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11 reviews
Categories: Customer Service
P.O. Box 2531
Boone, NC 28607, USA

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1 review
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I totally understand the frustrations of other users on here, with PeopleClaim feeling like a bit of a scam, however I have had incredible success with the system. I've solved claims with a number of major well known companies, as well as some smaller ones and I'd total my recovered damages using the site at around $3000. I think people maybe struggle a bit with their business model, they want to act as an organized sounding board for BOTH sides in a dispute. They are also not able to guarantee that they'll solve all claims - but try finding a lawyer that will do that for under $21. I've always found that companies I've worked with on PeopleClaim to appreciate complaints being brought to their attention in a manner they can respond to - unlike public reviews sites that don't off them an option of fixing the problem before the world sees it. You can't expect miracles from a free company - they do have to make money somehow and I'd rather they be upfront about it using a freemium model rather than selling my personal information and advertising.

Ask Ben about PeopleClaim
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site tries to come across as a resolution center. Potential filers beware. Through their "eloquent" wording they try to make you believe that by filing a claim and paying the fee you are doing something to resolve your issue. The catch is, they actually offer nothing. There is nothing their process can do for you. They have no legal power. They exist to capitalize on your anger and get you to pay the fee while you're still angry and believe it will help. Small businesses beware. If you get any claims through this site, it will most likely be from an unruly and unreasonable customer. Their claims will have no grounding or warrant, and yet they can make a public claim. Most of the reviews on SiteJabber have it exactly right. And notice how PeopleClaim has responded to all of them with the same bogus lines about being "misunderstood". What a joke. Complete scam of a company designed to prey on the stupid and to hurt small businesses.

Ask Austin about PeopleClaim
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is basically a BS site that pretends to be consumer oriented but it's really just a portal to allow scumbags to use bogus claims as a way to scare small businesses into paying them to go away. There's no vetting of facts or requirements put on the "damaged" party. Just a bunch of BS claims by losers.

Ask MD about PeopleClaim
1 review
2 helpful votes

Peoples Claim Has allowed your name and business to be trashed in the social media. Anybody can put a claim against you even when it is not real and then you have to fight back and pay them to even respond. They try to drag any business that you may have into their online garbage. We have tried to contact them to eliminate these falsifications but they ignore you. They include your business name to trash it when the business is not involved in any way with any claim. These people need to have a class action lawsuit against but the little guys in business have a hard time fighting this kind of attach. Yelp is another one that is full of garbage and can hurt your business through false accusations that are posted.

Ask michal about PeopleClaim
1 review
3 helpful votes

Someone who was harassing me and trying to disparage my personal name on the internet just made up some stuff and posted it to peopleclaim, as if my personal name was a company. After emailing peopleclaim, they said I could just argue it online publicly by responding. But I said it's not even an existing business to argue about. It's not even a real issue. It's a person making stuff up. They replied once with a curt unhelpful answer, and they have ignored all future emails.

Ask Mark about PeopleClaim
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had bad laptops twice with Dell Computer. Talking with their tech support didn'f help, so both times I filed a people claim against Dell. Both, times, Corporate at Dell called me and replaced my computers for free!!!
Now I routinely use it. Gives me, the small guy, leverage over the big, hard-to-get- through-to corporations.

Ask Thomas about PeopleClaim
1 review
3 helpful votes

I just tried to file a complaint on Peopleclaim. and it processed...sure it asks if you would like to become a member and asks for money, but it did not make me pay to file this be fair about this I will play it out and see what happens before I rate it..

Ask Rendie about PeopleClaim
1 review
7 helpful votes

It's amazing how sites like even come about preying on the elderly. They by no means can help you and they have no legal power as well. They hit you at the end with a fee to do nothing. They don't help the people they help their pockets. Free sites as BBB can help more. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLECLAIM.COM should known as

Ask James about PeopleClaim
1 review
5 helpful votes

I don't what much about the other reviewers experience here, but my experience with was great. I filed 3 complaints using this site and was able to resolve all of them online. Great thing about it is, it offers both free and premium options to choose from in order to file a complaint. Useful tool for stress less and successful resolution.

Ask Sam about PeopleClaim
1 review
7 helpful votes

A customer of ours filed a "claim" on Unfortunately, this was a difficult, disgruntled customer who lost in small claims court when we were forced to file a suit when he did not pay his bill. Bottom line, our company won the case, and he explained to the judge that he suffered from depression. While our customer was wrong for not paying his bill, we feel sorry for him due to having a mental illness. basically takes money from people just looking to complain - which people can do for free on Craigslist. is stealing money from the elderly and anyone that is mentally disable. They have no recognition as being a legitimate avenue for resolving disputes, such as the BBB. Moreover, claims to have high visibility - when you google them - nothing comes up. BUYER BEWARE of giving money to any website that does not have a customer service number - thus, you cannot speak with anyone at Finally, if you happen to stumble upon a business that has been complained against via, please make sure you get all the facts (ie: if the complainer already lost in court, they are looking to complain. period.)

Ask Marie about PeopleClaim
56 reviews
128 helpful votes

This site still has not given me my refund, so, I went online to find out the Chamber of Commerce and the BBB and Consumer Affairs agencies that I can report the website to when all of a sudden I spot a website called I went to that website and the website said free of charge to file with them about this other site and they would list this site on their blog and other things it would do to get my refund from the After filling out their forms and doing everything asked of me I went to submit it and THEN IT HITS YOU. wants me or to pay 22.90 for their service.

Ask Stuart about PeopleClaim

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A: Hi Virginia! As we understand it, your landlord has arranged a meeting soon, so hopefully you'll have your real answer then. You can extend the deadline on your complaint until after that if you like; other claimants have found that to be very helpful and constructive. As to negativity--we completely understand when businesses are unhappy to receive complaints. We always feel that the important thing is to fix any issues and learn from them. One claimant said he'd have hauled off and hit a business owner if he hadn't filed a claim instead; as soon as the other party received our letter, he came over "like a man" and they worked out that there'd been misunderstandings on both sides. Perfect.
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