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SaferWholesale reviews

75 reviews
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75 Reviews for SaferWholesale

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I purchased a Tankless Water Heater from this company.

[I spent my whole day searching for a good deal on this particular item.

There ad was not true, and there customer service sucks.

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New Reviewer

I am so nervous with my $$$ I bought an $1,800 go kart and it hasn't arrived. UPS told me tracking info is incorrect! Btw, it is safe wholesales tracking info who mailed 2 me.
I'm mad I didn't review company b4 placing an order. :(
What's next? Omg!

New Reviewer

Rude please let me know if anyone has done a layaway and actually got what they paid for. I was thinking about the wandaygo. camper by layaway scared to to deal with these people after all the bad review. What a shame, lots of nice stuff. They were very rude and pushy on the phone all they wanted was a credit card number then would send an invoice NOT no where to sign up online and pay like a business.. He said they do not have a bank? wow. What a shame. They suck because such nice things. there. Cheap. Want to hear more please.

New Reviewer

I received a confirmation that my order was received, then I had 3 telephone calls and a text from saferwholesale within 5 minutes saying that saferwholesale needed payment ASAP.

When I returned saferwholesale's call, the rep (didn’t get his name), informed me that the card did not go through and wanted to know if I could pay via e-check or another credit card. He was very pushy as I informed him that I would have to call him back after I spoke with my husband. He even asked when my husband would be home.

After the conversation, I texted back that I wanted to cancel my order. His reply was that your company does not cancel orders.

He wanted to know why the card declined and why I would try to buy something on a card without money available. He went on to say that he was going to send me to their “fraud dept”.

I texted that I wanted to cancel the order because he was being too pushy.

After threatening me with the fraud dept. text, he then texted me to call the number on the back of the card and ask for “Jeremy” and my limit would be increased.

After speaking with my husband, I found out that the card has 2 lines of credit, one for purchases anywhere and the other for a specific place of business. There was credit available, but only for the specific place of business. I did not know that at the time.

Even though there is a place that says "Edit/Cancel Order" you can't cancel order.

New Reviewer

I can not comment on the quality of the products. However, after my chat with one of the sales representatives this morning the other negative reviews do not surprise me. The sales representative was very rude. I just wanted to get an estimate on their shipping charges and he refused to give me any prices unless I was planning on purchasing from them that day and told me to contact them when I was ready to purchase. I told him that if we felt the prices were right we were ready to purchase. He still would not tell me what their shipping rates were and wanted to know how much I was willing to pay. I gave him the price that another website was selling the exact same product for less and asked if he could beat that price. He said he could only beat it by a few bucks but could not give me the other items the other website was offering. I asked what he meant, just the free items or the warranty and what price he could give me. Instead of responding to my question, he disconnected the chat. It is obvious this company only cares about making money and not the customer. From what they advertise on their website their prices are extremely high and if you are looking for ATVs I recommend you check out or instead.

New Reviewer

My sales person Craig was so happy to sell me a $5200 car port to be shipped and installed in Arizona. Said it could be 4 weeks to have it delivered.
My husband has been preparing the ground where the item was to be installed and wanted me to find out when should expect it, as it has now been 4 weeks.

Today, 4 weeks later Craig calls me to say, there has been a problem with the quote as there is an additional $1200 we HAVE to pay because there are building codes in the state of Arizona.

I said I am NOT PAYING $1200 more... I did not agree to that amount. Just refund my order. He said he would charge me $500 to cancel the order.
I said you cannot legally hold ME ACCOUNTABLE for YOUR ERROR in pricing a product. You cannot legally hold me responsible for a cancellation fee either.

Unfortunately his boss ARGUED that I was OBLIGATED to pay them - no matter that they didnt do their homework BEOFRE they made the sale
So I called my credit card company, filed a dispute.

New Reviewer

SaferWholesale was Great! We received the new sauna last week. It was easy to assemble and looks to be of very sound construction. My wife and I have had conventional saunas for over 40 years in Wisconsin, but this was our first significant experience with infrared. Suffice it to say, my wife greatly prefers our new Yukon to any we've had before. I am also delighted with how quickly it heats ups and how well the heat penetrates my body. We've been doing two or three sessions of 20 to 30 minutes alternated with cooling down in the pool every day for the past week and I already notice reduced joint pain and an improvement in the look and feel of my skin. I'd highly recommend the Yukon sauna to anyone.

New Reviewer

I ordered a motorcycle helmet in October. I never received it. The customer service reps claim that they sent it and because no one answered the door the helmet was returned. I got no notices on my door from FEDEX or UPS and there is ALWAYS someone home. I requested a refund. I was emailed that I would receive a refund check which I have never received. When I call, I'm instructed to email the manager. The manager does not reply to my emails. Stay AWAY!

New Reviewer

I ordered a scooter and I was suppose to get free shipping to a business and $50.00 off if I used a e check so I did.After it was totaled the $50.00 was not taken off so i called them and the sales rep said the shipping wasn't free it would be $165.00 for shipping so I told him to cancell the order and he said there would be a 30% cancelation fee I told him i don't think so and he couldn't do that he said he can do what he wants so I said I would call the bank and hung up after he was hollering at me telling me i need to read the details in the sale.After i hung up a few minutes later the sales manager called me appologizing about the sales guy and said he would send it to me free shipping as stated.I decided to just cancell the order anyhow and he just said goodbye.I know contacted my bank and at a cost of $30.00 to stop payment incase they decide to try and cash out on the echeck .If they do I will follow up in an agressive legal way.I do not feel good about this company in any way.UPDATE: The thieving company went ahead and deducted the money from my account by changing the check number and charged from another company.If you like your money DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS.

New Reviewer

I'm an Edmonton, Alberta customer and I just bought one of the easy set up party tent for $462.50. I knew from experience that the cheap tents are pretty much disposable. I took a gamble on this (sorry) hoakie website in hopes that it would actually deliver on service and product. To my surprise it did. The tent and frame are exactly as pictured and expected and it arrived UPS at our door within 2 business days of receiving the tracking number. Total days from order to delivery 4. My emails were replied to by three staff within hours of making requests. The website is a little over the top but I wouldn't hesitate topurchase from them again. Jacqueline C.

New Reviewer

Here's a timeline of the events that took place...

Dec.20th - Ordered product through Scott (Manager) double checked with him the product I ordered was available for purchase - He confirmed it was...took my credit card # and proceeded to charge the full amount before it was shipped...Order went into processing...

Dec 23rd - Emailed - to check on the status of my order...

Dec 26th - Phone to check on order with Scott - he wasn't available left msg with receptionist..Received email back from Gerardo at stating total ship time from date of order is between 10 – 15 business days. I will see a tracking # between the 9th and 11th business day...

Jan 02 - Phoned and talked to Micky no tracking # yet he's going to print off receipt and leave it on Tim's Murphy's (Product Manager) desk and he'll get back to me within 24hrs...

Jan.03 - Phoned to follow up since it's been more than 24hrs - talked to Micky - says I’m scheduled for a call back from Tim - end of conversation

Jan.06 - No call back from Tim - phoned to follow up again - talked to Micky - notes on account - item not available anymore has been discontinued - issue refund - will receive in 7-10 business days...

Summary: received full refund back on card...Never spoke to Tim once...It would have been nice to get a phone call back explaining the situation instead of getting the run around...

New Reviewer

Worst Site Ever. Wont return emails. Phone support is rude and unhelpful. Its been a month and I still dont have my order. Lied to by phone support said I would have my tracking number on Monday still nothing. STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I purchased a party tent from this company
It broke after 1 night. They refused to do anything about it. The worst customer service from Artie a manager. He was rude blamed me stating it was my fault for leaving it up overnight. It's a party tent. I would not ever advise anyone to do business with this company.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a cheap mobile charger and I got with this website. I tried on several websites but not got my pet charger. It was a smooth deal and I completed the whole procedure within few clicks of mouse. I am very happy with the experience of online shopping with the website. I got my shipment within 1 day with an express courier service.

New Reviewer

I am very happy with the I am a long time customer of this company and getting the fine deals every time. Last time I bought accessories for my living room. Surprisingly to say that this time I got much better discount on the deal. I ordered the items and got within 2 days. It was the wonderful deal and I convey my best wishes to the team

Veteran Reviewer

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is the way I feel....

Hmmm let me see here in the recent posts to this site. Starting on
11/12/13 7 reviews @5 stars
11/13/13 6 reviews @5 stars
11/14/13 8 reviews @ 5 stars
11/15/13 4 reviews @5 stars and 1 with 4 stars
11/16/13 2 reviews (so far) @ 5 stars

Everything before that has different dates 52 reviews @ 1 star, 1 review @ 2 stars and 5 @ 5 stars. One thing this company excels at is pumping up their ratings on Site Jabber! With employees no doubt.

If you buy from websites based in China, Nigeria, Congo, Namibia, Iran, Syria, etc etc... a good rule of thumb is don't buy technology (phones, computers, cars etc...) and food (baby food, formula etc...).
If you buy anything at cheap plastic things like cd holders and make sure they aren't priced over $5. This goes for palm reading too.
Also when you order from places like this don't give them a credit card number otherwise you will be overcharged. Use something safer like a disposable credit card that only has $5 of credit.

PS. Don't order more than one item at a time that way your never out more than $5.

New Reviewer

Hi! I received my headphones, both of them, in perfect condition and quicker than I actually expected. I have a thing for headphones and I own many, but these two new members to the club have surely added some charm; they look beautiful. I am perhaps all praises because of the amazing assistance I get every time I purchase any product from SaferWholesale.

New Reviewer

Wow I finally have my tab in hand and I am extremely pleased with it. I did not think it would arrive so soon, it was almost like an unexpected surprise. No discrepancies, just the way the product looked and was described, in fact I would say the real one looks better. I totally trust SaferWholesale and would recommend everyone to buy from here, whatever you want!

New Reviewer

From the last month, I was planning to make a online shopping but I was not sure about from where to do. One of my colleagues, suggested me to visit this website doing the online shopping. I checked the website and read the user’s reviews and found that this website is really very popular among the customers. I did the signed up and got some fantastic deals. It was my first experience and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the nice deal.

New Reviewer

They advertise as Rightway ATV also because they are trying to soak up clients from their old crap site too. They are junk and are will lie to you to get the sale. Every couple of years they change their name and you will never be able to get any assistance, parts, nothing. If you want to buy something you have to throw away, buy one.

New Reviewer

I purchased a BMS scooter through safer wholesalers. The scooter was damaged when I received it, although becuase it was shrink wrapped I couldn''t know this until the delivery man was long gone. I contacted safer wholesalers and told them about the damage. They were unable to help me but gave me the phone number of someone in China I believe to assist me. Some random parts were sent to me that we're not even the correct parts for that scooter and work no help to the damage that was done. I called again and explained that the wrong parts have been sent to me. They claimed that they were not the wrong partsdespite the fact that the color didn't match the color my scooter nor did the emblems. Anyway they told me that I should take it to a scooter repair shop and have them find a way to make the parts they sent me work which was not going to happen. Needless to say I still have a damaged broken scooter that now not only has body damage but doesn't even run. I have only had the scooter 1 year and because I live in Illinois I'm only able to actually drive it during the summer months so is hardly any use the scooter is completely useless now. Unfortunately that has been my experience with safer wholesalers and the products they distribute.

New Reviewer

Wow! I wish I had read this first. Same here. Product delivered, but no title. They neglect to mention that you have to wait to operate the vehicle legally until they get around to sending you the title. As stated above, they won't let you speak to anyone one the phone, "That is done by e mail." is the mantra. After making a nuisance of myself, I finally got hold of someone who told me it will take at least a couple of weeks to get the title. I offered to pick it up from Joliet, pay extra for overnight express and contact the manufacturer directly. Nope. In this day and age where information is transmitted so efficiently, I don't understand how an internet company is so sloppy.

New Reviewer

I placed an order with them. For the next 8 days, my order info said "processing", "in final stages of processing" and "may have already shipped". I finally called to find out how long my order would be in the "final stages of processing". I was informed that my item was no longer available. And no, they had no idea why the website did not say the item was not available, nor why I never recieved an e-mail telling me the item was no longer available. To which I replied "Thank you, you won't be hearing from me again, because I will never order anything from you again". How can a business like this stay in business???

New Reviewer

Called to order a trike kit. Was told if we ordered today they would discount it to $3250. Told my husband we need to find out what painting the fenders would cost. Then Craig told my husband wait he would discount the trike kit to $2850 out the door. My husband asked "Do you know what they charge to paint those fenders?" Craig told him $150 a piece. I told my husband we are right back where we started. Lets think about this. Came back to check out their website, they are advertising a "Columbus Day Sale on the Trike kit for $1999. ... Get outta here... I can't believe I found this website to confirm my thoughts!!!!

New Reviewer

I have bought from this company twice once from Bob and once from Jeremy and both times they were great! I dont understand why all of you had trouble i have spent close to 10k with them and dont regret a dime of it. Maybe its you guys that are the problem...

New Reviewer

THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS. I would give them zero stars but one star is the lowest I bought a 4 Wheeler for my son and they said it would be here by his birthday. It wasn't, it was a week and a half late. It came with broken parts. I called them and sent them several pictures they said they would contact the manufacturer and get them out to me. I have called no less than 25 times and It has bin over a month and a half and still do not have my parts. Forward this to everyone you know on facebook and twitter and tell them to beware !!!!!!!.

New Reviewer

Originally ordered a 400cc Sand Sniper Dune Buggy. Two days after bank draft cleared ($5750.74 this includes the vehicle, shipping, additional residential shipping, 6 months extended parts warranty) Jake (salesman) calls and said that they did not have this model in stock and it would take a very long time to get from manufacturer, blah blah blah HOWEVER he had a new 800cc Warrior which was bigger, better, blah, blah blah that he could ship out immediately and the price on it was $750 cheaper than what I had already paid. He said he couldn't refund the $750 but he would give me a store credit. Well, being that I have terminal cancer and wanted one of these so my wife and I could enjoy some rides in the days I have left I let him talk me into the 800cc model. I ask if I would have to assemble anything and was told that I would only have to put the wheels on, gas her up, get license plates and go. A couple weeks later is when the nightmare really began... the trucking company delivering it called and said that I would have to come to their terminal (50 miles away) and pick up the product if I didn't have a forklift to unload it with. So much for the extra $295 I paid for residential delivery, huh. I get it home and the assembling began, the front and rear suspensions had to be assembled and installed before I could think about putting the wheels on. When I took the plug out of the oil pan and out pours brown liquid that looks like chocolate milk? They said this is standard so as rust will not set up? Anyway, I drained it all out then when I poured the coolant into the radiator I notice the fluid is running out of my oil pan (that's not suppose to happen). Then the fun part, I called Great Sports, Inc. to get some help. What a joke! They were no help at all. I had a professional mechanic come and take a look at it and he said that without taking anything apart he could tell it needed a head gasket (3 cylinder), thermostat gasket and an exhaust gasket..And if I was a betting man I would say that the block is probably cracked but I do not know that for certain at this point. Anyway, I passed this info on to the parts department at Great Sports, Inc. and three weeks later I received a head gasket for a 4 cylinder engine (mine is a 3 cylinder, did they not look at my paperwork before they ordered the parts!!), thermostat plug was twice the size of what I needed and no gasket and they said that since there were only 800 of the 800cc produced they could not find an exhaust gasket (in other words...they said, too bad, so sad can't help you with that). After tons of phone calls that produced no resolution I sum this experience up by saying, I spent over $5k with Great Sports, Inc and they failed to tell me that I was buying a 2007 model (not new model as described) 800cc piece of junk that I would have to assemble and that it would not be operable upon arrival! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

New Reviewer

purchased an exercise machine for 1999.00 plus two hundred for shipping. I have yet to receive it. My emails have gone unanswered. I was ill for a couple of months after I ordered it and just thought it was taking a long time to deliver because I live out in the country but that wasn't the case. Don't know what to do next.

New Reviewer

Saferwholesale is an untrustworthy company. I ordered a 150cc scooter with all the bells and whistles and they shipped me a striped down version of the same scooter. Then they try to tell me that that is the scooter I ordered. I would not recommend a company that practices "bait & switch"

New Reviewer

I was well pleased with my customer service and Item was delivered in a reasonable amount of time since it was coming from Ca.
Jeremy was very helpful and I had gotten quotes from Alibaba for about the same price.
Will definitely use again

New Reviewer

I ordered a three wheel motorscooter in July. I called several other online companies advertising the same scooter, but they were all back ordered. Chris, the salesman, told me more than once that they had this scooter IN STOCK. I paid the full amount by eCheck. Chris told me the delivery date was two weeks. Then three weeks, and then two months, because it had to come from China. I asked for a full refund, but Tim, the supervisor, refused. Today, they told me it will be another month, and it was my fault because they told me that a few days ago. Do not buy anything from this company unless you are prepared to lose your money.
Corky B

New Reviewer

Wish I had found this site before ordering from this company. Most of what others describe is exactly what I experienced - lies and misrepresentation, unit damaged and not working upon arrival (with a note conveniently advising not to refuse delivery because the unit had been checked before delivery) missing parts and poor customer service.

I agree, a class action suit is in order for these type of business practices!

New Reviewer

I ordered the solid cream color moped from them in October, they shipped a different color, yellow/white color trim combo, called them to complain and they confirmed that the yellow/ white combo is called "cream." They lied! Even though I have proof of color choices photos from their website! Also, my moped was installed with 1 very used, old, looking headlight. I called and emailed them a million times about the issue but they kelp ignoring me. I gave up trying for the warranty claim. A couple of months later, my husband lost one of the moped body parts from trying to fix the moped on his own, we tried to order the parts from them another million times, 5 months later, we are still ignored. We've had a lot of compliments on our moped from friends and they wanted our referal to purchase the same moped but we are we are too afraid to refer our friends to experience this no customer service experience as we did. They could've made more business from our referals. 7 months later, we are still driving this moped around town with missing body parts. :(

New Reviewer

Bought a chair from these crooks! It stinks, broke before it was used, doesn't fit any human I know. These crooks won't return our $600, answer our emails, give us the run around when we call, blame the manfacturer when they refuse to refund. And here's the biggest problem of all--THEY DO NOT ADVERTISE THEIR NO REFUND POLICY UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED ITEM. I am calling BBB & state attorney.
FBI handles Internet fraud. Everyone should complain. We are not losing small change here.

New Reviewer

Last year I bought a spa pool portable,this my forth one,they wont refund just keep sending new ones and the same problem over and over again,what do I do???????

New Reviewer

Oh my God!!! This is without a doubt the WORST customer service experience that I have ever encountered. I called about a trike kit listed for $1999.00 (price negotiable). I was connected to sales who spoke so quickly that I coukd not even keep up. The price immediately went from $1999 to $2900 once all the "options were added on" . I then told the salesman that was more than I wanted to spend. He then asked my price range. I stated that I saw one listed with a vendor on Ebay for $1400 plus $250 s and h. He then stated that I must be really stupid if I am calling a retail site expecting them to match an auction site. (The price was not auction, but from an Ebay vendor).As for the stupid part, I have been on active duty in the Army for 22 years, am currently a doctoral student and have an MBA and an MA in Logistics Management. In addition, I have a documented IQ of 139 and Mensa member. I was so shocked that I addressed the salesman with profanity, something I rarely do. The salesman then proceeded literally say DA, DA , DA, DA over and over again I hung up. I called back to speak to a supervisor and was placed on terminal hold. Called back again and the person answering the phone asked the name of the salesman. When I stated that I didn't catch it because he spoke so fast, the response was there was nothing that they could do and if I didn't like the experience, shop elsewhere. This seems to be a company wide systemic problem. I could only hope that the CEO of Safer Warehouse reads this site to get honest customer feedback.

New Reviewer

The worst customer service I have every dealt with,

they will say anything to get a sale, and once the sale is finalized you can forget about everything they said. there excuse for everything is "we are dealing with over 100 suppliers so there is bound to be mistakes" well I ordered with you not 100 suppliers.

I received my order a month later than the date promised. when I did receive it more than half was missing. Ardy in warranty and parts is by far the worst rep to deal with. would not even let me talk to his manager.

bottom line, pay a little extra and find a better supplier, I promise you the only service you will enjoy is the salesmen even there they will try to rip you off by saying "oh shipping is so much more than expected please meet us half way."

so much BS you cant imagine. I hope this company goes under soon for the horrible service they have.

I would give negative stars but didn't see the option.

New Reviewer

I have read several reviews from many different website so ofcourse i was skeptical about purchasing. However, my experience has been great from the very first call. True the motorcycle that I purchased was on back order, however, i was upgraded to a better bike at no additional costs and i was always recieving updates on shipping. When I did recieve my bike, it was in top condition and new as stated with only 6 miles on it. I would definately purchase from this site again.

New Reviewer

I wanted to purchase an Elliptical Machine and it was priced at $89.95 and then I contacted customer service and the person said that that was a old ad. I said well you need to honor it! He said yes then came back and said the owner said no....I think, in my opinion this is a shady company! They have a no return refund..... no exchange. REALLY???? Very questionable

New Reviewer

I purchased a gocart for my grandson for Christmas. I ordered it in November to get it here in time for Christmas. The go cart started having issues right after Christmas. Since it was over 30 days (36) when it was delivered they will not stand behind the warranty . The head is warped on the engine and has been that way from initial assembly. I have to pay for a small engine mechanic to disassemble it and rebuild it. The only thing I received was a set of gaskets. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY A THING FROM THESE CROOKS !! NOTHING !!!!!!!! Paid $2,500.00 for a Trike Conversion Kit for my Harley. These contraptions are designed with one flaw. You can get killed when the center rear tire looses road traction and then all power and brake control is lost. Contacted the rudest people....they actually HUNG UP on me !! I now am out $2,500.00 for a DEATH CONTRAPTION I refuse to install. NO REFUND on custom orders ???? Refund cost is 30% of purchase order ??? These people are insane !! CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE !!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I purchased two(2) motor scooters. They were three months in coming after several excuses for the long wait. However they charged my credit card immediately so I had little recourse through the credit card company.Unit 1 was as it should be except I cannot get the promised manuals,schematics and parts list promised but never received. Unit 2 was not the unit I ordered,was damaged,had no certificate of origin so a title could be gotten (although the $19.95 fee was paid) and none of the requested manuals. The unit comes with a very small and woefully insufficient "owners manual". Repeated appeals to the Co. over the last few months have not even gotten me an answer to e-mails or messages left. The two people I did talk to made promises but I have received nothing.

New Reviewer

DO NOT PURCHASE from this site! They are the worse vendor I have EVER dealt with. I order a motorcycle from them and it came all scratched up. It was clear that the scratches are NOT due to shipping because the their are no damages to the frame and the scratches are top of and not the sides.
I called multiple time but every time I am on hold for 15 to 30 mins before I can talk to anyone and every time they said they will look into and call me back but they never do. When I asked to speak to a manager he said he was the manager. Finally after 3 months of me calling and demanding for a solution they said there are not going to do anything!

New Reviewer

If you had a minus 10 start I would have rated these bums. From my first purchase I have been lied to first I was told my purchase would ship in 5 days from my purchase. When it did not arrive I called as was directed to the fine print portion of the terms of agreement. I was told that day and 2 more time that a tracking number would be sent to me in 7 to 9 business days. Guess what today is day 9 and the story has changed now a tracking number will be sent in 7 to 11 days which I'm sure is another lie. Safer wholesale is the biggest bunch of scamers and liars I have ever dealt with.I have filed a complaint with the Post Office and I encourage anyone else who has problems with this company to do so also..Even if the Post Office does not find in my favor the investigation for Safer Wholesale will be costly and the more complaints filed the more likely the Post Office will shut them down.

New Reviewer

A real scam. If I was not a deligent persistant person I would never have recieved what I ordered. They sold me a sauna that was on price including shipping and tax. Then after charging my account they called and said they could not ship it tp me because they would lose money? Not kidding. I said refund my money and they told me I would have to go to customer service. Then they called me and tried to negociate a delivery charge. I called the department of State got the Illinois Consumer affarirs made a formal complaint and called back with my complaint number and they lowered the delivery fee if I would recind my complaint?
They are complete ripp-offs and are in Joliet Ill. I can only hope that the department of consumer affairs follow up.

New Reviewer

I purchased a Facial steamer with Magnifying Lamp on April 2012 after several weeks they send me a Magnifying lamp and told me that's what you ordered,after several e-mails and proof that this is wrong item,I found out they do not have my item any more in warehouse and they are not willing to give me my money back eventhough that I returned the item back to warehouse and paid the shipping from my pocket too.This company realy is a highway rubbery.

New Reviewer

Does anyone know the dealer number for saferwholesale / greater sports inc.?? I have a scooter from them and cannot register it because no dealer number on certificate of origin. The company wants me to mail it back to them. I have seen nothing but bad reviews from them and DO NOT want to mail them my certificate of origin and chance never getting it back. With no certificate of origin the bike is useless. But cannot do anything with certificate without dealer number! This had been a real eye opener! Thanks for any help you can provide!

New Reviewer

Bought a ATV sniper 250. Got it and it wouldn't start. It has been in the shop for a week now with mechanics trying to figure out what is wrong with. I did notice that the clutch cable was cut off on it when it arrived.
I should have checked the company out. They have a BBB rating of "F"

New Reviewer

different peo said different things about the scooters. one said yes, another said they
didn't have it. they also said X number of these are california approved..not what other
co. said who sold same vehicles...i put off deciding on getting one, and i found this site by accident ! boy did i get lucky ! i knew these are all made in china but i thought i heard things are improving as far as their site saved me around $ 2,500 !!!

New Reviewer

Called on phone to order a Trace 3024e inverter. Craig/salesperson said no problem and took the order. Within 2 hours I visit the web page and determine they do not,sell Trace products. Twice I am on hold for over 10 minutes each time and I give up and email my cancellation of the order. I get a call the next day from "sales manager" who is rude and very aggressive. I explain the problem and he tells me I will have to pay 30%. I explain his company did not sale what I ordered and I would not pay and had called visa and backed up the charges. He kept asking if I had visited the web site and I explained the order was by phone 4 times. Finally he agreed to refund 100%. As I think back over this there must be some hook that if you visit the web site they get 30%.

Why would any business treat a customer this way. They will be in chapter 7 soon.

New Reviewer

Possibly the worst customer service ever. Everything they said was total bull, right from the get go. I would NEVER purchase from them again.

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