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Putlocker reviews

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44 reviews
13 John Prince’s Street 4th Floor
London, W1G 0JR, UK
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44 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
11 helpful votes

Started at Told me I had to sign up FOR FREE but still needed my CC. Charged me $1 without consent for unicef donation or some bull$#*!. Once "registered" it took me to a totally different site "donnaplay" then finally to another "gnomicfun" WHERE THE ORIGINAL MOVIE I WANTED TO SEE WASNT EVEN $#*!IN THERE! Total $#*!in scumbag $#*!s! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH anyone advertising "FREE ONLINE MOVIES" ITS ALL BULL$#*!. $#*!SUCKERS

Ask paul about Putlocker
1 review
1 helpful vote

To those of you whining about advertising-GET OVER IT! It's free movies and tv shows and great quality! An advert comes up you close the page and continue watching. PUTLOCKER IS FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch my favorite shows every day!! I cannot express how great this site is. I feel sorry for those who pay for Netflix

Ask Amy about Putlocker
1 review
6 helpful votes

It worked fine at first but then for some unexplained reason it stopped working. The adverts are retarded $#*! like, "FREE MONEY" and it struck me how stupid the whole thing is. A website is never 'free' if it asks you for your card number. Avoid this site.

Ask Harry about Putlocker
9 reviews
127 helpful votes

who loves free movies and Tv show from the US before they come out over here well this the website for you I've used this and others like it so try this site believe its cheaper than netflix

Ask dean about Putlocker
1 review
20 helpful votes

Nothing plays, error messages and pop ups and random pages looking for my credit card details that have a different company name every time. I can't believe anyone recommended this crap to me. Never again!!!

Ask Sinead about Putlocker
1 review
8 helpful votes

This free movie website is bull$#*! and a total waste of time to say the least.

Ask Kevin about Putlocker
1 review
11 helpful votes

I just found the other night and have been using it with Adblocker and it is working just fine. Those having issues just use the Adblocker and I think you will really enjoy this site. Even thinking of canceling Netflix.

Ask Nelson about Putlocker
1 review
17 helpful votes

the putlocker site i have been using , ( has gone down , have they changed their address yet ? , if so , does any one know the address ? , if yes , what is it ? .

Ask Jason about Putlocker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I wait till my TV show is done buffering and when it is done buffering it just bumps back to the end and then forces me to replay. Could you please fix the problem?

Ask Trenton about Putlocker
1 review
43 helpful votes

Use Chrome, but first download a free ad blocker. Watch movies & TV shows with no problem at all and some in very good quality. DO NOT hit the green box that says 'Play Now', just click the large play button in the middle of the video screen. Don't ever put your bank/credit card details into sites such as these, you are just being a gullible dumb ass if you do!!!

Ask Donga about Putlocker
1 review
10 helpful votes

Every time I go to watch a movie it has gross stuff on the website like holes in the Hands or eyeballs on someone's nipple. I'm freaking out

Ask Ashley about Putlocker
1 review
194 helpful votes

I attempted to watch a film on putlocker, i then clicked Sign Up For Free. This took me to a page where it asked me to enter my bank details, which I did. I then clicked Continue & it then went onto a blank page with no option to either progress or go back. I was not enabled the option to create a username or password but just my bank details and cannot watch anything on the site. Please email me at I am worried I will be charged for something I cannot even use.

Ask Jack about Putlocker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am very dissatisfied with the speed, or lack of, with Putlocker. I demand a faster connection. I deserve quick, instant movies for free.

Ask Karrisa about Putlocker
6 reviews
53 helpful votes

THe real putlocker lets you stream movies for free!
go to is the real putlocker

Ask Mohammad about Putlocker
1 review
34 helpful votes

These are scam sites that rarely every work as advertised. As soon as you think your ready to view the movie or show, it says "Cannot stream in all countries, Create your FREE ACCOUNT to stream" Okay no it first asks your email and to make a password, no problem. So now they already have your email, and right when you think your ready to watch your movie....ONE more step, you are REQUIRED to log your credit card on file....even if it everything you watch is free and you wont be charged. Total scam, all these streaming sites are like this. I'm done with them and certainly do not recommend them.

Ask JAMES about Putlocker
1 review
10 helpful votes

is putlocker is down

Ask carl about Putlocker
1 review
7 helpful votes

Retarded as he'll u can't just make it were u can just watch with no bs. No bc ur dumb as he'll and u don't belong in America get back across the sea and sink halfway to avoid embarrassing yourself any further

Ask Nicolas about Putlocker
3 reviews
15 helpful votes

Putlocker works nicely free. Scroll down, read the small print. Use adblocker. Which I use in my Ubuntu. Windows was always constant problems about some malware programs and Internet security related problems.

I just smoked and now I am finally ready to watch SHOGUN ASSASSIN. Thank You Putlocker!

Ask Pietari about Putlocker
1 review
10 helpful votes

$#*! you putlocker you suck.

Ask fyhv about Putlocker
1 review
21 helpful votes

Just install Adblock Plus and you can use Putlocker to watch everything you want uninterrupted by those pesky ads getting in the way.

Ask Lucas about Putlocker
1 review
20 helpful votes

If you want to scroll the screen down you get a pop up, that pop up will instruct you to do something- which will install some back crap on your device.
Oh and those pop ups happen for clicking the play button (it'll pop up at least three times before it'll start), pausing the screen, OH and for after you click the scroll bar pop up away and want to stop it auto-scrolling with your mouse and click again that gives you a SECOND pop up!
So if you're going to watch- lots and LOTS of pop ups and make sure it doesn't download anything and you have a good anti-spyware and anti-malware programs!

Ask Anonymous about Putlocker
1 review
3 helpful votes

There is an error message when trying to play any video, plus popups and (occasionally) notifications asking you to download 'video players' to access content.

You're better off avoiding Putlocker all together. AFAIK it used to be very reliable, but now most of its content has been removed and left lingering with a bunch of crap that'll infect your device.

Ask Conner about Putlocker
1 review
74 helpful votes

why are u guys advertised saying its free on line, but when i clicked to a movie i want to watch.. u guys asks me for my infor and my credit card info..this is what i have to say,,$#*! U ,,SUCK MY $#*!..LIAR SON OF A $#*!,, $#*!ING $#*!

Ask DAVID about Putlocker
1 review
23 helpful votes

trying to watch remember the titans and only used putlocker once before, im guessing before they made lots of changes. Well try to click play and its making me sign up to watch anything, will credit card details? free movie website? id rather not thank you.

Ask Rose about Putlocker
1 review
11 helpful votes
3/5/15 was perfect before as it was but now has been ruined as it has been switched to some other crappy new domain.. why change when nothing was wrong with it.. who has the bloody time to look 4 all the links and nearly all the bloody links are either slow or do not work.. please change it back if the owner of the site is reading this.. simply rubbish

Ask Kal about Putlocker
1 review
6 helpful votes

Why 5 movies across the screen. What was the matter with 4. The titles are too small to read at movie watching distances. Do you even bother to look at what you are doing?
How could you go from fairly good to messed up in one lousy step.
The links are very light gray on white. Ridiculous. Are you intentionally trying to make it hard to read?
Putlocker went from fairly good to rotten in one day.

Tip for consumers: Get some binoculars.

Ask jack about Putlocker
1 review
10 helpful votes

I was a big fan of putlocker before, but now that it changed websites or whatever, it sucks! I was watching The Woman in Black 2 (I haven't seen it yet and was so excited to finally find it on here) but not even halfway through the movie it freezes up! I was wondering if it was just my computer, but after reading reviews of their change, seems I'm not the only one complaining.

Ask Julie about Putlocker
1 review
13 helpful votes

In my own opinion putlocker should have not moved to a new website. its horrible, they were just fine before. Now you can barely watch any movies because all the links are expired. This update also has a lot of ads come up and its really annoying. I hope putlocker takes these reviews into consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Carl about Putlocker
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

When I went to Putlocker to watch a movie was directed to their new website Funrune.
now they charge memberships to join, I signed for the 5 days free trial after going thru
a mine field of unwanted sign-ons for various services and websites, after signing in
I went back to look for a few titles and found NOT A SINGLE ONE, like:Superman,
Hunger Games, Batman.........nothing.
Quickly cancelled and now will be watching my credit card statement.
Don't go close to that site.

Ask dolores about Putlocker
1 review
11 helpful votes

Since move to new server, the website leads to expired links, when you find a link it is too slow to stream, and worse yet - leads to tons of malware and adware. If it aint broke dont fix it!!! Way to sell out!!!!

Ask eat about Putlocker
1 review
12 helpful votes

This new version is bull I love putlocker now it is sh** it won't even let you watch movie at all unless you pay for it... Whom even created this new update your stupid and should but it back

Ask Kellie about Putlocker
1 review
29 helpful votes

Just tried to watch a movie on putlocker and they asked for my bank details so I provided them as they said that they would NOT charge me or there are NO hidden fees and they tell u it's completely FREE but yet they tried to take money out of my account so it's all a load of bullocks it's NOT FREE at all living as holes

Ask bruce about Putlocker
20 reviews
62 helpful votes

Just use adblock and this is a great site to watch movies.

Ask Anthony about Putlocker
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hey guys...can we upload subtitles to movies just like in yify tv website...If not...please make it that more people can watch..please..

Ask Vijay about Putlocker
1 review
10 helpful votes

Ok putlocker or firedrive doesn't work anymore, why is that? That was one of the best links I found to work and now it don't no more, please fix it soon!!!

Ask Renata about Putlocker
1 review
13 helpful votes

I don't know how, but I played a movie, and now my computer won't work! Try at your own risk.

Ask Celestial about Putlocker
1 review
13 helpful votes

Every five seconds I get "five . . . ten . . . fifteen", etc.




Come on -- shi* I'd rather go to the f-ing theater to avoid this crap.

If you are going to offer recent productions, get your shi* fixed.

I am not impressed with this "service".

You f-ers suck. Pretty confident, also, that your site carries malware, spyware, etc., etc.

Thanks, as*holes.

So who's nose do I break over this BS??? Please, do let me know. Happy to oblige.

Ask Quentin about Putlocker
1 review
12 helpful votes

this website opens up ads when you are watching the movie like random people singing and 18+ games! They are horrible!

Ask melody about Putlocker
1 review
7 helpful votes

Fkn morons with a hand held camera copying off public screens. Totally fkd just about every movie I've tried to watch on this site. Annoying not an adequate description. Pay the money and don't spoil it for yourselves.

Ask roger about Putlocker
1 review
7 helpful votes

I watched ''Hobo with a Shotgun'' on this site and noticed when i wanted to fast forward or
rewind the play at least one tab would appear with advertising that was remaining on my desktop when I shut down. And the following day when I came go back on-line with my PC, things were running unusually slow. OK for viewing a fully free streaming movie or T,V programme but not otherwise.

Ask Peter about Putlocker
1 review
8 helpful votes

i never able to download my file from this site. The download link always sent me to some stupid scam file

Ask asd about Putlocker
30 reviews
107 helpful votes

You do not have to join this site in order to use their services and no additional downloads or plug ins are required. It is basically a server used to stream movies and TV shows commercial free from sites that are 100% free. This and are very fast with downloading for streaming, and normally there is a smooth play without pauses. Other servers are usually very slow with free streaming sites.

Caution should be used if you are considering downloading from a site that streams free movies be it a download or plug in, Personally, I would not do it because of malware, viruses, and software that might piggy back on your intended download. i.e. is a nightmare to get completely off your computer and the uninstall feature of Windows does not rid your computer of traces of the program. It will not show in your programs but traces of the program are all over your computer.

There is no real benefit for subscribing to these sites and they do not require a download. You just use them.

Ask John about Putlocker
9 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have never gone directly to this site and used it but often when im watching movies, shows or UFC fights it directs me here and it works well

Ask Gabriel about Putlocker
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

Never uploaded anything, I'm not even registered, but I use it all the time to watch TV shows online. And it's awesome!

Ask Gabriel about Putlocker

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