Service. They are under review and will be investigated. Please report Scent Matchers to the Postal Inspector and to the Better Business Bureau as a scam company.

New Reviewer

Ordered about a month ago. Nothing has been sent and no communication

New Reviewer

After a bit of a rocky start with communication, I received the product I had requested -- it turned out to be nearly perfect match to my beloved discontinued Fendi by Fendi. I received it within a week, and I could not be more delighted with the fragrance match. It's probably a 99% match, and quite frankly, I am blown away.

New Reviewer

Thank you all so much for your reviews. I feel like you have saved me money and what I can only predict as massive frustration. My favorite perfume is Botrytis. I have read so many incredible reviews for Escada Collection by Escada, saying that it is even better than Botrytis, but has long since been discontinued. I wanted to try it for myself. Looks like I won't be ordering Scentmatchers EC dupe now. Sad, but better educated now. Again many thanks for your honest reviews.

New Reviewer

At this point after viewing all reviews on many different sites, I am beginning to worry that the perfume Longing by Coty is not going to turn out like I am hoping. I placed the order on April 10, 2014, and sent an email as soon as order went through asking if it could be made and delivered by the 18th of April. I received a quick reply saying that a note was added to my order, I had a feeling it was a long shot it would be delivered by the date I needed it as I have purchaced this as a gift for my mom. As I suspected it did not arrive, again I knew it would be a long shot. I have since emailed twice about 3 days apart to check the status of my order and I have not heard back as of yet. It is April 24th. I really hope that this perfume is an exact match of the original longing by Coty as this is the only perfume that did not cause any sort of serious migraine for her. I've read the reviews of perfume smelling the same for many people and with reading this I am trying my hardest to keep my hopes up that this is not going to happen to me. I've also read the reviews saying that returns and refunds take a long time and turn out to be a lot of problems. Again I am trying to keep high hopes. I pray longing by Coty reproduction turns out to be a 100% match.

I plan on keeping this site up to date with the status of my order, as well of any issues I run into "hoping I don't" as well as when it arrives "if it does" how it smells. I'm hoping scent matchers is as reputable as they say and I hope to hear back from them with regards to the status of my order, because I would like to turn out to be one of those extremely satisfied customers.


Update on my earlier post with regards to my order of longing by Coty. As I emailed them today I received an email in return stating that my package was sent out 7 days after I placed my order which is amazing. I was provided with a tracking number tracked the package via USPS and it informed me that my package was in Canada already. I then used the same tracking number and tracked the package on Canada post and they are stating that my package will arrive no later than April 29. I am extremely pleased with regards to the customer service department at scent matchers, they quickly got back to me and provided me with all the information I would need to track my package. Thank you very much for the members of scent matchers for getting my perfume out in amazing time an for giving me the required information for tracking! A+++ for that in my books.

Only thing left to figure out is if it smells exactly like the perfume my mom used to wear because it is a scent she knows very well and one of the very few she can wear. I have my fingers crossed and my hopes are high because scent matchers have been great so far. I will keep the site updated with info on how the perfume smells.

Thanks scent matchers!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered $90 worth of "Five Star Go Red Perfume" and it smells nothing like the real one. Smells horrible like a VERY STRONG old lady perfume who's also a street walker.. I'm just saying its really really really bad. I just received it today so I want to return it hopefully ill get my money back and not SCAMED. Doesn't smell a thing like it not even close.. Before I ordered I read reviews like u are right now. And I seen a lot of bad reviews but there were a few good ones so I was like ok I'll try it. LISTEN IF U ARE READING THIS TO TRY TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND IF U SHOLD TRY SCENTMATCHERS. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pefume I created in I chose the notes. It smelled awful (I created it though so thats my fault) the perfume lasted ALL day, so they use great ingredients. The bottle was pretty and was sent fast. However, I tried to contact them to try again because the smell was gross. I was asking if they had record of the order so I wouldnt make the same mistake twice. The response I got had nothing to do with my order or ingredients, basically ignored my question. Lame. And that sucks because I know its good quality. I also searched on Fragrance social site and no one had a good thing to say about the customer service. A few tweeks I am sure it would be good. Jennifer (the rep responding on here).... She is accusing people of making up several accounts. Defensive is not service. It can be possible people do not like your product. Ignoring the issue seems to be company wide though. Plus scentmatchers is in Gaylord Mi. Not Beverly Hills Ca. Huge difference.

New Reviewer

Wow, I can't get over all the negative reviews as my experience was quite positive.
I ordered Fendi and was so pleased with their reproduction. I still had some original Fendi lotion and the scent was right on! Wearing my new Fendi fragrance was like taking a trip back in time.
Thank you ScentMatchers.

New Reviewer

Smells like..... FAILURE. Bought a 'scent', it was nothing similar to what i wanted. Not even close. It was worse than anything i have ever ever ever smelled. made me sick even. So sad. if they couldn't replicate my discontinued perfume, they could have called to say so, not send me the garbage they sent.
so disappointing.

New Reviewer

Terrible! Scent was not even close to what was promised. Tried to return and did not honor their return policy. Customer service rep was snarky, sarcastic and rude. This site is a scam. Sounds to good to be true and is. STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

I purchased a scent from Scentmatchers. It did not smell right. I sent it back within the time frame of the return policy. The customer service agent Jennifer Monroe wrote back and refunded but basically emailed back with a sarcastic, snarky, unprofessional response. While she has a tough job dealing with an undoubtedly endless flow of unsatisfied customers and a crappy product, It is obvious from other reviews that Ms Monroe would probably be better off and happier in a different job. Please do not purchase from this company. You will likely find yourself sending the scent back and having to correspond with her. I wish I had looked up reviews prior to handing money over. It is a testament to how strongly I feel about the poor customer service that I joined this website to write about it.

New Reviewer

and they use the worst business practices, they steal images from other sites, which is illegal, intellectual property theft!, to advertise their own products
Google should pull ALL their ads.
their products are terrible. just commercial oils that can be bought from any perfume oil distributor mixed with other ingredients.. nothing special about them.. very hit or miss.

New Reviewer

this company has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. they are down right rude. I asked a few questions about how this worked and was told they weren't interesting in "taking on my project". that was it, no other explanation was offered. I'm like "well, excuse me, sorry I bothered you."

New Reviewer

I ordered a scent from scent matches in December and upon receipt was unsatisfied with the scent. I returned the product to the company immediately and followed up with an email to ensure delivery. Jennifer, "customer service manager" (a title they use quite lightly) stated she had processed my refund in early January. I explained that the debit card that I had used for the purchase had been canceled, and she assured me it would not be a problem. One month later I still have not received these funds. Upon contacting Jennifer again about this refund I received a scathing email stating she had "no idea why I continued to contact their company about this issue and that the company should not have to pay her to keep repeating herself to me." At this point I will be contacting my banking institution for some resolution. Jennifer needs some serious training in her customer service skills but regardless this is a company who appears to have less than stellar business ethics....steer clear!!!!

New Reviewer

I placed an order for two bottles of Forever Krystle on December 22, 2013. I received the order around January 14, 2014 with the cardboard box partially open and the whole box smelling of perfume. One of the glass bottles has a piece missing out of it. There was hardly any packaging material used during shipment. Both the box and the intact bottle smelled nothing like Forever Krystle. I shipped the items back at my expense using my packaging maternal so the intact bottle wouldn't get broken. The items were received by Scentmasters on January 17, 2014. As of February 1, 2014 I hadn't received a credit for either bottle. After threating to file a dispute with my credit card company Scentmaster customer service manager Jennifer Monroe responded and said a refund was issued and that credit card companies usually give them 30 days to issue a refund. I sent her a response saying my credit card company allows disputes after 15 days and that I thought they were just dragging their feet. Jennifer Monroe responded with a smart remark. DON'T USE SCENTMASTERS !!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DON'T DESERVE OR APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered New West by Aramis, unfortunately it smells absolutely NOTHING like it should!! Scentmasters have offered a refund if I return it BUT BEWARE no one will ship this from the UK to USA for a reasonable charge. Liquids appear to be prohibited to ship from the UK. Now I am £50 worse off!!

New Reviewer

Perfect match by Scentmatchers!!!!

I sent Scentmatchers my wife's favorite discontinued perfume in hopes they could match it so I could surprise her on our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Well she was happily shocked and I'm happy with Scentmachers! Happy Wife, Happy Customer :)

New Reviewer

Horrible! I ordered a scent by Catherine Denerve circa 1980's. Not EVEN close & was nauseating! I was told to send it back & I would get my $85.00 credited. I returned it and NEVER got any credit! This site is a SCAM! DO NOT, repeat DO NOT order FROM Scentmasters, read ALL of the reviews! BEWARE! They ARE SCAMMERS!

New Reviewer

Wonderful Product, Great people. (I had some issue, reading some reviews..NONE with what I ordered/was delivered.) Thanks and Love towards ALL

New Reviewer

My experience was POSITIVE!! Specifically, I ordered Borghese XII, fragrance and lotion. It is an excellent reproduction. All of the notes are captured beautifully. The exciting thing for me is that it is bringing me back to the time when I originally wore it, which was a very positive time in my life!! Service was FAST- I couldn't be happier- thank you!!!

New Reviewer

I am so happy to have found this service. My favorite fragrance was discontined about eight years ago. I was, for a time, able to purchase the fragrance through discounters but the product has been less and less available (Ebay was my last resort). Scentmatchers has reproduced my fragrance perfectly. I love that I can purchase the scented body lotion which I use the most. The presentation is elegant. I am recommending this service to every one I know who longs for that favorite discontinued fragrance.

New Reviewer

Scentmatchers is a scam. It couldn't be farther from Beverly Hills. It's located in Gaylord, Michigan. I ordered New West by Aramis. It smells NOTHING like New West. It smells like potpourri a grade schooler would make, which given the false advertising of this company and the scathing reviews I've read about them, my assessment is probably closer to the truth than what we realize.

I contacted the company, and they said "we tried our best in making my scent". I chuckled at this, because their website claims to be able to match 99% of all scents. Again, mine smells like a grade schoolers experiment gone wrong. I have gotten no response from the company on whether they will pay return shipping, which they should, but I took a risk in ordering this so I guess that's my penalty.

I hoped that I'd found a real replica, but sadly I did not. I have some of the original still, but it looks like when it's gone it's gone.

I have not returned my perfume yet, to see if they actually will abide by their refund policy, I'll be contacting my credit card company to ensure they do. I will also be filing with the BBB and the attorney general. If you've been scammed by this company I recommend you do too.


New Reviewer

I feel obligued to write my experience, since she was positive.
I was looking for the fragrance which was for more than five years in my life, it is by for men, by dolce & gabanna, because, the company had discontinued.
Then I came to scentmatchers. They promised me a copy of my perfume.
I must admit I was quite skeptical, but decided to try it myself, because the reviews were all (or almost all) negative.
My surprise! I do not say that is 100% accurate, but it comes extremely close to my perfume. I must say that 90%.
But for me, I am, not only pleased, I think to repeat my order in the future.
With me, fulfilled promises, even within delivery time.
Thanks scentmatchers!

New Reviewer

I ordered a match of New West by Aramis. The scent is not a match. The best I can say is it is vaguely reminiscent of New West, but more masculine. In all fairness New west is borderline to begin with- the original probably could have been marketed as a unisex fragrance, but the match missed the mark and was decidedly manly. I have a bottle of the original discontinued frangrance and side by side they are not even close.

More than just missing the mark on this one scent, there is a noticeable difference in concentration. The scent matchers frangrance is much more dilute than the original- I put one spray of each on opposite wrists- and within an hour the imitation was barely noticeable- you really had to get your face down low and sniff deeply, where the original was noticeable from 12" distance.

The great news is that they do accept returns if you do not like the match. I am about to start the return process now- so if it goes smoothly, which I hope it will, I've gotta stick with an OK rating. If you're up a creek without your favorite discountinued I-cant-live-without-it-scent, I would recommend giving them a shot.

The personalized bottle is a nice touch, I gave it is a gift, to another lover of this discontinued scent and she was really touched by such a personalized thoughtful gift. Had I picked one of the scents they do get right, it would have been a perfect gift.

New Reviewer

I ordered 'Sheer Scent' by Ultima II - received it and it smells NOTHING like Sheer Scent and in fact smells disgusting. I have only had it in my possession for 20 minutes and have already called and e-mailed them that I want to return it immediately. Hopefully they will stand by their policy and let me do so but after reading some of the other reviews I see what a scam it is and am not holding my breath. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

New Reviewer

I ordered Maroc which has been off the market for years. When I received it, the perfume had broken during shipment, so I had to go to the post office to pick it up. I emailed the company and they responded right away. They politely assured me that they'd send a replacement. It took a couple of weeks, and I had just about given up any hope of getting it, but thankfully, I received it in the mail today. I'm very pleased with the customer service.
The perfume is not exactly like the original but I have to say, they made an honest effort and it's not too far off. You have to consider that they're trying to duplicate the original, so can we really expect the scent to be perfect?
Previously I ordered Maroc and Sweet Intensions from Fragrance.Net. The Maroc smelled horrible and the Sweet Intentions barely had a scent at all. I don't know where they get their perfumes, but I recommend not ordering from them. At least Scentmatchers got it close.

New Reviewer

I ordered the perfume & body lotion of Tropical Punch by Escada. It was horrible and does not smell anything like the original scent. There's not even a receipt in the box. I emailed them and let them know it's going back right away. Don't waste your money on this site.

New Reviewer

I ordered Black Cashmere scent from Donna Karan in January 2013. They matched the scent well, but agree with others that within an hour, you smell nothing. Now even when you spray it, there is no scent directly out of the bottle, so the QUALITY is not there and I spent $60 for nothing. Now since it is past 90 days, I am sure I will not get a refund.

New Reviewer

I ordered a recreation of Bonne Bell's Skin Cooler, which is an 80s perfume that has long been discontinued. It was a very light, fresh, clean scent that is hard to describe. What came was in a nice engraved bottle, but it smelled of coconut. There was NO coconut in Skin Cooler. This liquid smelled just like when you're on the beach and everybody is using that generic tanning lotion and the whole beach smells like a warm coconut (which I can't stand!).

In looking at the company's policy, they are now saying that you have 90 days to send the product back if you're not satisfied. But what I think is going on here is the company is run by a person/persons who just do not know what they are doing, trying to recreate perfumes. Or they think they know what they are doing, but they don't...or they try hard, but they're simply not good at this and should give it up and take up flower arranging or something. For example, I could never figure out just what Skin Cooler was, even though I liked it so much. Is it a floral? Fruity? Spicy? Woodsy? I've been using it for years, but never examined the issue too closely. I don't know anything about recreating scents, but even I know that perfumes have what they call "top notes," "bottom notes," etc. So I searched on the internet to see what I could find for Skin Cooler. One site listed that it had "top notes of nectarine and fresh cut grass with a heart note of pear blossom; middle notes of jasmine, bamboo, and white rose." Now I could see why I liked it so much, as those are all scents that I like, with nothing stinky, spicy, or overbearing.

Now, if you claimed that you could recreate a scent, don't you think that you'd have access to some "master book" that listed all these notes for every perfume that was ever manufactured? And if you had access to the book, why the heck would you throw coconut in there? Unless you didn't have access to some master list of exactly what the scent consisted of, and maybe you just threw salt over your shoulder or used a dartboard or something. That's called "guessing." So whoever is recreating these scents seems to know little to nothing about how to recreate them, and is just winging it. That's why most of them come out horrible.

So my conclusion is that we don't have here a case of somebody being negligent or malicious and recreating these god-awful scents. We have a case of somebody who doesn't know what the heck they are doing. Maybe they should have apprenticed with a master scent re-creater or educated themself, but they didn't and the end result is this incompetence. Even if you have a list of all the notes, it's up to the re-creater to put them in the proper proportions, which is probably something that you can get good at only with a lot of practice and a very good nose. My advice is to stay away from this company until they can improve their service and actually offer what they claim to offer.

New Reviewer

I have to say that I had a good experience with it. I certainly understand and believe all the other reviews, but here was my experience:

Remembered favorite cologne in college was Escada Magnetism
Found out no longer available and super expensive
Bought scentmatchers version
Hated myself for not reading reviews first and shrugged shoulders having wasted 50 bucks.
Forgot about it and one week later its in my mailbox- near perfect as far as I can tell.

So again not disputing others' experiences at all, but if you're looking for a cheap alternative to 200 dollar escada magnetism, I say go for it.

New Reviewer

This company claims to be able to reproduce my favorite scent which is the scent of Coty Wild Musk Oil. The scent I received was total crap. It was floral and citrus, and no musk at all. I am sending it back and had better receive a refund!

Edited To Add....when I emailed the company, they replied with an address and Return Authorization number, and after sending the product back, they very quickly refunded my purchase price. So, that was good. All-in-all though, I would not deal with this company again. Even if I was only out a few bucks for shipping, the aggravation time was not worth it. Beware of this company!!!!

New Reviewer

The scent did not smell anything like the original perfume. Could not speak to someone directly about returning the purchase. Even though I included the persons information they would not process the return because HE was not the one emailing and asking the questions about the return. The person returning the email was seemed rude. Never again will I purchase from this company. It is not worth the BS you go through with the WRONG fragrance.

New Reviewer

I received this cologne as a birthday gift. What a disappointment!! It was supposed to be Aramis Chromatics - That great scent I wore in the 70's. NOT EVEN CLOSE!! It smells exactly like baby powder. Another reviewer also pointed this out. I picture the proprietors of this website with a big industrial drum of baby powder scented perfume and filling up bottles and mailing them out and chuckling all the way to the bank!! Any positive reviews must be bogus! STAY AWAY - Keep your money!!

New Reviewer

They did NOT perfectly match a scent, and never responded to any of my several voicemail messages or subsequent emails. The lotion they used was cheap lotion too, not moisturizing at all. Stay away from this deceiptful, cheap company is my advice.

New Reviewer

I wish I had looked at the reviews ahead of time, but I am SORELY DISAPPOINTED! I paid almost $80 for a scent match of Ananya perfume (and matching lotion), and neither smelled like Ananya. The QUALITY of ingredients they use is SO POOR, and the scent would last for MAYBE 5 minutes, then it would disappear completely. I can't send it back of course because I have had it for more than 30 days; I kept it only because I wanted desperately to be wrong about the scent...but I was only fooling myself. My sister is also a die-hard fan of Ananya, and she even said she did not like the scent at all. It is going in the trash. DO NOT SPEND GOOD MONEY ON SCENTMATCHERS PRODUCTS--THEY ARE CHEAP AND POOR OF QUALITY.

New Reviewer

Scentmatchers is a HUGE SCAM!!! The good ratings are probably them writing false stories!

They do not do matches - they will send you a bottle of liquid that smells like baby powder - (which gave me a huge allergic reaction!). They don't even call it perfume on the postage package - they call it a decorative bottle (because it is not parfume). When you try and get your money back - you won't! They are smart and now how to scam all of us!

On their website you can put in a scent and see if they have a match. It doesn't matter what you put in - they will have the match (even if you leave it blank). I put in "poopy pants" just for the heck of it - and it said that they had a match!!

Don't order from them!!! It is a huge scam! It took me a while before I figured it all out and realized that I had been scammed for the first time ever. Now I will never order somewhere without checking the website out first (on a place like this). People don't lie - and they won't go through all the trouble to write a bad review if it didn't happen to them - so beware!

I was so pissed when I lost my money - and didn't have my Mom's present either!

New Reviewer

My experience

*Read the reviews here and ordered because some were bad, but many were good.

*Found the site easy to use, don't care about any of that customization crap. I want my fragrance, not some bottle with my name on it. Just a waste of time.

*Waited about two weeks, did not e-mail or call them because I know it takes time by reading the site.

*Product arrived, it smells just as good as the original, strentgh and staying power are above average. Happy as a fat rat in a cheese factory.

New Reviewer

I was pretty happy with this service, I'd say they got it 90% right. It's missing something though from the original. I'd call it sharpness or crispness, almost as if it were a picture it was a bit blurry. Like if you really wanted a corvette and you finally got one but then it had a small dent in the bumper. You are still happy you got the vet, but you really really wish it didn't have the dent.

Considering I can't find it anywhere else, I'll be buying again though. Even at 90% it's still the best fragrance ever.

New Reviewer

Well, it is a TOTAL SCAM!! They send you a fragrance, but if you don't like it, they give you a bogus address to send it back to. The one they gave me for 6301 Thorman Rd. in Port Charlotte, FL is for a vacation rental. This way, they can claim that they never received the fragrance so they will deny you the refund.......buyer beware...oh yeah, not to mention the fragrance sucks! The other bogus address is for one in MI.

New Reviewer

I wanted to publicly thank scentmatchers for making my favorite scent reapear. Women always liked it, and I like it to. They do a great job and I'll be ordering again.

New Reviewer

Ordered a perfume no longer available for them to match and was scammed...they are crooks and lie about receiving returned merchandise. They don't give refunds or anything. They just ignore the problem and hope you go away.

New Reviewer

mildly, its a ripoff.I was desperate to find Diors coloressence perfume unsucessfully,
and happened on S/matchers web site.I was informed that they had an 88Kdatabase
and could match aforementioned perfume:that should have alerted me.Howdo youhold
that many scents,in phials condoms or what?When "smell"arrived it ponged like a
crock of you know what. $90that cost me!!!! Sooo...Stay away

New Reviewer

I had ordered A scent called dante centurian , I don't know what they sent Me but it wasn't even close. In fact it stunk.I can't get through to then on their 800 # and I left them a email with no response. It's My openion not to do business with this co.

New Reviewer

I ordered a bottle of a match for Touche' by Jovan. The day after I did, an emergency came up and requested a cancellation and refund. By morning they had cancelled and refunded my money. I will def. be back to order my perfume from them in the near future. Thank you for your prompt service.

New Reviewer

Thanks to Scentmatchers! Wife loved the Organza Indecence, she said it was one of the best birthday presents ever.

New Reviewer

I am so peeved, that I am posting negative reviews about Scentmatchers on forums and consumer sites wherever I can. Isn't it interesting here that the positive reviews are short and offer no details, while the negative ones are EXTREMELY negative often with very precise information? I just posted this on a similar site:

Scentmatchers is definitely a scam. The fragrance they sent smells NOTHING like my beautiful, discontinued Lolita Lempicka that was my signature scent for the time it lasted! How dare they at Scentmatchers claim that what they sent me - the fluorescent pink puke that smells cheaper than the worst bargain basement stuff you'd find at Walgreens - even closely resembles it! I've never smelled anything so awful that claims to be perfume!

I live abroad but go to the US for the Christmas holidays. I ordered my fragrance in early November, sure that it would be waiting for me by December 19 when I arrived. Just before my return back to Europe in January, I sent them an email, to which they replied they were still waiting for an ingredient and would send it on January 17. I was so eager to own my lovely fragrance again, that I asked them to send it to me here in France, so they charge me a whopping $19 on top of the shipping I'd already paid for for the US shipping. NINETEEN DOLLARS for a tiny package that fit in my mailbox. I finally received it yesterday, January 28. I promptly tried it. It stank so bad, I had to take off the sweater where I'd spritzed it. Disgusting. I literally couldn't have it on me. I immediately sent an email to Jennifer Monroe, who said they'd refund the $59.99 but not the shipping, for which I paid upwards of $25! Pathetic. I will be sending it back on Monday, and if I get a refund quickly, I will not take legal action. I get legal help for free. This company deserves a class action suit and to be put out of business immediately! I've never been so blatantly ripped off in my life! Please, if you people at Scentmatchers have any grain of decency in your body, close this company!

New Reviewer

OK now I'm scared. I ordered and so far (5 weeks in) it's going hand in hand with
everyone else's experience. Wish I'd read Site Jabber's first. I would think it's high
time someone visited this (and other) businesses "after dark". Of course I'm in no way intentionaly violating Terms of Use Sec 6 sub paragraph 2.

New Reviewer

I sent these people $66 for a scent which is discontinued. They promised it in 2-3 weeks. When I didn't receive it, I emailed them with no response. Then I reversed the charge on my credit card. Then it arrived and did not smell at all like what I ordered. I emailed asking what address to send it back. They told me I had reversed the charges and wouldn't give me the return address until I recharged it. So I did. Then they gave me an address in Cadillac, MI. I sent it there insured. Scentmatchers stated they never got it. I went to the P.O. and found out that it was undeliverable in Cadillac and was sent on to Reed city. These people ignore emails with complaints. I mailed them a detailed account with all emails and correspondence of all dates and transactions. Well, Jennifer emails me back that it was past the 30 days for returns and that I should take it up with my credit card company. Trouble is, I closed the investigation and agreed to not reopen it when I reversed the charges with the credit card. I argued that it was past the 30 days due to the fact that they wouldn't give me a return address for 34 days! This company is a true rip-off. I don't think there is anyone satisfied and I believe they are just repackaging their product and sending it out again to new customers. They don't care how much they hurt people or waste the little bit of perfume that that person may have left.

New Reviewer

so i ordered a bottle of discontinued perfume and i still havent received it. so i went to email them about it and then i came across the reviews... so now realizing that i have been screwed over, i go back to their website and go through the ordering process. and guess what ?!? one of the steps they ask you to type in the fragrance that you want matched and they will search to see if they can match it or if they need a sample to match it. well you can leave that box blank and amazingly they can match it! wow what con-artists

New Reviewer

Thanks to some terrible customer service and a stinky attempt at duplicating my favorite discontinued perfume, I see that Scentmatchers has given out customers personal, private info. I am appauled at the actions of this business owner Adam!   I searched on the web to see if I was alone.  Unfortunately, I find that I am one of many who feel that something really fishy is going on in Reed City.

My story:  I placed an order on 2/5, beacause I searched their "database" and my perfume was found.  Yay!  That must mean that they have already, successfully recreated this scent...after all, it was in THEIR database.  I tried to order over the phone, but they never answered their phone. After 3 days of phone tag, I placed the ordr through email. I was it will take 2-3 weeks to receive my order.

Waited 3 weeks and nothing.  Emailed support to find out what was the estimated delivery time.  They replied that it should be shipped the week of 3/1.  On 3/4, I rec'd an auto email from usps.  Yay!  I thought it had been shipped.  Much to my dismay, by around 3/7 I checked the usps website...put in the tracking number and it reads:  the package is not yet in our system ( or something like that).  It went on to explain that although the tracking number was real, that only means the company PRINTED the label on 3/4.  It doesnt mean it was shipped on 3/4.  It also doesnt mean it was ever shipped.  I got nervous...mostly because I was anxiously awaiting my perfume!!

I thought, ok, they must be swampped and printed the label on 3/4 so that they met their projected "week of 3/1" promise, and figured we are sooo close to finishing the fabulous reproduction...we'll get it out early next week.  (This was what I made up in my own head to justify this...mind you they have been silent this whole time.)

Then I get the much anticipated product on 3/10. (with no invoice of any kind) Gulp!  Jasmine/rose water.  NOTHING, and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G, like the actual perfume that I ordered...even though it was already found in their database! There had to be a mistake! Perhaps a mixup?! The perfume I was waiting for is chocolate-y vanilla with a hint if amber musk and jasmine.  Most people associate it with vanilla.  Had I received a generic vanilla...I would have thought, "eh, they tried, but just missed."  And probably would have sucked up that I paid $66 ($59 + shipping) for plain vanilla and kept it.  Most likely would have passed it onto my niece...the bottle was cute!  However, this crap they sent was laughable as an attempt.  I hate rose. 

I immediately sent an email to scentmatchers on 3/10, stating (politely) that the long-awaited perfume finally arrived and I am dissapointed that it smells nothing like the scent I asked for.  "Please advise."

I had company in town, so I didn't give it nuch thought until the next week.  On 3/16, still no word from scentmatchers.  I replied stating that I was very dissapointed that I had to wait so long for a product that did not live up to its expectations and when I reported my concerns to the company, their response was to ignore me.  I have no other option but to return the product.

Then I searched for reviews on scentmatchers.  I was shocked to see others having very eerily similar experiences...with the same smelling " wrong" perfume.  I also saw Adam's response claiming that he apologized for the old return policy and promises to make things right.  Just contact him.

I replied back to my "I'm dissaponted, ignored and sending it back" email adding that I found several complaints online and they all had the same experience...right down to the same crappy generic flowery perfume scent.  I included that I would like a response from Adam himself.

I got a quick, snarky response from Adam that read, "had you asked a question, we would have responded."

So, apparently a customer emailing you the day they get your product, complaining that the product is not correct, stating PLEASE ADVISE, warrants no response from them. ???! I was hoping that when I first contacted the company to complain that the product was incorrect, that I would get a reply something like: "It has come to our attention that you are not satisfied with the product you received. You mention that the perfume you ordered is chocolate-y, vanilla and what you received is flowery. I will look into our recipe for the perfume you ordered in our database to determine if our recipe is wrong or if there was a mixup in production. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I apologize for the confusion and will do everything I can to get you the correct reproduction."

Instead I got a non-caring, no mention of incorrect product or mixup in orer email that I
I was told that I could return the product for a refund, but that I needed to include a printout of all of the emails...or just put my name and contact info in with the package. (Because there is no invoice to use for the return!)

Since scentmachers up until this point has shown no sort of business sense, I went down to my local FedEx office, paid to print all of the emails, included my handwritten note that stated, "please refund my credit card" and sent it off to Reed City.  I sent it via usps on 3/23 and have heard nothing.

I have plenty other things going on in my life than to keep tabs on $59 refund on a daily basis.  However, I am sure I'm going to be mad at myself because I didnt get a tracking number.  I just checked my credit card statement on 4/23 and refunds!  Im not really shocked.  I pretty much expected it.

So, I looked them up on BBB.  They have a F rating.  Of course. 
I emailed customer service on 4/23 that it has been over a month since I mailed the package and I should have been refunded my money by now.  If I don't have the refund by Monday, I will be reporting them to BBB and the Ripoff Report.

What do you know...they have no record of receiving my return! 
I refuse to spend another dime PROVING to them that I sent it.  I provided them with the date and amount I paid FedEx to print the emails (in leui of an invoicr wich they do not include) and the date and the amount I spent when I sent the package via USPS.

Then I started searching on the web more.  I am horrified at the responses Adam has posted! I found two separate websites where Adam released private, personal information about his customers. I hope that the mere fact of Adam publishing private info is enough to do something.  It is a direct violation of their privacy policy. It is shameful and so tacky.

As as customer who followed protocol, I think I should get the refund...I HIGHLY doubt it will happen. 

I received a condescending email from Jennifer that said that when they either: 1. have my package or, 2. I can provide documentation that I sent the return back, they will process a full refund. She went on to add that I should understand that is a reasonable request.

Sure. I do think that is reasonable for a reasonable reputeable company. But from a company that has a reputation of losing packages, not producing what it claims it can produce, having horribly ridiculous customer service and having customers jump through hoops to get a I don't think it is reasonable. Not when everything is factored in.

After dealing with this company, I have read through the posts several times on various boards. I find it interesting that the customers that are "satisfied" weren't actually happy with the product. They were relieved that they were given a refund. And I find it even more interesting that some were required to send the product back...continued to encounter grief on behalf of scentmatchers...then finally (months later usually) were refunded, yet others were told (mysteriously..."salsa") to not bother sending it back and was promptly refunded.

I also find it curious that if there really are 4000 bottles between the two sister companies, scentmatchers and scentcrafters, to satisfied customers annually, why is it that they can only provide one reference? One! I personally would love to know which one of the nine cops who own Cops & Doughnuts Clare City Bakery is a satisfied customer. I would follow up with a call to him/her. And hopefully the scent this satisfied cutomer ordered wasn't rose/jasmine water! We all know that scentmatchers can produce that!

I will still post my experience everywhere I can to warn others of my experience.  I gave a very detailed account here so that you can see the problems with this scam of a company. I know that Adam knows who this post is from, because I told him to expect my post today. If he violates his privacy policy by posting any of my personal information on here, I will take all of the necessary legal action.

I will also post any updates I have from my dealings with this company. Buyer beware!!!!

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