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48 reviews
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48 Reviews From Our Community

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PHPjabbers have some of the best scripts on the market. (in 31 reviews)


Stivasoft is one of the best web development companies I have worked with. (in 14 reviews)


My business depends on my clients and how happy they are with the service they receive. (in 9 reviews)

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1 review
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We have been using PHPJabbers scripts since 2011 when we bought the Property Listing script. It has been running without a glitch since then and just this last month we purchased the Bus reservations script. We are very happy with the script and the support we receive. Every question is answered promptly and all issues sorted out and I have to point out these issues were not script related but they still helped us resolve it every time.
I can definitely recommend using PHPjabbers.

Ask Martha about PHPJabbers
1 review
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I have been using Phpjabbers PHP Scripts since November 2010. Over the past six years we have built our business on the great foundation that their scripts provide for our clients. Not only are their scripts very affordable but so is the customization that they provide, making our final design an asset to our clients.

One of our clients had been using their Pet Listing script for their rescue operation, besides helping senior dogs in finding their forever homes, donations and promoting their annual live and silent auction brings in over $100,000.00 USD every year.

Offering quality scripts and service you want Phpjabbers on your side!

Ask Gordon about PHPJabbers
1 review
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I purchased the Job Script from phpjabbers,com. I am limited in coding experience and little to none in php and javascript. I have designed and developed a few websites, but that deals with html and css. Very different languages. I was apprehensive about purchasing this product because I knew nothing about the company. I did see a few reviews that weren't positive, but the fact that there weren't but just a few, I felt the person giving the review must not understand the product very well, or there should be more negative reviews. I took a chance and made the purchase. I did spend several days reading everything I could on their website because I didn't know php. By following their instructions I was able to load the product on my website without any issues. I did have a problem with the page not showing the script, so I submitted a support ticket. Within the hour, Maya explained that the page was saved with the html extension and needs to be saved with the php extension. The coding was correct. I simply saved the page with the php extension and the product worked perfectly. From purchase to install, even with my issue, the process to less than two hours. That included me setting up the necessary mysgl database, user name, password, etc. So yes, I know this company is an A+ rated company! Their product works exactly how they state on their website. I am definitely buying other scripts from this company. Their products are fantastic and their custom service is EXCELLENT! They were very fast with their responses and right on the money. I never spent any additional money, other than the cost of the product. Thank you PHPJabbers! Doing business with you was a great experience.

Tip for consumers: I didn't have anything shipped and not returning anything, so that's why I didn't rate them.

Ask Daniel about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am an entrepreneur with little or no knowledge on programing nor scripts.
I have bought two scripts, a Review Script and a Store Locatión Script for a new project.
The products are great at a reasonable price that allows us entrepreneurs to pursue our dreams with accessibility to top notch products and constant after sales service.
They have gave me the confidence to bring to life great ideas and this confidence is also passed to my clients.
Thanks for everything PHPJabbers also STIVA SOFT

Ask Moises about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

My overall experiences with PHPjabbers over many years had been excellent until recently. NO THEY ARE NOT A RIPOFF......If you purchase one of their scripts and
need simple modifications you're in good hands with PHPjabbers. Run from them on development outside of this, if time is a consideration, this is not the right company for you. For people to state that negative reviews are erroneous is pure ignorance. No company can please everyone..Your experience is your experience. If you want to determine what this company is great for, look at the positive reviews, to find what they cannot do or not good at look at the negative reviews.You will note that all ofnthe negative feedback express similar complaints.. It depends on the complexity of the modifications needed.There is nothing they cannot do, they have the skills and talents. How they go about it and the time they take is a different .. The most honest statement made is that they do ñot thoroughly test their work - they leave that up to you which is very.ry time consuming when you do find the flaws.....I would encourage anyone to use them for their off the shelf scripts and modification up to 100.00. Beyond that they become too careful and tentative and the job turns into message after message after message each of which takes days and months to resolve. My most recent job is almost 4 months overdue.

Ask TEM about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am a seasoned web developer and so I am familiar with the level of service and the false claims made by company's on their websites. However I am impressed with the cost and the level of service I got from the PHP Jabbers staff. I bought a script and they made several custom modifications. This 1 off developer time modification is usually very expensive if it is available. They were quick and at a reasonable price.

Ask Robert about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've had more than one occasion to use PHP Jabbers scripts and support, and I am beyond happy with both! Their scripts are very reasonably priced, their service is fast and reliable, and their support will blow your mind with their knowledge and expertise! I give them my 100% recommendation!

Ask Jamie about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

Very reliable trustworthy and speedy company. They really are miracle workers, saved my company more than once.

Ask Fionnlagh about PHPJabbers
1 review
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I did buy several software packages/scripts and they all working perfectly. Having a question or a small modification? No problem, they help you within a few hours!

Thanks to them my business is growing!
Thanks Phpjabbers !

Ask emile about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

PHP Jabbers are as the Tina Turner song goes "Simply the Best - better than all the rest".
I have used their services for nearly 7 years and I have no hesitation in recommending their products (scripts) and their support which is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

Ask Graham about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

The PHPJabber Availability Calendar was the almost perfect solution I was looking for and with the help of Aneta and Maya it become the perfect solution for my website. They modified the calendar to look, fit and act just the way I wanted to blend into my website. I will be looking to add iCal live updating in the future and look forward to working with PHPJabbers again.

Tip for consumers: I live in the EST (GMT -5 hours) Time Zone, so the time difference seemed to make communication a little slow, but replies were alway promt when we could sync times.

Ask Travis about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

Thank you very much for your support, you guys have been very professional and help through the process installing and customizing my script. I would highly recommend you to any one that wants to use your scripts.
Best Regards,

Ask Ema about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

Had some issues with a script they were able to help me rectify the issues almost immediately. glad to have them as part of my team. Thanks again Php jabbers,


Ask Ruben about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

The script does exactly what it says and more!
The support system is truly professional and extremely fast.
They answered immediately all my tickets even though i am an amateur and my code knowledge is below average.
Honestly, i will recommend Phpjabbers as i have by far the most positive experience working with them.
Professional, fast, great support, really excellent script.

Ask Panagiotis about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have to say you people are UNREAL in your support I have tried many shopping cart scripts which is all too difficult for my clients to use, Yours is the best and your support OUT OF THIS WORLD.... I THANK YOU... I will only be using your scripts from now on and recommend everyone to use it!!


Ask Paula about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I use now their products for some months and until now I am very satisfied. I like their multi-langauge options a lot and their scripts have a good price. The support is very fast, in most cases you get an answer in 15-30 min. They offer adjustments for a good but sometimes also a little too high price in our point of view. We made some changes, some by ourself and some with extern developers. (For example: We want to update the Responsive file manager which is integrated in the Simple CMS editor, which is an open source component with a commercial licence. Php Jabbers offer was 120$ for this, the developer who developed the responsive file manager ( updated it for us for 80€)

We always try to modify their scripts by ourselves, but if we once do not get the desired result, we always know that they will do it for us.

I also have to say that the support of phpJabbers also helped us solving a problem which we produced when we changed their scripts. So I only can recommend them.

Ask Claude about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a customer of since 2007 and have always had great after sales service ever since that time. The scripts are excellent and very intuitive to use. Any problems I have ever had have been fixed within 24 hours. If all the companies I deal with were like this one I would have no complaints.
These guys and continually on the ball and update scripts taking into account suggestions from their clients.
I have just purchased their Newsletter script - how easy is this to use. Importing clients is a breeze and setting up your newsletters couldn't be easier. Also a very simple process to limit the number of newsletters per hour so as not to upset your ISP. Great script and so cheap.

Ask Alan about PHPJabbers
1 review
0 helpful votes

I use many different PHPJabbers-scripts for years successfully and I like the scripts.
The scripts are easy to implement in websites and can be easily adapted to the layout of the website.
As a small web-agency I work mainly for SME companies that usually have only small budget for their website. Thanks to the reasonable prices of PHPJabbers-scripts I can also fulfill the desires of this customer segment.
Sometimes I have special requests in form of additional features, then this extra wishes are done well and quickly and inexpensively! This is very, very rarely ...!
If I have questions about the script or desired changes, then I have a competent contact with the support. I have already written to the support at any day- or night-time and have got an answer always (!!!) in a very short time (!!!). Also this benefit you will find very, very rarely ...!
My clients and I are very happy with PHPJabbers and can only recommend this company with these scripts...!
Many thanks and keep up your great service!

Ask Walter about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

Agree with a few others about this company. PHP JABBERS is a complete waste of space and anyone can do better by downloading a free copy of WordPress and some free plug-ins also
0 / 10

Ask iain about PHPJabbers
1 review
5 helpful votes

PHPjabbers have some of the best scripts on the market. I have been using some of their scripts and they all do what they says. Nothing is ever too complicated with them.

Anyway, if you need a script packed with many features, look everywhere else. For me a simple software solution needs to be cut loose of necessary features. Only a few companies nowadays can make off-the-shelf software solution that are not too complicated and full of unwanted features. And such a software is very expensive. I personally prefer PHPjabbers for my script needs. Their scripts are always greatly simple, straightforward and affordable.

Ask jeff about PHPJabbers
1 review
7 helpful votes

Hi,Just felt need to drop you a line and express my appreciation, Many Thanks to all team for the nice professional approach in terms of support they provide.

I am planning to purchase some other produtcs of them.


Ask Murat about PHPJabbers
1 review
5 helpful votes

Good support and software. I have nothing to complain. I purchased a few scripts from the site. I had to have one of them customized, so I asked the staff to do it for me. Their prices are competitive and the support is good.
Overall, I am very satisfied and would work with these guys again in future.

Tip for consumers: Be aware of the additional costs if you need a script customized by them.

Ask A about PHPJabbers
1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased the Booking Calendar script which takes online payment via paypal and credit cards etc - which on its own, is already a great script that works extremely well and represents good value for money (compared to some of the estimates I received from odesk). But the service was also 2nd to none.
Installation was just a couple of clicks which required no knowledge and out-of-the-box it has many tweaks that you can implement to suit your purpose.
I contacted them for a couple of additional modifications to the script and daily I had replies from a knowledgeable guy called Kosta.
For anyone thinking about purchasing - do it - if you find a script cheaper elsewhere it is probably stolen!

Ask mick about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

I cannot praise this company hghly enough. At first I was sceptical about using scripts from other companies however from the onset phpjabbers support was and still is outstanding.
They have produced bespoke scripts and I have purchased several others from them. They really worked with me to produce what I required for websites from booking scripts to photo galleries. Nothing was too much trouble.
Response time is excellent and at time phpjabbers responded over the weekend which is exceptional service.
I would recommend phpjabbers services to anyone looking for a professional design and php coding organisation.
I continue to use thier services.

Ask Les about PHPJabbers
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have to start from the beginning on this one. I am a web and graphic designer. I have some clients that own various hotels, who were in a time crunch, and were looking for a hotel booking script with great design and functionality. When I came across PHP Jabbers, I have to admit I was a little bit weary of grabbing a script off of their site.. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! My clients loved the script and wanted to expand on it and add all sorts of customization, tweaks, you name it - real real picky clients. Through out the entire 8 month now long process, Sasho and his team have been there for me throughout the entire journey. Their support and patience is honestly leaps and bounds beyond what I would ever image or dream of. I work with various designers, techies, and programmers all the time and I have to say that this experience with PHP Jabbers has to be one of the most favourable (by a long shot) I have had to date. All in all, if you have a project that can utilize their scripts and want fantastic support along with it, you have found the right place! Many thanks again PHP Jabbers!

Big shout out to Sasho for all your help and patience man!

Ask Brendan about PHPJabbers
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought their ticket booking script and it was really well made. Did some minor customization to it to better suit our needs. Came up with a new feature I really wanted for the booking system so I contacted their support. For a low cost they modified the scripts perfectly to my liking and it was practically done over night.
Excellent customer support!

Ask Erik about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I needed an effective software solution for a complete revamp of my seven websites. Phpjabbers' scripts worked well and are very easy to understand. I had a few adjustments and customizations made by the company to make it do what I needed. It was less expensive than some other options available on the market and holds up well. Generally, I would recommend to others that script provider and web development services.

Kelly J.-Jacksonville, Florida

Ask Kelly about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is the first time I had bought a script from Phpjabbers and I can assure you it will not be the last. There script is superb one of the best things I loved about it was to edit the countries section of the Job Board I bought to Locations.

You didn't have to go through all the coding and make a dozen changes like you do with most scripts they have a system in place for things like that, they really did put a lot of time, effort and care when they built their scripts.

There customer service is breathtaking they are really quick to respond to your needs and even quicker to get things sorted for you. Really nice and easy to work with.

I have built many websites in the past and used many scripts and I can honestly say in future I will look no further than Phpjabbers as people I have worked with before have left me waiting for days and sometimes even unsure how to make changes to their script (unbelievable) with Phpjabbers it is fast, easy and reliable.

I never ever give 5 star ratings to anything as there is always a little niggle somewhere however here is my first 5 star rating because these guys are an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't tell you enough how good their customer service is.

Should you use PhpJabbers. YES do NOT look anywhere else you may have to wait for responses have frustrating conversations and waste the time you are being paid for, with Phpjabbers you won't have any of that just some good scripts with an easy install and the best customer service I have ever come across.

Thanks guys for all your work you have been superb and as I said I will be working with your products very soon in the future.

Ask Shane about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

My business depends on my clients and how happy they are with the service they receive. I always welcome constructive feedback but compliments are a very rare thing to receive. That is why whenever I receive a great service I take the time to write a positive review where possible.

My experience with Stivasoft is one such interaction that I thought deserved a positive review. My clients look to me for their website needs and sometimes I need to seek the third party scripts to deliver those requirements. Delivering a first-class service to my clients is something that I pride myself on and so any third party company I enlist the help of need to deliver an equally sterling service.
I have a number of criteria that the external party must satisfy and price is obviously a factor. However I used to expect that a low price would also lead to a poor after-sales service. This belief does indeed manifest itself in certain circumstances but in the case of Stivasoft it couldn’t be further from the truth.
My initial request was for Stivasoft to help me implement an online room reservation system for a client of mine. Their prices were more than competitive. Needless to say I was slightly dubious about how good they would be but decided to employ their services nonetheless.
The installation process went smoothly and using their instructions I was able to do most of the work myself. This was a very positive factor in itself, as it meant that I would be in a better position to support my client going forward. I must admit that I rolled my eyes when the system didn’t work exactly as I expected after its implementation but Stivasoft technical support was superb.
Now, when I say the system didn’t work, I mean that my client was unable to upload images of the rooms afterwards. I immediately turned to Stivasoft’s technical support team and was expecting to be in for a long wait to get the issue resolved. In fact, quite the opposite was true. The issue was resolved very quickly The problem was with the file permissions and when they changed them everything was perfect - the pictures uploaded successfully.

I cannot emphasise how SEAMLESS the service from Stivasoft has been and I would not hesitate to RECOMMEND them to other people!!!!!


Ask Andy about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

Thank you for providing professional quality scripts. I am using the Time Slots Booking Calendar. The whole process, from purchase to support questions, is user friendly and just plain works. I had an issue that prevented the script from working completely. Support was always quick to answer and found that I had conflicting email addresses in my PayPal account. My rating for StivaSoft is A+++ and I would recommend their products to my colleagues and friends.

Ask Mike about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

The team at Stivasoft have helped me to transform my website and put my business on an equal footing with my competitors. The standard software packages are excellent and very competitively priced. The support team are very quick and responsive and helped me with minor modifications. I thank them and can't rate them highly enough

Ask Roger about PHPJabbers
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a project running @ StivaSoft which was handled in a very professional way.
The interaction with the developers through their ticket system was very clear and outstanding in a way of translating the requirements in to a sophisticated and efficient tool.

Their response was quick and clear. I am a happy customer and will get back to StivaSoft!

Ruud Wiering | GreenApples | Netherlands

Ask Ruud about PHPJabbers
1 review
4 helpful votes

Simply great team, professional work, affordable prices, can't ask for more!!! Stivasoft is one of the best web development companies I have worked with. The team is very helpful, and their Phpjabbers' scripts are more than great. I love working with these guys and they are very knowledgeable. They have always been very patient with me and did exactly what I asked them to do. Many thanks to Maria, Maya, Kosta and the rest of the team that are always there for me.

I really appreciate all the help and will definitely be back for more scripts.

Ask Paul about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have worked with the jabbers extensively over the past few years, and my review is mixed. I am a website designer but I don't script everything. The jabbers produce incredibly cheap basic software packages that probably do 70% of what you want but they always lack some aspect for which they invite you to get them to customize the product for you at a cost. This can be a small price $50 or much higher $600. I have found that their communication is good, they always get back to you, but they take a whole day to make a reply. This may not sound much but when you ask a question one day, and they then reply the next day with "what do you mean?" and you reply to clarify etc this very slow conversation can go on literally for months before you get a change made in the script. When they make a change in the script they "NEVER" test it, they let you test it and when it has a problem (and it always does have a problem) you enter into this slow daily comment conversation explaining what the problem is (which always seems to take about 5 days) then they work on the script, say it has been checked, but when you test it there is a different problem. This can go on for weeks until it works properly. Which by the time you have just about torn your hair out starts to work. So the jabbers are great if you have a small budget and lots of time and patience. Seriously, if you lack patience then don't work with them. They will drive you mad. Also they cannot work on more than one problem at a time, so when you get your modified script and it has 5 faults in it, I have learned if I want to remain sane (and this may not be the case as i have worked with them for years now) to just tackle one problem at a time until it is sorted. Its just chaos dealing with more than one issue at a time.
I have now had many bespoke changes to scripts and when they work it is great, quite often I have found this to be the way to get the perfect script that does just what I wanted, but I pay for it in more than $'s. I am sure they are knocking years off my life in frustration. If I could change just 1 single thing about the Jabbers that would make them fantastic ??? If only they thoroughly tested the script before they pass it over to you. I'm afraid this NEVER happens and you become the test dummy, and more often than not that's exactly how I feel "dummy".
At the moment they are working on 2 scripts for me, one has cost $300 the other just over $400, at home to get this script made You would add a zero to the end of those figures, so they are cheap, but when I count up the time spent in testing their code and conversing with them sometimes I wish I had paid the extra cost. BUT and this is where the nub is:- I'm a skinflint, I am always seduced by their low cost and think "this time it will be different" I even have a conversation at the beginning - are you sure you will check the script thoroughly before you pass it over to me? - I always get the same reply "we always thoroughly test our script before you get it" and I think, here we go again, take the calm pills and lets go for it. A few months later I will be a quivering wreck thinking "why did I believe them?" I knew they would be exactly the same, very polite but very very incredibly very frustrating.

Ask V about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes

Thanks, your member login is wonderful, thank you for installation, and friendly team and help.

Ask Mattia about PHPJabbers
1 review
2 helpful votes

StivaSoft is a great company. I am pleased with their products, services, support and prices. The prices are even underestimated for such quality products, you may be now restricted with the domain names but you get a lifetime license for a 5-star product with no recurring fees, no monthly/yearly subscription. What's the fuss?

Recently I have upgraded to the Vacation Rental version 3.0 and I am more than impressed with the updates. I had the previous version of the script but haven't used it till now. I got the upgraded user version for free and definitely can say it's worth buying the developer license (especially with the discount Stivasoft provided me).

It's a pretty simple script, easy to use and it's a great module if you build extensive business system. It could be integrated easily with other applications and the open source feature gives you the ability to build over the script.

I had a small issue with the installation and contacted the support team for help. I sent them my server details (no worries, at all!). Few hours latter I received a message from them telling me that the script had been installed. Another issue I had with the database also was solved in a few hours.

Also not even once I was asked to pay more than the script price. Definitely 5 stars for this company!

Ask Sam about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have asked PHPJabbers to upgrade their restaurant booking script for me (I want some additions).
So far, they couldn't have been prompter or more professional.
VASTLY better than any other software company I've dealt with.

Ask Duncan about PHPJabbers
1 review
3 helpful votes
3/26/13 was a great script company
until 2-1-2013 when they changed their
Developers License Agreement

NEW Developer License Changes
as of 2-1-2013
- No Longer Unlimited Installs
- Developer License restricted to 5 installs
- Must purchase additional developer licenses
- Software 'must be emailed registered’
- Includes a remote KILL Switch via
their server for non registered installs

If Stiva/
(or they go out of biz)
ALL your scripts will stop working.

view NEW Developer License terms:

Ask josh about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I run a small web design business in thenUK and decided to purchase the developer version of the Event Booking Script, Initially I received errors on the install pointing to the syntax of mysql, after several attempts that all failed and no luck finding a solution on Google I sent an email to StivaSoft asking for help and advice, I included my server details so that they could simply check the settings, 4 hours later I had a reply to say that it had been successfully installed for me, that to me is beyond any level of customer service that I was expecting and not something I had asked them to do,
Once I'd configured the look and layout I ran the site through w3C validation and the only errors were in the stylesheet link to the script files and the script link description in the body where the calendar was to be placed, once again an email to StivaSoft and the problem was solved ( in both cases the "&" character in the links needed to be "&") such a simple fix and once again StivaSoft supplied the answer within a couple of hours, the moral of the story here has to be that nothing is ever perfect and it is what is done to rectify a problem that indicates whether a service is good and a company can be relied upon, I for sure will come to you guys 1st next time,

As a side note not once has anyone suggested to me that I need to pay anymore than I did originally, Once again thanks to Mark, Maya and the team for an excellent experience.

I'd take with a pinch of salt the bad reviews on here, clearly they are the competition, and can't conduct themselves in a manner that is above the level of the gutter.

Ask Ian about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am extremely impressed with Stivasoft services! I've used a variety of StivaSoft products and I find the instructions very easy to follow. The software interfaces are easy and intuitive, and I appreciate how customizable each product is. One more thing is that I can't say enough about, is the support I've received from Stivasoft. Each time I've opened a support ticket (even on a Sunday afternoon) I not only got an immediate response, but my inquiries/issues have been completely resolved within a matter of minutes. I heartily recommend Stivasoft!!

Ask Kevin about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've used PHPjabbers and Stivasoft for two years now and can completely attest to their superb service and resources. After reading the previous negative postings, I'm beginning to consider that they were more the problem, not PHPjabbers. Though I have very limited knowledge of html/php programming, I have received nothing but professional, courteous, and VERY prompt replys anytime I've posted an issue.

Their prices are more than reasonable (if not crazy good deals) and their products are spot on! When I changed my mind on something I needed, it was no concern - they switched gears and moved ahead.

When I read such clearly negative reviews as previously posted, I am always skeptical. Go onto the PHPjabbers website and read the overwhelmingly positive testimonials, I'm certain you will agree the few disparaging remarks here are from the far end of the bell curve.

Thanks again Stivasoft and PHPjabbers!

Ask Curtis about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would like to say that and StivaSoft services always exceed my expectations.

I've been not only a long time customer who was able to experience the big growth that the company is going through because of their great products and customer support, but a loyal client. Why? because they have transmitted me security and confident for every single of my projects. And most important, they have delivered my products as I expected them.

I have done many projects with them, from few bucks scripts to Thousands of Dollars customized programming, and they have totally performed.

If you are looking for a truthful company to work on your scripts projects, do not look any further.

Yes, you must send them a detailed explanation of all your requirements, I even draw pictures of how I want everything to look, but this is necessary so they can program your script just the way you like it. Once you receive your product, you can run a test and check for any issues. Unless you are asking for something that was not discussed at the beginning, they will fix any issue for you at NO extra charge.

They are just Great!

Ask Redmonkie about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

After reading the last few comments I'm very surprised to hear that they had such terrible issues with phpjabbers/Stivasoft.

These negative comments do NOT reflect the experience that I have had dealing with them, in fact quite the opposite.

I have purchased the Event Booking Calendar, Availability Booking Calendar, Simple CMS and Contact Form Generator. All of which were high quality scripts that did exactly what they said they did.

I required some customization on the Event Booking Calendar with an extra payment gateway to be added. They quoted an extremely affordable customization price and delivered the changed script within the timeline stated by them.

It's not often these days that you come across a company like Stivasoft that actually take pride in their customer service. Their after sales support and care has been exceptional. Messages are replied to within hours and any problems (which were of my own doing) taken care of . Stivasoft have exceeded my expectations, with both products and services they provided.

I would not hesitate in using them again!

Ask Caroline about PHPJabbers
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would like to make some comments of my experience with PHP Jabbers & StivaSoft.

I purchase my first calendar script from them in 2007 and since have become a consistent client.

I develop websites for small businesses.

StivaSoft is my largest supplier of scripts and related services. I own a majority of their scripts and have had custom work done to many of them to meet my clients needs.

When asked by my clients if what they want is possible, I always indicate that up to date StivaSoft has never told me no... they always figure out a solution.

StivaSoft also has created specialized scripts for me outside their product line. Some very basic and some very large (one being a very complicated real time booking system between Canada wide independant Auto Body Repairs Shops and Nation Wide Insurance Companies! - of which both are giving rave reveiws)

Because StivaSoft, in effect, represents my work to my clients, I am very concerned about turn around time of work required, quality of work, flexibility in requests and pricing. So far StivaSoft makes me LOOK GOOD!

I am very happy with StivaSoft. I am in constant contact with Veselin, Sasho, Kosta and others (usually daily) and to date I've never had an issue that couldn’t be resolved. I also appreciate that whatever my concerns are I can openly discuss.

StivaSoft is a class act.

To be clear, I have no financial interest in StivaSoft or any business affiliation other than I am their customer.

My recommendation is to not worry about utilizing the products and services offered by StivaSoft of any of their affiliate companies.

If you wish to view some of their work in action or wish to ask me specific questions about them feel free to visit – my contact info is there.

A big thank you to StivaSoft... you are my problem solvers!!

Ask Cliff about PHPJabbers
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I've just read the entries on this site concerning , and that then refers to the parent site at .
I'm a small website designer based in Australia, and I seriously think that the comments posted here are totally incorrect.
I have been using the scripts supplied by both phpjabbers and stivasoft for the last 5 years, and the scripts and service and support is nothing short of sensational.
I have had to contact both companies with my customisations for scripts designed to suit my client's needs and have NEVER had a problem with either phpjabbers or stivasoft. I have given them ftp access to make several changes to scripts that needed tweaking, and the job has been done in a professional manner and on time. I have had one on one contact with not only the Design Managers, Kosta and Sasho, but also with the CEO, Veselin Stoilov. There is no better association with a company on the other side or the world than to be able to begin a support query with "Hi Veselin ", and then have that request answered by the CEO.Same goes with both Kosta and Sasho. Due to the time difference between Australia and Bulgaria, some times I have had to burn the midnight oil so that I can deliver the result to my clients on time, but hey you get that !
Some of my required customizations have taken a lot of support requests to sort out, but the end result has always been great. I cannot recommend them highly enough, seriously ! The value for money of a developer script that can be designed for each client's website is something that no other script company supplies.
I am more than confident too supply my client's site ftp details to either phpjabbers or stivasoft for any alterations that are required for their scripts.
Both phpjabbers and stivasoft have allowed me to gain more website clients and at a cost effective price than any other similar company out there on the Internet.
I am stunned by the posts, seriously, both companies are just the best source of scripts !
I will continue to use them at every opportunity.
I have more than 30 clients websites that have their scripts running on their sites, and all are much more than happy with the results.
I would not bother to go anywhere else for customizable website scripts.

Ask Ian about PHPJabbers
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This company is a RIP OFF! Do NOT use this company for anything! They take your money and do not give you what you pay for. I paid them $600 to change scripts and they ended up with errors on several parts. I would ask them to fix one part and they would send me files for complete different section (which I didn't even ask for). They do NOT have it together! Every time I would ask them to change it again, they would ask for more money every time...
They also take FOREVER to get anything done. If you want to get something done, this is NOT the place you want to go! Find someone else who knows what they are doing...

Ask travis about PHPJabbers
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This company is a complete waste of web space never do business with this company if you care about yourself and your client and you don't want to waste time, money or get headaches. I had to fix errors in their script that they made up excuses about. Paid them to fix other errors in other scripts and they fixed it improperly every time so I had to move on to another company.

If you are okay with wasting money then do business with them but take my advice don't let them fool you. They are some of the worst programmers I've come in contact with. I wish I had listen to the many horror reviews out their it would save me a lot of money.

I had other problems similar to the page this guy wrote:

In my opinion they are a scam they sell you a broken script and then charge you to fix it. In all my reviews I've never had to give a 1 star rating I always try to see the best in a company but I can't see myself giving them a 2 star rating. I wish their was a half star rating or a no star rating that would better suit this company.

On their site they claim to be a huge company but in fact they are not a huge company they are a small fry in a big basket. After this experience I've decided since I already have most of the knowledge necessary to write php or JavaScript applications I will start up my own software store and sell legitimate scripts.

Ask Champ about PHPJabbers
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This is a strange company. Advertise as a script supporting company with unrealistic prices. It banner advertise itself as Stiva Soft Ltd. Is this a UK registered company. It is not. Checked UK company house.

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A: Gary, we already replied to your ticket explaining that the delay was caused due to the fact that for the last 3 days you did not reply to our question and you also sent wrong login details for your server! Anyway, as discussed in the support ticket everything is all set now. Please, use the support ticket to communicate with us, that's the fastest possible way!
6 days ago
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