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RocketLawyer reviews

61 reviews
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61 Reviews From Our Community

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Never a fee charged to my credit card and an nice email thanking me for my time in visiting their site, etc. (in 17 reviews)


but monthly charge is bad when I forgot this service. (in 18 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Shortly after visiting RocketLawyer website and setting up a profile, my yahoo email account was compromised. I would advise anyone needing online legal documents to go in a different direction. I highly suggest you do not create a profile.

New Reviewer

It seems nearly all of the negative reviewers didn't bother to read what I saw very clearly. Use your head - any "free" website asking for a credit card will always have some sort of automatic billing that you need to back out of after a trial period, just like your "free" HBO/Showtime Comcast/Xfinity deals; they expire, then your bill goes up because you forgot, too bad, so sad. So what I did after saving and printing my form, which I always have free access to whether I pay or not, just like they promise, I "downgrade" my subscription immediately. No fuss, no muss, no bill. Don't blame this website for nailing you later for not reading what you agreed to.

Tip for consumers: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - It's not free unless you cancel before SEVEN DAYS.

Ask Peter about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

Definitely do not give your credit card as that is a scam to bill it. There is s loop-hole though to getting a document made and not having to give them your credit card. When it tries to collect your number, just quit. Do the document, get to the finish, add you login/email info...but don't complete the CC part. In a few minutes you'll get an email with a link to your document. You can't copy and paste but you can download a pdf version. Open the pdf in Gimp or Photoshop and white out the spam at the bottom of the pages. Save each page as a jpg image, then use imagemagic (free) to combine the jpgs back into a pdf. Actually not hard- I did a five page loan agreement all told in under 30 minutes.

Tip for consumers: Your credit card WILL be charged in all cases.

Ask Jazzy about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

Beware the 7 day free trial is a scam to automatically charge your credit card . I was automatically charged $39.95 and when I asked for a refund the company refereed to the terms and agreement (small print ). Very disappointed because the site is easy and user friendly and if I needed the service in the future I would of paid but the way they scam you out of a monthly fee is deceiving and not necessary for a reputable company .

Tip for consumers: Beware of the FRED trial offer .

Ask Mike about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

I signed up for a 7-day trial and then decided that I did not want to use this service. Of course, they ask for credit card information just to try out the service, which is something I generally will not do, but I really wanted to see what this service could do. I tried logging into my account, but it would not accept my credentials. I tried having a password reset, but that feature would not work. So, I sent an email to RocketLawyer stating that I wanted to cancel. I did all of this to make sure I would not be charged anything. Now, there's a charge on my credit card that I am disputing. I think this company is scamming people.

New Reviewer

If I could but negative star I would. I have been fighting with them because they are taking 39.99 out of my account every month. I have 3 emails and they all day that there is no record and they don't know why I am being charged but they still continue. I will be going to the BBC. This is ridiculous. I am so frustrated with this company and its employees. Stay away!!! Far far away. They with scam you out of money and play dumb.

Tip for consumers: Stay away!!! Scam.

Ask A about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

Patent applications are not documents but forms to them, which they don't tell you in the first place. So they are not elligible under the On Call Benefits...
Rip Off.

Tip for consumers: Patent applications are not documents but forms to them, which they don't tell you in the first place. So they are not elligible under the On Call Benefits...

Ask Michael about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

I will never use this service again, I lost nearly 600$ hundred dollars; I actually spent less money by searching the internet for my own attorney. And another $400 on the attorney. $1000 for what could have cost me $400.

Tip for consumers: Use google and find a real attorney, two hours of the attorney's time less than 400$ vs 2 months of my time on Rocketlawyer and about 600$ lost.

Ask Paul about RocketLawyer
New Reviewer

All I wanted was one of their "free" forms, what I got was months of debits to my credit card. The best advice I can offer is run away from these cretins, they are at best scammers and at worst criminals. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, BETTER YET, DON'T EVEN GO TO THEIR SITE. Just going to their site will require that you take a shower just to get the slime off. Heed the advice of all of us that have been ripped off, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Allows you to create a "Free document" then at the last page before the document is ready, they ask you to register, so they can send you emails, and you lose the document completely. Don't waste your time. Run away.
There are better alternatives out there.

New Reviewer

Would not refund my money after I was unaware of being billed. My "account" screen has no record of my credit card information, dates or amounts billed, and I never received any receipts that they claimed to email me. I am reporting them to the BBB.

New Reviewer

They wasted my time, by showing no information about that at the end they will ask my credit card information. I wasted my time creating a document I could not get unless I pay them $60 or give my credit card information.
Did not like business practices.

New Reviewer

If you do an internet search Rocket Lawyer comes up with the results. The reason I chose to go with them was the word "FREE". Yeah not true. You go through the whole filling of files, forms etc and then you get a message "you can try for 1 month free and then your "credit card" will be charged after the month. I would have been happy to pay about $3.00 for this document but that was not an option. This

New Reviewer

I read a couple reviews of the best online software for creating living trusts and Rocket Lawyer came highly recommended. However, when I went to the site I couldn't figure out how many forms to fill out for a living trust and power of attorney so I chose 2 of them and spent an hour or two answering the questions. When I finished I could not retrieve the documents and could not see them until I provided my credit card information for a free one-week trial. It also indicated after the one-week monthly trial I would be charged a monthly fee. I don't want continuing service. I really only wanted to create a legal living trust and durable power of attorney document. After reading other user's reviews I think I will shop elsewhere.

New Reviewer

In order to ask a question you have a very limited space in which to ask (700 characters) my question was a little complicated so I was unable to really explain it with that limitation, but I did my best condensing it. They were supposed to be fast with their answers but a couple days later there was still nothing, so I ended up cancelling the membership and going on and paid for a QUICK and detailed response. Then tonight I FINALLY got an answer on rocket lawyer. It was the worst answer ever, the guy didn't understand anything I was asking, which I partly blame on their limit of 700 characters and partly on the fact that the guy didn't seem like he really even read the whole thing. This company is awful, don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

I too had trouble with site. I couldn't find the place to cancel on the site. Says first doc. Is free but beware as is you don't cancel before 7 th day you will be charged 39.99 regardless of only doing one doc. I disputed unsuccessfully and will be watching closely for future charges. Stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

Charged my credit card for 5 months even though I never gavethem my card number. They would not tell me the email account which signed me up for their "services". Had to have Bank of America fraud division investigate this matter. They are a scam.

New Reviewer

This website is a total scam. They purposefully obfuscate your account/billing information, making it impossible to remove/change your credit card information once they have it as well as see when you will be billed again. I will end up having to dispute the charges with my CC company. Absolutely shameful and unscrupulous business practices, even worse behavior than pornography websites.

New Reviewer

Best staff ever! Very attentive. Any services offered for Corps and business structuring are actually done by real people.

New Reviewer
4/21/14 is a scam. Their 877 number is a waste of time as nobody answers. RefundRequest@RocketLawyer first responded after about one week of my first e-mail. Then, they referred me to my credit card company. I requested a complete record of my account and intend to move my grievance forward. RocketLawyer is doomed for failure based on their ongoing illegitimate business practices. Don't waste your time and money with Rocket Lawyer.

New Reviewer

total scam. they are not legit and totally dishonorable in how they do business. do not sing up for anything.

New Reviewer

Despite all the other negative reviews, I signed up on Rocket Lawyer in need of a Form for Selling a piece of property. It was easy to use and completed my sale. Before the 8 days, I went in and cancelled using the drop down menu that they instruct you to use to end your subscription. Very user friendly and extremely easy to use. It was cancelled immediately. Never a fee charged to my credit card and an nice email thanking me for my time in visiting their site, etc. I think most people just don't take the time to read, don't cancel in time and then end~up getting charged. My advice: Read the fine print & follow the cancel instructions.

New Reviewer

This is a horrible site. The forms are impossible to use and it's impossible to downgrade after the "free" trial, they keep billing you even after you cancel. Total scam artists. Had to open a CC dispute.

New Reviewer

Total scam. Offers "free trial" with nowhere to cancel free trial. When you select free trial it also does not inform you that you will be billed a couple days later a ridiculous amount of money. Terrible customer service... They won't answer the phone or return emails promptly. They will then use fine print to justify their scam. Dishonest website.

New Reviewer

Total scam. Don't sign up for the free trial. You will not be able to speak to a real human being. they'll just throw you in circles.

New Reviewer

Awful experience regarding getting legal help (got run around), and trying to cancel (not yet done successfully).
Scam - will be fighting them with creditcard.

New Reviewer

Free trial is a scam. I went onto site after 6 days and 'downgraded' there was no place to actually hit 'cancel'. I was still charged $35.95 for one month. Tried to call 877 number to dispute, was on hold for 27 minutes, no one picked up. I also emailed my complaint, never heard back. Stay away from this company, there is ZERO customer service, free trial is not free and and they will charge you.

New Reviewer

Like so many others, I wanted one "free" form. It cost me $80 for a simple loan document. Total scam.

New Reviewer

Tried the site for a Quit Claim form. Seemed easy enough to input my info...but at the end the form printed wrong (names were in wrong place!) so I couldn't use it. Ended up going to Office Max for a paper form. I cancelled my plan...Then they STILL CHARGED ME. I called to have them refund my money, she said she does show that I cancelled before the week free trial was up, but now I had to send an email stating that I require a refund, with all the details etc. Bad Experience with RocketLawer.

New Reviewer

Rocket Lawyer automatically charged my checking account just under $300 to renew a generally worthless membership. Not realizing that they would automatically renew, I downgraded my account immediately and requested a refund. After the first e-mail, I received a response saying that I needed to direct my complaint to a refund-specific address, which I then did. Four additional e-mails and two and a half weeks later, I have still not received any response.

I am not normally one to complain, and if there was a mistake made on my part to cause the automatic withdrawal I would certainly have accepted that and dealt with it. However, they have made absolutely no attempt to contact me or to resolve this issue. Absolutely poor.

This is also not the first time that I have received no response from Rocket Lawyer. Though they were generally useful in helping me form my first LLC, they completely ignored my questions regarding forming another. Of course, my current situation is a lot more frustrating, as they have $300 in charges that I anticipate having to dispute very soon.

New Reviewer

Wasted over an hour typing my information into the "free" template, only to discover that it wasn't free at all!

Don't waste your time or money on these clowns.

New Reviewer

What everyone else is saying about Rocket Lawyer is 100% true. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR TRIAL. Better yet, google other legit sites to get legal assistance or documents.

New Reviewer

All that was written so far in previous reviews is 100% accurate. Without parroting others, I'd say this: THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!! STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I, too, tested a Trial Subscription in May of 2013. I NEVER signed up for an ongoing subscription. Without warning, Rocket Lawyer started charging me $39.95/month. It took me a few months to discover this (OK, I'm not on top of my business accounting the way I should be). I emailed Support demanding a refund and all I got was a generic email saying this;

Thank you for using Rocket Lawyer for your legal needs. This message confirms that you have been downgraded to a Free Membership and will not be billed in the future.

While some of the legal documents that offer are helpful, just BEWARE that their Free Trial is a bait and switch!

I guess I need a lawyer to go after Rocket Lawyer. What a joke.

New Reviewer

Like so many reviewers, I tried what was advertised on the RL web site as a free will download and discovered three months later they had charged my credit card $39.95 each month. They are a scam outfit with no integrity. I wish I had seen this web site before I used them.

New Reviewer

I cancelled my account on the seventh day after I signed up on 1/3/14. I was still charged the $39.95 subscription fee even though I cancelled my subscription during the 7-Day free period. I sent an email to their refund request department and I received a responses stating:

“We show that a 7 Day Free Trial was started on 1/3/2014. When that account was not downgraded during that trial period (which included the day of sign up,) per the agreed upon terms of the trial, the account entered the paid Legal Plan on 1/10/2014. Please note that this account is confirmed downgraded as of 1/10/2014. Unfortunately this account is not eligible for a refund. To avoid billing charges you must downgrade your account in advance of your billing date.”

Essentially, I really only had six days to cancel since Rocket Lawyer considers the day you sign up as the first day. However, nowhere in the terms & conditions does it say that the free subscription begins the day one signs up. One would think that “7 Day Free Trial” means that one has to cancel their subscription within a week.

I contacted my bank (Wells Fargo) and they disputed this situation for me since was sent on the runaround at Rocket Lawyer and no one would respond to my emails or facebook posts. I was supposed to receive a phone call from Kendall in the accounting department at Rocket Lawyer and I never received the phone call. I sent to emails to them and they never responded. I posted on their facebook wall and they deleted my comments and BLOCKED me from commenting. My comments were not bad either. I was simply agreeing with other customers that had a similar experience. It looks like they delete any negative comments so they look like a “hero.”

I had a TERRIBLE experience with this company. Considering the other comments on yelp, it appears many others had the same experience. Be ware of this company. It appears they generate revenue by scamming customers into subscribing to their free trial only to charge the $39.95 fee anyhow. Luckily, my bank disputed the charge and recovered my $39.95—Thanks Wells Fargo.

It’s no wonder there is distrust with businesses nowadays. This company really causes Americans to lose trust in U.S. companies. It is very unfortunate. Rocket Lawyer, you should do us Americans a favor and restructure your unethical business model and stop charging hardworking Americans fees on cancelled subscriptions. If you’re going to be a capitalistic corporation, at least conduct your company with integrity.

New Reviewer

password doesn't work. email followup is nil. billing department can only be contacted by email, which is a joke. cancelled after one billing - we'll see if that works.

New Reviewer

This is a white collar scam. They make you believe you can get something for free but then you can't cancel and when you call they still don't cancel and the only recourse is to cancel your credit card. Do not use, tell your friends and family. I don't know how they sleep at night.

New Reviewer

Minus ten, frauds and scamm, I have had to change my bank cards! They have been billing two of my bank cards for three months and I just found out. This is advertised as free legal documents. I knew nothing about signing up for a service, it said they needed a dollar for something I don't remember that's how they get you're card number to defraud you. Cannot get through to their customer service and the passwords don't work. That's how they got me on two cards..

New Reviewer

They get you all sucked in with a FREE advertisement but then bill you $33 bucks a month. Don't patronize jerks like this. I would consider signing up for future documents had they given me my first free. They seem easy to use. Rocket Lawyer here is a your marketing manager, they are costing you business. Have a document charge of $5.00 or so. My dog could do a better job with more ideas that your people have. That being said, they are lawyers, hence they look for ways to screw people. If you know that ..go ahead.

New Reviewer

No star at all was not an option. DO NOT USE! I needed just one form and was suckered into a membership and charged for several months before I realized it. They would not refund the charges. It is a SCAM.

New Reviewer

SCAMMM!!! They will charge you 39.95 per month if you download a single document. Good luck with trying to cancel it. You are at the mercy of there system as to whether you cancelled it or not. Pay attention to your card charges because that will be the ONLY indication that anything is going on. No ongoing emails such as "we just charged your card." STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

I went with the "Free Trial"...sort of worked, but not what we needed. After 2 days, we decided to cancel. Using THEIR email message service...reply comes "your request is being processed." OK..all sounds well.
Next thing I know, there is a $39.95 charge on card. Called them...they started giving me a bunch of bull$hit that I HAVE WON $100 card to Walmart, trips, etc. etc.
I asked to speak to a customer representative to refund my funds and stop service immediately. They said I needed to call the customer service number....get ready!!!! That number is 1-800-555-1212 also known as Toll Free Directory Assistance!! I started laughing at the "representative" with an "off-shore" barely speaking English accent, that he must think I'm an idiot. I TOLD him he is full of it, that is a BS number!!! He says, they will connect RIGHT THROUGH and hung up.
I have emailed twice, called close to a dozen times...same scam. I just received another hit on my bank for $39.95.
I have now filed a FRAUD complaint with them through my bank and AG. My bank did credit me, and they are going after the CROOKS and LIARS

New Reviewer

I filled out the divorce forms, rejected the free trial and opted to pay for the document $49.95 and then, when completed, the form read on the very last line " this form is not legal in your state and divorce forms cannot be obtained from your state online. Don't know if I can get a refund yet or not. Worthless, do not give them your credit card for ANYreason, they are a FRAUD.

New Reviewer


No Customer service and no refunds of your fees even if you cancel during the trial.

New Reviewer


Rocket Lawyer gets you to sign up, and even when you quit within the trial period, they continue to bill you.

Warning, it's a scam. DO NOT give them your CC no.

New Reviewer

Here is an actual email from an egotistical representative of rocketlawyer - -

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 11:32 AM, lee crotinger <> wrote:
Is it possible to just email you for now?

I don't know whether or not I need these services.

- Levi


Sure but the help will be limited because its going to be difficult for me to assist you only via email. But send me anything you need help with and we will go from there.



From: Sean Prudden <>
To: <me> <my email>
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: UGA Games - Are You Still Incorporating?

For starters,

I am opening a video game retail store as an LLC.

What I am looking for is - the proper licenses for the company and once I get that, the tax id number.

Is there anything else that I need?

Your guys' website had some bad reviews, so I worry about the validity and whether or not it is cheaper to get licenses elsewhere, like from the state.

Any insight will help greatly.

- <me>

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 12:44 PM, <me> <my email> wrote:

It doesn't sound like your too serious about us helping you by the sound of it Levi. You can definitely go through the state or another service.

Take care,


From: Sean Prudden <>
To: <me> <my email>
Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 3:56 PM

You need to work on your sales pitch...

If you read through the email, you'll see I have general concerns, but wondered about validity.

Hopefully your boss doesn't read your emails.

- Levi

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 1:01 PM, <me> <my email> wrote:


My manager is well aware. You've indicated several times how you probably don't need our service, already complaining about pricing and questioning the legitimacy of our service. My time is better spent dealing with customers who are happy to receive the help we provide, and not reassuring a skeptical customer who doesn't sound like he wants to use the service to begin with.

Sorry we couldn't help,


I work in IT, never have I ever refused a service so immediate to someone, I had legitimate concerns, which were just simply thrown back in my face.

This confirms that all of the bad reviews on this site are true. As much as I hate to say that.

New Reviewer

I thought the process was easy to use and the forms seemed to give me EXACTLY what I needed BUT it turned out to just be a way to refer lawyers who told me the forms were no good. Don't know if that's true or not, but the lawyers don't seem to think the forms are legal as they are written! Rocket Lawyer did refund my money.

New Reviewer

They offer you a free 7 day trial. I cancelled before day 7 and because I never received an email confirmation they still charged me and will not refund my money. DO NOT USE THIS SITE unless you want to be stuck paying their monthly fee.

New Reviewer

it helped when I was needed. but monthly charge is bad when I forgot this service.
You must downgrade when you are not using the service.

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