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50 reviews
Categories: Cats, Dogs, Pets
Checkerboard Square
St. Louis, MO 63164
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I just recently purchased a dog from Sunset Acres Kennels in Butler, MO. (in 27 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I have inquired about dogs on this sight several times and never heard back from anyone other than somebody in Texas. It's a bit confusing to understand where these dogs actually are being fostered. I want to meet a dog before I adopt. I did get wise finally and just looked on the drop-down list of rescue organizations and shelters in my area and started looking there, but even then I still have gotten very few responses. These rescue animals need loving homes, so I don't understand the lack of responses. I would not recommend just browsing on Petfinder, if anything find your local rescue groups and go that route.

Ask Elisabeth about Petfinder
19 reviews
0 helpful votes

Petfinder connected me to a lot of people who were exploiting the site to find out information about me and where i lived. It was really awful. Please don't use it as this site is not unsafe by itself but it is full of unsafe people.

Ask Kate about Petfinder
8 reviews
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Ask Chris about Petfinder
11 reviews
1 helpful vote

I found my girl Sophie on Petfinder. I would recommend it as the first place to go when looking for a companion animal. It has easy search options. Just key in your location, what type of creature you're looking for, breed, gender, age, size, optional questions are does your home have cats/dogs/children.
Then the site filters through and presents you with a photo album of animals who might fit the profile you've created. It's wise to record maybe four possibilities. Also remember that some shelters won't have an animal filed by name. Definitely have any case numbers as well.
I feel it's also good to have several options so you can make a better choice. You only know if a creature is a good fit for you by meeting them. Not just from an online description. An example, I was taken by a photo of a male dog at a local shelter. When I actually met him he was much larger than his picture suggested.
They also hadn't mentioned his tendency to hump humans. He was so wound up he ripped my jacket as I tried to snap on his leash. Sadly I had the warden take him back to his kennel. The story ended happy though...The pup in the next cage turned out to be a winner and has been with us for four years now.

Ask P about Petfinder
1 review
0 helpful votes

How can you adopt a dog when the shelter is in Vermont (close to my home) and the dog is still in Texas?
Found out when I requested a visit.
To add insult to injury I was told that there would be 2-3 applications
considered. Guess what? Don't you think that an application from a neighboring state to Texas would have more chance than me? I would think so. Just in terms of saving the transport cost to New England. No thanks, I'll adopt from my local shelter.

Ask Lyse about Petfinder
9 reviews
5 helpful votes

Great easy to use site to help connect people find their perfect pet. Love this site. Recommend it all the time.

Ask Laura about Petfinder
1 review
0 helpful votes

They Suck No Customer Service !! We tried to adopt a pet from them & we just went to
Santa Cruz and Adopted a dog !!!
We filled out forms @ emailed into them & No Phone # to call & talk to any one !!!
We sent pictures of inside and outside got static about fence height
They are terrible to work with !!!

Ask paul about Petfinder
14 reviews
20 helpful votes

Petfinder is an inexpensive way some reputable shelters use to get animals adopted. That said, I wouldn't recommend using Petfinder to contact the shelter or to apply unless you don't want to be seriously considered. I can see the shelter's point of view - on the internet, no one knows if you are a dog. If you serious about adopting, then go to the shelter when they are open and talk to the volunteers, meet the animal, and if you are match then you'll have a new addition to your home. For all you know, there will be a better fit for your family at the shelter that was NOT on petfinder. That's what it's all about - family.

Ask Theresa about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

I want to adopt two kitten/cats, found a perfect pair through Petfinder. One of the directors from the charities conducted a phone interview with me, asking all sort of questions to assure that I would be a good cats adopter. She told me that I would be a good cat Mom and asked me to fill out an application form. One day after, she called me back and told me that her manager denied my application because I did not answer the question the way they wanted. (Are you kidding!!!!) She then told me that she has no power to make decision. What a joke.

Ask Mimi about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ridiculous expectations, Inquiries not responded to. Rude foster owners. You could have a child with less expectations. I've had pets my whole life and never had such a crazy experience. I will start looking for breeders but feel bad that I couldn't adopt a dog that needs a home now. What a waste of time.

Ask Lori about Petfinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm so sorry to have to get to this point, to have to write such a bad review after the deplorable circumstances.
My husband and I were approved to adopt a very sweet looking puppy. When we were squaring things away for the delivery, to our surprise we were hit with an email by this woman, who has the power to denied adoption, playing with our feelings and for the best interest of the puppy to have a loving, caring family.
She accommodated, constantly, to her needs, and sympathized with the lady who supposed to deliver the puppy. Never show interest in working with us.
I tried repeatedly to get in touch with someone. I do understand this is Christmas time, but will like a call from corporate, or someone.
I have all the mails to prove how sour and heartless this woman from Kentucky is. She abuse of her powers, judging us, and insinuating we were not telling the truth.
She obviously has a total lack of communication skills.

Ask Grace about Petfinder
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

Just love to browse Petfinder where you can find any type of pet you are looking for.

Ask Connie about Petfinder
1 review
1 helpful vote


Ask james about Petfinder
11 reviews
0 helpful votes

We found our Rotti here and have had him for almost 8 years now! I totally recommend this site!

Ask johanna about Petfinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

Find the process takes so long, have not heard back for the Ferry Dog Mothers in a bit. I think this discourages people from adopting dogs through these foster homes. Started Sept 29 and still do not know if I get the dog . Or even had a home visit set up.

Ask Deborah about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

I wrote to pet finder numerous times with no answer what so ever ..

Ask Judy about Petfinder
19 reviews
10 helpful votes

nice and clean shop

Ask glorietta about Petfinder
22 reviews
8 helpful votes

I always check Petfinder when I'm looking for a companion animal to adopt. I like being able to search by geographic area as well as by pet type. I rely on Petfinder.

Ask Donna about Petfinder
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

They help you find shelters nearby to adopt loving animals in need of homes.

Ask Haley about Petfinder
1 review
5 helpful votes

On petfinder you cannot:
search by key words in descriptions like "mellow" or "fluffy"
exclude a breed or breeds from a search
sort the results by oldest or newest listings
exclude or include listings that specify things like "must own a house with yard"
exclude or include listings where the dog is being transported hundreds of miles

There are two main issues--one, the data collected from the shelters is pretty spotty. Some shelters enter descriptions that are, well, descriptive. other shelters copy and paste the same thing every time. Although petfinder attempts to offer a filter for "kids in home", shelters provide poor data so that you will still get tons of results for "cannot have kids". This is not entirely the developers' fault, though they could validate and enforce some aspects of the data coming in.
The other problem is just that there really is not much development gone into this site. Why not have the descriptions indexed for searching by key phrases? Why not put a posted date on each listing?
This site could be amazing and much more helpful to animals if it had more work put in. I don't know if it's a funding thing or what.

Ask m about Petfinder
8 reviews
0 helpful votes

I made a dawag now its goon

Ask jack about Petfinder
1 review
7 helpful votes

My husband returned from deployment and wanted a dog. I sent an email expressing interest in meeting one of their dogs up for adoption and possibly adopting him via email. I wanted to bring my husband there and surprise him by letting him met the dog, along with our other dog. I left my information requesting to be contacted. Collette wrote back and said " We don't do surprises, that said all adoptions start with an application." I was shocked by the response. I wrote back advising we'd already adopted a dog and requested not to be on their email list.(because I "don't do rude people") Collette writes back and I was shocked at how disrespectful she was. She wrote, and I quote, " Congratulations on your new pet!!!! Hopefully it doesn't get returned when the "surprise" wears off." I was absolutely floored that an Executive Director would be so unprofessional and display such an ill demeanor. I will not speak against anyone adopting from Miami Valley Pit Crew because I have been a pit mom for the last 10 years and love the breed. However, I WOULD say prepare yourself for an unprofessional and unpleasant experience. I have adopted many pets and have worked in the Veterinary Field for 9 years. I have helped place many pets in loving homes. I can not believe someone with this demeanor would treat those who are trying to help save lives of pitbulls this way. AND TO TOP IT ALL their mission is
"Encouraging change through positive example". me?!!!! Each year I donate to pit bull rescue groups. I will NOT give a dime to this organization as long as Collette Davis is the Executive Director. I shared this story with my co-workers and they've agreed to do the same and spread the word. Go elsewhere if you're looking for a " Positive Example". I have attached a picture of the email sent to me for your own eyes to view.

Ask Delicia about Petfinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

I find Petfinder completely useless in finding a local dog or puppy. All the searches using Vancouver, BC canada as the location and indicting dogs within a 100 mile radius, will show multiple dog broker sites mainly from Texas. These dogs are in Texas and thats more than 2000 miles from my home. Although I support all abandoned dogs finding new homes many of these 'shelters" are dog brokers who know little about their dogs and often conceal a dog with problems. They are asking significant prices and offer no facility or support here. If a dog bought this way has problems there is no help from the brokers. The dogs are shipped to Seattle upon adoption and then brought home to Vancouver BC. Many of these dogs are now turning up in our local shelters. I think it is unethical that Petfinder advertises these dogs as being within 100miles of my home when in fact they are over 2000 miles away.

Ask jac about Petfinder
1 review
4 helpful votes

I asked questions about the application and they told I was rude so if I couldnot do the application then the rest of the process would be too difficult for them to work with me so therefore they told me they denied me because I was rude and all I did was ask a question so therefore do not even go to these people take your business elsewhere.

Ask tiffany about Petfinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

I know there are lots of dogs that need good homes. You hear about all it the time. I have contacted pet finders web site several times to adopt a dog. They don't want u too adopt these dogs. They act like no one is good enough. So keep ur dogs. I will find a dog that really needs a good loving home. but It will not be thru pet finders, because I will not contact them again.

Ask Karen about Petfinder
1 review
4 helpful votes

Our experience with Petfinder has been awful. They won't respond in a timely manner. The decided the rescue prices were too high though they were in line with the area so stopped replying at all and would not give approval. Yet they allow breed specific rescues to charge $400 for adoptions.

I think Petfinder is using their position to bully new rescues. If you require a certain pricing then you need to make that information available. Rescues are folding all the time because they try to keep prices low but find out that the costs of vetting and maintaining animals can cause issues with sustainability.

I have found Petfinder representatives to be unprofessional, and hoping that some of the other pet search websites mange to take over the market. This has caused a great hardship for our start up rescue and all because we ended up with one representative that decided to dictate to us.

Ask Robyn about Petfinder
1 review
1 helpful vote

Honestly, my Petfinder experience wasn't so bad. First of all, these animals are from local pet organizations, so you should probably expect good healthy pets, no puppy mills if you are looking for a dog, etc. However, beware of a few "no call-back" organizations. In my case, I was looking for a perfect puppy and kitten to enlighten my vacant home a bit. I searched up the right pets, contacted the organizations ASAP, left a message when they couldn't answer, and even emailed them. The organization where I chose to adopt my kitty was quick and efficient in checking their email and I was able to make an appointment to pick up my kitty in no time. However, for my dog, I had to wait an entire 3 MONTHS before someone FINALLY replied to my email. When I asked them why they took so long, someone answered their organization was taking a small break and had found foster homes for all their pets. WHAT? Luckily, I was able to find the foster owner and adopt my wonderful dog. My kitten is now 10 months old, is healthy, and is an energetic little furball. My dog is 8 months old, is healthy as well, and is friendly and social in my home.

Ask Kenna about Petfinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

Useless site. I found 6 different dogs for my mother. With each of them when I called the organizations that had them I found that every dog had at least a 10 person wait list before the dog was even available for adoption. My recommendation is FIND A DIFFERENT SITE for your next pet.

Ask James about Petfinder
1 review
4 helpful votes

I contacted "Come to the Shelter," to inquire about a listed cat. When I decided to adopt from a local no kill shelter, with a less expensive fee, I started receiving harassing emails. I hope Petfinder reads this review. It is rescues like this one that give them a bad reputation.

Ask Vanessa about Petfinder
1 review
9 helpful votes

I have be searching for a dog for about 3 months. Petfinder has thousands of listings and it takes great deal of time to search through. Many times searches are dropped midway, which is very frustrating. The absolute worst thing about this site, is that once you click on contact this organization, NO ONE ever gets back to you. I filled out nearly 20 application for different shelters and rescues, and have not been contacted saying that my application has been approved. Not sure this is a fault of petfinder, but it would seem much easier to have one application approved by petfinder that person could fill out. It would also seem better to make sure that shelters make contact when an application has been received. Terrible experience. With so many homeless pets, one would think better efforts would be made to get these animals adopted.

Ask Kimberly about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

Most consumers will check the BBB or online reviews when they are purchasing something of value. I just recently purchased a dog from Sunset Acres Kennels in Butler, MO. I was so impressed with the owner, Elaine Craig. Her professionalism, knowledge, and her attention to detail is what makes her kennel stand out from the rest. My pet came home with a completed full color book filled with care instructions, medical records, building inspections, family tree history, photos and so much more. I was contacted immediately the next day to make sure the transition was a positive one for my pet. My pet has adapted beautifully in my home, not only with his socialization skills with my other animals but also with his acceptance of his kennel. He plays well with his toys and goes in his kennel when we leave. He is almost completely potty trained and he is only 12 weeks old.

Ask Laura about Petfinder
1 review
9 helpful votes

I spent hours and hours looking for a dog on Even after narrowing the search down, there were over 1500 dogs to choose from. So the website could be changed so that you could narrow the searches even further. And if that happened, maybe the site would not crash as much. Two weeks ago, I found a dog that was a good match. So far, the rescue group hasn't even checked my references. I have filled out several applications, but I have not even met one of the rescue/foster dogs yet. I think maybe there should be only one application to be filled out that gets the Petfinder "Seal of Approval." Then you should be able to adopt from any group that advertises on the site. Lastly, I think that we should be able to give feedback concerning the individual rescue groups we deal with. At this point, I would give all the rescue groups I have dealt with a negative rating. The local shelters have been great to work with, but the small rescue groups have been all but impossible to work with.

Ask Wendy about Petfinder
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

The site is woefully dysfunctional. Search settings are routinely lost, mid-search, so that all of the settings have to be reentered. So-called saved searches aren't immune from this problem either. The dropdown menus get stuck with regularity, so that only the top option displays for checking off. The message "Sorry, no pets available within specified distance" displays for no reason, extremely often. Pets that have already been adopted continue to be listed for many weeks. (I realize this may be more the fault of the individual shelters than petfinder; still, it renders the information much less useful than it should be.) The distance parameters make no sense; why jump from "within 100 miles" to "within 500 miles"? What about 200, 300, or 400 miles? In other words, one has to choose between shelters within a couple of hours' drive vs. ones that would take a day or more to reach! I've e-mailed petfinder about the problems I've encountered repeatedly. Replies have ranged from "You don't *have* to use petfinder" (really?) to claims that the problems are "infrequent" even though they are nearly constant. It seems reasonable to wonder whether tech support with more expertise might be able to improve this very user-unfriendly site, which is nevertheless performing an important service and therefore should be MUCH, MUCH better.

Ask Allison about Petfinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

Petfinder is an average website. Highly frustrating that it cannot seem to handle the internet traffic load and resetting your connection and losing your preferences time and time again. Would be valuable to be able to include "not" words, as Collie -border which would speed searching. Very frustrating and odd not being able to search for a common breed, a Rough Coated Collie as it isn't on their list of dogs.

Ask R about Petfinder
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been looking for a small, young or baby dog for over a year. Several puppies caught my eye and after filling out many applications, I either got no response or one organization requested pictures of my house and my 2 deceased Springer Spanials, who died at 15 and 16 years old. I would think they would be most interested in my vet referral. Ultimately I purchased a beautiful toy poodle from a private breeder listed on the AKC site. When I brought her to my vet for her first appointment my vet said my new puppy has no idea how lucky she is to have landed with me. Too bad these organizations were not interested in my vet referral.

Ask Diane about Petfinder
1 review
9 helpful votes

No one responds to enquiries or applications. If you
Are legitimaty trying to place pets ASAP then why the delay
In response??? My son, who has aspergers, doesn't
Understand why no one will respond. He now thinks
That this is all a sham. Pretty savvy on his part because I too
Believe that this whole site is nothing but a sham.

Ask Dale about Petfinder
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

It's a hit or miss kind of website :(

Ask Kaity about Petfinder
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am extremely upset by the way Posey Pet Promoters on Petfinder handled my adoption process. They were not attentive to my calls, emails, or voicemails concerning a dog I thoroughly wanted to adopt. When I first called the shelter, they told me there were no applications for him. I was the under the impression that I was the first applicant for him, and I should have been notified when other applicants applied to adopt him. She never picked up the phone once to call me and had my number. I called her multiple times and she had plenty of chances to notify me of this. I thought Gail Posey had a wonderful facility to help animals, but helping the people adopt them out is important, too. I will not recommend her services to any animal lover, for they will probably be just as disappointed as I am. She was apparently too busy to ever contact me, but that is no excuse. I bought everything for that dog and was under the impression he would be mine once she finally reviewed my application. I called her for the fifth time and said the dog was adopted out the morning I called...not pleased with this process in the least bit.

Ask Maddie about Petfinder
1 review
5 helpful votes

My family recently decided to adopt a dog from petfinder. After weeks of research we found a dog, bought all the necessary supplies and set up a home inspection. Two woman, one who was fostering the dog and another who was higher up in the organization dropped the dog off, approved him to live with us, signed all paperwork and took a check for payment. Not even two hours later after buying a crate and name tag the women were back at our door askin for the dog back. At first they claimed it was "for the safety of our smaller dogs" but soon admitted the foster mother could not give the dog up. We asked that they give us a week with the dog to reconsider our emotions but would not budge. I am simply writing this review to advise anyone who is adopting a dog to look at the history of the foster family. Chances are if this is their first foster they may not be able to part. Only good thing to come out of this is that the woman who fostered the dog will no longer be allowed to foster animals. Be careful before you fall in love!

Ask Meg about Petfinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

Over a year ago I applied to adopt a $#*!er Spaniel named Rusty and spent several hours filling out a lengthy application that included my vet's name and phone number for a reference. I never got a response from as to whether or not the dog had been adopted or otherwise. Just logged on Petfinders and saw that Rusty had been adopted......A WHOLE YEAR LATER!!!!!! Hallalujah!!! It seems like Petfinders would have the common decency to let you know whether or not your application had been accepted or least within a couple of days after spending all that time filling out the application.....also, lol, after a year the dog has been adopted so they could have at least informed everyone that applied for adoption of the dog so we would all know that the the animal had finally found a home. And now, I've done it again for another $#*!er Spaniel and the same thing happens.....I've decided the best thing for me is to find a breeder and buy a puppy. So sorry it has to be this way....I've owned six $#*!ers in the last 20 the breed and am an excellent care giver for these dogs and would rather adopt a dog in need of a good home rather than start from scratch. What is wrong with you people????

Ask GAYLE about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

Petfinder needs to screen or more thoroughly screen the organizations that are placing "adoptable" pets on their site.
I know some people who have had very positive experiences -I know others (including myself) that have not.
Petfinder is just the host... be sure to do research and read reviews on the organization that you will actually be dealing with!!!!
I just went through a horrible time with NEW ENGLAND ALL BREED RESCUE and ALPHA TRANSPORT of CT, MA and RI. Their ads are misleading and they lie about whatever they think will make the dog look more attractive to the adoptee. They are adopting out sick dogs!! Once you have the dog and they have your $$$ it's too late....they are done with you. Trust me and do a ton of research if you are even thinking of doing business with these people. If you are able to try and contact the people who have written the bad reviews and ask them why they had such a bad experience. Remember the "good" reviews could have been written by the organization themselves.

Ask Lynn about Petfinder
1 review
3 helpful votes

Be very careful when you adopt a dog! The dog we adopted did not work out and the rescue group refused to take him back as was stipulated in their contract. There was never any follow through after we adopted him. They are quick to place dogs and that's where the buck stops.

Ask MaryJane about Petfinder
1 review
2 helpful votes

Petfinder itself is wonderful, but PLEASE read the reviews on the adoption/rescue group that has the animal before adopting from any of them. I had a very bad experience with one that was very difficult to deal with and totally misrepresented the dog, causing me thousands in unexpected vet bills because they had failed to disclose what the true condition of the dog was, not to mention a false spay certificate.

Ask MaryJane about Petfinder
1 review
4 helpful votes

Purchased a puppy through this website, hade a negative experience with the seller, posted a review, and was just notified by it has been deleted. Aparently I am only allowed to shared documented facts - no hint of personal opinion. What is the definition of a customer review? This website dangerously protects the seller (good or bad). Watch out!

Ask Drew about Petfinder
3 reviews
12 helpful votes
12/26/11 is a great site to find a new best friend. They have lots of ads for puppies, dogs, and cats that are waiting for a good family to come and adopt them. Rather than buy a puppy from a breeder, why not show some love to one of these guys that needs it?

Ask Sammie about Petfinder
29 reviews
51 helpful votes

No matter the breed, sex or age - this site seems to have them all! I have decided rather than purchase my next dog from a breeder, I will check out available animals on this site. You can search by age, sex, breed, species and location. This is a VERY well designed site. Sometimes it's a little heartbreaking to read the stories of the little critters looking for homes. Before you buy from a breeder, consider adopting from here!

Ask Kelsey about Petfinder
38 reviews
71 helpful votes

I would refer this website too anyone, adopt a pet! There are so many animals that need a home. This website helped me find my awesome dog Marty.

Ask Gerardo about Petfinder
82 reviews
313 helpful votes

Probably my number one recommendation for anyone looking for a new pet. There are so many pets in need of a home and people should at least look here first before they go to their local breeder or pet store.

Ask Todd about Petfinder
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I found my cat here!

Ask Enrique about Petfinder
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Don't shop , adopt!

Ask tim about Petfinder

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