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QuiBids reviews

856 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA
Tel: (405) 253-2038

856 Reviews From Our Community

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This "person" could have bought this item using "Buy Now" at least 5-6 times over. (in 417 reviews)


My advice: Try it ONLY if you have money to burn and you really don't care if you lose it – like at a Casino. (in 372 reviews)


I, too, paid $60 for the original 100 bids and won $75 in gift cards and won a kitchen appliance valued at over $120. (in 62 reviews)

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1 review
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this site is a scam, do not waste your money. I had the same bad experience as others explained. Note, just look at all the other bad reviews.

1 review
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I'm retired. I was bored so I decided to try quibids and I did for about a month. I did win a lot of stuff from their website and recieved it. The problem with quibids is that the money you spend on bids and shipping even if you do win the auction is you could go out and buy the products and in the end you will pay less. Every click is not 1 penny it is 60 cents. I admit it is kind of thrilling but...... If you watch the auctions there are certain people that obviously are highly in debt or very rich because they will be on every auction that is available at the time and not just one bid but 100's of bids on each item. I don't know that there are bots. I think it's just people who won't give up no matter how many bids they have to buy. I found that that was the only way you could win most items. I personally didn't take it that seriously and would just start using my real bids and buy the item at the end and a lot of times the people bidding paid a lot more for winning then I did at the buy it now price. It's an out of control site and like I said it is fun but I find it hard to believe that anyone could keep up or afford to buy bids for months or years. And you have to remember when all those people are bidding the site is raking in big bucks. If some big item is at like 32 dollars that is 3200 bids at 60 cents a pop. So for me yes I may be having a frustrating day and I'll go in for something I like and bid it to the brink...... but a daily habit??? I think they need a 1-800 number for some people on there so they can get off of it

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

AWFUL! HORRIBLE. I WENT THERE, SIGNED UP SO I COULD SEE HOW IT WORKED, LIKE YOU WOULD WITH ANY OTHER SITE. I SAW I HAD A CREDIT OF 100 (SOMETHING) THEN I SEE MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED 60.00 I spent 60.00 for a 50.00 gift card? TOTAL SCAM, CALLING MY VISA CO. NOW, NOT PAYING FOR THIS. It should tell you "You are about to PURCHASE 60.00 and this will be charged to your VISA, click here to accept", nothing like that. It is a terrible way of doing business. I have a 100 feedback with ebay. Terrible site, stay away!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Quibids is GAMBLING. A lot of people put in a little, and a few people take out a lot. Quibids lies and says it is not gambling simply because the lie encourages more people to do it.
As gambling, Quibids is a ripoff. Quibids pays out a very small percentage of the money they take in, much less than any casino. Like in any casino, some gamblers can do better than the rest, even come out ahead, if they can pick their opponents, like at the blackjack table. Anyone winning just gets a small share of the ripoff. And the Quibids ripoff is worse than the casino ripoff.
The Quibids game is a variation on "chicken". No one would play it for real in a casino. Imagine a stack of $400.00 cash. Clearly posted, someone has bought the right to that cash, minus $20.00, for a token that cost him only $0.60! The catch is, anyone can come along and, for only another $0.60 token, displace him and buy the right to the $40.00, minus $12.01. (The bank has already collected $1200.00 worth of tokens for this prize, but that "shouldn't matter" to the betters.) The current owner won't get the prize, and neither will the next owner. So no one wants to buy in early. The goal is to be the last buyer-in. Even if the prize is down to only $400.00 minus $399.00, it would still pay for the next guy to pay $0.60 for the right to $400.00 minus $399.01 - he makes $0.39 on the deal (but only if no one buys in after him). People won't want to buy in late, when the gain gets small, but, when the gain is small, there's a higher chance that the next buy-in will be the last one. Every next player to buy in destroys your profitable deal, (not like a real auction where the next bid releases you from your bid). Picture the fistfights and riots that would break out at a physical Quibids table! Now, to complete the Quibids picture, imagine that the box labeled $400.00 really only contains $300.00. And the $300.00 is a check that they will supposedly mail to you, after you first pay them the $20.00 or $399.01 purchase price. And you also pre-pay a handling fee they didn't tell you about. Oh, but they throw in a losing-ticket bonus. You can, at any time, "buy now" that $300 check for the posted $400 minus the amount of tokens that you (only you) have paid in toward that item. And Quibids takes place online, where you don't know how many people actually "buy now" the same item (since they can easily ship multiples when it benefits them), and you don't know whether the other players are real. Why are these Quibids swindlers not in jail?

1 review
2 helpful votes

Lets take an example here, if an Apple Ipad 32GB worth $499.00 and someone won it @ the price of 25.00, by that said 2500(total bids because each bid raise a penny)*.60 cents/bid cost = $1500.00+$25.00 => $1525.00 price; thats the actual price they charged to that particular ipad WOW!!!!!, which means eveyone is a looser in that whole bidding process except the winner if he/she did not spend over 790 bids on this item. Think about it, you just never know when its the right time to bid at the end unless you are a psychic and people are so eager to win and keep bidding on the products and not realizing how much it is costing him/her and rest of the public. Give or take the probability of anyone winning a bid is only 5% depending on how much bids you are willing to spend on the item, by that said it is a GAMBLING!!! Even if you win for less any item but in the long run it wil cost you fortune because you are so addicted to this bidding process. but think about it dont you think it is a rip off by QuiBids to charge public $1500.00 for a $499.00 iPad. And, they are success because we the people are letting them rip us off

4 reviews
13 helpful votes

Really like Quibids - especially lightning auctions. The only trouble is so many bidders its hard to find good wins anymore. There are never any "sales" for bids and voucher bids do not count towards BIN.
Games are a fun way to win bids - they are difficult to win and if you bid more then the item costs and do not win you cannot buy the gameplay.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They control who sees what auctions against which bidders. All people do not see the same auctions and have the same chance. They play god and control everything. Not fair and even. Very crooked.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I too decided to check it out... All I will say is this.. I put $300 in and came away with nothing... Need I say anymore?

1 review
3 helpful votes

The site tells you that once you have bid up to the price of the item, you can not bid any longer but can buy now. Using this reasoning on at least three occasions, I watched a site until the bidding was down to two or three bidders. Knowing that these bidders were getting close to their bid limit, I entered the bidding but found that the bidding kept going against one last bidder who should have long ago bid out. I think the site has an employee bidding against you with no bid limit. What a rip off.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

DON'T GET LURED! This site is a legal scam site, although I don't know how it could be deemed as such. I purchased bids, without the understanding (they have it advertised in tiny print), that they would charge my account for successive bids. I was happily clicking away on a laptop until it asked for more money. Before I realized what was happening, it had charged my checking account for $80. DON'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET SCAMMED! This is a TRASH site!

1 review
2 helpful votes

SCAM SCAM SCAM - Every person who tryed to write a good review in response to this comment MOST LIKELY is LYING about their association with Quibids. MOST scam artist realize that there will be ALOT of negative reviews especially if they know they are a scam. So whats the most logical solution? Try to thwart those NEGATIVE reviews with some positive ones... The following statement and previous review wraps this SCAM site up in a nutshell:

I would stay as far away from as you possibly can.
The thing is that eventually (I would imagine) someone will win (could be a ringer that wins) but what they hope for is getting a group of people bidding on said item; for instance a camera that cost $1200.00 U.S. They get 20 or 30 people bidding and everyone pays $120.00 or let's say $150.00...

Everyone "loses" their money (you get to use it to buy the item at full price, which probably is marked up anyways) because they've made a bid.

20 x $120 = $2400.00
30 x $120 = $3600.00

20 x $150 = $3000.00
30 x $150 = $4500.00

Then all the people who have lost their money but get to buy....

I wish I would have thought of this scam (not really)


1 review
2 helpful votes

Absolute horrible experience a complete waste of money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! I look forward to joining the class action suite. lol

1 review
1 helpful vote

I did not give quibids a dime. Math problem; new Honda Civic, Winning bid; $1800.00.Guibids received on this one bid, $109,800, the price of (6) six Honda Civics. Every bidder on this auto, helped pay for this car at ($.60) sixty cents it and every bid.
That old adedge very much applies; "IF IT SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT'S A LIE. Guibids is a SCAM. A hundred years ago, we would have a mass hanging.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a rip off for sure, I bid on a food saver and didn't win, they offered it for sale since I had already spent so much in bids I bought it. Ha, what a farce, I received email later that they no longer had any food savers and refunded my money and bids. Then the same thing happened on a 55" TV. I bid and after several hours of bidding I gave up and just bought it. I am still haven't heard anything except it is being processed, Well I call and finally talked to Kevin who said they had to contact the supplier and see if they can even get one. How nice of them to sell something that they physically do not have, or can't guarantee to ship. In the mean while I have had to re configure my entertainment center to accommodate this size of TV. Which has wound up costing me more then it would have if I would have just bought it from amazon. This is a rip off and twice I have bought in to trying to get something at a great price only to get burned. I am so done. It seems a fraud and should be against the law to sell something that you don't own or can't guarantee. How is it this company can continue in this unlawful practice?

1 review
1 helpful vote

I found this site to be an absolute fraud. I'm asking all residents to contact their respective AG's and file a complaint. For thos of you in MAss., I need about six to call Attorney Paul Morenburgh. His number is (617) 630-2050. He wants to do a class action. Please, enough talk, let's get your money back!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I can't believe all you whiners. Just because you lost your money because you didn't educate yourself before bidding you say Quibids is a scan. Take personal responsibility for your MISTAKES. There is NO scam on this site. They are up front about all the risks. There are no bots running up the bids. All the auctions are easily tracked if you want to and you can watch the winners and see what they've won. You just have to be smart how to play and you will win some and you will lose some. Be a grown up, accept that or don't play. In the long run you should come out ahead....if you're SMART about it. It takes a lot of time, patience and study to come out on top. If you don't have any of those three things DON'T PLAY ON Quibids. There is definitely a big element of chance and luck on this site, so it is a gambling site, but they aren't hiding that fact. It is what it is. The posters here that claim they have seen bots place 1000's of bids on a single item are lying. How exactly are you tracking that, counting each bid placed? Only the winner's bid totals are posted by Quibids, so how exactly are you tracking this information?

The great thing about this site is if you're really smart about you're bidding there's no doubt you will end up well ahead. You can't say that about most types of gambling. It's the uniformed people that are paying Quibid's bills and filling the smart bidders houses with a lot of cool stuff. You whiners really annoy me, and obviously think you're entitled to win things for pennies on the dollars, but I celebrate you because you are what make my winning possible. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.

Ok, now the rosy stuff is out of the way, I do have one complaint. I do not like the way they control what auctions you can participate in. After I won a few items in a few days, I noticed that items I had seen the day before didn't show up in the list anymore the next morning. I talked with Quibids and they admitted that they manipulate what items you can see to spread the wealth around. In other words if you're doing too well on some items they don't give you the option to bid on them. For how long I don't know. This is annoying, but I'm pretty sure if I don't bid on anything for awhile stuff will start showing up again.

Here's a tip. If you see something you think you might want to bid on always add it to your watch list, then if it is removed from your search later, you still will be able to find it and bid on it.

Here's another tip, Stop expecting free stuff to be given to you. Yes, this site's about Quibids making a lot of money. That's great, and all the more power to them. It's called capitalism. I celebrate their success. It's up to the users to take personal responsibility for figuring out the business model and decide if the reward is worth the risk. If not, you have free choice to not participate.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I did not use quibids, but in reviewing a lot of the other's comments, it seems as if Quibids is exactly the same as those arcade games in which you press a button to move a mechanical arm out over a bunch of stuffed animals and then try to lower the lever to win your stuffed animal. Anyone who has ever played this "entertainment" knows how stacked it is against the player. This site preys upon the very worst in human nature -- the gambling instinct -- and feels no guilt in doing so. Everyone should refuse to use such a predatory site and save their money for legitimate auctions. DON'T MAKE ANY MORE MONEY FOR QUIBIDS! PUT QUIBIDS OUT OF BUSINESS!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I won a Kindle, Second Generation. When it arrived, it wouldn't work. So I called Amazon for some help. After I read the serial number to the guy, he said it was a blacklisted Kindle that had been reported lost or stolen. He said the best use I was going to get from it was as a paperweight. Really makes me wonder where they get their merchandise!! I have tried to contact quibids, but have heard nothing thus far.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Found this site online after a friend recommended it. I started with the 100-Bid started pack ($60.00).

I started looking around the site. I came accross a Pink Heart Gemstone Necklace that I thought would be a great birthday gift for my girlfriend. It was ending in 30 seconds, so I decieded to place a Bid. I was the first bidder, and won the auction for $0.01 and 1 bid! In total, I spend $5.00 with shipping and the cost of the single bid.

I decided to look at something a little bigger. As a Photography Hobbiest, I spied a Canon EOS T2I Rebel Camera. It was up to $16.75 and was under the 20-second limit.

After watching the auction for a while, I decieded to use the Bid-O-Matic tool. I set the limit to start bidding at $20.00 adn go for 25 bids. At this point I walked away from the computer to to make Dinner.

I came back to the computer a few hours later to find a E-mail from saying I had won the Camera for a wopping $21.06!! In total I paid about $52.00 when you take into account the cost of Bids and Shipping.

Considering this camera retails for $799.99.....this is an incrediable deal!!

The camera is currently on its way to me, and I can't wait to enjoy it and see if I can win any other auctions on this amazing site!!

To all those who doubt this have to have patience in your auctions. Watch them and see before placing bids!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I files a complaint against this company today.
Here is the link to the Better Business Bureau for this company

1 review
2 helpful votes

Quibids lies. Sure each bid is a penny, but how much money do you spend buying bids, hoping to win? It's a gamble & not worth it!

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I personally think that this site is a awful expeirience for everyone looking for a quick and easy way to get the newest technology!!!! In order to bid on this site, you must first PAY for credits, and one credit equals, one penny. You can buy 45 credits for $25. thats means that a credit equals about 50 cents. I tryed buying a gift card and won the prize, but they told me i had to pay $10.00 for s+h. The card was $15, and i ended up paying a total of $23.00!! I do not recomend anyone to this site!!! STAY AWAY!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I feel it is gambling!!!! I signed up because of the TV ads, thinking I will try to get a deal. I got caught up in wanting a $400 set of Home Surround Sound Speakers. That last 10 seconds of the Auction, lasted 2 and a half hours. I spent $330 and did not win the item. I did not use the "Buy Now" since they had taken me for enough money, already. Stay off this site, unless you like to gamble. I feel like I visited a Casino. Good Luck!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I too like others here, have tried bidding a few times. What I found is what others have found that the counter, when it reaches 1 second, freezes, and then all of a sudden, several bids pop up and the counter resets to 15/10 seconds! My bid was registered, but there is no way to determine the exact time that it was. In contacting quibids, they blame 1)my computer (NOT) 2) my internet connection (why did the counter ONLY freeze at 1 second) 3) my connection speed (1gig... NOT).
I am convinced that they purposely stop the timer at one second... they say it is the "going... going... gone" method, so my question to them was... "what is the purpose of the timer then?"... I never got a reply...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I found that the bids last a very long time during the day and eve so $60.00 usually gets eaten up easily. It's not as is advertised. Whoever says they get gadgets for $25, eh? really?

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I registered with Quibids in March 2011, and ultimately very disappointed. Over the last 4 months I bidded on high end computer laptops and on two separate occasions the Quibids system "paused" and the clock was NOT reset as per Quibids policy. I contacted Quibids and their response was that they went back and reviewed their records which showed that the clocks were reset. This did NOT occur and Quibids did not refund me any of the bids I had placed. I will NEVER use Quibids again! BEWARE!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

BEWARE! I deactivated my account after I realized what a scam this is. I had 40 remaining bids, for which I asked a refund. But, NO REFUNDS! Whoever started this is a bazillionaire by now. A super rip-off!

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Wish I could give it a 0. They don't tell you that your credit card will be charged $60 before you do anything. I immediately sent e-mail to cancel & they said I would get refund in 7 days but they got MY money as soon as I clicked send. Just waned to look at what they had & not impressed.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I was smart enough to get out after losing $28.00. What a scam!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

What a waste of time!! And not to mention the money you spend!!
I saw an ad that told me I'd save up to 90% on great new merchandise - that's a joke!!! Beware people ... You know the saying " if it looks too good to be true" etc. This is the perfect example! If I could, I would rate this site as a negative 5 stars! Consumers Beware!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Quibids is a sick, sick thing in which to get caught up. I got out recently. Eight months ago I recieved a promotional offer and signed up for 45 bids - the minimum. One night I decided to use those bids but when I submitted a bid I was informed the bids had expired; I contacted customer support and they did credit my account with the bids since they were "real" bids and not "voucher" bids. I'm in the market for a small TV so I decided to use my bids and possibly get a deal on a small TV; no matter the result I intended to close my account - I burned my bids without winning. NOW FOR THE SICK PART! I bid on a TV worth $369 dollars, which was about the right price for the TV. Quibids pockets $.60 for each and every bid. When I crapped out the cummulative bid amount (mine and others) $27.17, which is 2,717 bids * $.60 = $1630 for a $369 TV. So, the bidders collectively put five times the value of the TV in Quibids pocket. On top of this, the winner would pay the $27.17 + shipping. I can just imagine how many bidders with gambling problems participate in Quibids. I burned my bids, deactivated my account and I am so, so glad to be out. I wish I had never heard of Quibids.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible site. I lost each time I bid. Wasted my money. I can't believe Google lets Quibids advertise. I think Google ads are filled with scams and Google doesn't care one bit because they're making money.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought 60 bids for £44, and I lost all of them. In addition I notice that the winer are only few people alwas for example (ipad1085 and wam73) . I think no one can win much than they lose.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have spent a lot of money with and have got some really good deals. I was very impressed at first. I won some auctions and the ones I did not win I used the Buy it now so I was way ahead. Then I started biding on the big ticket items an Ipad 2 had to buy it now a playstation total with bids 67.42 a xbox 169.78 a mac computer retails for 4200 for 212.15 with bid on this I spent just over 600.00 but then weeks go by and no items arrive I call in and they tell me over and over on each item that they had a problem with there supplier and was looking for a new one. After over a month later they are still looking and now I am demanding a refund of bids plus the buy it now price. Now they have to put in a request to there so called shipping department to make sure the item that they do not have a supplier for has not shipped the item. 1 week after this they say they are refunding my money including my bids. 2 weeks and 3 days later the all the money is back in my account. Meanwhile everyone that had bid on theses items that they did not even have are out of there money at least I got my money back but all the others were screwed from the first bid they put in on these items. Scam Scam Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

My experience at has been half good/ half bad. I saw the advertisement on TV, and decided to give it a try. Sign up was easy, but I was not aware that I was spending $60 during the sign up until after my card had been charged. This shocked me, but the online reciept showed 100 bids plus 3 "free" bids, so I jumped straight in.
Not being familiar to penny auctions, I'm sure my inexperience was hilarious to anyone watching. I was avoiding the beginner auctions because there wasn't anything as exciting to bid on as the normal auctions, even though Quibids suggests to start in the beginner section. I was throwing my bids left and right on various high end items, and Quibids was giving me "badges" for doing different things (making your 100th bid, ect.), but within 15 minutes all my bids had been used. It was then I decided to actually read some of the training material that Quibids provides, and realized I had recieved free bids from the badges that I had earned (anywhere from 1 to 7 free bids per badge). I really like the whole badge idea, it makes it more entertaining. In anycase, after doing my training, taking a Quibids final assessment test, I was ready to dive back in. So I ordered the smallest bid package. Ordering bids, by the way, is only done by packages, the least amount of bids you can buy at any one time being 45 at .60 each. I'm sure this is to ensure Quibids makes their money.
Over the course of the next 4 or 5 hours, I tried different tactics, using their automatic bidder at opportune times, waiting till the timer reset was 15seconds or less, trying to concentrate on specific items. Quibids specifically states that the easiest items to win are gift cards. Low and behold one of my first wins was a $25 CVS card for .14 cents, plus a processing fee. In the end, I had spent $287 on buying bids, won the 5 items listed below, and ordered each item as I won them.
Slap Watch + 20 bids @ .05 plus $5.99 ship
Kalorik Waffle Maker @ .01 plus $9.99 ship
$25 CVS gift card @ .14 plus $1.99 ship
$25 Home Depot gift card @ .26 plus $1.99 ship
Apple IPad 2 16gb @ $4.57 plus $13.49 ship
$50 Target gift card @ $11.00 plus $1.99 ship

So, with the Ipad, I came out ahead, and I had a difficult time trying to win anything else afterwards. I have since recieved all the items within 7 days except the Ipad. I have sent 2 emails to customer service about the Ipad, and yet to recieve a response. What's the point in winning an auction if you don't recieve the items bid on? I'm giving them till Christmas, which will be 15 days since my order, after that, I'm contacting the FTC and the BBB, and hopefully this will get resolved.
Overall, I like Quibids, but I believe they have alot of work to do. The badge system is great, but so far the customer service sucks. They need to keep their customers advised better, especially when there is a concern. The bidding experience itself was fun, but I have no cause to go back since I have not recieved a response or my order. Like I said before, there is a learning curve on these type of auctions, and Quibids does a great job of letting that be known if the user takes the time to read their material. If my order does get resolved soon, I might go back.

4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Do not like the false advertising about FREE BIDS and getting merchandise for Pennies on the Dollar. They do not tell you up front that you have to BUY YOUR BIDS !!!! :o(

1 review
1 helpful vote

Stay away it costs me $60 to waste away bids, another $45 to continue to try to purchase, was offered a $100 coupon for $86.00 plus shipppng/handling. I'm out $105. with nothing. A total scam and rip off, stay away!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Quibids has many horrible reviews and I looked them up before I decided to use quibids myself but since they had a A- rating on the BBB website I just figured the reviews were just a bunch of ranting and raving. I regret not listening to the reviews now, let me tell you why...At first I thought this site was cool. It cost $60 to sign up and you got some bids to start out. I actually won two auctions right off the bat that made the sign up worth while and got me excited about the site but then it quickly became a money pit. They do have cool stuff like ipads and xbox and other tablet pcs and cameras etc. but the chances of you winning are slim. You have to really focus on the item you want and be willing to spend more money on bids to stay in the game. It seems like a good deal if you can get an ipad for like $40 but if you spent that whole time bidding you have to account for the bids you had to buy to stay in the game. The cheapest bid bundle costs $27 for a tiny 45 bids. It doesn't go a long way when you want to win one of the larger prizes. So once you add up how much you paid on the actual item, what you spent on bids and then they add on shipping you may not be getting as great a deal as you thought. The only thing I found easy to win was the smaller stuff that no one really wanted like coffee makers or lame jewelry or purses. They do get you all excited when they tack on extra bids to some of the items but its usually just 20 bids. They do have bid voucher auctions where you can bid to win more bids but its all a gamble you could waste the rest of your bids trying to win more bids...lame. I will admit sometimes you can get lucky but it really is a gamble. You never know when someone new is going to jump into the auction at the last minute and run the price up some more and you could sit there for hours bidding and waste a bunch of money and time for nothing. Also I ran into some problems with my purchases. First off I ordered a $27 bundle of bids that I paid for but never got credited to my account so I just apparently gave them $27 for nothing. I contacted their customer service it took them three days to email me back and they told me that I was mistaken and that I got my bids. I emailed them back about it because I indeed did not get those bids and they never contacted me back. After that they blocked my account for "security reasons" and I could not access my account to pay for the auctions that I won so I lost my opportunity to pay for them as well as the bids/money I spent on them. Yet again I just gave them money for nothing. I emailed them several times to get the issue resolved so I could pay for my items but they just kept sending me meaningless emails telling me to follow directions in the previous emails. I tried calling their customer service because I followed the directions and still did not hear anything back from them. No one ever answered the phone at customer service and I tried calling several times as well. I waited on hold for ages and tried to be patient but my issues remain unresolved to this day. Yes, maybe some lucky people do well on quibids but I really have not had much luck. I did win a few auctions, I won a couple handbags for less than a dollar whoo, but once I tallied up what I spent on the bids I had to purchase to win those two purses and the money I wasted losing a few other auctions I realized that I might as well have just gone to the mall and bought the purses at retail value. This sight really only tricks you into thinking you are getting a great deal most of the time. Like I said sometimes people get lucky and only have to put in a couple bids but its not likely. Its just like going to the casino and sticking a coin into the slot machine. Maybe you win, likely you won't.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Wow! How can this website still be in business? I order bids, and got nowhere. It was like throwing money in the trash. I should have came to sitejabber before I got scammed! STAY AWAY!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I signed up with this site after hearing about all the good deals and since Christmas is near figured why not save on gifts. After the initial sign up formalities they wanted me to buy a starter package for $60 plus tax, on my credit card. That made me weary so I did some research and quickly discovered that a lot of truths about actual costs to win bids are not accurate. So I immediately deactivated my account and intend to stay away from this site, you should too, save your time, your money, and sleep better.

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I thought that I was a smat shopper until with glazed over eyes, I placed my last available bid. I closed out of the site and sat in a fog and $200 poorer. Oh this was not over a one day period because I kept going back thinking that I was missing something. I worked at getting voucher bids at auction so that I would have more bids to use. Now understand that a "real bid" you pay cash for and can be used if you loose an auction towards a "buy it now" feature. Voucher bids that you win at auction using "real bids", you cannot use towards a "buy it now" feature. So, in essence, you use real money and 'convert' it to vouchers. If you run out of bids and you want to continue, you buy some more "real bids". And the circle goes round.
Quibids is up-front about all their policies and are fairly open book but they have a super BIG hook for us sucker fish.
Oh yes for $200, I got a couple of $10 gift cards and converted my cash bids to vouchers and got some cool badges and electronic pats on the back but thank God for my Catholic up-bringing. I feel the guilt for being so stupid but I will dust myself off and pray for wisdom.

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Beware! And be very very afraid of this get-nothing for you money site! This is a total rip off. The ads indicate that you are bidding one cent, that people pay $1.92 for iMac, or $2.37 for 50" TV - but the truth is each and every bid cost you sixty cents .60, if you loss you don't get it back. That's $6.00 for ten bids, $60.00 for one hundred bids. If you buy an item for $1.00 changes are you've spend the same or more on the value of that item, shipping and bidding on it and others.
Bottom Line - If you do the math on this you will see that Qui Bids is making a fortune on your inability to understand that each time you click the mouse it cost you .60.
The bid o'meter is just a quicker way for you to spend your money - 25 bids on the meter just cost you $15.00.

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Having actively participated in Quibids for nearly 2 years, the past two weeks has revealed a markable elimination of what I would term "value" items. Historically Quibids had engaged multiple high value items (i.e laptops, desktops, $100 and $200 Gift Cards, $250 Travel Gift Cards, etc). Over the past couple of weeks of those specific items presented for auction, all but a few laptops & desktop computers may show up daily. All "value" Gift Cards ($100 to $250 denominations) have apparently been discontinued, in spite of the online guide of auction items still maintains the category but is absent of any listings. Having utilized the Quibids online contact platform to inquire as to if the value gift cards have been permanently discontinued, I was advised that the items were presently "out of stock".... . In as much as the "value" gift cards that I had previously won on the site (with the exception of the Air Travel gift cards) were shipped directly from the company that the gift card was applicable to, obviously renders that response from quibids false, or misleading at best. It is apparent that while Quibids has in the past offered what many would perceive as "value" auction items, the majority of presented gift card denominations are now from $15 to $50 denominations, which in the opinion of many are nothing more than "come on" auctions that present little if any value. To Quibids credit, there are still some "value" laptop, desktop, MP3, TV's, Dyson products, etc that are appealing, but due to the obvious reduction in frequency of many of the value items and the elimination of some tends to create a very "crowded" auction which inevitably tends to drive the ending price much higher - subsequently diminishing it's appeal. While only as a matter of opinion, Quibids made quite an initial splash in the online auction arena, but the recent changes in value items offered has clearly diminished and disappoints many loyal participants. t should be noted that the while the business
model may have changed, Quibids continues to be a safe site to visit, just lost the appeal that it once offered.

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I have been using QuiBids for several months now. i have won some nice items cheap and have paid full price for many others. I understand that there could very likely be bots or QuiBids employees bidding against you to drive the price up. However, when you do win something cheap (samsung home theater or iPad) and they come back and say it is no longer available due to "unanticipated inventory issues with our supplier" but still have several upcoming auctions of the same products for bidding, you know they are scamming you at this point. This conduct alone should be grounds for shutting them down. It has happened to me on at least four different items (Monster Dog Oakley Sunglasses - twice, Samsung Home theater system, and iPad2 16GB). I think it would be productive to get in touch with "Dateline" or "60 Minutes" to have them investigate QuiBids and the people they have scammed and continued to scam (like me) and maybe this will shut them down or at least get the attention of the States Attorney or some other party who has already filed a legal action. Given all the complaints I have seen online, I think it would be easy to get people to testify against QuiBids and their conduct. Who's interested?

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QuiBids is a scam, which promotes itself (on its website, through widespread internet advertising and emails) as providing an opportunity for consumers to win luxury items at CLASS ACTION significant discounts compared to retail stores and E-Bay, and it claims that winning bidders on typically save 80%-95% compared to retail prices. In one e-mail promotion, QuiBids cites a customer winning a $20,000 Honda Civic automobile for $1,740.78 in a two-cent QuiBids auction. That price means QuiBids sold 87,039 bids which were used in that auction. At $0.60 per bid, QuiBids grossed $52,233.40 from the bids alone, an amount that dwarfs not only any savings realized by the winning bidder individually, but the retail cost of the car. This illustrates the critical difference between QuiBids and E-Bay – losing bidders on E-Bay do not pay anything.

Per the lawsuit against them, "If they want to operate their business like a lottery, then they need to tell people the truth about their chances of winning -- which are slim to none."

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I won a $15 walmart gift card and 20 bids for 1 cent, it cost $2.60 in total(including shipping and bids) It only took 2 weeks to get to my house. I love this website

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you pay 60 cents per bid on an item about 20 or more people bid on. it cost you per bid and it only increases 1 cents, so you can actually pay more on the bidding then the retail price without knowing it.. what a scam and a money maker for them. I also had to buy a minimum of 100 bids at $60 so i paid $60 to bid and purchase nothing because i was out bid. It is worse then putting your money in a slot machine !

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Are you people F-ing serious. There are auctions all over the world and if
someone bids and someone out bids them you don't keep the previous bidders
money. Your operations needs to be shut down by the United States Federal
Government or the States Government for fraud. You have no right to keep my
money if I don't win a bid, where did you bastards come up with this "SCAM".
The entire country is hurting from pricks like you and this business of
yours isn't helping anything/anyone except your greedy pocket books.
Everyone in your organization should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly
cheating hard working American citizens out of their hard earned money when
they are just trying to make a good buy to help themselves or family
members. Who in their right mind could do this to our own citizens in good
faith and hope to live a guilt free life? Shame on all of you
A-Holes. I hope that all of you and your close family members (wife's,
children and senior family members, (mothers and fathers)) die from some
unknown and untreatable disease based on greed and hurting your fellow
Americans, shame on all of you F@ckers.

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well i have read all the reveiws about and my final thought on this site is its a very good scam i am glad i came here first !!!!!! stay away people if it sounds to good to be true then it probabaly is.

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DO NOT sign up to this site.... after you enter credit card info which is part of sign up, and accept terms and conditions, you will be hit with a 60.00 dollar charge to your credit card... RIGHT NOW..... no warning, no confirmation, no nothin....
see youtube vidoe for details how how these scam people rip you off

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