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SafeCart reviews

69 reviews
Categories: Software
1205 - 4464 Markham Street
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8, Canada
Tel: 1-855-432-0727
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69 Reviews From Our Community

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I was given a hard sell after the person did some stuff on my computer remotely. (in 21 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Had Safecart on my computer for 3 weeks, in the end to fix my computer got in a real tech to fix problem I believe they caused.

Ask Alan about SafeCart
New Reviewer

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I found today that Safecart had automatically taken my 6 month's subscription from my account, and a previous one 6 months earlier.
I cannot even remember installing Safecart so am paying the price for being dozy.
But no more, I have cancelled my subscription

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs

Ask Christine about SafeCart
New Reviewer

This company is a scam. I believe they actually installed a virus on my computer so the only window that would come up is their phone # to fix it. The "technician" (use that term lightly) represented himself as a Microsoft representative. They couldn't resolve the issue, they charged us 4 times the amount for a software that I could get myself. These guys are shady as F! Steer clear and try to find a local company to fix your computer so you can at least look someone in the eye while they're screwing you.

New Reviewer

I would decline to give this company any rating as it doesn't give a negative option!! I thought I was paying about 21 GBP for reimage only to find afterward they took 53 GBP!! Trying to cancel the order was useless and no reply from safecart. Fortunately I went to my bank to report this and my money will now be refunded and no further money will be paid to this so called "safecart"

Tip for consumers: Do not even consider paying this company!! Go directly to the supplier in the future.

Ask Phil about SafeCart
New Reviewer

Read all the comments and was very surprised when I read some where some people didn't even buy safecart. I never ordered it myself either and was surprised when I got charged for this through paypal.This is very scary knowing that this can happen. I get all these phone calls telling me that my computer is going to crash and they need to get into my computer to save it from crashing. I am now wondering if this is safecart doing this. I cancelled and and I got a letter back saying that they had recieved my letter and they said they cancelled my subscription. I can only hope and I will keep an eye on my paypal account.Thanks to all ofyou who helped me to see what a scam they are.They sure didn't offer to give me my money back.

New Reviewer

I have never seen one company sell so many different types of software. I would suspect that each ATS Tech has their own name for the same software so they know who to pay the commissions to. They hit me for $600+ for two software packages and continued tech support. They spent considerable amount of time "repairing" my PC and then the hard sell for the software. At 75 years of age, one would think I could see the red flags. DUH!!! I did mange to get a portion of the money back so I can breath a little
easier. My recommendation is much like those before me, Stay away from SafeCart as well as Advance Tech Support. Check your local folks first.

Ask Jim about SafeCart
New Reviewer

I would give Safecart ZERO stars if that were an option. Well, I spoke with the people at Microsoft about Safecart. There words to me,"DON'T DO IT, MAJOR SCAM." So you can make your own decision. Take a wild guess what mine was....

New Reviewer

Safe cart sucks fake cleaning softwares instead of actually cleaning my computer they installed a bunch of antivirus softwares that dont work do not fall for this scam got ripped of 180$

New Reviewer

This company was supposed to clean my computer and install pc watchdog. They never installed the pc watch dog and my computer is still slow. They charged me $369.99. also they tried to run my card 9 times at $369.99. now I have to fight charges.

New Reviewer

Here we go...Safecart uses scare tactics to get you to use their service.Then they do not live up to the service they promote or get you to pay for...I was glad to get my money back in full because I asked if there is somewhere I can review them online. I found it anyway so others beware. The service doesn't even give you time to do research.

Tip for consumers: Dont let the scare tactics fool you.

Ask Nichele about SafeCart
New Reviewer

this is a scam! Something was sold to me with a one off charge for that product. Safecart set it up as a recurring payment though.

Ask davey about SafeCart
New Reviewer

I was ripped off by them. Suckered by the glowing reviews on I went ahead and purchased PC HelathBoost.

It did nothing and did not fix the problem so I called them up. First time I was left hanging. Second time I got a so called technician who clearly knew nothing. He tried the 14 point plan on me, but saw that I was knowledgeable about PCs (though clearly not scam artists) so he told me to take the problem to a local technician.

Then adding insult to injury they charged me for items that I did not order. A huge rip off.

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs

Ask MK about SafeCart
New Reviewer

WARNING!!!!! Do not buy Optimizer Pro!!!! You willl be purchasing nothing but problems and get a "SAFE CART" subscription unknowingly! I purchased this program back in February for arround $30 and tried it out was nothing but a hassle and it really messed up my windows 8.1. and then I found out and had it had disabled my Norton 360. Symantec Customer Service had to turn Safe Cart and optimizer Pro off to get their software to work again.Lesson Learned so I thought! Fast forward to August and I get a Pay Pal notice that I am being charged $14.95. Called Safe Cart Number and got nowhere to get a refund and get the subcription stopped. So I called paypal and they tried to referr me back to Safecart to resolve the issue. I insisted with the rep that they either reverse the charge or treat this as a fraud claim. After several go rounds with the Pay Pal rep trying to get me to handle the problemwith Safe Cart again. The PayPal rep relented and called Safe Cart on a number they have and the Charge was reversed imediately and the Subscription Canceled. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER. Within 20 minutes of that I start getting numerous pop-up for Optimizer Pro and it is trying to reactivate!!!!!! Then within a period of 24 hours I get attacked 15 times with high level threarts (Trojans) that my Norton Software picks up. This is more attacks than I had in the last 3 months combined. If you use this software and cancel Make sure you have a good antivirus program in place before you cancel. This is definetely a scam at best and probably a program to steal your idenity and on line account information and passwords. I Changed all of my Major account access information and passwords. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

My husband fell for this scam too. I couldn't believe it when he told me he paid $599.99 to have them clean Maleware off his computer and then protect it for the future! I told him he could have bought a new computer for less than that! I knew that what they did could have been done with a free program so I told him he had to call them and cancel and try to get his money back. He was sure they wouldn't give him the $299 he paid to have his computer cleaned off but we were hoping to get the other $300 back. He called and they did the same high pressure pitch they did the first time and convinced him to keep it. I wouldn't settle for that so I took matters into my own hands and called them myself. I told them I wanted to cancel the order and get my money back. He asked for the email address. Then he confirmed that my husband paid $599.99 and said they would credit my account within 3 to 5 business days and that we would get an email to confirm the credit. About an hour later, he received an email showing that they had done a $599.99 credit. I couldn't believe it was that easy!!!!

New Reviewer

Am not happy at all!!!! I was made to contact you guys when I purchased the RegCure Pro. While I was on the phone was told computer was having MAJOR issues. It was, but I ended up getting charged over $700 for things that only helped a little!!!!! I have not slept for several nights laying in bed panicking over all this money taken (my husband will kill me when he sees the bills showing this!!!) and worrying about the computer issues I am still having and not trusting you as I see many reviews on the internet saying you guys use the credit cards and paypal accounts to take out MORE money and since you have access to my computer I also am panicking over you hacking it! I wanted only the RegCure to work, not all this other junk. I feel scammed and panicked!!! I cannot trust to call you with still having the issues...and since you took all my money I will try and make sure that I will post these issues on the internet reviews also. Guys talked nice to me, but scammed me horribly just like I am seeing they have done to many others. Sad :)

New Reviewer

I've had fortunately small sums deducted twice from my account for software I don't want. They went through PayPal. I sent emails to them and received a reply to each. The second one said I could cancel the order and get a refund. My instant reply to that one asking for cancellation and a refund bounced straight back to me and I find that I have been blocked from contacting them and my URL is an alleged spammer, which is just absurd. So much for honesty in business. I notice that the adverse comments on their Facebook page have been removed. Doesn't the Canadian government have a consumer protection agency?

New Reviewer

I never order this product but my debit card was charged $19.95 I called safecart and was hung up on. I emailed this company and revived a message that they would get back to me as soon as possible. I called my bank. Was told My checking account had been hacked by this company. Please don't do business with this company. Just a money making SCAM

New Reviewer

absolutely disgraceful that these scam artists are free to roam the internet with a fraudulent charge list as long as their thieving fingers in the guise of a trustworthy enterprise.....BEWARE.

New Reviewer

My mom got scammed by, What they are doing is making you think you have a virus by confusing you, and instead they just defragment your drive for $300, plus convincing you to get on a monthly subscription plan. Defragmentation has nothing at all to do with viruses. Your computer will run faster after defragmentation, but you can launch it yourself from within Windows. It is a scam, because although Safecart is selling a valid service, they are misrepresenting the service they provide and also charging an exuberant fee for something you can do yourself within Windows. What is scary, is that during this process, they take full control of your computer (after you call them) and who knows what other intention they or their associate may have, as they have access to all information on your computer during this time. My mom was able to get her credit card charge reversed as a fraudulent charge, but others here say that PayPal refuses to do so. I had my mom declare her charge card as compromised, place an alert on her records with credit card reporting services, change all passwords, and lock down all of her investments and banking accounts (by notifying institutions) after being scammed by safecart. Shame on Safecart. I hope the US Attorney steps in and shuts Safecart down.

New Reviewer

This is one of the worst sites I've ever dealt with. I was so naive. I wAs into them for $200 before I stopped. All the things they said they would do worked for about two weeks. After that it was worse than before! I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them! Dangerous site!

New Reviewer

This service is USELESS! It's a total ripoff. It did absolutely nothing it claimed it would do to remove malware/virus from my computer. It just sits in your computer silently for 6 months doing nothing, then you get charged $20 from the company with "automatic renewal" of their "service".

Complete sham. Do yourself a favor. Do NOT sign up for this scam.

New Reviewer

Unbelievable!!!!!! Can I yell "SCAM" ALERT to any and all. I misplaced my purse for a couple of days and I had not been out of my house so I checked my debit card balance to make sure no one had violated my account.

Hello - 2 charges on my debit card and 1 charge on my credit card. Needless to say I called and cancelled my bank account immediately.

I would have never caught the one on my credit card if I had not caught the two on my debit card..

Okay now I start a little investigation of my own. I call their customer service number. I explained the charges. She could not even verify my phone number so I was not going to give her anything but my name. I firmly asked to speak to the billing department. She told me she could get them on the line with us. I said no, I wand to speak with the billing department and I wanted a valid phone number for them.

She told me she could not do the. I asked her where she was located... Her answer was the Philippians.

I have my credit card on the line as I proceed through the steps until I reach $$$$ has been charged to your account.

I continue to the next step: Click here to activate your account!!!!! I never clicked the account activation.....

Buyer Beware Stay away from Safecart if possible and especially be very careful Spyhunter!!!!!!

New Reviewer

omg what did I do???? I was trying to install AVG anti virus...and these pop ups for pc fixes kept flying at me. STUPID ME had repeated warnings from malwarebytes ( LEGIT ) and I turned them off finally. I ran one of the 4 PCfixes after my download and it said my PC needed repairs... I paid 40.00 to purchase it...and called the number ( 877-504-0764 Fast Clean Pro) to have them open it with the key. THEN he took over my curser...I saw my curser move to several areas..he told me not to worry bcuz he was trying to see how bad my PC was. Of course it was about to crash..LOL I needed another 299.99 to fix it. I said I don't have that. He put on "manager" who said.." Come on lady...who doesn't have 299.99...I said ..I DONT!! then offered it for 199.99... omg!! I said umm.. I thought I just ordeded PCfix for 40.00?? He hung up un me. and paypay wont do anything. So...GOODBYE paypal too..and I cant seem to fix the mess they made. Someone slap me..I should have known better... SAFECART is a is FASTCLEANPRO aka FC pro.

New Reviewer

Don,t have anything to do with these scammers. I repeat DON,T. Ripped me off $30 for a pc cleaner, then tried to debit my paypal account without my permission. Now I have closed my paypal account no more money from me, and I suggest you all do the same. I do not trust paypal anymore they must be in on the scam. RIPOFF RIPOFF.

New Reviewer

Tried to debit my card. Thank God I had the number changed. Where did they get my info? I never ordered it and they said they were trying to renew my subscription.

New Reviewer

The first time I heard of this web site was about 20 minutes ago when I opened my banking app and noticed they charged my debit card $29.00. In a panic I called my bank because this would put me in the hole. SEEMS AS THOUGH THEY ENJOY PREYING ON PEOPLE WHETHER THEY ACTUALLY MAKE PURCHASES OR NOT AND I DEFFINATELY DID NOT.

New Reviewer

I was went to pay £29.99 , but they debited my card £51.47 . Instead of downloading my purchase , I was given a free phone number , .from which a guy from India wanted remote control off my computer .Do not touch with a barge pole.

New Reviewer

If these guys get your creditcard number they will take a lot of your money - and they will do it every half year again!

New Reviewer


They charged me 39.95 for a registry cleaner,and after calling them to
activate it they did a scan of my computer for problems. The red flags went out,
major disaster is imminent. Then they tried to con me into a 200+ dollar fix.
And now after the supposed six hour fix time, they wanted to sell me on PC MR I for 500 dollars..... Not to mention the 19.95 a month charge for tech support.
Close to 800 dollars for a computer i paid less than 300 for.

New Reviewer

I used, was charged for extra services other than originally requested 6 months ago. Called immediately and they reversed charges while I also requested zero automatic renewals. Just got an email now and they are charging me $29.97. Not good business practices here.

New Reviewer

DON'T DON'T DON'T - After signing up on the web for this "FIX" for $34.95 was a sales pitch for more services and MORE EXPENSIVE services to the tune of $250.. It's a scam - AND to add more to the mix, I disputed the payment on PayPal and they disapproved my claim without providing a reason. I'm not a fan of PayPal either - but that's another story.
Stay away STAY AWAY - STAY AWAY from - they'll take your money - then take more if you let them.

New Reviewer

Scam pure and simple. Ruined my computer function, it alll about billing for fraudulent delivery by Adv Tech support and ParetoLogic.

New Reviewer

I was ripped of by this company as well in the Uk. .Wanted to charge me to clean my latop I said noway.To-day they have take £15.04 GBP from me through Pay Pal I have managed to contact Pay Pal & cancel this A/c & have asked for a refund which I have very little hope of getting complete rip off

New Reviewer

DON'T USE IT! IT'S A SCAM! What's worse, PayPal won't help with the dispute. I reformatted my computer and when I got back on, I needed to get my drivers so I found this website offering a small fee and it could scan my computer, tell me all the drivers I need and install them. I read all the fine print. I paid for the item and got an email saying all I needed to do was call a number and someone would remote into my computer and install it. NO WAY IS ANYONE remoting into my computer. This action is known to install viruses and trojans onto computers to steal money and identities.

I then said I didn't approve and wanted a refund. The guy gave me a website to go to to ask for a refund and there is no option so I disputed it through PayPal (as I placed the order through PayPal). Today I got the result that it's declined and they can't help. I'm LIVID.

New Reviewer

They advertise that it's a FREE service then asked for $29.95 so, I paid with my PayPal and then proceeded to install it. It said that it could speed up my computer but the service tech told me that my 6 month old computer needed more than this program could do. He said my computer was out of warranty and that I could buy a warranty through them for $199.99 before they could do anything for me. I got upset and then they said that they could do a one time fix for $79.95 instead. I requested a refund and told them where they could put their program then, I contacted PayPal and disputed the charge so that I made sure it was not going any further! This company is a 100% scam and you need to steer way clear of it! You have been warned! Eliot A.

New Reviewer

I just ordered your productPC Cleaner Pro, because I am having problems with my PC and my first impression of their customer service was the worst experience of my life. I waited more than 15 minutes to have a representative answer and never apologize for the hold time. I quickly told her I was having trouble with the software key not registering properly, where your agent replied “ you obviously didn’t enter it correctly” with out asking exactly what I had done. She was very unprofessional and condesending when speaking to me. She spoke to me as if I was a child giving me orders, instead of requesting me to follow specific steps. This person obviously does not value her job or the customers. I cancelled the service and requested a refund. I want nothing to do with this company. Its down the the basics common ettiquette and customer service goes a long way. They responded regarding my refund request and not once did anyone apologize for the rude behavior I experienced. All I can say is Karma, you will get it back!!

New Reviewer

I tried to purchase StipZilla with my paypal account. But without any reasonable cause, it says" Your payment couldn't proceed." Instead, this site led me to pay with my credit card... This is very suspicious and fishy! Because so far no issues or problems for my paypal payments in Internet.
These days, you have to be very careful ... regardless of any Secured website address like https://

The best way to do shopping in Internet(Specially) is to do so by famous chekout sites.

New Reviewer

Do not do business with these guys. Total rip off. They keep charging my credit card without my authorization.

New Reviewer

I was given a hard sell after the person did some stuff on my computer remotely. Afterwards my computer was degraded. I called in a local expert who removed everything they had installed and put in excellent freeware and voila! my computer is working well again.

I phoned to request a refund and I had absolutely no problems. They deducted what I consider a fair amount for work they had done and refunded the price of all the software that I had removed. They did not ask to look at the computer to verify it was gone.

The CS agent said that the sales people oversell for less powerful computers and I accept that this might be true. In any event, there were no problems and I feel I came away whole from the experience.

New Reviewer

Scam, purchased a so called Slim Cleaner. Then they try to sell you more crap. The guy even told me that Slim Cleaner wouldn't work. So sorry I gave into purchasing. My lesson.

New Reviewer

Take care! i fell for the SpeedyPCPro scam and tried to resolve the issue with SafeCart. What a joke!

i then tried to have PayPal resolve the issue. After the scammer did not reply, PayPal allowed me to escalate the dispute which PayPal "settled" in their favor.

i canceled my PayPal account. If PayPal isn't willing to take the time to check up on complaints about their sellers, then i don't want to have anything to do with them.

New Reviewer

My impression is that Safecart operates in the gray area slightly above criminal activity. File a complaint with the Attorney General of California.

New Reviewer

I called to activate the product, the guy went through my system so I thought I was going to get help with my problem but no he showed me what the problem was then went to his sales pitch. I immediately cancelled & demanded a refund. I got an email letting me know I'm getting my money back but no appologize for the inconvenience. RIPOFF - STAY AWAY unless you want to throw your money away.

New Reviewer

All I can say is they are a bunch of crooks. Try to sell you something not needed. Found out later, the fix I needed was for free on the web site of the manufacturer.
Be careful you do not get their site when you are looking for the manufacturer. They make their site look like you are at the manufacturers site.

New Reviewer

This website is a total scam with very smooth operators. They pretend to teach you, then sell you outrageously priced software solutions which put malware on your computer. Fortunately, I figured out that I had been scammed and contacted my credit card company right away and was able to get all 90% of my money back with multiple calls to the company and a fraud report opened by the credit card company.

New Reviewer

Bought speedmax pc, total cr@p, now I'm shutting down paypal as I'm unable to get through to the company ( if thats what they cal themselves ) as its on an auto payment. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM PERIOD !!!!

New Reviewer

Safecart advertises a shockwave flash fix .Don't do it ! It's a Fraud ! $39.95 they say, But to actually fix registry the problems they say that are causing the shockwave flash problems,they need you to sign up for an additional $200 service. These people are cheap Cons that are ripping off folks by the scores . You can't get a refund. Another sleazy internet business that needs to be sued out of existence. Some one help !

New Reviewer

The WORST,, total POS-- scam all the way, and total Liars.
Made my computer worse than before, I had to take it to some professionals and spend real $$ to get it repaired and Safecarts "GARBAGE" removed.

New Reviewer

Rip off. Thankfully my Discover card rep. got the rep. from SafeCart on the line and apparently my Safecart charge has been cancelled. Shameless business practices. They are associated with ParetoLogic. How can either of these cos. still be in business?

New Reviewer

What a scam. Paid $49.87 to fix computer. Could not fix. Told me to bring computer to Best-Buy and have them fix it. When I tried to use my computer my Google site was hacked. Instead of getting Google all I could get was AVG Safe Search when I clicked on Google. Got Google back after 3 days of work. But Avg-Rescue Tune-Up is still sitting somewhere on my Computer.

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