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PeopleSmart reviews

47 reviews
Categories: People Search
Redwood City, CA 94065
Tel: 1-888-776-4544
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47 Reviews for PeopleSmart

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It also informs you that if you do not cancel within the 7 days they will charge you.

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New Reviewer

My wife run a one time ($.99) one time report where she works for a possible hire. She did not authorize any further charges. She used her credit card for the report.
Immediately they started charging her card twice a month $19.95. Once in the beginning and once in the end of the month. one for Peoplesmart and one for Freephone. This was done for sixteen months to the amount of $638.00. I did not catch this when checking her monthly checking statement because I thought it was just her buying things and the charges showed up as "Bill Pay withdrawal". I only became aware of this, in my opinion, fraud when they showed up four months ago as " and phone freephone".
If you want to avoid have something similar possibly happening to you, I would suggest not doing business with this organization.

New Reviewer

I paid, got a report and there was nothing correct on it. I am trying to get a refund with little results. The report had no real information in it that was usable, and even had the incorrect age by 20 years! Waste of money- and the 'customer service' in non-existent!! Don't waste your money.

New Reviewer

I guess I should ave read these reviews before signing up. The info (phone #s, addresses, etc ) was in no way accurate. After going to the Chicago area to look up my cousin's relatives shown on the site, the phone #s were bad (by at least 4 years), 3 addresses were bad (by from 3 to 8 years). 2 pieces of info were correct out of 14. Not worth the trouble or expense.

New Reviewer

Scam - beware!

New Reviewer

Total scam people smart I a fraud

New Reviewer

They attract you with low cost one time search, make you sign an agreement that you later realize for some kind of automatic renewal. I didn't even know I was paying $39 for it for two years until finally they sent me an autorenewal notice in the 3rd year.

Ask Shahid about PeopleSmart
New Reviewer

I used this and the site worked as advertised. Canceling is another matter. If you do not see a cancellation email immediately continue to call until you do. They WILL NOT REFUND ANYTHING.

New Reviewer

-100 stars. These people need to be fined, if not serve prison time. That will be the only revenge all of use fill about this very sad indivuals. All of us need to call the BBB and we need to all come together and take them to court! I am very pissed how they have been able to get away with this. I hope they read this. They wlll not last much longer. Where is your better judgemnt hiding peopledumb. STOP this ripoff of so many good people... I hope they read these reveiws, so perhaps they will know what loosers they are. People like this have no guilty conscience... So very sad.. Where the hell is Sitejabber??????? Help us.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE. Get off this site NOW, before you become another victim...

Ask John about PeopleSmart
New Reviewer

Non-FCRA companies like this one are fake. You're not only paying for less info than what's available on a Google search, but you're paying for WRONG info. These assclowns and all their scumbag buddies have me listed as a 66yo pedo in California and my sister listed as a MAN. I've reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Anyone who cares about mother$#*!ers losing jobs because of these $#*!ups will too. Here's the link:

Tip for consumers: REPORT THEM TO THE FEDS!!!!!

Ask Jeremiah about PeopleSmart
New Reviewer

I ordered a report from this company and for whatever reason got the wrong person's report. I contacted the company and they immediately gave me credit to get the right report. The right report was very helpful, allowed me to locate an old friend who was delighted to hear from me. I then read the reviews on this site and panicked, thinking I was going to get charged a monthly fee for a free trial. I e-mailed them my concerns and within hours got an e-mail back assuring me that I had indeed NOT signed up for a free trial. As of August 2014 I found this company to be very helpful and courteous and wonder why they have gotten so many negative reviews.


New Reviewer

Do not use this company. I used the service while adopting my baby to look into some of the numbers of birthmothers who contacted us after a few scams. The information was never accurate, complete or correct. They continued to bill me for yearly membership with no warning and refused to refund any of the charges when I called to complain.

New Reviewer

You have to be really careful when dealing with this website. They sneak in charges for items you did not order and do not want. For example, I wanted a 7-day free trial. They write in their "Terms and Conditions" that they will not charge your credit card until after 7 days. However, my PayPal account was charged $19.95. First, I assumed this was the first month fee and that the charge would be reversed. So, I contacted them. But then it turned out that this was for a "Backgground Report". I had to put up quite a fight with them to get the charge reversed. The funny thing is that I never ordered a background report, and never received a background report. They were just sneaking the charge in with the free trial, so that I wouldn't notice.
It seems they do similar sleezy tricks all over, according to the other reviews I've seen here, and also the complaints on their BBB listing - that the BBB still assigns them an A+ is nuts but in the end, Peoplesmart always seems to comply and refund overcharged fees and that makes the BBB happy.
However, in my point of view has unethical business practices, and even if they might help some people to find a person, I will not work with them again, based on their bad business behavior.

New Reviewer

A sleezy operation, but not unique in that regard. There are many businesses that engage in this kind of automatic billing not specifically authorized by the customer. They know exactly what they are doing. They are hoping that users, who probably need them for one search, will sign up for a trial, unaware that they will be billed in perpetuity until the service is cancelled. Thus, by default, they will gain monthly charges from your credit card.

No one should ever deal with this sleazy company. I am going to have them investigated by the Nebraska Attorney General. I hope he puts them out of business.

New Reviewer

first try ... correct address but wrong phone number, many years since she had that number

New Reviewer

debit my account to check one was not right..didnt give criminal my bank account an they had 4 charges that added up to 70.00. said no hidden cost as others sites do..what a rip u get is not even right.

New Reviewer

Total scam. I paid 95 cents for a reverse phone number listing (which by itself was a rip-off) and found they will billing me 20 bucks a month for a service I neither wanted, signed up for, nor used. The 95 cents was a con, the 20 bucks a month a total scam.
Run, run, run from these people and don't be fooled by their sophisticated website. This is the kind of company that writes off those that complain to the credit card companies and makes its money from those that don't. Half the people won't fight it and they won't battle with MasterCard over 50 or 60 dollars.

Call your credit card company and tell them, even if they won't help they will put them on a watchlist and will block them if they get enough complaints.

By the way, they list BBB on their website, but the BBB has no record of them!

New Reviewer

I feel their advertisement is misleading. I wanted criminal records and had to use all credits they gave me for one persons records! The advertisement says it's included so when I tried to get another persons records they wanted me to pay. Not at all what I thought, nor what they claim to offer. I've been taken..........won't recommend this company to anyone.

New Reviewer

I have been satisfied with what I wanted out of Peoplesmart, but I wasn't looking for a lot of detailed information. I paid $20 for an unlimited query month and feel like I have gotten what I paid for. A lot of sites charge that for one query although you might get more information, you just need to determine what you are looking for first and plan accordingly.

New Reviewer

False advertising!

New Reviewer

Deceptive practices - incomplete background checks - rude.
Do NOT do business with them.

New Reviewer

This website and company is very tricky! BEWARE!!! My husband went onto this website to do a background search on a contractor that had been performing work for him. Although, he was able to find out some information on the contractor, (hence the one star) he thought he was paying for a one time search. However, there has been a monthly recurring charge to our account. My husband did not sign up for the one month free trial, or any kind of membership. He exclusively did a "People Search", and paid for that one time exclusive service. I tried to call the company. There is a recording stating you have to wait so many minutes to talk to a representative, then after that time is up (about 20 minutes later) there is another recording stating you have to leave a message and a representative will call you back, but then the line disconnects before you can leave any message. I went through this process twice. While I was doing this I was on the website and having the hardest time trying to figure out how to cancel the service. Like I said, they are very tricky! They don't want you to cancel. They trick you into making a purchase, you are unaware you are getting sucked into a membership, and they make it extremely difficult to cancel. Forget about using this website, go somewhere else!

New Reviewer

This site was barely adequate. The usual bs of sucking is in with promises of information and then asking you for more money when they had only provided us with the information we had already found free, via google. Appalling customer service when we called to complain that they had charged us 3 months in a row, without the 50% discount they had promised for the first month. I will never use these again and strongly recommend that you stay away from them. They will rip you off and then try and charge you even more money for the information you really need.

New Reviewer

I love this website it helped me find my dad 23yrs later.. I found an email of his, I emailed him and the next day he emailed me and we starting talking. Now my sister and I are going to see him in four days.. Thank you people smart for helping me

New Reviewer

SCAMMERS!! I entered my info when applying for a pt job, filled out everything..hit the "next" button...looped to the beginning again..all my info was gone, repeated the steps, same thing happened, contacted them, concerned w my personal info I entered, now missing..their reply..? Try a different browser. NO. I want an answer to where my personal info went. No reply. I have contacted all credit bureaus to let them know if my credit is compromised, its from peoplesmart or Milestone Management whom I applied with.

New Reviewer

I would give 0 (zero!) stars if SiteJabber let me. PeopleSmart scams you by charging a reasonable fee for one look-up and a 7 day "free trial" but they don't tell you about the $19.95 monthly charge in the fine print if you're not lucky enough to get them to acknowledge a cancellation during the 7 day "free trial." I tried to cancel my account during the 7-day free trial, actually suspecting they might try to charge me afterwards (even though I received no notice about the monthly charge), but they didn't honor my cancellation and proceeded to charge me for 3 consecutive months on my PayPal account before I noticed it. I did call to complain, and they reversed two charges -- saying they could only go back 60 days. Anyone who has been scammed should call them up and demand a refund. It's shameless. Even when you try to cancel during the "free trial," they don't let you. Shameless!

New Reviewer

These scammers hide a notice that "you will be billed $19.95 a month to keep your service going" (something to that effect). I only found out about this when the charges hit my paypal account the second time (I disputed them with paypal - hopefully they'll reverse them). Finding and cancelling the auto-renewal is about as difficult as curing cancer... it takes a whole lot of digging and clicking through multiple levels of menu to get there. Avoid this service like the plague.

New Reviewer

TOTAL SCAM!!! Paid .95 to find an address. Found all PREVIOUS addresses from years gone by but not the CURRENT address. Cancelled my trial membership immediately but when my credit card bill came there was a 39.95 charge from them. I called and talked to a WORTHLESS customer service rep who flatly refused to give me a refund and kept telling me that I did not cancel my membership.So I told the rep to cancel my membership RIGHT THIS INSTANT! He said my membership was cancelled. That was last year...this month there was a 39.95 charge on the same credit card. So i CALLED AGAIN. This time they argued with me saying that I had not cancelled my membership and that I was made fully aware that there would be a re-occurring charge to my card. I told them we would see about that and hung up on the Ahole, called my card company and disputed the charge. They told me they had alot of complaints about this company. STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

This site is a complete scam. I should have read the reviews first before paying $7.95 for a bogus report that didn't even have my name on it. I was given divorce records of over 4000 people; none of which were the requested one that they claimed to have. This must be illegal. Stay away from these crooks!!

New Reviewer

Total scam company. I paid $.95 for a one-time telephone number lookup and the search didn't even give me a name or any other useful information. They must have hidden a "membership clause" in their terms and agreements online, because I was charged $19.95 a week later. This company is deceptive and they are survive by scamming people $19.95 for the hidden monthly "membership." They should be sued and put out of business!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Do not use Their site and services were limited. And their .95 intro was useless. I was then charged 19.95 after 7 days without a refund. To add insult to injury, the service representative hung up on me. NOT really "People Smart are they? No one should be subjected to their poor business service practices.

New Reviewer

you dont even deserve a one star. You are a ripoff!!!!!! I am repoting to the bbb and the police to have you charged with fraud and scamming.

New Reviewer

Wouldn't give them a star if that was an option. Paid the "one-time" fee of .49 cents. I removed my card information quickly afterwords, but somehow still was charged 19.95. Called and spoke to the customer service rep who was very rude and kept telling me I was wrong. Even though I removed my card information they could still charge me. They only gave me a partial credit! Scam at its finest and not to mention rip off! Stay far away

New Reviewer

would never use this again i had a choice of one time lookup for .95. I got billed for .95 cents plus another $19.95 for a monthly subscription that i did not want, It was to find out about one number one time only. I would strongly recommend not using people smart!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I canceled my membership in couple days and even received a confirmation just noticed now on my bank account that they have been charging me for months 19.95.


I need to call bank tomorrow to stop their payments

New Reviewer

Signed up for a service through them that was $19.95. I got an offer shortly after to get a "pro" service for $29.95. I assumed that I was just switching from the regular to pro plan... NO- they charged me for MONTHS for BOTH fees!!! Just got off the phone with their horrible customer service rep who could do NOTHING!!! Save yourself the trouble and don't even sign up!!!

New Reviewer

Within a day of PeopleSmart's "trial period" service, I cancelled my subscription due to the information they provided not being correct. I was later charged the $19.95 fee. I spoke with Paypal and Chase Bank; they stated they get may complaints about PeopleSmart charging customers after their trial period even though the customer timely cancelled their membership. I called customer service and found the agents to be rude and caustic. My bank was able to get the charge reversed due to PeopleSmart's common practice of bilking its customers. Caveat emptor.

New Reviewer

I pd the .95 to get an address of an old neighbour of my dads to inform her of his death. A year later I swathe $39.95 charge on my cc. They did refund the charge but I was not happy that they just automatically charge your card yearly without any notice, especially when you don't give them any authorization to do so. I guess paying for one address search they feel that gives them authorization. People be aware of this scam.

New Reviewer

Charged monthly fee without my knowledge and would not refund fee charged.

New Reviewer

Looking for a nephew we'd lost contact with. Found his name in their system, paid the .95 to get his address and phone (none of which were him!) and was surprised to see a 19.95 charge on my credit card along with the .95 charge. The girl issues a partial credit today, saying it VERY CLEARLY says on the website that the .95 was good for 7 days only and then I had agreed to the monthly payment. BOGUS! If I had a trial membership, why was it asking for an additional fee for other information on my nephew (probably inaccurate as well!). REPORT THIS COMPANY AND ITS SHADY PRACTICES. don't give them a cent of your hard earned money or they will try to take it all.

New Reviewer

This company is a total SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! Do not ever use it or they will find a way to charge you a monthly fee for something you have never used!! I received a confirmation email saying my free trial was cancelled and I will not be charged for future fees and this went on for a year before I noticed I was being charged $19.95 a month for something I thought I had cancelled!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

***** Be aware, very aware, these guys are scammers....They scammed me from another site I was reviewing for a need to check credit worthiness on a person selling a car. Told me I would have 7-30 day free trial. All I received was phone numbers could have been retrieved from the phone book. They charged me (3) $19.95 for nothing, nothing! They are scammers ......

New Reviewer

I wish I'd read these reviews before paying for this scam! They claim they have info but they don't. I am going to report them to the Consumer Protection Bureau, and so should everybody else they scammed.

Apprentice Reviewer

Definitely SKETCHY at best. Supposedly registered with the BBB, my suggestion is report them.

New Reviewer

Right after I registered for a free 7 day account, my card was charged for a vido rental from an address that was obviouly from the same people. After the hassle of cancelling my cc, a charge appeared on my paypal account for a month's fees. Also the service sucks and did nothing that can't be done with a google search. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

I was looking for marriage records for my parents. I don't know when or where they were married, bu I have all of their vital information. I found my mother on and they listed marriage records as available.

They advertised that they had the information I was looking for and that it'd be $7.95 to access it. So I paid, careful to avoid the "Free trial" scam that so many credit check places use. (Free for a week, $35/year thereafter, unless you cancel withing the week. cancelling is usually difficult).

They sent me the "Report" which was just the public vital information I saw before! The "Marriage Records" were just search results for other people with my mothers name that were NOT my mother! The records they advertised they had were not what I needed or paid for.

Unfortunately, every similar site uses a paywall and prevents you from knowing that you are getting the right information. Use with caution and read the Terms And Conditions!

New Reviewer

I am very upset about this website. I signed up for a year of reverse phone lookups, but when I tried to use it, they want 7.95 per number. They don't tell you this up front.

New Reviewer

Reverse phone number lookup shoyld be called reverse phone number lookout.
If you want to determinbe who owns a number, t his web site says you can do that with a 95 cent charge,,,, 90 % off the normal 19.95 month subscription price..
If you opt to do the the fine print at the page bottom,
This is really a 7 day trail offer and if you dont cancel the service in 7 days your credit card willl be billed 19.95.
The scam is: they get your credit card number and they will bill you 19.95 ffor a longer term subscription which you probaly do not want.
This type of info used to be free on the internet and now this comnpany is taking advantage of someone wanting to lookup one number... and many will not read the fine priint or will not call back to cancel...Not illegal here but irresponsilble sales tactics

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