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PerformanceChipsDirect reviews

22 reviews
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New Reviewer

I wish I read these reviews before I bought it. It is a complete scam and there is nothing inside the performance chip but wires soldered together and a bull$#*! dial that does nothing. The O2 Sensor chip is nothing but wires put together wrapped with black shrink wrap and fitted in the container with Hot Glue... There's no returning the item so I took these pieces of $#*! apart. Glad I read reviews before put it on my car....

Ask Elijah about PerformanceChipsDirect
New Reviewer

COMPLETE SCAM! The so called parts they sell are junk and they will not honor a refund. I wish I had of searched the reviews before ordering. You call and a con artist sells you something that you supposedly need then someone calls back later telling you that you will also need another stage to maximize performance and fuel mileage. If you decide at that point you want to cancel the original order they will tell you it has already been shipped and you will have to pay a 25% restocking fee. I was sold the original performance chip for better fuel mileage then was called back by their con artist salesman and sold a o2 sensor chip and was told I needed one of these to maximize the fuel mileage for my vehicle. after I received the package and went to install the two parts I find out that the o2 sensor chip requires 4 of these to work properly at $69.00 each and now they refuse to take the unopened parts back for a refund even deducting the 25% restocking fee. This company is nothing but a SCAM. Read all of their poor reviews. Donate what ever money you are about to give to these crooks to a reputable charity.

Tip for consumers: Read their reviews from everyone else before you get screwed like we did.

Ask jesse about PerformanceChipsDirect
New Reviewer

I purchased a stage 3 chip for my GMC K3500 for towing,not only did it lose power and mileage, it stalls,surges at stop signs. I have tried to e-mail but got no response,,DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM PERFORMANCE CHIPS DIRECT THEY ARE A COMPLEAT RIP OFF!!!!

New Reviewer

Returned the parts without opening because their so called easy installation wasn't.
Total charge $212.00, and amount returned $134.00. I spoke to Chris in customer service, explained how salesman told me very easy to install even without mechanical ability etc. The $78.00 stocking fee is more than the parts are worth. We argued for awhile, wouldn't let me speak to his supervisor (the owner?)and said the owner wouldn't call me back anyway. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. When I told Chris I was not happy with the charge and that I would be happy with half of it back he said no because I was "rude". (punk) I ended the conversation by saying that I would review he company on the internet and he said do what you have to do.
Good way to build the business-jerk

New Reviewer

I didn't even open the package and returned it and they called me back stating they don't even want it. I can't even return it damn it

New Reviewer

I was stupid and fell for the scam without looking at all the reviews on so many sites including the BBB.
Of course you can not search the site for the parts they call and offer you and they absolutely lie about a Dyno showing improvements.
It was not easy I had to search for ever to find the correct wiring diagrams since the instructions they give are extremely vague.

New Reviewer

I bought a stage 2 for my 2013 Camaro 2094086288 I will never buy anything from jet performance again

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

On Jan 11/13 I ordered a chip for my Hummer H3, was called & offered the stage 3, "for a special price". On Jan. 28 I called to check on my order, was told it was shipped on the 15th, check with the post office. I called back to say the post office knew nothing about it & was told they had a severe backorder and it shipped yesterday. I recieved it Feb 14th, installed stage 1 noticed a little more responsive throttle but lost MPG. Got a REA # to return it, sent it back Feb 28th recieved a credit to my credit card less $71.53 they say is restocking & original shipping. So much for a 100% guarantee

New Reviewer

I ordered one of their performance chips for each of our 3 cars. They called and said if we wanted to get better gas mileage for our vehicles we had to order another chip for each which made it cost twice as much to get the mileage stated on the website. I asked them to cancel my order because of false advertising. They told me they had already shipped them. When I returned them they charged me $25 each for restocking a restocking fee plus $7.50 shipping fee for each. I was charged $75 in restocking fees!!!! They are VERY VERY dishonest!!!!

New Reviewer

I installed their performance chip on my wrangler and it seemed to really help with throttle responce. I didnt' have a good way to measure fuel efficiency so I cant't help there...

New Reviewer

I orderd a Stage one performance chip from this company on Feb.21/2011. At that time I asked at least three times if it was "Free Shipping" and was told "YES" .. so I ordered it. When I received my Visa statement I noticed a $10 shipping fee. I phoned the company and spoke to one of the most ignorant people I have ever encountered. He told me that anything shipped out of the U.S. was charged for shipping. I have been waiting for over a month but still no delivery. I phoned back to find out why and they told me it was probably tied up in customs. I later received an email fom them informing me that if I did not receive it by March 21st., they would reship the item. I still haven't received it (Mar.23rd/2011) and they will not answer my emails. This is a SCAM !!!!!!! I am now working with my bank to do a "chargeback" to the company. The bank (RBC-VISA) tell me that this won't be a problem. I'll just have to wait until they get my $$$ back from this scammer. Be aware .. this company is a ripoff, the only reason they are still alive is because it is illegal to shoot them. I'll chase them for a refund until I'm dead. You can fool some people some of the time ...... but these cucksuckers aren't doing me, that's a promise. BE SMART ... AVOID THESE IGNORANT SCAMMERS !!!

New Reviewer

Their return policy is very bad and they charge a huge restocking fee. When they claim it helps on gas mileage, it's not true. Beware - You should not clip the signal wire of your oxygen sensor, which they're suggesting you clip, They're twisted and you can do damage. That's what a Chevy guy told me and I'm glad I listened to him. We did not cut the wire. Don't buy their products. All the way around, they're bad, bad, bad.

New Reviewer

I bought a power control device from them. They said it would increase my horsepower. They suggested I buy and O2 censor mod and a surge protector along with the device. The deviced didn't fit my car---NO REFUNDS. The O2 censor set off the engine light-NO rep would talk to me or refund my money. The surge protector was worthless--No customer service to refund my money. This place should be legally penalized and all monies should be returned to those who can prove that they did business with them. I am glad you have this site so that people can know what this company is about.

New Reviewer

Site sells absolutly horrible products, they don't work, and their return policy sucks. They have horrible customer service in the fact that I have tried constantly to return my product to find out you have to call or go to a seperate section on the page to discover I had my product for 15 days and it was out of the return policy. I would tell you never to buy from them. Horrible business.

New Reviewer

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE YOU BUY. Listen people do not get their chip i'm a computer engineer at Micron a know a few things about electronics the guy below me is right they spend 2 bucks and sell it for $70 then they add a nother 10 bucks for shipping, when you recive your item it says $1.20 for shipping on the envelop then when you try sending it back they doent refund the $10 dollar shipping charge they also charge you %25 for restocking ones you add every thing together they just made $26 from you plus the return of their product my friend tryed their product even though i told hem not to it didnt work for him PLEASE LADIES AND GENTELMAN IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT GET READY TO BE RIPPED OF.

New Reviewer

I am an electronics expert and computer engineer and the so called chips that they are trying to sell you is only a simple 2 dollar diod with a switch. The diod typically does not do anything to most cars and could cause your car to run improperly over time. i recommend you stay away from chips such as this and stick with jet performance or similar brands. This site is selling a 2 dollar wire for 70 dollars that doesnt even effect most vehicles. Buy a real performance module. You may spend more money but it is very worth it.

New Reviewer

Please check out my video on Youtube don't get scammed by these idiots!

New Reviewer

I ordered both the Map sensor chip and the O2 sensor chip. The MAP sensor chip gave a tiny boost in engine smoothness but the O2 sensor chip made my check engine light come on and stay on. Also my fuel economy dropped from 72 MPG to 42 MPG. I returned it and out of $102 that it cost me they refunded $60. Rip off waste of money bad company lies and deception. When I said the items didn't do what they said they asked if I had professional installation. The website says easy to install. They treated me like S&%T when I wanted to return it. Just buy new oxygen sensors if you want a boost in performance. I took the performancechipsdirect garbage off and installed a new O2 sensor and bam 72 MPG! So when you buy this garbage no matter what they make profit off of you. Return it and they keep over $40. Keep it and they get the whole $100.
Scam rats they are. Don't buy it for it is garbage.

New Reviewer

I fell for the scam and bought their performance chip and oxygen sensor. Installed the chip. While looking up their support website for the sensor, "Ripoff Report "comes up and splashed all over the page are these yahoos I purchased from. The first complaint I read from a disgruntlded customer included pictures of the sensor which he had cut apart, so I did the same.....Man am I pissed!! There is nothing in it!! Nothing compares to that warm fuzzy feeling of getting hosed! I am absolutely disgusted and furious with these ##**en scam artists!
BUYER BEWARE- Performance ##it my ass!

New Reviewer

their chips do not work and just try to get that rma# so you can get a refund,it will not happen you will not get a is a gimmik,scam or whatever you wish to call it,i also reported them on Rip Off kp of hickory N.C.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for a performance chip from this website. Only after I received it and learned what kind of chip it was I was able to research it and learned that it was not a good product to install on your car and could cause some damage. Could not find anything good about it. I wanted a refund and they emailed me to go ahead and send it back.. I sent it back priority mail so that I would know it was delivered, but they never gave me a refund. I have contacted them and they say they have no record of my order. They are listed under "Engine performance chips" . They are crooked and fradulent! That is what I think of this website. BEWARE!!

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Q: i jsut recently bought a stage 1 performance chip from PCD for my 1989 toyota 4cy 5 speed. shoudl i be afraid? i jsut read up on the reveiws on them and they dont seem to be too good. would i b alright to run it if i left it on stock settings? and dont run the crap out of it? please help to inform me best things to do thankuyou
A: Looking to start class action against them. Need as much information as possible.
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