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Review of Proxibid

Proxibid reviews

51 reviews
Categories: Auction
4411 S 96th St
Omaha, NE 68127-1210, USA
Tel: (402) 505-7770
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51 Reviews From Our Community

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Proxibid is simply provides a service to bidders by listing a large number of online auction houses. (in 13 reviews)


Your quality of experience will vary with the auction company you use through Proxibid. (in 10 reviews)


When you do purchase an item don't waste your time calling Proxibid, call the auction house and deal with them directly. (in 29 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I have made many good purchases through Proxibid. Coins, antiques and firearms to name a few. However, it pays to do a little homework before bidding.

Here are my list of dont's:
1. Don't bid on items when there are no or too few photos, or if the description is not adequate.
2. Don't patronize any auction house that reserves the right to look at pre-bids
3. Don't patronize any auction house that reserves the right to bid themselves, or allows the consignee to bid on items.
4. Read the conditions of sale to look for the "hidden" conditions including shipping conditions.

If you are competing with the "floor" there is a good chance that the auction house is trying to pump up the final sale price.

Ask HA about Proxibid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Auctioners and floor people are allowed to bid on items they think are to low. Once I see an onsite bid I'm done.

Ask arnold about Proxibid
1 review
3 helpful votes

You read that right.....I bid on a land deal in the Bahamas that was a total SCAM. I had to send a $10,000 deposit within 24 hours so as not to leave me time to investigate prior to sending money. When I called Proxibid I had to talk to a lazy lame a$$ guy named Gabriel that was probably in on the scam the whole way because he gave me every lame excuse he could think of to take the scam artists side. One other person got scammed too in the same sale and Gabriel lied to me telling me I was the only one until I gave him names and then he started back peddling. Please BEWARE of Proxibid! They welcome scammers with open arms and they are right there waiting to steal your retirement and your dreams!

Ask Lloyd about Proxibid
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ended up with an item that someone else bid on using my information. Proxibid threatened me when I questioned the transaction. I discovered there were two accounts for me, both with my credit card, and I only created one. These competed against each other on an item I was "watching." I doubt I will ever see the item and now have to cancel my credit card. Proxibid has ZERO customer service and a low level of security. EBayis much better.

Ask Marta about Proxibid
1 review
4 helpful votes

You bid on items, win, pay for it, but you never receive it.
Call up the auction house and they claim it was sent to the wrong address. Really?
You just shipped $500 worth or merchandise to a wrong address and think that it is not a big deal, just brush it off.
So what the auction house does is put an item up, if it sells for lower than what they want it sold for, they claim that they shipped it to the wrong address, sorry. This way they can ensure they get the price they want while still looking legitimate.
The will give you your money back. What you cannot get back is the time you spent, sometimes the whole day, following the auction. You cannot get that time back, you cannot be compensated for that.

Ask c about Proxibid
1 review
3 helpful votes

Proxibid refuses to release credit card information even though there have been no transactions. I am having all kinds of problems to get them to delete my account. I am reporting my credit card as stolen and I am reporting this business to the BBB.

Tip for consumers: Dont give them any credit card information

Ask Jeff about Proxibid
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have not had a bad experience on Proxibid, ever. I do, however, only deal with auction houses that appear to have their act together. If you bid recklessly you will not be happy with the results. One of the other reviews speaks about doing your homework. ....truer words could not be spoken. Silvertowne Auctions I highly recommend these guys great items, great prices, low shipping costs.

Ask Dana about Proxibid
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought an item in 2014. and paid for the item. after two months I never received item. proxibid user agreement guarantees refund. but when threatened legal actions proxibid renigged on the uses agreement and and I only received 60% refund. And when I complained the customer service manager flagged my account because he was getting a kickback from that auction. I advise everyone to steer clear of proxibid

Ask andrew about Proxibid
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Be careful of auction houses that have a lot of high dollar "onsite" bids. It seems to me that they are either driving up the price, or not wanting to sell items at a reasonable price. Most of these don't have audio and/or video and seem like a scam to me.
The website itself is great.

Ask gail about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

Keep in mind that Proxibid is an aggregator that skims a nice cut off the top; that increases the price you wind up paying. The biggest problem is the auction houses that they represent are mostly a bunch of scumbag fly by night outfits; go visit a few; I have. There are a few that are fairly reputable, but the vast majority are not. Issues that I have had to deal with are misrepresented products, misrepresentation of total commissions, tacking on of extra fees, extremely slow shipping, poor customer support, and ridiculous rules to comply with. The most frustrating issue is when they sell the item onsite for the same price that I had earlier submitted. The best solution is to do what I am planning and that is to stop dealing with them. Good-by Proxibid.

Ask Mullis about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Overall the site has been okay but stay away from any of the Unique Find Auctions they are a joke. I bought something in October 2012 they lost it in mailing then found it then said it was ok only to say it was damaged. They promised to mail, to give me back my money, etc. and NOTHING has been done even with a complaint into Proxibid for over a month. The government auctions are a scam as well they sent an appraisal on a piece of jewelry for $27,000 and it's worth about $300 for the silver, the jewels are worth basically nothing. Good think I didn't pay a lot for it!

Ask Lorna about Proxibid
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a van from an auction in montana through proxibid,l almost two months ago the auction had sent the Title by regular mai to this date I have not received title for the truck, I called the auction they told me they will have the original owner apply for new title that was a month ago, last week I called proxibid first they did not want to take responsibility and tried to blame the auction. finally they opened a case contacted the auction and they told me the auction is trying their best to get me the title, I just have to wait. I called the DMV in Montana and they told me as of today they have not applied for duplicate title. My attorney now is involved. PROXIBID IS FRAUD even one star is high for these people

Ask mehrdad about Proxibid
1 review
4 helpful votes

be careful using proxibid and the questionable auction houses that are allowed to use the proxibid service..i recently made an online purchase through proxibid at the Schaben auction house in iowa and found they charged my credit card twice for $354.00 for one purchase. the auction house has not responded or refunded the $354.00 over-charge and proxibid sent a very generic email response of "sorry for your recent experience". and that was i'm out $ advice is DON'T BID ONLINE THROUGH PROXIBID, if it's not a local auction house that you can go to in person if you have a problem,,stay away from it.

Ask vince about Proxibid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Proxibid just facilitates the auctions to reach people they are not responsible for what the auctioneers do. I have purchase through someone on there and they were wonderful. I bought a painting and was called when the auction company realized it was not real. They refunded my money quickly. If you have a problem with your purchases here you should not blame Proxibid but the actual auction you bought from.

Ask carrie about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Why is it we only look for these pages once we've had an issue....

The facts... I have an issue with an auction house which resulted in a black flag on my account from proxibid. I contacted proxibid looking for support. They offer none. "Proxibid is simply a means of putting the buyer and the auction houses in touch" They do not offer support for a black flag on your account & will only remove it once the auction house says everything has been resolved regardless of the matter.

Please note, its been a month and a half of emailing to get to the end result of $14.00. My account has been on hold for 45 day's all over 14$. Also note, today was the first time they emailed me about anything. I did not get notice of the black flag & account lockout, and I've emailed them 6 times and have called 3 times to get here. So, if you're planning to look into anything with these guys, grab a chair because they are going to drag this along until you just simply... go away.

For those who want my story:

I had an auction company triple the cost of shipping on an order compared to a previous order with them. When I questioned them, they took offense and told me that just because I got a great deal on my items didn't mean I was going to get cheap shipping. I bought (9) 12" action figures. They said the shipment was (2) large boxes at 32LBS. That works out to 3.5LBS per action figure... 2 Large boxes?? So basically this became an unpaid invoice to which proxibid will not help me with, resulting in a black flag that they will not remove because I'm not willing to send a scamming business my $14....

I hope this helps people make an informed decision when dealing with this company. I understand issues only affect a few, but best to know what you're getting into from a user perspective.

Tip for consumers: There is really no way to know how reputable these auction houses are until its too late. That is something everyone should consider. Your credit card is out there for them to charge anything they want to it all based on how they have the terms of use set up.

My Tip, be careful folks, you're leaving yourself wide open using this company.

Ask Chris about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

They are awesome. I don't understand the complaints. Look for Auctionwholesales on proxibid they are the best. The problems I am reading are from customers who did not do there homework. This is not ebay

Ask Jesse about Proxibid
1 review
8 helpful votes

It's easy to get addicted to this site, it's like gambling especially if you want to buy cheap stuff and try to flip it but beware.

1) Shipping charges can be outrages and you don't know until the item(s) are charged to your card.

2) Auction Sites mislead items and represent them as something else. This has happened twice to me, one was a lithograph that was described as being gorgeous, when I received it it was in extremely poor condition. Another time I bought an item and it was clearly used and was described as unused.

3) Getting your money back is almost impossible, it takes lots of fighting and most the time you'll be ignored by the seller. You have to open up a claim to proxibid, but even if you receive a damaged item, the auctioner gets their item back and collects on the internet premium.

This site should be shut down, there's horrible business practices being done on this site.

Ask Marty about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Have had great experiences with Proxibid for the last 2 years. I bid on an item on accident called them and they immediately erased the bid. Any items I have bought have been just as described. Wonderful service!

Ask Annie about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

In seeing all the bad reviews from bidders its obvious these bad reviews are from bidders that are pissed they have to actually PAY for an item they win on the day they win it. Don't these idiots pay for a gallon of milk when they go to the store? Or do they expect to take a drink to test it before they pay for it.

Ask erin about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

Just beware that even if you do not purchase anything, they still hold your credit card info hostage for 14 days!?! When asked they just say "for legal Reasons" and refuse to help. I would never recommend this site to anyone.

Ask Scott about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Proxibid's only concern is serving the auction companies, not the bidder. I had a false complaint filed by an auction company employee I had personal conflict with. As a result Proxibid has blocked me from all bidding through the site. Proxibid's employees, whom I chatted with repeatedly, know this is incredibly unethical and they often apologize for the problem. They repeatedly promise to have someone call me to correct it, however, no one ever does. This is a shady company. I still bid in the auctions but I go to the site, never using Proxibid.

Ask Lynn about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Awesome the best auction site ever! So much to bid on so little time WOOT!!!!

Ask Joe about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Proxibid allowed the auction house to charge my card without even sending me an invoice !!! I got charges various amounts without knowing for what. When contacted Proxibid not only did nothing to help me but even told me that the auction house has the right to choose how they run their business... Really!!! you took my card info and just give it to some crooks !!!

Ask Cosmin about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Warning! Danger! Proxibid's auctioneers have the ability to simply pass on lots if the "bid is not commensurate with the value of the item offered". Look at their unified user agreement sec 5.4

Translation: no deals, and a waste of time.

P.O.S. scam site!!!!!!

Ask skip about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

Auction house claimed car was “solid body” and “good floors” and only posted glamour shots and day of auction the pictures went dead and then after auction the auction house posted new photos. When I went to pick the car up the floors were gone and the new photos showed it. Two vehicles purchased form this auction house and both less than what was listed. Rust was so bad on one “restorable” vehicle I had to sell it for parts and now this one needs an additional $2700 to get it even close to what they made claim to. Tried suing them in local court, but now have to go to state of where sale was to sue them there. They are so bad they showed up to court, but did not want it tried due to technicality of jurisdiction. What a coward! Auction House is Vanderbrink she lied to me and after I showed her proof, she said “I can’t remember that it was almost 2 years ago” try 13 months and it was in her writing! Stay Clear of her auctions as she even states in her advertisement she is out for the seller. Her email is “:salvageprincess” What a piece of work.

Proxibid has done nothing to assist and their escalation department is a guy by the name of Stephen, who never responds to emails, phone calls or letters. So don’t think you will ever get support if one of their scam auction houses screws you.

Ask Mark about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Watch out. The online bidding is there to raise the price for on site bidders. 17-22% commission plus hefty shipping and packaging fees means your gonna pay ~25% more than an item is worth.
Coin auctions include fakes, cleaned poorly described merchandise.

Ask J about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Sleazy Auction Houses That don't send your items !! Proxibid suggests we the consumer contact the auction houses. But beware if you don't pay for an item , they shut you down in an instant with a black flag .

Ask Jack about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Most auctioneers using proxibid seriously break many auction ethics and the law! Proxibid does jack about it, they only care about the money they make from the auction houses, Beware of Major Misrepresentation lot's of T&C Confusion.

Ask tim about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Bidders beware! What you see is not what you get when it comes to these live auctions. Descriptions are vague and items such as "framed prints" will turn out to be no more than a page from a book framed. This company takes no responsibility for their misdirection and misleading item pictures and descriptions. Also, online bidders are constantly dealing with bidding more than they want as the bid amount changes as they press the button and many times when they are trying to bid, bids are not recognized. Thus there is a great risk of either overbidding or losing an important bid.

Ask Stuart about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

In my opinion this site should be shut down.

Ask Bob about Proxibid
1 review
3 helpful votes

It's a fun site - if you like live auctions it can be a great way to catch some super deals. Just remember to keep in mind premiums and shipping costs.

Ask Curt about Proxibid
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

Used it a few times. So far so good!

Ask Ron about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

I recently bid on a car at auction and you can choose a pre-bid amount. I was leaving the house and decided to pre-bid on a car, thinking the auction would take place after I left. As it turns out I was still at the house when the auction happened. It was very strange, they show the high bidder online as the bid amount changes. Every time the bid increased it posted my name until it hit the max and I was the high bidder.

To me it looked like they ran the price up to my max, I could have bought the car for way less, very fishy looking. I call Proxibid after and they said someone was bidding, but I personally doubt it, no way to prove it. I recommend you be very careful buying anything that involves these guys.

BE CAREFUL Buying anything represented by these guys!!

Ask Jerry about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

I think a lot of people misunderstand what Proxibid is. I have only used it twice now but I only used it the first time because I couldn't make it to the local auction there were a couple of rings I wanted to bid on so I used Proxibid and I won, I didn't even pay through Proxibid, I went down to Crawfords and payed and picked up the items.
The second auction was online only from an auction held in California. I bid on two rings and and payed through paypal. Everything went fine.
What I am noticing is that many people are treating Proxibid like it is ebay which it is not. Anyone who has gone into a live auction in person knows how auctions work, that is exactly how this site is. Proxibid is only a host site for the auctions, that is it. The ABC Auction house is having an auction today and they want it available online so they place it on If this type of auctioning makes you nervous what I suggest is looking up in the yellowpages auction houses in your local area and go to a few auctions, get the experience of a real auction, not ebay style auctions.
At real auctions some items are consigned and have a minimum price, if it doesn't reach that price it doesn't sell, or the time gets extended based on a request from the owner. When you do purchase an item don't waste your time calling Proxibid, call the auction house and deal with them directly.
Most importantly you need to remember you are bidding against people that are there physically at the auction house.
Good luck people and have fun.

Ask Mark about Proxibid
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

Misleading terms, confusing payment instructions, and a shelter for sellers who violate consumer law.
I have made 2 purchases with proxibid. Both were difficult in dealing with both the auctioneers and the customer service department.

When signing up, you place a creditcard on file which they warn you may be used to pay for the auctions you win. Smart online shoppers will often use a specific creditcard for online auction purchases so that they have chargeback rights in case of fraud or non-receipt. This leads the consumer to believe that his payment method is on file and may be charged by the auctioneer at the close of a sale to the card that the consumer choose when signing up for the site and which the consumer has already deemed safe and comfortable.

However, many of the sellers circumvent this and subsequently demand sensitive financial information, such as creditcard info, over the phone after an auction or they demand payment through paypal instead of the card on the buyer's proxibid account.

This in turn leaves many buyers giving out their personal banking information to strangers over the phone or in using a funding source that may not have any protection with it, such as bank draft through paypal. These sellers will also sometimes ask the buyer to pay an additional surcharge to pay over the phone, in addition to the existing buyer's premium and handling charges, which in some cases may violate card association rules.

On Proxibid's "trust" page ( it says, "Marketplace Promise: ... We focus on making sure problems don't happen.... We don't discourage the use of credit cards or trick you into using your bank account. "

and yet that is EXACTLY what the sellers on proxibid do on a regular basis.

I won items in 2 auctions within the first couple of months using proxibid, and both of those auctioneers attempted to get me to pay in an insecure fashion I was uncomfortable with outside of the creditcard I had already registered for payment when signing up.

In one of those cases, the auctioneer asked me to pay over the phone for an additional fee. When I refused to do so, the auctioneer did process my card on file on my proxibid account without charging me the fee, and I subsequently received those items from that auction as promised. I alerted Proxi to the problem with that seller, and received only a canned response.

In the second case, the seller demanded payment by money order, over the phone, or through paypal (which in turn meant drafting my bank account, exactly what Proxi says it will not make you do). I refused to pay this and canceled the order in accordance with my state's cancellation rights of a consumer contract, and I filed a complaint with Proxibid against the seller. The company instead of reprimanding the seller or helping to resolve the issue placed a "black flag" on my account which prevents me from ever bidding on other items. (who would want to after that?!)

Here is the rest of the "Marketplace Promise" on proxi's "trust" page:
"Auction companies participating in Proxibid's marketplace are professional businesses that care about buyers. They only ask that buyers pay promptly when they win an item and to be realistic in the time it takes to ship. We know that in a very small number of cases a neutral party is required to help resolve disputes and we have resources available to meet this need. Our Marketplace Promise to you is that we will help when you need us... but our focus is on making sure you never do."

Not a single word of it is true. I have called them a third time in the last 24 hours, as i found one more item I was interested in on their site and thought I would give them one last chance. Seeing some website redesign since my last use and reading their "trust" page, I thought that perhaps things had improved. Unfortunately they have NOT. I am being made to jump through hoops just to bid on a small item worth about $5. I called their customer service and was transfered 3 times to have the bogus "black flag" removed so that i could bid, and yet I am still prohibited from participating in that particular auction. I called the auction company, who told me my new creditcard that I just placed on file that day had declined, which was 100% FALSE. In fact I paid something on another retail site within the hour which cleared, and they are only running an authorization not a charge. There is no way there's any problem my card.

I also discovered illegal terms on other auctioneers' listings, including the term that if you do not pay within 10 days, you forfeit your items but they still force you to pay the full amount of your bid and a buyer's premium WITHOUT receiving a product! This is 100% ILLEGAL!! and 100% VIOLATES card association rules. It is not lawful to charge a customer electronically the full amount of a product without delivering anything. I know this from experience, because I am an internet retailer myself.
And this term is written just below the term which quotes the UCC rule that basically makes it legal for the auction company to shill their own items, so long as they tell you they do this in the fine print. Personally I have no problem with them shilling. I'm willing to bid what i am willing to pay and no more. But to state in the terms that they can collect from you the full amount of a bid plus buyer's premium and never delivery anything is completely and utterly illegal.

On the whole, I'm very disappointed in Proxibid. I am a seller myself, with 15 years of experience and some basic knowledge of consumer law. I can tell you they are violating several points of protection in my home state as well as others. There is also the matter of statutory cancellation rights of a contract- in many states you have 3 days to exit the deal no-questions-asked. Proxibid sellers (and by extension the website itself) is forcing people to pay regardless of whether or not they receive a product. They coerce you to pay in a fashion inconsistent with their own marketing promises and then if you find that your rights are being violated, they use this against you to block you from doing any further business there.

Everything I have seen so far from this website wreaks of sketchy and probably illegal business practices.
I have 15 years of experience as an internet retailer and have dealt with dozens of live auction houses in my profession. My collectibles are photographed in price guides you may have read, and my items have been shown on TV, newspapers, and magazines. I am not an attorney, but I am speaking from experience as both buyer and seller, including auction formats as well as counter retail. Something is just not right with this site.

I am going to give them one last chance to fix this for me this week, and if it doesn't work the way it should, in a legal and straight-forward, respectable manner, this will be their 3rd strike as far as I'm concerned.

Ask Dan about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was bidding on items in a local estate and out of all those items, when the time was up I was the highest bidder on a piece of jewelry. But then they extended the time for 2 minutes and increased the amount of the minimum additional bid on this one item only! And I was the winner at the end of those 2 minutes. Then they added another 2 minutes with another increased additional bid, but I was still the winner. The 3rd time they did it I didn't bid. At a minimum they are a very unethical firm.

Ask Sara about Proxibid
1 review
6 helpful votes

I recently bid in a couple of auctions with proxibid. One of the auctios was fine, quick delivery, item was as desvribed. The second auction wasn't. I paid for the item and after 3 weeks it hadn't arrived. I called proxibid and the representative said to wait a couple of days and they would try to intervene. I called proxibid back a fes days later and cancelled the order (so I thought). Two days later the item arrived, I called proxibid to say that a 4 week delivery was unacceptable and I wanted to return the unopened package. I was informed the order wasn't cancelled and I had to work with the seller directly, amd proxibid had no authority to intervene on the buyers behalf. Not a reasonable policy, you may have good results, but you are at the mercy of the individual auction houses.

Ask David about Proxibid
1 review
8 helpful votes

Easton Auction is a sham!

I recently bid on and won a silver panda bullion coin, 1 troy oz.. When I received it in the mail I knew the moment I held it that i had been sold a fake. It was so light anyone who deals with coins regularly would also know it was a fake. When I called this auction company to let them know about selling me a counterfeit coin, I was pretty much told to pound sand. Any reputable auctioneer would have immediately apologized,been remorseful and offer to refund me my money. Not these scammers. There excuse was they didn't weigh it, blah, blah, blah. Very lame excuses for being in a business whose job it is to know value of items.
I've reported them to Proxibid and will also be notifying the federal authorities, as it is a crime to pass counterfeit coins from any where in the world.
Beware folks, if they will so blatantly try to sell counterfeit coins what other lowball tactics are they committing.
Along with their 17% buying premium I was charged an $8.00 handling fee to ship 1 coin and of course shipping costs. A 40.00 bid eventually cost me 61.00 plus for a counterfeit coin. They don't get any lower than this folks. Are these guys slimy or what???
Yikes - did a more thorough search on Easton auction. There are lots of complaints for them selling counterfeit coins. This is a very shady company. Hope the feds bring them down.
Another Yikes - They are rated F, the worst rating by the Better Business Bureau.

More yikes, further google search shows they are probably fradulent with baseball cards also.
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Ask Shari about Proxibid
1 review
8 helpful votes

shell game...not our problem the auction. Of course to the auction it was proxibids. The auction employs proxibid not me. If an employee makes a mistake...fix it. Apparently not interested...smacks of fraud, dishonesty, and carnival 3 card monty.

Ask bryan about Proxibid
1 review
8 helpful votes

I too have been ripped off not once, but three times. I am shocked at the prices people are paying for fakes. Having worked in China for several years, there is a huge market for fake antiques where they use acids and/or bury items for a period of time to give them aged patina looks to them and this is exactly what most of the auctioneers on Proxibid are selling. I would safely assume at least 50% of the items on this site are cheap Chinese knockoffs, yet nobody does anything about it. BUYER BEWARE!

Ask Edwin about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

I used Proxibid for about 2 years, and while a few articles were misrepresented, I purchased over $10,000 in merchandise without a hitch.
Easton Auction Company out of Ohio had an auction for China Panda coins. I bid on and won about $200.00 worth. I checked on Ebay to see what they were going for and noticed the ones from Easton did not have a denomination on them. They were counterfeit.
I notified Proxibid and they said they would open a case. Didn't hear from them for about 10 days and called and was told Easton said the case was settled, that they sent me an email, and closed case. Basically tough luck. They said they took the charges of fake coins VERY seriously.
Well, the company has a new auction with,,,,,fake China Pandas.
I will never use Proxibid again and I advise you not to also.


Ask David about Proxibid
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

Proxibid doesn't tell the consumer that they do not protect their buyers. They state they have a customer service and dispute resolutions center; but they do not exist. The customer service center simply takes your complaint and gives it a file number. That's it. If you escalate it to the dispute resolutions center, they do nothing, until you call them back weeks later to get the status of your complaint, and you find that while you're on hold with customer service because they were too busy to take your call, you receive a follow-up email from them stating that they are "really trying" to help you. Proxibid has no customer service support or dispute resolution centers; it is nothing more than a smokescreen to prevent any possible litigation against them. It's what you call "a good faith" effort. They will protect their auction houses, no matter how bad the reputation or how bad the quality of the items they sell in a misrepresented format via picture or in writing, so that they get their money. Claudia in customer service, Christina in dispute resolutions and Jason Miller, Manager do nothing but keep their buying customers in the smokescreen until it's too late to file a dispute with your credit card. Buyer beware.

Ask Marie about Proxibid
1 review
5 helpful votes

scam reproductions beware!!!!!!!

Ask m about Proxibid
1 review
7 helpful votes

proxibid is terrible do not use their site! they do not care about the bidder at all!
I have bid over $10,000. in 2011 and after several issues with items i had bids in for and did not win when i should have i will not use proxibid ever again. i have waited hours several time for item i was wishing to bid on and then something mysterious happens and the system is down or my bid does not register or some other ridiculous reason my bid was not acknowledged.
they will always tell you there was a technical problem and the auction house will tell you it was proxibids fault.
I recommend that no one should use this site if you care about being treated fairly!

Ask David about Proxibid
1 review
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It's funny that the only people who give Proxibid a good rating are the third-party auctioneers. Their business is based to make THEM happy. The auction houses are their customers. If they don't get them to sign-up and sell through them, they have nothing to sell.
I had a very bad experience with Proxibid and I believe they took the side of their auctioneers over me. The auction house wrote their "rules" in the auction information and did a complete 180 from what they wrote. Having being charged an additional fee I did not agree to, they chose the auctioneers side, basically saying "that's the way it works." Just beware, if you're going to use Proxibid you may be on your own if anything should arise.
I will never use their service again.

Ask Stacy about Proxibid
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I've used Proxibid for a couple years now. They have a large number of auction house throughout the US and Canada. Proxibid is simply provides a service to bidders by listing a large number of online auction houses. They get their money from the sales of the auction items - therefore, Proxibid's loyalty is not to prospective bidders but to the auction houses. They don't seem to vet auction houses for honesty and don't seem to advocate in the interest of the bidder. You can, and I have had problems with disreputable auction houses on their site. However, I have had good experiences as well. Proxibid is similar to the old school phonebook - they really don't guarantee or warrantee the quality or honesty of the house and don't seem to regulate this either. I have placed significant bids (without reserve) at a Proxibid auction company online auction, only to have the item pulled. When I complained - there is a button to do so - there was acknowledgement of my complaint but nothing happened, no response after the initial auto-generated acknowledgement. I have had some of the companies misrepresent items but this is a bit what happens with auctions because its buyer beware. One must work with an auction house with a few transactions, if they are satisfactory, then you may limit your interaction to those. Some auction companies have little or no scrupples, others are great. Given this context, Proxibit does a good job of listing companies but could be much more active it making sure the companies they list follow a basic code of conduct and that their bidder clientele have an advocate with the listers. I have begun looking for other similar services that are more customer service (bidder) oriented. I will use Proxibid for those companies I trust and will be suspect for any others. Hope this helps.

Ask David about Proxibid
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Proxibid should NOT be trusted! Their sellers sell items that are misrepresented. Many items are consigned and they have no idea what their selling. for instance; some may say it's sterling when it's not. Some items may sa "rare", but it's just an adjective to get the buyers to bid.
Also, the software goes to the highest bidder and it's not in increments.

Here are a few auctioneers to stay away from: Auctions Unlimited in Shreveport, LA. Owner is Debbie.
Jewelry Exchange & Auction in San Antonio, TX
Easton Auction company in Hamilton, OH

& many More
STAY AWAY and save your money

Ask Claire about Proxibid
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I bought a model airplane (plastic) that was in it's original box. The box was about 12X12 X5 inches. The auction sent it to a shipper that packed it in a wardrobe box that was way beyonond the size needed and charged me $15.00 for packing. The item only weighed 1 1/2 pounds.
Echoes of Glory continually misrepresents what they auction. I bought what was described as a survival kit but it was only the container in which a survival kit is packed. They sold a Parachute which was only the pack it came in. Proxibid sets no standards for their auction subscribers. I have many more examples. BEWARE!!!!

Ask Art about Proxibid
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Proxibid is only a medium, just like Comcast brings you HBO. Your quality of experience will vary with the auction company you use through Proxibid. Our auction company uses their service and from our side, they are a good, responsive company.
I am sorry to hear that some have had problems.
Terry Mangum - Auctioneer

Ask Terry about Proxibid
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I bought through Proxid and got cheated. I purchased a supposedly "14K gold" pendant and found out it was plastic. I complained to Proxibid and they said tough luck.

I ended up returning the item to the seller(auctioneer) and then received threatening emails from Proxibid's Tom Clark stating he would "ruin my credit"; and I had already returned the item. The problem is with Proxibid is that buyers cannot rate the sellers as they can with Ebay.

The sellers can cheat buyers over repeatedly and new buyers would never know about it because of the lack of a rating system. However I found out that the sellers rate the buyers and they can blackball buyers from buying anything on Proxibid. How unfair!!

I found out the hard way that Proxibid always stands behind the sellers(auctioneers), no matter if they rip you off, and even serve as a "collection agency" for corrupt sellers. My advice would be to stick with Ebay where sellers are rated; and if you get cheated, Ebay or Paypal steps in to help get your money back.

Ask Kent about Proxibid

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Q: Hi, I just won some articles on proxibid with After the closing of the auction, I made some research on and their appraisal company and got afraid to go forward. Is there's any way to back step on the transaction?
A: Hi, I just won some articles on proxibid with After the closing of the auction, I made some research on and their appraisal company and got afraid to go forward. Is there's any way to back step on the transaction?
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Q: Easton auction sold items from my do not sell list. I was on the phone with Jim Easton and he said he would pull the items but the bids continued to increase, so I bid to make sure no one could claim them. I was charged $118.00 for my own items and Jim never gave the items to me. I am requesting the return of my $118.00 from you. Please advise.
Judy Dowell-Bundschuh
4 weeks ago
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