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59 reviews
Categories: Art, Fashion, Social Network
808 Brannan St.
San Francisco, California, USA
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59 Reviews From Our Community

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Anything from recipes, to decorating, to remodeling your house, to diy projects, this will always be my go-to website. (in 3 reviews)

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4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Having Kinky hair is not easy, but with this website I learn how to style my kinky hair for any occasion to stand out and look fashionable as always. What I realize is that letting your kinky hair go free without styling is a new fashion now but the combing it out at the end of the day is a problem, I always have that problem until I found this website that gave me tips on letting my hair go free and not having any problems after. Not only does it give advice and styling tips on kinky hair but also on every other kind of hair, makeup, fashion, accessories, you name it they have tips on it. Great website glad I found it it changed my life.

Tip for consumers: With this website you know the does and the don'ts

Ask Illyana about Pinterest
14 reviews
7 helpful votes

At first, I won't lie. I thought Pinterest was only for icing topped snacks and roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipes. I had no interest in knitting projects and to be honest, I didn't see many guys on the site.

Not that I can't hang with the ladies, but I thought there was a reason most users were women. After a while, I found books and reading boards that I liked to follow. Then designers. Then after that, if started following some wood workers and got some ideas and tips for furniture making.

The site helped me start planning the remodel of my backyard... and I indirectly got into a bit of gardening! Don't find the app as usfeul as the site, but it's a great site!

Tip for consumers: *If you don't proactively follow the people that you are interseted in, you won't have much in your feed.
*Follow more people. Or better yet, follow boards because you might not like everything one person posts.
*Unfolloow boards or people that you feel are 'mucking up' your experience. It makes a world of a difference with your experience.

Ask Nick about Pinterest
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I am probably slow to the game here, but this site is amazing! I wish you didn't have to click into the full website though. It can be hard to find what you originally liked on pinterest. But they have absolutely everything on here. What a great resource!

Ask Hazel about Pinterest
9 reviews
12 helpful votes

I love this site but over the past few days there have been too many serious technical issues. One day I couldn't even stay logged in, and today it's completely down for me. So frustrating!

Ask Janet about Pinterest
7 reviews
62 helpful votes

Pinterest is one of the best sites which was launched during the more recent history! Hopefully it will continue to grow,. Simply LOVE IT!

Ask Rubens about Pinterest
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

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Ask sophia about Pinterest
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Interesting design. You'll find a lot of new information, pics, videos. I like this site and suggest it everybody.

Ask Paul about Pinterest
6 reviews
20 helpful votes

thx for pics sharing,which let me know various things from the whole beautiful worldwide.
some pics are really amazing,which i;ve never imagined before.i also have an account on the web,pin me if you like.

Ask Allan about Pinterest
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

eworkGlobal technicians helps you to troubleshoot all your computers related issues as soon as possible.

Ask eworkGlobal about Pinterest
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just signed up on Pinterest and have been trying to use the system but CANNOT GET OFF "THE TOUR." I heard a lot about pinterest and have looked at it often for various interests, but it is so maddening to not be able to use it. There are no instructions on how to get off the tour and just use the thing. I have been working on this for 45 minutes and I'm disgusted

Ask autumn about Pinterest
1 review
1 helpful vote

Pinterest seems to condone pornography. Which I find offensive as I don't want to see full frontal pics of men or women. Yet, when I pin clothes, shoes, handbags, etc., and put the website and price where they can purchase them if interested, I am accused of being a spammer. That is not my intent. If I want to purchase something I see on a pin, I find it helpful but it's not permitted. Yet, if I want to find tons of pics of naked men and women, that is fine. I'm off of Pinterest. It's a piece of crap where people message you whether you like it or not. It was a good idea that has gone out of hand.

Tip for consumers: Don't add a website or price to any products you pin.

Ask Regina about Pinterest
7 reviews
10 helpful votes

Love this site. For someone who is visually stimulated and motivated, Pinterest serves up some spectacular boards with stunning visuals. Post your favorites and share those you find.

Ask NFM about Pinterest
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I used pinterest for promoting my business, but soon i got addicted to it. now i have my own personal profile on pinterest with good number of followers in short span of time. Moreover it is the best way to globally promote your products with beautiful images. you can share your blog and images and easily promote your products and services.

Ask Himanshu about Pinterest
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Pinterest is excellent social-sharing community website,it collects images, videos on any topic, it promotes any personal or business website by sharing your social content with other people in the community and the world. No complains only a "5" star rating!

Ask Reyes about Pinterest
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I love pinterest. There is always something new and interesting to look at. Recipes, cute animal pic, beautiful photographs, home hints and renovating/decorating ideas. I could spend hours scrolling through the pages.

Ask Linda about Pinterest
11 reviews
13 helpful votes

I love pinterest! I use it for almost everything; cooking, baking, hair styles, hair colors, make up, traveling, etc... Best user submitted content ever.

Ask Mackenzie about Pinterest
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I love Pinterest! A family member told me about this site and I've been hooked ever since. It's great for getting ideas about all the details for an event from flower bouquets, outfits, hair, decor, food, etc. Definitely a source for inspiration and tapping into your creative flow for any occasion. You can create multiple boards to organize your "pins" which is a must have for me.

Ask Colleen about Pinterest
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site stole my identity and created a fraudulent account with my name. Their customer service only replied to my requests to have it removed with stock e-mails. It was clear they where not really reading my concerns. Going forward I have nothing good to say about their business practices and will be sure to spread the word. Right after I call my lawyer.

Ask A about Pinterest
10 reviews
8 helpful votes

Love this site. I'm a digital hoarder so I rarely go back and actually use the great material/information I gain, but ONE DAY!
It's a great place to get and share ideas. Very visually stimulating.
I shoulda thought of this....*sigh*

Ask Ashley about Pinterest
5 reviews
4 helpful votes

It is the best place to share something valuable. The interaction among people is also perfect. I can all the news and creative things with this platform.

Ask Martha about Pinterest
3 reviews
103 helpful votes

TO see all the latest thing in this world..and new Top Tourist spot not only in america but around the world.

Ask Matthew about Pinterest
15 reviews
28 helpful votes

Had a Pinterest account for a year for a year or two, closed it recently. Reasons:
1) Not crazy about their data use policies. These guys seem to belong to the Facebook school of privacy, except they're a bit slower. My page was hacked, and as I was looking for info on how to get rid of the account I discovered privacy settings that hadn't been there before. Wonderful.
2) The folks that I knew who were using it seemed to put a lot of junk on their pages. Their recipes/crafts/whatever seemed attractive at first, but gradually seemed to be, well, a lot of crap not worth reading.

Ask Linda about Pinterest
7 reviews
9 helpful votes

1 year since I use it. The main attribute is inspiration, speially for travel. You just go from board to board and can spend hours. I find it much nicer that posting on Facebook..
Plus, I found many small tips & tricks for day to day life!

Ask John about Pinterest
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

I am so addicted to this website, it's amazing. There are so many great ideas that you can find. Anything from recipes, to decorating, to remodeling your house, to diy projects, this will always be my go-to website. I would encourage anyone & everyone to use this amazing site!

Ask Anna about Pinterest
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This is the perfect pictures collections website I saw with many I want. Wow, so so cool for using everyday.

Ask aly about Pinterest
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Awful site. First, it insisted that I signed up for 5 boards, but I was interested in only 1. No one should be forced to sign up for 5 boards (or 4 or 3 or 2) if they are interested in fewer. Second, the layout is confusing - cluttered and no obvious organization. It looks like a collage with no overall impression, except clutter. Third, text when it appears sounds juvenile. Maybe this is fine for teenage girls, but I'm not a kid and find it off-putting.

Ask N about Pinterest
8 reviews
10 helpful votes

Pinterest is awesome. It's like having a bookmark bar except you can add comments and have them neatly organized by their pictures & divided into categories. There are endless tips & ideas especially on ways to decorate your house, make cute diy things, or make healthy, delicious food. I go there all the time for inspiration. Sometimes I get a little too excited and try cooking/making something and fail, but it's fun nonetheless :)

Ask Sarah about Pinterest
1 review
3 helpful votes

The "new" pinterest sucks! Way too busy with worthless annoying crap. When you try to edit, you get an annoying message"oops! Problem on our part." Cute...NOT!
Should have left it the hell alone. HATE IT.

Ask Shelli about Pinterest
14 reviews
0 helpful votes

Love it sooooo much.
There are always easily for me to find charming pictures there.
If I need any picture for an article, I can easily to find a suitable one through Pintrest.
And it is also a good place to share what you like with your friends.
Love it.

Ask zhang about Pinterest
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I like Pinterest because it's easy to organize stuff. However, I find the content being catered to females more especially the health and fitness. I think it's a great site and I enjoy being on it. I just wished there were more male views on the site.

Ask Kevin about Pinterest
14 reviews
18 helpful votes

I'm new to Pinterest and I must say that I'm wowed by it! I love the endless possibilities from pinning your own pictures to pinning from different websites and social media. Another thing that I find great is the ideas! So many people and so many different ideas! I had some trouble in decorating my new home a couple of months ago and I admit I found ideas on Pinterest. I can't give it less than 5 stars since I'm absolutely amazed by the Pinterest world :)

Ask Steven about Pinterest
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been on Pinterest for nearly as long as it's been out to the public. Remember when you needed an invite to even create an account? Right now I have about 15 boards that I actively update and I literally visit my App on my phone daily. Food, design ideas, gardening, hair. The topics are endless! Searching has never let me down and when I'm in a pinch and don't know what to make for dinner, I pull up Pinterest and find the best ideas. Great site for those Suzie Homemakers of the world.

Ask Courtney about Pinterest
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Like this pictures sharing website so much, and can find all fashion items you want from here, it;s a good place to share your picture with other people,

Ask ashley about Pinterest
5 reviews
15 helpful votes

A lot of my friends are on this site. Just joined yesterday and love pinterest so much. So many wonderful pics here , really really beautiful

Ask virgie about Pinterest
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

pinterest is super wonderful website,it collects more and more images including any item and style, also can share my interesting with other people.

Ask mary about Pinterest
11 reviews
11 helpful votes

Love Love Love Pinterest. It's fun, interactive and the best part is getting all your info about the latest fashion trends, decor, cats, make over and fun all at one place. Since i have installed the Pin It button, i can just collect all the awesome stuff i come across online and pin it.. i am so addicted that i sometimes feel like having a Pin It button in my real life so i can remember stuff i see around me!

Ask Janice about Pinterest
11 reviews
5 helpful votes

In addition site has a good rating, easily expand the range of followers.It's great that you can download and comment on videos!

Ask Lilly about Pinterest
1 review
3 helpful votes

I got the worst virus/malware on their site looking at home decor. I did not click on anything except someone's site. I immediately shut down the computer when the screen didn't show what was supposed to be there. When I turned the computer back on I had the FBI virus and lost the use of the computer for 2 days to have the computer people take the virus off. I contacted Pinterest and told them to check my usage history and they would know where the infection came from. They didn't even bother to respond other than an auto mailer. Beware of this site. One click and you will be paying money to get your computer back!

Ask pat about Pinterest
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Love this site. It has so many different interests. It's like an online magazine where you get to pick what you want to look at and read about. The pictures are beautiful and I have used many of the tips on the affiliated blogs.

Ask Ak about Pinterest
12 reviews
24 helpful votes

This site is a endless source of wonderful ireas for anny occasion. I have found their lots of amazing ideas for my sister's wedding, including very nice wedding hair style and many great ideas about wedding photos. Since than I look for inspiration in Pinterest for each holiday, event or just new ideas that come to my mind.

Ask Jinny about Pinterest
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love this wife has made some amazing meals because of it. She is even coming to be with helpful hints and pictures that help with my vintage muscle cars

And yes I'm just reviewing pinterest to get to my 2 reviews

Ask Andrew about Pinterest
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

My friend showed me this site and I am hooked on it. This one and twitter are my favorite. In third is Facebook though I'm getting tired of Facebook already.

Ask Melissa about Pinterest
1 review
0 helpful votes

topSiteJabber is a consumer protection and advocacy service made possible by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation. SiteJabber was named a top 100 site of 2010 by PC Magazine. SiteJabber is a consumer protection and advocacy service made possible by a grant from the US Government's National Science Foundation. SiteJabber was named a top 100 site of 2010 by PC Magazine.

Ask rambo about Pinterest
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

absolutely love browsing this site! I also have the app on my phone to view anytime I want, even better! great pics, styles, crafts, holiday ideas, etc., it has created so many ideas for me and my home.

Ask Michelle about Pinterest
6 reviews
11 helpful votes

This site is amazing, much better design and more thought out than twitter. I can't wait for it to catch on.

Ask Quinn about Pinterest
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I spend a lot of time planning home projects with Pinterest, and I just love it! I get great ideas from others, and I get to save all of my favorite website in one spot. No more bookmarking pages, when I can just upload what I'm looking at to my Pinterest page. Brilliant tool!

Ask Joy about Pinterest
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Pinterest is a site for collecting cool things you've found online and sharing it with friends. It is similar to Tumblr, but it allows you to organize the things you like into sections or boards. There is a feed from your follows, feeds for all the different categories, and a feed from the most popular from all users of Pinterest. Anything can be pinned - categories range from home or weddings to food and fashion. You can personalize your boards to be anything you want, and they're always there to look at later. With the amount of everything on the site, it is incredibly organized, and that's probably my favorite thing about it. And of course, it has a ton of great ideas and is a lot of fun.

Ask Nicole about Pinterest
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

Pinterest is a good way to express creativity and share with friends/strangers ideas or anything cool you may have seen. Although pinterest may seem a little silly or confusing at first, the website actually serves many good purposes. The website is open for viewing but in order to completely participate, one must be 'invited'. While getting invited may take a mere 24 hours, these 24 hours may deter ones interest in the website. Hence, this may be seen as a con. Also, new users may find themselves confused since pinterest is not user friendly and it takes some getting used to.

Ultimately, I think the website's main purpose is to help individuals share ideas and interests with one another, whether recipes, DIY crafts, or decorating. The various options helps this website remain successful and promote its popularity. Personally I use Pinterest, and although not very often, I would recommend it to a friend.

Ask Amelia about Pinterest
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Pinterest is a really fun pin board website that allows you to pin different websites and pictures and arrange them into boards. This technique is really useful because it keeps your ideas and interest organized and in one place. On Pinterest you can create your own boards, as well as see others boards, which can be very useful when searching for pins that interest you. Pinterest has many different categories such as food, art, home decor, and DIY projects. I love getting on Pinterest to find DIY present ideas. The website is easy to use and has some very useful features. One feature that I specifically like is that each pin has a link to the original website which can be very helpful with the DIY projects or food recipes. One con about the website is that in order to create a Pinterest you have to receive an invitation. This can be a little annoying because it takes a couple of days to process, but it is worth the wait. I would recommend Pinterest to anyone, I have even got my mother hooked.

Ask Emily about Pinterest
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. You can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.
This tool is very effective not only for the fun aspect of every day life but also as a future teacher this website gives me ideas for the classroom. It is very easy to use. The boards are easy to pin stuff and nothing is too complicated. The pros about this website are the fact that people have such amazing ideas that they want to share with others that it makes it easy for others to access it. The con to it is that the first time users it can be confusing but once you get the hang of it everything becomes easier. The purpose of this website is to show off things you have found on the Internet for others to use. I would most definitely recommend this website to a friend.

Ask Paige about Pinterest

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Q: I'm looking for someone who could give me a reason why I don't get pins from other people through my email anymore? I get pins because I see them on my page. Let me ask..... is this something that everyone is having trouble with? I've reported it and the only thing they say is that they can't find where I'm registered. I've been on pinterest nearly two years now, and the past 2 months, no emails. I'm pretty disgusted. I shouldn't have to start all over and lose all my pins!
I love pinterest!
Thanks for any help, Marsha
A: I loved Pinterest until I became a member of a Group Board. Suddenly I have 10,000 PLUS pins on that board alone and I don't even LIKE it!!! I only know ONE other pinner, whom I have chosen to follow, on that board. I am trying desperately to delete that board and if I can't get it done soon, I am going to drop Pinterest.

Please someone tell me how to delete the board. The instructions as to how this is done are not applicable. I've been everywhere on Pinterest looking for a "delete board" button and cannot find it.

Seriously. Going crazy here.

Thanks! abby
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