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QuiBids reviews

729 reviews
Categories: Penny Auction
4 NE 10th St., Suite 242
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Tel: (405) 253-2038
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729 Reviews for QuiBids

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I won three $25 and one $50 gift cards for a total of $125 in value.

$.60 a bid and a whole mob of people trying to get stuff for cheap.

I am an unemployed analyst, so; a) that means I have time on my hands.

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New Reviewer

When I caught on how to win, I kept being blocked from participating. So when you are winning you are LIMITED to 12 items in any 28 day period. At which time you are blocked for 8 days. Suddenly I'm being blocked repeatedly anywhere between 16 hours to 3 days. I had 4 open auctions going when I got blocked. So I lost at least $70 in active bids. When I write CS I get a canned response. Days later I cancel my account, they tell me I've got my refund. Guess who doesn't have a refund?

New Reviewer

I fell for the luring ad for something I had been looking for online. Saw it for cheap on here, thinking it was a "regular" auction site and I could sign up, then bid on things and only pay for what I won. Yeah, I was stupid and didn't read the fine print. For $60 I won a single bid, for something I didn't really want or need, but I wanted to see if it was actually possible to win ANYTHING. So, I paid $60 for a $20 item. Not going back.

New Reviewer

I also think this is a scam. I bid on something thinking I would not lose my $60.00, as I could buy it in the end. After losing the bid, I purchased the Samsung tablet. The price had gone to $114. from $176. and that is what I thought I was buying it for. You have 2 hours to decided if you don't want to lose your bid money, by purchasing the item What they don't tell you is the purchase price is $176., not the "buy now price" of $114. I feel I got cheated for $60. and when I called them after seeing my credit card account, they could give a ####. Do not go there!!!!! I could have paid $25.00 less than Amazon. When people say they purchased soothing for a small amount, they probably are not including the $.60 PER BID!

New Reviewer

This is a scam and should be shut down. They are theifs who steal money just for signing up. I was charged $60.00 dollars just to register and then couldn't cancel to get my money back. Sent several emails and went unanswered. Then got on with live chat with Jacquelyn who says she has closed my account and refunded my money. This is a scam to take money from people upon signing up. They should be shut down immediately. There is no reason for their operation but to take money that they shouldn't. They just Steal!!!!! Don Trowbridge

New Reviewer

Ok now, I hear alot of complaints about this site. I have been using quibids for years now. It is most definitely not a scam. If you have the mind set that you are going to win an item for $5 that is worth 500 then you will fail miserably. I always have the same mind set when bidding... I only bid on items that I "AM" going to buy regardless if I win. I wont be charged over the MSRP, plus has free shipping. Look. Sometimes you get really lucky and get a steal. But most of the time if I go into the bid, I win or buy now. I have won thousands of dollars worth of stuff, sometimes I spend the full price. Just like in a store.

The competition is harder than it used to be. You have to make the other dude think that you are not quiting, but that can be dangerous. You have to know when to back off, and when to attack. This is a science, not a bidding site.

One thing I always wondered was whether or not these sites have auto bidders (bots) bidding items up....

This is worse than gambling, the need to win is a drug.... Bid with caution. But, this site is in no way a scam.

New Reviewer

Wow, thanks so much for all your feed backs. I was just about to fill in the financial information part but decided to look up the reviews first. I'm glad I did. You guys saved me a horror story.

New Reviewer

When any so called bid site asks for all of your credit card info before you even bid on or look at anything that is a clear sign to stay far far away. Quibids is a ripoff scam.

New Reviewer

Now that i lost my ass, i find alot of advertisments that look like real people talking about what they won on quibids were fake !!! They were done to make you think yiour gettinga deal!!! How is this legal

New Reviewer

I only chose one star because it is the lowest choice. I signed up to look and gave my credit card for future bids . I read the terms twice. Nowhere did they mention any charge for registering at this site. Then I received an email they had charged my credit card $60 and I haven't even made one bid! The online Live Chat is offline, how convenient! What a scam!,

New Reviewer

Quibid's isn't a scam, but if you ever have to deal with there customer service.... Like when they ship you the wrong product .Good luck!!!! It's as bad as it comes. If you happen to deal with Laura, just keep what you got it's not worth the headache!!!! I will never deal with them again.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I purchased an item over a month ago and got sent the wrong item. I contacted QuiBids immediately to resolve this. After my original emails being ignored and several weeks, I finally got word that they were sending the correct item to me, only to discover that they sent the same item again! Several more ignored emails later I got a response asking me to provide proof of the wrong item, which I did. Straight after this I got told that they can't give me the item I brought over a month ago, as they now do not have any. During this whole month period, not once did anyone think to put the correct item aside whilst the matter was being resolved. Not once did anyone think to tell me earlier that the item was unavailable. The customer service is atrocious and their lack of help is disgusting. To make the same mistake TWICE and then ignore my emails is disgusting. You might win something cheaper then RRP, but chances are you won't get sent it and will then be constantly ignored.

New Reviewer

Ok... Let me explain...

Quibids just clained that they sold an i-Pad for $ 51.22....

That makes 5111 bids, at $ 0.60 each, which makes a total of $ 3066.60, plus the claimed price of $ 51.22 makes a total price of $3117.82 !!!!!

And they calle themselves a bid site ???

Quibids is a LOTTERY, not a bid site!!! For real bids, stick with eBaY..

New Reviewer

If there a "zero" star, I would have given it to them.
VERY DECPETIVE the way they charge $60 IMMEDIATELY upon registering. I have asked them to cancel the charge. if they don't I will be reporting them to BBB and our AG office.
Do not use this site. Best to use Ebay/Amazon.

New Reviewer

I signed up for this worthless site early 2013 just to see what all the claims were on the running commercials. When the signup process asked for information of a financial nature I put on the brakes. What auction wants bidders to pay for each and every bid? None that are reputable. Stay away from this site and spend your hard earned money on real goods rather than have a scam steal your funds.

New Reviewer

Complete horsesh1t...and by the way..i cant believe you people are such idiots that you would purchase something without knowing 1what you are buying and 2why you have to buy it i.e. The $60 starter pack..i have spent nothing but know a couple of dumbazzes who have..i cant believe in this day and age that people still believe that if its too good to be true i'm gonna be the DA that buys into people are mere sheep and QUIBIDS is a CON SITE...REAL AUCTIONS are EBAY and AMAZON ...dont you people realize that any positive reviews here are quibid employees? And the "bidders" driving up the auction prices are also the same? People, plz tell me you are not this stupid!!

New Reviewer

Buy bids to bid on item and by the time your done buying bids the cost of the item is the same or more than the actual retail price.

Absolutely no value whatsoever. These sites were made to take hillbillys on a run for their money!! HUGE waste of time and money!!

New Reviewer

If you think Quibids is a scam then you didn't read any of the information that is given to you. If you think it's a scam then you probably lost some money because you used idiotic bidding tactics. If you play smart you can do very well, I have. You probably will not get a $1000 item for $5, but you may very well get one for $500. It is a business that makes money. They are up front about how it works. If you didn't pay attention it's your own fault, deal with it. As far as bots and shill bidding goes Quibids is probably one of the few penny auction sites that does not use them. If you are kinda stupid you probably shouldn't try because you will probably lose.

New Reviewer

Absolutely scammers. Their tv advertisement shows the total of all bidding but they don't tell yu how much you have to pay for each bid you place. What a rip off
Stay away

New Reviewer

In my opinion this is the biggest scam since Bernie Maydoff! First what they do not tell you is that people can go on all day with the auto bids although if you read the rules it appears you can only bid 3-25 times-forget to mention you can renew all day. All the auctions I've looked at have been won by autobid. I have bid on a specific item (Kitchenaide attachment, high end and Wakmart, low end) and can not believe each more popular than sliced white bread!!! Maybe there are preset bidders? Not sure but looks like a scam to e.

New Reviewer

quibids is a legimate auction site but is very deceiving on how the actual bidding works. Bids and voucher differences are explained well by the site. The most deceiving portion is the actual bidding. The site makes it appear that you are bidding on an actual product. In truth you are competing with other bidders for a dollar amount which can the be applied to purchase desired item. Example. 2 bidders are bidding on 500 dollar item. One thinks they are bidding on an ipad and one thinks they are bidding on a box of cigars. In the end there is only one winner of the 500 dollar prize. Site should be more up front on how this bidding process works. Just remember you are bidding on a dollar amount and not a specific prize!

New Reviewer

Terrible experience. You can't bid whatever you want. If you are willing to buy something for 70.00, you have to wait until the 1 cent bids get that high AND you have to bid along at .60 per bid or you're locked out. Sure some auctions end and people get deals on the cheap but others keep going for hours while people who have nothing better to do or maybe stick with it as a business to resell on amazon keep bidding. And if you get stuck on one of those (I got stuck on 3) you could easily blow through hundreds of dollars or risk abandoning your bids and lose the money. Get up to use the rest room or eat dinner and if the auction ends, you lost. On top of that, while the site recommends certain platforms, the fact is that it doesn't work on most. You really need those they recommend or you'll lose money and then realize the site wasn't working. My advice is to stay away from this site unless you're willing to sit for hours, spend a lot of money, and then buy the item for top dollar list price. That way at least all of the money you spent bidding won't be flushed away as they apply that money toward the purchase price of the item.

New Reviewer

Well in my personal opinion i love the site. I did attend to win a few 50$ walmart giftcards for 89cents + 10 bids that are 60 each so i paid about 8$ for a 50$ gift card

New Reviewer

Horrible!!! After signing up and realizing that the auctions NEVER end, I asked for my money back within the 7 days full refund period. Instead, after hours on the phone and getting extremely frustrated, they just offered to send me $100 gas gift card, which I never received. Today, after several weeks of not even bothering to sign in, I signed in and boom.....ALL of my bids are gone!!! Therefore, they took the $60 and I didn't even get to place one bid. SCAM and STAY AWAY!!!!

New Reviewer

Quibids uses bots and shill bidders. There is no doubt about this. If you should have any doubts that they use these tactics then check out the comments on the reviews on here.

Hmmmmm ? Says something negative about Quibids - you can expect them to have one statutory vote. Says something good ? Upvoted the hell out of. Spatial pattern analysis is my party trick, it keeps a roof over my head. I have used your site as Jo Public over a period of a few months. It would appear that the very same weakness you depend upon your hapless users developing over time is the same one that is your own achilles heel. The sudden and rapid onset of over-confidence.

If you actually adhered to your oft proclaimed business model it wouldn't be nearly so terrible. But it is apparent, and quite easy to provide citations for, the fact that there are shenanigans afoot.

New Reviewer

Worst auction website in the world, this is a terrible scam which will get you addicted. I was bidding on an auction at 3 in the morning which lasted about 4 hours. i ended up losing the auction so i decided to buy the item itself to save myself some money from their website. i tried 5 times and it gave my paypal account an error (which never happens), few mins later i was charged $1200 from the quibids website on a friday night. They were closed all weekend, on monday i emailed tried their ridiculous live chat and gave them a call, they said the payment was denied all five times so i decided to open a dispute on paypal. Next thing they decided not to pay me but also ban all my accounts and stop responding to my phone calls, They finally decided to give me back my money once my lawyer called them. WORST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD STAY AWAY, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN SCAMMED LIKE THIS.

New Reviewer

they don't explain that every time you raise a bid by a penny it is costing you 60 cents. this is such a ripoff. I feel that I was scammed.

New Reviewer

It looks like a scam. The general idea is that a bid costs 60 cents, and each bid increments the price by 1 cent. The maths is simple. A $286 item that sells for a price of $21 earns quibids:
2100 cents x 60 cents = $1260 + $21 = $1281.
Is that not enough for defining a scam? $1281 for a phone listed at Amazon for $286 This is a real scam example, not a fiction, and it is typical of

It's not all. To entice you to bid more, they lock the bids after the price reaches a certain level, like $13 in the case I refer to. This forbids new bidders to step in and gives you the impression that you have a fair chance of getting the prize. But, they will never let you get it unless you already spent 2 or 3 times its value on bids. They will make sure some fictional bidder gets it - a house robot that will outbid you.

It's not all, still. A logical and safe tactic consists in bidding in the last 2 seconds before bidding timeout. This gives others the time to bid before you. Well, tough luck, at one point, quibids will just not take your bid into account and auction the item to one of the fictional bidders 1 or 2 seconds before the bidding time has elapsed.

Stay away from them. They are just another offshore casino like scam.

New Reviewer

The bidding process for vouchers is a joke. Bully bidders will keep outrageously bidding like bullies spending way more bids on a voucher pack, than the bids they will receive. 57 bids place to win 15, 80 bids placed to win 15, all by the same person. Either this site is rigged and has people being paid or computers bidding, or they are unethical and allow bullying bidders. Until they put a limit on the # of bids allowed for bid vouchers as they do for real bids, (# should not be able to exceed potential voucher wins) STAY AWAY IT IS A RIP OFF!!!

New Reviewer

BEWARE!! It is a scam, they will get you to win something at the begging to entice you. BEWARE!! I warn you please listen to me I lost my $300 and i wasted a lot of time trying to get it back. It's like rolling the dice. BEWARE!!

New Reviewer

I won a safe which I understand how it works. My problem the safe they sent me is a piece of junk. Been trying to get them to respond and take care of this and when they did quibids said it was after the 30 days to deal with the manufacture. It was quibids fault it is after the 30 days.

New Reviewer

yes i agree its a scam . you loose by the time you buy out points. phony ads along those lines . like getting payed to shop and get all kinds $$ to shop--SOUNDS LIKE FREE MONEY$? DUMB ADS-- if you to get a costly win. hi tech device$?? and it breaks and or shipping gets a mess. one or both--- How do they back up these problems? and at what cost?$ I still stay with amazon and sears. Dont be fooled on fast money scams . you never realy know where your lost money bids realy goes!!!$$

New Reviewer

Was looking into it, when suddenly I found I had spent $60 buying bids. The instructions are very confusing. Saying you are required to purchase the starter pack, without telling you what that is or how much it costs, and then charging you when you sign up rather than giving you the decision then whether to buy the starter pack is clearly intended to trap people. $60!!! How many things would I have to buy for this to be worthwhile??? Doubtless some people have benefited, but I suspect they make most of their money trapping people into these $60 starter packs.

P.s. So, I sent a complaint to Quibids, saying
"I am challenging the $60 credit card charge you placed on my account. I did not see anywhere that I had approved that. I understood that I could not bid without buying the starter pack, but expected I would get that decision and find out how much it cost before you charged my card. Saying I was required the starter pack is different than charging me for it without my approval"
They promptly refunded my $60. I assume some people find the site worthwhile, and since they promptly refunded my money, I'm raising them from one star to two stars. I still don't like the way I was made to feel trapped, nor does the whole deal actually look like a good way to buy things anyway.

New Reviewer

I thought it was an "auction" site but its disguised for gambling and to scam someone. You have to purchase bids 1 bid= .60 cents and then you pick an item and start bidding on it. when you do, it doesn't mean your going to win it and your bids are gone to. (100 bids= $60.00) Here's an example. a tablet might show its at the price of $12.64 but if you bid on it 100 times that's actually 60.00 you paid for it with bids and there "gone" you don't get them back nor the tablet your bidding on if you don't "win" it
I got taken so stay away!
This is NOT a real auction and shouldn't be called/referred to as one.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. When first launched, odds were a little better as you were bidding on specific items, now, multiple "like priced" items in same grouping. You may be bidding for a $1000 DSLR camera, but they group your bids against other items similarly priced such a s a Yamaha Stereo receiver. Why do I have to compete with the Yamaha stuff when I want camera stuff? This is just their way of decreasing the odds of ever winning anything. Also, I have watched and monitored many auctions and find that there always seems to be a phantom bidder jump in on locked auctions as well. By design, you get your bids back if you are the winner of an auction, it comes off your total price. I guarantee you will not see too many people winning the auctions that have hundreds invested into the auction, but rather the phantom bidder with just a few bids. I have a friend that works for Quibids and she has told me that they run bots and have employees bid on items that may actually sell to the bidder that has invested a higher dollar amount. They run bots to sneak bids in on auctions that have legit bid o matic bidders. They ensure that the employee wins these auctions after bid o matic runs out.

New Reviewer

Whatever way you look at it...this site is a scam. Yes it may be legitimate, yes it's policies may be transparent and in many ways they are upfront with customers however this site is designed to extort large sums of money from unknowing and optimistic customers looking to score a bargain. So the site is famous for selling £400 digital cameras for only £25 and £700 ipads for only £120 but it really doesn't work like that, it costs you significantly more and the company effectively quadruples the retail value in profit. It appears like an auction but it's not. Each item (all items are brand new) has a countdown like an auction, only every time somebody bids so many seconds is added to the countdown timer and you pay a set price for each bid you place which up's the final selling price by a penny each time. So for example you purchase 50 bids for £20 that costs you 40p per bid. Q-Bids is earning 40p every time somebody bids and the items final selling price goes up by 1p every time. Now lets take for example that camera I mentioned that is worth around £400 that sold for £25 (as shown on the site). If it sells for £25 that amounts to 2500 bids made by everybody who is bidding on the item because each bid ups the price by 1p. Now multiply 2500 bids by the cost of a bid (40p) you find that the item actually sold for £1000 in bids + the selling price and postage on top. Every time somebody places a bid more time is added to the countdown, the selling price still appears dirt cheap and people keep bidding non stop because it appears to be a bargain until eventually people give up and come home empty handed after spending a ridiculous amount on bids. Now the site does offer to discount the amount you spent on bids from the full price if you go for the buy it now option but chances are most customers are not there to pay full price...they are there to score a good deal and by the time they are done with the frustration of the auction they are just looking at it as a hard lesson - cut losses and run. Feel free to go and explore cause you never know, somebody has to win but I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. A site that appears to be one thing and is actually quite another - this is the definition of a scam!!!

New Reviewer

It is not a scam but think about it. The actual amount that the auction goes to is immaterial. It is how much you are willing to spend buying bids. It IS very difficult to win the items people really want like IPads or expensive cameras, or things of that nature. The only winning strategy is to use your bids heavily, i. e. spend money. But each participant is spending individually (which is why the site is so successful), and you might be in for $600 already (1000 bids = $10 in item price increase, a very small amount if you are buying a fancy camera or an Ipad), i. e closing in on the actual value of the item and some else is just coming in and has not spent a cent. The only way to cut your losses in this case is to buy the item at the "buy now" price. Essentially, this website is a casino, and the only one that is winning for sure is the house, i. e. QuiBids. If there is something that no one else wants, you can buy it for much less than its value but there are not too many items like that or the site would go bust in no time.

New Reviewer

this site is a complete scam, first of all nowhere in the print of when you're reading and inputting credit card information does it say anything about being charged per bid, being charged to bid is a ridiculous institution at best, not being able to bid on the item until it is down to it's last ten minutes and then the timer resets every time somebody puts one on it? absolutely ridiculous, i've read there take and they say "scam" is a very offensive word to use when talking about the company, well it is the definition of scam unfortunately.

New Reviewer

They use employees to bid against customers. I know, I worker there!! Don't be fooled by these unethical people!!

New Reviewer

I went through the getting tricked into buying your first set of bid but was okay with it so I decided to use my bids. I actually won a sound bar, worth between £100-200 for depending on where you shop, and I thought that maybe the site was okay after all. But two days after I received an email saying they've disabled my account for no valid reason and demanded a list of documents and subsequently I wouldn't be receiving my item, this site is clearly set up to swindle people out of money. I would advise anyone planning on using it not yo

New Reviewer

I filled in form (like a child idiot) to have a look and wa charged 190.00 bucks. They said it was refundable but continuously misled, lied and sidestepped until "time" had expired the option. There was NEVER any option. A complete scam site rigged against the curious that has countless complaints against it including using false news programs.made to appear like real network channels. An unprinipaled hustle still bilking the public.

New Reviewer

Horrible site! 1st, you spend $60 fee. Then, there is no guarantee that you will win anything back. I spent $60.80 for $10 shell gas gift card. What a waste of money. Ebay is much better because if you do not win the bid, you do not loose money. You will loose the money at QuiBids. I consider this site like a casino (gambling). Most of the time, you loose than win. I quit this site after a few days. If I can give 0 star, I will give it to this site!"

New Reviewer

I am a quibids user for 3 years now. I have won some small things here and there, but nothing recently. I made a discovery tonight which is why I am writing. I am currently watching 5 auctions right now...A Yamaha receiver, a deluxe Breville expresso machine, Crosley juke box, excaliber crossbow, LG 50" tv, and a Nikon D7100 camera. All items are about $1000, but the auctions is where its weird...I noticed 2 items I was bidding on seemed the same, witht the same people bidding and exact same price/ seemed really weird that everytime jim1ou bid on the one item, he bid on the other. So I looked at some other items. All are exactly the same!!! This is a little more than coincident. 5 items, all get the same guy to bid at the exact same second! And there is like 15 guys doing it. And the entire history is the same, but where I bid.

I just bid on an item to see what happens, it bid on all 5 items! It only costed me a single bid...something is up!

Buyer be where. I will be contacting the BBB, the site needs to be shut down. Widest dissemination guys! Quit losing your money.

New Reviewer

please save your self some money don't go they have people working for them sitting in a warehouse bidding against you .zbiddy is the same .some one I'm close to dates one employed by them.

New Reviewer

Well, I just logged off this site, this was my first and last time. It is very hard to win, some of the other points made here are true. The vouchers are rigged, there is noway you are betting on vouchers that go up, up, up until you lose and 4 sell for .17cents, .40 cents, .20 cents, some of them for 50 vouchers and this all happens at once and this happens over and over, the ones you bet on go up forever and a bunch out of thin air "SOLD" 17 cents. The other problem, you bet at 2 seconds and this works for a long time (until you are low on bids) then "Bam" you hit the bid button at 2 seconds and it's closed and sold. It was alright, but I have better ways to spend my time and money. Too bad though, it had potential to be fun.

New Reviewer

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Save it and purchase something on ebay. Signed up, wasted $60 on wasted bids, thought I'd give it another go and purchased another bid pack. WASTED A TOTAL OF $150 on NOTHING! GOT NOTHING! Would've done better on a Las Vegas Slot Machine and had a better return! RIP OFF! Just go to BEST BUY or TARGET or EBAY to purchase your items, instead of squandering perfectly good money on NOTHING!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Firstly Quibids is NOT a scam. For those of you who thought you were duped of $60 to register you obviously didn't read the sign up terms correctly. It was written in English & very easy to understand.
For my $60 worth of bids I watched for a few hours then tried my luck, 3 bids in on a $45.00 item & I'm a winner! I can't believe it! After winning I then find out I don't have to take the item displayed...I get a choice! Even better! I choose my item, pay for reasonable shipping & head back to try again!
This time I go for a $150.00 item, 23 bids in & I scare off my competition & win AGAIN! I choose an awesome sound bar for my TV. Once again pay for shipping then retire for the night.
I give it a 2 day break & to my surprise on the 3rd day after bidding there is a courier driver at my door with my items!
I have since won 2 other items & spent a total of $105.00 on bids, $42.00 in shipping, & $2.10 for winning auctions with a return value of $310.00.
I am in front & smart bidding can keep it that way.
There are NO bots or fake bidders. These are called 'Power Bidders'....they are like egomaniacs, super competitive & will pay exorbitant amounts purely to build a reputation & win. If you watch long enough you see who they are, simply avoid the auctions they are hitting on & let them fight their own kind.
You need to be aggressive & intimidate an auction at the right time. Anticipation is key I find but it takes patience. I've sat for hours on end not bidding & waiting for the right time & it's worked!
Get over your SCAM issues, just because you are crap at bidding doesn't mean it's a scam.

New Reviewer

You have a better chance of winning the Lotto, struck by lightning, finding a needle in a field of haystacks! I felt like such a smow. They have got to be pushing the fraud laws on that advertising!

New Reviewer

For the past 10 days I have used and monitored this site with the help of three other people. We decided to keep hard copies of all the auctions I was in as well as other actions, focusing primarily on the voucher bid games. This is what we found: a large number of fictional bidders. How did we find this? By feeding in the bidders names into a statistical analysis whereby we came up with two sets of names--real and fictional. What we found is this company is using fictional bidders to prevent real bidders from winning the big items and vouchers--the difference cannot be attributed to skill--there are many reasons for this and it's to long and complicated to go into on this site.. I will say we will be turning over our results to the Federal Trade Commission inaddition to including this site in an expose about how these websites cheat people. Honestly, I do not know how this particular company has stayed afloat, the level of deceit and dishonesty is enormous. Beware of this site and read the terms, they have an unusual part in their cont

New Reviewer

I just registered today and after reading much of the information they provided I became somewhat overwhelmed so I decided to register to see what is was all about. Somehow I didn't see where they hid the purchase order for $60 and gave them my credit card. I thought this was only used for paying for my winning bids. Boy was I wrong. I believe the purpose of hiding it and not making it clear is to sucker in people before they realize they have been taken. This is similar to Obamacare. Read it and weep. It should be crystal clear up front when a website is going to charge your credit card and not buried in the text.

New Reviewer

Relitively positive experience, purchased a few of the bids, and won at least one item, can easily see how they make their money though, could mislead people..

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