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SaferWholesale reviews

108 reviews
Categories: Atv, Dirt Bike, Hot Tub
2108 McDonough St.
Joliet, IL 60436
Tel: 866-606-3991

108 Reviews for SaferWholesale

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I purchased a Tankless Water Heater from this company.

[I spent my whole day searching for a good deal on this particular item.

There ad was not true, and there customer service sucks.

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New Reviewer

Scam artists and con men. They will say and do anything to get your money. Try kartquest or motobuys much better service and free delivery on almost everything.

Tip for consumers: Check around, do your research. I cancelled an order because of their rudeness and saved 230.00 dollars with another company.

Ask warren about SaferWholesale
New Reviewer

BEWARE!! This is the worst online order experience I have ever had!! I ordered patio furniture on May 14th and still have not seen anything! They told me originally that my order would be shipped in 10-15 days. when i called them after a couple weeks they told me the sales person was wrong and that it would take 4-6 weeks. after the 6 weeks I called and they said the order was lost at the manufacture and they would replace it with a nicer set. When I looked at the options I realized the sets are not Half as nice as my original order. I requested a refund if the new set couldn't ship within 10 days. They said the order was placed and an express ship was put on it. That was on June 9th and I still don't have any furniture. I've requested a copy of the invoice for proof that an order was placed 3 different times but still haven't seen anything. I have found other complaints very similar to this one and wish I would have seen them before I ordered with them. They won't even give me the name off the manufacture. I think this is a big scam!!! BEWARE!! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!

New Reviewer

The woman in the title department responded to my email right away send out my titles when I had a question she responded back thank you

New Reviewer

This company is total garbage! We purchased a 800$ atv from them on 7/22 and have been told every day for over a week now that it will be shipped in the next 24-48 hrs and then I was hung up on by their "friendly sales representatives" when I voiced my opinion on the issue! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

New Reviewer

I too wish I would had read these reviews before I purchased two scooters from Safer Wholesale. I ordered two scooters one red and one blue. When they arrived one was blue and the other was yellow. I very ugly yellow. They are currently trying to correct the color problem but I expect that will be as unsatisfying as this whole experience has been. They seem to want to point the blame to anyone but themselves. I learned a valuable lesson here. Do your homework and any company that has a rating this low avoid like the plague. I was hoping to buy a custom golf cart from them down the road, but they could give it to me and I still would turn away. Like someone said on here it's a shame they have such good products, but I they'll have to change my opinion drastically in this replacement process before I would buy from them again.

I am praying that I can get the right color scooter that I ordered ASAP

New Reviewer

Well first I didn't know it would take this long to get my velocity scooter I have been calling every other day nothing I asked them when am I going to receive my order they said that they needed verification and I showed them. They said it was being shipped then I called and they said it was with the vendor im like ok can you get them to email me my receipt but I have proof that I paid them. I ordered my scooter on July 8 2014 and now it is July 31 2014 how long must I wait im kinda upset because I have a job interview coming up and I don't want to walk there and no one will take me so please someone out there tell me what I need to do cause I need my product that I ordered I don't to have to get my bank involved cause its not gonna be pretty. My email address is please send me the information I am requesting.

New Reviewer

My experience with saferwholesale was indeed a good one. i got personnel serviveservice which catered for my needs. my hats off for Tim Murphy he went over answer above to serve me. the title clerk is very professional and will serve well and keep you advised.i love my monkey bike and its nice to know people still care about customers thank you all

New Reviewer

Bought two scooters on 5/3 with a delivery date scheduled between 6/30-7/2. Followed up several times to insure delivery window would be kept. called me twice indicating they were out of stock of the scooter that I ordered and offered replacement scooters which I accepted. They day before the delivery window I called to check on the delivery and was informed they were shipping later that day and I would receive a tracking number. No tracking number was received so I called again the next day and was informed they were out of stock but had an upgrade available but would not receive them during the delivery window I needed for my vacation. I had to cancel order and buy them locally. Would never do business with them again and recommend that others stay away.

New Reviewer


I was a prospective customer looking at buying a motorcycle. I googled the company while in an online chat with a representative from the website. I simply asked him why I should purchase from him despite all of the negative reviews I was reading. He got extremely defensive, insulted me, and ended the chat. He then blocked me from the website entirely, and called my cell phone (I had provided my number for business purposes only). The man (from Joliet location) left me a voicemail, he did not state his name for obvious reasons. He told me on the voicemail, and I quote, "You obviously have no life and nothing better to do, next time you visit our website I will press charges. Have a terrible day." I can't even believe this is real!!!!! This company is quite possibly the biggest scam out there people...and their extremely crazy/ unprofessional staff proves it. I have never, ever, EVER been treated so poorly by a business in my life. WHAT A JOKE. I am saving the voicemail for proof and will post online so people can hear how I was treated. I am scared that these wackos now have my personal information. YIKES.

New Reviewer

Bought a 125cc super wrangler jeep go kart from Bob came on time and every thing they said was true . Took about 3 hrs to assemble start first time ran great make shure to check all bolts & change oil in machine after you get it started & after its been ran for a day or two recheck & tighten bolts a tube of lock tight is a must this will stop things from getting loose . The troddle limeter is very sesitive so it takes a little time to adajust. Weve had the cart for about 3 weeks now will let yall know later how it holding up . Thanks to Bob for a great experince.

New Reviewer

We needed a replacement bolt and a bracket for a recently purchased bike by one of my employees. The bolt and bracket threads became stripped when we were assembling the steering assembly. I contacted Jerry in the parts department. Jerry was extremely helpful went above and beyond my expectation in expediting the shipping of these replacement parts. He asked that we take a picture of the defective parts and send it to him to make sure he shipped the correct items, he then had them sent out next day air.
I can not thank Jerry enough for helping us out with this problem.
The bike is the only means of transportation for one of my employees, without it, getting to and from work has been very difficult. Getting these parts in a timely manner was a big help and I want to THANK Jerry VERY MUCH for all his help getting this issue resolved. His caring and concern is very much appreciated.
Thank you Jerry,

New Reviewer

I purchased a trike kit and was told by Dan that this kit would easily slid onto my motorcycle with 4 bolts to mount it to the bike. After receiving this kit I found out none of this was true. The kit needed assembled and needed to be welded to the bike and would have been dangerous to ride the trike as there is no suspension. After several calls to try to return the kit I was told to send an email stating the reason for wanting to return this kit. I have sent 3 emails and still no response from them. At this point I am stuck with a $2400 paperweight. I have been lied to and told they don't do returns. Save your money this company sucks.

New Reviewer

I can't thank you enough!! If I were there I would kiss you!! If you need any letters from me for a reference or my experience I will be more then happy to explain my experience with you from the day I first spoke to Sales until now. It has been so awesome to have the customer service be so on top of things the way you guys have been. I can't wait to get back on my scooter :)

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I would give this company minus stars, as they are a complete rip off order a 250cc Scooter back in July 8, 2013. It arrived 3 months later, never told it was a Chinese made scooter, that had multiple problems, first off paid for a certificate of origin, which after a year, July 2, 2014, still have not received. The bike is a piece of crap, the original battery was bad, ordered a new one from Great Sports, Inc.aka it was useless. The starter was bad, wiring was bad, had to have it towed to a local bike shop to repair it. Without the certificate of origin I can not get it register in Pa., I can not get plates to drive it on the road or sell it. I also made a very bad mistake of ordering a sidecar, it took 6 months to get it, it came from Indonesia, it is a piece of crap, the kit, had no directions, poorly made, the sidedoor does not close, the top pieces do not fit and it does not fit the scooter. With all the charges to get inside the country it was about $1000 dollars all together this whole transaction for a Chinese bike and unknown made sidecar is well over $5000. This is not including the costs associated with repairs and towing costs. The company including Artie the supervisor just give you the run around. I am filing a compliant with the Attorney General's office.

New Reviewer

I have been talking with Jerry by phone since I bought an Elite Pacifica Scooter on the internet. I've had a few problems with the scooter. The 1st is resolved with the helmet trunk local It did work a couple of times - but completely failed to lock thereafter. I was told the warranty lapsed after 30 days? That seems rather quick for a new product! We settled for me paying the postage & he paying for a new lock.
Item 2 - The headlights never worked?

after removing the front panel to get at the lights, I found that no V. was getting to them. So I wired a hot wire to them.
Item 3 - The fuel tank is lester at 2.38 gal. - I frilled it at 1. 2 gal.
Item 4 - The front wheel is supposed to lock with the key, but it doesn't?
Item 5 - I can't get the scooter inspection OKed (NYS) because the high beam swt. doesn't work. "Although I'm still using the bike!

New Reviewer

I have been trying to find a solution to a problem with my JonWay scooter. I contacted Jerry at Great Sports Inc. In less than a minute he had the easy no cost fix for me. Who said customer service is dead! Really appreciate his willingness to help me.

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! FIRST, their customer service is TERRIBLE. SECOND, they don't stand behind their product... Missing pieces, delayed shipment, lack of interest in making things right for your referral - just LIES, LIES, LIES.

New Reviewer

I ordered a 2 tents in February, one of the tents, a 20 x 40 was missing a substantial amount of pieces. After having spoke to someone else in Saferwholesale nothing was accomplished. I got in touch with Jerry and he had the problem taken care of in less than 2 weeks. He kept in touch with me via email and was very helpful.

New Reviewer

i bought a Lightening extended UTV for 4450.00 It was suppose to be for adults and street legal. The machine i received was completely different. It is a cazador and for kids. It is not street legal as well. When i called the company to tell them they sent me the wrong machine i was told to send pics and email them which i did. They responded that it is the extended version and if i felt it was the wrong unit i should have left it in the crate. Well how am i suppose to know it is not the right version or even model if i don't take it out of the crate and put it together. There are no headlights or taillights turn signals side steps etc. There are stickers though of turn signals. I was told by Patrick the owners of the company said if i have any further issues to have a lawyer contact them. Which I am pursuing. The unit i was sent is only worth about half of what i paid. Then the windshield is completely wrong as well. It does not even fit the UTV. This company is a complete scam they should all be in jail for fraud. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! If anyone would like to see all the email correspondence or the phone calls from the rude staff just let me know. I would love to forward it to you. I still have not received the title for this machine as well.

New Reviewer

I don't think that anything would have been resolved now if had not been for Jerry in parts. I give him a top rating 4 to 5 stars because of what he did and how he conducted himself.

I can not and will not say that about the rest of that group.

New Reviewer

I welcome anyone to email me for actual correspondence and a detailed account of the poor experience with this company, including phone records, individuals spoken with and tactics used. There claims are false. I have receipts for the over 2K in work I had to have done to get their UTV operational based on defective parts, a leaking gas tank on arrival and extremely poor craftsmanship overall.. Buyers BEWARE!!!!

Wish I had found this site before ordering from this company. Most of what others describe is exactly what I experienced - lies and misrepresentation, unit damaged and not working upon arrival (with a note conveniently advising not to refuse delivery because the unit had been checked before delivery) missing parts and poor customer service.

I agree, a class action suit is in order for these type of business practices!

6/16/14 Update: Finally received a response from the company after they read the reviews here. Read the exchange below. It appears if only a "small percentage" of people get ripped off by the company, then it's ok. The poor BBB rating, multiple business names they use and many bad reviews say otherwise:

SiteJabber: Your review caught the attention of SaferWholesale's official representative and they responded:

Response from SaferWholesale: "Tim, I can assure you that the reviews that are posted online are just a small percentage of our business. Although a few of our motorsports products experience some damage in shipment, that is not reflective of us as a business. We ensure our products through transit and can replace any part that is damaged in shipment. We have a parts and warranty department to assist you with resolving any issues you have with the product. They can get you technical support for any issue you may experience and help make sure you know exactly what needs to be done to service your unit. The common misconception with motorsports is that the customer believes these to be retail units, turn key ready, and pre assembled by a certified dealership. This is not the case. You are purchasing the unit Wholesale at the price a dealership would pay the distribution facility to ship directly from the factory. These units come in a crate and need to be assembled and serviced just as a dealership would do before putting the units on the "Front Line" for sale. If you are not a mechanic nor have any mechanical experience you may want have a professional assemble it for you so that you have no issues with the performance of the unit. Again, we are here to assist you and provide you with a product directly from the distribution facility without paying retail costs. We can offer you all the parts you need and some basic troubleshooting over the phone/email, but we cannot physically perform the work on your unit for you."

My Respnse: Artie,

While the reviews may be a "small percentage" it doesn't negate the extremely negative experience I had with your organization after spending nearly 6K. Your warranty claims are completely false. Your company does not back the products it sells and the products are defective out of the box. Trying to work through your company to resolve matters would be laughable if not for the fact that people are being harmed so seriously by your practices...which ultimately end in phone calls not being returned and customers being stuck with worthless merchandise. I would gladly join any class action suit against your organization and have kept a record of every communication and response. Your so called "transit assurance" is nothing more that a large note on a crate asking the recipient not to refuse delivery even if product crate is damaged. My only regret is that I let your rep talk me into paying via check. You had my money and there was little I could do. Had I paid via CC, I would've challenged through the company and easily won. This was not a case of your company attempting to assist, other than asking for a video, claiming to have sent it to the manufacturer and getting no response.

New Reviewer

Everything went smooth and the custom golf cart was awesome. Took a little while to get it but it was fantastic.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Trailmaster 150cc XRX from Saferwholesale and the unit was on back order for 4-6 weeks. I will say this was normal per each site I checked with as the XRX was on back order. I was offered other carts by Safer which were in stock, but I wanted the XRX. I kept in touch with them thru email and it took about 3 weeks before I was contacted by Santos a manager in shipping. He stated he was looking into my order and would check with manufacturer to see how long it would take. Every day he was emailing me about this cart. I wanted blue but it was on back order for over a month and he gave me 3 other color choices. Color wasn't a problem for me and he was able to get the cart ordered the same day and shipment started. Santos was great in helping me and his communication was spot on. I will admit I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I have to say my experience has been a good one. Thanks to Santos for his good service in getting my order placed!!! This item is a hot item, and it was on back order at several sites. So I had to be patient and realize it would have taken time on any site. It was nice to have someone to email and keep in touch with like Santos, to help make this a pleasant buying experience!

New Reviewer

I was skeptical about ordering something so far from home but With the help of the sales man's recommendation, I got my go kart picked out, and put it together in about a hour,it had a burnt fuse but with the help of great tech support we tracked it down in no time...Very Pleased with it...Thank's Alex!

New Reviewer

If you are from Canada and wanting to import one of their motorcycle be sure they are on the list of Transport Canada. At saferwholesale they told me that they are use to make business with Canada and that the ship scooters every week in Canada. So I bought one and now that is time to register it in Canada, Transport Canada is telling me I did not have the right to import it in the first place. So I have to either export it from Canada or destroy it with proof send to the Canada custom offices!!!

New Reviewer

WOW, I wish I would have read these reviews before I started dealing with them. First rep. I dealt with was slow to respond, always had an excuse. I told him (Justin) I needed to identify what I needed and place an order asap. 3 weeks later and me having to constantly contact him for answers I called again and spoke with Matt. I have never dealt with a ruder, more condescending "salesperson" in my life ! He basically told me they can't provide what I am looking for. I told him that I really wish Justin hadn't wasted 3 weeks of my time and he hung up on me ! I I will be leaving a negative review on every site possible for this company so others don't waste their time or money !!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a three wheel scooter and received a two wheeler. The rep. said it was my fault because I didn't complain before shipment. The order sheet that they sent was so different from what I ordered I thought they sent me the wrong sheet. They insisted on direct withdrawl so now I'm paying %30 restock fee,return shipping. I'm out $470 and no scooter. When i told them about the BAD reviews he said it was because of people like me and hung up on me.

New Reviewer

Too bad there is no zero stars or negative number. This site is a total scam. You'll be better just to give your money to a charity. They took $900 from bank account and I've never seen any product delivered, although have "in-store credit" :). Going to State Fraud Consumer Bureau and BBB. I'm out of state and still considering suing them under bait and switch law even if it will cost me more to do it.

New Reviewer

Do not trust these people the sale rep name is Matthew. They got me for $1850.00. I owe them $760.00 on a purchase, and when I try to paid them off they said they no longer excepted debit card. What they wanted was my routing number and checking account. By that time I read some reviews and found out that the whole thing was a scam. So I ask them could use the $1850 that I already had up there and they said no that I would have to pay the $760 balance. So I new I was not going to give them a another dime. I call and reported the to the BBB and I'm not through yet. GOD don't ugly and these people that's taking I'll hard earn money which GOD is going to deal with them when the time right. Tommy Martin

New Reviewer

This company is a scam. Do not buy from them...they will take your money. If you have had a problem, complain to:

Illinois Consumer Affairs Office


Better Business Bureau

5/13/14 I placed a bid online for a outdoor wicker sectional sofa set. Craig contacted me by phone and said he could accept my bid but only if I did an e-check. He took my bank info but said to process it he would need a voided check and a copy of my driver's license and I had to call him back as soon as I e-mailed it to him. Called him back 11 minutes later and said I wouldn't be sending him my license/voided check as I was uncomfortable doing business with them since they had a BBB rating of "F" and this site had a bunch of horror stories on it. He tried to sell sectional to me for a cheaper price but I declined. He said he would cancel my order. I asked him to send me e-mail confirmation as well. Never received it. That night my checking account was debited $3,000. E-mailed response. Called and asked to speak with Craig but they wouldn't let me talk to him and they said my order was still active. Was connected to a manager who was very condescending and rude. He said Craig would never have told me that he would cancel my order/refund my money nor would Craig ask for my license and voided check. I asked him if he was calling me a liar....he said I was just "confused". Went to my bank to dispute the ACH transfer. Was told that what Craig actually did was print a paper check and then electronically cashed it (which is illegal). Dispute is pending. I also complained to BBB and Illinois Consumer Affairs.

New Reviewer

Here's the timeline for the 150 cc trike I order from

April 7th: order trike and am told that if I use a direct debit from my checking account, they will not charge shipping fee. I authorize a direct debit for $1789.95

April 22nd: I have not heard a word about my order, so I call and am assured that it will ship soon.

April 23rd: I get an email saying the trike is out of stock. No idea when it will be avaiilable..could be months. For $250 more they will immediately ship a better trike (they are giving me SUCH a deal). I refuse and tell them I want a full refund to which they reply that there are no refunds and that the best they will do is give me a store credit. They finally come down to $175 additional for the other trike. They really have me over a barrel at this point. I need the trike and they have my money. I do however refuse to use a direct debit, so they agree to take a credit card for the additional money. They assure me that it is in stock in Georgia and I will have it in my hands in 5 to 6 days.

April 30th: No news so I call and they tell me to call back on Monday and they will have my tracking number.

May 2nd (Monday): No word from them so I call and they say there is a problem. The item isn't in stock in Georgia afterall, it is in California. It's going to take them a week or so to get it straightened out so call back on the following Friday. I ask why I was guaranteed it was in stock in Georgia and they refuse to give me an answer.

May 9th (Friday): Call and they say they are working on it. I go off on them and am promised that they will have updated tracking information for me on Monday. To please give them time. Tell me to call back on Monday.

May 12th:(Monday) I call and they are "still working on it". I demand a refund yet again and am told again..."sorry no refunds. can only give you a store credit". They swear that they will have the tracking info by Friday. Please give them till them to get it straight as they are working SO hard to get this right for me.

May 16th:(today) I call and am told to wait for a manager. Manager comes on and says that because the item is in California, and not Georgia, that the shipping cost is much more and they want $200 MORE MONEY. I tell them that my lawyer will in contact with them. They say that they will after all give me a refund but it will take 4 to 6 weeks. I tell them it took them 8 hours to take the money out of my bank account and that I need this money to go buy another trike now, not in 6 weeks. They tell me that's not possible and when I get irate and tell them that my lawyer will contact them, they say "fine, he'll be more reasonable then you are right now" and hang up on me.

I am now disputing all charges with my bank and my credit card company. AVOID THIS THIEVES AT ALL COST.

New Reviewer

I was looking to buy a pontoon boat and saw the site. It is extremely deceptive. The boats shown don't come with motors, which is why they are so low. They say they make the boats in their own factory, but most of the other stuff on the site comes from China. The customer service man was pushy and somewhat rude when I asked which branded pontoon boats theirs compares to. He didn't know the brands and said theirs were much better. When I asked for reviews of several satisfied customers he had none. This would have been a $20,000 purchase, they blew it!

New Reviewer

I ordered an electric ATV for my child. The price was the lowest on the internet at the time. The sales dept. was pushy but not rude. I did get the "its not free shipping to a residence" after I ordered. I wanted to cancel after I started to get that "uh-oh" feeling and still got sucked in. I assumed the ATV would be shipped from within the USA as they have an actual facility in Joliet, IL. because I try to avoid drop shipments direct from China. I was wrong however. The ATV was dropped shipped directly from China and entered customs through Los Angelas, CA. Most of there orders do. That's why the prices are low but that's that's also why they have so many issues. Little or no quality control here. Anyways, that's a long way for an ATV to travel. After much worrying, the ATV did arrive, not on-time but close. The ATV was secured to a steel frame/crate on a pallet with a box cover. It was next to impossible to inspect before signing for delivery. I had 30 days before my parts warranty expired so I kept that in mind. Upon opening I discovered that the ATV was in many parts and un-assembled and without instructions. This is not a toy. I am not a mechanic. Luckily I knew of someone who was into go-carts and he assembled it for me in his shop for $100.00. He informed that some parts were missing and damaged during shipping. I e-mailed Safewholesale and they put me in contact with the ATV manufacturer with a rep. in California. They were attentive and shipped me the parts that I needed after I sent them pictures, free of charge. The ATV is great! My child loves it. Not your typical buying experience here but I couldn't find anywhere else to buy an electric ATV in the USA that was worthy based on its power vs. price. I feel like a lucky person after reading all the complaints.

New Reviewer

I ordered a sectional 6 1/2 weeks ago and was told it would take 2-4 weeks. When i call their customer service line, they are extremely rude and lie about where my couch is. I just got the couch today. It was put in my garage by the delivery company. The boxes were torn up and in terrible condition. The I opened the boxes I found that my couches were all broken, thrown off a roof broken..... I called the customer service line and was yelled at because I was quite upset, and told the don't give refunds or compensate for negligence. I now have to send pics to them and send it back. Luckily they said they agree to send me another one, but who knows how long or if they actually will. The worst company I have ever dealt with!!! To bad this site doesn't go into negative star ratings.

New Reviewer

I am so nervous with my $$$ I bought an $1,800 go kart and it hasn't arrived. UPS told me tracking info is incorrect! Btw, it is safe wholesales tracking info who mailed 2 me.
I'm mad I didn't review company b4 placing an order. :(
What's next? Omg!

New Reviewer

Rude please let me know if anyone has done a layaway and actually got what they paid for. I was thinking about the wandaygo. camper by layaway scared to to deal with these people after all the bad review. What a shame, lots of nice stuff. They were very rude and pushy on the phone all they wanted was a credit card number then would send an invoice NOT no where to sign up online and pay like a business.. He said they do not have a bank? wow. What a shame. They suck because such nice things. there. Cheap. Want to hear more please.

New Reviewer

I received a confirmation that my order was received, then I had 3 telephone calls and a text from saferwholesale within 5 minutes saying that saferwholesale needed payment ASAP.

When I returned saferwholesale's call, the rep (didn’t get his name), informed me that the card did not go through and wanted to know if I could pay via e-check or another credit card. He was very pushy as I informed him that I would have to call him back after I spoke with my husband. He even asked when my husband would be home.

After the conversation, I texted back that I wanted to cancel my order. His reply was that your company does not cancel orders.

He wanted to know why the card declined and why I would try to buy something on a card without money available. He went on to say that he was going to send me to their “fraud dept”.

I texted that I wanted to cancel the order because he was being too pushy.

After threatening me with the fraud dept. text, he then texted me to call the number on the back of the card and ask for “Jeremy” and my limit would be increased.

After speaking with my husband, I found out that the card has 2 lines of credit, one for purchases anywhere and the other for a specific place of business. There was credit available, but only for the specific place of business. I did not know that at the time.

Even though there is a place that says "Edit/Cancel Order" you can't cancel order.

New Reviewer

I can not comment on the quality of the products. However, after my chat with one of the sales representatives this morning the other negative reviews do not surprise me. The sales representative was very rude. I just wanted to get an estimate on their shipping charges and he refused to give me any prices unless I was planning on purchasing from them that day and told me to contact them when I was ready to purchase. I told him that if we felt the prices were right we were ready to purchase. He still would not tell me what their shipping rates were and wanted to know how much I was willing to pay. I gave him the price that another website was selling the exact same product for less and asked if he could beat that price. He said he could only beat it by a few bucks but could not give me the other items the other website was offering. I asked what he meant, just the free items or the warranty and what price he could give me. Instead of responding to my question, he disconnected the chat. It is obvious this company only cares about making money and not the customer. From what they advertise on their website their prices are extremely high and if you are looking for ATVs I recommend you check out or instead.

New Reviewer

My sales person Craig was so happy to sell me a $5200 car port to be shipped and installed in Arizona. Said it could be 4 weeks to have it delivered.
My husband has been preparing the ground where the item was to be installed and wanted me to find out when should expect it, as it has now been 4 weeks.

Today, 4 weeks later Craig calls me to say, there has been a problem with the quote as there is an additional $1200 we HAVE to pay because there are building codes in the state of Arizona.

I said I am NOT PAYING $1200 more... I did not agree to that amount. Just refund my order. He said he would charge me $500 to cancel the order.
I said you cannot legally hold ME ACCOUNTABLE for YOUR ERROR in pricing a product. You cannot legally hold me responsible for a cancellation fee either.

Unfortunately his boss ARGUED that I was OBLIGATED to pay them - no matter that they didnt do their homework BEOFRE they made the sale
So I called my credit card company, filed a dispute.

New Reviewer

SaferWholesale was Great! We received the new sauna last week. It was easy to assemble and looks to be of very sound construction. My wife and I have had conventional saunas for over 40 years in Wisconsin, but this was our first significant experience with infrared. Suffice it to say, my wife greatly prefers our new Yukon to any we've had before. I am also delighted with how quickly it heats ups and how well the heat penetrates my body. We've been doing two or three sessions of 20 to 30 minutes alternated with cooling down in the pool every day for the past week and I already notice reduced joint pain and an improvement in the look and feel of my skin. I'd highly recommend the Yukon sauna to anyone.

New Reviewer

I ordered a motorcycle helmet in October. I never received it. The customer service reps claim that they sent it and because no one answered the door the helmet was returned. I got no notices on my door from FEDEX or UPS and there is ALWAYS someone home. I requested a refund. I was emailed that I would receive a refund check which I have never received. When I call, I'm instructed to email the manager. The manager does not reply to my emails. Stay AWAY!

New Reviewer

I ordered a scooter and I was suppose to get free shipping to a business and $50.00 off if I used a e check so I did.After it was totaled the $50.00 was not taken off so i called them and the sales rep said the shipping wasn't free it would be $165.00 for shipping so I told him to cancell the order and he said there would be a 30% cancelation fee I told him i don't think so and he couldn't do that he said he can do what he wants so I said I would call the bank and hung up after he was hollering at me telling me i need to read the details in the sale.After i hung up a few minutes later the sales manager called me appologizing about the sales guy and said he would send it to me free shipping as stated.I decided to just cancell the order anyhow and he just said goodbye.I know contacted my bank and at a cost of $30.00 to stop payment incase they decide to try and cash out on the echeck .If they do I will follow up in an agressive legal way.I do not feel good about this company in any way.UPDATE: The thieving company went ahead and deducted the money from my account by changing the check number and charged from another company.If you like your money DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CROOKS.

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I'm an Edmonton, Alberta customer and I just bought one of the easy set up party tent for $462.50. I knew from experience that the cheap tents are pretty much disposable. I took a gamble on this (sorry) hoakie website in hopes that it would actually deliver on service and product. To my surprise it did. The tent and frame are exactly as pictured and expected and it arrived UPS at our door within 2 business days of receiving the tracking number. Total days from order to delivery 4. My emails were replied to by three staff within hours of making requests. The website is a little over the top but I wouldn't hesitate topurchase from them again. Jacqueline C.

New Reviewer

Here's a timeline of the events that took place...

Dec.20th - Ordered product through Scott (Manager) double checked with him the product I ordered was available for purchase - He confirmed it was...took my credit card # and proceeded to charge the full amount before it was shipped...Order went into processing...

Dec 23rd - Emailed - to check on the status of my order...

Dec 26th - Phone to check on order with Scott - he wasn't available left msg with receptionist..Received email back from Gerardo at stating total ship time from date of order is between 10 – 15 business days. I will see a tracking # between the 9th and 11th business day...

Jan 02 - Phoned and talked to Micky no tracking # yet he's going to print off receipt and leave it on Tim's Murphy's (Product Manager) desk and he'll get back to me within 24hrs...

Jan.03 - Phoned to follow up since it's been more than 24hrs - talked to Micky - says I’m scheduled for a call back from Tim - end of conversation

Jan.06 - No call back from Tim - phoned to follow up again - talked to Micky - notes on account - item not available anymore has been discontinued - issue refund - will receive in 7-10 business days...

Summary: received full refund back on card...Never spoke to Tim once...It would have been nice to get a phone call back explaining the situation instead of getting the run around...

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Worst Site Ever. Wont return emails. Phone support is rude and unhelpful. Its been a month and I still dont have my order. Lied to by phone support said I would have my tracking number on Monday still nothing. STAY AWAY.

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I purchased a party tent from this company
It broke after 1 night. They refused to do anything about it. The worst customer service from Artie a manager. He was rude blamed me stating it was my fault for leaving it up overnight. It's a party tent. I would not ever advise anyone to do business with this company.

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Just bought a pair of shoes from this online shopping store. Feeling very comfortable as I saved lots of time with the online shopping. This website is really very helpful if you are doing the online shopping. There is no need to take tension about the shipping as their shipment policy is very fair.
I am totally satisfied with their services. Fantastic experience.

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Hai guys…I am writing this message for your sincere help….i am very happy with my shopping at the SaferWholesale.
I purchased a mini laptop with this website for my son. This was the perfect birthday gift, he told me with a thanks note. I want to say thanks to team SAFERWHOLESALE who suggest me to buy this pack. The shipment was absolutely fine. Great services.

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I actually just got the personal breathalyzers I order from today, and let me tell you - it was an excellent choice to shop here! These are actually nearly impossible to find near me, yet they had them. I'm forever thankful for them, and hope to shop at their store when I visit Illinois next month!

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