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PrimeStyle reviews

130 reviews
Categories: Diamond, Jewelry Sites
7000 Kennedy Boulevard East, suite M-2
Guttenberg, New Jersey 07093
Tel: 212.302.3377
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130 Reviews for PrimeStyle

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Next day we tried to get in touch with Primestyle....

It's a good company, which specializes in selling diamond rings.

I was surprised by my fiance purchasing my wedding band from this site.

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New Reviewer

I was a little worried when I first ordered something from primestyle, but my worries turned out to be unnecessary. I was expecting a bad customer service experience because the prices are so low, but, after discussion over their online help system, I found exactly the pendant I was looking for and saved several hundred dollars off the normal price. Very good low prices and service.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of diamond stud earrings, a tennis bracelet and a pendant from Primestyle. Everything was shipped together, I got them all in 6 days and I'm pleased with the quality. My house was burgled about 5 months ago and these were all bought to replace some of what was stolen. I am getting them assessed for insurance purposes this week but would say they're all of about the same quality as indicated in the website. Will know for sure when I get the valuation.

New Reviewer

If only all online sellers were like this, there’d be a lot more trust and faith in buying things off the Internet. I live in France and there is a general mistrust of online sellers in France, but the prices that primestyle offer when compared to local jewelry stores, even including the sales tax you have to pay, I felt it was worth the risk to trying them when I needed a present for my girlfriend. It turned out to be not a risk at all, and after speaking to the customer service department, I found exactly what I needed and had it shipped straight away. The prices are very low and I’m still surprised that they managed to offer free shipping. Great value for money, great customer service.

New Reviewer

Ordered - - tourmaline eternity band 1.5 carets. The ring I bought was a one of a kind one. It is really gorgeous with the difference between the turmaline and white gold band. So pretty. It was 590 dollars and I paid with visa. No probs with the ordering or delivery except that my card was rejected the first time and I had to call my bank to get them to ok a big purchase after that was fine. The ring came from fedex. I don't have any complaints.

New Reviewer

Great service, low prices, sloppy delivery system. I guess you can’t make too many complaints about the poor ordering system when the prices are this low. I don’t know what happened to my order exactly but it was almost a week late. Fortunately I had ordered plenty of time, and I suggest that if you use these guys you do the same if my delivery experience is anything to go by. Having said that when I found him with a problem they take care of the matter straightaway, and when the ring arrived, the quality and price was perfect so – you can’t have everything I suppose. I still recommend them, just make sure you order in plenty of time.

New Reviewer

Man, was I glad I found primestyle when I did. I had just about summoned up the courage to ask my girlfriend to marry me, and spent weeks looking into buying a diamond engagement ring. Unfortunately, most of the information I found was not clear, and when I asked for advice in the jewelry store in my local mall, I was treated like garbage. I think that may have had something to do with the amount of money I had to spend. Or it may be that I just didn’t know what I was looking for. Then I came across primestyle’s education and information pages. I don’t know what it was exactly but the way they were written just seemed to make sense to me, when everything else I read before that just seemed to be a blur of complicated sentences that did not fit together. After reading through their education pages, I had a much better idea of what I might need and, most importantly, what I might be able to afford. So I contacted their customer service people through their email contact and was very happy with the response I got. Although I was still a little unsure of exactly what I was looking for, that customer service rep provided me with the rest of the information I needed to make a decision. So I ordered and paid for the ring I had chosen, and waited for the right time to present it to my girlfriend. I took her out to a fancy restaurant, asked the maître d’ to bring the ring out with dessert, and he did so. The restaurant even gave us a free bottle of champagne. Thank God my girlfriend said “yes,” as soon as she saw the ring. It is hard to say how much of her answer was based on the ring, but I will always be eternally grateful for the help I received in choosing that ring. I couldn’t have done it without God’s blessing and the helpful customer service center at primestyle. I don’t usually take the trouble to write reviews like this, but I am so over the moon at the moment I thought it would be a great idea to show my thanks. My fiancé loves her new ring and takes great pleasure in showing it off at work. Now all I need to do is sit back and let her plan the wedding. Thankfully, her father is a forward thinker and already has the money for the wedding laid away, and her two sisters are only too pleased to get involved with the planning. Really – if you’re having trouble deciding on what diamond ring to buy – go check out the education pages on this website. They were a great help to me, and made me much more confident after I had read them.

New Reviewer

I have purchased several items from this company over the last few months, and I was a little surprised to discover a few “negative Nelly,” reviews here [although not very many] because every time I have bought anything my experiences have been nothing but positive. I suppose, no matter how hard the company tries, they are always likely to fall short of some people’s requirements. As they say – you can’t please all the people all the time. I would definitely recommend them, for the following reasons:

One. They are considerably less expensive than almost any other jewelry supplier I’ve come across. I would hazard a guess that I saved about 60% of the cost of the earrings I bought recently by buying them from primestyle. That is not to say that you could save 60% on everything you buy – at least I don’t think so – but I spent a long time researching prices before finally deciding to buy here. I really don’t know any other companies that are capable of offering the sort of discounts the primestyle can provide. And it is easy enough to go and do your own research – all you need to do is make a note of the products that you are interested in, and specifically make notes of the carat weight, cut, clarity and quality. Then go as into a mall or jewelry store in the high Street, and make a comparison. It’s not rocket science.

Two. Their customer service is comparable to just about anything I’ve ever come across. Not only do they have an online helpline, they respond to email queries very, very quickly. The one time I did have a problem, when I contacted them, they found a solution almost immediately, and it turned out to be the shippers that were at fault: somehow somebody had mistakenly entered the wrong tracking number into the system, and my package went missing. The customer service center at primestyle found the problem immediately, dealt with it, and I had my delivery almost as quickly as if there had been no mistake.

Three. They offer a fantastic lifetime warranty, guaranteeing anything you buy from them is genuine, authentic and of the same quality and value as they represented it to you at the time of purchase. So – as always you done your research properly you only have yourself to blame if you end up overpaying for something. And, as I mentioned in my first point, it is easy enough to do the research for yourself.

I have had very good experiences using this company, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody else. The best thing to do is see how many positive reviews they have gotten, and make your own decision.

New Reviewer

One of my best friends are sweet to help her out recently, and in doing so I discovered a whole new world that I didn’t know existed. She is on deployments in Afghanistan and had decided to ask her long-term partner to marry her since it became legal in the United States to marry a same-sex partner, although I gather there are still some holdouts in certain more religious states that are making life difficult for gay couples. Personally I have no problem with same-sex marriage that many of my contemporaries seem to have, especially in the southern and mid-Western United States [if they can be called “United,”] so I was quite happy to help out when she asked me if I can go and find her a pair of wedding rings. Of course – most wedding sets are designed for a man/woman couple and have one large ring and one smaller ring. But I found prime style on online search through Google and decided to give them a call see if they could help out with two small rings as part of a wedding set. They were only too happy to oblige and shipped me the pair of rings almost immediately. My friend was back on furlough for two weeks and I had the rings with me when I picked her up at the airport. She proposed to her girlfriend the following day, and they rushed to get a marriage license through in time to be married before the end of her furlough. Everything went well. The couple are very Happy with their wedding rings and I must say that dealing with PrimeStyle was a pleasure. They were extremely professional’s, made absolutely no disparaging comments about same-sex weddings, as made the rings in very short order and shipped them to me very quickly. And a path that the prices are really, really low. This has something to do with the fact that they make the jewelry themselves to order so they are not sitting on massive stocks running up interest charges at the bank. I had never really looked into diamond rings before so it was very helpful to have someone so knowledgeable in their customer service department talk me through the procedure and help me understand the various options by pointing me at their learning center, Whether you have a lot of information about the different qualities, cuts, carat weights, and clarity that you need to understand before you can make a decision on buying diamonds. We ended up going for a very simple design with a single round cut diamond set in white gold. Although my friend had to take hers off when she returned to active duty. The last thing you need is a diamond ring flashing in the Afghan sun, so she hung it around her neck on a thin gold chain.

New Reviewer

It is not often I go out of my way to recommend a particular website or company, but I decided to do so after my brother came to me and asked me for some advice on buying an engagement ring for his then – girlfriend, and I was in an unusual position of actually knowing something about diamonds because I had already bought several pieces of jewelry from prime style and had developed a pretty good relationship with their customer service guy [ called David] so I put my little brother in touch with them and they went out of their way to find an appropriate ring for his budget and talked him through the process of finding out exactly what’ type of ring and size his girlfriend would probably like. Obviously he wanted to surprise her with this but she has a substantial amount of jewelry which she was able to use to identify her ring size, and of course get an idea of the type of jewelry that she prefers so that he could do his best to find something that we and prime style agree she might like.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course, and it wasn’t until he presented her with a beautiful princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring that he found out whether or not he made the right choice. She immediately said “yes,” and adores the rain so I guess prime style and my little brother managed to – between them – pick the right type of ring.

So both I and my brother have now purchased jewelry from prime style and without a doubt we have both had a good experience. One of the main things about them is the fact that they manufacture their own jewelry right here in the United States and are able to offer substantial discounts because there is no retailer markup to worry about. They are based in New York, and anyone who knows anything about diamond jewelry will know that the diamond jewelry center of the US is in New York so if you going to buy diamond rings online make sure you’re getting it from a company that knows what they are doing, and one of the indicators of that is where they are based – it doesn’t get much better than New York City.

Not only are the prices extremely competitive, but they are prepared to spend time with you in order to help you make the right decision and, sadly, that is often not the case when you’re dealing with diamond jewelry sellers. I think that has something to do with the fact that they are much more down to earth than the typical diamond jewelry retailer. Plus of course they operate online, so they don’t need to pay expensive rents for a high street location. They get my top recommendation.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased a present for my mother from primestyle, as a way of trying to repair our relationship as we fell out a few years ago and she is not getting any younger. So I decided it was finally time to bury the hatchet. In fact, I can’t even remember why we fell out in the first place, suffice it to say my mother is not an easy woman to get along with so it could’ve been anything. Regardless I bought her a diamond Cross pendant, seeing as she is rather religious, and I thought this might be the best type of pendant to buy her. I was a little worried before I gave it to her because not only is my mother a difficult woman to get along with, she is also extremely difficult to please and I fully expected her to take one look at this cross, sigh dramatically, and put it back in the box. But – she loves it! Let me tell you, if my mother likes something, then it must be pretty good, so I can hand on heart say it passes one of the toughest tests known to man [or woman]. The one I ended up buying her was a religious diamond Christian cross pendant with just over half a carat of diamonds in 14 karat yellow gold. Firstly, it passed the quality test, and secondly the buying experience was very good, but to top things off, the price was extremely low for this type of jewelry. According to the seller the recommended retail price of this particular cross was 3 1/2 thousand dollars and I bought it for just over $700. Obviously the price is less important than the fact that my mother is pleased with it but it was nice to be able to save some money. On top of that and another plus as far as my mother is concerned, it was made in the USA. I’m not actually much of a nationalist myself, but my mother certainly is, and the fact that it is an American made Christian cross also added to her pleasure. So after three years of not speaking we are now on good terms and I’m hoping that this peace offering will keep us on good terms for a reasonable amount of time. Did I mention that my mother is a difficult one to get along with? Who knows how long the peace will last, but I seem to have got away from what I’d intended to do here which was recommend primestyle to those of you reading this review.

New Reviewer

Please don’t judge me, but primestyle just saved me from complete disaster. I know you are going to judge me when I tell you this, but I am asking you not to. The fact is I am married with a girlfriend on the side. See? I knew you would not be able to judge me. What happened was this: I bought my girlfriend a diamond pendant, and stupidly left the receipt in my jacket pocket. When my wife took the suit to the dry cleaners and cleaned out the pockets she found the receipt. She didn’t say anything but I’m sure this drew this conclusion myself when I realized she taken the suit to the dry cleaners. So, there I was in a position of needing to buy another diamond pendant to give to my wife so that she would not suspect anything. I was in a bit of a rush and on a business trip in Las Vegas, Nevada, so I decided to look on the Internet to see what I could find. Lo and behold I found this company called primestyle and they were selling almost exactly the pendant I had bought for my girlfriend, but for $3000 less!

I spoke to the customer service guy, explained the situation, and arranged with him to have the pendant delivered to m thane at my hotel room in Las Vegas. They made the pendant in two days and had it shipped to me on a one-day delivery system so I was able to return home with the pendant to give to my wife the following weekend as a “surprise present,” as for looking after the kids what was away on a business trip. I know you’re going to think very little of me for being such a loser, but I just don’t want to give up either my girlfriend or my wife and kids. I know I have only myself to blame for any situation like this but I’m glad I found primestyle, and persuaded them to help me out to the mess I’ve gotten myself in.

They really are a great company to deal with. Their customer service is very good, the quality and prices are excellent, him and they ship very very quickly if you ask them to, although I think this standard US shipping is a one-day ship so maybe you don’t need to ask for anything special. Despite my personal disasters being part of this particular review of your ignore that concentrate on the fact that this is a very good company to do business with. I certainly recommend them without reservation.

New Reviewer

I don’t usually bother with doing this sort of thing, but I have had such a good experience, that I felt it only fair to do so for once. The reason I say such a good experience, is because it was through my own mistake that I ended up with the wrong sort of bracelet because I had ordered a straight out diamond bracelet when in fact what my wife wanted was a tennis bracelet. I figured I had the right thing when I ordered the diamond bracelet but one of my wife’s friends told me where I’d gone wrong when I showed it to her. This was to be a surprise birthday gift from my wife and – as usual – I managed to mess it up and get the wrong thing. Fortunately primestyle have a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. I spoke to their live help service, explained my mistake and arranged to return the wrong bracelet in exchange for the new one. The exchange went very simply, I sent the all price in fact, they sent me the new bracelet immediately, so I was able to give my wife exactly what she wanted on her birthday in time and she was never aware of my mistake..

The other thing is that not only was the customer service and no quibble money back guarantee really useful [plus the person I spoke to on the live help desk was very nice] but I also managed to get a really good deal on the price of the bracelet. I ended up buying a 1 carat diamond tennis bracelet in white gold which I would’ve paid more than $5000 for if I bought at retail price, but I ended up paying just over $1000 instead. I must admit that my business is not been doing terribly well lately, so being able to save more than $4000 was very important to me. Once again my wife was none the wiser and didn’t know how much money I spent. In fact she thinks she has a $5000 bracelet because that’s what the local jeweler appraised it as being worth for insurance purposes. I don’t know how the insurance company works these things out, but that would be the replacement cost I suppose.

So I have broken one of my usual rules in writing this review, but really feel it’s important to recommend people when you get service that is over and above the usual. In my own business I aim to look off to my customers to the best of my ability and is nice to find an American company with similar business ethics. I am a very satisfied customer.

New Reviewer

Not only was the customer service guy incredibly helpful, he pointed me at a pair that was on sale at 70% off the normal price. When I checked prices elsewhere, I discovered he was not just feeding me a line, but they were genuinely discounted that much. He explained that the reason for the discount was the fact that they actually manufacture the jewelry themselves right here in the United States, so you don’t have to pay the retail markup that you would normally expect to pay from the jewelry store. I must admit I did not realize that the markups on diamond jewelry was so high, but it’s not unusual for retailers to triple or sometimes quadruple the price they pay. Now after all I don’t begrudge anybody making a profit, that would be un-American and I ain’t no communist, but marking up a pair of earrings four times the price you pay for them is highway robbery. I reckon I am good to go for at least the next three birthdays and Christmases, because primestyle have a big range of jewelry to choose from. I started out with a pair of diamond stud earrings, I guess the next purchase will probably be a pendant, or maybe a bracelet, and then I still have other earrings, rings and different types of stones to choose from. The good thing is, my girlfriend’s birthday falls almost exactly in the middle of the year so I can probably get away with buying diamond jewelry for the next few years. I guess at some point she’ll get sick of getting diamond jewelry, but I’d be surprised if it happens that quickly. I mean – who would get upset at that? Either way, I am very glad I found these guys and will definitely be using them in the future. Now I can relax when Christmas and birthdays are coming up. I guess I could buy my mom some diamond jewelry as well from time to time.

New Reviewer

Primestyle is a lifesaver. Well, I guess “lifesaver,” might be a slight exaggeration but when it comes to buying presents for my girlfriend I have to put my hand up and say I am absolutely useless. She keeps telling me that she’s left me clues lying around, but I always seem to miss them and when it’s time for her birthday or Christmas I always find myself at a loss as to what to buy. But that is now changed since I found primestyle and their incredibly useful and extremely patient customer service help desk. I called them two weeks before my girlfriend’s birthday, picked the brains of the guy who answers the phone and ended up ordering a pair of round cut diamond stud earrings which my girlfriend absolutely loves.

New Reviewer

I’m extremely pleased with the princess cut diamonds engagement ring I picked up from prime style. My girlfriend [soon-to-be wife] has made it plain that she wanted a princess cut diamonds engagement ring in yellow gold, unfortunately most of the jewelry stores where I live charge $3-$4000 for a 1 carat princess cut engagement ring. I managed to find one in primestyle’s clearance section for less than $700. I know maybe that is not the best reason to buy a ring from a particular company, but a friend had recommended them so I decided to give them a try.

I’m glad I tried it because the buying experience was extremely low-key and stress and hassle free. My fiancé is extremely happy also and at the end of the day that is far more important than anything else. The main thing is I managed to find this company all on my own, picked out a ring off through discussion with their custom service live chat and I really never felt either pressured or out of my depth. I must admit I don’t know a great deal of diamonds and it’s very nice to know that there’s some way you can go for advice who is not going to screw you to the wall on prices. The ring arrived in a beautiful presentation box, and arrived within just a few days. My fiancé doesn’t need to know what a bargain the ring was and I have to say it’s a pretty spectacular ring for the price.

The only sticking point is I might point the finger at is the fact that the ring looks a little more impressive on the website than it does in person. I’m glad I went for the 1.15 CT rainy instead of the 0.95 CT, because I think that’s a little more impressive than the smaller carat weight.

The ring does indeed look the same style and color as it does on the website and overall I’m very satisfied both the quality of the ring and the service I received from them. I guess the best recommendation I can give is to say that I will be going back there when it is time to buy the wedding rings. I know a lot of people are snobs when it comes to buying engagement rings, but for me the most important thing was the fact that I got looked after by the customer service department and and that I managed to buy exactly what my fiancé wanted without breaking the bank. So – if you’re on a budget and are not a snob about these things, I suggest you give them a try.

New Reviewer

I haven't reviewed anything before so hopefully I will cover everything that will be helpful to other purchasers. I have bought things on the internet before but never jewellery. I bought a bracelet for myself that has 1.77 carats of diamonds and is white gold. It has a kind of staggered design for the diamond placement which I think looks very classy and less stuffy than regular diamond tennis bracelets (why are they called tennis bracelets anyway?!!).

It has SI1/SI2 diamonds which I can't see any imperfections in. Obviously there are some since they are SI2 and SI2 diamonds but I honestly can't see them. I have looked at the same grade of diamonds elsewhere in person and if they're in a ring with just one diamond or stud earrings I think the flaws are more noticeable. Because of the way these diamonds are set you can't see any flaws. The bracelet is pretty heavy I think because of the settings style and it feels good on. The closure is secure and I don't worry it might come undone.

I bought this on layaway which as helpful because the limit on my credit card wouldn't have covered the price of the bracelet $1260 give or take a few dollars. So I had to split it over two months. The first payment was 20 percent of the price and I had PrimeStyle call me so we could do the payment over the phone. Same with the second payment. I felt secure paying that way and it was all fine. Just a note, they don't ship the item you ordered until the final payment goes through so don't think you can get it right away. If you want it right away then hopefully you can put the whole thing on your credit card at one time. I guess it is worth mentioning that the first payment I made, I screwed up the number by switching two of them around. The nice lady called me back right away to let me know that something was off (she thought it was probably a numbers mixup) and we got it cleared up quickly. I guess that happens to other people to!!

My bracelet came about a week after my last payment was made. I am completely happy with it and will buy from PrimeStyle again when I need to buy jewellry in the future if they have what I'm looking for.

New Reviewer

Last year, Valentine’s Day came and went and I managed to completely screw up by forgetting to buy my wife a present. This year I was determined not to make the same mistake and I wanted to buy her something special as a surprise. I started shopping just after Christmas and eventually decided I was going to buy her a diamond and ruby bracelet. Man but those things are expensive! I shopped and shopped and shopped until I eventually decided to go to the Internet to see if I can find something more affordable than the bracelets I was finding in the jewelry stores. My first port of call was Amazon and they seem to be just as expensive as any of the retail stores, with the possible exception of saving the sales taxes, but when you take into account the cost of shipping that usually outweighed.

Then I found primestyle, and because of the fact that they make their own jewelry, I managed to find almost exactly the bracelet that I was looking for at a far lower price than anything I have found anywhere else so I ended up buying her a one carat round cut diamond and ruby bracelet in 14 karat gold, which I’d previously only found elsewhere for about 5 1/2 grand. The price I paid? $1200! I kid you not - it was that much less expensive than buying from the jewelry store. I ordered within plenty of time and presented my wife with the bracelet on Valentine’s Day with a bunch of red roses. She is very very happy with the bracelet and I managed to get myself out of the hole that I had dug the previous year.

I was so pleased with the experience, especially the young man I spoke to on the telephone when I had a question about the sizing that I will most certainly be going back to primestyle the next time I want any diamond jewelry. No doubt that is likely to be next Valentine’s Day LOL! Have a massive range of stock with a wide variety of prices, and as far as I can tell all of them well below normal retail prices. Now I am no expert on diamonds, nor is my wife, but if you’re looking for good quality value for money diamond jewelry this is the place to go.

I think the next thing I will be buying there will be a pair of diamond earrings hopefully I can find a pair of earrings that match the bracelet that I bought her this year. I feel certain that primestyle’s customer service guy will be able to help me out the same as he did this year. Very pleased.

New Reviewer

If you are not very knowledgeable about diamonds, or you are on a budget, or both, this is a fantastic company to deal with. I personally know absolutely nothing about diamonds, but I wanted to buy my two nieces a present for their confirmation. I know it is nontraditional to buy a cross pendant, but I felt those were more appropriate than some of the more traditional presents because they can wear them all the time. I ended up buying two Diamond Christian cross pendants with diamonds and yellow gold and both my two girls love them. I say “my” two girls but what I actually mean is my sister’s two girls, although they have been like daughters to me since they were born and I am of course their godmother, so obviously it felt to me to buy the presents.

Prime style was very pleasant to deal with, and the dependence arrived within a couple of days of ordering, but the main thing is they were far less expensive [I mean 70% cheaper] than buying directly from one of the jewelers in my town, so for the first time in my life I ordered jewelry online instead of buying it from a retail outlet. I had a look at all the other products that they sell and as far as I can tell everything is sold at a substantial discount. As far as I understand it, and that is because they actually make the jewelry themselves so you cutout the middlemen by buying direct.

One of the other great things is that they are actually based in the United States and I much prefer to buy American if I possibly can. They offer free delivery also, which was another point in their favor. I don’t usually like to buy things online just in case I need to return them, but having had such a great experience with these people I don’t hesitate in recommending them to you. A lot of people seem to be a little nervous about buying things online, and I must admit I used to be, but this experience has persuaded me [at least when buying from prime style] that it is a safe thing to do.

One of the things that persuaded me was the fact that they have so many positive Google reviews. Needless to say I made sure that their reviews were good before I placed an order.

New Reviewer

Approximately 3 weeks ago I bought a pair of 1.5 carat radiant cut diamond stud earrings from Primestyle. They're in yellow gold, 18 karat.

So far I'm completely happy with them, they are really beautiful and what I expected. I have another set of studs but they're much smaller and less sparkling. They were a gift and I would guess they are about .30 carat round cut. I'm not sure where my ex-boyfriend bought those, but I just really wanted a bigger pair that I can wear with pretty much everything. These ones I just bought from Primestyle are the perfect size, not too big and not too small and the radiant cut is one of my favorites because it really reflects light well so even if you end up with a small diamond it still sparkles. Luckily I didn't have to get small diamonds. I considered round cut diamonds but I think the radiant just looks so much classier and draws more attention because they are so sparkly. I have short, dark hair and they are really set off nicely.

I had actually initially ordered the 1 carat earrings (still in radiant cut) but sent them back after a day because I stupidly should have really ordered the bigger ones to begin with. I do like these bigger ones. Oprah had a pair years ago and she wore them a lot on her talk show and I always hoped I'd be able to afford a pair myself. The shipping was quick. I think I ordered the first pair and had them within 5 days. The second pair was the same I think. The return and the rebuying of the second pair were smooth. I'm sure they were happy I was upgrading and spending more money!

The backs are secure though I've added a little clear rubber thingy because I'm paranoid. It's clear and looks like a very tiny doughnut that slips in behind the back to make sure it doesn't accidentally get yanked off. I've lost so many pairs of earrings and those rubber back things just make me feel more secure. You can get these at places like Claires. They come about 20 to a pack and are a cheap insurance policy against having your earrings yanked off accidentally when you're taking a sweater off over your head or brushing your hair. Seriously I'm well acquainted with those scenarios.

New Reviewer

One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to research in depth subjects before spending any money. Imagine if you went to 50 jewelry stores in the local shopping malls how long that would take you. It doesn’t even bear thinking about, but with the advent of the Internet and e–sellers like prime style, you don’t have to even think about wasting hours upon hours traipsing from shop to shop. I can’t say that I actually checked 50 online sellers, but it was close, that’s for sure. And at the end of the day, comparing cut, clarity, weight and quality, they seemed to offer the best value for money. I checked them out on Google reviews before buying anything, and they had a lots of good reviews which encouraged me to try them out, so I went ahead and ordered from them. Their ordering system is a nice clean interface with simple, easy to use buttons. Their website lays out your choices and possibilities very well and I found exactly what I was looking for with just a few clicks. A few more clicks and the pendant was ordered with – and I think this only applies if you’re in the USA – next day delivery. The pendant arrived with plenty of time to spare, although I ordered the wrong color. My wife told me to order yellow gold and I accidentally ordered the white gold instead. Fortunately prime style has a 30 day money back guarantee so I returned the pendant as soon as possible and prime style replaced it with a white gold one immediately and with no fuss or argument. Okay – I had to pay the return shipping but at the end of the day that was my own fault. All in all I think this is a trustworthy company and if I need any more diamond jewelry in the future I will most certainly be using them. I was expecting that customer service to be of low quality because they sell diamonds so cheaply, but that turned out to not be the case. Two of my nieces are coming up to prom age, and I think they’ll be pretty impressed with some diamond jewelry to wear to the prom. And of course, because you can save so much by buying from primestyle, it will always look as though you spent more money than you actually did. I know there are a lot of suspects sellers on the Internet, but take a look around the site and see how many people have given them a good review and I think you satisfy yourself that this is not one of those suspect sellers. I can only speak for my own experience, but I have no worries about recommending them.

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"I got an emerald and diamond bracelet for my birthday this week and thought I should write a review because my girlfriend can't figure out how to do it herself on the computer.

I didn't order it so I cannot comment on this part of the experience, but the bracelet was here on time for my birthday and my girlfriend was able to give it to me in a really romantic way while we were on a little mini vacation for the weekend in Las Vegas. It's our 5th anniversary so she wanted to get me something memorable until we are able to get married. It is my birthstone so that is a plus, but also, the stones are a nice shade of green, all the same color and seem well set. There are a lot of emeralds in this bracelet so it would be easy to spot a few that don't really match in color, but that is not an issue here. They are all round cut and set into yellow gold. The way they are set, a lot of light gets through them so they really shine nicely. I like how substantial the gold is... it looks expensive but I don’t know how much it was. I usually wear just plain yellow gold and have never been a huge fan of colorful or garish jewellery. However, I have a pair of heirloom emerald and diamond earrings I got from my grandma and this bracelet looks really great with them.

The latch seems secure and I don't worry about it busting open or anything. It is a tiny bit big on my wrist but I have freakishly tiny wrists so that's not really a complaint about the product. I think it's possible to send it back for resizing if I think it's necessary but so far I don't think that will be necessary. Though I would think a local jeweller could resize it because a couple of the stones and their settings would just need to be removed.

She's not very good with computers but my girlfriend said she didn't have any problems ordering. I'm not sure how she found the website but I think it was through google. I don't actually know how much she paid for the bracelet because she doesn't want me to go look but she's very frugal and would have shopped around for sure first before buying. ‚Äč

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Probably the best place to buy discount diamond jewelry on the Internet. I know that is a bold statement, but as a medium sized business owner with many customers and suppliers, not to mention staff and family members to look after, I speak from experience. I tend to give jewelry as gifts quite often, and over the last 10 years I’ve used many different jewelry suppliers including primestyle. As far as “bang for the buck,” goes primestyle is hands-down the best available. I have ordered gifts for customers and staff from them many times over the years and every time the gifts have been exactly as described and considerably less expensive than the competition. As an example, I recently presented four of my female staff members with a pair of three stone diamond earrings. Nothing too over the top, but very nice and just over half a carat each. I ended up paying $600 apiece, and the best price I could have gone anywhere else - even with a discount was $1600 each. Now it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that saved me $4000, and that is only on one order. As I order at least four times year as quarterly gifts to my best-performing staff, I save around $15-$20,000 every year just in buying gifts for my staff. When I take into consideration gifts for customers and family members I am looking at the yearly saving of around $80,000. Now I don’t know your financial situation, but in my world $80,000 is a lot of money. Not only that, the staff at primestyle are more than happy, willing and able to come up with interesting new designs off-the-cuff as needed; expedite shipping when I forgot to order on time; and generally offer as much help as was needed. I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about the company – in the entire time of doing business with them I have only been disappointed once, and the problem was resolved as soon as I contacted them. Not only that but they sense the replacement jewelry before I had even returned the ones that needed to go back. Now, it may be that that’s is because I’m a regular customer, but other people I know who have dealt with primestyle have told me they have had similar experiences. All in all a very good customer service. Combine that with excellent pricing and, I have no hesitation recommending them.

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 I’m not usually one to write reviews on these review sites, but it’s only fair because I found primestyle after reading the reviews on this site. They are mostly positive reviews, although there are a few negative ones and I can see how some people might think that the quality of the diamonds they ordered are somewhat below par but I think that’s just a question of lack of education. One of the great things about this site is they offer a big range of education pages which helped me understand all about, weight and settings so I was better able to make an informed decision. I suggest – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing – heading over there and taking a look at their education pages before you make any decisions, because the information they provide seems to be well balanced and genuine.

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 Fan – bloody – tastic customer service as far as I’m concerned, and considering they shipped from the USA to Australia it arrived extremely quickly. I guess it’s a sales taxes in Oz, combined with the fact that these guys will actually make the jewelry themselves, but I swear I paid less than half what I would have paid if I had ordered it from an Australian seller. Credit where credit is due is my motto, and this is a bonzer company to deal with.

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 I usually hate buying jewelry, because I really don’t know anything about diamonds and am always worried I’m going to buy the wrong thing. But I may have to change my mind now that I have found prime style. I wasted at least 40 minutes of their customer service reps time, but at the end of the call I have found exactly what I wanted to place an order and two days later it arrived. It’s really good to find a US-based company that actually follows through on the customer service. I guess it’s the financial crisis or something but everybody seems to be cutting back in the first thing that goes seems to be the customer service department. Not the case with prime style, and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

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 Like em! Not much else to say really. Primestyle sell diamond jewelry at a substantial discount, and their customer service doesn’t suck. I say that because my previous experience of dealing with any jewelry sellers is that they tend to look down on me because I’m not buying at the high-end of the price range. I didn’t get that with prime style, which was a breath of fresh air.

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 I discovered this website recently when I needed to buy my youngest niece a birthday present. For some reason [I guess because her parents are religious] she decided she wanted a cross shaped pendant. Thankfully I found prime style in time, because those pendants can be extremely expensive. I ended up buying from primestyle because – well not to put too fine a point on it – they were considerably cheaper than anywhere else. I don’t only base my decision on price, and after contacting their customer service I was also pleased with the quality of knowledge and services that they provided. I will be using them again, and I can’t give any more recommendation than that.

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If you are looking to buy diamond jewelry but you have a limited amount of money spend then this is probably the best site on the Internet for you. After spending quite a lot of time researching, I found this site – primestyle – had hands-down the best prices. According to what I read this is because they “cut out the middleman,” and actually manufacture the jewelry themselves which allows them to sell at a substantial discount. I actually bought a diamond solitaire ring and save 70% of the costs compared to most of the sites I found. And when you compare their prices to jewelry stores in the “real world,” the savings are even more obvious. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is you plenty of time to inspect the jewelry and decide whether or not you’re happy with it. I was certainly happy with the ring I purchased, so I cheerfully give them a glowing review.

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A great big thank you goes out to prime style because they really managed to get me out of trouble when I forgot my girlfriends birthday recently. I spoke to the online help desk – on a Sunday no less – found something pretty that she would like and had it delivered within two days. Unfortunately, I was working out in the sticks and had no chance to go buy something but primestyle came to the rescue. I’m not going to fool you that these are the absolute best diamonds on the planet, but the quality and value for money are exceptional. Plus they can get you out of trouble.

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I didn’t know that American companies could ship to New Zealand, so I was very happy to discover that primestyle were able to do because the retail prices of just about anything in New Zealand are so over-the-top it’s not even funny anymore. By the time I was done I had saved $3000 NZ – even after paying the import duties. I think the New Zealand government is shooting themselves in the foot by overcharging on import duties, but the massive savings from buying a prime style made up for that and some. I will definitely be using them again. Not only was there a massive saving to be had, the company is a pleasure to deal with and as far as I can tell nothing is too much trouble. If you’re in New Zealand and looking to save some money on diamond jewelry you could do worse than check this site out. That’s like the best recommendation I can give.

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I purchased a ring and the specifications said G-H which should be white to the naked eye. It had a definite yellow look to it. I had it valued, it was neither the 1ct weight the certificate quoted or the G-H classification stated. The jewellery valuer told me it was .8 ct and K-L . I would not buy from this site again.

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I gotta say, I am no expert, so bear that in mind. But I am extremely happy with the pendant and earrings I bought for my girlfriend from primestyle. She is also very happy combat also impressed with the fact that I managed to find something without her telling me what she wanted that she actually likes. Hand on heart function for that down to the customer service person on their very useful help desk. I ended up buying a pair of stud diamond earrings and matching solitaire pendant which saved me around $1500, so I’m very satisfied all round.

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Wow! Seriously impressed with this Internet company – not only was the customer service excellent, the quality of the jewelry was extremely high. I was recommended primestyle by a pal, and I’m glad she did so. I don’t often have a need to buy jewelry, but now I found this company I know where to go in future.

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Extremely professional company to deal with. I must admit I was a little worried to the low prices mean poor quality service, but this was simply not true. I contacted their telephone help desk before ordering and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the person who answered the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Making a decision over which diamond to buy is not always easy, especially if you’re not very familiar with the products, but the person I spoke to – a gentleman called David – helped me to make a decision without any high-pressure sales techniques and the ring I decided on was delivered to me within a few days. Whether you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, as I was, or some other piece of diamond jewelry, I can honestly say that primestyle delivers.

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DO NOT BUY FROM HERE UNLESS YOU LIKE YOUR DIAMONDS YELLOW! They only offer yellow or gold colored diamonds none are colorless or near colorless. I-J are gold and G-H are yellow. Please trust the bad reviews.

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A great company to deal with, especially if you’re on a budget. I had spent the previous two weeks looking for a diamond engagement ring from my girlfriend before I asked her to marry me, and was beginning to despair of finding anything pretty and affordable. Then I found primestyle, spoke with a guy called David over their helpline – it’s a free phone call if you are in the US, I don’t know about other countries, but he was very helpful and before I knew it I was ready to order the ring. It arrived two days later and now I’m eagerly anticipating the right moment to ask her to marry me. The ring looks fantastic and way better than anything I might’ve been able to afford from the local jewelry stores – so wish me luck!

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I have used primestyle three times now, and although the customer service is good, the prices are better. This is probably the best reason to use primestyle, because you can actually save quite a lot of money buying jewelry from them rather than through normal retail outlets – whether on – or off line. I would use them again, which is as good a recommendation is you can give I suppose.

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No complaints, everything went according to plan, the quality of the ring was as promised and it arrived in time. The customer service was good, although I think they are somewhat limited in the choices they offer but apart from that – a good experience all round. I can certainly say that I’ll be using them in the future.

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Ordered the C pendant with a chain for my aunt (named Claire) for her birthday in yellow gold. Must say I am impressed with the service at PRimestyle because apparently there was some confusion with the gold (I changed my mind after I’d placed the order) and someone actually called me to confirm which gold I wanted (white or yellow). I appreciated that someone took the initiative to get in touch with me rather than guess. My aunt was really happy with the necklace and wears it all the time.

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Very good value for money and very good customer service means I can’t help but rate primestyle with the highest possible score. Everything I ordered was as described, but most importantly, from my perspective, was the amount of money I saved. If you’re looking for discounted diamond jewelry this is the place to buy from.

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Extremely satisfied with no complaints whatsoever. The quality of the gems as as described, the price was extremely good value for money, and delivery was on time and as promised. I would certainly recommend using primestyle to anybody else, and I will certainly be using them again myself the next time I need any jewelry.

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I can highly recommend this site. All in all, a fantastic experience. Great customer service combined with its insane prices and fast delivery make for an all round good experience. Never been able to find anything comparable on any other website. Definitely give them the highest rating possible and suggest that if you are looking for a site that offers great customer service and low prices, this is it.

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Totally satisfied with the earrings I ordered ando rdering was easy, I knew when to expect them and they were exactly what they said they were. My only complaint is that the confirmation email sat in my spam box for a day or two until I realized it was in there but I guess thats my fault for not checking. I found the website easy to use and will likely use them again when I next “need” some jewellery.

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My husband ordered my engagement ring through them in 2010. There site is real fast to tout LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! One of the reasons we went through them. We also ordered my wedding band through them. My engagement ring has a stone fall out twice, I have had to get it put back in. I did it here locally where I live because I didn't want to be with out my ring. Then recently me head diamond got a huge crack in it and I contacted them, They told me all the warranty meant was that we could buy the diamond at 50% below the retail price:( And that I was going to have to pay to get my ring recast so that the diamonds would stop falling out. It was going to cost me $1,250.00 to get my ring fixed and it would not have a warranty then either. I took it to my local jewelry that I do business with and he sad that it was a low grade diamond, and they would change the head stone out for me and I could trade my it in towards a new diamond, I thought it over and talked to my husband and we decided to do that so this weekend Jensen Jewelers had a diamond show and my husband and I went they took my head stone as a trade in they are recasting my engagement ring and I will have a REAL LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!! If my stone falls out they will replace it no questions asked. All of that and it was $2,000.00 out the door, a little bit more than Prime Style however it was worth the peace of mind getting a real warranty, plus I bought an additional insurance policy with it for the Prime style diamonds. My wedding band is still holding up. I had the jewelry check all the diamonds and they are low grade diamonds but if someone is not a jeweler than they won't notice. So be careful and if you do make a purchase know it won't have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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I purchased a wedding ring with 0.9 carat of diamond. The ring from Primestyle was much cheaper than what I could buy locally in Australia. I ordered diamond colour I-J however the diamonds in the ring are very clearly yellow and not I-J. Unfortunately given the cost of the ring it isn't going to be worth paying for an evaluation and postage back to the USA, just disappointed and wouldn't recommend.

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I recently ordered a white gold 1.5 cerat eternity band that has pink saphires and diamonds. I called in my order and was told it would be made and then delivered within 3 business days. No problems tracking the order once it was sent and it was delivered by FedEx with a week of me ordering it. I think my husband will appreciate that I did his shopping for my anniversary present :)"

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Bought an engagement ring from Primestyle. It's a three diamond ring in 18k white gold and with Emerald cut diamonds. I used the layaway at Primestyle which worked out good for me. 20% down and then I paid in 3 more payments. Was supposed to be 2 more payments but I wasn't going to be able to do that for various financial reasons. They were cool about me stretching the payments out a little and I do thank them for that. My fiancee was really happy with the ring.

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One issue I had with this company was longer than quoted delivery time by almost a week, but apart from that generally a good experience. The customer service is very helpful, their prices are good and the quality of the merchandise impeccable. If it hadn’t been for that poor delivery I would’ve rated this company – primestyle – the maximum, but that really annoyed me so I can’t.

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I have had a very disappointing experience with my ring purchase from PrimeStyle that I would like to share with consumers.
I had ordered a ring and was told that it would be 3-4 days to have it delivered to me. The payment for the ring was taken out of my account that same day that I placed my order, February 4. The ring did not arrive until 8 days later. When the ring did arrive it was extremely flawed with low quality yellow stones, grade K-M and gold which has fractures in many areas creating a number of points where breakage was inevitable. This I was able to see under a simple jewelers loop.
I returned the ring the same day overnight ($ 75) cost incurred by me, shipping with insurance, which PrimeStyle required. I also called and informed them of the reason for the return.
The ring was received back in New York on February 13 and I did not hear from the company until February 20, to verify return and discuss replacement. I ordered a new ring that day, requesting better quality stones H-I and to have one of the sales managers, David, examine the ring prior to shipping.
This entire process took an additional 7 days and additional $ 275 to complete.
The ring was shipped back to me 2 day air (4 days over the weekend) and arrived Monday March 3 in the afternoon, for a total order time of 28 days or 24 days more than what was initially promised and $ 275 in additional incurred costs. Upon receipt of the ring, there is a crack in one of the prongs holding the center stone and two of the side stones have chips, there are two stones that are yellow in color, the additional 12 are white, I paid additional money to have matched H-I color. I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED.
Remember “You get what you pay for”. “Buyer Beware”!

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So once I decided to ask the bird to marry me if, I was a bit shocked to discover just how expensive diamond engagement rings are. All my mates had warned me but I didn’t really take any notice until I went down the shops found out for myself. Cor blimey these things are expensive. Then one of my mates who was just got married pointed me at a company called primestyle. I paid them a visit, discovered that they were way less expensive than buying it from the shops and on top of that shipped to England in less than a week. So, I stuck around, measured the bird’s other rings that she wears on her right hand, ordered up the engagement ring and had it in five days. Cracking good service – and the ring fits, and we’re getting married next spring. I know where I’ll be buying the wedding rings.

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