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New Reviewer

the worst website to buy something, scam and fraud all around

New Reviewer

Do not purchase from this site i truly believe there is no fraud dept and every pet listing I looked at was a scammer I had pics stolen from my site and tried to contact there fraud dept and got no response and the listing is still posted!!!

New Reviewer

I agree that this site is loaded with scammers. I tried 6 different listings for large birds and none of the listers were in the cities that were in the ads. extremely unhappy about the oversite of this site.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a puppy and kept getting sent to this site by Google listings. Five different ads said they were in my city but when contacted all were out of state and said they would ship to me if I sent the money. Really? A big waste of time since apparently no one monitors this site for accuracy.

New Reviewer

Scam and fraud here. I found a motorcycle with a price that too good to be true. Seller said to send money and they would then pay to have it shipped to me. I reported this through the sites supposedly fraud page. The listing is still up. Makes me wonder with all the scam and fraud complaints that this whole website may be a scam!

New Reviewer

A scammer posing as a divorced women is trying to sell a museum quality 1930 Harley for $3600.00. I live an 40 min. from where they said the bike was located, did not want cash. They wanted my personal info to start a free shipping process through an off shore shipping company from India. Again tried to set up a meeting, but was told the bike was now in the hands of the shipping company waiting for my info so they could send me the bike, and no money would be exchanged till I drove it , took it to a mechanic for inspection, etc.. etc... RIGHT!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Have dealt with two scammers in last two days. Stories surprisingly familiar- sarcasm intended. One giving away bulldog puppies, another selling Sphynx kittens. Since some rescues post pets on here and I've seen a few ads that seem reputable, starting with them actually being somewhere not around the world - SUDDENLY had to move but happy to ship to you!! Think this is a terrible place to get a pet in general, unless you can go see it!!

New Reviewer

Nothing but pet scams!! Don't fall for it!

New Reviewer

This site is not user friendly and no response from customer service at all.

New Reviewer

This site is does need some improvement though as it is hard to navigate through.

New Reviewer

Hard to navigate, and seems that it's the place for puppy mills to sell their wares.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam!!!! Do not waste your time.

Veteran Reviewer

I didnt sell my item on here but I did like the look and feel much better than craigslist. The also have you sign on with facebook which I think helps keep some of the freaks away. Craigslist is full annonimity, while oodle has some information behind because of facebook. I ended up selling my item on craigslist but felt more comfortable on oddle. I hope they can get more traffic to help people sell items.

New Reviewer

Reply |Stephen Graber to me
show details 4:51 AM (2 hours ago)

get lost $#*! sucker
This is the first email i sent to Stephen, about buying his car online from the web site!

Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 20:37:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Hello


Well after no hearing back from you about the 300.00 you added to the price of the car...
Things don't look good, your add was stopped, I just don't think you really wanted to sale the car.

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 5:27 AM, Stephen Graber <> wrote:

I don't know what's happening, I'll have to talk with oodle.
Are you interested buying the car or not?

New Reviewer

Beware of deals involving "eBay Protection Program" that ask for Western Union money transfers. I was scammed out or $2000 for a K1200GT BMW from a supposed master seargent in the Air Force. The add is still up on Oodles site.

New Reviewer

The site is very similar to a number of other sites. Oodle simply aggregates adverts from other sources and makes it easier to search....and you need to sign up and very your email address before you can post.

Apprentice Reviewer

Ended up looking into last year when the wife and I rekindled a years past love of birds. Being on the lookout for scams, we found plenty of them, particularly in pets. Ads where a seller claims to have recently moved away from your area, they have a very desirable pet and are offering it at a super reasonable price, they'll ship it to you. There in lies the scam, they're going to get payment from you and send nothing, probably by wire. Eventually our interest in became an entertainment value, I would never expect to actually get something from someone there unless they really are in your area and can meet with you face to face to complete the sale. Better to just browse craigslist and see what comes up as it does.

New Reviewer

I came to this site thinking that it would have less spam and fraud than craigslist and its even worse. see how many spam sellers you can count that begin their selling point with, (why?).

New Reviewer

Nicely constructed site, impresses me as totally bogus.. much better using E-Bay or Craig's List


I tried this site out to sell a bicycle and had pretty good results with it. This is a more refined version of craiglist, but they have a lower volume of traffic. I am not sure why CL doesn't upgrade their look and feel to something like this site. It is free to post, so just like CL it is a great way to get people to look at what you are selling. I even posted a link on CL to my photos on this site. CL has that sad ability to only upload tiny photos online.

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