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Categories: Business, Classifieds, Shopping
60 E. 3rd Ave. Suite 410, Suite 410
San Mateo, CA 94410, USA
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I was looking for a 1966 Mustang when I came across this site. The car I found was listed on the website for three thousand dollars when this car would easily get forty thousand with all the work that was done on it. I then started looking at adds for different cars and noticed the price's were all to good to believe. I hit the little tab that said I believe pro seller or something to that nature and low and behold the truck I was just looking at showed up in front of the same red fence but each picture had a different location were the car was able to be picked up from. So glad I looked them up on line before I made a huge mistake.

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all cost

Ask Kevin about Oodle
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give them 0 stars I would. I listed some puppies for sale and it was removed for a policy violation it said. Well, I read their policies and I didn't violate anything. I have gotten no where on it They tell you nothing about why other than policy violation. How in the world do you know what they are calling a violation when you have nothing in your ad that violated their policies? Then, days later, you still hear nothing back when you dispute the removal. The whole thing was a complete and utter waste of my time. How about investigate before you remove something and have the common decency to get back to people when they contact you.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Scam! Beware! The same motorcycle picture (with house in background) was used for 3 different listings of bikes in 3 different locations of the country. 4 days of no response from seller...and after numerous attempts to elicit an integrity response. Nothing.The Sellers name led to a completely foreign facebook page. Bike was priced ridiculously low,,too good to be true scenario. Sorry I wasted my time. There has to be a watchdog group for these kind of listings esides just writing a bad review.

1 review
0 helpful votes

It looks that whole site is run by scammers. Every classic bike or car post is fake. They don't answer on complaints.. Shame

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The ''team'' working for oodle is no doubt some fat old cow pee drinkers in India who not being able to speak English auto take down anything marked as spam etc, if you get two or more they suspend your abiliy to post yet let you waste your time making one! The site is filled with trolls and I'd bet jealous idiots, bitter former users trying to bring the site down and perhaps even craigslist trolls trying to excercise wider control. Their help system lime amazon's and so on is an insulting run around a time waste and trying to ask for a reason fornthe suspension gets no where as they only have a ''help'' system and a no reply spam bot to tell you the bad news, hours later. I did find this joke of site's number on BBB and took multiple dumps on them

1 review
1 helpful vote

Complete scam!!! I tried buying a German shepherd puppy and they told me to send a money gram and they will send the dog. Then continued asking for more money saying they need it for crates, insurance. Never got the puppy. Never would buy anything from them. Especially for the one for $500 puppy.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is filled with scam adds. Shut this $#*!ing site down.
I cant believe they are selling vintage Harleys for $5000-$8000 and the sellers name are all the same letters just scrambled.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy anything from this site.

Ask Steve about Oodle
1 review
2 helpful votes

Looked at 5 different Harleys for sale and all scams, The worst site ever STAY AWAY BEFORE THEY SCAM YOU....

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

This is a website filled with bogus listings. I contacted several advertisers of French Bulldogs for sale and none of them responded. They give you a number to text (which is a scam) and I didn't want to text just random people only to receive advertising on my phone in the future. PURE SCAM - DON'T TRUST THE WEBSITE. They are just using it to get money on ADS. They don't vet the listers.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Tried to buy a trailer listed on Oodle. Wasn't contacted back for days. Finally was contacted back with a note that said: "Trailer still available", it also had some auto reply full of scam info. I have tried to get a human being for 5 days now. I have tried since the ad posted. This is such a scam. I have sent dozens of inquiries through dozens of people. No response to: "When can I see it", "I want to purchase it ", " Please call me", etc. This seems to be a sight solely for benefit of advertising. I wonder if anyone has ever successfully bought anything, let alone a big ticket item.How disappointing and what a waste of time and energy.

Tip for consumers: Do not waste your time!!!!!!!!!

Ask Woody about Oodle
1 review
5 helpful votes

A scam!!! I tried to buy a Kawasaki Mule.for $2000.00 I spent 2 weeks trying to buy it. They told me to contact ebay and send them the money in their name and they would send me the Kawasaki Mule. When I called ebay they said I would have buy from ebay before they would deal with it. SCAM! SCAM! IF IT sounds like a to good of a deal!!!! it is.


1 review
4 helpful votes

Oodles Marketplace for vehicles is a complete scam. Anybody that will not meet face to face and accept cash in far the first three cars/trucks I inquired on we're all scams. They can say what they want about Craigslist, but I have bought a car, two motorcycles and a hot tub with no problems. I have also sold cars and stuff without a problem. The Oodles site is pure crap. If you fall for any of their scams then you are very naive!

1 review
2 helpful votes

My listing for pekingese puppies have been flagged as a "Policy Violation" I can not edit the ad in order to conform to the policy in any way so the listing in my account is not active to the public. We always want the family to be a good match for the puppies so meeting face to face is a must. NO SHIPPING. Facebook is linked to verify that we are real people. I tried to contact Customer Service by the links provided and received an email that was generic and did not help specify exactly why I was in violation of the policy. Reading this site, I did not realize there was so much dissatisfaction with the site and the words Scams and Fraud is used allot. Maybe i will have to post the ad in the news paper, like the good ole days.

1 review
5 helpful votes

POLICY VIOLATION!!! Cannot place an ad with them, it keeps kicking it off for no good reason. Customer service sucks. No one gets back to me to resolve this issue.
DOn't waste your time advertising with this company- they are a bunch of crappy operation.

5 reviews
13 helpful votes

I know that it is a local listing for lots of other things too, but I've always gone on here to just search for pets. So my review is just for their pet category... amazing website. It's simple to search and easy to navigate. I found puppies on here for friends and family members that came from amazing owners/breeders and it's such a friendly online place to go to for pets (personally for me).

Tip for consumers: Make sure you get current pictures of the pet you're eyeing from the owner prior to driving out there because there are times that I'd see listing for a 10 weeks old puppy and when I drove out there to meet up the owners and next to them is a 4 months old puppy... In other words, listing could show "listed 10 days ago" but the picture the owner used could be 2 months old... :) Just a little tip for saving gas and time...

Ask Tammy about Oodle
1 review
3 helpful votes

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I was looking for a maltese pup..they sent me all info pn pups n wanted my info to make sure i would take care of pup...they were giving them away free because grand mum died and they had too mamy to care for. I only had to pay for air fare delivery..350....This company oodle my noodle...needs to be put out of business!

1 review
6 helpful votes

Complete rip off almost every post is a scam.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have the same situation of "radio silence" after i asked for more proof. The only problem is I already gave them my information but not my money... advice anybody?

1 review
5 helpful votes

WOW is all I can say. Am looking for a puppy and came across this website with a lot of too good to be true deals. And that is exactly what they are. I texted for more information about a dog and noticed that the number was green meaning they don't have an iPhone or usually smartphone in general. Starting thinking that was weird and it is probably a burn phone. Then I googled the numbers and came across about 30 listings in all different states under the same phone number. If you are going to use this site, and I recommend you just do not, google the phone number before you get excited.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is a complete rip-off! Full of scammers! I read the other reviews and my situation was the same! The ad is for one state and the dog is supposedly in another and they want you to pay for shipping through money gram. Good thing money gram was on top of things or I would've been ripped off! These people make me sick, saying their mother died or their daughter died and that's why they need to get rid if the puppies! I really pray that karma gets these pathetic excuse for human beings and someday they'll get what they deserve for the terrible things they're doing! DO NOT trust this site!!!!!

1 review
5 helpful votes

Oodle needs to be held responsible for everyone that has been scammed out of money ! Does anyone know a really good team of lawyers to help with a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ?

1 review
6 helpful votes

So glad you had these reviews. I almost got scammed buying a Yorkie puppy. They wanted me to send $100 Western Union and pay the rest when the puppy arrived. They asked for my address so I gave them the address of the local police department. OOOOHHHHHH I am so mad! Thank GOD I googled this website. I am so glad I figured it out before it was too late and I was out $100.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Avoid this site!!! Tried to purchase an Akita puppy. After many emails , texts and puppy pics I was ready to purchase one. Things that triggered my concern - It said they were in my state and weren't, when I said I would travel to pick up pup she said no we can't pick her up that shipping is included, phone number was from a diferent state that was advertised and where she claimed the pup was. She took my address info and said the shipping company would contact me for payment. She did give a shipping company name that really did exist. When the shipping company finally contacted me they wanted payment through a RELOAD IT card. So I investigated and found out that the real shipping company doesn't require prepayment. And the reload it card is used by scammers. Never use the reload it prepaid card!!! When I emailed the seller and shipping company and told them my concerns and asked for an explanation, neither responded - they knew they were busted.

1 review
7 helpful votes

BUYER BEWARE! I was looking at a motorcycle (2006 Harley Davidson Fat Boy CVO listed in Detroit, Michigan). Thankfully, I checked into it further. The seller said ebay would be involved, so I contacted ebay. Ebay pointed out several reasons why this was a scam. The seller (as I have read on some of the other comments) said ebay would hold the motorcycle for 5 days so we could check it out and make sure we were satisfied with the bike. Seller also claimed ebay would not release my payment to her until I notified them I was happy with the purchase. Ebay does not do this. They do not hold items for sellers, nor do they hold money. When I received the invoice explaining payment arrangements, I found out I had to pay via MoneyPak. Ebay never uses that method of payment. Also, there was no ebay item number, just a reference number. I also checked ebay for the item; it was not listed.

1 review
5 helpful votes

There completely unprofessional and unorganized! i've never felt more hustled in my day an age. No one in the office has a clue on company policy, there a complete reap off!

1 review
7 helpful votes

STAY AWAY!! I called an ad for questions about pug puppes and no one answered. I wanted to know where the puppies came from. I soon after get a text (they will not communate over the phone), if Im interested in the puppies, he/she proceeded to text me VULGAR DEROGATORY comments! Just bc I asked a few questions about the puppies! IT is a SCAM God only know where these poor puppies come from, unless you want to be harrassed, do NOT contact these people! Go to

1 review
6 helpful votes

BEWARE!!!!! This is a site mostly for scammers to accumulate victims. I was looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy after my beloved Sookie passed away. The prices were great. Too good to be true for the most part. I would find a puppy and look up the area code I was asked to text and it was halfway across the country from the location the seller listed that they were at. I contacted a few and was told that they had suddenly "MOVED, but I can SHIP the puppy to you". Most had just joined the OODLE site the same month. Save yourself some time and aggravation and look elsewhere.

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE THIS SITE!!!!

Ask LilMis about Oodle
1 review
10 helpful votes

This is a site with nothing but scammers. You will see the exact same object with the exact same picture advertised with a different owner and location, after the first ad got it's sucker. These idiot are so lazy they won't even find a new item with a different picture to try to scam people. They are specifically using items that will appeal to either older vulnerable people, or pet lovers who are just trying to find the right pet. This web site should be shut down. I wish I could find just one of these $#*!ers, and teach them a thing about what happens to $#*!s that try to rip honest people off.


Ask jAMES about Oodle
1 review
14 helpful votes

DO NOT BUT ANY ANIMALS FROM THIS SIGHT !!!!!!!! i purchased a dog for 500$ they made me purchase a reload it card where i put the money on the man on the phone told me he was at the airport and needed the security code on the reload it card in order for him to buy his and the puppies plane tickets as soon as i gave him the security code he with drew all the money and they called me back saying he needed an extra 900$ in order for him to insure the dog so it can fly. at this time i have lost it with him telling him i want my money back and im going to go to the police, he must have had a pre-paid phone because he shut the phone off and i was lost out of 500$.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT BUT A DOG FROM HERE if the price looks to good to be true it usually is i got scammed for 500$

Ask Annamaria about Oodle
1 review
9 helpful votes

Dont waste your time on this site. I messaged someone posting a listing for a motorcycle in Houston, Texas. "Sandra D." is what they go by. After a couple emails back and forth about this motorcycle for an AMAZING price, "she" tells me that she is in the US Air Force and she's been relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii.
I'll paste the emails here so you can read for yourself...

Also, when I asked for a number to call and finalize the deal, they FREAKED out. If they weren't a scammer, I'm sure they could have just sent one easily.

ME:Please tell me if this is still available.

THEM:Hi; sorry for the delay but for some unknown reasons your email went to my junk folder and saw it now. The bike is still available. It's in an excellent condition, very clean, always garaged kept. Never been dropped, laid down, raced or involved in any accidents. The paint is flawless and has no scratches at all. It has been regularly maintained and runs like brand new with no issues. I have all the maintenance records. Clear title. For pictures reply me with your emailaddress and make sure you check also your spam/junk/bulk folder because they might go there.

ME:From what I've seen it looks beautiful. I would definitely like some more pictures to look at more closely.

ME: Not sure if it was mentioned in the ad, but how many miles are on it; and it's still $2,100?

I live in Ohio, so I won't be able to drive down there to pick it up. Are there any vehicle moving businesses you know of that are around your location that would relocate it here?

Thanks for all your knowledgable assistance in advance.

THEM:Miles, it has 3160 miles on it. I've attached some pictures of the bike, take a look and please let me know ASAP if you are still interested. It belonged to my husband. He died in Afghanistan last year when a military helicopter was shot down and 31 soldiers were killed. He was an addicted biker and babied it very carefully. It's hard for me to let it go but the family convinced me that this is the only way I can pass this huge loss...I'm trying to get away of all the things that remembers me of's very hard but this is the life...a b***h...I'm trying to accept this situation and to get over it.
The price is $2100 with shipping and all the sale fees included. I'm in Honolulu, Hawaii due to my job (I'm an Air Force MSgt. too) and I have the bike here with me. My husband left it here before leaving in Afghanistan so all the maintenance could be performed on time. I can deliver it to your shipping address (I'll pay for the shipping and insurance fees) and I'll agree to let you test and inspect it for 5 days just to be sure. In these 5 days you'll test the conditions of the bike. If something won't be like you expected to be you can return it without any expense. It will come with all the paperwork.
I'll deliver it through our Air Force affiliated shipping company so the costs will be ok for me+they will take care of everything (title transfer, insurance, paperwork, etc...). Also a refund policy will be included so, as I've said, you'll have the possibility to return it if you consider so but I really don't think this will happen because the bike is in great shape.
The deal will go through eBay so the sale/payment will go through them. In this way both of us will have the required assurance that the deal will take place well. I'm gonna start a new eBay private listing if you agree my terms. If not just let me know because someone else is interested in the bike too.
Let me know ASAP what your decision is and reply with your emailaddress so that I can forward you the eBay listing link.

**I found this site before I made the horrific mistake of just sending my money, thankfully.**

ME: The bike looks great. Sounds too good to be true. Do you have a number I can reach you at to finalize the deal?

Warning: A VERY angry email. There is explicit language.

THEM:Yeah...extremely smart. You know that some people doubt Darwin's theory because of the "missing link"? I think I found it in you. Reply me ASAP with your directions to send a specialists team to collect samples from you...My husband died serving, I'm serving for you a $#*!ing retarded missing link and for our country and you accusing me that I'm a $#*!ing scammer....great american people....$#*!ing idiots...FIND ANOTHER $#*!ING BIKE AND DON'T YOU DARE TO EMAIL ME BACK YOU $#*!ING SCHIZOPHRENIC LITTLE $#*!!!!!!!

ME:I don't think I'm the schizophrenic one. All I did was ask for a number to call you; and you respond like that? If you aren't a scammer, a number would be easy to give me. I did a review of the website and there's a lot of stories EXACTLY like yours. All generic details and no name for the shipping company...

Like I said before, stay away from this site! They need to monitor these ads way better before I will be using it again. Unless the whole site is just ran by scammers.

TLDR: I was going to buy a bike. Emailed the person back and forth. Asked for a number to finalize the deal. Got cussed out because I'm not stupid enough to send money without being able to prove the deal is the real thing.

Tip for consumers: Beware of scammers and their sob stories.

Ask Chris about Oodle
1 review
5 helpful votes

the worst website to buy something, scam and fraud all around

1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not purchase from this site i truly believe there is no fraud dept and every pet listing I looked at was a scammer I had pics stolen from my site and tried to contact there fraud dept and got no response and the listing is still posted!!!

1 review
11 helpful votes

I agree that this site is loaded with scammers. I tried 6 different listings for large birds and none of the listers were in the cities that were in the ads. extremely unhappy about the oversite of this site.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I was looking for a puppy and kept getting sent to this site by Google listings. Five different ads said they were in my city but when contacted all were out of state and said they would ship to me if I sent the money. Really? A big waste of time since apparently no one monitors this site for accuracy.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Scam and fraud here. I found a motorcycle with a price that too good to be true. Seller said to send money and they would then pay to have it shipped to me. I reported this through the sites supposedly fraud page. The listing is still up. Makes me wonder with all the scam and fraud complaints that this whole website may be a scam!

1 review
5 helpful votes

A scammer posing as a divorced women is trying to sell a museum quality 1930 Harley for $3600.00. I live an 40 min. from where they said the bike was located, did not want cash. They wanted my personal info to start a free shipping process through an off shore shipping company from India. Again tried to set up a meeting, but was told the bike was now in the hands of the shipping company waiting for my info so they could send me the bike, and no money would be exchanged till I drove it , took it to a mechanic for inspection, etc.. etc... RIGHT!!!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Have dealt with two scammers in last two days. Stories surprisingly familiar- sarcasm intended. One giving away bulldog puppies, another selling Sphynx kittens. Since some rescues post pets on here and I've seen a few ads that seem reputable, starting with them actually being somewhere not around the world - SUDDENLY had to move but happy to ship to you!! Think this is a terrible place to get a pet in general, unless you can go see it!!

1 review
6 helpful votes

Nothing but pet scams!! Don't fall for it!

1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is not user friendly and no response from customer service at all.

30 reviews
31 helpful votes

This site is does need some improvement though as it is hard to navigate through.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Hard to navigate, and seems that it's the place for puppy mills to sell their wares.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is a scam!!!! Do not waste your time.

40 reviews
112 helpful votes

I didnt sell my item on here but I did like the look and feel much better than craigslist. The also have you sign on with facebook which I think helps keep some of the freaks away. Craigslist is full annonimity, while oodle has some information behind because of facebook. I ended up selling my item on craigslist but felt more comfortable on oddle. I hope they can get more traffic to help people sell items.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Reply |Stephen Graber to me
show details 4:51 AM (2 hours ago)

get lost $#*! sucker
This is the first email i sent to Stephen, about buying his car online from the web site!

Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 20:37:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Hello


Well after no hearing back from you about the 300.00 you added to the price of the car...
Things don't look good, your add was stopped, I just don't think you really wanted to sale the car.

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 5:27 AM, Stephen Graber <> wrote:

I don't know what's happening, I'll have to talk with oodle.
Are you interested buying the car or not?

1 review
2 helpful votes

Beware of deals involving "eBay Protection Program" that ask for Western Union money transfers. I was scammed out or $2000 for a K1200GT BMW from a supposed master seargent in the Air Force. The add is still up on Oodles site.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The site is very similar to a number of other sites. Oodle simply aggregates adverts from other sources and makes it easier to search....and you need to sign up and very your email address before you can post.

23 reviews
77 helpful votes

Ended up looking into last year when the wife and I rekindled a years past love of birds. Being on the lookout for scams, we found plenty of them, particularly in pets. Ads where a seller claims to have recently moved away from your area, they have a very desirable pet and are offering it at a super reasonable price, they'll ship it to you. There in lies the scam, they're going to get payment from you and send nothing, probably by wire. Eventually our interest in became an entertainment value, I would never expect to actually get something from someone there unless they really are in your area and can meet with you face to face to complete the sale. Better to just browse craigslist and see what comes up as it does.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I came to this site thinking that it would have less spam and fraud than craigslist and its even worse. see how many spam sellers you can count that begin their selling point with, (why?).

1 review
1 helpful vote

Nicely constructed site, impresses me as totally bogus.. much better using E-Bay or Craig's List

97 reviews
792 helpful votes

I tried this site out to sell a bicycle and had pretty good results with it. This is a more refined version of craiglist, but they have a lower volume of traffic. I am not sure why CL doesn't upgrade their look and feel to something like this site. It is free to post, so just like CL it is a great way to get people to look at what you are selling. I even posted a link on CL to my photos on this site. CL has that sad ability to only upload tiny photos online.

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