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Points2shop reviews

87 reviews
4400 north point parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States

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Points2shop is by far the easiest and quickest way to earn points toward free gift cards. (in 4 reviews)

barond3 <----- no referral link! (in 0 reviews)


Points2Shop Is a great website, You can earn points and ease and also receive a 250 points bonus. (in 1 review)

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New Reviewer

Kicked me out AFTER I spent countless hours doing offers, claimed it was because I "signed up for multiple accounts". Uh, no, I didn't do that. Wasted so much time and lost my entire investment of dozens of dollars due to a couple of clicks by some unreasonable moderator. STAY AWAY!

Ask Jorge about Points2shop
New Reviewer

points2shop is great, I have earned $170 total in my time on p2s and still going, I've gotten all kinds of free stuff from there, try it out, you'll love it! -twiztidclown65340

Tip for consumers: try the USAMP surveys, i've gotten a lot of points from there

Ask jeff about Points2shop
New Reviewer

Points2shop is a great site! the people are very friendly and will help you out anytime that you need it and your 100% get the things that you put the hard work into getting so id say give this site a try and maybe you will love it and keep on get the things that you want out of it

Ask amypandaland about Points2shop
New Reviewer

I love,love,love points2shop
where else can you get so many cool things with points
of course you have to work at it and be persistent and if you are it does pay off
I have received so many things
a bike ect
Points2shop is great

Ask Dendy about Points2shop
New Reviewer

Point2Shop has very fun surveys on their website although many contain difficult survey qualifications. However I enjoy earning cash for my opinions and perceptions in my extra time. Had a little trouble cashing out high balances at the beginning of my membership, yet when my points increased I was able to cash out an automatic debit to my account within twenty four hours. Wish there were higher paying surveys available to take. Overall I enjoy reading contents and watching the videos. Surveys make the internet a better place.

New Reviewer

All of these ratings Are fake and u should not trust them.But really the site is worth a dollar a day no more no less.Once I hit 20$ I hurried and bought something then they banned me for no reason and won't tell me why . The site is not worth it.

New Reviewer

This website is a total SCAM. Stay away. You WILL get blocked and then have to wait for ages. This site is total bogus. Please, Please Please take my advice and STAY AWAY. When you do have problems, well I told you so.

New Reviewer

This site is a freaking joke! It's good at the beginning, earning those pennies easily, compared to a few other sites that I am a member of.. BUTTT, once you cash out, whether it be $1 or $50, you get "punished", and aren't able to access your account, but you can keep logging in, while the site is earning every time you log in. You can't even go in your account and deactivate emails from being sent to you. Every time you click to open an email from them, it gives them more money, but not you, because your account is, of course, BANNED.

Luckily for me (sarcasm) I got an awesome CS, she went by the name of "Snapgirls", and had a horrible attitude!

After almost a month of not having access to my account, and getting absolutely NOWHERE with "Snapgirls", I went to their Facebook page and asked how I can stop them from sending e-mails to me, since I can't get into my account?! Instead of an answer, they deleted my comment, and booted me from their Facebook page. I can't even get on their wall, where comments are left. Way to run a "business", Points2Shop!

They have stolen $75 from me, and honestly, they can keep it. I do, however, want other people to watch and be careful with this website. Since they had deleted and kicked me from their Facebook page, I'll leave this review on every page possible!

New Reviewer

Point2shop is an amazing site. You complete surveys to earn points with which you can earn FREE rewards!

New Reviewer

Points2Shop is actually an amazing site. At first, I thought they would ask for credit cards to verify, etc. No. I signed up, and ordered a prize within five minutes. 5 days later, I have earned almost $20. Definitely worth looking into if you have a lot of free time.

New Reviewer

Points2shop is amazing. I love completing offers and watching my points fill up to my goal. Its a really good website to earn and buy. I recommend this completely legit website.

New Reviewer

I love points2shop they are great I love the surveys there a lot of fun and you can earn prizes with your points or you can get cash its awesome :D i redeemed pop rocks and I received them today This website works and I highly recommend it to anyone who want to earn some free prizes!! XD

New Reviewer

Points2Shop is great! The offers are easy are quick and they approve immediately. It's absolutely worth it and I recommend it to everyone. You can order anything with your points. If you can find it on amazon, you can order it with points2shop. I've just just made $20 within 2 weeks, just by spending about half an hour a day. If you put more time into it, you'll be able to make a lot more! There are people on there that made tens of thousands so far and so can anyone else.

New Reviewer

Points2shop is by far the easiest and quickest way to earn points toward free gift cards. I have tried several to earn itunes gift cards and i was able to do it on this site in half the time. I definitely recommend trying it.

New Reviewer

huge scam. every time you get enough points to redeem they put a hold on your account and you have to submit a 'support ticket' and wait 3-5 days to 'verify your identity'. the moderators were 0 help, told me not to expect anything for free.

New Reviewer

I've been on this website for less than a month and I've already earned enough points for 3 $10 gift cards! They allow you to not only cash in points for gift cards, but also allow users to use points to buy items directly from Amazon with no extra costs! This website it great, easy to use, and easy to get addicted to! The amount of time you invest in it definitely effects your earning outcome, though, so keep that in mind.

New Reviewer

At first I thought this website was a scam so I was a bit skeptical but I saw the items people started earning after completing surveys so I figured I may as well give it a shot. So far I don't regret making that decision. Yes the surveys are kind of annoying to complete but once you've earned enough to buy whatever you want on amazon it's such an incredible feeling. At the end of the day it's worth it.

New Reviewer

I love points to shop its a lot of fun i have earned so much from being there for only 20 days the surveys are fun and whats best is its easy to do!!- i have already cashed out and ordered so much cool stuff!!!

New Reviewer

Points2Shop Is a great website, You can earn points and ease and also receive a 250 points bonus. There are easy ways of earning such as watching videos and doing surveys and the people and admins are great!

New Reviewer

It is great, it allows you to easily access surveys and gain points in which you can shop online with. There's no credit card activation or anything and it is very safe to do

New Reviewer

Points2shop is Legit...reasons why is many people I knew said it is a scam.
So one day I signed up and started doing offers. Next thing I did was I purchased 1 dollar and by the next couple of days; it came in the mail! If you want to sign up for P2S, I would definately recommend that site; It works if you are active and have nothing to do in your spare time
P2S Works!

New Reviewer

I have been a member for almost 4 months and I have to say this site is awesome! I have been having trouble finding a job in this current economy, so it's nice to still earn some money whenever I can. The community is very friendly, the surveys and offers are generous, and it's fun to save up for rewards I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. This site even allows you to start your own fundraisers for your favourite charity.
Points2Shop is definitely the best rewards site. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. :)

New Reviewer

I have to say it's an amazing website. I've gotten 30+ dollars worth of rewards so far on the site and more in the future! To have the best experience with the website you must read the rules and follow all of them. If you need help just send a ticket, although support may take a while, it's worth it as the Moderators are very helpful and considerate.

New Reviewer

P2S is awesome i couldnt find a website to match or go against this site, so far Im earning an average amount of money with this, and Im having fun doing it. I really enjoy,i could buy anything and Im not spending anything out of my pocket. All I have to really say is if you join this site and put enough effort then your going to be satisfy. Love this site, I hope the creators continue to be awesome!

New Reviewer

points2shop is great. Its the best site ever. Its easy and fun to use, get points and use those points to purchase items, all kinds of items electronics, makeup, movies, dvd's and so on. Great site and so addictive.

New Reviewer

points2shop is a great and easy way to earn free money. the process is easy and I have received my gifts, it's actually real and not a scam! I would recommend for anyone to try this website out :)

New Reviewer

I absolutely love this site!! I was little skeptical at first, then once I got the hang of it, it was fun :D I haven't quite got enough, but this site is absolutely free, unlike those other survey sites, that ask you to put little profit into the site. I'm grateful to have been introduced to this site :)

New Reviewer

I was skeptical but I'm glad to say I was wrong. I've been a member for three months and with minimal effort I was able to redeem for three Christmas presents. Two things were directly from Amazon (they were Monster High items for my daughter) and they took a few weeks to arrive The last thing was a gift card from a national restaurant, I received that in just a few days. I noticed the people who gave this site a low score have been banned, sounds like sour grapes to me!

New Reviewer

I absolutely love this site! All you have to do is a few surveys, watch a few videos and complete a couple of offers and *BA-DA-BING!* you've earned enough points to buy a gift card! I recommend this site to everyone!

New Reviewer

I really enjoy this site, I would recommend it to those who want to make a little cash at the side for minimal effort.

New Reviewer

Points2Shop is a very great website as it offers people many different ways to earn points that they can spend on various different prizes. It is also great because you can join for free and receive a starting bonus once you do.

New Reviewer

This site actually works. Even though I just registered a few days ago, I have already made over 10 bucks, and it's really easy. Because it lets you do surveys from a variety of different providers, there is a myriad of options. Also, it lets you play games and watch videos in exchange for small amounts of points. I really like this site, and I hope you guys try it out.

New Reviewer

read alot of reviews on this site, so I tried it, cashed out some points just to verify my address, and got banned, I have one account, used all real info, never accessed it from any place but home, never used a mobile device, so seems a bit fishy to me. I wouldn't waste my time on this site stuffpoint, gifthulk way better.

New Reviewer

I am a fairly new user to this site. It is an awesome site, you take surveys to earn points that you can use to buy all sorts of stuff. This site truly pays out what they say them will. i just ordered a steam girt card and it worked perfectly. if you want free games this is the site for you. im am very pleased. johnson420

New Reviewer

JAMIE575 Points2shop is an excellent site and i have earnt a free slush machine and over 8000 ms points i encourage you to join this excellent website if you don't, well then your MAD! :)

New Reviewer

After i earned 2000 point they make up an excuse and banned me saying that i'm trying to create other account in the same address; I've never done so. Just a scram.

New Reviewer

So far in the short time that I have been on Points2Shop, I have gotten up to $50 in earnings & 4 prizes..This site is super legit. It's not hard, once you get the hang of it, you can earn up to at least $7 a day. Which is better then any other site I have been on... So check it out /?ref=uin1341644375

New Reviewer

As a college student with no job and access to the internet, I thought I would try a couple of reward bonus sites and get some free stuff while I could. I was wary about most of them being legitimate but, I did find a couple that actually work. Points2Shop is definitely my number one choice with higher paying offers that actually make it possible to earn several dollars in a day instead of a couple per week like most other sites.Also, my orders through the site have come through in a very timely manner, arriving within one week of me ordering them.

New Reviewer

I am feeling great to be earned by point2shop, I really appreciate p2s for being reason for kind of my first salary, it's website with great earning opportunity with healthy rewards..

New Reviewer

Points2shop is definitely no scam. A member's account is usually credited with payment instantly, provided the offer was completed properly. Upon requesting payout, the order is processed usually within a week. Not only that, but gold-ranked members can also receive instant payments to their Paypal account! Besides being dedicated to making their website effective, trustworthy, and loyal, the staff of Points2shop add an element of fun into the equation. Competitions are held with cash prizes for the winners, and there maintains a healthy social attitude among users on the website. Games can also be played for cash, staking against other players.

New Reviewer

They are great and very fast with approving offers. I have got 2 products from points2shop, an ipad case and a sim card. hope to be getting more stuff. ABSOLUTE GREAT PLACE TO SPEND YOUR TIME!!!

New Reviewer

Points2shop is amazing. It's an easy way to get stuff free. Surveys and Offers are fun and easy.. Prizes go through amazon so you can get almost anything or opt for cash. I highly recommend it to anyone who could use some extra cash and has a bit of free time. i get my prizes delivered usually within a week or two

New Reviewer

Point2shop is the easiest way to earn free stuff! You can earn points and cash by completing offers and surveys then you can buy things with the points and cash you earned.

New Reviewer

points2shop has got to be the best site in the world ive been a member for just under 2 years and have made loads just over $1600 and had 193 free rewards and all of them have been delivered to my house so trust me this site is 100% legit and it works and there is many nice people there aswell to make good friends while you earn free stuff

New Reviewer

Points2shop is amazing. It's an easy way to get stuff free. Surveys and Offers are fun and easy. Help is always available in the shoutbox. Prizes go through amazon so you can get almost anything or opt for cash. I highly recommend it to anyone who could use some extra cash and has a bit of free time.

New Reviewer

I absolutely love this website. Sure it requires a bit of effort on your part but that can be expected when you can get dang near everything, kitchen sink included, for free. Hard work pays off and in a few days you can get enough points to get some nice gift cards or save up for that video game you have always wanted.

New Reviewer

Points2shop has actually been great! I am usually skeptical about these types of survey sites, as they are sometimes scams... however p2s was not a scam. After verifying my address by ordering some sweet frog stickers I was able to get the emailed gamer gift card of $10 RP to League of Legends. While the processing time might take a while, especially for an emailed gift... it was well worth it since all it took was my time taking a few surveys.

New Reviewer

Points to shop is the best u can almost get anything in the world im even ordering airsoft guns yeahhhhhhhhh

New Reviewer

I think this website is great! I just ordered my first product (Killzone 2 - PS3 Game) and i am just thrilled about it. I am now going for one of my biggest goals right here and that is a PS3 controller. I am so excited to get all my points for this site and I'm really glad i joined this site. Sincerely Me ;)

New Reviewer

ive been looking for a site like this that isnt a scam and finally came across p2s. it's a good site and an easy way to get things that you want for free just by earning points. everyone on the site is really helpful with any questions and problems that ive come across