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QuiBids reviews

816 reviews
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816 Reviews for QuiBids

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This "person" could have bought this item using "Buy Now" at least 5-6 times over.




I, too, paid $60 for the original 100 bids and won $75 in gift cards and won a kitchen appliance valued at over $120.

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New Reviewer

I haven't used this site, but I want to give you all, that have, a tip.

Whatever you have paid them, you ask your bank to charge back the fee. You tell them the company is a scam, that you were lied to, or mislead, and that you want them to dispute, and reverse the payment you sent to Quibids, to buy bids, or whatever you wish to have reversed. This is your legal right and with enough CHARGE BACKS, this company WILL FOLD. DO IT NOW.

New Reviewer

This site is a total rip off. Site offers 100bids for $60 which every 1cent bid = .60 cents. When ad/commercial draws you in with ipad for $87 = Bull$#*!. That ipad is now worth $87x$60...every $1=$60...every cent=sixty cents. So this ipad that sold for $87 = $5220(real cost from bidders). Stay away total rip off

New Reviewer

I guess if you're doing it out of curiousity or to kill time it's not bad for a couple of days. I personally lost ten dollars when it was all said and done. Assuming that the gift cards I won ever arrive. Here is the site in layman's terms and not an analyst. Here we go...
Shipping is $1.99 to send a gift card. Can you say gouging? Also, shipping time they say is within 15 days. Hello? Worse than ground. What a bargain?!
Next, vouchers are a complete waste. You CAN NOT use them to buy an item or to redeem. They are sneaky to let you blow your real bids before you realize this.
Next, you quickly realize how much $$$ this company is making. When little $10 gift cards go for 1000 bids and more. Translation $600+ this site is making a killing which I started to resent after an hour or so.
Next, if you do buy an item with real bids you might end up paying more than MSRP if you don't hit button quickly before more bids drive up the price of the item.
Next, they advertise this site as the next Sorry, but what world do you live in CEO. In an auction you don't have to prepay just to bid. Second, you can bet what you want not lame 1 cent bids. Third, if you lose you the aunction you don't lose your $$$. This is gambling to the core. It's not much different than the one armed bandits you find all over Las Vegas.
Next, penny bids actually cost you 60 cents each. Easy to forget this win you're caught up in the moment!!
Finally, they limit how many auctions you can even win in 24 hours. They limit how many big items you can win (by the way that number is 1) to 28 days. They will expire your bids (credits) after so long (6 months I believe).
Only positive is that the idea is a brilliant one. Feeding off peoples desire to get something for nothing. Cause, seriously, how many people are really going to win that 55 inch 3D TV for twenty or less penny bids. And monkeys are flying out of my butt. Ha ha ha.

New Reviewer

Because I did not read the terms carefully I found that I had bought $60 worth of bids while not receiving the 30 free bids promised. You can not sign up with out buying bids. Read carefully and be aware these folks are slick as an eel!!!!!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Good if you don't make rookie mistakes by overbidding. Read the directions and you will have a positive experience. Don't and you'll probably be pissed off. I would recommend you watch a few before you jump in. Also lookup the same previously sold item and see what it will typically sell for. That way you know how much you are willing to spend..

New Reviewer

To those who say it is not a scam and site capitalism as its true nature are themselve wrong. What makes this a scam is the ability to manipulate the bidding by the Sysop, (operator of the game). Based upon the complaints here and on other sites that is what they do, manipulate the bidding!

I realize most people can't accept good advice and have to blunder through life, and for those of you who buy into scams like this, "I have quicksand bungy jump idea you could buy into".

New Reviewer

First, let me assure everyone that I'm not a Quibids employee. I had never even heard of penny auctions until a friend recommended the site. I signed up, bought some bids and started bidding without reading the directions. I still won a couple of gift cards for about half their face value. I got into a bidding war over an IPad and ended up buying it at retail price, but I wanted one anyway and I didn't lose the money I had bid, because I was able to apply the bids toward the price.

After a couple of days, and spending a few dollars, I've maxed out the amount of things that I can win in a 28 day period, so I'm locked out. When it was all said and done, I came out about $40 in the hole, considering money spent vs. merchandise purchased. I also bought a couple of things that I probably wouldn't have purchased ( as in I didn't need them).

All in all, it was a fun experience, and alot more rewarding than playing slot machines with some of the same thrill. I definitely will play again when my lockout ends, but I'll play smarter, and only with money I reserve for entertainment. I like Quibids!

New Reviewer

Absolute scam.
I put on a watch list 6 separate IPOD's (2GB Shuffle) selling at approx. the same time.
4 sold for pennies, but the two I bid on sold for 20 times more, and ironically, just after I ran out of $60 worth of bids on one of them, it sold. So I then used the "buy it now" option and had to pay $24 more. Humm? So, I spent about $84 for an ipod that retails for $60. GREAT DEAL!!!!!!! No way is this 100% on the up and up. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a scam. Like everyone who has commented on the site, I too test drove it and I have made the determination that its a scam through various ways. I spent one hour on the main "home" page, which shows the auctions that are coming to an end, observing and lightly participating in one auction. The product was a 22" LG LCD TV. While bidding on the smaller TV, which was in the $2 range, three 46" LED TV's ( twice as larger and slightly better LED technology) were also on the block in the $4 price range, however the smaller 22" LCD (which I was bidding on) seemed to be in greater demand than the larger TV's based on the fact that there was constant "Bid-O-Matics" (automated bidding) action from several participants. If you had the option of purchasing a 46" LED TV for around $4, or a smaller lesser quality LCD(as compared to LED) TV, which would spend all your bids on? I didn't even want the 22" LCD (Like many logical consumers, I too would have much rather spent my bids on the larger TV's), however I found it interesting how demanding the 22" TV became once I started bidding on it. Hummm? Moreover, during my experimentation, I noticed someone won one of the 46" LED TV's for $5.14...yes that's correct, five dollars and 14 cents. The 22" TV I was bidding on reached $3.96 before I fully decided that the site was a giant scam for the consumer. Previous comments have elaborated on the actual cost to the consumer, which I agree with. From a time stand point, bids are probably placed 1 every 10 seconds, or 6 bids/minute. And 1 bid = one cent. $5 = 500 bids, 500bids/6bids per min= 83.3333333 mins (or 1hr 23 mins 20 secs). A $10 items equates to roughly 2 hrs 46mins and 40 secs, and so on. Who has three hours to spend on watching and placing bids?

New Reviewer

I'm so upset at myself for falling for the Quibids's scam. It seemed like a good idea at the time to buy some bids. And then I bid. And then one thing led to another, and I'm out $100 with nothing to show for it. It's my fault for using Quibids. You should be smarter than me.

New Reviewer

I joined just to try and win something small. It offered many nice things, expensive items.Somethings very cheap. I wanted to learn first what to do so I did the beginners auction. I tried and won 2 times, both being small items. A $15 gift card with extra bids and another 15 bids (Voucher bids). So after spending $75 to join and winning some extra bids which gave me like 155 bids overall. And after this little practice I thought I would try for something different but not expensive. I tried to get a coffee maker with a retail value of$100. This was after trying a few other times on some other items. Of course I was never close to winning. That was the reason I wanted to stick to one item not so expensive. I had 86 bids left when I started trying to get the coffee machine. I ended up bidding back and forth with one person in particular who seemed to be without limited resources. I used all 86 bids and lost. I seriously believe this is a scam. That person just ran me out of resources. Probably was someone affiliated with this site. Thats my guess. Can hardly believe someone would want a coffee maker that bad! Could you imagine the big ticket items, WOW! I just wanted to warn people that quibids isn't really that great or fair. They are making a fabulous amount of money off of everyone. At $.60 per bid that coffee maker sold for $5.83 cents which means 583 bids. There is a picture up of one that sold for $.03. (NOT) That site sold that retail value $100 coffee maker for $350.00. Believe me when I say it's a rip off. Plus they made money for shipping and their transaction fee. I also watched their timer and it doesn't work that well either. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I think Quibids is a blast! Just started using it a few days ago and have already "won" five auctions. It's relatively easy to pick up the more inexpensive items like gift certificates to stores and restaurants, and you'll always get them for significantly less than face value, as long as you use your bids judiciously. As for the more expensive itmes: they are very tough to win, you need some luck, a little skill, extreme patience, and, the ability to know when to walk away. It is almost exactly like gambling and can be very addictive, so BE CAREFUL! if you have a gambling addiction, STAY AWAY!!

New Reviewer


I observed the site for straight 15 hours and came to a conclusion that it is a pure sc@m! I added 4 iPads to my watchlist and at the same times put them up on the big screen all at the same time. After 8 hours of bidding (I did not bid, just watch) prices for iPads varied from $68.30 to $134.95 and auction kept going! (It's actually still going while I type it). But funny part is I CANNOT FIND THESE IPADS in the "Actions ending soon", in "Lifestyle" category where they were located before, nor even in search by keyword. There is no way to access these iPads actions but through my Watchlist!!! And how the auction keeps going? In the auction search I see some iPads for under $20. I don't think any of these stuff is actually exist!


New Reviewer

Look at the usernames of the people bidding, and you'll see a similarity between most of them. Look at the usernames in this comment forum, and you'll see that many of those coming up with usernames often use their first name, as part of the handle, or something like a morph of their last name, etc. I think that most of the posted bids are "shills", like in the old days when casinos would hire people to play table games so that it would look like something's going on in there, to lure others in to play. Check it out. Look at the usernames, they're unlike normal usernames. I think the real bidders are being taken advantage of, while their computers automatically drive up the prices of the auction items. There's no way to prove it, because it's their website, their products, and their auctions. I'm not buying it at all, but I did get suckered in to try it. I played with it and now I'm convinced it's a scam.

New Reviewer

The bottom line with this site is that you have to get lucky. End of story. It's as much a gamble as if you were walking into a casino with $60 bucks and pumping into a slot machine that flashes "$1500" at you. I signed up for this site TODAY and won an Apple Macbook Pro for $12.11. I'm not kidding. And it is total luck. Here's how I did it.

I noticed that there is a feature called "Bid-O-Matic," which enables the user to set an automatic bid whenever the clock gets too low. I was initially frustrated by this, because it made it virtually impossible to ever win. Then I clicked on the Apple MacBook that I eventually won, and noticed that everyone bidding on it was NOT using the Bid-O-Matic feature. See, the thing is you have to hope that everyone loses track of the item you want and forgets to bid, as they only have 10 or 15 seconds to bid on it. With the Bid-O-Matic feature, you can set it and forget it. So I set MY Bid-O-Matic, and, sure enough, about a minute later everyone lost track of it and I scooped it up.

It's still mostly luck, and it is not easy to do. It's a gamble. So know what you're getting into before you buy anything. But with a little guile you CAN win the big prize, and I'm testament to that.

New Reviewer

Here is what I reported to the BBB.

"I was on the site Jan 29 around noon and was intersted in bidding on a Samsung 65" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV. I quickly started doing the math in how much bids cost per consumer and how much the site is making per consumer. Genious Idea but not being used by honest people. Over the next 24 hours I had two friends and I that were skeptical basically stand shifts and keep an eye on the bids. There was one very persistant user, shavedhead92. After hours and hours it became apparent that this person really wanted this TV. Then after even longer it quickly became apparent that this person had spent well over the cost of the TV in bids. I suspected it was a dumby account used to jack up the prices. I demanded a refund of the bids I had not used, about 140, and told them about our suspicions of the dumby account that was just being used to increase profits. My account was closed and shavedhead92 mysteriously had no further interest in the TV after over 24 hours of bidding."

I hope some one learns from this.

New Reviewer

Let me begin by saying I can only talk about my own personal experience as a user of Quibids for a mere 5 weeks and as the buyer or winner of 8 or 9 items. I am not making any claims (just observations) and have no hard data of any kind. I am a social scientist and I know the difference between empirical evidence and anecdotal evidence. My evidence is anecdotal. I am not pretending to have proof of anything.

There are many positive aspects of Quibids. Here are a few.

1. It can be fun!
2. They have very nice and responsive customer service people, though sometimes they do not answer serious questions completely and directly.
3. The products I bought or won came quickly and were as described.
4. If you are going to buy a product they have at their site anyhow, you might win it for less than the retail value. They have this great option for Buying It Now where you can apply bids you bought (not bids you won) toward the item price.
5. Their site is clean and attractive looking--it's nice to spend time at.
6. They explain the rules of their site and their business model VERY WELL. If you don't read the rules of the site, you will probably have a bad experience. The problem is…even if you DO read the rules of their site and understand them completely, you may still have a bad experience ...Hence, this review.

I am writing this review because I feel obligated to share my concerns for others to consider as they make their own minds up about Quibids. I will say it again. You must make your own mind up. Call my review "food for thought."

My concerns:

1. I asked Quibids customer service directly if anyone other than "regular old people who bought bids like me" are placing bids on the auctions. The response was that no Quibids employees are allowed to participate in auctions. I believe this is probably true, because if an employee spilled the beans, the credibility of the site would be hurt. What I will put out there WITH NO EVIDENCE is, some folks' bidding behavior suggests to me that their bids are not costing them what my bids are costing me. It seems as if some people spend more bids than an item is worth (a point I mention again below). Some people bid as if they have nothing to lose—they spend $50, leave for an hour, spend another $50, then leave for another hour, etc. I know people are not always logical, but it is weird (from my view) for so many people to drop money on an auction, walk away/be willing to lose, and to then return and drop more money, walk away/be willing to lose, to then return, etc. If I were to discover that Quibids secretly "gives away" or discounts bids for a handful of individuals who use those bids to keep big ticket auctions from ending at too low a value, would I be surprised? Nope.

2. It is not made clear that the auctions that are listed as recently closed are NOT representative of closed auctions. Quibids only shows a portion of closed auctions. All auctions I participated in for big ticket items closed MUCH higher than the auctions they choose to list as recently closed. In their rules, they tell you to watch auctions for items you are interested in to see where they close. You should definitely do this. You will see the big items usually end MUCH higher than those they list as recently closed. While it is true that they warn you to do your homework, perhaps they should just be honest and list a representative sample of closed items instead of listing the amazing deals?

3. A Quibids reviewer elsewhere commented on the fact that it seemed odd to her that several auctions in which she participated for a long time closed relatively soon after she stopped bidding. This is consistent with my observations. It didn't happen all of the time of course, it just happened too often for my own comfort. Given the number of people who were bidding when I quit, it seemed strange for the auction to close so soon after I stopped placing bids. Maybe it's just a coincidence? You will have to decide for yourself.

4. In participating in a very long auction for an iMac (it began at 3PM one day and closed after 5PM the next day) it seemed as if several bidders had spent much more on bids than the item was worth. I am not saying I am SURE, I am saying this is sure what it seemed like. Some people were using Bid-O-Matic for hours and hours, through the night, and into the next day. Now, at $1700 (the value of the iMac) and at .60 a bid, the item is actually worth a whopping 2,833 bids. This is a ton of bids. However, it seemed to me that two bidders had to have spent more than this number of bids. They were using Bid-O-Matic nonstop for hours and hours and hours. (The auction was 13 hours long.) I got up to use the loo at 3am and just for kicks I checked the auction. There these bidders were, still using Bid-O-Matic! You can't place more than 25 auto-bids at a time. They had been restarting their auto-bidding for 12 full hours? Again, you make up your own mind. I am NOT saying I am sure. I didn't sit there with my calculator for 13 hours straight tracking their every bid. Maybe I am wrong? I hope I am wrong. I am just putting it out there for consideration.

5. I am suspicious of the fact that five people can be using Bid-O-Matic, spending hundreds of dollars for hours, and then a person can come in at the last minute and buy an iMac for 8 bids. Sure, of course this can happen! Statistically it should happen…..sometimes. It should occasionally happen. I thought it happened too often.

So, I am going to spend my last 85 bids at Quibids today and then I am going to deactivate my account. I am guessing they have trouble retaining customers as it seems the vast majority of users joined within the last month or two.

I hope your Quibids experience does not leave you with nagging doubts, the way my experience has.

Sorry about grammar and typos. I need to get back to work!

New Reviewer

After joining, I went to the beginners auction. I waited to see what bid packets were being bid on and waited. The entire page consisted of $50 and $25 bid packets. No one was bidding on them. I chose a $25 bid packet down the page. Not one packet was bid on before or after the bid packet I selected. But strangely, the packet I selected was bid on by others. Really? Why would anyone bid against me for a $25 bid packet when all the previous and subsequent $50 bid packets were not bid on? Sounds like a computer generated system with psuedo bidders. I'm certain some auctions are legit, after all, even if the company sells the item at half price, they are still making a killing (if you consider how many people are paying 0.61 per bid and how many bids there are for each item). They may sell a $100 gift card for $50, but they probably earned $600 in bids. I believe they have a set price programmed into the system, and if this price isn't met, the system puts in a "psuedo" bidder who will win the bid if a legit bidder doesn't meet the set price. I won some item for a penny (actually 0.61 + 3.99 for shipping,) and after I went to Amazon to look up the product, I could have purchased it for six dollars and some cents. Quibids stated the retail price at $15.99. The biggest problem I have with Quibids is the fact it is a "penny" auction. Unless you have hours and hours of free time, don't get involved. I was bidding for a $100 gift card, and although the card went for five or six dollars, the auction for this item took well over an hour. To sit and watch the bidding pattern and then stragetically make bids, takes time. Imagine bidding on an item, a penny at a time, that will go for $600 or $700. I gave up due to time restrictions. I belive they have 0.20 bids, but I'm not impressed enough with Quibids to continue using them and look this information up. They have an automatic bidding system, but that could get very expensive to have the system up the bid for you every single time someone else ups the bid. Consider how valuable your time is. Winning big items will take a time commitment.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a "penny auction" site that charges .60 per bid. However, they are dishonest. Once the bidding reaches a certain amount, they take the active listing OFF the page showing active auctions, and let users continue bidding up into the thousands of Bids. Example: I was recently bidding on an Apple iPad. When the bidding reached about $32.00 (about $1920.00 in purchased bids), the auction suddenly was taken off the active auctions list and was not visible to the bidding public. However 20-30 bidders continued to bid up the item to appx. $95.00, representing 9500 bids; at .60 per bid Quibids took in $5700 for an iPad valued at $8.25 by them. The public could not see this auction continue, and Quibids makes a practice of misleading people by showing "recent auctions" where iPads, big screen TVs, and other expensive items were "auctioned" for anywhere from .01 to 25 cents, so everyone thinks it is possible to win this stuff for that amount. It is not. Quibids is misleading and far from transparent. They are listing the BBB on their homepage as a reference. Please do NOT endorse this company. This is dishonest advertising at the very least. I did "win" an iPad, but only after spending about $150.00 on bids and watching the "auction" for hours, even after it was taken off the page of visible auctions in progress, so other bidders would not realize how high these auctions go.
Finally, there is no bidder community, as there is at eBay. Nobody knows who these "bidders" are, or if the programming of the site "creates" bidders to raise the price of items; the bidders are identified only by screennames, nothing else, and there is no way to verify if the bidders are real people or generated by the computer programming.

New Reviewer

People, People...this is a penny auction site? What penny auction site do you know that is any different than these guys. It seems as though a log of people are on here badmouthing, but no one is really strategizing. I have been a member for about 4 days now and I have already maxed out my wins for the month at 8 wins. I have spent about $150.00 on the site and won about $250 worth of stuff. Now, I haven't received anything through the mail yet, so I don't know how their shipping is yet. I can tell you that I have a strategy for winning and it seems to be paying off more me. As for the bait and switch where people are stating that they don't see certain auctions as other people see, I think this is so that an auction does not go on forever. I believe it is deceptive and the company should let people know if that is what they are doing, but I actually believe that they are doing it for a reason. If you are bidding on a certain auction, would you really want the whole world to see it or just a select few? I like my chances on bidding against a few people versus thousands of people. I believe that is why they do it. All-in-all, I would say that if you are not going to take the time to read all their policies, terms, and how to play, and if you are not going to take the time to watch some auctions and get together a strategy, then you should STAY AWAY from this site.

Norcross, GA

New Reviewer

Grr....I do not even want to say how much money I have lost to these people. Deal? Really? What deal? I would never use Quibids again or wish them on my worst enemy.

New Reviewer

Have you ever learned probability? This site is always the winner, so you are always the loser. At least expected to be.
As one of my teachers who gave a curved grade put it: if all students don't do their final, they all get A's. But they don't. Sorry.
There is yet an easy way to beat it. Find the original price, and do the math.


This is the point where you should STOP. Just stop it here, and all of you will win. Will you? Will you?

New Reviewer

Quibids is a scam stay away!
I won a headset the Item was used
I contact quibids about the situation and they told
Me I would have to pay for shipping.
On a side note they canceled my acct (when I had 150 bids) and said
I went against their terms and conditions which was a total lie. I responded to their accusation by asking them to further investigate the situation. They responded by saying for security reasons they are unable to investigate my situation. So now I'm out 90$ plus other Items that were not shipped to me. I spent more than the Item was worth.

Apprentice Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! You can not win. You will end up paying more for your bids than the item is worth. It keeps after you to buy more and more bids. Maybe you will win a cheap gift card, but that is only an incentive to buy more bids.
Buy from your local merchants. They will be more honest than this site.

New Reviewer

Serious questions about the operation of this site...

An acquaintance and I were sitting in one of those pricey coffee stores, both on Quibids. We were discussing items up for bids and discovered we each had different items visible on our screens.

At the bottom of the screen where the number of auctions is listed... mine listed over 287 active auctions; the other one only 196.

Why would that be?
Are more auctions offered to those who bid high, then drop off?
Are fewer auctions offered to more asture bidder who spen less money to win?

New Reviewer

Quibids might not be a scam, but it's awfully close. They trick you into thinking you're going to get a deal when the most likely outcome is that you're going to lose your money and buy stuff you didn't really want for a price that is higher than what you wanted to pay. Stay far far away.

New Reviewer

It bothers me, as a consumer, that so many people are so free to make negative statements about a 'penny auction' website. People who are complaining about 'spending so much money and not WINNING anything' don't make much sense in their complaints. Doesn't everyone realize this is an 'AUCTION' site? You don't go to an "auction" site and EXPECT to walk away with an item everytime. You wouldn't go to a live auction in person and accuss those people of 'fraud' if you didn't get the winning bid, right? So why would anyone expect anything different from this website? Just because you are not physically standing in a room while the auction is taking place doesn't mean the rules &/or outcome are any different. It bothers me that if someone writes a negative report about a website (this one inparticular) then everyone 'jumps on the band wagon' and takes their word as gospel, but when a consumer like myself writes a 'positive' report about my experience the response(s) I get are accusations of 'working for the company'?! Why, because I took the time to read ALL the information the site offers before I took part in an auction; and because I got 'LUCKY" and won something of significant value? ....And, honestly, "Luck" is really all it is as far as I'm concerned. I simply was fortunate enough to be the 'final bidder' and won a TV. One can not go to an 'auction' and EXPECT to walk away with the winning's all about chance. If someone is in the market for a TV or a Laptop or even a simple gift card, then they should go to a retailer and buy it; not expect to 'WIN' it on an auction. Idk; it's all common sense to me. I just have a hard time understanding why its so difficult to 'get the process'. Last thing I want to do is cut & paste DIRECTLY FROM THE Better Business Bureau website their evaluation of the complaints submitted against Quibid's...then, make your own opinion; and if this isn't convincing enough, take the time to go to the website and READ ALL THE INFORMATION THEY OFFER! You do NOT have to be a member to have access to it either...
"Of the complaints processed by the BBB since opening its file on QuiBids, nearly all of the disputes result from misunderstandings concerning the site's "bid to buy" policies that could have been avoided if the bidders had read and understood the auction site's design and policies. The BBB urges consumers to read and understand all of the site's policies before becoming involved with an auction or purchasing bids. Consumers should also understand that the times reported by the site during the auction and real time may not match, especially at the close of an auction; this is not a deceptive action on the part of the site, but rather a function of computer software that may create apparent delays in processing information across the internet. Such delays may be caused by anything from the company's servers to the consumer's own online connection and computer's abilities and do not necessarily mean that the company is cheating the public.

QuiBids is an online auction site through which consumers compete for the opportunity to purchase goods. Consumers are advised to read and understand all of the information provided on the company website prior to becoming involved with the process. The rules for purchasing goods through QuiBids' auctions are different from other auction sites, in which potential bidders create an online identity, shop the auctions, and place bids on items of interest. At the end of the auction period, the bidder who has committed to the highest price for the item wins it and then purchases it from the seller. Bidding itself costs nothing; unless you are the winning bidder, you pay nothing. QuiBids is part of a next generation of auction sites in which participants purchase bids, then pay those bids toward the item of their choice. Whoever has invested the most bids in the item at the end of the auction reserves the right to purchase it; those who have paid bids into the pot in the hopes of winning the item lose that item and the bids paid toward winning it. However, if the bidder wishes to purchase the lost item, the bidder is able to purchase it using a Buy It Now feature. "Buy It Now" allows bidders to purchase the item at retail value, minus the cost of bids used in the auction. Some restrictions may apply. Additionally, QuiBids' policy is to add time to the auction period each time a user places a bid; each bid adds time to the auction. The last participant when the timer runs out wins the product. Another practice for consideration by potential bidders is a concept that, unlike other auction sites, QuiBids' auctions are not open to any interested seller. Products are sold new from the original manufacturer; should a buyer encounter problems with a product, policies are in place to address these issues. Consult the site and its policies for details."

I have nothing to hide about who I am. I am a consumer just like anyone else on this site and the ONLY interaction I've had with Quibids is as a bidder...I've won some great stuff and I've lost some as's all part of the process.
Kellie Lawrence
New Hampshire

New Reviewer

Unlike many of the reviews on here I will not bemoan their margins, theorize on bots, company employees or providers competing against the customers, etc etc.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am strictly a consumer who bids at several sites strictly as a form of entertainment, knowing that the chances of actually getting a fabulous bargain are slim, but not non-existent. I have won numerous small to mid-level auctions...spending more money that products received, but I read the material available, knew what I was getting into and never believed that I was the only one that was going to reap huge dividends buy spending my money on

What I have a huge problem with I discovered quite by accident this morning. Quibids, at their discretion, limits who can see what, and does not display all current auctions to all individuals who come to their site, effectively giving unfair advantage to some, at the expense of others who are deprived of the opportunity to bid on certain high value items. Certainly I have no idea how they decide who gets to see what, but by being selective they have deprived all of us who participate an equal opportunity.

I have asked for a refund on the unused pack of 600 bids which actually led to my discovery. Certainly they are going to refuse and I will first seek remedy from my credit card company, and if that fails will send it to my attorney. Why not the attorney first, or why not join the class action initiative?

It has been my experience during many years in business that when there is a significant problem everyone wants to start at the top and threaten and cajole. My belief has always been to try and let the system work. sometimes it really does, but if not you must be prepared to go all the way. I am prepared so I will let you know what happens.

Unlike many I won't presume to tell you to stay away, it is a scam, and all those other things. I will only tell you to be prepared.

New Reviewer

I'm watching an auction that is still going on at the moment. It's for an Apple Ipad 64GB wi-fi + 3G.
The current bid is over $200.00. At $.60 a bid, each bid raising the price 1 penny the site has made over $12,000 to date and the auction is still going. The Ipad retails for $829.00.
This site is the biggest scam I've ever come across on the internet. HORRIBLE!!!

As soon as I use up my 110 remaining bids, I'm going to deactivate my account.
I'll bid on $25 gift cards, late at night, with the hope of coming out even.

STAY AWAY from this scam site!!!

New Reviewer

Do not waste your time with this website. Although it sounds easy, it can be nearly impossible to win an item. $.60 a bid and a whole mob of people trying to get stuff for cheap. You will waste a bunch of money trying to bid on what appears to be a "deal". The only people having fun are the owners of Quebid. It was a horrible experience!

New Reviewer

Hello, I'm a 27 year old kid trying to save a buck in this rough economy and I got SUCKED in by an advertisement on digg. I have never been so angry and frustrated at anyone as I am at them. I like to think that I do not get suckered into ANYTHING, but after being charged 60 dollars as a "sign up fee" and ending up with NOTHING, I hope the lawsuit against this website succeeds! From what I can tell, when you first sign up you are placed into a "beginner pool" of bidders. I quickly won "vouchers" for more bids, but the next day, I noticed I could not win anything and lost all of my bids, even on a $10 gift card! (I had about 150 bids in total)

Heed my advice! Do NOT get sucked into this website! It toys with the player's emotions and in the end will leave you feeling empty!

New Reviewer

In a "nut shell" this site IS a penny auction. Facts: You DO have to purchase 'bids' at $0..60 cents a bid with the lowest package of bids costing $27.00 for 45 bids. There are NO false charges to your credit card and to be reassured, they have a "PayPal" option (which is what I use). The auctions IS live. The 'count-down clock' does give other bidders the options to place bids in the last 20 seconds of the countdown and when a bid is placed there IS 10 seconds added to the clock. After you've spent time bidding on an item, even if you did not win, you are given a 2 hour window to purchase the item MINUS each bid you placed @ its $0.60 cent value (if you submitted 50 bids and lost; you can purchase the item MINUS the $30 you put into the auction). The site recommends that if you are in the market to buy an expensive item and you have the money to purchase it then see if they offer the item and take the chance of getting it cheaper by bidding: if you don't win the auction, as I said, you can still apply the money you spent towards the purchase of the item at the REASONABLE price its valued at. They are recognized by the BBB as well.
Now, I AM NOT anything more than a customer to this website. I came across it accidentally, to be completely honest. It looked like fun so I gave it a try. I bought $60 in bids (100 bids) with the intention of just 'having fun'. I started bidding on a 55" 3D HDTV LCD/PLASMA & 3D starter kit...being VERY new to this whole 'bidding/auction" thing, I spent about 45 minutes 'clicking away' & then got board & went to have supper with my family. An hour and a half later, I came back to my computer and the bidding was still going on for the same TV; so I clicked another bid; and another and, VERY MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the auction ended! And I won the 55" 3D HDTV LCD/PLASMA & 3D starter kit for the cost of $16.05!!!!!!!!!! I only had to pay a $29.99 shipping fee and my items were delivered to my house within under 13 days (won @ 7pm on 1/5/10 & received my items on 1/15/10 & 1/18/10-two seperate BIG packages via FedEx home delivery). All together, I spent 80 bids ($48.00 worth) & $16.05 for the final auction price & $29.99 for shipping; all totaling: $94.04 for a $3,000.00 package! All BRAND NEW items, still in their original packaging and fully functioning!
Now, I do feel I 'got lucky' for winning such a big item at such a cheap cost. I've studied the site at different times of the day and I watched a 63" HDTV go for $220.00 which means a $1,700.00 valued item had 22,000 bids (over a LONG 8 hours! Some people are VERY determined!) which, yes, means the site profited over $11,000.00 on this one item BUT, naturally, they need to make money on the site or it would be a bust! I've watched Apple IPADs go for as little as $5.14 to as much as $ all depends on how determined the bidders are!
All in All, I can not speak for other penny auction sites (and I've read some HORROR stories about others: i.e. '') but IS A VALID, REASONABLE SITE! & a lot of fun!

New Reviewer

BEWARE! They disguise the log-in procedure so you do not know you have to buy bids in order to participate. Suddenly you have agreed to purchase 100 bids. It's too late now. As I have watched the bidding it seems rigged. Things I do not bid on sell for let's say $15.00. When I bid they sell for $50.00, right after I stop bidding!! BOGUS!

New Reviewer

I logged on to Quibids, bought 60.00 worth of bids. I bid on a few items and lost the 60.00 in no time. You should be able to bid when there are 1 and 2 seconds left. I lost the items when bidding at 1 and 2 seconds left, a screen came up that stated the time was up and the item sold. Also, as they add items to their screen, the item you are bidding on moves and you have to watch closely or you will bid on an entirely separate item.

New Reviewer

Totally negative experience with the products and website. My complaints are more with their business model than the idea that they are fixing auctions internally. One thing you need to understand is that Quibids doesn't have any of the merchandise that you are bidding on. When you win an item or buy it with buy it now, they have it drop shipped from various vendors and they usually just buy it on site like Amazon and have it drop shipped to you. One of many many problems with that, is that you buy it from one organization and it is supplied by a private vendor. Then when it shows up and it's an former display unit, opened return or refurbished unit, what do you do? Who do you complain to? How do you return it for a refund? Thats where the Quibids shell game comes in. Contact Quibids and they will tell you to return it to the vendor at your shipping expense (BS). The vendor will say that they didn't sell you (John Doe) an item, they sold Quibids the item, so they can't accept a return from John Doe since he didn't buy anything. If you are thinking credit card chargeback, your credit card company will say "you paid Quibids, send it back to Quibids", but Quibids says they don't want it and won't accept it. The big smoke and mirror game is that your financial transaction is with quibids to buy bids not buy a particular item. So, lets say you bought 500 bids for $300 and you invested those bids on a $600 laptop and lost, but you decided to apply that $300 that you had lost to the ever and over inflated VALUE PRICE that they put on things. Then lets say you needed to return it because it was broken or faulty. Even though you paid $600 for it in total, they will only refund you $300 that you paid in a lump sum, not the $300 that you used to buy 500 bids that they say can be applied to the purchase price. The other thing to be very worried about are vendors bidding on the vary items that they are selling to Quibids and ultimately supplying to you. The bottom line is that vendors and quibids benefit from the more losers that there are. So, it's quite easy for a vendor to bid on the very item that he is supplying because by doing so, he may create 20 losers that ultimately "BUT IT NOW" and thats 20 sales for him.

New Reviewer

First they took $60, which they refused to return, then when I finally did use the bids the site crashed but bids kept piling up on the items I'd been bidding on. There were no figures nor bidder names on the screen that tracks bids, but bids kept increasing on the total area!
What a ripoff!!! I only used the site because it had been recommended by a major broadcast company, When are they going to do the scam report on this company????

New Reviewer

They took me for a total of $100.27.
While I won several "voucher" auctions, the $2.00 transaction fee + price ran it up a bit+ one "buy it now" for $30.
When I DID win a item, and tried to pay for it, (it is still pending,) they could "...not verify that this is a valid address".
It was VALID enough to take my money, but NOT to send the merchandise; but at least they would NOT let me pay for it.
I also noticed some "problems" with bidding:
1. the timers. Down to 10 second timer when OTHERS are bidding, but when I bid, jumps to 20 second timer in SEVERAL instances.
2. bid with time left on countdown, instead of update, get notice another party won; MORE than once.
3. Support is supposed to get back to you within 24-48 hours. STILL WAITING at 72+ hours.
4. "watching" several auctions and have seen timer with over 5 minutes go to "sold" in next update; always at very LOW bid amounts.

Having seen some of these "irregularities", I set up a record screen program on one auction. One where I lost to the only OTHER bidder with time still on clock.
Wonder what a judge will think of it, since it has a "running" time stamp as well to show it was NOT edited.

At .60 a bid, and .01 increase, they would make enough to be honest IF they have enough bidders, which if they are NOT company "bots" bidding they do. Instead they apparently cheat, and MAY be a complete scam. (1,000 bids is only $10.00 item value, but makes them $600.00!)

New Reviewer

CAREFUL. I singed up for this sight and it automatically charged me. There was no confirm of charges button, it just automatically charged me once i put in my credit care details and hit a submit button. The agree to charges guidelines must have been in very small tiny print because i was waiting to read that. I buy items online all the time so I am not naive, they are just very cleaver in collecting your money.
So whatever, i payed the 60.00 dollar to join. It almost seems impossible to win an item. The gift cards seem like the easiest to win. I literately waited almost 7 hours to see if I could win a camera. I was just watching and waiting for an opportunity and it appeared like bots were bidding, the same 3 or 4 people constantly bidding. They say a sucker is born every minute. I was no exception! I have no one to blame but myself. Dont waste your money on quibids. Its a junk sight.

New Reviewer

I probably should have checked out this penny auction site before getting involved but I did not. So far my experience has not been completely negative but I also do not plan to continue buying bids. I purchased a membership for $48 which got me 80 bids at 60 cents per bid. I was looking for a new LCD monitor and they suspiciously had one very similar to those I had looked at on other sites such as eBay and I should back up a little and mention that shortly after shopping elsewhere I received an invitation to check out Quibids on my home email. Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, I watched a few auctions and decided to use up some of my $48 by bidding on this monitor. I set my max bid price at $19.99 and my max number of bids at 10 for starters. I was bidding against two other "people". By the way, you can tell who is using the auto bid function and who is not while watching the auction. At that point of the auction I was the only one using auto bid and after six bids ($3.60) I won the monitor for 28 cents. "Great" I thought. For $3.60+$14.99 shipping + $.28 = $18.87 I had a brand new monitor that had a buy it now value of $149.99. The same monitor was selling on for $147.99. Even if I never bid on another item in the next six months and lose my remaining 74 bids I should be able to say that I got a $149.99 monitor for a total investment of $63.27. That is assuming they actually ship the damned thing which they have not done yet and the auction ended about two weeks ago. That is also assuming it actually works if and when I ever do receive it. If everything goes well I will probably burn up my remaining bids but I doubt I would ever purchase any additional bids. Too risky. I think so long as you stay disciplined and look at this as at best a one-time deal and not allow yourself to be hooked you might be able to come out on top. Did I just get lucky? Is it rigged? Was I "allowed" to win as a first time bidder? Who knows. My best advice is to proceed with caution and if you actually need something and want it shipped in a reasonable amount of it elsewhere.

New Reviewer

A waste of money and TIME! Try to bid on any item of interest. You don't have the time or enough money to last long enough. At a Penney a bid(for most auctions), an item of value could last for days and once you have bid, there is no way to win unless you happen upon the max amount anyone would bid. And, they make of you, 60 cents a bid. Would be much fairer to charge a penny a bid as what is used. They could allow for someone to up the bid as in an actual auction. This would speed up the auctions, but why do it this way, when they get the 60 cents per bid, so what's the rush? Let the fools (I'm one!) bid and get nothing, other than low cost items. In conclusion, stay away from QuiBids unless you like throwing good money away. Try the Casinos as your odds of winning is better.

New Reviewer

i was having trouble filing suit against this house of fraud, so I looked up its whois registration data:
The site is registered to :
Administrative Contact:
QuiBids LLC
Shaun Tilford (
Fax: +1.4052533883
4 NE 10th Str
Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

@ spokeo it appears oklahoma has four listings under his name
it would probably be fun to call 411 ask for this guy and then give him a piece of your mind.

unlike the warsaw pact nations phishers and fraudsters, this one has a linkedin account where he proudly claims to be the proud owner of quibids.

here is a picture of him incase you see him on the street:

hope this information helps you file suit

New Reviewer
1/12/11 is the biggest Scam Scam Scam ever and the worst way to get or steel your money no difference in my belief. I registered in this web side on the assumption t be a biding site but not this a gambling casino. I bough $60 bid voucher and I started to bid for phone set $56 retail, it ended up to losing bids more the value which force me to use buy it now option and paid much more than the retail value plus $7.0 shipping. Quibid has automatic biding system challenge your bid until suck all your bid to pay more than the value. It is the biggest scam, the fact that I paid $53 for 88 bids plus $3.5 price difference plus $7.00 shipping .

New Reviewer

I was shocked to find out that after I had bid over $100.00 for an item and didn't win the auction, I lost all the money I bid. It was never refunded after the auction was over. This website is a total scam. That's how they can offer the products at such reduced rates; everyone who bids is technically paying for the item. When I called their customer support to see about getting my money back (or at least a credit for the money I lost) they told me "there is nothing [they] could do for me."

New Reviewer

It is true...the owners of this site make a TON of money off what they are selling...I mean if 100 people bid for an item (making it a $1.00 for you) they are making .60 for each $60 for them...but every business goes in to make a profit. HOWEVER, YOU make a profit too....I only bid once on a $25 gift card to a place I would have shopped and spent money at anyways...I got the gift card for 5 cents!! So .05 plus my .60 bid plus $2 for shipping means I got a $25 gift card for $2.65 so made a profit too...yes, they make their money but so what if it benefits you?

New Reviewer

It costs a dollar a bid. I used 10-12 bids on to get a salt/pepper mill . I spent $.40 on the actual item. The mill does not work properly. I inquired about returning the item. I was offered a refund of only the cost of the mill ($.40) and no refund of the bids or I can wait until the mill comes back into stock in a month or so... this is their policy. My choice is (or lack of) is to get a $.40 refund or wait a month and see if I get a new product. I DO NOT recommend using this site.

New Reviewer

I wanted to get some information on this site so I went to the online chat. I asked "how do I know you are not bidding against me so your company earns an extra $.60 per every bid I make" The answer "You can return any product that you win with in 21 days" I asked the same question again, the answer " I have limited information please go to our FAQ section" Obviously they can't type the correct answer because that would indicate an acknowledgment of a crime if they ever were investigated.
You that have been scammed by this site should seriously think about reporting this to where ever you saw this advertised. What a joke. Though greed can help fuel an economy, it has some serious negative side effects, stupidity being one.

New Reviewer

Does anyone know if the legal rule of having 2 business days to cancel (or whatever it is) applies to signing up with Quibids? I registered today hoping to bid on headphones. Once I gave my payment info (thinking it w/b used for payments and ship costs) I was instantly sent a message thanking me for purchasing $60 worth of bids! There's no way I would have bid that many times!

I contacted them thru their email system and was told that was the only way a new member can join! What's up with that? I see they have a 'newcomer' rate of $27 - but I was never even given a choice!

I haven't even participated in this site but am out 60 bucks! Can I join the class action suit?

New Reviewer

I only bid on gift cards and for awhile everything was good. Now. however, I'm not receiving the cards I won and customer support is not helpful, to say the least. I think my bidding days are over.

New Reviewer

Yea, the site is most likely a scam. Remember, anything sounds too good to be true most likely is.

But I give this site an extra star because of its most interesting chat representative, Kelly. Now Kelly and I had some long chats, but she is very elusive. But I found out that she is 24, her birthday is January 14th, is from the "LA area," and has a boyfriend. However, when I asked if they engaged in carnal relations, she replied "That is inappropriate." Most intriguing indeed.

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