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RentToOwn reviews

9 reviews
Categories: Real Estate
Tel: +1.4252740657
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9 Reviews for RentToOwn

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New Reviewer

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SITE! They lure you with in with the promise of rent to own real estate but the options are few (I used it ONCE during the trail period). I was called by an "agent" and I told him I was no longer interested in the site, however, I was charged $49.60 two months later and told "there are no refunds".

New Reviewer

Like many other unfortunate consumers, my mother Sue was tricked by this website into an expensive recurring monthly bill. She cancelled, and yet was charged again for the next month. The agent she spoke with this evening was less than helpful when she called as he wanted to go home for the day, and curtly told her to fill out a form (which he never sent) requesting a refund and to submit it to their legal department. As stated in a voice message left tonight, she will be contacting the BBB and Attorney General, and filing a dispute with the bank unless she receives a refund for these charges.

New Reviewer

Signed up on the .99 trial.I emailed 3homes we were interested in and got emails back from the owners saying their homes were for sale not rent to own! I checked my checking account and on 12-12 they took out .99 and 49.60! I only used their site for 2days! Im def having them blocked from my checking account!

New Reviewer

I work for a Real Estate Company and we are not affiliated with Rent to Own in any way. All of our listings are on this site with FALSE, MISLEADING information. They are pulling information from somewhere without permission and adding FALSE information to the listings to entice you to join. You should not have to PAY a cent to search for properties or rental properties - call a real estate agent and get accurate information and representation. I rate this site -10 BAD.

New Reviewer

I set up account got a place but not through them, Went back and talked to some one and cancelled my account. The next month they charged me again. I told them that I had cancelled the month before and they could not find a record of cancelllation. Said they would put back money and cancell me it took 4 days. It didn't take 4 days to pull it out! don't do business with these people

New Reviewer

This site does what it sets out to, gives a list or rent-to-own homes for you to browse and you can sign up for a trial membership for only $1. If you don't find value in the homes you can cancel the membership. Pretty simple.

New Reviewer

Rent to own is Falsely advertising my house as a rent to own, it is not. It further promotes my listing as Owner financing, not true. I have not given Rent to own permission to hare information about my Home listing, If they are giving out information about my listing and charging people for this information they are committing Fraud.

New Reviewer

This is an amendment to my original complaint. I received a call from RENTTOOWN.ORG because they saw my review and they wanted to reach out to me to determine what happened. I called their customer service number and spoke to Bree. She was very kind and helpful.

In her message to me, she indicated that she had tried calling the number I listed, 866-295-5067, and it worked fine. I tried this morning and it worked fine. She also indicated that she was easily able to find the link for "contact us" when she examined the website. I checked again and did not have the same luck. I saw the "feedback" link for emailing feedback or cancelling subscriptions but there were no telephone numbers to be found. Bree also gave me a second valid number to customer service which is 888-556-3889.

Regardless, they are issuing me a full refund since I cancelled immediately after joining. My cancellation was due to the fact that there were not any listings in the areas I was looking to live in.

If you join this site, look for the areas that you want to live in. If they have good listings (larger cities), take advantage of what this site offers. If they do not have anything available, cancel immediately and save your cancellation email.

I officially retract my earlier complaint.
(earlier complaint)

This scam site deserves a - 5 star rating. I joined and cancelled within days of joining and they still charged my card the recurring fees. I called the telephone number on my bank statement, 866-295-5067, and got a message saying that this mailbox is not set up. I went back to the website to click on the "contact us" link only to discover that this link does not exist on their site. I did not discover this issue until a Saturday afternoon and when I called my bank, they refunded the charges but said that I needed to close my current debit card and get a new one. I now must wait 5 - 7 business days before I get my new card. It is clear that RENTTOOWN.ORG only wants your money and NOTHING else. AVOID THIS SCAMMER.


These lease to own home sites can be useful but I think consumers need to be aware of all of the pitfalls of these types of companies and agreements.

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