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PurseValley reviews

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108 reviews
Categories: Handbags
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108 Reviews From Our Community

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There customer service is also amazing/ they always call me after I got my items just to make sure they arrived! (in 25 reviews)


I received the email asking for my photocopies for my ID and credit card. (in 17 reviews)


I received my bag and purse before this Christmas! (in 58 reviews)

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I was wary about ordering but a friend of mine said she had ordered from PV and was pleased. I ordered a LV handbag and it arrived in less time then they estimated. I'm very happy with the quality. Looks like the real deal. I will order from them again.

Ask Jennifer about PurseValley
1 review
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I'm a little surprised by all the bad reviews. I ordered the LV Estrela bag and it came within 2 weeks to CA and was almost identical to my REAL $2100.00 LV Estrela. The only difference was that there was only 2 small inside pockets and my REAL one has 2 small and 1 large. I also purchased some LV charms which were VERY NICE for $25.00, and a wallet which was OK..except the zipper ripples, it's just OK. Customer service was very good, they called me to confirm, followed up with status daily and shipped very quickly. I will definitely order from them again, based on this first order.
** I took a chance and payed via bank using a bank account that I don't usually keep any money in, and only transfered the amount of the purchase to the account. It worked out with out all the confusion and I got an extra discount off the order too!
See pictures below, Red one is Real LV, Black one is Replica

Ask Jay about PurseValley
1 review
1 helpful vote

no use, if I could give 0 stars I would!!
and no help from PURSE VALLEY
there is no quality, very poorly made goods equally poor customer service would not refund or replace as promised on website

Ask sophie about PurseValley
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered Prada wallet for 140$ #PD-1132A4-PK - it was my first purchase and actually i made it as test before buying more expensive items .. It's OK if the price 20 or 30 dollars only - NOT More! it's fake from miles and of course doesn't worth 140$ !!
I will give fair review as all reviews on their website are FAKE !

First, i live in NY and here in Chinatown, there are tons of replicas .. i found many replica wallets like mine for 20 or 15 dollars only, and i thought when i pay 140$, i will get really high quality copy .. but i was totally wrong, and here is why:

1- It's not leather .. It's "Plastic" material and you can SMELL it from miles!
2- Stuck Zipper!! actually it's cheap bad material which makes zipper stuck every 1 cm !!
3- Rust at "bottom stop" of zipper.
4- Different than photos, in design and important parts !! so Photos are fake too.
5- Box was broken and looks also so fake.
6- Dust bag was really horrible .. it doesn't cost more than 10 cents !
7- Packaging wasn't good enough, and was WET !!

- Good points
1- It looks like Prada and the design is 99% the same ..
2- Shipped fast within 15 days from money transfer.

- The bag is not bad, but doesn't worth more than 20 dollars .. wen i left my review and said that, they stopped support and didn't publish me review on their website.

- No way for return because you will lose Shipping and Money Transfer Fees, and then have to pay again for return shipping to CHINA !! like 60 dollars !! and another money transfer fees for refund ! so you get nothing ..!

Ask Fann about PurseValley
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ignored all the bad reviews and went ahead with it anyway because I really needed a nice gift for my other half. Firstly the order was delayed! Then when I got the bag it was beautiful however within a months time the bag ripped. So much for their quality check!
When I got in touch with them they would not reply till I actually called them international rate and finally they reported it, they started saying because I got to them so late they wouldn't give me an exchange or refund. I did say I don't want a refund, il even send the bag back for them to replace the part. They started saying they are going to send out a replacement handle that I can get fixed here and they can't do anything else.
So what can I do I agreed. A month later a part came but it was the wrong part!
Now I'm still waiting after countless emails and calls its been nearly 6 months.

So do you really think this is a place to buy? Go else where seriously these guys are a waste of time and no where near helpful.

Ask Bee about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered a bag about a month ago. I have never wanted a fake bag but this site showed items of reasonable quality for a replica. My work PC however would not let me open the log in, I should have followed the signs... But I didn't and went ahead paying by credit card as I saw the other options more complicated and there is an extra guarantee with a credit card. Immediately I received an email thanking me for making the order and all the details were there. Then a day later I got an email from customer services telling me that because my credit card billing address and my credit card were from different countries and 'they were trying to avoid fraud' they could not use my card and I was offered other options, moneygram and there was a link to other payment options. I opened the link and I was asked to enter all my card details etc. Of course, I started to realise that this was proper dodgy, why would I send again my details if my card apparently does not work? I emailed customer services and I was very stern about the dodginess of the payment system. Funny enough, I checked , before emailing them, the email and my trusty work PC warned me that this could be a fishing site trying to get personal information. Did I get a personal response on my email? No, but the same about now being only placed to pay through Moneygram. I tried moneygram, but again if your card and billing address are different will not let you proceed. I decided then that there were too many signs and decided to cancel my order, I got emails offering a free gift - a bag, a watch,....-. I went along with it, to see what would happen but this time I said that I would use the credit card from my current country. I got an email from my personal sales executive, who for the first time ever was offering a gift to avoid the cancellation of an order, and there was not a word about the gift about the options of using other card but the same rant about not being able to use my credit card and having to pay by Moneygram.
Another thing, my card company, the one I wanted to use in the first place, called me to tell me that they have blocked my card as on the same days as my payments were taking place my card was used in India, the USA and to pay and online item. I will get my money refunded but it has unsettle me that I have been a fraud victim. Are purse valley and my card misuse linked, well I only use it to buy the bag.
I have now replied to my sales executive demanding to speak with her superior, but I bet I will get the same moneygram email... Your call. Ana C

Ask Ana about PurseValley
1 review
5 helpful votes

I, like many others, read all the negative reviews but went for it anyway and ordered a LV handbag. (I have three authentic LV handbags already, so I felt I could determine the differences, if there were any, in the bags). I ordered on April 16th, then received an email saying there would be a delay in my order, but a couple of days after that email I received a tracking number, on April 27th. And on May 5th I received my handbag (tracking for my bag was slow and didn't update until it got into the US). I absolutely LOVE my bag and it was just like the pictures. It's a good quality and honestly looks like the real bag. I'm not sure why there are all of these negative reviews. I mean, if someone with a negative review actually posted pictures/video of it then I would believe all their words. But not one person who had a 'negative' experience posted a picture of the bad product. I don't know, it's weird to me. But I love my hand bag and will definitely get another from them in the future!

Ask Jessica about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

So after careful review, countless hours searching trustpilot and other ratings sites, I decided to go ahead and make a purchase on using my Amex card, one of the two credit card payment methods offered by pursevalley.

The benefit with a credit card over any other form of payment is that you, the buyer, have security in that you can request a chargeback should you not receive what you ordered, or not receive anything at all. Paying by any other method is relying on the site to not only send you what you ordered, but also to provide a quality item (as they describe) and to honour their refund policy. That's a lot of trust given to a company based in China that makes its money by illegally copying bags.

The site tries to convince you that moneygram, westernunion, and other cash based payment options are better as they allow faster processing. They even offer discounts to encourage you to use these methods, with no discount for credit cards.
If you factor in the fees associated with a moneygram/westernunion transfer, even with the discount, the pricing is within a few % of the credit card price, except with credit card payments you get all the extra security.

After placing my order, with card details being accepted by the site, I received a confirmation email and everything seemed fine. The next day, I'd received 2 more emails, both claiming that there are issues with my credit card and that they've been trying to process the payment, but my card isn't working. Little do they know that I work for the issuing bank that my card came from, and actually work in card payments. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my card, plenty of limit available, no region or MCC blocks, absolutely nothing that would stop them from completing the transaction. I even pulled the authorisation logs to see if any attempts were made on the card, and surprise surprise, there were none.
The email continued on to say that I've now chosen to proceed by moneygram payment, and provided instructions on how to send cash via moneygram, even adjusting the price to include the "discount" as an incentive.

So essentially I'd been lied to three times, before my order was even completed. 1/ they advertise that Amex and Visa are acceptable payment methods. This is a lie.
2/ they send automated emails telling you that you've chosen moneygram as your payment option. This is a lie
3/ they tell you that your card isn't working. This is a lie.

The aim of the company appears to be luring you in with a variety of options, including credit card payments, to give you a false sense of security. Once you complete the order, they're hoping that there is some emotional attachment to the purchase and that this will now overcome your common sense, and you will agree to send them cash with absolutely no security and no recourse should you be completely ripped off.

As per many of the independent review sites, many many purchasers were not happy with their items once received and confirm that their reviews were not posted on the site. It seems that they also doctor their reviews, or are very selective as to which negative reviews they post to give the impression of balance, without causing damage to themselves.

Stay away. Completely dodgy and shady dealings.

Ask Liam about PurseValley
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I ordered a Louis Vuitton Noé replica bag in monogram canvas from Purse Valley. Everything went smoothly until DHL delivered my purchase. The "leather" parts of the bag are made of vinyl and the logo imprinted metal rings started to fall off the minute I undid the package, merrily clinking onto the floor. But you are right: I was asking for it. Stupid is not the one who sells, stupid is the one who buys.

Ask Liisa about PurseValley
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was definitely nervous about ordering from here as there are so many mixed reviews. I at first was going to order a number of things and the transaction was denied by my bank as they believed it was a scam. Airing on the side of caution I decided to order just one item and was concerned at first because they hadn't been answering any of my emails. I had to call them and change my order and it went through, took a couple of days to process and then I received a tracking number from them and about 7 days later my package arrived. I can safely say I am one satisfied customer and will be ordering again. Lower your expectations with customer service and you will most likely need to be the one to contact them if there is any troubles.

Ask charlotte about PurseValley
1 review
5 helpful votes

Stay away not what they say.Can,t get your money back.They overcharged my credit card.

Ask kim about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

Had to cancel my order in the end as they made it too difficult to purchase with my credit card. Said it had been denied, when my bank said it had not. Wanted to add on $1 to card which wasn't mentioned in the first place, neither was a mystery amount for changing to Yen currency. To top it all, the customer service people were all very hard to understand and said everything in a very snarky, rude manner. After I read about the bad quality of the items they sell I was glad I had cancelled. Cheaper than the originals, but still not that cheap.

Ask christine about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask MAYRA about PurseValley
1 review
7 helpful votes

I was about to order from this site (pursevalley); until I read all the negatives reviews!! Thanks but no thanks!!

Ask ann about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

Order a purse and look like a luggage also they took sooooooo long to get it shipped even know I pay with check over $500.00 so this company is not reliable at all DO NOT BUY ANYTHING

Ask Maria about PurseValley
1 review
18 helpful votes

It's been 160 days since my original purse order and I am still getting the run around! Very disappointed! My purse arrived without its strap --no way you can use it without one. This was a as present for my daughter. So, I called them, of course it's a holiday but they did initially respond. They said the strap was damaged and didn't pass their quality control check. Well, how did my purse pass inspection & get shipped w/o a strap then? They didn't check my box for quality. Now, it's been 160 days and still no strap. Every time I call they say " it's on it's way from China". They say they will follow up and call me back and they don't. I am always calling or sending emails to find out the status. I asked them to reorder or refund my $$$, but they just ignore my request and offer me a discount on a future order. I would never order from them again, so that doesn't help. I've had to report them and am currently in a dispute to get my refund. So ridiculous when this could have been rectified if they just would of been a reputable company and made good on their mistake. Sad and bad business!!!!!!!!

Ask Becky about PurseValley
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

I purchased a purse and wallet, it took forever to receive, I had to email several times. When I did receive it, was not what was said in the ad, it was smaller, did not have pockets like it was suppose to, had torn fabric bags, spot on purse, wallet didn't even fit in the purse. So I requested that they send for a return shipping. I have an email from them stating they would reimburse me for the shipping if I emailed them the receipts. Which I did. Now they wont refund me my shipping for the defective product like they said they would

Ask Tracy about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

I bought this purse about 3 months ago. The Celine handbag has black outline which is wrapped up with plastic film on the edge of leather. It falls off and torn off. It shouldnt be like this. Handle part is supposed to be one of the sturdiest parts. Purse valley customer service offered to send the replacement part and asked me to take the bag to shoemaker. Instead of offering a check for fixing cost, they offered to give $40 store credit. I need a check to pay to a shoemaker not a store credit. Im not happy with this bag and customer service.
I want to mention one more thing.
The cover of the purse is dented in. Shipping and handling may have dented
the cover, so I waited for it to retain it's natural shape but it never
did. It's been more than 3 months now.

Ask soo about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

So I just deleted the glowing review I left - bought the Kimono for $280+all was fine for a few days - quality and everything "LOOKED" goodthen today I noticed the gold toe V in the middle was missingthat's right, it fell off and thankfully I did find it as it dropped inside the purse.for $280 though I do NOT expect to have to glue a part back onmay look good but it doesn't hold upobviously cheap crapwill not buy again, save you money.

Ask Cheryl about PurseValley
1 review
15 helpful votes

My first experience with them was ok. I decided to buy a watch. The watch arrived and within a day the band broke. I contacted them and they immediately sent me a replacement. However I still had to pay $30 to have the new band put on.

Second experience, was a little upsetting. The cashed an check for $870. Then a few days later they called to tell me they only had a few items available. I was upset and didn't understand why they cashed my check. However they informed me that they would apply a store credit which could be used anytime.

So, I just placed a new order. This morning I have been informed I can not use my credit for the order because of some type of promotion. This makes no sense whatsoever! They are literally holding cash they took directly from my account but telling me I can't use it. I am demanding they now refund my bank account..... I'm guessing that will be a cold day in hell.

Ask Robin about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.. THE SERVICE IS VERY BAD.. i ordered a watch from them and i payed 340$ for the watch., once i received it, the wasn't even working.. so ii sent them the product back and asked for a refund .. its been a month and they haven't refund me back my money.. i email them many times, no repond and i called them almost every week... so do not believe anything they write on their website.. its all bull$#*!

Ask san about PurseValley
1 review
55 helpful votes

Okay so lets start from the beging . First of all i have bought bags and other replica items from china using western union before from another site. Never had any issues. Anyway of corse i found fmthis website and i got very excited "high quality bags" so they say.. I went on youtube to see what people had to say about the bags i seen NO bad reviews! People comparing the bags etc... Sooo anyway after a couple of months of watching the reviews u decided to go ahead and give it a shot today. I decided to make an order over 1000 so i could get all the discounts. I paid weatern union so i could get the extra 20% off . After the discounts of a 1200 order my total cane out to 800.48 plus 70 to send... so i paid western union And the phone number that had called me 4-6 times earlier had been working before. Then all the sudden i sent the money and then when i went to call them back the number siddenly didnt work. Within hours.... Soo then i got worried and i started looking on google for bad reviees and this site popped up... First thing i did was go back to my account and canceled it. LUCKILY I HAVEA ONLINE MONEYGRAM ACOUNT, and they had not yet picked up the money so i cancelled the order about ten minutes ago. It says ill get a refund back to my card in about 3 days. I wish i had read these reviews. I just want a high quality replica bag. If anyone knows of a good site that i can find that please let me know. Im glad i was able to cancel the transaction after reading these reviews. I shoukd have teusted my gut in the first place. Anyway id go ahead and say dont order feommthis site because there are websites out there thst are legit. And usually if you email them they have other photo links of other things they dont have listed on the site. Like chanel bags etc but they cant post chanel bags because chanel has special people that have all the sites that carry chanel shut down. But if u email the sites they will send it to you via email. Anyway hope my review helps someone to not get scammed.

Ask Misty about PurseValley
1 review
7 helpful votes

I own a real LV Speedy 35 and I also love the Zippy wallet. I could not justify paying almost the same amount for a wallet that was paid for the bag. Found this site and found the zippy for $111.00. It arrived yesterday and it's beautiful! I love it and would order here again. Customer service was also great!

Ask Donna about PurseValley
1 review
41 helpful votes

I too was like you - searching the we. For a legitimate site to buy a replica LV handbag. I saw a lot of positive reviews only on the pursevalley website, but all negative reviews on other sites like this one about pursevalley. I went ahead foolishly and purchases two bags and a wallet from there believing in humanity and hoping I would t be scammed. I ordered and customer service was nice and helpful the entire time when taking my money. It took me 20 days to receive the bag which is to be expected dealing with China shipping and US customs. When the package arrived I was SO disappointed because the wallet and purse (monogram print) were COMPLETELY different colors! Very noticeable to the naked eye. The '35' on the side of the bag was huge and noticeable. Threading was coming loose and there was glue and a huge scratch on the handle. VERY POOR QUALITY for $300USD!!!! The brown color in the bag just screamed fake and cheap! When I tried to rectify the situation since the website claims "satisfaction guaranteed", here was their suggestion to me: they would send me new handles and expect me to change them myself (WTF?!!) then told me to take the bag to a leather shop to fix the threading (more money!) then said their website shows the wallet and purse are different colors (LIES!) or I could get a send it back for $100 in shipping costs (more money!!) and they would offer me a 75 dollar credit (why in the hell would I order another bag from them when this one sucks!). Definitely not a great company. I tried to post a few negative reviews on their site and guess what --- they have to be "approved" so I guarantee you they are only posting positive reviews which is why you only see the good on their site. I will never trust ordering anything from China again and especially from I will say the other purse I received did not have as many defects but my experience with them has been clouded by them not being a reputable replica company and you can order a purse from aliexpress with better quality and much cheaper. trust me. I know you really want that designer bag but as a young girl from the Midwest who was just as eager as you - I urge u to save your money and go for the real thing. PURSE VALLEY DOES NOT STAND BY THEIR CLAIMS ON THEIR WEBSITE AND THEIR QUALITY IS TERRIBLE! BUYER BEWARE!

Ask Sasha about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

Fake company I hear and take your money not trust worthy I would say just stay far far away.

Ask Equzalozx about PurseValley
4 reviews
36 helpful votes

I ordered a bag several months ago, like 6 months, and it never arrived. They said that it had been signed for and delivered. Thankfully my credit card company credit me back my credit but later I was harassed with purse valleys phone calls and emails. I was getting 3-4 phone calls A DAY! Then I was also receiving emails telling me to pay them the money that I was refunded and that I had to Western Union them the money to China or pay them in bit coins. Thankfully I know that both of those things are shady and Im not going to pay for something I never received AND was being harassed about. Don't let them take your money or your information. They are a bogus company on the other side of the world with some rude and nasty customer service representative here in the states (named Jake) who does their dirty work! UGH!

Ask Becky about PurseValley
1 review
17 helpful votes

I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased a Michael Kors bag. I knew there would be a wait for delivery because the purse was being shipped from China. The bag arrived after 3 weeks. The bag that arrived was NOT what I ordered. I received a plastic shopping bag that no where near resembles anything made by Michael Kors. I had ordered a leather bag. I contacted the company and they were no help at all.
The purse had been shipped in a plastic shrink wrap bag with no shipping label or papers included. The company will not pay for or issue a shipping return label.
It seems some people have had good experiences with this company. I'm puzzled. ?? I lost $68 on this transaction. I guess you can order and HOPE to have a positive experience. I think it's better not to order anything from them

Ask Martina about PurseValley
1 review
18 helpful votes

I bought a purse of this website. During purchase or while awaiting the bag, they are extremely helpful. When I received the bag, it wasn't as pictured so I told them I'd be returning it and told them they would pay to return it as it wasn't my fault the bag wasn't as pictured. After countless back and forth emails, they finally agreed IN WRITING to pay my return shipping. Once I sent them all the information and kept calling them numerous times to see why I hadn't received my refund (after the 48 hours) they told me they would not be refunding me my shipping, and would be giving me a credit after I specifically told them that would not suffice when they suggested it prior to returning the bag. They put me through so much grief and inconvenience because they are scammers and liars. DO NOT ORDER!! And if you decide to not listen to me, make sure you order through a credit card company that deals with scammers... if you send through Money union (because there's a discount), you're never seeing that bag or your money. IT IS BEYOND ME why anyone would be so stupid to wire them money.. that is the equivalent of putting cash in an envelope via mail. If you're going to do something as silly as order from this site, at least use a credit card that can back you up.

Ask SARAH about PurseValley
8 reviews
37 helpful votes

This is the follow-up and final result after my first attempt in trying to buy a replica bag. I had cancelled my order and right away I got an email from the PV customer care manager, this is my reply…….

Dear Jake,

I am responding to your email you had sent me regarding the recent cancellation of my order. You say you want to really help me resolve my issue? I highly doubt you can but lets see what you can do for me. You see, this is my very first time buying a designer replica bag and I was hesitant at first because of all the negative reviews I’ve read about your type of business, scamming allot of innocent buyers and after reading so many and I mean many negative reviews especially about and even though I was hesitant to order I tooked the chance anyway hoping I could get lucky in getting a great deal through your website. This is my first time ordering through your site or any site concerning replica bags and right from the start, is it any wonder that I am already running into a problem? First of all, before placing my order and with many concerns, I had sent your company numerous email messages and not 1 have responded. Your email is the first and only I’ve recieved since I’ve been trying to communicate to get some questions answered. As you can tell already, even though there are red flags every where I still ignored my better judgement and still went through with ordering couple of items. The second issue was the total charge on my purchase. Why am I being charged $43.13 extra? Let me break it down for you…I had ordered, LV zipped purse for $123.34, LV monogram retiro mm $263.91, shipping fee $29.02, insurance fee $3.87, the grand total should be $420.14 but instead below the grand total it says a grand total to be charged is… $463.27, a difference of $43.13!! The third issue was, your rude customer service rep called me this morning to confirm my order so I asked her why was I being charged the extra amount and instead of being polite and helpful she was the most rudest representative I have ever spoken to in my life!!! My experience with your company so far totally confirms every negative reviews I have read. The girl I spoke to couldn’t answer my simple question and told me if I didn’t want the bag I don;’t have to buy it from PV? Instead of trying to win a leary customer over, she scared me away and lost a good sale but most importantly lost a returning customer. She was so rude and unprofessional that it speaks volume about PV establishment. No wonder people are writing such bad reviews. I am actually glad this happen because I could’ve been another person being conned in buying a cheap fake bag by an untrustworthy company. I was already stupid in buying after being warned so many times and if I went through with this, I could've easily been screwed and would’ve deserved it for making such a stupid unnecessary mistake. In other words I didn't have any room to complain. One last thing, I want to ask you, why does PV keep pushing the buyers to pay it in a certain way to get a 20% discount like through Western Union? I heard people paying through W.U. and getting scammed in not getting their merchandise or their money back, a total waste of their hard earned money. From the look of things, there seems to have been many business like PV that have been shut down due to illegal business practices, I am very surprised PV is still up and running. Good luck staying in business your gonna need it!!! And btw, your direct email address is invalid so I am responding through PV website, I hope you get this message.

Very Disgruntle Customer,
Helen Hines

Tip for consumers: Don't trust the good reviews written on the sites you are considering buying from but trust your gut instincts and trust when reading reviews on a public blog, which is most likely unbiased.

Ask Helen about PurseValley
1 review
12 helpful votes

I thought I would try this website; first purchase, a Louis Vuitton wallet. I sent the money as requested and the wallet arrived quickly. I opened the box and the first thing I noticed was the smell, and secondly the color of the monogram. It was close to being a copy of the LV original.
I called and spoke to someone who suggested I put perfume on my wallet and asked me to send a picture of my item so that he could send it to his manufacturer. I told him via email that I had decided to return it for a complete refund as it is offered on their site, specifically on the home page where they guarantee customer service. I was then told that I could return the item and choose something else and they would waive the shipping fee. I sent back the wallet and requested a refund. That's when I was told that they were unable to give me a refund and I should choose some other product. My thoughts were that if I was unhappy with the quality of a wallet, one of the least expensive items on their site, I surely wasn't going to order anything else, let alone spend more money!
When I called I spoke to a lady who advised me that she wasn't permitted to speak with me.
I kept getting template emails, the same ones over and over suggesting that I picked a replacement for my order.
I advised them in writing that I would tell as many people as I could that they were a scam!!!
Expensive lesson learned!

Tip for consumers: I didn't even put one star as there are no returns, there is NO customer service, no value to the merchandise and not even one star for quality

Ask Helen about PurseValley
1 review
22 helpful votes

Some of their products' quality are ok, some are horible quality. I bought 4 bags for the 1st order. Had to return one due to their product's details, it missed some basic details compare to the authentic one (it was a LV bagatelle), i had to pay for the return shipping for an exchange (hermes birkin). But when i got the hermes birkin, I totally disappointed. The quality is tooo bad, and it smells funny, not leather smell. I contact them to return it for refund, they agree but asked me to pay for the return shipping (What? Really? Again???) i was mad... Now they convince me to return it for refund including some store credit (who cares about their store credit?). I asked them to refund the amount money i paid for the bag plus the amount of return shipping fee but they didn't agree... Still dealing with them now...

Ask Jade about PurseValley
1 review
16 helpful votes

I received my bag and purse before this Christmas! I am very happy and placed a new order. These replica bags are identical to the real one, so I'm loving their products. If you like to buy good quality replica bags I will definitely recommend you this website. Cheers!

Ask Maria about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes

The customer service is awful. The company canceled my order without my approval and would not budge to replace my order.

Ask elena about PurseValley
1 review
16 helpful votes

I bank wired them money, and they never shipped. Do NOT do business with them.

Ask Brian about PurseValley
1 review
17 helpful votes

I bought 3 bags and I own 2 real one's.. These are excellent replicas and I can't imagine anyone knowing they are fake. If they did I would return them. I am not sure if the straps will darken yet but the rest of the bag is Identical to the real items. I think some of the negative reviews on here are BS.....

Ask mary about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

I just got the rest of my order took 2-3weeks and everything is beautiful

Ask Marilda about PurseValley
1 review
7 helpful votes

I received my first bag from Purse Valley and will definitely be going back for more. The bag i initially ordered (LV Montana in amarante) was out of stock but they let me switch it to the amarante Alma BB so I didn't have to wait for new Montana stock.

I'm fortunate enough to have a real Alma in my collection so I was able to make a side by side comparison. The PV bag is definitely a high quality replica. The only differences that stood out were a couple of imperfect stitches on the cross-body strap and that the lock is brushed metal instead of polished. So, I don't use the strap and moved my real LV lock to the replica when it's being used. The finish of the replica vernis is perfect.

Yes, it's a little bit of a hassle going through the payment verification process, but let's remember this company is selling goods that put them at high risk. You want to skip the hassle, go to the real LV and spend 10x's as much. Life's a trade-off.

Ask Melanie about PurseValley
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They advertise to be mirror quality to the real thing but it is not even close. Beware buyers because I wrote a review in their website and it was never posted because I had a negative review for them. They only put up positive reviews. Do not buy if you value your hard earned money.

Ask Jaylin about PurseValley
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got my watch in the mail the Yacht Master 2 in gold and stainless and it was scratched on the letters master sent them a picture have got no response back from pursevalley I would like to have another watch to replace this one

Ask James about PurseValley
1 review
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Ordered a watch three weeks ago, to start off with it was a week late! Then when took it out of packaging (bearing in mind the box was bubbled wrapped and the watch inside the box was bubble wrapped aswel) you could see marks on the watch through the plastic coating that's meant to protect the watch. So basically it was damaged before it was sent to me. I emailed purse valley who said I needed to email pictures, which I then sent to them. They can clearly see on the picture the damage through the plastic but still wernt willing to replace it unless I paid to send it back and pay for new one to get sent to me. All they suggested was.. They would send me a new braclete which was damaged in the first picture and 10% off next order for the second damaged picture which was at back of watch. I then sent another email two days ago saying I wernt happy that I have to pay for the return as i already had paid for delivery and the watch was sent to me faulty, so why should I pay to send it back then pay for a new one to be sent out to! They haven't even replied back to me! Such bad consumer service... This was meant to be a Xmas present for someone and I'm so upset.

Ask Sharnee about PurseValley
1 review
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The page where you have to make a payment looks abit dodgy i was gonna buy a LV bag but I've changed my mind now the site looks presentable and legit, just puts me off the bit where you have to make a payment

Ask Roxy about PurseValley
1 review
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I had the right amount for the watch and now the money in my bank has gone and they said they can't send it because I hadn't send them a picture of my card and Id but I did send them my card number and expires number. WHAT DO I DO

Ask Jack about PurseValley
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I want to warn all gals out there NOT TO BUY from I ordered a Hermes bag and belt and they sent belt but refused to send purse.!!!!

Ask judy about PurseValley
1 review
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I ordered the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Neverfull MM...not only was the interior bag missing, I had to pay DHL to receive my order...I contacted Purse Valley on three occasions, received the confirmation email that my complaint has been received but have heard nothing more ...i'm so upset and frustrated with this the small interior bag was an important part of the order for taking out in the evening on holiday...don't believe them when they say their customer service is a priority.... it simply isn't...and I feel robbed...

Ask Jackie about PurseValley
1 review
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I ordered a LV suitcase for over $600.00 from PurseValley. I found the same EXACT suitcase on another similar site for $200.00. FREE SHIPPING. I told PurseValley and asked for at least a discount. They would not give anything. I wouldn't buy from this site again as there is another site cheaper and quality is the same! Private email me for the site address.

Ask robin about PurseValley
1 review
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Ordered 2 bags, 1 pair of sunglasses and a mens watch. One of the bags look quite fake and the watch came broken. The sunglasses junk level. They offered 40% discount on next japanese watch but not satisfied with the first transaction

Ask Mk about PurseValley
1 review
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I am really please and happy with my bamboo Gucci comes in 2 sizes and I bought the bigger one......and the best thing is it arrived much much earlier than I expected.....communicate with Maya and she is so helpful..the leather smells so good and I took my bag to Gucci boutique surprisingly the staff over ther can't even tell its replica......I am at cloud 9.....soooooo happy ...thank you so much.
I wanted to buy another bag from them but they increase the price before I could make another purchase.

Ask Alice about PurseValley
1 review
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Purse Valley makes my heart SING!!!. This company is a dream to deal with. super great quality and quick delivery. Look no further. Your dreams have come true!.

Ask Ken about PurseValley
1 review
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I purchased a LV monogram purse and I couldn't be more pleased! I will definitely purchase again from this site. I was expecting a 3 week shipping time and it came in half that time.
The purse was packaged just like it would be straight from LV. I am so happy I took a chance! Maybe I will buy a Prada next. I am so glad I read the reviews and took the leap.
VERY HAPPY (fashionable) critic.

Ask Lorna about PurseValley
4 reviews
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Hello I was in the same situation like you Lisa. I ordered from this website my purchase was $1,250. I received the email asking for my photocopies for my ID and credit card. First I was skeptical and I send them an email and ask them to explain me for what are all this things because this smells : FRAUD . One nice girl from their staff called me and she explain me that because the order is large they need to ensure that I am the person who ordered so they need to check the id and credit card for my safety and also their safety. So, what I do ?? I've send them my ID copy but I let them to see only my face and the address and from my credit card only my name and last 4 digits and was enough for them and I stay calm because they don't have how to fraud me. So,. is not such a big thing, you can trust them.

Ask mandy about PurseValley

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