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Prosoft3D reviews

56 reviews
Categories: Software
460 Brant Street
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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56 Reviews From Our Community

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Customer service was actually very good and got back to me faster than I expected. (in 9 reviews)


I purchased and downloaded Password Recovery 5.0 from the website. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Thanks it worked. I do not know how I forgot my login, but the program fixed it for me.


New Reviewer

The only positive reviews on this company have to be written by themselves. We purchased the software from prosoft3D, and like all the other reviews it didn't work. We took their web address from cnet, so we had false sense of security. We contacted customer service as instructed with no response (it has been 3 days). There is no phone number or mailing address attached to this website and very little information about them. They also have samples of review emails from their clients; I found the same exact emails from the same clients on their 3D Aquarium
Desktop background site. The emails are word for word the same. To me that's fraudulent.

New Reviewer

Prompt replies and good customer service. Required a few tries, but it worked after I restarted the computer, overall I was quite happy.


New Reviewer

IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEIR PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I download it and had to call them as it was not working. They said that my computer had a fatal virus and I needed to buy a $300 program to fix my computer. They used hard sales techniques. I hanged up and called my computer repair service who said that I do not have a virus whatsoever. They fixed my password problem and everything is fine. PROSOFT3D IS A SCAM, DO NOT BUY INTO IT.

New Reviewer

The program fixed my issue. I did have to restart my computer after installing for the software to work, but I am not sure why.

New Reviewer

This is a scam. Don't use them. Program doesn't work. The site says the program costs $9.99 but I was billed $29.99

Tip for consumers: Don't use it

Ask tam about Prosoft3D
New Reviewer

I have two PCs, one is brand new and the other is older and runs Vista. The software worked on both systems. Customer service was also very good.

New Reviewer

product doesn't work, customer service is a joke , should have checked the reviews first . do , not get scammed , have a feeling the good reviews are written by them . Do not get scammed this product is a rip off. STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

It worked, thank you. Installed quickly and it's easy to use. Will keep a backup copy for future use if I ever need it again.

New Reviewer

Down loaded (for 39.99) software as I forgot my log in windows 7 (Administrator) password that I changed a few hours ago. Does not work. No help over week ends
Sakhawat H

New Reviewer

Like the other people here was charged $29.95 when I thought I was only going to pay $9.95. Also, there are no real instructions on how to use this software. I guess they assume that everyone knows computers inside and out! Stay away!!

New Reviewer

I just got back into my machine and did not have to enter password. It was quick and easy to use, thanks.

New Reviewer

With the software I could open the password on my daughter's computer which was locked and it successfully changed. Thanks for your support in this matter, definitely will recommend your program.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Thank you for all of your help, it worked. I'm able to log on to my laptop again. Customer service was also attentive and helpful.


New Reviewer

NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A COMPANY WHO WONT EVEN LIST A BUSINESS TELEPHONE NUMBER The password recovery tool was a joke, they charged 29.95 instead of the 9.95 and they never refunded the money as it said it would. I recommend you walk far away from this website. i was able to download a free reset tool from pogostick. it worked like a charm,However you should have some knowledge of the .cmd program to use it.

New Reviewer

Hi, I purchased the Prosoft3D and as it did not work for what I wanted I emailed them and was given a full refund without any hassles...
Thank you Prosoft3D... Cheers Irene....

New Reviewer

I was able to recover my password, thank you for your help. Finally able to get back to my computer. Thank you.

New Reviewer

The program downloaded and installed with no problems and worked as it said it would. Thank you and will recommend others to your program.


New Reviewer

Over charged by $20. Typical complaint everyone here has_29 plus compared to 9.95. Placed on USB drive from diff computer, reset my bios to read form it_useless. This is basic stuff. If there are instructions anywhere_they could print them on an email or on their website. I gave them in an email response 24 hrs to call or I will have teh charges reversed (my bank is great at at that). All i needed was my admin pw after a pc melt down. The typical solutions do not work_AND NIETHER DOES THIS PROGRAM. AVOID LIKE PLAGUE _unless readers who needed admin access can guide thru it_but i am doubting seriously the positive reviews. And to think it came suggested on CNET_Shame on CNET for not checking them out first hand!

New Reviewer

Worked great. Thank you for your work and appreciate your help. Will actually forward your business to other people I know.


New Reviewer

The operators of this site are scammers. Saw a promotion for iProSoft3d software ad on CNET for $9.95. But, unbeknownst to me, at purchase, it attempted a charge of $29.95 on my credit card. The charge did not go through, so I entered a different credit card. The charge was approved. Only later did I find out from the credit card company that the charge made was for $19.95. The first credit card company which did not approve the charge, treated it as a fraud and called me next day to ask me if I had attempted a purchase of $29.95 from Mobile Software Tech. If not, the credit card company was going to treat this charge as a fraud, freeze the card and issue a new credit card. Only after significant research did I find that Prosoft3d and Mobile Software Tech are related. Watch out for these scamsters.

If I had time, I would pursue this company through various authorities untill I put it out of business.

New Reviewer

Just a thank you for the password recovery software. I got the software to work. Will let my family and friends know for the future.


New Reviewer

Charged me 29.95 for 9.95 as they did the others. i caught it before the credit paid and alerted everyone. They software did not work so I deleted it in case it collects your info.

New Reviewer

I was able to reset my 'master' password after a few attempts. I was also impressed with the support I received and will definitely recommend friends to this service. Dawn.

New Reviewer

This program sucks, it does not work and the most annoying part is you cannot contact them for support. Do not purchase this software it is fake

New Reviewer

Software worked and I was finally able to get back on my desktop. Sadly I am becoming more forgetful and if I don't use my computer daily, I forget!

Thanks again.

New Reviewer

Paid $29.95 and doesnt work at all, have been in contact immediately and they advised refund will be given - STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE COMPLETE FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

A day or two ago, I changed my Netbook Administrator password to the same one I had on my desktop, to make it safer. I have a terrible memory. I forgot all about it, and yesterday I decided (again, as it happened) to change it to match my desktop password .....?
When I entered my supposed 'existing password,' then my new one (twice), it told me that my existing one was incorrect, and to enter it again. A little worrying, but I assumed I'd entered it incorrectly.
Then when it was again not accepted, I really got worried. As Administrator of my computer, I realized that if I logged out, I'd be in serious trouble. so I kept my cool and after a little while found 'password recovery' at prosoft. Once I was satisfied that it was supposed to be able to help me recover my existing password, I was pleased to pay the $9.99 for the ability to do so.
Of course, as I logged off, I was concerned it wouldn't work, but what alternative did I have?
It worked beautifully, and I was able to log out and back in. Great little program, and well worth the security it will provide for the future.

New Reviewer

I learned a valuable lesson. Read reviews before you buy. Bought the software was charged 29.95 instead of 9.95. The program didn't download. No response when I complained. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOFTWARE. I am disputing charge.

New Reviewer

I had an issue with a lost password for my netgear router, i thought i would try prosoft. unfortunately this was not a task any password unlocker could do. After attempting to find lost password, I wrote to the tech support listed, they responded in less than ten minutes, after a short exchange of info it was determined that it was not possible to unlock my lost password in this case.They were very detailed and professional and when found that they could not help me the CS rep helped me with resetting my router. as well told me they would refund my fee. it was done by the next morning. I can not say enough as to the friendly professional service I got from this company.

New Reviewer

Prosoft Password Release 5.0 Experience
I am a community college adjunct instructor and I was having what I thought was a password issue on my network. My Laptop & Desktop in early summer could communicate with each other. Then, I started having a connectivity issue within the network and to the internet in late summer with extremely low download and upload speeds. Then, the LT & DT couldn’t see each other on the network. I was able to reconfigure the network where the LT and DT could communicate. Then, the LT & DT starting having 1 way connectivity issues. LT could connect to DT but not vice versa. The DT could see the LT but it could not connect to the LT. Whenever I would try to use the DT via the network to access the LT, I had to supply a password and I couldn’t. I tried to get around the issue by opening a Cloud account and this turned out to be inconvenient because of the low upload speeds and I was paying for premium DSL speeds.
I was frustrated using a memory stick to move information back and forth for teaching my classes. I spent days trying to guess the password keeping a record of my guesses on a spreadsheet as I use a small group of variations. I attributed my connectivity problem to forgetting my password and blaming ATT for the router modem issues which seem to be the start of all my problems.
An ATT rep, finally, decided my DSL 2 wire router/modem was failing which seems to justify what I thought was the issue in the first place. On searching the internet for how to change my DT password, I found various answers none which seem to work. I finally got frustrated and saw Password Recovery 5.0 and figured why not try the whole package as I had already spent days of personal time worth their product’s price.
I downloaded it and their simple test indicated it works. When I tried it on my network requesting the password connect to the LT from the DT. It did not work. The software did not work either because I was not doing something right or I had been scammed.
After emailing Prosoft and having received no reply after 2 days, I emailed again with the hint of contacting my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau in order to resolve what I was feeling was a scam. That same evening I got a call from Prosoft. Normally, I do not pick up calls from numbers I do not recognize. Thank goodness, I did. The gentleman representing Prosoft said they had emailed me back on both inquiries. Lost in my spam box ,I guess, because I did not recognize it.
The Profsoft rep helped resolve my password issue. It was not Prosoft software’s failure. I thought my DT was asking for the password for the connection when trying to connect to the LT. Instead it was the LT asking for its password to allow connection. The Prosoft rep explained that the password program only works on the computer it is on, not on one it is trying to connect to. With the rep’s help I made some adjustments to the LT and my connectivity issue was HAPPILY resolved. Now the LT & DT are back to normal with administrative rights on both where I can transfer information and edit documents from either machine.

I am profusely, grateful for the representative’s kindness with me and help. The tech support gets a 10 out of 10 star rating as far as I am concerned. I asked the rep if there was a web site that I could go to and give a testimonial and he suggested:
Today, I got a surprise email from Prosoft saying my money was being refunded for the cost of the Password Release 5.0. I am in communication with Prosoft now awaiting their reply. I told them that I did not want a refund as the money I spent was worth the help I was given regardless of whether the program worked. If I had gone to Best Buy, CompUSA or Microsoft, I would have spent much more than the price they asked for the combo package of internet & computer password package.

New Reviewer

I purchased and downloaded Password Recovery 5.0 from the website. I then installed it on my computer [Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS] and tried to recover a password for an email account [Outlook 2010] and it would not work! [Please read my entire review before deciding anything]The program would not recognize any password fields at all. I both emailed and called support [search engine found telephone number not listed on their site]. I got an email response within about an hour. We traded a few back and forth email then I got a return call from the voice mail message I had left. The Tech stayed on the phone with me and we did some troubleshooting and then some trial and error testing and found a work-around solution. You right-click on their icon, select “Properties”, “Compatibilities” tab, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows 95 in the drop down list. Then check the box for “Run this program as an administrator” and click OK. You may have to restart your computer after this. The program now works exactly as it should. It is disappointing that it was necessary to go through all of this to get it to work but the Tech Support people were very responsive and professional and not only offered a refund early on but were willing to take the time to work through the issue to the point of achieving a viable work-around solution. Despite what some of the posts say they live up to their promise of your satisfaction.

New Reviewer

Well, I Am waiting to see if they give me a refund. The software did not work at all. I couldn't even get it to work with plain text. I got the automated response so far. If anyone needs to know how to recover their password in windows 7 I can help you to do it for free. I ended up staying up all night and had to do what the software was supposed to do.they did give me a full refund so I am changing their rating. I am very surprised everyone did not get a refund. I think maybe they changed their policies or something?

New Reviewer

I purchased the Password Recovery as I lost my passcode to my Cisco switch and it did not work. The replied to my e-mail rather quickly and did not understand why it would not work and offered a refund on June 13. I still haven’t seen the refund on my visa.
I tried with QuickBooks Pro, a PDF created with Acrobat 9, AutoCAD… and it did not work.
I’m not sure what it works with but it didn’t do me anygood.

New Reviewer

I went to this site due to needing to get on a computer that my sister had. She was killed 3 years ago and I got her laptop and done have info on the password. I went through all the steps including the purchasing section. I filled out the information and decided not to purchase it due to not having the rights on this computer, I will not down load anyway. I erased all my information. I DID NOT CONFIRM THE ORDER, and I received an instant message on my phone that my bank card was charged. $29.95. I sent a message to the customer service department. waiting on reply. I DID NOT COMPLETE THE ORDERING INFORMATION AND WAS AUTOMATICLY CHARGED. THAT ISN'T A POSSITIVE ACTION FOR ANY COMPANY TO DO, WHETHER IT ACTUALY WORKS OR NOT. I DID NOT CONFIRM THE ORDER!!!! I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!!

New Reviewer

I got it all downloaded and it worked great. Thanks- you literally saved me from having to buy a new computer. Thank you so much. - Margaret

New Reviewer

I purchased the $9.99 software that apparently can recover any just hover the mouse over what you want uncovered and it should show the password. First they charged me $29.95 ( they said I bought the upgrade version, which I didn't), then the software didn't work on anything. Whenever I moved the mouse over something, instead of showing the password, it would just show the name of the software/website. I immediately asked for a refund and they gave me no problem with that but I had to remind them twice during a two week period to refund me and when I finally received it, they only refunded me $20, instead of the $ I had to contact them a third time. It was just a pain in the butt and the software didn't do what it was advertising for.

New Reviewer

Purchased the software to recovery excel sheet password. The advertised priced was $9.95. I got link after purchased , however it did not work at all. I called the listed their office but prove useless. I called my credit card company for dispute and found that the prosoft3d charges was $ 29.95 rather $9.95. I have requested stop payment due to the pending charges. Luckily I print screen shot of all my transaction, which could be useful for prosecution. The Company is listed as Mobile Software Tech. in California per the CC company. I am determine to get the bottom of it.

New Reviewer

I purchased the password recovery system, was charged 29.95 instead of 9.95. I couldn't even download the program (not that it would have mattered, apparently), contacted the company for a refund a week ago..heard nothing back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS, IT'S A SCAM!

New Reviewer

bought password recovery 5, gave credit card number, went to download then was informed it would be 20 dollar additional. So the true price was more than at first indicated. (This is like going to a fortune teller and finding the advertised price is only the "introductory" or "basic" one, then she says that the real price is considerably more.) One feels put on the spot but goes on out of curiosity. This was not very straightforward. Then i find it has to be "installed". However, the PC i need to fix is LOCKED -because the password is lost. So needless to say i cannot gain access to the pc to install the program. The software therefore is useless.

New Reviewer

The software worked well for my e-mail password but not for my zip file, not sure why. I contacted them and did receive a response quickly and they offered me a full refund even though it did work for one of the passwords I needed.

New Reviewer

I needed to get access to my Excel file right away. I bought, downloaded, and the software did not work. I tried to contact customer support but it did not have a phone number just an email address. I will call my credit card company to stop it from charging my account. I found out that I was charged $29.95 instead of $9.95 as advertised.

New Reviewer

This does not do business in a reputable manner. STAY AWAY!

After entering my billing info I was redirected to a page which required that I spend from $20 to $30 dollars more in order to continue. My credit card was already billed for the original amount even though I did not get the download.

New Reviewer

I am still awaiting a firm response to my troulble report. I ;have received three automated responses but no resolve. It also appears that I may have double paid for the recovery software.

New Reviewer

The only positive reviews on this company have to be written by themselves. We purchased the software from prosoft3D, and like all the other reviews it didn't work. We took their web address from cnet, so we had false sense of security. We contacted customer service as instructed with no response (it has been 3 days). There is no phone number or mailing address attached to this website and very little information about them. They also have samples of review emails from their clients; I found the same exact emails from the same clients on their 3D Aquarium
Desktop background site. The emails are word for word the same. To me that's fraudulent.

New Reviewer

The instructions were a little difficult to follow but the software worked after I figured out how to use it. Customer service was actually very good and got back to me faster than I expected. My son lost his computer password and I was able to use my account to make a new password for his user name and it worked right away, you just select the account you need to recover and then enter a new password twice and he was able to login. Mark.

New Reviewer

About a week ago I downloaded typing tutor and am happy with the program, it works and the lessons are simple and very easy to follow. I was looking for a program that would let me practice and find out how fast I can really type - so far my typing could still be a little better, however that's why I got the program. If you need a typing software, this one does the job.

New Reviewer

Follow up to my reveiw of Prosoft Password Recovery Software. I reported earlier this week that it does not work. And it doesn't.

But, their customer service department did respond promptly and processed a refund.
Like to be fair, give thumbs down to the product but thumbs up to service.

New Reviewer

A friend recommended the password software so decided to give it a try. It's a good program and works well, also the instructions are easy to follow. I needed to remember my e-mail for my laptop and it was saved on my desktop, but I couldn't see it which is why I needed the software.

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