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Review of PurseValley

PurseValley reviews

50 reviews
Categories: Handbags
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50 Reviews From Our Community

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They have a lot of handbags nice every week they change collection and also they have a good good customer service (in 10 reviews)


A little hiccup with western union payment versus credit card, that took about 3 days. (in 9 reviews)


I got an LV Damier Neverful bag and most people can't tell that it isn't real. (in 29 reviews)

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1 review
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as an owner of MANY real handbags, I do know quality, and I didn't have a high expectation that this bag was going to be on par with the real bag, but wasn't expecting as low a quality as I received. I wanted to pay with my AMX, as I felt more secure but they talked me into Western Union, which actually worked out fine. the bag came in about 2 weeks which was in a timely fashion. the bag smelled so bad (like toxic plastic), I had to put it in the garage for 2 weeks, which really didn't help. One time I had it and my husband was driving and he said "something has spilled in this car, I think I need to have it detailed", told him not to bother it was my purse. the little lock and key came on a very thin piece of plastic which has already broke. the material of the purse was very pitted, looked like it was left out in a hail storm. while a authentic Birkin bag is over $6000.00, and this was only $450.00, it wasn't worth the $450.00.

Ask Cindy about PurseValley
1 review
2 helpful votes

Was surprised at how quick I got the bag. A little hiccup with western union payment versus credit card, that took about 3 days. But once bag was shipped it arrived within 4 days !! So total of 10 days to get the bag. After reading what too look out for fakes the only thing I could spot was 6 stitches instead of 5 on handle leather patch. Otherwise it looks just like the one in the store. I'm very happy. Will order from them again.

Ask Gina about PurseValley
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

For me all those reviews just seem to be fabricated. I am sure that for all companies are satisfied customers and NOT satisfied customers.I will be honest with this company and with you guys...I placed an order I paid and my package arrives in almost 2 weeks I opened the box and I was very surprised: bags looks amazing I didn't expect that because I know that I ordered replicas.My only issue is that the color of one bag is not like the real one is almost there but ...huhh...So the point is at this time I am a satisfied customer and I will be back @them.

Ask Andra about PurseValley
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a bag on this site just to see what kind of quality and bag they have here.... Ive own real LV bags, and just to compare their bag to real one... I paid through western union, I got a random call from someone telling me to pay the bag that I put in my cart. (ok, someone is trying to hurry me and pay the damn bag).. anyway, I finished all that, and just waiting for my bag. got the bag after 1 week, they are fast shipping.. when I saw the bag, the handle is damage. I email them regarding this and wanted to do a return and exchange but they won't do it, so I just kept the bag and put it in a box and just wasted $200 dollar. oh well.. That's it, Im done with this site. I knew they are knock off.. just just made their site an products looks so amazing and great quality.. But for me IT'S OK QUALITY. just letting you know people who wants to buy bags on this site. you can go ahead and order and pay if it will make you happy to have a bags just for looks and not for quality GO.

Ask ann about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

Just wondering why so many terrible reviews? I was all set to buy at least three bags, but after reading the reviews decided I better not.

Ask K about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

Can't trust a company that when you give a credit card and they accept it that they come back and ask for a wire cash

Ask andy about PurseValley
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have ordered so many items from them and adore this site! My items are legitimately the exact same as the real thing- they even count the amount of threads in the real and match it to the replica! It's illegal to have such high quality replicas sold( it's ok to buy-Fyi) but if your gonna not pay the money for the real thing, than yes there's a chance your item may get lost in transit- I personally have never had an issue! There customer service is also amazing/ they always call me after I got my items just to make sure they arrived! Plus they told me well in advance how the name will appear on my credit card statement etc! I'm sorry if you have had a bad experience but I have recommended this site to every person I know and will continue to do so! Amaze!!!

Ask Michelle about PurseValley
1 review
12 helpful votes

SHAME TOO BECAUSE THE PRODUCTS THAT DID COME WERE EXCELLENT QUALITY the purses BUT they made a mistake on THEIR end and shipped the wrong watch. So I returned it which had to go through customs ETC because they are in China so now they have my $200.00 paid for the watch originally and the watch itself returned and refuse to communicate any further and ready told me to dispute the charge with the bank to get my money back. THATS FRAUD and something I will NOT do. I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE I ever ordered from them. $200.00 isn't a lot of money but its enough and their customer treatment was horrendous but scam sites are just that..SCAMS so just beware you order from them with caution of loosing your money

Ask Raine about PurseValley
1 review
23 helpful votes

If I could give a half of a star I would only how prompt they were in taking my PMT (processed and removed from my acct. in about 24hrs), me thinking this would speed up process... umm no. Going on about 3 wks for me and no purse. I called to follow-up and was only lied to down to emails never sent, shipment, even was told I was speaking with a manager AFTER being told one was not there... LIES!!!! When I called them out on their BS (things they were telling me wasn't adding up), customer service was extremely rude!! I was asked if I went to school to learn how to count??!! I immediately cancelled my order, asked for a refund asap and was told I can refuse package due to already being shipped, then the package would return to them and I would receive my refund. HOW IS MY PACKAGE BEEN SHIPPED AND I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A TRACKING NUMBER (which is one of the reasons I was calling)????? Hello... school or not if it smells like BS then guess what... it is and I called them out!!!! I have made post about this company on FB, website, anywhere I can to protect someone's hard earned money, rich or not. Next day after post on FB I received a message wanting to know what happen, etc... etc. Luckily my order was cancelled and money refunded in less then 24hrs after my posts on FB, websites, etc. Maybe me telling them I record my own conversations on my "smart phone" had something to do with it, I'm not sure. However, I completely feel like I made a wise decision. The fact my refund was back in my acct. in about 24hrs (very quickly), only confirmed my instincts were correct and nothing had already been shipped, which proves they LIE... LIE... LIE!!! So I repeat, **DO NOT ORDER FROM PUSREVALLEY.CM** DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!!! Hoping this helps, have a blessed day!!!

Ask April about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

I have to say I was very skeptical about buying from PurseValley at first but I have to say everything went smoothly. No one was forcing me to pay by Western Union!!! I received my bag a few days ago and I love it!!

Ask LeeAnne about PurseValley
1 review
25 helpful votes

This company tries to hook you with the perception of legitimacy and a great value on replica watches. Then the big bait and switch comes in when they attempt to alter your purchase method from credit card, where you have some level of protection, to "Western Union wire". After all that they then want you to wire them cash so that you have just essentially paid for nothing from a foreign land. DON"T DO IT!
Phil Hill

Ask Phillip about PurseValley
1 review
30 helpful votes

Do NOT order off this site I promise it is a total scam!!!!!!!!! I ordered a $184 bag off here (replica Louis Vuitton) and it was total crap they gave me 2 nasty disgusting purses and they are awful to deal with! Whatever you do DO NOT order off here! Please! Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Peyton about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

I just went to purchase a watch and seeing how there was a 10% discount for ordering "ANY" two or more items I added a $5.00 polishing cloth to my order. Well the discount was not applied in my shopping cart and when I called about it they said I had to order two watches "or something like that" After trying to show how the discount stated it was off any two items they would not budge on the matter so I asked to speak to a supervisor, would you be shocked to hear that there is no supervisor and or manager working in the office?

Ask JR about PurseValley
1 review
16 helpful votes

I ordered from this site in 2013 and the bags came with poor stitching, uneven areas etc. They said I could either return the items (which I was not paying to ship something back to CHINA nor did I think I should considering they over charge for FAKE merchandise) or they would give me %50 off a new bag. Nov 2014 I decided to purchase a couple things, after they told me they changed their manufacturing and the quality was better. FALSE! Not only did they not give me %50 a bag, they only gave me what 1/2 of one of the original bags cost as a credit. I didn't want to lose that money so I made a purchase. (MIND YOU - THE FREE BAG THAT CAME WITH THE ORDER WAS CRAP) My order arrived they everything was terrible. The bags were smaller, colors off, stitching horrible, straps are glued not sown. I sent them pictures and finally got in contact with a "CUSTOMER SERVICE REP" - They told me to return the bags etc. I said this is the worst website and if I can't get a refund Ill just contact my credit card company. HE STARTED TO THREATEN ME AND STARTED TALKING ABOUT HOW HE HAD MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER! Long story short, I have an amazing credit card company and they canceled the card and got me a new one plus fixed the situation. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE.
If you don't own a real LV or other designer, take it from someone who does and can spot all differences. You'll be disappointed and the bags look fake.

Ask J about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered 3 bags from them. And the quality was very good to someone who does not own designer bags. The ysl clutch I got was off in size. The LV was too small also. But they do use real leather. I did encounter a problem when I tried to return them. They offered 50% off my next purchase stating "it is expensive to ship to china". Also when I was making my initial purchase they called back immediately when I needed help making my western union payment. But now that I need my money back, they are very slow to respond.

I am not really satisfied with the quality of the bags because i have seen some VERY good replicas and they usually run around $500. I own one and there is no difference in the real bags that I own. So I guess you get what you pay for. I got 3 bags from purse valley for $458. Lesson learned. I'll probably just sell the bags I purchased on ebay.

Ask Purse about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

I was suspicious when I asked them few questions. They were very keen to keep in touch and even said they noticed I had not got back to them. The Western Union cash transfer is a complete con! The positives reviews online must be fake. Please BUYER BEWARE!! Its a lot of money to part with!! If it seems to good to be true it probably is!!

Tip for consumers: AVOID THEM SCAMMERS

Ask helen about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

Buyer Beware. Something very stranger about site and only excepting Western Union for payments.They originally told me I could pay with Visa or Western Union later on changing terms. When speaking to customer service I expressed concerns about customer protection if order was not shipped or issues with merchandise. If the order was not received I would be protected with credit card insurance vs. paying basically with cash. HORRIBLE Customer service!!!!! I would be vary wary about company who only expects bank payments. If they go out of business, don't ship or have issue with product or change website or company name for the 3rd time you are pretty much SOL. This is not a customer friendly business.

Ask Lanie about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

ALL of the bags I bought have been top quality and the customer service has been great, Can't speak for others but my experience with them has been good and I have made multiple purchases.

Ask dee about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

Hey Folks,
I have seen many people gave bad rating to this company,
you know what I did, I have the damier speedy 30 original that I got from LV store, I decided to get a sample from pursevalley and see wether I can trust to this site or not.
I have to say, the finishing and the quality of the product is totally good and you would only recognize out of this facts which I would mention below:
1. Lock of authentic LV is gold and shiny whereas the PV one is not shiny
2. Only the colour of the real LV look slightly lighter brown compare to PV bag.
3. interior is roughly the same
4. The date code is good to be exist but looks fake
5. The purse has bad smell which because it is not leather stuff

but in overall, for a replica purse, for the money you pay it is totally worthwhile.

Ask Alexandra about PurseValley
1 review
7 helpful votes

Took the gamble and bought a watch.

The service and updates were very good. The item was shocking.

The finish was poor, the embossed leather was askew and the watch stopped working and something had come loose inside, even though it had been in bubble wrap and a box?!!

Luckily I bought with visa, in event if something going wrong.

If you do decide to buy, use your visa

Ask Andy about PurseValley
6 reviews
25 helpful votes

I bought from them and to be honest they was very nice to help and answer to all my stupid questions they change my item and they send me very fast the new purse

Ask jade about PurseValley
6 reviews
39 helpful votes

They have a lot of handbags nice every week they change collection and also they have a good good customer service

Ask wanda about PurseValley
4 reviews
19 helpful votes

I bought a lv bag from this site for my sister once and I remember being such a hassle to get them on the line. Bag received was great but it took awhile to ship out.

Ask patty about PurseValley
532 reviews
893 helpful votes

I can't really why the comments bots still post positive fake comments here. This Chinese scam site got already taken down a while ago.

Shows that the China scammers are not really the sharpest knifes in the drawer,

Ask jan about PurseValley
3 reviews
19 helpful votes

Top class seller. Great Service and excellent price. Highly recommended for those who wishes to buy rep handbags online.

Ask alice about PurseValley
3,870 reviews
4,723 helpful votes

Current website notice for the:

☠ Cheap Made-In-China Online Website
☠ Cyberpiracy, Trademark Infringement, Counterfeit Goods, Fake, Tainted and Toxic Merchandise, Illegal Operations.

This domain was once owned by a seller of replica Chanel.

Pursuant to a Judgment and Injunction of the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Tennessee, the owners of the website previously appearing at this web address were held to have been selling replica Chanel products, including replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel sunglasses. For genuine Chanel merchandise, please visit the official Chanel website at

Chanel has made it a top priority to stop the sale of counterfeit products.

Ask Mai about PurseValley
1 review
22 helpful votes

I have been following for some time. "Eva" raves about this & other website that sells lv knock off handbags. She owns most of these companies . The bags are REALLY POOR QUALITY, & last about 6 weeks of normal wear, which actually works out pretty expensive. Eva has her own website that show reviews but she contradicts herself & only gives the sites she is affiliated with great reviews. STAY AWAY FROM purse

Ask Natasha about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

I love my Louis Vuitton i purchased from this company. Shipping was SO fast i couldn't believe it. I expected 2-3 weeks and got it within the week. I will def be buying from this company from now on.

Ask laurie about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

Nothing to do with them ,
Thad to the ordinary fraudsters . He was fooled me for more than

Ask cvetkovic about PurseValley
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have ordered several items from this website and they take a while to come from China, but they were worth the wait. I got an LV Damier Neverful bag and most people can't tell that it isn't real. I paid about 200.00 USD for it and it retails for 980.00 at the LV store here in Troy, MI. The inside of the leather straps are starting to show cracking and wear after about 6 months, but I think I have been overloading and overusing it. I have also ordered an LV pouchette and some Tiffany silver pendants. They have great specials if you join the email list and I will order again.

Ask Porsche about PurseValley
1 review
13 helpful votes

I bet a lot of people have come across this blogger - Eva - who raves endlessly about this site while researching replica bags. I'm sure she/he gets a big cut of the share of the profit when she directs people to this site (because she's an affiliate). I'm here to tell you guys, she deletes comments that makes the site sound bad .

There are SO many negative reviews about this site but not a single one on Eva's blog from commenter. Really?

Don't trust her!

Ask Stacey about PurseValley
1 review
12 helpful votes


Ask Keely about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes


Ask gwen about PurseValley
1 review
11 helpful votes

I was skeptical about ordering anything from international sellers but through research I found several contradicting reviews from this site so I decided to take the plunge and try it out myself. I ordered an LV eugenie wallet with came with a promotional LV monogram speedy 30! so awesome right? I received tracking info within 1-2 days I recall and had my items delivered in about a week! I consider that good customer service! also the online chat is very helpful in easing my mind as to what is the update on my orders etc. The packaging was horrible as the box almost fell apart but inside it was well secured with bubble wraps so it did not damage my items (I think they try to disguise product from customs). When I finally unboxed my purchase I was completely surprised as how GOOD of a replica they were! Exact mirror image of the real one and the quality is impeccable. Even the free speedy was wonderful! I was glad I found a reputable replica seller! I would highly recommend this site. You will not be disappointed!

Ask Selma about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

Prices have in some cases tripled! Bags are ok depending on which brand you get, stay away from chanel! For what they are far to expensive not worth buying!

Ask v about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

i'm not usually one to write these reviews but I thought I would seeing as there are hardly any reviews out there on pursevalley and I was in two minds whether to order or not.
Ordered a Rolex Daytona. Was given a tracking number etc. Took ~2 weeks to arrive. Came from China, as all these watches do. I think a lot of these sites are just middle men. Customer support was good. used credit card, safest way.
I can;t pass comment on the likes of bags etc but going on the watch i got, yeah it was a good copy. Im not sure how the swiss copys compare but mine was a good 8 out of 10. ive bought a load of watches whilst travelling in asia etc in previous years and many kinetic ones stop after about 12 hours if left unatended, some whilst on my wrist. This one seems to be doing well at the moment, good 24 hours. i'd be interested to see if the swiss copies are any better.

Ask james about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

OPERATIONS CLOSED BY US OFFICIALS IN 2012/13-PLEASE READ-I was looking around for a Rolex..and i even got to the point of ordering etc. I didnt want to use my Visa card, so figured i'd use WesternUnion online, it was for $146.00..they sent me several emails of how to send the money, the names etc. Well, LUCKILY for me, that when i had saved the site to my favorites, my AWESOME anti-virus (webroot) that protects Internet transactions somehow found that in JULY 2012, Chanel filed an international counterfeit suit in FL district court, and ALL of their operations were SEIZED in the last 9 months or that means the site is still up and they DONT EXIST AND ARE JUST TAKING MONEY!! WOW, SURE AM GLAD I FOUND THAT OUT-I WOULDA BEEN SCREWED OUTTA MY $$. HERE IS THE LINK THAT CAME UP FOR ME WITH ALL THE US COURT DOCS:

Ask Steph about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered a replica Medium sized black Chanel flap bag with gold hardware. I wanted the replica so I would not have to worry about it being stolen as I travel a great deal and live out of hotels half the time. I first tried ioffer because that site was recommended by a friend who buys replica bags. Abut all of the sellers wanted western union and that raised big red flags. Plus I couldn't find the exact bag that I wanted. I ended up using pursevalley be because they seemed the most reputable,with a great website,fantastic pictures,faq's answered,etc. after I ordered I saw all the bad experiences and was nervous waiting for my bag. Also,your credit card company may flag the transaction as it is in China,Pursevalley rang my husband to sort that out though... I got the bag I. Ten days I believe. I was shocked at the quality. The leather was supple,the markings indistinguishable. None of my friends (Chanel afficianados) have even noticed that it is a replica. It has held up in the last year very well. No rusting,scratches,etc. I want to order a red jumbo from them but reading these reviews I am concerned... If I do go with them again I will post another update. I have found them to be the most reliable though and I couldn't be more impressed with my purchase. The name changes frequently but it's aliases are Pursevalley and Luxury800.

Ask Merc about PurseValley
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

A bunch of Scammers from China!! Save your money and dont buy from them!!!

Ask clayton about PurseValley
1 review
5 helpful votes

Horrible items and customer service. stay away!

Ask Karen about PurseValley
1 review
9 helpful votes

I retourned a very bad Imitate Hermes-Bag to pursevalley. Now they tell me they can't pay back my money.
Never again ....

Ask Christine about PurseValley
1 review
6 helpful votes

I recently ordered a bag from and it was a really bad quality bag. When I complained, they asked me to send it back which costed me £30 and promising a new bag. The bag arrived but it was broken as soon as I opened it and it was a poor replica of the MM artsy. It did not look anything like the actual bag. Now, they wont give me the money back and want me to spend another £30 to send this broken bag back! I am disappointed and they ripped me off. I would never recommend purse valley or club couture for replica bags!! horrible horrible quality bags!!

Ask Ayesha about PurseValley
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

tried to buy a LV wallet, pochette and denim cabby, total 420. they have my credit card details and phoned me to confirm who i am, thought that would be it and my order would go through? WRONG! they then want me to send a phtocopy front and back of my credit card plus a puotocopy of my passport and drivers licence!!
how much verification do they need?? i then tried to send a money wire using western union but they wouldn't provide me with a street address in china, we were live chatting and then when i told them it was federal law to provide a street address, the live chat suddenly ended! TWICE!! it all seems VERY hardwork just to order some replica bags that arent cheap anyway! it seems that the safest route of payment for us ie credit card is made super difficult by them.....they are hoping we'll do a money wire as its easy and then potentially disappear with our money??
spoke with my credit card company who state this is highly suspicious behaviour for a genuine merchant, and have since cancelled my card. as you can guess my opinion is STAY AWAY from this "company" all very very dodgy! good luck girls and if anyone does have a better experience with them or another company please let me know as i'm still searching for genunie dealers of replica bags!

Ask lyndsey about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

Dishonest people say money back guarantee but refuse a refund then cannot get a response from customer service Im out of $540 plus $80 shipping charges for return

Ask Marilyn about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

Page 17 of the document, defendant 155: SPOTBAGS IS PURSEVALLEY! Eva Knox is a liar and a scam. I was thinking about purchasing from this company after reading her reviews, glad I did my research!

Ask mary about PurseValley
1 review
7 helpful votes

wish I had seen all the negative reviews about pursevalley before I made a $600 purchase. First of all, their shipping is horrible. I ordered stuff for an event coming soon and it's taking forever to ship. I try to contact customer sevice and they are either very rude (one hung up on me!) or don't reply to the couple emails I sent. they wasted no time at all getting my money. (Should have not send it through western union cos I can't get refunds now). I was decieved by Eva Knox from spot bags because of all her false reviews, no one who does not work for a company will have such high praises in all her posts. I ordered an lv evora from another well known replica company and the service was great and I recieved my bag in no time, Quality was flawless. I still havent recieved my order from purse valley and I have no idea how that will turn out as most of the real reviews I see are negative. I wrote a complaint on the facebook page and they removed it immediately, hence the mostly positive reviews. I'm very sure if they were honest, the negative reviews would bypass the positive by far. Will never purchase from this company again

Ask tina about PurseValley
1 review
8 helpful votes

Pursevalley is cheat!!! I was recommended by the name 3rd party review site replicapot, but my bag just tear apart after 2 months!!

Later I just find this

It turns out that, sophia nolan (now Eva Knox at are same person who are selling and reviewing their own sites on Their review is all by their own!

Their selling sites are,,,,

Scam scam scam!!

Ask Jessy about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've ordered a LV bag, cartier watches, hermes scarf. I have originals of all the products I bought so I ordered the replicas to see if they came close so I could take them when I travel internationally as I worry about theft (which has happened even in a nice hotel in Paris). All the items were very close except the hermes scarf as it was off in color. However, you could still carry it as my guess is most folks don't walk around with a hermes scarf except maybe in New York. I haven't had any problems with delivery, or customer service. I even asked for my watches to be sized before they came and they took care of it for no charge. I'm sure there are problems sometimes as no business i perfect, I've just haven't had any issues with this site but I also am careful as to which replica's I get.

Ask marie about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased some quality things and did have issue where I thought the bag they made by Stephen spouse neverfull tote is suppose to glow in the dark but the one they gave me didn't was going to return but the offered a return of 10% of my entire purchase so kept the bag dis receive refund but had to remind them ....but I still have my four bags and have not any probe....the leather on all my bags are even beginning to oxidize

Ask tykat about PurseValley
1 review
4 helpful votes

Purse valley is a unethecal company I have been trying to get a part for a whtch I puchased that fell apart for over 2 months. Many promises. no action. Theytold me the part was shipped dec 5th 8th& 14th and again Feb 23. If that didn't work they would send me a new watch. Still no action

Ask ga about PurseValley

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Q: Hi Terry, I would need more information as to what to tell my credit card company inorder to get back my money. Also, won't I be reported for even buying a fake bag while i know they sell replicas? This is the reason why I want my money back. I ordered a bag from another company that accepts credit card. The bag that i received was too bad to be seen with.I emailed them and they sent me the return address to send the bag to. I believe on their website it stated that returned item should be received within 7days. This can never be possible because the cheapest postal rate was 89 dollars and it takes 4 to 6 weeks, the fastest takes 2 weeks. Please i need your advice as to what you think I should do to get my money back. Thanks in advance
A: did any one buy from
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Q: Hello please tell me how is it this web site! I order MIU MIU SUNGLASSES nad i hope so that looks like original!Tell me please your experiences
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