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QuiBids reviews

777 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Tel: (405) 253-2038

777 Reviews for QuiBids

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I won three $25 and one $50 gift cards for a total of $125 in value.

$.60 a bid and a whole mob of people trying to get stuff for cheap.

I am an unemployed analyst, so; a) that means I have time on my hands.

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New Reviewer

This is an honest, objective review of I used the site for several months and here is my story...

I heard about the site a few months ago and decided to give it a shot. The site has an excellent tutorial section that tells you how the bidding process works. They even give you tips on how to bid smart. Wait until the last second, don't go after "the big one" right away, only bid on items that you can actually afford to buy, etc.

I signed up and bought the beginner bid pack (100 bids for $60). There are other bid packs you can buy, of greater or lesser value, but when signing up for the first time, this is the only one they will let you purchase. I immediately went for the lowest priced items available. In my first auction experience, I won a $10 walmart giftcard for less than a dollar. Awesome! The cost of the bids I used + the closing price of the item + shipping was still less than 4 bucks. It was a small win but a win nonetheless.

I continued bidding on small walmart and target giftcards, sometimes winning and sometimes not. Quibids does have a nice feature where if you lose the auction, you can buy the item at full price minus the cost of the bids you used. So my plan was to bid on small giftcards to places where I shop often anyway. If I win, great, if not, no big deal I'll just buy it since I shop there all the time.

You can also try to win more bids in the form of "bid vouchers." Vouchers are available in packs of 15, 25, 50, 100 and 250. Some items will have "bid vouchers" attached to them as a bonus. Example: "$25 walmart giftcard + 25 bids." What most people don't realize is that "bid vouchers" have no cash value. So if you spend voucher bids in an auction and lose, you cannot exercise the "buy it now" feature. I made the mistake of trying to win a 100-bid voucher pack, using real $0.60 bids, losing the auction, and then using the "buy-it-now" feature to purchase them anyway. I soon realized that I had wasted money since the bids I just purchased were "vouchers" and had no cash value.

So I developed a new strategy - Only use real bids to bid on small giftcards that have vouchers attached to them. After winning a few of those, I would have 60 or so voucher bids saved up that I had won. I would use these voucher bids to bid on more vouchers. Since vouchers have no cash value, I had no problem gambling them away to try and win more. This strategy worked for a while. I would use voucher bids to try and win 25 or 50-bid voucher packs (always stick with the safer, lower ticket auctions) and ended up with around 150 or so voucher bids in my account. Even after paying the closing price of these voucher packs, I had still won more than I had spent.

Once I had lots of vouchers saved up, I started going to big ticket items. I successfully won two Nintendo Wii games ("New Super Mario Bros Wii" and "Mario Kart Wii") for awesome prices, paying around 15 bucks for each game after shipping and the closing price in the auction. At this point I was convinced that Quibids was a goldmine and started telling all my friends about it.

But that's pretty much where the winning stopped. I started noticing that it was getting harder and harder to win. I found myself purchasing items more often than winning them. This site used to be awesome, what happened?

Milling around on the internet one day I started reading the fine print in the "terms and conditions" area of the site. This paragraph in particular I found very interesting. It is the 26th paragraph on their terms and conditions page -

"QuiBids attempts to limit some auctions to participants of comparable skill, as determined by QuiBids, to enhance user experience and maintain a viable business model. In so doing, QuiBids may limit which auctions are available to particular users based on any factors deemed appropriate by QuiBids in its sole discretion, including experience of the user, historical success of the user, demographic factors, prior bidding and spending activity, and other factors. In particular, QuiBids may limit certain auctions to less experienced or successful users in any manner QuiBids deems appropriate to optimize the overall user experience of all QuiBids users. You acknowledge that You may be, and You consent to being, excluded from auctions at QuiBids discretion."

In other words, once you start winning, Quibids determines that you are now an experienced and skilled user. Some auctions are only visible to beginners, and some auctions are only visible to experienced users. So the reason I wasn't winning anymore was because I was no longer the smartest bidder among beginners in the auction. I was now surrounded by my own peers.

This is where my review of the site goes awry. They lure you in with the promises of winning ipads and TVs for pennies on the dollar. If you're smart enough to realize how unrealistic that is and instead bid on smaller items, chances are you'll get on a winning streak. You'll get excited about your winnings and start getting $#*!y. You'll go after more and more bids and then try to win bigger items, maybe even successfully. Then the auctions suddenly get more difficult, even auctions for the lower ticket items that you had won so easily in the past. The site feels and looks the same... but it's different now. Now you're losing money. But you remember how you used to win all the time, and how awesome it felt. So you keep trying, sometimes winning a little thing here or there, but not nearly as often.

My honest recommendation: do your research first, then give it a shot. Bid smart. Bid on small ticket items only. Is it possible to win a TV? Sure, but you're just as likely to win the lottery. Once you're won a decent amount of stuff, GET OUT. Fight the urge to keep going. Know when to stop. Don't develop a gambling addiction. Gambling addictions feed on the thrill of winning. That's exactly what this site does.

If you're smart you can certainly win on this site, but only for a little while. Once you're on a winning streak, the auctions are suddenly harder without you realizing that anything has changed. Beware.

New Reviewer

I don't recommend this site. Surely there's a better way for EVERYONE out there to spend their time rather than hitting "bid" to increase your bid by a PENNY. Auctions that should be about to end (10 seconds or less may be showing), will endure for HOURS longer because new people will come in and bid a penny more. The biggest scam of it all - each penny bid costs the consumer an additional 60 cents because you have to pay for each bid you place, plus if you win (which you WON'T - don't be shocked), you pay the purchase price as well. The QuiBid owners are loving the stupidity of the internet penny auction consumer! I'm sad to say I was one - for about a week. Lesson learned. Never again. I'll shop for sales, but not for miracle pricing.

New Reviewer

DANGER! DANGER! Unless you are a hopeless, compulsive gambler who loves to throw away money, avoid this site. It lures you in by saying you can get, say, a $499 iPad for less than $40. Now, here's the carth, you "Buy" bid packages. Each bid costs 60 cents. You bid on most auctions in increments of one cent. In other words, when the bid goes up by a cent, if you bid on that auction, you've just spent 60 cents. The odds are ALL on the side of Not to mention, that you can actually spends HOURS bidding on one item. AND (fanfare) when the auction is over, it really isn't. When it gets down to the last 10 seconds, as long as people keep bidding, the auction can go on indefinitely. It's like playing a slot machine—you just KNOW as soon as you leave, someone else will hit the jackpot. So they suck you in, and you lose anyway. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND HARD-EARNED MONEY ON THIS SITE (especially in this economy!) If you happen to win the auction, you pay the price at which the auction ended PLUS all those little 60 cent "bids" you posted. If looks too good to be true, it IS!

New Reviewer

This site is a HUGE SCAM from the start they will not ask but, will immediately steal $60.00 without asking for approval for the transaction. Then they will do everything they can to not refund the money. If the same thing happens to you have your bank stop the transaction. I would NOT recommend this site to anyone

New Reviewer

of course it is a scam. here is the catch: bid-o-matic and fake accounts will bid the price up along with real bidders over cost and a bit of profit for them. in other words, you have a ipad. half of the bids are their in house and the other half are real people, but their in house bid system will not let the auction close until they have a profit. so if a ipad sells for $100, 40-$50 is from reals meaning they've collected 2400-3000$ in 60 cent bids from people for a 699$ product. not a bad day for quibids. so of course someone can win, so long as others pay for the item. you have to time the auction at end. the scam is the fake bid-o-matic and dummy accounts. that should be illegal. i watched several auctions close for $10 gift cards. the minute i played a bid for one, all of a sudden a bid pops up. i bid .60 again than that bid again. no way you walk off with the time for .60. there are items like costome jewelry you can win with 1 bid but they charge $7 for shipping. and the item is a china knockoff for .99$. they still made a profit. i'm sure they work a couple of items in their budget to give away without the b-o-matic and fake accts working against you to make it look. just save your money, and buy what you want, or time an auction just right after everyone else has paid for the item and you might win.

New Reviewer

the Timer on the auctions resets untill they feel that the auction has gone long enough. i found that in there Quibids 101 section. i have not spent and money but have an account. once they wanted $60.00 i just closed the browser and when i went back on the site it had me logged in. i never even put my credit card info. i been watching a 10 sec. count down reset for 10min. now and the bid has gone up $7.00
if your going to use it need to figure out how not to get screwed. a laptop worth $800.00 went to the highest bidder at $35.51 quibids made $2,130 off all the people trying to get a laptop for $35. i sat and watched people go through a bidding war that just in 10min made quibids $420.

it is a scam because you don't know when the auction is going to end. it is all about how Quibids FEELS. i guess there is a guy watching all the bids and he tells the system when to end it?

New Reviewer

This is a SCAM. People, you do not have to study statistics or do data analysis to know that this is a scam. 100 bids for $60. You can bid all 100 bids on an item and not win it and lose your $60. The majority of items sell for over a dollar which tells you that most items are selling for $60 or more. In the case of a computer that recently sold for $58.89 that was 5,889 bids equaling $3533.40. That pc was worth in the market $1200. It barely seems logical that anyone would even bid for this. BUT I TELL YOU THIS......IF YOU LIKE GAMBLING, this is your site, BUT NOT YOUR BEST CHOICE!

New Reviewer

Bah, Quibids cost me $100. I was foolish enough to click on one of their ads. I can't believe Google lets them advertise but I suppose Google is just out to make a lot of money like everyone else.

New Reviewer

This site is a carney trick. There system is bidding against you.
A few customers will win but most will sadly loose. Use the buy it now option, after running out of bids. The site also gets a percentage of the sale item. So check the internet to see if you can get it cheaper else wear, before you decide to try I ended up buying two $200 dollar gift cards, for $200 dollars each after the adjustment, and eating up an equal amount of bids, The first ran the bid up to 25.50+ , I stopped bidding, and someone won. The second ran the bid up to over 37.00+ , I stopped bidding, and someone won. Got two gift cards coming, I will not play the carney trick again.

Apprentice Reviewer

The site is for people to have fun. I have won a lot of items knowing that I might not win every item I try to win. If you think your going to win every item for a few cents don't wast your money you won't. If you are going to buy the item retail anyway and you have the time which can take awhile then go ahead have some fun you might even get a great deal.

I think most people get mad because they couldn't control themselves and kept trying to win something for close to nothing jumping from item to item and before they knew it the had bought a lot of bids and lost a lot of money.

So have fun but be responsible for you own actions. Don't do things for entertainment that cost money if you don't have it to spend.

New Reviewer

Here's my question to everyone who says this is rigged: why would they need to? Why would they risk all the money they are making by using bots? Given enough suckers, the business model will make boatloads of cash without any cheating. People bid on stuff and spend way more than its worth, simple as that. Same reason vegas casinos don't cheat.. they don't need to and they would hate to mess up a good thing.

New Reviewer

Argh, Quibids why have you done this to me. I'm going to admit it was my own fault for not having read these reviews first. But still, Quibids is not a company that makes the world a better place. It's a company that gets people to do stupid things, and makes money off of that.

New Reviewer

Intelligence, patience, and restraint are key when using this site. If you go after big ticket items, you are going to waste $300 before realizing you have nothing to show for it, but in my case, researched how items sold, and at what times, for what price. I bought the $60 bid package of 100 bids. After 1 weeks I am out of bids, but I have $160 worth of home depot gift cards and a $130 pair of Oakley sunglasses. $290 worth of merchandise for $86 (after shipping and processing fees)? I'll take that deal all day long...

New Reviewer

It's not a scam... but it can feel like one if you don't know what you're doing. You can loose money if you're bidding on something that you plan to purchase anyway.... you're just taking a shot at a better deal. If I want a laptop and know I'm going to buy it no matter what and I lose the betting.... then I can buy it off the site anyway and get all the money I bet with credited towards my purchase.

BE SMART people. If you're not good at math and you think everything comes easy to you then don't go to this site. You'll just end up feeling and looking like an ass hole.

New Reviewer

I watch an auction for over 3 hours it was for an Apple 13" notebook. The auction got up to $132.71 then with 4 seconds left on the clock it all of af sudden shutdown with :SOLD" written over the picture of the product. The bid was won by saveyourbid5,it was set to bid automatically. And they had been betting regularly for the last 2 hours of the suction. It really pissed me off that it closed with 4 seconds left on the clock. Yes it is a total scam site.

New Reviewer

Biggest FU#*ING scam I've ever seen. Anyone who tells you differently enjoys being tool that gets constantly used, tossed and simply taken advantage of. The bidding clock is always recycling, so you end up in a bidding war with name monikers of "pennybidderextrodinare", "lastsecondbidplacer" or "triggermousemr.finger". These people seem to be employed by, you know who, Save your time and money stay away!

New Reviewer

I am a first time quidbid user. I pad 60 bucks for first 100 bids. I then start bidding on small Items like earings that comes with 15 to 25 bid voucher. I won 3 times for the first day but each item cost me 6-7 buck shipping and handling. The second days I won 2 times for an alarm clock and Wii kid just dance game. I start bidding on bigger Item and I lost all my bids to 0. I told myself to stop and calculate what I have won compare to what I have spent, at the end I figure if I go to other site and purchase all that item that I have won from quidbid I would pay about 80% of what I spent on them, it mean 20% of what I spent was for fun. With that being said, I would say no matter what you do quidbids will always win. Unless you have time and money to invest in the big item you might have a chance to win big and at the same time have a chance to lose big. I am done with it.

New Reviewer

I don't feel quibids is a scam, however I do feel this is gambling. Anyone that plays this game needs to be very careful with how they use their bids. honestly those that go after the cameras and TV's as a new player that don't have a few thousand bids to play with is not playing very smart and betting way over their heads. Unfortunatly I think those people are in the majority.

Like any sucessful gambler, you MUST educate yourself and practice before stepping up to the table. You need to recoginze a sucker bet!

First before buying in, I read ALL the advise on their site and elsewhere on the net and gave it a lot of THOUGHT. I then bought in for $60.00. (100 bids) Then on the first two days, after watching bids for many hours to find the technique people use, I bid only on credit vouchers and built my "bankrole" to about 300 bids. Now I'm playing with house money.

After building my bank roll, I then bid on smaller items such as gift cards but only those that have vouchers attached. As an example: a $15 gift card from Walmart plus 20 bids. I bid only once i felt the auctions was getting close to ending (seeing earlier bidders dropping out) I set a limit to how many bids I was willing to spend and never went over. (thinking "just one more and I might win" is foolish gambling) As I gained more "free" bids I was able to move up to higher valued items like $25.00 gift cards but cost me more of my bids.

So I bought in for $60.00, over the last two weeks and about 10 hours of "playing" in addition to the bid vouchers I won, I also won 4 - $15.00 gift cards, 2 - $25.00 gift cards. The cost of the amount bid and the shipping and handling cost me about $10.00. So I'm ahead about $40.00.

Some general thoughts:
I watch individual auctions very carefully before bidding. You can usually tell those that have huge amounts of bids in their pockets. Those that have deep pockets control the game. I don't participate in these bids. Most times they are the Bidomatics.

I rarely bid when an auction has a bidomatic. If you do play these auctions you need to track the number of bids each individual player uses so you can estimate when they will stop bidding. That's when you start bidding. It's like counting cards in a casino. While your bidding and someone joins that appears to have deep pockets, stop and wait to see if they will drop out.

To be sucessful you need to have lots of time on your hands and tons of patience

Once I've exhausted my bids, I WILL NOT spend any more money for bids. Quibids isn't fun to me but I gave it a try. The stuff they auction (except for gift cards) are near imposible for the average person to win and isn't stuff I really want or need.

Look at how long the bidders in an auction have been members. You don't want to bid against vets. They probably have deep pockets and will bid up just for the sake of beating you. You want to bid agaist the newbees. They don't have an endless supply of bids and they tend to bid with their gutt rather than their brains. (sorry, not ment to offend anyone)

The house always wins! You can get your small share but do not expect to win big.

Waiting until 1 second to place your bids doesn't always do you well. Sometimes consistantly bidding with 10 seconds sends a message to the other bidders that you are serious about winning an item.

Read the earlier post from the unemployed analist. A big part of this game is about the math. Probability and statistics. (gambling 101)

Quibids is not a scam but they are modeled to take advantage of uninformed members. They guys are making tons of money every hour. However like any business, that what your supposed to do....make money.

New Reviewer

How can I unsubscribe from this annoying web site? if you click their unsubscribe link it doesn't find anything. Help

New Reviewer

it is a site you have to learn how to play.1st if you spend $50 and wi nothing you are not fit to play at quibids,it is Patience that gets you wins .stay on 1 item do not just jump around.try to win a gift card,$25 no bids ,the most it cost you is $27 if you don't win use buy it.
2nd only bid on things you are wiling to pay full price for ,don't bid on a ipad with 50 bids you will get run over.quibids Probably calls them profit.
3rd some people are good at winning Vouchers ,so they use a lot of bids .afterwhile you know your playing a Voucher player ,who cares make pay2x the cost of the item.he sees you again he will leave,players fear other players by how they a rep. p.s. ebay is crap ,it was great 12 to 14 years ago,their leadership killed it.

New Reviewer

i checked out site without registering my email but they still managed to send me an email

New Reviewer
4/28/11 is a company that should be seriously investigated. There is so much double talk and misleading information in the fine print of their site it would leave a seasoned attorney confused. First of all they want you to purchase "Bids" at $.60 a piece then they classify them as either "Voucher" or "Real Bids". The problem is you do not get a choice on which ones you are using. Consumer beware of this "Too good to be true" website. I assure you it is not what it seems. They claim on their website "If you don't win the auction, you never have to go away empty handed. Any time after you've placed your first bid in an auction, you can choose to buy the product for a discount using the Buy Now feature. This will help limit your losses so you don't have to leave all your bids on the table". This could not be farther from the truth. As mentioned above you don't get a choice on how your bids are classified. So when it comes time to purchase the item you did not win, guess what? Those vouchers do not apply to this purchase. Please do yourself a favor and stay very clear from this site or you and your money will be separating quickly. I do not see how the practices of this company are not considered outright criminal.

New Reviewer

As stated in many other reviews the price an item sells for is actually 60 times what they say it sold for because each penny bid cost someone 60 cents... Also the timers are very inaccurate most of the time and I personally have seen certain people bidding against me get an extra 3 seconds on a bid after my timer said it was over.??
Mostly this site is either a0 Visited by morons who don't mind paying three to four times what they could get it for anywhere else or b) I think they have people who enter random auctions with unlimited bids who's main purpose is to get others to keep bidding. Crazy? Maybe , but is it worth the chance? In response to my queries, they said they lose money on around 50% of all the bids! No way... These people are buying the same bull they are handing out to others. Tonite I was involved in a $100 item that when done brought in $400+ dollars...
Beware! I am from now on.

New Reviewer

Horrible....they lure you in with "free" bids which in fact are not. They have your ccard info and charge it whether you win or not. My free bids were in fact charged to my account. What I thought I was using was the free bids to check it out. I didn't bid after they were used, which I didn't win anything for they have this rigged clock thing going on. Don't waste your time or your money here......BAD NEWS!!!

New Reviewer

Bait and Switch... So, I love how they tell you that you can get a Ford mustang for $45, but not that you pay $45 for your winning bid + the 20,000 bids which cost 60 cents each. You CAN get a deal on this website, but its impossible to know how much you will have to spend on an item since you pay for every bids and there can easily be hundreds and thousands of bids per item. In the end you can end up paying more for the item due to the bid system. not worth the risk.

New Reviewer

If you are a gambler this site is for you. I have won on this site ,small stuff and it cost me more than it was worth.You are better off shopping and buying it, than going on this site and gambling for it.If you do want to gamble on this site,Watch it for a couple of days and learn or you will get burn!.

New Reviewer

Why do people seem to have a problem with the company saving 1 person money and making a boatload on the side? (on specific items, they lose plenty of money on others that sell for pennies (gift card that sells on 1st bid and it's worth $20 cost them $19.40, $100 card that comes in at $0.60 (60 bids at $0.60 each) costs them $74.00). It is gambling, yes...I can see that you can do the math so I know that you are well aware of the brilliance behind the idea. If you have children that sell raffle tickets for items sold through the school or attend a church raffle and they sell tickets for an item to be are contributing to the same idea...and it's through the schools or your CHURCH!!! LMAO! U buy a ticket for $20 for a CHANCE to win a (widget, item is irrelivent, only value) or you buy 5 tickets for "A" (5 chances but still only 1 winner) chance to win a $1000 item. U think to yourself "man, $20...even $100 is so worth the "chance" to win this thing." LOL! well, if your child has 25 kids in their class and the average amount of tickets sold per child is 10 (10x$20=$200 per child...x25 children=$5000...for a SUGGESTED retail priced item of $1000) U guys just don't make any sense...use ur heads! BTW they don't pay taxes on the pennies they charged u for the item...they pay taxes on the $1,000,000's of profit they make AND the pennies on the dollar for sales tax. I can see it as more of a way to cut out the sales tax within a consumer goods operation. They are not screwing you...they are screwing the government! LMAO! I don't disagree that having bots, unclarified "processing" fees and other suspicious web quirks but the business model is brilliant in more ways than one. I'm no thief nor do I subscribe to ripping off the little guy but I hate to say it...people have to be responsible for their "OWN" decisions. When U go to Vegas, I'll bet you don't try and sue the casino because you didn't win the $110,000 Doge Viper on the first $100 you pumped into that slot you were playing? Did you? It's not necessarily too good to be's just not likely that you will be the one that it's good for! Lottery people....someone's gotta win but sooooo many lose just to make it worth it. I just hate to see people feeling that they had been slighted, not everyone can win, it's all chance.

New Reviewer

I signed up on quibids when I realized how it worked I never went back I recieved e-mails from them dated 4/9/11 I just opened it to find out I bought bids I don't know how it happened but checked my bank account and sure enough $60- was charged. I just wrote an E-MAIL because there isn't any phone# to call so I hopefully will get my money back I'm an E BAYER myself but I did ask to have someone call me.I'll see what happens next

New Reviewer

Do not get lured into this site. It's rigged. I know I clicked before the 1 second was up three times, however the site said "I was too late and the bid ended." At first I thought, ok maybe this only happens on the large ticket items, but I was wrong, this notice came up two times for the $15 and $25 items. I know I was not late because I had won 3 items previously.

On my first day, I observed for a couple of hours before I started bidding. I did win three items on day one, however, they were all priced under the amount I paid for the bids. Cost of bids minus the amounts I earned equaled a $15.00 loss. I will not buy any more bids.

I tried various hours, various strategies. Do not get lured into this site.

New Reviewer

This site is not for the faint of heart. Yes there is risk but do your research and for gods sake have some common sense(and an IQ greater than that of a potato lol) just kidding be dumb with your bids I need a new big screan for my PS3 I won for under a $100 dollars shipped to my door as welas many other things after all ITS AN AUCTION DUHHH

New Reviewer

They are a bunch of crooks. You buy the bids, then you are biding on they item, The biding never ends. Then when you bid like I do, when there are 2 seconds left...the biding ends, and it tells you your bid is too late. I was biding on the 2 second mark all during the biding, and it worked fine. I asked customer service if there was a time limit, and they said no. I spent 127.00 to get a 25.00 gift card. DO NOT WASTE YOU HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS SITE!


I saw a puff-piece about quibids on some morning show. Just trolling around, I went to the site and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced-bread. Imagine, thousands of people worldwide, plopped down at the same time trying to win something neat for a penny.

I don't like to gamble. Nothing against it, just don't find it appealing at all. But this Penny Auction thing seemed somehow different. I didn't research penny auctions, I just dove right in a learned as I went along.

Started with an introductory bid pack (60, I think). First, you are considered a beginner and are forced to bid in auctions with other newbies for low-value items (gift cards and bid packs). It is pretty easy to win, then you graduate to the big time. The world of IPADs and IPODs. Some Penny Auction sites highlight designer fashion accessories but quibids mainly lures you with electronics.

In with the big boys now, I still kept my bidding to modest items. I found it harder and harder to win. I did manage to accumulate 3 wins on the first day and was banned for 24 hours (this is to give others the opportunity to win, they say).

I took my time in purgatory to read through the sites policies, practices, and strategy guide. Man was I hooked. I had won more than what I spent and was banned for winning too much. All I did win, however, was a couple Walmart gift cards, a Staples gift card and some bid packs.

I came back (after my suspension for being too good) with a new sense of purpose: To win IPADs, IPHONES and other high-priced electronic stuff for which I have no use. I tried autobidder, single bids and combination of both. I spent at least 5 hours bidding, waiting, and analyzing other peoples bidding habits on one stupid IPOD.

When the bidding was over and the smoke cleared, I had lost $150 and felt as if I had been beaten with a club. Defiled. Wounded. Stupid. Then, I put my pants back on and Googled "quibids scam" and found SJ and never went back.


- Within 10 days I received my gift cards. I believe that you will receive what you win.
- Their website is well organized and responsive. Timers seem to work well.


- The later it gets in the evening (or early morning hours) the fewer items of significant value are auctioned.
- Bidding practices I observed don't make sense and make me wonder if, at times, Quibids uses Bots.
- I notice that some auctions disappear. I have heard of this phenomena at QuiBids and other auction sites as well.


I believe that, at times, Quibids uses Bots. And for that reason, I believe it is a Scam. QuiBids allows the interaction of Bidfellow software ( Bidfellow is a 3rd party software program that gives someone the ability to create their own Bot (autobot) giving them a distinct advantage in the bidding process.

But if you are a Penny Auction fan, QuiBids is probably one of the most reputable sites. Having read reviews of many penny auction sites here, and I have concluded the QuiBids is better than most.


I recommend it for anyone who is going to play penny auctions (dead set on it). You are safer here than at a lot of other sites.

I don't recommend penny auction sites in general, though. There is too much fraud and not enough over-site.

New Reviewer

Quibids is run by people who have no regard for their customers. They didn't care at all about my lost bids and money. I wouldn't use them again.

New Reviewer

I believe Qubids has people out there bidding on things to jack-up the price. I watch one bidder, bidding on 3 items at once. On a 25 dollar gift card he bid 40 times then walked away. Pretty much bid what the card cost. I understand you can then buy the card on 2nd chance offer, But he was doing this on two other items at the same time. This is not the first time seeing this. Why is it you see things sell for .05 on the same item at the same time is up to $3.00 ??????

New Reviewer

Ok so after reading the reviews on here and checking out the site I decided to give it a try for fun. I saw the reviews where it stated you win a bunch in the beginning then nothing. I started out buying the forced to buy $60 bid pack. Right away I won a $15 gift card and a $10 gift card, sweet! The next day I won another $15 gift card. Two days later I ripped right through my bids. I saw a $25 gift card go for $5.60, That's a $336-$25 profit for quibids, I can't imagine how much money they make. Anyway, I bought another 75 bids and couldn't win anything if my life depended on it. I can see how people get addicted to this site. I would stay away at all costs and am very surprised they get away with this scam.

New Reviewer

I am not a big gambler, but I love the concept here.

HEY DUMMIES THAT THINK IT'S A SCAM: DON'T BID ON THINGS YOU DON'T INTEND TO BUY ANYWAY! If you lose the auction, you can but the darn thing at regular (albeit full) price, and credit your 'bids' against it. If you are going to buy an iPad, for example, anyway, might as well bid on it, because Apple charges the same in the store as Quibids will online. At lease you have a chance at winning it, and it's kinda fun...

New Reviewer

I am surprised that people even get attracted to this website. It is common sense. You don't need to know a lot of math to figure out how this site works. I won't waste time explaining because other reviewers have already done that. But I will say one thing to those idiots (And Yes, IDIOTS.) that ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IS NOT TRUE! Print this and keep it in your wallet so that every time you open it, you will see this print and won't spend unnecessarily.

New Reviewer

It's a scam, plain and simple.

For example, let's say they list an iPad for $0.01. Ok, 1,000 people bid in once cent increments on the iPad, at 60 cents a bid (average), Quibids has already made $600. A 16 GB iPad costs (MSRP) $499. Quibids has already paid MSRP (which I am SURE they get a discount) and made a 101 profit, off of one item. 999 people are out an iPad, and one person got it because the other 999 basically paid for it for them (minus whatever the "final" bid is that the winner pays, of course.

SCAM, plain and simple.

New Reviewer

I actually won an ipad in 5 bids, paying no more than $5 for that auction. However, people don't realize that each bid is worth .60 cents when you purchase them. Even though the bids only go up one cent everytime someone bids, your spending almost $1 on every bid you place. It took me the first $60 I purchased 100 bids .. 40 of those bids went to some other things before I won the iPad. Shipping cost me $15. So it took me roughly $80 to get the iPad wich is still totally worth it! I also won three gift cards in the same 5 minutes. Each one was won for under $10, and in under 5 bids each. It must have just been a slow time and no one was bidding because this has not happened for me since. I just sit and watch people keep on bidding, wasting money. I would say that this web site is very legetimate but can take your money in no time. Its wise to watch the items you wish to win before bidding anything, to see how fast its going up and up... its a lot of luck if you win anything. Aim for the smaller priced items, like the $10 gift cards. People seem to let those slip away while watching the more expensive items.

New Reviewer

As pointed out by other viewers, read the Quibids 101 section. This is not an auction site and they are not in the business of selling you anything.

The purpose of this site is to sell the "fun" of bidding. Really if you want to
bid on something, go to Ebay, you can bid all you want for free.

From many reviewers you see complaints of:
1) Bot Bidders
2) The mysterious "2 Seconds Left" freeze
3) Every time some bids time is added to the auction
4) Extra Selling costs if you "win" something (transaction fees, shipping fees, etc)
All of these are signs that something is not right here.

Really guys, stick to Ebay.

New Reviewer

I wasted $60 on this site, it was enough for me to realize it is a scam. Here is why:
-They almost definitely use bots to make fake bids.
-To get your trust and lure you to spending big they give a few small beginners prizes when you join.
-Their advertising about what the items recently sold for is false and misleading.
The above points constitute grounds for closing down the site.

New Reviewer

This is a shameless scamming company. Even the banner ad is totally misleading. It claimed a Toshiba HDTV is sold for a bid of $57.38 with a "retail value" of USA $1349. The reality is their so called $57.38 (in their currency) is actually equal to USA $3442.8 PLUS shipping! I cannot even imagine how much people are ripped off with less "good" deals!

New Reviewer

I only lost $ 60 , before I realized it was a scam. PLEASE DON'T BE A VICTIM OF THIS SITE!
After burning through all the bids, I figured it was a rookie mistake on my part. So, I started watching the process over a few days at various times. As soon as you run out of bids......or give up......or stop bidding, and observe for a few minutes.......THE ITEM SUDDENLY IS WON! They are creating that feeling of remorse, "Oh, if I just kept bidding a few more minutes...... I would have won!"
This site is like a video slot machine at a casino. Instead of nickels being pumped into a slot, it is a "bid" of 6 cents, lol. The joke is on you, if you give them any money. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE, STAY AWAY FROM QuiBids.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a scam. No doubt about it. Of course I saw how they made money before I signed up. They charge 0.60 per bid (unsuccessful or not). And bids only go up 1 cent at a time. So say a $2,000 computer sells for $200. That is 20,000 bids times 0.60 equals $12,000 earned in bids for the site. So yeah they can afford to sell it for $200. One person gets a deal, the rest lose. I was okay with that. Because it was transparent. May the smartest win. But what was not transparent is that they use bots. They have these bots win prizes for pennies. This makes you think there are great deals out there. But is totally fixed. As long as real people keep bidding, the bots keeping raising. As soon as the real people stop bidding, the "auction" ends, the bot "wins", they collect the cost of all your bids, and laugh all the way to the bank. It is a genius idea. I am reporting them to the State's attorney in Oklahoma where they are registered. They steal money from people. I hope the owners rot in hell. I really do.

New Reviewer

The prices seem so reasonable until you realize that they zapped you for $60.00 plus 60 cents per bid. Then they tell you that you can buy the item supposedly worth $350 for $172 less the $60.00. There were five of us bidding on the item, so they got well over the value of the product. What a scam!!!

New Reviewer

Let me ask a question: How many of you would 'argue' about... eBay, WalMart - or any other business where you DO get value for what you've paid for? I doubt many if ANY would.

ANY site/business that generates THIS amount of debate has got SERIOUS legitimacy problems. Anyone who has to question - 'did I get a REAL deal?' should WAKE up and say 'no.'

The fact that NO ONE has bothered to (simply) look up this business, it's on BBB, it's credentials/financials (and if you have, then, THAT is enough to tell you) WITHOUT all this; 'you said/I said.'

If most of you had to deal with any business that has THIS much debate - and STILL is either debating; 'is it legit,' need to wake up. This ENDLESS reading/WRITING serves NO purpose.

Before you d business with ANY company you are not familiar with, do a background business check. This amount of 'red flags' is PLENTY more than is needed to say; 'no - I don't want to do business with them - there' s a LOT of questioning about it.'

Give this debate a rest. You DON'T need spreadsheets, calculators - you JUST need common sense.

If you read 1/10 of what's written here, you'll see it's repeated ad nauseum.

Move forward! Pick another business.

New Reviewer

I agree with the reviewer who said that quibids is gambling... the house always wins... casinos are more generous. I have read a lot about these types of Websites with recommendations such as "bid at times when less people are online, start bidding later in the auction when the price is nearing the sweet spot then strike to avoid wasting bids, it may take several hours to win an auction so be patient, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." If you're like me, you buy quality products at fair prices from companies who have earned your business... don't be a puppet on a string... you have a life and you're smarter than that. E-bay is truly what bidding online is all about.

New Reviewer

Gee...maybe I'm just lucky.....but usually I'm not, however,...........bought the $60 starting bids. Ok I spent $60 which gives me 100 bids but after winning 4 items one with 25 bids, I currently have 115 bids left. I probably didn't bid on items that interested others so much but I got a $10 Walmart card for $.01 bid plus $1.99 shipping=$2.00 total plus the $.60 bid

Got a choose gift card(selected Walmat) same situation as above

A juicer/extractor for $8.00 including the cost/shipping and the three bidx I placed

A stainless steel slow cooker for $2.00 plus $1.80 for three bids.

I didn't bid on items that had lots of activity and obvious competition nor did I bid at what I have determined is the most active budding time.

Just did it for a little fun, and yes I guess it's like Las Vegas but I seemed to get more than I did by pumping quarters in those slot machines....but gee within limits that was fun also and I stopped when I reached my limit, win or lose. Same as I'll do on this site. It is what it is so don't get too carried away.

PS. I don't know or understand any fancy methodologies nor computer tracking
Just your average Nana.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a shopping/gambling site. Maybe they don't want to be called a gambling site, but if you participate in auctions where you lose your money if you don't win you are gambling not buying.
If you don't want to lose your money you will have to use your bought bids to buy and use the voucher bids to gamble because you can not buy nothing with voucher bids.
Always use your bought bids to participate in an auction of something that you will want to buy. If you buy the small bid package of 45 bids it means that you have $27.00 dollars to buy something that you want.
If you join a $50.00 dollar auction and you run out of bids you will have to instantly buy 25 more bids in the Quibids bar in the bottom of the page to keep on biding or you will have to pay the rest of the money to complete the $50.00 of the auction.
You should not join Quibids and start gambling in expensive auctions, lose your bids and not buy the auction because is too expensive. It is better to use your bought bids to bid in an auction you can buy with the amount of bought bids you have and only gamble in the expensive auctions if you are left with voucher bids.
Bought bids will come first when you start biding because they expire in 6 months and voucher bids expire in one year. The ones that expire first will come first, some voucher bids expire in weeks.
It is very convinient that you know if you are biding with voucher bids or bought bids.
If you don't want to lose your money, you always need to know how many bought bids have you "invested" in an auction in case you lose and will have to buy it.
If you are careful you will end up always even. And with the voucher gamble bids you can win something big one day as it happens everyday in Quibids.
I always get even with my bought bids, and lose with my voucher gamble bids. Only one time I won an iPad 16gb with 8 voucher bids.
They provide excelent entertainment. It is exiting and fun to participate in this auctions. This is a cool site. I have a lot of fun but I lose a lot of time. Shopping and gambling is addictive.
This is my referral link:
I don't know if I should put it or not. Remember use your bought bids to buy and your voucher bids to gamble.

New Reviewer

I signed up for QuiBids about a month ago. I studied the site, tracked several auctions and picked a strategy. I would bid on $25 gift cards that had no bids and were nearing the auction end. I won a few gift cards this way and was pleased enough with the experience to recommend it to a family member. She signed up and had a similar experience. All of a sudden the number of auctions available dropped significantly and the competition increased dramatically. I contacted her to see if she was seeing the same thing and she was. Based on both of our observations I decided to start researching to find out what happened. I thought maybe they had not been profitable enough and so they cut back on the number of auctions to increase the number of bidders per auction and therefore increase revenue and profit.

As it turns out they are doing something much more deceptive. They are luring in new customers by allowing them access to a huge number of auctions where it is very easy to win. Once you have gotten a taste for the site and maybe referred some friends and family they move you to a mirror site. It looks the same, it feels the same, it has the same address in the browser window, except that there are less than 20% as many auctions to bid on. What QuiBids is doing is hooking it's customers by giving them a few good deals and then putting them onto a mirror site where the competition is fierce and the odds of winning are stacked against you. It's much like a drug dealer giving it away for free up front and then jacking up the rates later on. The difference here is the druggie knows he's paying more, QuiBids doesn't ever mention the fact that they are funneling you to a site where your odds of wining are dramatically reduced.

To be more specific, today I went to the QuiBids website from my work computer to check if they were hiding auctions from veteran bidders. It turns out they are. When I went to the site a few minutes ago they showed 2,246 active gift card auctions and 1,199 recently completed auctions. I logged in and those numbers immediately dropped to 431 active gift cards and 384 recently ended. I checked before logging in and there was a significant number of gift card auctions ending in the next 5 minutes. Upon logging in there were none except those in the last 20 seconds. I logged out but the lowly numbers remained. It seemed they were able to tell it was still me even though I wasn't logged in anymore. I realized at this point they were using tracking cookies so I went into my browser settings and cleared my cookies and went back to the site. Low and behold there were again 2,246 active gift card auctions and 1,199 recently completed auctions. To further test the theory I clicked on a gift card that I knew wasn't showing up on my logged in version of the site and it showed up as a regular auction. I clicked bid and it asked me to log in. Once I logged in that item was gone and I could not find it on the home page or the gift card page (as I was back to 431 auctions instead of 2,246).

Upon web searching it seems that a few other savvy users have noticed this as well and are trying to let others know. Unfortunately they are no match for the sea of new users. Add to that their strategy of letting you win a few first which gets you hooked and helps them get positive reviews and it becomes an incredible uphill battle to inform the public. There have to be thousands if not more users who are probably getting screwed over by QuiBids as we speak.

The reality is a company that mistreats is customers won't be a company for long. They can thrive on new users greed but only for so long. Either they will have to stop this manipulative business practice or they will not make it. Time will tell.

If you have won a few auctions and have now noticed a dramatic increase in competition you are probably bidding on the mirror site. If you would like to see the auction hiding for yourself you simply have to clear your browsers cookies. I don't know what browser you use but it's a pretty simple process.

Chrome: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and leave the Delete cookies and other site data checkbox checked and select from the beginning of time in the drop down.

Firefox: Pres CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and leave the Cookies checkbox checked and select Everything for the time period.

If you are one of the targeted users (which I assume many of you are) then you can follow my steps above to see first what auctions are out there and then what auctions are available to you after logging in.

I'm unsure whether this is illegal or just deceptive but either way the public deserves to know they are signing up to be duped.

Caveat emptor my friends!

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