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4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA
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This "person" could have bought this item using "Buy Now" at least 5-6 times over. (in 406 reviews)




I, too, paid $60 for the original 100 bids and won $75 in gift cards and won a kitchen appliance valued at over $120. (in 61 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Are you people F-ing serious. There are auctions all over the world and if
someone bids and someone out bids them you don't keep the previous bidders
money. Your operations needs to be shut down by the United States Federal
Government or the States Government for fraud. You have no right to keep my
money if I don't win a bid, where did you bastards come up with this "SCAM".
The entire country is hurting from pricks like you and this business of
yours isn't helping anything/anyone except your greedy pocket books.
Everyone in your organization should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly
cheating hard working American citizens out of their hard earned money when
they are just trying to make a good buy to help themselves or family
members. Who in their right mind could do this to our own citizens in good
faith and hope to live a guilt free life? Shame on all of you
A-Holes. I hope that all of you and your close family members (wife's,
children and senior family members, (mothers and fathers)) die from some
unknown and untreatable disease based on greed and hurting your fellow
Americans, shame on all of you F@ckers.

New Reviewer

well i have read all the reveiws about and my final thought on this site is its a very good scam i am glad i came here first !!!!!! stay away people if it sounds to good to be true then it probabaly is.

New Reviewer

DO NOT sign up to this site.... after you enter credit card info which is part of sign up, and accept terms and conditions, you will be hit with a 60.00 dollar charge to your credit card... RIGHT NOW..... no warning, no confirmation, no nothin....
see youtube vidoe for details how how these scam people rip you off

New Reviewer

I was the ad on tv , looked neat. Check your site and what people were saying about IT. I really like the info that your reviewers had too say, thank all. Love the site keep up the good work. Sorry want to see if there one about poker stars or party poker that I can start or add too.

New Reviewer

This is just a money making website. Imagine @ 0.60 a bid and no ending because as long as there are bidders, bids continous. For big items led tv or iPads this will take forever because they control the bid @ 0.01 increments. If you bid 100X you are already out $60. If you did not win for example an iPad w/c cost $500 they will sell it toyou at retail price less $60.(bid) + S&H better get it from Apple Store. If there were 2000 bidders bid only once they already get $1.6K they already profited $1100. but there will be 10,000.00 bidders at least. To be fair there should be time limit for bids.

New Reviewer

I have written all about how Quibids Scam works on my blog here:

New Reviewer

Answer me this, how is it that bid vouchers that are either tied to an auction win (item + 20 bids for example) or bid vouchers that are auctioned outright (25, 50, 100 ect bid packs) are, during the auction, valued at X amount of dollars, even to purchase with 'buy it now', but when you USE them, they don't count as any value towards a purchase of 'buy it now'. This is inconsistent and perhaps fraud. On the one hand, bid vouchers are 'valued' and cost to purchase, but their redemption value towards hard goods is zero?

Just another convenient way QuiBids takes advantage of people with their site.

New Reviewer

The business model for this site is a scam!!! You buy bids for $.60 each and once you use them you lose them. So if you make 30 bids on something you really like but don't get you are out $18, hmmm that is odd. So lets say they sell a Dyson Vac for $14, retail is $500, sure looks good on the surface. Digging deeper you see that a $14 win is 1,400 bids total at $.01 per bid for a total spent by all of $840. So even if the site bought the item at retail they still made $340... and we alll know they aren't paying retail. As for the people that bid 40 or 70 times trying to win... they spent $24 and $42 for just a hope of winning. Sounds more like a gambling site than a consumer site. THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING RICH OFF OF PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO WIN AN ITEM AND GET A GREAT PRICE. The average person doesn't see the scam.... sad but true... they should be shut down.

New Reviewer

I did not realize what this site was all about in regards to how you played and the expense to you. If I had won something worth while it might have been ok but all I won was more bid points to keep losing money on this site. They promote bidding wars by putting more time on after each bid so the bidding wars keep going...EBAY is so much better and cheaper to play on. If you are smart you will stay away from this site. It is mean. It cost me $70.00 to try and win something on this site. It cost you more to play than if you had actually won something...because items usually do go for good prices but as I said...poor sucker me... cost me $70.00 for nothing only two sets of more bid points which I had to pay for on top of the 67.00 i paid for in the beginning and I did not realize I was going to be charged this amount of money.....worst site I ever been warned...

New Reviewer

Feels and works like a scam !

They would not let you adjust bids while buying their own bids voucher. Even though the original bids were actually paid for - At 60 cents per bid.

And it is really hard to win anything.

Here is a shocker -
I bid on two different 50 bids voucher auctions, supposedly worth $30, and each (penny) auction went to $5.5+ ! That means, that auction was worth 550 bids X 0.60 = $330 for a $30 voucher for JUST Bids from (not any real product or worth anything unless you win something) - This is 1000% more than the actual price for something that is NOT even a real product !!

If this is not scamming consumers, I don't know what else is.

They surely seem to making money. If auctions go to $20+, that is 2000 bids at 0.60 or $1200+. Seriously folks ! How many products (many without any warranty) are listed there worth $1200. And now imagine auctions going to $50 or $60. $50 is about $3,000.

New Reviewer

I basically read the terms and conditions quickly and took the bait about the site being better than ebay... I signed up and entered in credit card information same as when I signed up for ebay. Then literally seconds passed and an email appeared with a charge of 60.00 to my credit card. I knew immediately I had made a very bad decision and read CAREFULLY into the terms... Quibids charges ahead of time for a "bid pack" and when you log into the site and place a bid your name will appear for a moment, then quickly be replaced by another bid. It looks very much like a scam and is almost certainly making some group of investors extremely rich. I know I will never go back to the site and they can keep my 59.40 that I leave behind in disgust. Promptly cutting up my credit card and calling credit company to explain suspected fraudulent site has my credit card number... STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!

New Reviewer

I have no problem with the profit margin - they can make all the money they want to legitimately - HOWEVER, something smells - phew!
- 3 auctions in a row it was down to 2 bidders and my last bid was rejected "too late" with 2 second on the clock. First time, maybe a connection problem, second time suspicious, third time STINKY!
- EVERY auction I participated in seemed to be the most popular on the site. All around me $10 certificates were going for less than 25 cents, while 10 "people" were bidding multiple times and spending more than the value. Yes, Buy Now meant I didn't lose it all but when you add the service charge .........
Like I said, legit profit is one thing - this site is an entirely different thing.

New Reviewer

First...I want to say...Site Jabber is really cute in their presentation. Im not a brown noser just stating facts...The review I would like to give is on the comments at quibids. I can see the fake comments that are written by the people who work for quibids...being a master at reading B.S. I was married for twenty years (my credentials). I will weed out the fake from the real...why mislead people and then try to cover up with fake comments?

New Reviewer

They lure you in with easy-to-win beginner bids. Once you do that you are a seasoned bidder I guess... $15 Walmart gift card for $60.00. What a bargain! If you like to gamble, this is the site for you. If you like to gamble and win... well, nobody gambles and wins. I find throwing money into a slot machine much more satisfying. With a slot machine, there is no false hope of actually getting something for a low price. And slot machines aren't gambling in disguise - they put it right out there. At least with a slot machine I know I probably won't come out ahead. But I actually think my odds may be better.

New Reviewer

Overall, it's Buyer Beware. I got some great buys, and also lost a lot on foolish bidding trying to stay ahead of the jerks or bots who bid more than the item is worth. Watch out for "goliermom" "GATORBELL" and about every bidder in capital letters - they are mostly stupid or bots and they screw it up for the rest of us. Quibids allows people to buy 250 bid packs successively, so that they end up with 750 bids purchased with cheaper bid dollars - no way to compete. Bad bidders and Bots have ruined the gift card buys by pushing the bids so high that you might as well just buy direct from at 10% off and save yourself the aggravation. I'm through with them. You can see that 90% of the bidders are new to the site. They follow QB instructions to bid heavy in beginning, driving up the price. The fact the new guys are shoring up the site all the time is starting to feel like the proverbial pyramid scheme - and it will collapse. Just like Swoopo did. Amazing you can go bankrupt selling items for 1000 times their worth!

New Reviewer

What a joke!

Went to sign up for my "FREE" account. was offered "3 FREE Bids" if I signed up for their newsletter. Figured " least I can check it out first". Then I got sent to the 2nd page....

NOW you are required to buy a "Starter Bid Pack" of 100 Bids for $60. Apperently you won;t get anything actually "FREE". Anyway, was not willing to fork out the cash before I could see the service, so I went to exit the page. Low and behold, a "Live Agent Chat" widow pops up. Figured I had nothing to lose by explaining, so I did, "Live" my ass!!! The "chat" is of course a bot. Funny thing is that when you ask if it's even a person, the reply is "Yes, i am a real person and my name is Rachael". BUT, if you ask it what color a lemon is, it's screwed. The the reply that you get is "My information is limited and you will have to contact Customer Support" followed by a few repeated sales pitches to offer me 3 more "FREE" bids.

New Reviewer

These people are making out like bandits on the ignorance of the masses. Do the math. Wouldn't any retailer like to make $8,037.60 on and IPad 2?

New Reviewer

Scam. If you are eager to want to buy something for cheap, go to the flea market. This site is a scam. They find anyway possible to steal your money.
I started the program and totally missed the 60 dollar start up fee. My bad. I tried to cancel it right away and emailed the customer care. But not knowing how to use the site, I set up a auto bid deal for a camera. Well I quickly learned that each bid cost money which is ridiculous. Why not have a free bid, you are going to pay for the item anyway, you shouldn't have to pay for a bid and the item, stupid. So I guess by doing a auto bid it drained my 60 dollars like in 15 minutes and I wasn't able to get any money back which the whole time I had been a member was like 20 minutes and lost 60 dollars. With their reply they said "well if we refund everyone their money back, how would we stay in business?". I said okay, you just bought a bad rating for 60 dollars. My bad for thinking this was a good thing.

New Reviewer

Quibids is a defrauding, sinister scam.

For more information, see:

New Reviewer

. First of all, require people to pay for the option to bid, but don't allow them to bid in increments of their choosing. This means that QuiBids is forcing the price up and profiting all the while.

On eBay, the seller and buyer have the auction monitored by the website, which is the trusted third party. On, there is no trusted third party. QuiBids is the seller and the auctioneer. It works in their favor – and their favor only – to drive the price up in these small 1 or 2 cent increments.

QuiBids attempts to redeem themselves by offering you the "By It Now" option, which is when you can take the total amount of your failed bids and apply that toward the retail price of the item you were bidding on. Say you bid $80 total on an iPod Nano that cost $150. For the remaining $70, Quibids will sell you a Nano. Well, $70 plus tax, fees, and shipping and handling.

With the added "fees," tax, and S&H, that Nano will cost you more than it would at Apple, and usually much more than it would at a discounted retailer like or Target. In addition, QuiBids is not an approved retailer of Apple – or any major brand name – products.

This means that if you get the item from them, the manufacturer warranty is void – if it breaks within the first 60 days, you will not be able to get it repaired or exchanged. If you have a problem within the first 30 days, QuiBids will refund the final auction price you paid, but not a single dime of the bids it took to win the auction.

It's much better to stick to legitimate auction sites like eBay, instead of spending lots of frustrating time and effort on penny auction websites like

New Reviewer

Don't bid using an iPad or iPhone. You'll be sorry. Even though I placed a bid before time had expired, the iPad I was using did not register the bid. Quibids will not reimburse you for these lost bids.

Apprentice Reviewer

I go on a decent amount of penny auction sites from time to time but, I just don't like this one. Not only do I see comercials for it but they send me spam mail... it's annoying. There are too many people bidding on this site so if it is possible for someone to win items then good luck being the last bidder. One thing that I don't like is that they send you spam email...why? When you have comercials on tv; something seems shady there. Also, I like how they boast about being BBB (Better Business Bureau) approved or accredited. Most people believe the BBB to be government controlled or to actually have legal action or powers to take a business to court. They don't. In fact anyone can have an accredited approval rating from the BBB... you just have to pay them a fee and they aprove of you. In turn the BBB is a scam in its own right, it's sort of a mafia tactic only they don't come in your shop and destroy it when you don't pay, they just don't approve of your business or maybe even give you a bad review. My apologies, I kinda rambled on for a minute.

My theory, the site probably is legit if they are ballsy enough to advertise on tv, it's just there are too many people bidding on items to actually stand a chance.

New Reviewer

Worst site I have ever used! For $60 I got ONE $10 walmart gift card and spent countless useless hours on that stupid site! HATE HATE HATE quibids!!!!! BAD stay away.

New Reviewer

Be careful!!!! Its a total scam!!! want to get something go to ebay or better yet buy it in store and you gonna save money over buying it on quibids. The clocks are rigged. Who knows who wins this stuff, probably people from quibids. What a BS!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

its great... another good one i found is . customer service is great.. shipping is quick... its not too crowded.... you actually have a chance to win

Apprentice Reviewer

I do get things on quibids but unfortunately if you just jump in and think you can get an i pad for 20.00 then you are going to be out of pocket, there are now so many people on the site that makes it harder to win anything for a decent price.
I was doing pretty well but then I got greedy and tried to win something big for next to nothing ended up losing a lot of bids but, I have won an ipad 2 xbox 360 kinnects and others which I have sold on ebay netting a tidy profit. I don't buy anything that doesn't have free bids with it if I can help it and I buy a lot of gift cards now they have gas cards. A few months ago I bought about 9 cards total cost including all bids purchased to buy them with $320.00 and I got $900.00 worth so that month it worked out, other months I don't save more than 5 or 10 dollars as for being suspicious over the same name bidding in auctions that you are looking at, well that's just stupid, if you're seeing the same name at more than one auction then you are also at the same auctions!! Lots of people buy here and sell on ebay or amazon so beware of anybody who has been on the site a long time they probably have free bids and can afford to throw them on an auction that you might be bidding on. If you don't get greedy and you can sit back and watch a while, then you might have a little fun and win something, if you're looking for a big tv for 100.00 keep your money , and look at something else. I haven't had a problem they have always been great with phone support and I have always gotten my things in a few days, like every thing else that involves a gamble there is a possibility of losing, if you don't want to lose then don't play the game.

New Reviewer

I have been bidding on Quibids for a couple of weeks. If you don't know what you're doing, you will definitely just throw money away. However, if you learn how to bid, you can win and save money. I've been racking up gift cards to spend on back to school expenses (I'm a teacher,) and have done very well. So far, I have $175-- for a dept stores for which I paid appx. $22.00, and $50- at staples for which I paid $4.06. Also, I have a $25- restaurant card which cost $2.04. These prices include the bids and a $1.99 s&h charge for each card. Now that I know how to win, I can bid on the larger gift cards and win. What people have not told you is that with certain items, such as gift cards, you win additional bids. My first $60-- went fast, but now that I know the scheme, I don't have to buy bids. I've also bought (won) a Cuisinart Bread Machine, a toaster oven, 2 sets of 4 Tervis glasses, a bedside iPod speaker system, and a teaching electronic globe, all for very low prices. Mentally, I spread the original $60- among all of my wins. Over time, so far, that's an extra $4- per iten won. Not bad. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM with Quibids is that they entice you with iPad2s when you first join and don't know how to win, and then once you learn, they parade a bunch of garbage for you to bid on. I'm literally given Legos and George Foreman Grills as choices. If I did not want gift cards, I would no longer be on the site. The customer service absolutely sucks! By the way, I taught my Mom how to bid and she is winning without throwing away her original 60 bids. There is definitely a learning curve.

New Reviewer

I was very cautious about joining quibids at first but this is my experience:

I purchased 100 bids like I had to and found a deal online for 10 extra bids. Once I got my bids i put 2 on 15 more bids and won some more. The next thing I bid on was a 15 dollar gift card from walmart/lowes/home depot plus another 25 bids. After winning after only 5 bids on the gift card i figured I'd bid on something big. After losing about 30 bids I finally realized that I couldn't win anything big so I decided to go for something small like another gift card. After only 7 bids I got a 50$ gift card and another 20 bids. I plan on selling the gift cards and making about 50 bucks back in cash for the gift cards and I still have another 100+ bids. So far so good if I can keep getting my bids back and some small prizes.

New Reviewer

If you are a better bidder then Quibids penalizes you by reducing the number of available auctions to you without notice. You and all of the other savvy bidders are basically lumped into the same auction pool which will dramatically reduce your odds of winning.

Here you have it direct from Quibids The response given when I questioned their bait and switch tactics. I wonder how this customer service rep rationalizes this type of answer and sleeps at night.

Chase, Jun-22 09:38 am (CDT):

Based on feedback from our customers, we have found that customers typically don't want to see an increase in their competition as QuiBids' popularity continues to grow. QuiBids attempts to limit some auctions to participants of comparable skill, as determined by QuiBids, to enhance user experience and maintain a viable business model. In so doing, QuiBids may limit which auctions are available to particular users based on any factors deemed appropriate by QuiBids in its sole discretion, including experience of the user, historical success of the user, demographic factors, prior bidding and spending activity, and other factors. In particular, QuiBids may limit certain auctions to less experienced or successful users in any manner QuiBids deems appropriate to optimize the overall user experience of all QuiBids users. You acknowledge that You may be, and You consent to being, excluded from auctions at QuiBids discretion.
Our number one goal is to maintain a great user experience for all customers, along with balancing heavy strain on our servers. If the product you want is currently not showing, please continue to check back as new and exciting products will be added frequently!

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance, and have a wonderful day!


QuiBids Customer Support

New Reviewer

It's amazing that people keep using Quibids. I wonder if people realize they are going to lose money and just don't care, or if Quibids is duping everyone. I wouldn't spend a dollar here.

New Reviewer

Got lured in and bought bids, bid and won 3 items the first day, which is the limit.. Excited to bid again but thought should wait to make sure I received the items???? well received one, the other two "who knows if I will ever receive",,, it has been over 30 business days and have made numerous phone calls, live chat as well as emails. Quibids customer service answers by opening a claim with the shipping department...? Unacceptable for sure.. If I had spent more than the 60 dollars to set up I would sue... But not worth it.. I recently requested the account be closed and refund of the unused bids I have... Well see how that works since it has been 5 days since I requested that.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

New Reviewer

Whoever came up with Idea (website) is genius. I saw a Samsung 55" 240hz 3D LED HDTV going and still going (not ended yet) for $120 and probably will sell (auction) for around $250 or more. Now let see each bid is worth $0.60 and times that 25000 it is going to make them (site owner) $15000.00. Original T.V cost 2500.00 a profit of $12500.00 now that is making money thanks to lot of dumb people like us.

New Reviewer

My Quibids review after having tried their site after seeing the commercial I have to tell people to stay away if you do not want to lose a $100.00 and get nothing in return for it then just stay away. Their commercial promises you a good deal saying you can get a $2,000.00 TV for $123.90 what they don't tell you right away is that each penny ($0.01) cost sixty cents ($0.60) this means that this TV will cost $7434.00 in the end and you can only bid in penny increments. Now to be honest this doesn't mean that you would had made all those bids, but you could make only $1000.00 worth in bids and still walk away with nothing, also those bids you pay for you know in bulk so they really cost $60.00 upfront expire. Also about shills and bots I can not tell you for certainty that Quibids uses those but when you look at the bidding that goes on you have to wonder why someone would pay $500.00 (paid bids not voucher bids) worth in bids for a monitor that you could get at newegg, tigerdirect, amazon or even ebay for $150.00. Now if you don't want that previous mentioned $1,000.00 in bids to mean nothing you could use their buy it now, this buy it now feature is another screw you move by them, they will allow you to use your $1,000.00 in bids towards the item, but they will not mention that the same item might had only really costed at any other website a $1,000.00 to begin with (to be fair no store I know of actually tells you their competitors price, but they also don't expect you to spend money and end up with nothing), yes they inflate their value price.

So in the end I will do you a favor, my advice is that nothing in life is free and there is no way you will get that $2,000.00 TV for pennies, do your friends a favor too if they think about getting on to Quibids tell them what I have told you "stay away from schemes like this one".

New Reviewer

This site decieves you. It flashes the price in your face to lure you in but hides the real "cost". What I mean by that?
First, don't think of yourself and think about how the website makes money. How they make money letting go a plasma TV for $43.35? Simple, obviously it is in the bids.
They say the real price of the plasma TV is $1600 then show the bidding price at $43.16. That is soo misleading of how money is being spent on the Bidding price.
Each bid last time I checked cost 60 cents and everytime someone uses a bid the price of the item goes up 1 cent. So if you see the bidding price of a TV at 43.16 that means that 4316 bids were spent on it. 4316 times 60 cents =$2589 goes to the website making a profit of about a thousand dollars. Now apply that to everything they auction on quibids.

That means the website is MAKING BANK. That also means it take a lot of losers to produce a winner. When you finally... finally do win something, you have to pay the bidding price and an expensive delivery system.

They show you the price, but not the cost. Cost is the bids you spent, bids you lossed on everything else you bid on, the price you do pay when you win, the time spent(hours on expensive items), and adopting a gambling habit that makes you lose anything you have won in the pass. Also everything you neglected to attend to the bidding(even though thier is an automatic bidding option). Cost is great. Its addictive.

So therefore, if you want to keep your life and your money.... stay away from the site.

I like math and I will tell you... it saved me big time from sites like these among other things in life.( You don't have to be a math major to figure it out, but liking math helped me spot the issue in the first place)-to put some weight on my review, I have my own website

New Reviewer

I've been playing on quibids about a week or so, One of my complaints about the site is when someone wins I feel there not putting what it really cost that person to win, you see thy don't count voucher bids as bids for the final price like thy do real bids, the reason I mention this is because if you bid on a $100 voucher in lose then decide to use the buy it now, you use real money but it's not counted as real money when you bid on something, that is really misleading.

Apprentice Reviewer
6/14/11 need to understand how Quibids and other sites like them actually work. The auction can go on for hours and hours and hours. Only the strong survive, If you stop and do the math and see what Quibids is receiving for the $27 ipad they just sold you and you will see what a money making machine this is for them and what a drain it is on your time and well-being. Stay away....its worse than gambling

New Reviewer

I recently went into this site to see what all the hype was about. As with alot of the other reviews I do feel they use bidbots or whatever. BUT, if you just go in and observe the auctions for awhile. You will get an idea of what alot of the iteams go for. That way you use minimum bids AND still get the items for a reasonable price. If you go in headstrong,naturally your going to lose your A** on the bigger items. Also, the site does offer some helpful hints if you just take the time to look at all aspects. My advice.... as with anything, don't just rush in and start bidding. OBSERVE...OBSERVE.... Before you do anything. And yes I have spent some money on buying bids. BUT, with what I've won in auctions I'm still ahead of the game.

New Reviewer

This is an honest, objective review of I used the site for several months and here is my story...

I heard about the site a few months ago and decided to give it a shot. The site has an excellent tutorial section that tells you how the bidding process works. They even give you tips on how to bid smart. Wait until the last second, don't go after "the big one" right away, only bid on items that you can actually afford to buy, etc.

I signed up and bought the beginner bid pack (100 bids for $60). There are other bid packs you can buy, of greater or lesser value, but when signing up for the first time, this is the only one they will let you purchase. I immediately went for the lowest priced items available. In my first auction experience, I won a $10 walmart giftcard for less than a dollar. Awesome! The cost of the bids I used + the closing price of the item + shipping was still less than 4 bucks. It was a small win but a win nonetheless.

I continued bidding on small walmart and target giftcards, sometimes winning and sometimes not. Quibids does have a nice feature where if you lose the auction, you can buy the item at full price minus the cost of the bids you used. So my plan was to bid on small giftcards to places where I shop often anyway. If I win, great, if not, no big deal I'll just buy it since I shop there all the time.

You can also try to win more bids in the form of "bid vouchers." Vouchers are available in packs of 15, 25, 50, 100 and 250. Some items will have "bid vouchers" attached to them as a bonus. Example: "$25 walmart giftcard + 25 bids." What most people don't realize is that "bid vouchers" have no cash value. So if you spend voucher bids in an auction and lose, you cannot exercise the "buy it now" feature. I made the mistake of trying to win a 100-bid voucher pack, using real $0.60 bids, losing the auction, and then using the "buy-it-now" feature to purchase them anyway. I soon realized that I had wasted money since the bids I just purchased were "vouchers" and had no cash value.

So I developed a new strategy - Only use real bids to bid on small giftcards that have vouchers attached to them. After winning a few of those, I would have 60 or so voucher bids saved up that I had won. I would use these voucher bids to bid on more vouchers. Since vouchers have no cash value, I had no problem gambling them away to try and win more. This strategy worked for a while. I would use voucher bids to try and win 25 or 50-bid voucher packs (always stick with the safer, lower ticket auctions) and ended up with around 150 or so voucher bids in my account. Even after paying the closing price of these voucher packs, I had still won more than I had spent.

Once I had lots of vouchers saved up, I started going to big ticket items. I successfully won two Nintendo Wii games ("New Super Mario Bros Wii" and "Mario Kart Wii") for awesome prices, paying around 15 bucks for each game after shipping and the closing price in the auction. At this point I was convinced that Quibids was a goldmine and started telling all my friends about it.

But that's pretty much where the winning stopped. I started noticing that it was getting harder and harder to win. I found myself purchasing items more often than winning them. This site used to be awesome, what happened?

Milling around on the internet one day I started reading the fine print in the "terms and conditions" area of the site. This paragraph in particular I found very interesting. It is the 26th paragraph on their terms and conditions page -

"QuiBids attempts to limit some auctions to participants of comparable skill, as determined by QuiBids, to enhance user experience and maintain a viable business model. In so doing, QuiBids may limit which auctions are available to particular users based on any factors deemed appropriate by QuiBids in its sole discretion, including experience of the user, historical success of the user, demographic factors, prior bidding and spending activity, and other factors. In particular, QuiBids may limit certain auctions to less experienced or successful users in any manner QuiBids deems appropriate to optimize the overall user experience of all QuiBids users. You acknowledge that You may be, and You consent to being, excluded from auctions at QuiBids discretion."

In other words, once you start winning, Quibids determines that you are now an experienced and skilled user. Some auctions are only visible to beginners, and some auctions are only visible to experienced users. So the reason I wasn't winning anymore was because I was no longer the smartest bidder among beginners in the auction. I was now surrounded by my own peers.

This is where my review of the site goes awry. They lure you in with the promises of winning ipads and TVs for pennies on the dollar. If you're smart enough to realize how unrealistic that is and instead bid on smaller items, chances are you'll get on a winning streak. You'll get excited about your winnings and start getting $#*!y. You'll go after more and more bids and then try to win bigger items, maybe even successfully. Then the auctions suddenly get more difficult, even auctions for the lower ticket items that you had won so easily in the past. The site feels and looks the same... but it's different now. Now you're losing money. But you remember how you used to win all the time, and how awesome it felt. So you keep trying, sometimes winning a little thing here or there, but not nearly as often.

My honest recommendation: do your research first, then give it a shot. Bid smart. Bid on small ticket items only. Is it possible to win a TV? Sure, but you're just as likely to win the lottery. Once you're won a decent amount of stuff, GET OUT. Fight the urge to keep going. Know when to stop. Don't develop a gambling addiction. Gambling addictions feed on the thrill of winning. That's exactly what this site does.

If you're smart you can certainly win on this site, but only for a little while. Once you're on a winning streak, the auctions are suddenly harder without you realizing that anything has changed. Beware.

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I don't recommend this site. Surely there's a better way for EVERYONE out there to spend their time rather than hitting "bid" to increase your bid by a PENNY. Auctions that should be about to end (10 seconds or less may be showing), will endure for HOURS longer because new people will come in and bid a penny more. The biggest scam of it all - each penny bid costs the consumer an additional 60 cents because you have to pay for each bid you place, plus if you win (which you WON'T - don't be shocked), you pay the purchase price as well. The QuiBid owners are loving the stupidity of the internet penny auction consumer! I'm sad to say I was one - for about a week. Lesson learned. Never again. I'll shop for sales, but not for miracle pricing.

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DANGER! DANGER! Unless you are a hopeless, compulsive gambler who loves to throw away money, avoid this site. It lures you in by saying you can get, say, a $499 iPad for less than $40. Now, here's the carth, you "Buy" bid packages. Each bid costs 60 cents. You bid on most auctions in increments of one cent. In other words, when the bid goes up by a cent, if you bid on that auction, you've just spent 60 cents. The odds are ALL on the side of Not to mention, that you can actually spends HOURS bidding on one item. AND (fanfare) when the auction is over, it really isn't. When it gets down to the last 10 seconds, as long as people keep bidding, the auction can go on indefinitely. It's like playing a slot machine—you just KNOW as soon as you leave, someone else will hit the jackpot. So they suck you in, and you lose anyway. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND HARD-EARNED MONEY ON THIS SITE (especially in this economy!) If you happen to win the auction, you pay the price at which the auction ended PLUS all those little 60 cent "bids" you posted. If looks too good to be true, it IS!

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This site is a HUGE SCAM from the start they will not ask but, will immediately steal $60.00 without asking for approval for the transaction. Then they will do everything they can to not refund the money. If the same thing happens to you have your bank stop the transaction. I would NOT recommend this site to anyone

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of course it is a scam. here is the catch: bid-o-matic and fake accounts will bid the price up along with real bidders over cost and a bit of profit for them. in other words, you have a ipad. half of the bids are their in house and the other half are real people, but their in house bid system will not let the auction close until they have a profit. so if a ipad sells for $100, 40-$50 is from reals meaning they've collected 2400-3000$ in 60 cent bids from people for a 699$ product. not a bad day for quibids. so of course someone can win, so long as others pay for the item. you have to time the auction at end. the scam is the fake bid-o-matic and dummy accounts. that should be illegal. i watched several auctions close for $10 gift cards. the minute i played a bid for one, all of a sudden a bid pops up. i bid .60 again than that bid again. no way you walk off with the time for .60. there are items like costome jewelry you can win with 1 bid but they charge $7 for shipping. and the item is a china knockoff for .99$. they still made a profit. i'm sure they work a couple of items in their budget to give away without the b-o-matic and fake accts working against you to make it look. just save your money, and buy what you want, or time an auction just right after everyone else has paid for the item and you might win.

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the Timer on the auctions resets untill they feel that the auction has gone long enough. i found that in there Quibids 101 section. i have not spent and money but have an account. once they wanted $60.00 i just closed the browser and when i went back on the site it had me logged in. i never even put my credit card info. i been watching a 10 sec. count down reset for 10min. now and the bid has gone up $7.00
if your going to use it need to figure out how not to get screwed. a laptop worth $800.00 went to the highest bidder at $35.51 quibids made $2,130 off all the people trying to get a laptop for $35. i sat and watched people go through a bidding war that just in 10min made quibids $420.

it is a scam because you don't know when the auction is going to end. it is all about how Quibids FEELS. i guess there is a guy watching all the bids and he tells the system when to end it?

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This is a SCAM. People, you do not have to study statistics or do data analysis to know that this is a scam. 100 bids for $60. You can bid all 100 bids on an item and not win it and lose your $60. The majority of items sell for over a dollar which tells you that most items are selling for $60 or more. In the case of a computer that recently sold for $58.89 that was 5,889 bids equaling $3533.40. That pc was worth in the market $1200. It barely seems logical that anyone would even bid for this. BUT I TELL YOU THIS......IF YOU LIKE GAMBLING, this is your site, BUT NOT YOUR BEST CHOICE!

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Bah, Quibids cost me $100. I was foolish enough to click on one of their ads. I can't believe Google lets them advertise but I suppose Google is just out to make a lot of money like everyone else.

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This site is a carney trick. There system is bidding against you.
A few customers will win but most will sadly loose. Use the buy it now option, after running out of bids. The site also gets a percentage of the sale item. So check the internet to see if you can get it cheaper else wear, before you decide to try I ended up buying two $200 dollar gift cards, for $200 dollars each after the adjustment, and eating up an equal amount of bids, The first ran the bid up to 25.50+ , I stopped bidding, and someone won. The second ran the bid up to over 37.00+ , I stopped bidding, and someone won. Got two gift cards coming, I will not play the carney trick again.

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The site is for people to have fun. I have won a lot of items knowing that I might not win every item I try to win. If you think your going to win every item for a few cents don't wast your money you won't. If you are going to buy the item retail anyway and you have the time which can take awhile then go ahead have some fun you might even get a great deal.

I think most people get mad because they couldn't control themselves and kept trying to win something for close to nothing jumping from item to item and before they knew it the had bought a lot of bids and lost a lot of money.

So have fun but be responsible for you own actions. Don't do things for entertainment that cost money if you don't have it to spend.

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Here's my question to everyone who says this is rigged: why would they need to? Why would they risk all the money they are making by using bots? Given enough suckers, the business model will make boatloads of cash without any cheating. People bid on stuff and spend way more than its worth, simple as that. Same reason vegas casinos don't cheat.. they don't need to and they would hate to mess up a good thing.

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One would have to look at the total marketing strategy of "". There are some winners, only to keep this site legit. It is in my opinion a con, plain and simple. Buyer beware!

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Argh, Quibids why have you done this to me. I'm going to admit it was my own fault for not having read these reviews first. But still, Quibids is not a company that makes the world a better place. It's a company that gets people to do stupid things, and makes money off of that.

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