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RudeFinder reviews

23 reviews
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23 Reviews for RudeFinder

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New Reviewer

not a good place,things dont work ,cant get fix

New Reviewer

I signed up for a lifetime membership for a one time flat fee of $34. After one month of mediocre success, my "lifetime membership" was canceled by Company. Upon inquiry, they claim that they no record of my "lifetime membership". These guys are scam artists and ntotally unscrupulous. Don't give them your credit card number!!!

New Reviewer

I want to find my soul mate on there..

New Reviewer

Some advice guys, anyone as stupid as me to succumb to pop ups, when you have had one too many, don't. Rudefinder, is the biggest scam I have ever encountered. Women who don't exist, don't respond, the site is fake, fake, fake!!! I had six messages from very fit gorgeous women, in a place called Wangford, Suffolk, UK. With local knowledge, you realise Wangford consists of a pig farm and church. The village was levelled to make way for RAF Lakenheath in the 1940's. No pub, no sexy realtors, we call them Estate Agents here, no $#*! all. As for chicks with identical twins popping up all over Suffolk, albeit, with nice tits, it just aint going to happen. Loads upon loads of e -mails were happily recieved, mobile numbers? A BIG FAT ZERO!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

FAKE FAKE website is a complete scam same girls under different names locations and ages recieved alot of emails wanting to get to know me and my credit card number and try deleting your profile all i can say is RUN PEOPLE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

This sight is not good at all. I think it is a scam
I have been on this sight for 8 months, and not one person has got back to me
I sent out at least 100 messages to just get back to me, and lets just talk a little
Not one of them responded. It's like nobody sees any of my messages.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Been a pretty good response to email and there are alot of good looking women to view. Ive only got the one month plan. Thats plenty of time to do what i need to do. Then move on to the next site if needed...

New Reviewer

What an awful scam...these parasites need to be exposed and taken down.

New Reviewer

over charged for what we recieve. no return mail . to many fake profiles . to many models just wanting a vote. i about forgot , my cc was frozen for suspicious activity...

i wish i had read all the reviews first. every review has happened to me since ive been there , about three weeks. i just hope i can delete my i month subscription .

New Reviewer

I too have fallen victim to this site. I was charged an extortionate fee to sign up, conned into believing it would be a small amount per month. I am currently emailing them trying to get a refund, they have offered to reduce my subscription from 1 year to 3 months, claiming that you have the choice to pick the length of your subscription at the start, though I noticed no such thing. I have repeatedly demanded that they refund me and terminate my account but so far I've had no luck. As the other reviews state, the girls are all fakes, who mess you around, don't reply to messages and have obvious inconsistencies with their profile info. Stay away from this site!

New Reviewer

t's OK for a dating site, i've used a few before and all seem the same. There are some Ok looking grils, but what I've learnt is to not try and message the really good looking girls on here, they must get so many messages from all the blokes, go for the average/below average women and you will be able to get sex.

Realistically, how many gorgeous girls are there in my area that jsut want to $#*!? I've stuck with the normal looking ones and got some action, thats what id recommend to others.

New Reviewer

Most of the female profiles are fake and are plants or other businesses looking to sell you webcam content. If you want a real date STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!
Impossible to meet real people on this site. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

New Reviewer

The greatest ripoff site in dating. Sign up for a year then sign up for lifetime membership and all communications stop. I was so fed up that I cancelled my lifetime subscription. One gal has over 50 profiles, when reported to customers service there was no correction made. Complained over 5 times and nothing was done. Fakes and Scammers breed in the website.

New Reviewer

I'm having the same issue. i signed up and put my credit card on file and now they wont remove it, i'm unsure of what to do and i need help please email me at gmail. my email is carguy33991. please i really need help

New Reviewer

I fell victim to this site too. Even told my friends about the luck I had my first day. Figured since I came from a small town in the boonies no one could create a fake profile since no one knows about this place, even though in a town of 400 people I knew I'd never seen any of these girls, yet I was hoping for some action. All these hot girls who's profile said they only wanted sex, yet when I e-mailed them no reply like they no longer wanted sex. Strange. Then days of not hearing from any of them one would pop up with some random question but never replied. Some of them asked that I be friends with them on Facebook. As the conversation with them went on the girl claimed to be a model needing me to vote for her on a website. I went to it and it said it needed my credit card information as proof of age. When I questioned the site the girl cussed me out and accused me of being a liar. When I told her I wanted a phone number to hear her voice the facebook profile mysteriously disappeared. Lesson I learned; always do your homework first.

New Reviewer

Total scam. If you read the fine print in the Terms of Service, it does indicate that it is for Entertainment purposes (e.g. Models). Knew it was fake when one morning my IP was re-routed and all the same gals showed up from somewhere in the UK. Also noticed, European license plates and other inconsistencies. The site should really be taken down.

New Reviewer

this site is a massive scam the only time someone reviews your account is when u mail them what a coincidence and u can never meet any of the lasses as they don't exist in any of the places they say they do and some of them are webcam lassess on yahoo and want u to join there webcam sites for even more money what a scam

New Reviewer

I pay quite a reasonable amount of money to join this site and all i get is model girls that reply to questions and put strange answers usually involving the same answers like hows your weekend then no reply as per usual. 3 girls have the same bathroom from different areas and are identical? Some girls say there from a village and ive known the village it holds around 60 people and well never seen these women around i know everyone. avoid!

New Reviewer

the site is a complete scam, i don't believe any of the girls are real i personally believe men are using the girls pictures, and sending these contacts. i gare them to produce one legitimate person on that site that has made a conneection, every girl who has favorited me, is out of new york, i live in los angeles, what a strange coincidence they are so far away if i wantes to, i couldnt make a connection.

New Reviewer

This is an adult dating site. The site is full of fake profiles and you get nothing but jerked around from this site when it comes to responding to ads. The site does not provide a means anywhere to click and cancel your account. Once you pay to be on this site, your account renewal is automatic and you are billed continiously. I have had no luck trying to contact support to cancel my account so that my credit card will not be charged again. This site is a scam!!!

New Reviewer

THIS SITE IS A SCAM! see links below:


You should probably cancel whichever card you used to make payment, and change your password for any other wesbites where you have the same password.

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