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RaveReady reviews

60 reviews
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60 Reviews for RaveReady

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New Reviewer

I've only ordered an Electronic Family bracelet. That's been a month of waiting and counting. I thought I would've a great experience. I've ordered several pieces of equipment from Amazon and received big packes in 2 business days

Ask dj about RaveReady
New Reviewer

This is the first time I've ever purchased anything from raveready, and my experience was great. Alexia upgraded my shipping speed for free so my purchase would come in time for EDC NY. 5 star costumer service from her, and she respond extremely fast as well. I'll be using this site often and telling my friends all about it. Hands down the best site for festival gear and fantastic customer service. Going to be using this site until I stop raving!

New Reviewer

Ive ordered from raveready on several occasions (order number 59741 on 4/15/2014) and have yet to be disappointed! They email you every step of the way and I always receive my items within a week of me ordering them. Not to mention that they are always my go-to for anything i need for festivals and events and they have so many cute things! Im actually about to go order more stuff for this coming up electric daisy carnival!! love love love raveready!!

New Reviewer

It is affordable compared to other sites. but you have to contact them through the chat online. the phone is never available for help =[ alot of the items are back ordered, so i recommend chatting with them to make sure your item is in stock.

New Reviewer

I never ordered from this site until recently (mainly because of the reviews stating they never received their items nor received refunds), as I am sure this would discourage many people; however, I received my order fairly fast (ordered on 4/14/14, received that same week) and was very pleased with how they fit. I am about 5’2 and although the wraps looked rather long when I removed them from the bag, they fit perfect! I definitely will be a returning customer.
(Order#: 59712)

New Reviewer

I loved everything I got in my order (#: 59770). They were really good about getting my stuff to me in a quick amount of time and their clothes are always true to size! I have nothing but good things to say about them and I recommend them to every one of my friends.

I ordered my stuff on 04/15/2014, they shipped it out on 04/16/2014, and I got them on 04/19/2014.

New Reviewer

I can't lie I was extremely nervous because it was my first time ordering here but I did. Within 2 weeks I received all my items. one thing I did not like was that they sent everything separately which freaked me out knowing how crazy I am with my stuff. but happily I got everything I needed ! I will definitely order again from there.

New Reviewer

I am still kicking myself for ordering with RaveReady over A YEAR LATER. I placed an order last April of $75 for a concert that May. Once May rolled around, I never received any of the items and everything was "backordered." Since I didn't need the items anymore because it was solely for my show, I cancelled and wanted my money back. 1 YEAR LATER I do not have my $75. I have e-mailed them countless times and no answer (because they don't want to listen to the people they already scammed). 6 months after my order, I commented about their bad service on their Facebook only to have one of the employees ask me "why I'm not on the online chat talking to a representative." Okay $#*!, I go to the website and talk to Alexia. "Oh, it says you're check was sent 2 months ago." Yeah okay. I'm sure it was. I asked her to resend me one since I did not receive the first check. She tries talking me out of check to a store credit because "its going to take a long time." Frankly, at this point I didn't care how long it took. I already waited 6 months to get nothing. I told her I want one resent to me, and apparently she resent it to me. Here I am 6 months later, no check, no e-mails, no contact. I saved our entire conversation so they will be hearing from me again. The only reason why a year later I am still even trying is because this shouldn't allowed. I know I am not the only person that this has happened too. I believe they scam the $#*! out of their customers that masked behind "good customer service." I ordered from RaveReady two previous times and I had no issue. So this is how they treat a returning customer? I will NEVER order from them again because of this horrible experience. Please do NOT give these people your money or business.

New Reviewer

I recently placed an order through RaveReady and hopped onto their website a couple of hours after making my purchase to check on order status. It said that one item in my order was on back order, but that everything else had shipped. I needed the item for an event less than a week away, so I signed onto their LiveChat feature and Alexia was very helpful in giving me the information I needed to ensure I had something in time for the show. We followed up the next day on my slightly revised order and she confirmed that it had shipped out AND that they had upgraded me to priority shipping free of charge! Alexia is super helpful and I am extremely happy with the customer support I received from her. The only reason RR doesn't get a 5-star rating from me is that there is no way to tell if a certain size on their website is sold out. If they could figure out a way to fix this issue, I'd be RAVING about all that they do. =)

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of fluffies and wasn't sure if I was going to receive them in time for the show that I am attending in March but I went ahead and ordered them anyways. Then I noticed that there was a chat with someone now button, so I asked my question about shipping time and got a reply almost instantly. I was chatting with Alexia and she was so much helped. She was able to process my order right then and there to make sure I would get my fluffies in time. It is so refreshing to have such great customer service as well as to have to ability to directly talk to someone from raveready to get direct answers. Everytime I have purchased from here the service has been amazing as well as their products.
I recommend this sight to anyone looking for rave gear :)
There are definitely PLUR vibes at raveready <3

New Reviewer

I have used raveready 2 times. They are fast on getting me my clothes, but unfortunately I only received 1 leg wrap when I purchased them. I was extremely disappointed since I had a huge festival to go to the next day. Other than that they are awesome & I like them.

New Reviewer

I made an order for over $100 over a year ago, i waited months for them to get the stock in and they didnt have it by the time my event came around. I then asked for a refund to which they told me ok but it may take a while to process, i have now been waiting over 8 months for my refund and still have not gotten my money back and every time i send an email asking how my refund is coming, the only reply i get is 'its being processed'. So a week ago i asked them to fill the store credit that they kept offering me instead of my money because clearly i am not getting my refund, i included the items that i wanted and now they will not even reply to my emails. They gave me a code for store credit but it doesnt work, i have entered it in and it tells me the code is invalid.
They have stolen $100 off me and kept it for over a year with nothing in return, this company is fake and is just scamming you for your money!!!!

New Reviewer

I emailed customer service and asked to have some lights and pants overnighted about 4 hours later I got an email and back and they asked me to place the order and email them the order number. Not only did they express me what I needed last minute, they didn't even charge me extra! Totally super plur of them. They've won me over for life.

New Reviewer

I've used them about 5 times and never really had a problem. They recently started adding whether items are in stock or out right on the item pages so that has been a big help. It's the only shop I trust for real rave stuff.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of fluffies about 8 months ago and I've still not received my product in which I paid 50 bucks for!!!!!!!!! I've contacted them several times and they keep saying they're working on it but why is it taking so long?! I'm extremely upset with this website and have decided that I will not be ordering from them ever again!!!!

New Reviewer

Not only do they have a great selection, but their customer service is amazing!

I see a lot of reviews talking about items not being in stock or an item taking a long time to ship, however, how many people actually contacted after they didn't receive any notifications?

I emailed them back after a few days of not hearing anything about shipping and the nicest customer support person ever, let's call her "A", responded to my email within hours and let me know that my item was out of stock. Not a big deal to me because i know a lot of places don't have everything i want in stock. So i emailed her back another item that i wanted, within the hour she emailed me back letting me know it is in stock, she updated my order and that i would receive shipping information the next day!

I am blown away by their customer service, response time and overall business practices.

I will continue to shop here and will make sure that I tell all of my friends to shop at Rave Ready!


New Reviewer

This is The WORSTTTT Website to but anything from. I ordered a pair 2 pair of fluffies 3 months ago and have still NOT received them!!! First they called after a month of not recieving them and told me they would be in the mail in a week... that was 2 months ago. Every time you call their customer service it goes to voicemail forcing you to leave them an email that they never reply to!! If you're looking to buy anything for a rave make sure that you purchase a couple years in advance or NOT AT ALL!!

New Reviewer

They do not tell u that an item is out of stock or on back order. Then they ship it 2 or even 3 months later. REALLY!!! After 3 months I don't want the product by that time I reordered from someone else. Don't waste your time...order from someone else like Yandy. They have a better selection and Amazing customer service.

New Reviewer

I honestly wanted to like they have an amazing selection of fluffies at good prices however this means NOTHING considering that you'll never receive your order. They don't tell you whenever you order that almost EVERYTHING on there website is on backorder (really thinking that they don't have an actual warehouse) & whenever you try to call them, you are on hold for about 2 minutes then a recording says to call back later or email them. I tried emailing them multiple times only to receive automatic responses saying my item should be back in stock within one week. 3 weeks went & I still only received that same email over & over again. Also this may be a coincidence but my card was compromised a few days after cancelling my order...hmmm... anyways! don't waste your time with this company. Take your business elsewhere (

New Reviewer

ive used on multiple orders now. you wont find a better selection anywhere on the web! but what sold me and has made me a life long customer isn't the absolutely great selection... it is the amazing tech support. im an engineering and spend 10 hours a week on tech support and I have NEVER had a tech group this knowledgable or willing to help. idk if im supposed to name names in this but tech support has SAVED me on many occasions now:) be smart..... spend that hard earned money here and don't waste it somewhere else. thank you again guys n gals. see ya come rave time!!!!!!!;) annnnnd. since im currently on an open chat with this glorious tech support... let me give a huge thank you and shout out to ALEXIA-tech support guru! shes amazing. and needs a raise;) hint hint

New Reviewer

First I should start off with saying, rave ready has the widest selection of rave wear than any other site I've shopped with. That being said, they have a huge warehouse of stock and inventory and you should order your items in ample time for them to be shipped. However I placed an order a little less than a month ago and they've already personally contacted me switch out an item on back order so I could get my purchase on time. And the customer service rep Alexia was a great help! Other places may send faster but guaranteed limited selection

New Reviewer

I placed an order of about 5 items, 1.5 MONTHS ago, half of them is still "PROCESSING". The items were never listed as out of stock.

Placed another order about ONE MONTH ago, it still hasn't turned up yet, status is still "processing" while the item description said "in stock".


will never ever buy from here again.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY. I placed two orders with RaveReady. The first was for about 10 items, many of which I wanted for an event a month out. After about a week and a half, I contacted customer service because I had not been charged nor had the status of my items changed. Per customer service, many of the items were on back order and they were "expecting a shipment to come in today." I checked the items on the site, and about 3/4 of them did NOT say out of stock, so I was a little confused. Magically, however, 1/2 my order shipped the next day. About 2 weeks later, the additional items were still outstanding. After another live chat session with customer service, a few more magically shipped. Two weeks later, I still have 3 items outstanding. I got in touch with Alexia, who was the only one who really seemed like she knew what she was doing. Per Alexia, 2 of those items were in stock and 1 was on backorder. BUT they had cancelled my order. I had not been charged, which I appreciated, but wasn't notified that it had been cancelled, nor did the order status switch from "Processing" to "Cancelled."

In the meantime, they had an excellent sale on fluffies so I placed an order for white fluffies about a month in a half in advance from when I needed them. No rush. A month later, STILL NO FLUFFIES. I have been told 3 conflicting things from people. First they were "expected to arrive today" which was 2 weeks ago. Then last week, when I was charged, I was told they were packed and awaiting pick up for shipment. Today I was told they are not in stock. They are still listed as in stock online.

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING COMPANY TO WORK WITH AND THERE IS ALMOST NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR PRODUCTS. Stay away. I would highly suggest iheartraves - fast shipping and much better customer service. Raveready customer representatives will straight up LIE to you with an exclamation point to get you to shut up.

New Reviewer

Do not buy from this company. They are unavailable when you try to call and check an order, their online chat is ALWAYS offline and they do not respond to email inquiries.
It's got scam written all over it.

New Reviewer

I ordered two items on this website on October 22nd. I hoped and expected to have both my items shipped and delivered by November 23rd which given my shipping and delivering estimed time, would be completely reasonable. However, after 2 weeks of no emails in regards to my items being shipped, I checked my order status to see that my items were still processing.. after two weeks! They hadn't even shipped. To top it all off when I called to talk to a representative, I would be put on hold for maybe one minute while I waited for a representative to take my call, and if nobody picked up, they would just hang up on me and I would have to call again. After about 15 tries to get ahold of somebody I emailed the customer support address and sent the same email about 5 times to get my point across. this was on november 10th, I didn't even get a response until yesterday.. November 21st.. what a joke! And when you call the automated message mentions numerous times how quickly you will get customer service by emailing them.. Not true. I do not reccommend this website. Buy from somewhere else or you will never see your items.

New Reviewer

Order placed in Feb. took the money but no merchandise!! Still and this is October. They answer the phone tell you someone will be with you shortly then come back on and tell you to email them, in which they do not respond.

New Reviewer

No. Just don't do it.

I ordered a white lace top and red fluffies....

Instead they sent me a red lace top and still.... no fluffies. I thought the company looked really cool, but I should have just ordered from yandy. Super dissapointed. Never again.

New Reviewer

There are so many items to choose from on this site with ranges in color. I received a pair of fluffies that perfectly fit the description on the webpage and were made from quality material. My package also arrived earlier than the time predicted. Overall, I had no problems.

New Reviewer

Their online chat customer service is beyond excellent!

New Reviewer

So many color choices for fluffies on this site! Can't wait to buy another pair for halloween. I'm obsessed.

New Reviewer

This site has everything I need, Goin to life in color and got what I was missing from my outfit, From here on, this site will be the first on my list when looking for rave items.

New Reviewer

my order got to me within 3 days of placing the order, and everything was exactly as described. i love the extra stickers they sent me! thanks rave ready!

New Reviewer

In one word I would describe Rave Ready as AWESOME. They offer a wide selection or rave attire and/or halloween outfit supplies. I have been completely satisfied with my purchases and love the products I have ordered. I would recommend Rave Ready to everyone because of their wide assortment of products and colors, easy checkout, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Well done Rave Ready!

New Reviewer

Rave Ready has the most amazing customer service team that I've ever had to talk to! I ordered a furry hood, on September 1st. I got an email the next day (September 3rd) saying that it wasn't available along with links to other hoods I might have an interest in.
At first, I was discouraged by this, but then later found out that the company that was making the hood was going out of business. Learning this, I chose one of the furry hoods they recommended. I got my furry hood 3 short days later and couldn't be happier :). Oh, and the customer service isn't a computer, it was an actual person.

New Reviewer

This was the worst online experience I've ever had. I placed an order in early May for a costume event three weeks later (usually this is WAY more than enough time to receive an order from any other online store I've ever dealt with.) It did not arrive in time for my event and I had to purchase another costume. I wrote three emails asking when it might arrive and didn't receive a response for more than a month. They promised it would be shipped soon, so I waited. We exchanged a few more emails, they kept saying it would be a bit longer.....It is now September. My order still has not arrived. They tried getting me to change my order... Finally I simply cancelled it. Horrible. I would never, ever place an order with RaveReady again.

New Reviewer

This is a really amazing website!! Apart from all their awesome clothing and accessories, I think the best part about Rave Ready is their staff! They are so friendly and helpful, I'll never shop anywhere else for rave attire!! The love!

New Reviewer

I ordered a few things off Rave Ready for a few music festivals and absolutely love what i got! Has all the looks I am going for and too be honest I cant stop wearing their clothing now, even when I am not raving!

New Reviewer

RaveReady is the best site I've ever used for any rave gear! I never go anywhere else for anything for raves. It also has amazing and totally rocking clothing! Love this site so much!

New Reviewer

Their products are of great quality, and their prices are the lowest I've seen for the same or comparable products. I ordered my product and it arrived a few days later. I was very satisfied with my order with this company!

New Reviewer

I doubt half these reviews are real, I've made like 15 orders over the last few years and never once had a problem besides some items being out of stock. Their new instant messaging chat thing is great so you can talk to them right away without having to wait on hold.

New Reviewer

I have a similar problem to all the reviews I have been reading on here.
I was sent an e-mail saying that the items were no longer in stock and that they should come in soon. I've never gotten my items, its been about four months. They have completely stopped e-mailing me back. I have lost all hope of getting my money back.
Please help me by filing a complaint with the American government so that this will not happen to anyone else.

New Reviewer

Did anyone else get this bs email from them?


We are currently waiting for a shipment from our manufacturer for the items that you ordered. Please be assured that as soon as we receive that said shipment, we will be able to promptly get your package out to you. We deeply apologize for the delay, and for any inconveniences we may have caused.

I find it funny how i send an email get no response, then right after calling and going straight to voice mail, i get this email response.

New Reviewer

I ordered led poi on 6/18 14 days later i have yet to recieve my package. I tried calling the number on the site but it doesn't go through. It can not be completed as dialed and asks to check if I have put in the correct number. From the reviews below i assume i got scammed and I can't find a way to track my package like they said I would. I found this site It may help everybody. Also if we all report it, hopefully no body else will get scammed.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I ordered from this site 3 weeks ago and still haven't received my order. Their customer service hotline is a load of crap and nobody is ever available to speak with. Wish I woulda read the reviews before I put my order in. From the looks of everyone else's comments I think this site is a scam and I will never order from these @$$holes again!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered on April 8th, it is now May 27th, and still nothing from my order has shipped! 7 weeks! When the order was placed, everything was denoted as "In Stock". On April 16th,the order status was still "processing". I sent an email to Alexia(if she's real", to inquire why my order had not shipped yet. 2 days later, she explained that all 3 items were on back order and that I should probably pick out a different set of UFO's, as they did not know if they would ever have the ones I picked out in stock again. We emailed back and forth to find a set that was actually in stock, and it took 4 options to find a pair. I wasn't happy, but was willing to make the change to get the order. After a few more weeks, and a few more bs emails from Rave Ready, I requested a partial order shipment of whatever was in stock. They said this was impossible, I'm assuming this was because they lied about having anything in stock. I worked for 70+ hours creating a custom dread wig & costume for Knife Party at the Ocean Club's summer opener in Boston, to go with the red/yellow/blue fluffies I had ordered from Rave ready. I went to the show in an incomplete costume, which I was very upset about. I have now stopped receiving emails and responses to my inquiries as of May 16th, and have told them I will be reporting them to my Bank for theft. DO NOT ORDER FROM RAVE READY AS YOU WILL NOT BE RAVE READY BY EVENT DAY! THESE ARE BURNT OUT RAVERS THAT ARE STEALING INNOCENT PEOPLE'S MONEY! AGAIN, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. I will never order from these thieves again. I have filed a dispute through my bank and got my money back in just a few days. I strongly suggest you do the same.

New Reviewer

On March 7, 2013 I ordered Black fluffies, Black Industrial Net Footless Thigh High Leg Warmers, Insanity Black Glitter TuTu, & Insanity Green TuTu (Which was awful. Cheap, thin material.) for $74.81. I received my package and everything was there except for the Black Industrial Net Footless Thigh High Leg Warmers.

I e-mailed them to let them know on March 16th. They called me to let me know they ran out of stock and that when they came back in stock they would send them to me for free, which would be soon. I also got a message on facebook from the RAVEREADY.COM facebook page saying, "Hey There! We were out of the black leggings and they aren't due in until next week. Customer service called you during the day on the 8th to see if you wanted to switch them out to a similar style but they didn't get an answer so they shipped the order without them, and refunded the price to your credit card. Just place an order online, your card WILL NOT be charged, and let me know your order number - I will make sure you get free shipping on it. We shipped it out just in case you are one of the bajillion people going to Ultra or Beyond - we just didnt want you to be missing the outfit! Let me know if you have any other questions an I'll do my best to help you out! Thank you!"

Okay so far, the communication is decent and understandable. Then it just gets ridiculous. So the guy on the phone placed the order for me so I sent the order number to the guy I was messaging through the facebook page. By March 26th my order is still processing for 10 days now so I contact the guy on facebook again to let him know. He tells me, "Your order was shipped out on the 13th, you can get the USPS tracking number by logging into" I log in and and its STILL processing, like I had said. Therefore, I cannot get a USPS tracking number. He lied to me and told me it had been shipped when it didn't. So then he tells me, "Can you please email, we can't really track customer service through facebook and your requests are being mixed up and we don't want to give you incorrect information. Thanks!" Also on this day (March 26th) I make another purchase, the Light Up Purple Fairy TuTu for $28.99. After a few days I realize my tutu and leggings are still processing. After several e-mails and facebook messages with NO response..Here is where I also notice that when you reply to customer support THEY NEVER REPLY BACK. You have to start with a new subject headline or else your e-mail will not get read or replied back to.

So on March 29th, I send support yet another e-mail regarding my entire issue/situation. (I also got a facebook message on the same day saying, "I am unable to help, I am just a web programmer. Customer service can help you with everything they can. I will of course go ask them to take a look at your email again.") Customer Support replies back saying "Hey, I'm sorry about the delay in response. I am not sure if you have noticed, but both of the items you ordered are actually noted "Out of Stock" . However, we do have plenty of other Light Up Tutus and Leggings in stock. I have included a list below of items we have in stock. Let me know if you would be interested in switching into any of those items." They send me a huge list of items not nearly related to what I needed and then sends me the SAME link to the leggings I have been trying to buy this whole time. *face palm* Both items DID NOT say "Out of stock" and here is when I start to notice how often they do not update their page and take peoples money before telling them they are really out of stock on just about everything. When I ordered the light up tutu, it actually said it was in stock so then I ask customer support when do they plan on having the purple fairy light up tutu back and the leggings I ordered almost a month ago. And of coarse.. I get no responses, no e-mails.

So I ask them to give me a full refund and to forget about everything on the 30th. They respond, "No problem! I've gone ahead and canceled those orders and refunded your card for you. We are here to help so if you need us to check stock or give you an exact shipping time for a specific item we can help you out. Thanks!" Yeah right. I have asked so many times when my items would be in stock and NEVER did I get an answer which is why I canceled my entire order.

I got my refund by April 1st and I go back on the website to purchase something different. This time I order a Purple and Black LED Skirt and Purple Sparkle Fluffies. Then I get a random e-mail, but this time its from a lady named 'ALEXIA'. "Hello, We actually got the leggings back in stock today, and we will be including it in your new order for no charge. We have the Purple/Black LED Skirt available but we are currently waiting on a shipment to arrive for the Purple Sparkle Legwarmers - but we do have solid Purple. Would you be interested in receiving the solid Purple instead of the Purple Sparkle? Please let me know and I will be sure to take care of it right away for you! :) Thank you, Alexia RaveReady" I told her that I appreciated the fact that someone finally let me know about the leggings and would still give them to me for free due to my troubles with the site. But seriously.. first they are out of stock with the leggings, then the fairy tutu, and now the purple sparkle fluffies. Talk about a huge inconvenience. I told her I still wanted the fluffies and was wondering when they would be shipped in.

On April 2nd Customer Support e-mailed me "Hey, The purple sparkle fluffies should be in within the next few days. Did you want to just wait for those? Thank you for your patience and understanding, have a great day!" So I told them, yes.

By April 9th, the skirt and fluffies are still processing so I send customer support another e-mail. I get nothing but the same auto message response for days.

On April 15th I send yet another email asking them why everything is still processing. Apparently the purple sparkly fluffies are just never going to ship in like they said they would "in a few days". Psh. Finally on April 17th I get a e-mail from Customer Support, "Hey, Unfortunately, we are still waiting for that shipment to come in. I know it is taking longer than usual, and we would love to get it out to you on time. We do have the Indyglo Purple Fluffies in stock which we can get out sooner. Let me know if you would be interested in those fluffies. Thank you for your patience and understanding, have a great day!" Once AGAIN I am left hanging and having to choose another product. So I tell them and Alexia that I will trade them out for the Clubstyle Purple Fluffies since I am seriously running out of time.

I do not get a response until April 19th from Alexia letting me know- "Hello, No problem, I will make the switch for you, but I just checked with our processing department and it seems as if the Purple/Black LED skirt is now on backorder! :( We do have the Purple/Pink LED Skirt available - would you be interested in that alternative color? Please let me know asap so I can have your package shipped out right away. Thank you, Alexia RaveReady" ARE. YOU. $#*!ING. KIDDING. ME. I have been dealing with them since the very beginning of March and here it is almost MAY. Almost my event time. Four items have been 'out of stock' or 'back ordered' already in the past and you are telling me that you just SOLD the skirt that I ALREADY PAID FOR!? That they were holding for me & no one else!? I asked them to please send me my damn free fishnets already along with the Clubstyle Purple Fluffies and to cancel the rest of my order and refund my money. This site is nothing but a joke, waste of time and money. I am about ready to fill out a fraud report with my bank along with talking to a lawyer about this website, for it should be shut down for doing this $#*! to me and hundreds of others.

New Reviewer

I called and placed order on Dec 20,2012 for a pair of fire poi. I spoke with Anthony, a CS agent and he placed the order and told me the price would be 89.99. He told me that my Credit Card would not be charged till the item shipped from their warehouse once they received it from the Manufacture. I asked when I should expect to see them and he told me with in the first two weeks of January. I said ok sounds good. I wrote them by email a few times to check on the order. I received the same answers every time that it was on the way from the manufacture and there was no new information. January 10th, 2013 came along and I received an alert that my card had been charged. In fact it caused my account to overdraft because I was never told anything new about the order coming in. I then wrote the support email and asked them why my Credit Card was charged and when I would be receiving the poi. Alexis wrote back stating that my Credit Card was charged because they would be receiving the item next week and so that when the order arrived from the manufacture they could send it out right away to get it to me sooner. I waited till Jan 16th to write them again, to ask if they received the shipment from the manufacture like they stated in their previous email. I received a reply on Jan 17th saying that I will receive a tracking number once the item ships. (They completely avoiding my question on when I would receive it.)

I sent an email Jan 22nd, stating I wanted to know exactly (with in a 2-3day lendency) of when I would be receiving them or otherwise I want a full refund. January 23,24 no reply

January 25th- I sent a emails asking twice to reply. Finely I received a reply stating they were still waiting from their Manufacture to receive the product. (then why was my card charged?)

I then sent several emails and called several times asking them to cancel the order.

I finely received an email from Alexis stating that the order was canceled and I would receive a refund in 2-3days.

I then wrote back asking for a Confirmation number and the amount of the refund that I should be expecting. I received no reply after that.

This company never gave me a concrete date of when I would receive my product ordered and they lied when they said they wouldnt charged my card until they shipped the product to me.

I did do some research on the company after all this happened to me, to find out that I am not the only one they have done this to. They happened to have an D+ and F rating from the BBB. They also have a ton of bad reviews, one after another, from previous customers just like me that have experienced the same issues with this company.

They work with two business names Beats Drop Closets and Rave Ready. Both online retailers.

This company has poor communication with their customers and they dont live up to the laws of the FTC. I will find out in a few days if Ive been hoaxed further, once these 2-3 days past and I find out they didnt give me a full return. I just feel that a company that has failed so many before me should not be able to survive as long as it has on these values. This entire experience has been one of the worst that I've ever had, dealing with an online retailer.
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placed an order waited over a week and nothing called and left messages emailed and finally someone got back to me that they were out of stock.. well no help since im a dj and was doing a huge EDM festival and was going to rock those threads... wound up cancelling and piecing together something from $#*! i had at home...

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At first i was extremely excited about RaveReady's selection, prices and supposedly quick deliveries.

However, it has now been almost three months since my order was placed, and it is still shown as 'processing' - and what's worse, I can't even undo the order anymore as the customer service stopped responding to my e-mails after it became apparent that mere platitudes, rather than definitive actions, would not be enough to pacify me.

For a product (Amok pants) that was advertised to ship in two weeks (and a small print saying it could actually take up to one month), this delay is unacceptable and mere apologies followed by complete silence from the store's part add insult to injury. I hope to avoid having to contact a different organization to resolve the matter, but as it stands it seems that might be the only way for me to get either my order or my money back.

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