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New Reviewer

Redbubble simply brilliant. My favourite place to order. Friendly and informative.
I wish all companies were this good.
I have placed several orders, delivery is on time, goods are as expected. Tracking is fantastic.
Well done!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I was actually happy with working with Redbubble as a photgrapher and designer. That is, until they closed my account.
I went through all the proper channels to get the account re-instated. It has now been two months, I have sent close to 20 emails. Not a single response has been given to me. Legally they are obligated to re-instate my work and my account (according to Section 512(g)(3) of the DMCA) yet they are getting away with doing nothing by simply not responding.
Tried a live chat today to try and get some answers. What a waste of time. She couldn't even talk or contact other departments, nor could she give me any contact details.
Apart from this, I would've rated this website 5 stars. However, their blatant disregard for my issue for two months has been frustrating to say the least.

New Reviewer

I loved all the selection of shirts and was really excited to find a t-shirt my boyfriend would love for Christmas. I put my order in a few weeks before Christmas and the expected arrival date came and passed. I was quite upset because it had been over 2 weeks since it was supposed to be there. I contacted the site and they responded quickly and it magically appeared Christmas Eve morning. Will most likely not use this site again.

New Reviewer

I loved working with Redbubble!
Usually I'm very apprehensive with online shopping, but my two T-shirts came in on schedule, were brilliantly colored, and ,most importantly: correct. I have no complaints whatsoever, and will definitely buy from them again.

New Reviewer

I've been shopping at for the past two years now, and for the most part I've been completely satisfied. There's only one problem that really sticks out, the graphics stickers printed onto the shirts. They fade off fast, have quit a lot of missing spots where ink wasn't filled in, and bright colors often look extremely washed out. It's a decent enough site, it's not a scam, and they're prices for most items are reasonable. They have a good costumer support team and processing takes no longer than two days usually.

New Reviewer

So ive orderd from this website twice. Once in 2011, i had my 3 t-shirts sent to Norway. they got deliverd within the given time frame, they were really mindful about the VAT issues i might face and adjusted the product value accordingly. I was really pleased. .The t shirts are still in use..

i placed another order now in january, unfortunately i wrote my address wrong by missing the 3 in 31, so most likely my stuff was delivered to the wrong address. " in the UK, where i live".- i obviously didnt check this until after 4 week, as i know delivery to europe can take that amount of time. i contacted the company after not receiving my order, and realised the mistake. We agreed that i tried to contact the people living at the address where the package shoulve been delivered, but as i tried for a week but no response, ( robert) had my stuff reprintet and will send it to my corrected address'

As I paid 100 dollars for my stuff, i am really pleased by this, and i honestly expected to have to meet the company half way ( if i even was offered a discounted price at all) . The customer service reps responded to me within the hour. I work customer service myself, and this is really above average for what you get out there.

I will definitely order from them again. and thanks again for helping me out Jonathan and Robert.

New Reviewer

Exceptional customer service. I am someone who is always skeptical when purchasing online and seems to always have the worst luck with product/shipping. However, I cannot fault this site one bit. I have since ordered items from Redbubble three times and each time has been a success. The staff are helpful and friendly and their response is fast and effective. This was reinforced based on my second order where the size I chose was the wrong fit. I quickly emailed them and within hours the situation was rectify and they ended up sending me a free t-shirt. I really recommend that you guys check this site out as the products are unique and the service is flawless.

New Reviewer

I read some pretty shoddy reviews of redbubble after I had already placed an order and was very nervous. Turns out my fears were without reason. Yes, my first order took a whole to ship, but it's a custom item, let's be patient people. The item was a shirt for my friend and she loved it, as did I. So much so that I ordered two shirts for myself and my only do I absolutely love them, but they actually arrived a day earlier than expected. The clothes did come with that chemical smell, but they're freshly printed, so it was to be expected. I've yet to even need customer service, but I will definitely be order more shirts from them! (Do follow the sizing chart/advice and order a size up though. I am 5'2" 115 lbs and I needed a medium for sure, but I love the way the shirts fit!)

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE THIS SITE: I have have waited almost 4 weeks to get my tardis case she paid £2 for. The first case was clearly faulty - I posted pics of the printing fault on here weeks ago. Second replacement printing was delayed for some reason and has been nearly 2 weeks and I haven't received it. The customer service team do respond0 sometimes but they will not give me contact details for the senior members of staff to make a formal complaint. It's getting bloody ridiculous and I am having to email them daily. They want to send me a THIRD case out but I will only accept that if the case is sent out recorded delivery. I really can't be bothered with them anymore and ideally want a refund. Its appalling the way I have been treated. I am soooo pissed off!!!!

New Reviewer

Brilliant website. Bought a t-shirt for a gift at christmas it was perfectly soft and the design was printed beautifully. Bought stickers and they are very well printed and don't peel. Delivery does take a while but I expected that as I live in the UK and the site is based in USA. Just ordered 2 more t-shirts. Would highly recomend this website.

New Reviewer

I got a shirt for a gift, and I had told my aunt exactly which style and size I wanted. Unfortunately I messed up the style, and decided I wanted to return in. I waited about a month to start the return process as well, and it was still easy as ever! The costumer service is AMAZING. They gave me enough store credit to cover shipping on the new product I bought as well. It's so hard trying to figure out what style a shirt is online and how it will fit, and redbubble makes returns so so easy that it's not a problem.

New Reviewer

Well I only ordered stickers and was not really happy. The colors were good but all stickers have a really wide white boarder and it makes the stickers look like crap so I won't be getting stickers again

New Reviewer

I love how Americans $#*! about late deliveries. You should live in the ass of the world for a while, then you'd know what waiting really means.
RedBubble is fantastic. The tees I ordered arrived within the estimated time frame, the printing is great (doesn't wash out at all), and so is the quality of the clothing itself.
But you need to know how to tell a good design from a bad one. ANYBODY can sell on RB, so you can expect some of the t-shirts offered to be pixelated, poorly cropped or blurry. Just avoid those, and you'll be fine.

New Reviewer

This place has wonderful customer service. There was a mistake in the order I placed on-line regarding the number of items I ordered and they went way out of their way to remedy the problem. Truly great service. And the item (which was a gift) was a big hit.

New Reviewer

I bought a flatbush zombies sweatshirt from this site had no problems with shipping or anything. Took a bought a week or two to come in. The only thing that I didn't like about my product was that the quality of the print was lower than I expected. My biggest complaint is that when received my product it smelt foul like it was doused in vineagar and sweat and was covered in what looked like cat hair. Kinda disgusted. Wouldn't really mind this quality if I had paid 15 dollars instead of 50.

New Reviewer

Do not order from this site. I was promised 4 shirts in time for Christmas. The estimated delivery date is now January 3, 2014. I've emailed them 3 times with no response from them at all. I'm a first time and LAST TIME customer. I should have read these negative reviews and stayed away from using them. I also should have known something was fishy when they do not have any phone number listed to call them with any problems!

New Reviewer

If I could give them zero stars I would. I ordered an item on Nov. 10 and was told it would arrive in 10 days. On Nov. 22 I received an email saying that it had just been shipped FROM AUSTRALIA (I live in the U.S.). I got another email assuring me it would arrive by Dec. 13 -- it's still not here. I am hoping it will arrive by Christmas since it was supposed to be a gift. They told me it was coming via UPS but supplied no tracking number so I can't even find out where it is. I think they are a bunch of disorganized dip$#*!s.

New Reviewer

For all those who mention customs charges, just want you to know they do in fact reimburse you. Quite quickly to add! Additionally, their customer service is top notch. when you first email them, they said a automated response, THEN They get back to you within a day. They're super friendly and helpful people!!

New Reviewer

Best customer service I've had in a long time! I ordered the wrong size tee shirt and when I emailed to ask for a refund, they told me to give the shirt away as a gift or to charity. They then credited my account for the total amount I paid and let me purchase whatever I wanted for that same amount.

New Reviewer

I ordered six stickers through redbubble. I was actually only planning to order one sticker through the site but it had a deal where if I added five more stickers I would get half off all stickers. I ordered around Nov 27-28 (I can't remember which) and had my order arrive on Dec 11. So the shipping was a little slow for six stickers but overall I like the quality of the stickers (they are vinyl so I can remove the stickers fairly well and re-stick them onto other things too). They also sent me a big sticker of their logo but I don't think I'll be using that anywhere. I'm not sure about the quality of other merchandise from this site, but I might order stickers from there again. I do have to mention that some of the stickers are a bit fuzzy because the image size wasn't correct, however I really liked the images of the stickers I chose so it wasn't too big of a deal for me that they were a bit fuzzy.

New Reviewer

I ordered a "rap god" hoodie and it has a image of the words and it's clear. I got it today the delivery was great. But the rap god word has the song lyrics in it. But you the whole thing is blurry. You can't even read the lyrics. So if your ordering something with a lot of small print. WATCH OUT

New Reviewer

Great service! I used PayPal for fast and easy payment, and my shirt arrived in the time they told me it would arrive. I am very happy with this company and will order from them again. I searched the interwebs high and low for the design I wanted because I got scared of all the bad reviews, but after not being able to find it, I decided I would give RedBubble a try, and I WILL be ordering from them again. Don't let the crap reviews get to you. I didn't. And I LOVE my new shirt.

New Reviewer

Over a month for the items to arrive, then had to pay £11.30 Customs charge. This is a known problem to them if you read the reviews on here and on their support forum. They are deliberately avoiding paying UK Tax, which results in a very slow delivery service and the fact you have to go to the post office to pay the charges. On their website it says this, "As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times, additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Redbubble is not liable for any additional customs import taxes or duties."

New Reviewer

Wouldn't touch with a barge poll! Late arrival (two weeks past expected date and missing birthday it was meant for) and hidden charge of £11.30 (thanks HMRC you thieving swine).

New Reviewer

Great looking website let down my shoddy garments and sh*te customer service. The happy go lucky, hippy dippy communications from this company are laughable - leaving the customer wondering when and if the overpriced tat will ever arrive.
For UK customers, you're advised to go shop elsewhere... not too sure about US customers... my experience with RedBubble leaves me feeling numb and ripped off to the extent not even a paypal dispute would be worth the hastle over the lack of quality of their products.
I only wished I read about this company before ordering... be warned and stay away from RedBubble... there are far better e-tailers out there... better quality can be had from an inkjet printer transfer and the t-shirt quality.... less than desired... shrunk next to nothing in the first cool wash and now totally useless to me.
I don't normally rant about websites, offering mediocre quality.. this one totally destroyed any hope of me purchasing similar products without seeing them first.

New Reviewer

i wouldn't buy another item from them if they paid me. first of all i had to collect it from the post office myself because the charges for entering the country still had to be paid. i thought that was what postage costs included. the tshirt was only half printed. i could not get in touch with them regarding the problem. i sent them two emails and when they did decide to reply it looked like someone had hit a wrong button. it did not make any sense. i had to show it to a few people because it looked so silly. eventually i went to trading standards on how to deal with a refund. they gave me some good advise and it is currently being investigated. my daughter has had to save up to treat herself and then she has to deal with this. i would strongly advise you don't touch them with a barge pole. this t-shirt was bought in august. it is now almost november and it is only just starting to be looked into.

New Reviewer

They suspended my account without warning or an email. Tried to reach out and nothing. I'm an artist and I think they stole my images. Stay away from Redbubble, for sure a scam.
NO costumer service AT ALL!!

New Reviewer

TOTAL SCAM. Avoid this site and avoid patronizing this company. Don't be surprised if your credit card is breached as a result. Hit my card, NEVER produced any merchandise, will not return e-mails. Sorry I ever used them in the first place. If I had to do it all over again.....

New Reviewer

DISGUSTED TO BE HIT WITH A £11.30 CUSTOMS CHARGE , this site is in the USA , it portrays as a UK based site if you rae in the uk , I have like many others been hit with a £11.30 customs charge . DO NOT USE THIS SITE IF YOU ARE IN THE UK .

New Reviewer

I had some shipping issues that were totally my fault and they were wonderful in working with me fixing the issue. I was very disappointed however with the quality of the clothing itself. For nearly $60 I expected a much heavier hoodie. What I got barely qualifies as a sweatshirt. I will not be doing business with them again because of it.

New Reviewer

Stay away. They are terrible. This is some kind of a scam. I have been trying for weeks to get two t-shirts I ordered delivered sent to me. They keep (supposedly) shipping it to the wrong zip code. I am starting to think this is just a scam to get charge card numbers or something! They have no customer service, just a computer auto response. STAY AWAY!!!!!

New Reviewer

I had read a lot of the reviews on this website as I was quite worried when I found out it was a US based company and not UK as I first thought. I have to say that I did contact them concerning duty charges before my order came and they emailed back saying they would foot the cost if I produced proof of charge. I ordered on the 21st of September and got an email of despatch on the 23rd. The items came on the 28th which I thought was very good and what's more I didn't pay any duty. I ordered 16 cards which I don't think I would have got anywhere else because the designs were really unusual. I am really happy with them and the service. I know larger items have been a problem for some but I would definitely give them a go for unusual and very reasonably priced cards.

New Reviewer

I ordered t shirts from them.
I didn't expect them to take 3 weeks to turn up!
I paid in pounds so was (naively?) not expecting it to come from the USA, which it does if you look into it.
Now it has turned up they want me to pay £15 customs charge!
They do not mention that anywhere obvious.

I will stay well away from that website from now on.

New Reviewer

I ordered a shirt from there a few months back. The shipping time was rather high (it was USA to EU so it's understandable), but it was within the timeframe they said the delivery would take place. Product was high quality and very affordable. I will definitely order again.

New Reviewer

August 2013:
Great design choice, chose a hoodie and t-shirt to judge quality and fitting (I need XS in UK so finding clothes that fit is difficult).
Order took an extra 3 days than the 10 working days stated.
Also had to pay £11.30 customs charge at the post office depot (I didn't have to pay when ordering from EMP, also USA based.)
Upon opening:
Minimal packaging (Good)
Good fitting
However the designs on both garments was printed on, rather than being embedded in the fabric. From previous experience, this tends to lower the wearable life of the garment and can crack/peel after a few washes.

As a student, I cannot afford to keep paying the customs tax. This and the print quality would stop me buying again.

New Reviewer

This is a warning to UK customers purchasing from She bought two T-Shirts and the UK customs charged an additional £3.30 VAT plus an £8 administration charge.

New Reviewer

ordered a shirt as a gift for someone's birthday with like 2 and a bit weeks to arrive thinking it'd come well within time, especially as the delivery said it'd take 8 days or so, it arrived a week late,the worst part was the shirt looked shoddily made, absolutely terrible,the print was faded and scraggy. Not happy with delivery, product and especially price.Never using the site again.

New Reviewer

Wonderful site I would recommend it to everyone!! The designs were fantastic and I ordered 5 tees and 1 hoodie. They arrived a day before they were meant to and all the designs were beautiful. The hoodie is a light weight hoodie but is still incredibly comfortable. I had a problem with one of the tees as it was a slightly different colour, I filed for a return and within a day they offered me a full refund or store credit and they also let me keep the top!!! Absolutely wonderful site

New Reviewer

Robert: Hi
→Here is why I won't be ordering from Red Bubble any more:
→every time I go to log in, it says my username and password is incorrect
→that's just not true
→so every time I want to look at something, I have to send a new password to my email
Robert: This might help:
→it's too annoying, and I won't be buying any more
→I'm not an idiot, I know how to log into things
→you have a problem in your coding
→talk to the programmers
→clearly you aren't reading/listening to what i'm saying
→obviously I have resent my password in order to log in
→you proceed to send me a link telling me how to reset my password?
→way to go red bubble
→Thanks ROBERT, I'll be sure to let everyone know how helpful you were
Robert: Did all of the information in the link prove useful? :)
→Listen Raj, you need more training
→decide not to hit that enter button?
→come on, give me some more gold for my blog
Robert: Have you tried all of the suggestions in that link?
→name all the suggestions for me
Robert: Please read the link.
→I don't know how to read
→tell me why your programming is lacking
→was it also outsourced to India?
Robert: We are here in the US. Yet how can we help you specifically? Please try the suggestion we are providing.
→please read this conversation
→I have already done that multiple times
Robert: DOne what exactly?
Robert: Done
→read the link
→all of that
→so now what's the next step
Robert: If you've tried all of the steps in the link, perhaps you would like to clear your cache and cookies.
→why don't I have to do that with the other 5 websites I log into everyday?
→too much effort
→I can buy this stuff from other vendors without the programming issues
Robert: Clearing cookies and cache may be of assistance.
→Yeah you mentioned that
Robert: Did that work for you?
Robert: If all of the information provided in the link did not prove useful, nor the clearing of the cache and cookies, you are welcome to contact us here:
Robert: Thanks for contacting us.
→Again let me remind you that I will not be purchasing from Red Bubble and I will be posting this online for others to be forewarned.
→Thanks for the "help"
Robert: Have a nice day.

New Reviewer

I was able to buy 2 iphone cases at resonable prices that were super unique and awesome!!! Not only was i able to get a coupon for 10% off, but it also arrived earlier than i expected! The site said they would arrive in 7-10 days, but i assumed it would take longer since most of the time things i order take longer than stated! My cases were shipped august 13th and they arrived august 23! I will use this site again!

New Reviewer

Easy to buy at reasonable prices. Support is super helpful, quick to respond and nice. Hotmail filtered the response into my spam but that's okay, I've fixed that. Arrived way earlier than advertised.

New Reviewer

The price was high and service was slow, and they lied about when they shipped my order. When they did ship it from US to Canada, they routed it through Germany.

When the shirt arrived, the quality was terrible.

New Reviewer

Do not order here. This is overseas. If there is a problem with your order, you cannot contact anyone and no one will respond to you. There is no way to track orders and they don't give refunds! Aghh. I can't believe I was so stupid to order from them without researching first. I am so bummed. There is some weird email form that no one even answers.It just sends you an automatic response. It literally tells you to be nice in your emails! That just tells me they have a lot of angry customers.

New Reviewer

I'm in the UK. I found the Redbubble website. It offered me to buy t-shirts in UK sterling, (£), it told me delivery would be a normal sounding £4.80, what I'd expect for domestic delivery, what it didn't tell me was that it was based in US and that I would get stiffed for £11.30 customs tax and have to wait over 3 weeks. However, to be fair, they did refund my £11.30 customs tax, but told me the following:
"You can find out the origin of your items and the delivery estimates on our shipping and delivery page....As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times, additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, Redbubble is not liable for any additional customs import taxes or duties."
Why would I think of searching for this information when they make it appear like the merchandise will be of UK domestic origin by not informing me otherwise??? Redbubble need to take the responsibility to tell customers before checkout where they are based, giving the customer the choice whether to proceed or not, but then they'd lose custom from EU countries so of course they're not going to do that. Also, as an ex-screen printer myself, I can safely say the print quality on the Redbubble shirts isn't so impressive. So, if you are not resident in US, expect a lllooonnnggg delivery time and a customs tax bill for an average quality product.

New Reviewer

MY ORDER IS A MONTH LATE! I ordered a Tshirt and a 6 stickers about a month ago. Only the stickers arrived but the Tshirt hasn't! They said they didnt have my correct address - but then how did my stickers arrive? There go a good $35 of mine! NEVER USING THIS SITE AGAIN!

New Reviewer

i ordered a 'Man Of Steel' tee shirt for my son from Redbubble, and i have to say i am impressed with the quality of the cloth and print design.
ok, you can buy similar designs in stores but i thought it was a nice touch that i can support an independent artist.
delivery was a little slow, however as a U.K. resident i cannot complain too much.(which is normal in our country)
The sense of fun written into the text on this site was a refreshing change to some other websites. Made it feel more refreshing and written by a real human being.
would i shop there again?..of course i would!

New Reviewer

WOW! I am a first time customer, and HUGELY impressed. I ordered a T-shirt for my son, and tracking said it was delivered, but it didn't arrive. I did a Live Chat with Red Bubble, and even though I wasn't a long-time customer, and even though I had a small order, and even though I could have been lying, they kindly offered to send a replacement. When it turned out that the original order had been delivered to the wrong house a few blocks over, I called and told Red Bubble, and they said just keep both. This is a CLASSY and GREAT company. I will definitely be a repeat customer! (PS My son LOVES the shirt--both the fabric and the printing is top quality and it has lasted perfectly through quite a few washes!

New Reviewer

There was a time when I thought my artistic talent is going to waste. I was looking for authentic art pieces that are not sold en masse. For some artists like me, finding a place to market their artworks can be hard. We cannot set up a gallery that easy as it will require time, effort and, of course, money. To buyers, frequenting galleries can also be daunting as it would require them to allot precious time and effort in going to-and-from the place.
With, both of my needs were answered. For artists, graphic designers and other creative thinkers like us, this is one place where you can simply sign-up and market our wares.
Shoppers like us would really find it a delightful thing that so many options for shopping are actually available there. You should check out this site when you have a chance. You’ll enjoy it there!

New Reviewer

This site has NO costumer service available at all. :( It's so frustrating. You can't call them, when you e-mail them, you get automatic answer with useless and unrelated suggestions :( I dot defective shirt, with part of the paint missing from the print. I am trying to contact this company for 4 days already with no results, just automated responses with promises, that someone would answer:(

New Reviewer

I'm not happy with this site, not only do they not answer their emails, my Card still hasn't arrived its over a week late, please don't use this site. Rubbish.

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