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SafeCart reviews

49 reviews
Categories: Software Sites
1205 - 4464 Markham Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8
Tel: 1-855-432-0727
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49 Reviews for SafeCart

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New Reviewer

If these guys get your creditcard number they will take a lot of your money - and they will do it every half year again!

New Reviewer


They charged me 39.95 for a registry cleaner,and after calling them to
activate it they did a scan of my computer for problems. The red flags went out,
major disaster is imminent. Then they tried to con me into a 200+ dollar fix.
And now after the supposed six hour fix time, they wanted to sell me on PC MR I for 500 dollars..... Not to mention the 19.95 a month charge for tech support.
Close to 800 dollars for a computer i paid less than 300 for.

New Reviewer

I used, was charged for extra services other than originally requested 6 months ago. Called immediately and they reversed charges while I also requested zero automatic renewals. Just got an email now and they are charging me $29.97. Not good business practices here.

New Reviewer

DON'T DON'T DON'T - After signing up on the web for this "FIX" for $34.95 was a sales pitch for more services and MORE EXPENSIVE services to the tune of $250.. It's a scam - AND to add more to the mix, I disputed the payment on PayPal and they disapproved my claim without providing a reason. I'm not a fan of PayPal either - but that's another story.
Stay away STAY AWAY - STAY AWAY from - they'll take your money - then take more if you let them.

New Reviewer

Scam pure and simple. Ruined my computer function, it alll about billing for fraudulent delivery by Adv Tech support and ParetoLogic.

New Reviewer

Worked good for a little while, went back to the way it was.

New Reviewer

I was ripped of by this company as well in the Uk. .Wanted to charge me to clean my latop I said noway.To-day they have take £15.04 GBP from me through Pay Pal I have managed to contact Pay Pal & cancel this A/c & have asked for a refund which I have very little hope of getting complete rip off

New Reviewer

DON'T USE IT! IT'S A SCAM! What's worse, PayPal won't help with the dispute. I reformatted my computer and when I got back on, I needed to get my drivers so I found this website offering a small fee and it could scan my computer, tell me all the drivers I need and install them. I read all the fine print. I paid for the item and got an email saying all I needed to do was call a number and someone would remote into my computer and install it. NO WAY IS ANYONE remoting into my computer. This action is known to install viruses and trojans onto computers to steal money and identities.

I then said I didn't approve and wanted a refund. The guy gave me a website to go to to ask for a refund and there is no option so I disputed it through PayPal (as I placed the order through PayPal). Today I got the result that it's declined and they can't help. I'm LIVID.

New Reviewer

They advertise that it's a FREE service then asked for $29.95 so, I paid with my PayPal and then proceeded to install it. It said that it could speed up my computer but the service tech told me that my 6 month old computer needed more than this program could do. He said my computer was out of warranty and that I could buy a warranty through them for $199.99 before they could do anything for me. I got upset and then they said that they could do a one time fix for $79.95 instead. I requested a refund and told them where they could put their program then, I contacted PayPal and disputed the charge so that I made sure it was not going any further! This company is a 100% scam and you need to steer way clear of it! You have been warned! Eliot A.

New Reviewer

I just ordered your productPC Cleaner Pro, because I am having problems with my PC and my first impression of their customer service was the worst experience of my life. I waited more than 15 minutes to have a representative answer and never apologize for the hold time. I quickly told her I was having trouble with the software key not registering properly, where your agent replied “ you obviously didn’t enter it correctly” with out asking exactly what I had done. She was very unprofessional and condesending when speaking to me. She spoke to me as if I was a child giving me orders, instead of requesting me to follow specific steps. This person obviously does not value her job or the customers. I cancelled the service and requested a refund. I want nothing to do with this company. Its down the the basics common ettiquette and customer service goes a long way. They responded regarding my refund request and not once did anyone apologize for the rude behavior I experienced. All I can say is Karma, you will get it back!!

New Reviewer

I tried to purchase StipZilla with my paypal account. But without any reasonable cause, it says" Your payment couldn't proceed." Instead, this site led me to pay with my credit card... This is very suspicious and fishy! Because so far no issues or problems for my paypal payments in Internet.
These days, you have to be very careful ... regardless of any Secured website address like https://

The best way to do shopping in Internet(Specially) is to do so by famous chekout sites.

New Reviewer

Do not do business with these guys. Total rip off. They keep charging my credit card without my authorization.

New Reviewer

I was given a hard sell after the person did some stuff on my computer remotely. Afterwards my computer was degraded. I called in a local expert who removed everything they had installed and put in excellent freeware and voila! my computer is working well again.

I phoned to request a refund and I had absolutely no problems. They deducted what I consider a fair amount for work they had done and refunded the price of all the software that I had removed. They did not ask to look at the computer to verify it was gone.

The CS agent said that the sales people oversell for less powerful computers and I accept that this might be true. In any event, there were no problems and I feel I came away whole from the experience.

New Reviewer

Scam, purchased a so called Slim Cleaner. Then they try to sell you more crap. The guy even told me that Slim Cleaner wouldn't work. So sorry I gave into purchasing. My lesson.

New Reviewer

Take care! i fell for the SpeedyPCPro scam and tried to resolve the issue with SafeCart. What a joke!

i then tried to have PayPal resolve the issue. After the scammer did not reply, PayPal allowed me to escalate the dispute which PayPal "settled" in their favor.

i canceled my PayPal account. If PayPal isn't willing to take the time to check up on complaints about their sellers, then i don't want to have anything to do with them.

New Reviewer

My impression is that Safecart operates in the gray area slightly above criminal activity. File a complaint with the Attorney General of California.

New Reviewer

I called to activate the product, the guy went through my system so I thought I was going to get help with my problem but no he showed me what the problem was then went to his sales pitch. I immediately cancelled & demanded a refund. I got an email letting me know I'm getting my money back but no appologize for the inconvenience. RIPOFF - STAY AWAY unless you want to throw your money away.

New Reviewer

All I can say is they are a bunch of crooks. Try to sell you something not needed. Found out later, the fix I needed was for free on the web site of the manufacturer.
Be careful you do not get their site when you are looking for the manufacturer. They make their site look like you are at the manufacturers site.

New Reviewer

This website is a total scam with very smooth operators. They pretend to teach you, then sell you outrageously priced software solutions which put malware on your computer. Fortunately, I figured out that I had been scammed and contacted my credit card company right away and was able to get all 90% of my money back with multiple calls to the company and a fraud report opened by the credit card company.

New Reviewer

Bought speedmax pc, total cr@p, now I'm shutting down paypal as I'm unable to get through to the company ( if thats what they cal themselves ) as its on an auto payment. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM PERIOD !!!!

New Reviewer

Safecart advertises a shockwave flash fix .Don't do it ! It's a Fraud ! $39.95 they say, But to actually fix registry the problems they say that are causing the shockwave flash problems,they need you to sign up for an additional $200 service. These people are cheap Cons that are ripping off folks by the scores . You can't get a refund. Another sleazy internet business that needs to be sued out of existence. Some one help !

New Reviewer

The WORST,, total POS-- scam all the way, and total Liars.
Made my computer worse than before, I had to take it to some professionals and spend real $$ to get it repaired and Safecarts "GARBAGE" removed.

New Reviewer

they dharged my paypal account $39.94forsomething that i didn't even order

New Reviewer

took money out of my account and card services has to send me a new one thanks very $#*!ing much!

New Reviewer

Rip off. Thankfully my Discover card rep. got the rep. from SafeCart on the line and apparently my Safecart charge has been cancelled. Shameless business practices. They are associated with ParetoLogic. How can either of these cos. still be in business?

New Reviewer

What a scam. Paid $49.87 to fix computer. Could not fix. Told me to bring computer to Best-Buy and have them fix it. When I tried to use my computer my Google site was hacked. Instead of getting Google all I could get was AVG Safe Search when I clicked on Google. Got Google back after 3 days of work. But Avg-Rescue Tune-Up is still sitting somewhere on my Computer.

New Reviewer

This organization is a complete scam! They promised to fix a problem I was having with my email. Told me I had a virus. Tried to charge me $350.00 to fix it! Then promptly DELETED my mail! STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS "COMPANY" as you can. They are incompetent and predatory.

New Reviewer

bought spyhunter a maleware software , its not activating tried to cancel my subcription and tried to stop the recurring payment from but the site is not accepting the login when tried to cancel ! am from UAE so 39.99$ gone - this is one of the site getting money just for people who fall prey for a service they need for a desparate moment

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

On Oct 4, 2013, at 11:09 AM, SafeCart Payments <>
I never did business with them and they SAY the are charging an account of mine!
AKA ParetoLogic? HELP!

New Reviewer

I bought speedyPC pro which did'nt work and then a year later they took payment again from my paypal account, when i questioned it they would'nt even reply.

Stay well clear.


New Reviewer

Web service was terrible. Never ordering again from this company as well as I am not going to refer them to anyone else. I ordered SpeedyPC and I was double billed, in addition, it didn't function at all. It kept "encountering errors" and it would crash on my computer. Tried it with Windows XP and Windows 7. I also had problems with them accessing my paypal account with charges for products I have never heard of, or bought nor did I want them. Thankfully Paypal was able to reverse the charges, preventing this from going through.

New Reviewer

a screen popped up and read i needed drivercure to fix my slowdowns for 9.97.......thats a good price to fix my slowdowns...NOT.....they charged me 39.94. i got alot of people im laid off.....this hurts! im calling the bbb if i don't get my money back soon

New Reviewer

Buyer beware. The pst recovery product didn't work as described. It wouldn't activate. During the attempt to activate, I was led down a path that resulted in a second download and a second charge for $140. The help desk over-committed and under-performed. Safecart is anything but safe. I'm out $280 trying to recover a .pst file that still has not bee recovered

New Reviewer


"I just received my June credit card statement. It shows that on May 11, 2013 charged $19.99 for SpeedyPC. I never heard of and I did not purchase any such product. I'm reporting this fraudulent charge to my credit card company because I'm not paying it. I'm also reporting this company to Lifelock and the Federal Trade Commission and/or the FBI. When I searched on the Internet, I was shocked at the number of similar reports by others. Many of them occurred over the past month, but they go back years."

New Reviewer

AGGRAVATING!!! Started with one problem, they basically hijacked my computer and I was without any use of it for nearly a week. NEVER would recommend this site!

New Reviewer

Beware of Safecart, they took $32.19 and $10.71 from my Paypal account,without authority,claim it was for SpeedMaxPc that I did not order, have emailed them, but do not reply.

New Reviewer

This is nothing but an Indian talking scam. I was taken on a broken horseback ride thru my Pay Pal Account Never deal with SafeCart!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I purchased PC Heath Advisor from them, a year later they hit my PayPal account for two fraudulent charges of $29.97 and $9.97. Do use them, do not provide them credit card or PayPal, they are a scam

New Reviewer

As well as ripping me off in cahoots with Paypal it would seem, they tried to wreck my computer

New Reviewer

Al comprar Pc Speed Maximizer me cargaron en la cuenta por tarjeta dos veces el producto. si es un descuido,ellos mismos,si son legales,tendrían que abonar el error... huele a estafa.

New Reviewer

I fell victim to Technical Support Today - and the service was billed through SafeCart Payments in the amount of $99.99USD. I contacted TST and asked for a refund, (for many reasons) which they (actually it was a Kevin - if that is his real name) told me I would receive, but they never put in for the refund. I contact SafeCart (had to wait five minutes for someone to pick up the phone...) and spoke to Mark who was courteous, smart, friendly and very helpful. Within minutes he issued me a credit, sent me verification via email and that was it. If this was in fact a true credit transaction, and I have no reason, yet, to believe otherwise, then I strongly recommend SafeCart as being a reliable, trustworthy and accommodating company to deal with. Technical Support Today might be a SCAM - depending on your definition - but this company, SafeCart Payments, which processes payments for many companies IS NOT!

New Reviewer

This network is cheater! They're failing the orders but always withdrawing the amount from your card! Never trust this network, they're not reply your messages and never answer the phone calls.. They withdrawed the amount from me two times but still giving the error!!

New Reviewer

I used Safecart to pay for Lavasoft's software support. Lavasoft failed miserably to help me repair my computer, and when I tried to contact them they just tried to sell me more software! I contacted Safecart, and got a refund of my initial fee with absolutely no hassle AT ALL. Very happy. Lavasoft may have failed, but safecart came through for me with flying colors!!!

New Reviewer

1 purchased speedy pc pro 16/05 /2001
1 cant activate it and would like a refundi hav found a better option

New Reviewer

I had many problems with SpeedupmyPC. I emailed Safecart several times; no response. I tried to call, but I kept getting the message that all operators are busy; and the wait time was at least 15 minutes. Still trying to get a refund through PayPal.

New Reviewer

They double billed me for $39.90.
Could get no response from telephone call.

New Reviewer

Excellent service. Speedy response and great products

New Reviewer

I ordered one download of Spyware Doctor, Apparently it was billed through I was billed twice. I called them' and called them. They have a machine that answers and says all of their support people are busy. How do I get through to them!!! Please folks stay away from this site. Trouble is you don't you you are dealing with this site until it is too late.

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