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Chicago, IL
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New Reviewer

Ordered gift card for restaurant Seasons 52 for $200.00, went to the restaurant and it never worked...innumerable emails, 10 days later still waiting for my refund check. Ordered a Petsmart gift card, 3 weeks later that card never came, waiting for credit on my original credit card. Company willing to give me 5.00 off for my troubles!!! What a joke.

Tip for consumers: don't use this company

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New Reviewer

Bought 5 gift cards in all in order to buy a gift from Macys, saved $100 off of $500. Turn around time for ecodes was about 10-20 minutes unless it was your first purchase. Everything worked (used it in the next hour) so I'm pretty happy.

Like the reviews say, they do call you to verify some information even if you're a buyer, but it's no big deal since it's to fight identity fraud. Besides, they're just confirming information that's already in public databases anyways, no reason to be paranoid about your data.

New Reviewer

After failing the account review process for my wife, Raise decided to suspend not only my wife's account but mine! As we called them, the supervisor said it was at the "representative discretion". We did all we can to satisfy their account verification process including sending a picture of my wife's driving licence which they said was "not valid" (after answering correctly the usual random questions).
This business is just concerned about themselves, not the customer and they will treat you like dirt. Beware!

[EDIT: We received a call from a Customer Representative. He was able to fix the situation and explained how they have to be extra cautious with gift card transactions. After some turbulences over the last few days I think we are back to normal! I will give another try as I had been quite satisfied with their services until this incident. Changing my rating accordingly to reflect my overall experience with this business.]

New Reviewer

Who cares if they have a good site or not, their sales tactics to get your business as a bulk gift card seller is absurd, rude and unprofessional! STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

Super slow delivery for electronic cards. Other gift card resellers deliver much faster.

New Reviewer

They ignore my emails after I've asked for a refund on a gift card that has not been activated. I will have to resolve this issue through my credit card. FYI, if you're going to buy from them know that there is a no return policy for any reason.

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New Reviewer

Bought $400 worth of Toys R Us giftcards. I talked to customer service, they were great, guided me through the process and all cards worked accordingly. A+++++ - 1000 times better than CardPool.

New Reviewer

Bought a 125$ JC Penney electronic gift card from them. Had to wait 1 day to get it, taking away one star for that. Worked when i used it.

New Reviewer

i dont know why so many people have problems with this website. i honestly use it all the time and I have never had a single problem. its super convenient and i have saved a ton of money on gift cards from it, ive also made a little bit of money too

New Reviewer

I bought a $100 Starbucks gift card online there, then transferred it immediately to another card using, worked very fastly and I had no problems. Perhaps if I saw these review before I purchased it I would've decided not too, but that would've been a shame because I would have missed out on a great deal.

New Reviewer

these guys ask you to run a short "verification process" off of public records!!!! they surprise you with that extra step only AFTER you already gave them your CREDIT CARD information!!!!!
in that manor they sell your personal information as a lead to credit companies and marketing firms. I didn't even allow them the option to go on and canceled my order!!!
BE WARE!!!! your personal information (which they should not posses, is in DANGER!!!!

New Reviewer

I bought a $50 Starbucks e-card for $41. When it arrived in my account I tried to transfer the balance to my gold card and it was not a good card. They then gave me another $50 gift card and this time I kept the rep on the phone while I tried to transfer it again. Again, this card was declined saying it was registered to someone else. They are giving me refund. The also gave me a $5.00 promo code for being a first (and now last) time customer. I am not buying anymore from this company. I am just glad I didn't give it as gift.

New Reviewer

Well, after purchasing several gift cards and not using one after a few months I go to use it and to my surprise the number is invalid and raise will,not help me because its over 60days. It would have been nice if they could look up,this info and accommodate me in some way. I will never use this company again and I would suggest anyone not to use it unless its for an immediate purchase. It just doesn't feel like a safe purchase.

New Reviewer

I really liked the idea of buying discounted gift cards, but my experience with Raise was awful. I bought a $150 card to Lowes for $132 and change. It never showed up. I had to contact Raise three times to get my money refunded. Disappointed!

New Reviewer

I have spent over $1500 on without any problems at all. It's an easy way to save money or even make money if your'e purchasing for other consumers. I've used it for building materials at home depot and I walk away with an extra 9% when I get reimbursed. What's not to love about that? Plus, if there ever was a issue has a 100% money back guarantee.

New Reviewer

I love and always have a great experience when buying gift cards from them. I knew I needed garden supplies so I bought a gift card for home depot and ended up getting 15% off before any coupons!!! I highly recommend them!

New Reviewer

You are playing with fire by buying gift card through them. First transaction was fine, I used gift card immediately. The second gift card I bought was already used, I did get my money back though. Figured I would give them one more chance and bought 2 gift cards, waited a few weeks to use them and went to buy something from a website and it says they are already used! Just sent and email and I better get my money back. Never again. A lot of people who sell gift cards to them are crooks and unethical.

New Reviewer

Saw some bad reviews here but decide tot try anyway. Figured most people do not bother to give positive reviews. Heck, with a credit card purchase you are pretty well protected anyway. Ordered gift card with 20% discount. Received via email within 20 minutes and immediately applied it to pending on-line order. Worked great for me.

New Reviewer

Buyers beware ! The requested my to give them my photo ID copy juts for a $500 value giftcard order,Of course I felt absolutely uncomfortable and denied it.I asked them why they insisted this, their answer is : this is the only thing they can accept.
So, I decided not to buy the $500 gift card from them. But....soon later I found out they suspended my account without noticing me at all , which means they probably do not really care if you can still shop on their website. Frankly speaking, this is truly the first time I 've heard an online website asked buyers with absolutely normal credit card charged by them all the time, to provide a photo id copy. Really ridiculous!! If you don't care about your personal ID security, then go ahead to give them your copy of photo ID just for few bucks savings through gift cards.

New Reviewer

I sold a $25 Macaroni Grill gift card on, gave them my card # and pin#. The card "sold" within an hour and the site said they would send me a check for my portion. It's been three weeks with no check in the mail and found that my account on the website is suspended??? Of course, there's no answer at customer support. I guess I'm lucky since I'm reading about folks receiving bounced checks from them.

New Reviewer

Do not buy any E-Gift Card from them, the worst! I bought Bloomingdale's gift card, used on Bloomingdales's website, it got cancelled order twice, the card is generated from unknown internationl country, it is total fraud! Because of this nonsense I got block out by Bloomingdales website, I can never order online again, my account is high risk thanks to Raise.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Red Lobster gift card and did not receive it. They contacted the owner of the card and found that they had not sent it out and the owners are only given three days to send it out. If they don't have a tracking number, they refund the customer who bought it. It was credited back to our account and the customer service rep was very nice, but as with all credit or debit cards, it took about four days to show up in the account.

New Reviewer

I just made my first purchase of a Starbucks card and it worked great! Transaction completed and card received just a few minutes later.

New Reviewer

They sold me a gift card for Starbucks $100 that had no value. I showed up at Starbucks with no cash, and couldn't get a coffee. When I called, they said that it came from a "defective batch." No apology, just that. I asked them why they didn't contact me, and the woman at customer service (Kim) just said that they didn't have time to contact every customer. So, they were basically going to steal $100 from me. This website is a joke and a total waste of time- STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

I attempted to place and order 2 times. Both times they flagged me as living out of the US, and wouldn't honor the sale. Then they stored my c/c number even though I selected to not do so. Contacted customer service and "nothing can be done"
I would avoid them.....

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This company is a total fraud! I purchased a gift card never received it and did not receive a refund either! I contacted the customer support again and again, they never helped me solve the problem. The worst thing is, I just added extra money to that e-giftcard I purchased a couple of day before. They still let me added the money but did not let me know the giftcard was no longer usable. Then they never returned any money back to me. WORST WORST WORST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I have purchased a number of cards from this site with no issues so far.

New Reviewer

I purchased an egift card that says will deliver within 1-2 business days but I got it emailed to me in less than 5 minutes! I added this egift card # to my online purchase and worked perfectly

New Reviewer

This company is a total fraud! I purchased a gift card never received it and did not receive a refund either! When I contacted customer support all they told me was "sorry"! I want my money back!!

New Reviewer

I just literally was hung up on by a agent that turned out to be a pretty inconsiderate person working as a customer service rep. My situation was that I wanted to buy a Visa Gift Card from using a walmart gift card that I would buy from Raise at a slight discount in order to save me a litlle on the fees for the card. I did my research this morning before buying the card because I'm completely aware of places that do and do not let you buy gift cards with their store gift cards. However, I first read in some forums online of people being able to do it with egift cards from Walmart. They all explained the same thing. You simply load them onto your account and the site does the rest for you.... making them appear in your checkout as a option for payment for "anything on" The next thing I did was spent time reading over the terms and conditions and nowhere on does it say you can't buy gift cards with their gift cards. In fact, they emphasize that you can purchase gift cards and load them onto to where they will be conveniently stored for you to make a quick and easy checkout for anything that you want. So I found no exclusions or restrictioins and so I went to and bought just enough cards from raise to buy the $200 visa gift card for fathers day. I went through the shopping cart and when checking out my gift cards weren't available as an option to pay. So after trying to figure out what I was going to do, nothing, I called RAISE back within hours after my purchase and explained my situation and asked if they could accomodate me and accept a one-time return. Alright I get it they weren't going to do it, but the knucklehead rep was giving me suggestions and alternatives while chuckling about it. My situation was unique in that I didn't I didn't fit the definition of what is not allowed for returns. But to get to the point of the review, the sarcastic **** working as a customer service rep thought it was funny and told me to just save the cards for shopping at Walmart when I wanted. He downplayed any seriousness to my situation and it was like working with someone thats in junior high. He put me on hold several times probably to talk to a supervisor about how to handle my situation. I could tell they flat out weren't going to reconsider and give me a refund despite how popular walmart cards are. He had no effective way to communicate with me as a customer service agent and told me to call to deal with it. I've dealt with a couple of these gift card companies and they run some pretty half ass businesses. You can tell just by their shopping carts and the people you talk to over the phone. Those carts are basically their business so you'd think some of them would make efforts to design one that stood out from the others, but they don't. From my experience, they all tend to hire some real winners and Raise isn't in business to do what they claim.... "Your experience on the Raise marketplace is of utmost importance to us". I'll never visit the site again and I thought it was better than Gift Card Zen before my phone call, but after being hung up on just out of nowhere I'd say they are about the same.

New Reviewer

If you had asked me 6 months ago what I thought of Raise I would've given it 5+ stars. It was a great place to sell my unwanted gift cards, rarely had any issues with buyers, and got paid in a somewhat timely manner. That's all changed lately though. Now they're asking for very personal information including my Social Security, and holding my money hostage until I give it to them. I'm sorry, but I don't just give out my SSN number to websites.

Raise it probably a safe place to buy gift cards. I was a very reputable seller, and would never try to rip off a buyer. But I wouldn't recommend selling there. If u do sell there take your money out as soon as possible and don't trust them to hold your funds. They're liable to make you choose between your money or the risk of identity theft.

New Reviewer

This site is useless! I tried to sell and buy, both time massive delays and slow website. I listed a giftcard to sell, it never past beyond pending page. Useless!

New Reviewer

I purchased a e-gift card for over $350 so I was a little nervous after reading some reviews but it went flawlessly. I purchased it, got a phone call about 5 minutes later from to verify my identity and then they placed the card number and pin in my account less than 5 minutes later! I used the card on the web site I was looking at and it worked perfectly. I just wish my discount would have been better but I'll settle for 9% off at Pottery Barn. :)
I would definitely purchase another gc from!

New Reviewer

I bought a card from and I was given an ecard instead of gift card. I needed a gift card. I contact the company and they refused to honor their "100% satisfaction guarantee". I am out $50 due to this rotten company. DO NOT BUY from them you will be sorry

New Reviewer

The check I was sent for the gift card I sold them bounced! So not only am I out the money for the gift card, but I was charged a $19 returned check fee. If this is not made right quickly, I will be contacting the BBB.

New Reviewer

This site sells gift cards purchased by stolen credit cards and once merchants find out they suspend those gift cards!

New Reviewer

I used the site just the other day and was very happy with the resukts. I was able to finish my Christmas Shopping and save a ton of money. Best part. My relatives will never know!!!

New Reviewer

I got the card with wrong pin number and the customer service is telling me they can check the balance so it has to be good, I asked her the purpose of buying the card is for checking the balance or to be used? she was basically telling me it is my problem. looks like I would not see the refund coming neither. I have to file a fraud!

New Reviewer

NEVER EVER EVER Use this company! I sold my gift card on this site and they still haven't paid me. Everything upfront was smooth sailing. I listed them, they sold but when it came time for them to pay me all the games started. they wanted to know where I got the cards, what i did for a living, do I travel for work ect... But odd they didn't want to know any of this BEFORE I sold them it was only a concern when it came time for them to PAY ME, Still waiting for my money! I will NEVER use this scam site again!

New Reviewer

Worst experience! Don't try it! there is no customer service and the card could not trace.

New Reviewer

I love
They always have great deals and I have never had any problems with my purchases. Once I did purchase a gift card and they called to tell me it was not a valid card so that I would not be confused when I saw they had cancelled my order. Every card I have purchased has been fine. I have purchased both ecards and gift cards they mail to you directly. Great customer service and products.

New Reviewer

Despite reading the poor reviews here I decided to take a chance and went ahead and purchased Home Depot gifts cards for a high value of $900. My experience was perfect. I received the codes and pins within a couple of hours of paying and used them on the Home depot website with no was great to save some money!
How the website works is the giftcards on this site are sold to you by individuals and Raise acts as a third party. I have no doubt that some people have a bad experience and that is really a sad shame. But keep in mind that most people take the time to write a review when they have a bad experience, that is why I took time to write my review too. GOOD LUCK!

New Reviewer

I entered my gift card number for a company they stated they accepted. They stated the transaction was complete. Later they said they weren't taking cards from this company. Now they have my gift card number including the pin. FRAUDS!

New Reviewer

I don't recommend this website, they tried to scam me. They are dishonest and they lie.

New Reviewer

I had a horrible experience with those guys, stay away.

New Reviewer

COMPLETE SCAM -- bought a $165 gift card and Bloomingdales says it's not valid and put me in fraud investigation. I contacted and am still waiting for a refund.

New Reviewer

Bad, bad, bad. My order was taking forever to be processed so I called to have it cancelled. They said it was cancelled, but then I got an email the next day saying it was processed. I called back in and they said they couldn't refund me because it had already been processed. Uhhhh, what? Then they told me that I have to resell them on their site if I want my money back. Yeah right!!

New Reviewer

Glitchy website and terrible customer service! Showed $69 total with $5 coupon code, charged my credit card $74 and they refused to provide even a $5 credit to a previous customer despite false advertising.

New Reviewer

WASTE OF TIME! Bought a Macy's gift card but it only had $5.20 balance when I was trying to use it (it was listed as a $50 card!).

New Reviewer

I have placed a total of three orders with this company. The first gift card was partially honored by the merchant. However, gift cards from the next two orders were not honored by the merchant because (according to the merchant) the gift cards were fraudulent. It has taken me several hours and several emails, and has only partially refunded the money that it has effectively stolen from me.

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