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RewardPort Surveys reviews

71 reviews
Categories: Survey, Work At Home

71 Reviews From Our Community

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Last Sept./Oct.(2011) I had finally saved up enough points to redeem for a $25 Walmart Gift Card. (in 43 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I have been with rewardport for almost 2 years I finally earned enough to get a $ 25 walmart giftcard which I sent for in may of 2013. I'm still waiting, I tried many times to contact someone from the company but I kept getting a wrong ip address.I filed a complaint with BBB, but nothing came of it. I find out later they took down the site promising to pay those that were waiting for cards. That was a lie. On 11-17-2014 I find that REWARDPORT is up and running again isn't that a hoot. They rob thousands of people and then set up another site. ??? How do I know it's them you say? I put in my email and password and they still worked, but surprise my account is at 0 and myreward is no where to be seen. If you want to check it out for yourselves their new site is called RP Someone needs to put a stop to these scumbags and ban them from the internet!!!!!

Tip for consumers: don't trust these people you'll just waste your life and time which would better spend with legit sites that actually pay you for your time

Ask aquanda about RewardPort Surveys
New Reviewer

I have 14726 points & when I sign in it says "unable to find an act with that e-mail address. check the address or regester a new act." There goes all my points. THATS WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER apreacheation. THANKS Reward port.

New Reviewer

RewardPort Owners:
Brian Adler (President/CEO)
Kristine K. Adler, Esquire
10 Mill Run Court
Medford, NJ 08055
(609) 267-5109

RewardPort's Attorney:
Barry Yellin, Esquire
Lynch Karcich & Yellin, L.L.P.
1020 Laurel Oak Road, Suite 100
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
Direct Phone: (856) 309-0090
Fax: (856) 309-3413
Cell:(609) 442-1714

New Reviewer

I have requested a gift card in 2012, but until today i never received it, i have sent many emaisl to ask for help, but they never reply. what a disgusting websites.

New Reviewer

I had been taking surveys and reading their e-mails for many years, saving my points to purchase something special. I was just almost to the $100 gift card points when they informed us "they were sorry". I do hope their website gets back up and that we are all given our points back, but I really don't think that will happen. This is total BS!

New Reviewer

I found these reviews because I am in same boat. Definitely doing survey sites in a new light.

New Reviewer

i have been with reward port for a long time and i had $45.29 and try to find the site to cash out only to find out that the site is no longer there....what a rip off. if there is any ony out there that knows how to contact these people, let me know........i don't like being scammed.................

New Reviewer

I've waited nearly 2 years for an Amazon $10.00 gift card, and about 10 mos for a $25 Walmart card. Some months ago they posted this:
"Dear Loyal RewardPort Members,
We have suffered a major disruption to the database that controls our web site. As of now, we have had to take the site offline. Please check back here for any updates. We are in the process of sending out any redemptions that were already printed before our difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be able to recover from the loss soon." This was months ago. They are just cheating everybody.

New Reviewer

I have been waiting for over a year and still have not received my gift card. No response to any of my inquiries either. What a total waste of time.

New Reviewer

I cashed in points for a gift card it's been over a year never recieved it. I have contacted them with no reply

New Reviewer

I appear to be in the same boat as all of the other reviewers of this site. You definitely do not want to use this site. It takes many months to earn enough points for anything and then takes many months more to actually receive it, if you get it at all. I redeemed 7500 points for a Target gift card that took 4 months to receive and 7500 points for an Amazon gift code that was invalid when I tried to use it. And their customer support never replies. Do not waste your time with this site, or it's other site RewardYou.

New Reviewer

I have been with Reward Port for several years. The always sent my gift cards after I redeemed my points - that is until November of 2012. I had earned a $25 Walmart gift card and redeemed my points to get it - my account showed that I had already received it but it never came. I e-mailed multiple times and never heard a word from them. I was half way to another reward, then I stop getting offers and have never received my reward.

New Reviewer

Well, as I can see; I am not the only one that has been duped. I just kept waiting. Well, I am glad I found these reviews. I am done waiting. I will know better next time!

New Reviewer

I have been on this site for two years and have tried to redeem my points for a total of $100 Amazon. Emailed them several times and never heard back. Now their site is down and I think they are a total scam. Don't waste your time is my advice.

New Reviewer

The site is STILL "down". I doubt it will ever come back after all this and these bad reviews. I, like others, have been DUPED by Over the years, I redeemed for rewards that took hair pulling just to get. Now, of course I'm near payout again and the site is no more.

New Reviewer

I started reading emails and doing surveys on this site because it was recommended by a blogger. Last November I finally redeemed my points hoping to use them for Christmas shopping. Have never received them . I emailed them and contacted BBB. The response I got from the BBB was they could not contact them. I just realized today that it had been a while since I received an email. Looked them up and it says they are experiencing difficulties and that rewards had been sent. Doubt we will ever see a reward.

New Reviewer

Have been with them for a long time. When its time to redeem your rewards they are always a no-show. Thankfully they are gone and I can focus on the good
survey groups. (If there are any).

New Reviewer

I have read thousands upon thousands of emails from them, i am 200 points away from my25$ and for two days no emails from them, and before my mailbox was overflowing with emails from them to read, dreadful site, wish there was something we could do about it, a waste of my valuable time, been a loyal member for 8 years, terrible, shame on you reward port!

New Reviewer

I have been a member for a number of years and, up until Spring of 2012, had always received my reward. On April 26, 2012, I redeemed points for a $25 Amazon card and never got it. I have emailed their "customer service" more than 5 times asking why my account still says "pending" for this reward, with absolutely no acknowledgment of my emails at all. I thought it was something I had done until I read all these other reviews. It's sad that a site that was once worthwhile has not decided to become a scam site. Shame on you!

New Reviewer

i like everyone else redeamed points and never got my reward i was suppose to get a $50.00 target gift card almost a year now isnt there something that can be done about this it isnt right

New Reviewer

They are nothing more than a scam. There are NO rewards. I put in for mine in January and got nothing. They won't even answer emails.

New Reviewer

I as well have been a member of this site for many years and have received many reward cards over the years. But no longer! I redeemed points for 2 cards 6 months ago. ..I have emailed their lack of customer service many times with no response. After reading all the complaints I now realize the company is just a scam now. Years ago I would have gave praises an said I say don't waste your time!


New Reviewer

This site does not reward or even answer!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!! I worked really hard and received nothing!! You will be disappointed as I was and many others!!! I wish I had know this earlier before I wasted my time. I have participated in many sites and they have always come through with their promise but REWARD PORT is shameless and they do not honor their agreement. I really wish they could be removed from the internet.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I submitted 2 requests, one was 8500 points for a $25 Target Gift Card, and from the surveys a $50 Walmart Gift card. The Target card was 8-12 weeks, and the Walmart gift card was 4 weeks and since all the other sites that I am associated with pretty much adhere to their posted timeframes I started to email them about the gift cards when it was already over the time and of course did not receive any replies.

Then I found all of these complaints and after reading many of them I had almost decided that I would never see my rewards. I did contact some of their advertisers to let them know what was going on as suggested by several people, and will file with the Better Business Bureau. My time is important and I certainly do not want to waste it on a scam.

New Reviewer

I never receive or get a response from Reward Port, Inc. regarding my $25 Target gift card. I had to take legal action against the ripoff company and its website. I hope that Reward Port website gets shut down.

New Reviewer

Still waiting for about a year to receive my gift card from them. Iam aware they are a small place, but somebody could at least reply to me. Iam unemployed and really could use it.

New Reviewer

Have been waiting since Nov. 2012 for a $50 Walmart card. They do not respond to inquiries at all. I even tried getting the New Jersey Better Business Bureau involved because I saw at the bottom of a Reward Port email a NJ address. They even gave up because they could not get a response. I have now turned it over to the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Dept and am waiting to see if they can help. I think if enough people contact Consumer Affairs in New Jersey it might get some action.

New Reviewer

I've been with this site since July 2009. In the beginning, it did take 8-12 weeks to get rewarded once I redeemed points. That's way too long for the amount of emails they send every day, but at least I was getting the rewards. Then, like everyone else seems to be saying, in June 2012, I redeemed for an Amazon gift card. I waited 12 weeks before I made contact. Then I started emailing them on the first of every month from January to June of this year. Since June 16, I have emailed them every day, and today, I filed with the BBB. We'll see what happens, but this is ridiculous!

New Reviewer

I had been waiting since July 2012 for my gift card from the points I had redeemed. After several inquiries to their customer support as to the status of my reward I finally decided to contact their advertisers, copying Reward Port in on the email, letting them know that Reward Port does not fulfill their obligations, respond to their emails, and lays the blame on advertisers such as themselves for not paying them. I sent the emails on June 19th and received my gift card via email on the 22nd. I still have one gift card pending from points recently redeemed. I will contact advertisers again if it is not received within the 12 weeks. Once I get this gift card I am cancelling my account. It is pathetic that it took notifying their advertisers to finally get a response.

New Reviewer

I last redeemed my points for a $25 Walmart gift card in March of 2012. I never
receieved the gift card, they have never responded to any of my emails and are a
SCAM. They need to be shut down! I have reported them to the BBB and the
Attorney Generals Oiffice in NJ and the FTC. But they are still in operation. I
urge you to try and do the same. There is power in numbers.

New Reviewer

Like everyone else, I too tried to redeem my hard-earned points for a $25 Outback gift card in the beginning of March 2013. I waited 3 months and nothing, despite numerous emails to them etc, I never received an email back. I filed a dispute with the with the BBB, which is under investigation right now. Yes, in the past the BBB was satisfied with Reward Port's answer that it may take 8-12 weeks+ to receive a reward, but that was when people were still receiving them. Sounds like no one has received rewards for at least a year, according to the reviews on here, so the BBB may be dealing with a more serious complaint now. I won't delete my account because I want the proof of my earnings etc, but I send the rewardport emails now to my spam folder.......hopefully someone will start a class action suit against these losers :/ What a waste of everyone's time and effort!

New Reviewer

I redeemed for a $25 Walmart card in June 2012 and then for an Amazon e-card in January 2013 and still haven't received either. I emailed their support email and even looked up their phone number and called it but it was disconnected. Why is it that they are still doing business but they are treating us like this. I have been doing surveys and such for over 9 years and NEVER had any of them treat me this way.. It seems that I can't get their attention. I go to my profile and it says that my rewards are still pending.. Pending for what?

New Reviewer

Just like everyone else I have cashed in points and am currently waiting to get my reward. The same thing happened to me last yr. I wrote the BBB and requested arbitration, which they refused. The reply I got was that it takes time for the advertises, survey co and people who use their click emails to pay them. So that makes them have to wait to pay users. A FLAT OUT LIE. I'm sure if it took a company the better part of year to pay them they'd stop letting them advertise through them.
I called... no answer, I wrote... no answer. So I started writing all the companies who advertise through them.. all the shopping sites, all the click emails and survey companies and letting them know that reward port was giving them a bad reputation. And were claiming that they weren't able to pay users like me because of deadbeats like them.
How about my gift cards appeared in the mail. I shall do this again because now they owe me a 25 dollar Amazon gift card and aren't replying to any of my emails.

I suggest that everyone does this because the advertisers should know that they are being used as a scapegoat in a scam to rip people off. The only way to make companies like this respond is to hit them where it counts... the pocket.

New Reviewer

I've been with this company for many years and had redeem points for Amazon gift cards, which I received in 8 weeks, then I guess someone took the company over at the end of 2011, since then I tried to redeem on 1-2-12 and 9-12-12 and never received either, when I try to get in touch with them I get a wrong IP address's odd that they can fill up my box daily but I can't ask them a question

New Reviewer

I redeemed points for a $25 Walmart gift card which I should have received by July 2012 at the latest. It is now May 2013. I emailed. They responded wanting more detailed account information even when I had given them all I know. No further reply even after 5 additional emails. First problem I have had with the site, but have since stopped doing surveys, etc., because of this. Terrible business practice.

New Reviewer

I have redeemed twice and NEVER received either. They were amazon gift cards. This site (RewardPoints) is a fraud and should be taken off the Internet. It's a waste of time and a ripoff big time!! Don't sign up!!

New Reviewer

I cashed out for 7500 for a Walmart card on January 6,2013. I waited 8 weeks,then I contacted them. They did not respond,so after several failed attempts, I contacted the BBB. This is the first time that I had ever had trouble with them. I had been a member for a long time,I still get surveys from Rewardport Surveys,I never answer.

New Reviewer
4/29/13 owes me $50. Some of it since 20012. I am going to start sending complaint emails every time I check my email. I realize they may just put me in spam, but if everyone they owe starts doing that, maybe it will get us somewhere. Even if it just gets rid of them so they can't keep ripping off new survey takers.

New Reviewer

I've redeemed points before and other than it taking a long time, it was okay; that is until Oct.2012. Still waiting for my gift card and have sent two letters and have received nothing, nada, zilch.If you want to do surveys online and get paid for it, stay away from Reward Port. They told BBB that it was lag time between them being paid and them paying the survey takers. HORSEFEATHERS!Chalk these folks up as rip offs.

New Reviewer

I have redeemed points for 2 Walmart gift cards in the past with no problems. Then in October 2012, I redeemed points for another gift card and still haven't received it. No response to emails. I don't click on their emails anymore. I advise everyone to stay away from this site - - don't waste your time. The BBB won't do anything.

New Reviewer

They owe me TWO rewards, for MONTHS now, and I emailed them NUMEROUS times now, but get NO reply whatsoever! DON'T sign up with them!!!

New Reviewer

I cashed in my points on 05/24/12 and 03/13/2013 for a $25 Walmart gift card and a $10 Amazon gift card. I have yet to receive either of these items. I have emailed the company multiple times....they never respond. Giving this company 1-star is more than what they deserve.

New Reviewer

I have been with this site for almost 3 years now. I have earned/recieved in this time 4~ $25. Walmart gift cards. I earned enough points to recieve one more back on 9/18/'12. By the time 4 months had passed, I started to wonder what was going on. Now it's been 6 month's. I looked all over the help page and could find no customer service phone number, just their helpdesk email addy. I have written to them at least 3 times, to no avail. I'd asked them if I was the only one this was happening to or was there a problem? Not once have I gotten a response for them. Now I've landed on this page and I know now it's not just me! Then I decided to go to their Facebook page. Guess what guys? They don't have a page! Who doesn't have a page? Maybe they don't want a page, because they know it would probably look pretty much like this one. Darn it! Can't even complain or ask them any questions that way either.
Don't waste time on their emails anymore. Just send them to "Spam" and hope one day we all might get our gift cards. Does anyone know of a good laywer who could work pro bono and sue these guys for fraud? I'm sure they must be commiting some sort of it. I too had to give one star, it should be a Big Red Flag instead warning you to stay away!

New Reviewer

I have just filed a complaint with the BBB. I should of left this site last year after having a problem getting my gift card. But NOOO I had to try my luck on more time. They have not closed my account after complaining to them again. They are actually reading the emails I send them, they just do not reply. They are getting paid for these emails and shopping points that we do and ripping us off, shame on them. I will see if contacting the BBB works it did last year.

New Reviewer

nothing but a waste of time! they do not help and will not answer any email☻☻do not waste your time they just suck you in and they have multi- sites and they are all the same

New Reviewer

I've actually been a member of this site for more than 5 years and had successfully received 4 gift cards from them. I requested my most recent reward from them way back in Sept 2012 and I'm still waiting. I have written customer service multiple times and have not received a reply. I guess my luck has run out.

I'll keep my account with them in the hopes that they'll actually come through, but I no longer hold much hope.

New Reviewer

I have belong for a couple of years. I received a Wal-Mart card first time requested $25.00 Since NOV.2011 I have requested another $25.00 card and it has set in pending all this time. I receive 1 note April of last year telling they would get to me as soon as possible. Well I am still waiting! Sadder yet is I have racked up over 20000 in all . 30 letters no answer. my pc . had to be worked on & I rec. it back and could not retrive my password. I started all over again ,new name & password. started up again over1000 pts . can not get in touch with them BOY am I screwed ! Almost all other survey companys worked with me & changed me over.AM I STUPID OR WHAT ???? It may take longer to get points but " my points" is my favorite and they treat you right. chris

New Reviewer

Like so many others I have been waiting for over a year for my Wal-Mart gift card. So I'm going to go to BBB and report them and see what happens.

New Reviewer

Hey everyone, if you did not recieve you reward card please go to Better Business Bureau and start filing reports to give the site an awfull refiew and maybe get your rewards sooner

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Q: How do you report them to the BBB?
A: Well it will be a year soon and I never received my 50 dollar gift card from them that I redeemed. Its funny I received some other gift cards and they took awhile to come but NEVER is long. i SPENT ALOT OF TIME ON THERE BUT HAVE STOPPED DOING THEIR SURVEYS SINCE iM WASTING TIME.sAD thing is I HAVE MORE POINTS TO REdeem but its a dream. I emailed them and the first answer was were rennovating our site. The next emails were never answered so I wasted alot of time doing things on their site for no rewards as of late!!!! Id try another site if u want to join one try valued opinions!!!! I never heard of waiting almost a year for a walmart gift card and all my other points are there to redeem. Makes me soooooooooooooo mad!!!!
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