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reviewers's customer service is nonexistant and of no help.


Webought tickets for a game and the wrong tcikets were delivered.


I got a emauil say that the 3 tickets has been shipped to the hotel.

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New Reviewer

My wife bought me present to my birthday football tickets from OnlineTicketExpress
i received the tickets to my hotel in London and went to see Chelsea playing at home the seats was great it was the best present i ever received .

Tip for consumers: Great Place for Birthday Present

Ask tommy about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

I was extremely happy that the 40th birthday present brought for my wife and kids was gonna be Barca v Elche ,got to the stadium got in, had truly amazing seats, and the best birthday present ever, appreciation to the company onlineticketexpress, not sure what people expect as the tickets are not ready available to purchase direct from stadium, would recommend and use again, but anyone thinking they are getting something for nothing, well your not! Fabulous

Tip for consumers: “Fabulous Onlineticketexpress"

Ask Bill about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

we order tickets to the playoff champion league in Italy played Napoli v Athletic Bilbao
the tickets was great and the service was fine thanks Onlineticketexpress will recommend...

Tip for consumers: Great champion league tickets

Ask Suzi about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

Safe, Easy and friendly site .
Thanks OnlineTicketExpress!
Safe and easy ordering process.
Friendly and professional service.

Tip for consumers: Safe, Easy and friendly

Ask sam about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

I took my son to his birthday to watch is favorite team Tottenham , they won yesterday
and he was so happy, if you want to choose a birthday present please go and buy from them tickets for football game its the best present.
thanks OnlineTicketExpress

Tip for consumers: The Best Website for Birthday Present

Ask Glan about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

You have €518.82 in approved unpaid commissions
and € 1174.98 in commissions waiting for approval by merchant

I an affiliate and have promoted EST/OTE in the last year - they owe me over 1500 euros in unpaid commissions (see above - this is from their affiliate website) They won't respond to emails, requests for payments etc - they are happy to take sales and income from your website promotions and NOT pay you! Disgraceful!

Tip for consumers: Think carefully before using these people!

Ask JP about OnlineTicketExpress
New Reviewer

I really admire the promotions, the weekend discounts and the World Cup 2014 ticket mania they have set there. But I believe that with little improvement in the Traffic service, they earn even better reviews. I noticed that the Traffic service isn't as determined as seems their ticket selling department. Rest, everything was fine.

New Reviewer

Got last minute tickets here and was worried about doing it this way. Not a problem was convenient & reliable.

New Reviewer

I booked tickets to my old dad on the site, after reading all the reviews i was bit nervous i called the company maybe 10 times, i can say the customer service are professional all the time answered to the phone and Laura was so relaxing , the tickets arrived to my dad hotel like she said and every thing was OK,I want to thank you Online Ticket Express for the best World Cup tickets, my dad phoned me from the stadium saying "the atmosphere is amazing, the best game Brazil v Germany "

New Reviewer

we book 82 tickets for our group in Spain VS Chile match on 18 Jun.. we dealed with (Mario Estrada) where suddenly dissapear 2 weeks before match. We try to find any info and we realize they all related (easysportstickets, onlineticketsexpress, etc) and i was so scary when reading all the reviews about these companies.. we try to call all the call center number we got from website, we tried very hard and from thousands call we made, we only manage to call 3 times (1 is Brazil call center ms.Laura, and 2 times is France call center Ms. Anna) all call center is dissapointed me because the way they reply is only wait and wait but they DONT WANT to give any contact or number in Brazil. It made us like stupid if any delay of deliveries we just can wait.. so stupid company treat customer like this.. after a long2 waiting finally ticket arrived at 9 PM on 17 Jun but here is the worst part :

1. 03 tickets they sent were fake tickets which cause my guests rejected to enter stadium

2. i ordered 34 tickets cat 1 but they gave 34 tickets cat 2

3. i ordered 48 tickets cat 2 but they gave 48 tickets cat 3!!!

now i am trying to call them asking from refund, we send email but no reply at all.. and i can see these rubbish company do not have good willing to their customer..

even they FINALLY sent the tickets but the way they treat us, i can say they are liar and thief..

and based on my experience i strongly suggest you never buy anything from them.. even all good reviews i dont believe at all, because if we notice all good review suddenly coming up together and always 5 star given.. not 4star or 3 star.. so i think it is one of their staff to increase their rate in sitejabber.. be careful guys.. they are really well plan criminal.. the way we can do tell people as many as we can to STOP buying anything from their websites

New Reviewer

We are travel agency RubensTour we cooperate with Onlineticketexpress in the last three years .
the Website is Safe and Easy and Professional , they have many tour operators working with them .
last tickets we bought from them was for the World Cup in Brazil and it was like we expect.
we never heard about any complain form our clients , we all the time receiving the tickets in time .
we recommend to all travel agency go and buy with Onlineticketexpress!!!

New Reviewer

I have been using this service for booking football tickets for the last four games I went to. Booking is easy, usually taking about five to ten minutes, not including the time it takes the confirmation to arrive by email.
To date, tickets arrive like clockwork and the payment is as I expected.
I will continue booking with them.

New Reviewer

Just a quick note: they managed to get us 2 tickets at very short notice for Man UTD v Aston Villa.

Flawless service!

Absolutely No hesitation recommending them full heartedly

New Reviewer

One of their agents called me earlier and answered each of my questions politely and to the point. I made an inquiry about the match between Norwich & West Brom this Saturtay, fearing it might be too late.
He promised I will get the tickets "in a day or two" - and you know what? I believe him.
Keeping up the faith :)

New Reviewer

My husband was looking forward so much to watching Tottenham vs Southampton, so I booked the tickets in advance and got them 4 days before the match. We had such a lovely time, good seats and all. I just went back to this website and booked tickets for the Hotspurs' upcoming match against Liverpool on the 30th.

New Reviewer

Spain, Here I come! Going to see Villarreal v FC Barcelona on April 27. This is the only reliable site around in terms of pricing and user experience. Judging by how quickly they called and confirmed my booking, I can only hope they will ship the tickets just as soon.

New Reviewer

This company is a complete mess. Not one thing that they say is the truth. We used them for two different matches. Both times the tickets were delivered well after they said, and just in time for the match. Plus, they do not answer or respond to phone calls or emails when there are issues. The last set of tickets we got were completely wrong, arrived the night before the match, and they were closed so there was nothing to do. We had also been trying to reach them for days to confirm or get a status as the first set was also bad. I would never use or recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

Highly recommended!
Went online in search of footballtickets at a decent price. Found this site and read through the reviews about them. Booking was really easy. My tickets for the match between Chelsea and Arsenal just came by the morning post. A bit close, but they did tell me in advance to expect the tickets about three days before the game. So I can say they have reliable and efficient service. Will book again. For sure

New Reviewer

Was looking forward so much to watching Norwich v Tottenham, so I booked the tickets in advance and got them three days before the match. We had such a lovely time, good seats and all. I just went back to the website and made another booking.

New Reviewer

I can still remember the fab seats I got the first time I booked from them. Since then, I went online many times - always a good experience.

New Reviewer

The head and one of the owners of all these scam sites is Mr. Mano Mor (used to be called Menashe Mualem)Israeli ID number:027835867, He Lives in Israel in a big big house which is located at Habroshim 37, Ramot Hashavim, Israel, drives expensive cars and lives a luxury life thanks to the money he stole from innocent people.
He has many companies all over the world (mostly in offshore countries).
His main company where he seats and works in is:
INTCO SERVICE LTD (vat number 514173541) - 24 Giborey Yisrael Street Netanya, 42504 Israel, Phone Number : +97298360900

See his ugly face :

New Reviewer


This is a story about 3 partners which have opened several tickets sites for the past years which have scammed thousands of innocent people.

They have been involved with fraudulent activities which included :taking many orders and not supplying the tickets, sending empty envelopes (getting a signature so it will be considered delivered), and making many people come to the stadiums with a promise to meet someone who will give them their tickets – but no one did ever come.

This is the list of their sites which are currently working today: (fake one - instead of

This is the list of most of their old sites which some of them were shut down due to fraudulent activities:

More sites belonging to them:

New Reviewer

This was my first trip to England to watch a soccer game. The name was no joke. Super easy. The tickets were waiting for me at my hotel. I was also given updates on my order and was always answered by someone when I had a question. Will definitly use the site next time.

New Reviewer

To All reviewers:

Great news we found a lawyer which is representing these thieves:

A Lawyer called: Alexander Trager-Lewis works at CH. Hausmann & Co address:

5 De Walden Court

85 New Cavendish Street




Onlineticketexpress has many more sites; here are all their sites which are active today:

Here are most of their old sites – which they had been shut down involving fraudulent and illegal activities:

They have many companies all over the world - so no one can find them – they are investigated for years by the UK police

New Reviewer

I went to see the match between Portugal Sweden thanks to the website. It was pretty easy to order online and their sales department reached out to me online and even called me to offer support. I took this as a very positive sign, and in turn had no trouble placing my order. I received the tickets via courier the day before the match and luckily the delivery department had even called me to confirm the address due to the late release of the tickets. Excellent service.

New Reviewer

No communication. Was promised delivery of tickets 3 to 5 days in advance. They arrived 2 days in advance. I had already contacted them at least 10 times with no response. Finally cancelled the tickets and purchased new ones at 50% of the price. They billed me anyway. They are a scam. Wish I had read the reviews first.

New Reviewer

Day light robbery! I paid 912 euros for a pair of tickets that cost 152 euros each. Repeated emails to the company seeking for a refund of the difference were ignored. For the good of mankind, i strongly, strongly suggest that everyone avoid this site at all cost.

New Reviewer

This is a warning to everyone – Onlineticketexpress have opened more sites: i

They are trying to hide under these new sites – please make sure not to order with them or they will scam you also!

New Reviewer

Oh my gooooood, We bought 5 tickets each of 400 EUROS (!!!!!!!!!!!) and only 4 came, 2 of those were real and 2 of those were worth 30 euros each.... I am thinking now what to do? where Can i Sew them??? we went to prague match starts in about 2 hours and we dont have tickets.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone help?

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE AT ALL COST. THE COMPANY HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED IN ANDORA, MALTA, AND NOW THE UK. YOU ARE AN IDIOT IF YOU DO. A GROUP OF US WAS CONNED BY THIS COMPANY IN DECEMBER 2012. We filed a case in Andorra but they could not find the managing director or the ID has no registered address. The company has accounts in Malta and other EU countries but they are constantly closing the accounts and using bogus names that cannot be accounted for with no permanent address. THIS IS A BIG SCAM. DON'T BE SO SO DUMB.

Expert Reviewer

Scrapping Website - Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
- Site Using Fake or Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals are key indicators of a Scam Site.
- Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
- Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
- Fully read the "Warnings" and "Membership Terms and Conditions"

*-* Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing a stolen copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security". This practice is called “Scrapping.”

*~* Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

Verified by Visa Seal - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG, no verification URL):

MasterCard Secure Code - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG, no verification URL):

New Reviewer

I bought tickets to a Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid game in Madrid for my boyfriend who came all the way from South Africa. I made sure to buy good tickets which were suppose to be Category 1, long side tickets which cost 98 Euro each.

The tickets which were delivered to the hotel the day before the game were 40 Euro each tickets and right at the top in the ceiling.

The company was uncontactable over that particular weekend. They eventually responded to an email two weeks later with some generic nonsense. I just want to know what happened to all the money I spent as I did NOT get what I paid for.

It's not right to do this to people but karma comes around.

I will not just leave this!



New Reviewer

In January 2013 I purchased 2 tickets for Liverpool vs Chelsea game on the 21st April 2013 and paid almost Eur600 for them. As soon as I entered my credentials on their site I got a phone call to help me with the ordering process and they gave me a sterling service up untill I gave them my money! As soon as I paid I heard nothing else from them. It took me weeks of badgering just to get some kind of reply via email, and still it did not confirm my ticket purchase. I had to go through my bank to request a copy of the purchase agreement. I bought flights and accomodation in liverpool (approx a further Eur1500) and travelled there (from Malta). Tickets were supposed to be delivered to my accomodation. No tickets arrived. During a call with one of their reps, I was told that their 'agent' did not deliver and they had no tickets for me. They wanted to give me tickets to another game in another state! I insisted for a full refund and they said its not their policy and they cannot. They said I can use the money on another game some other time! - BEWARE - credit has an expiry date of 180 days and only 50% can be used against ticket prices! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! Ticket prices are tenfold inflated and you never get what you pay for. They are also operating from other sites. I cannot understand how in todays day and age these companies are still allowed to operate! Their terms and conditions are 100% in favour of them and go against all consumer rights!

New Reviewer

We ordererd three tickets for the Arsenal vs Reading match on 30th March in advance and paid around 414,- EUR.
When being in London we got an email that they could not provide us with the tickets as the provider failed to deliver them to our hotel.
Since then we are trying to get the money back and - being lawyer by myself - already have considered legal action against this "company".

Keep away from thinking of doing business with them !!!!!


New Reviewer

I`ve decide to book tickets through onlineticketexpress for Man Utd vs Norwich game (2nd March 2013) for friend and myself. Price wasn`t too bad 243 euro for two tickets which I couldn`t get on Man Utd website (was none left when I was checking). After registering account on onlineticketexpress I got phone call from them, saying to order it as soon as possible because only few left. I did pay for it (end of January), and there was no contact with them since. I`ve decide to check ticket for another match (Man Utd - Real Madrit) to see if they`re going to contact me relating with another match. After an hour I got phone call - again man was saying to book it because it`s only few tickets left - I start asking him about tickets for Norwich game, he said he will send me all informations on my e-mail. I got some e-mail but it was same sh*t as on their website (rules about sending tickets 5 days before match with reccomendation to send it to hotel). 2 days before match they rang me that they can`t send tickets to Ireland and asked me for address of my hotel. They changed details of shipping address for hotel at their website as well. When we arrived to our hotel on matchday, there was no tickets waiting for us. It was not possible to contact them at all ... we watched the game in The Trafford pub eventually. After coming back to Ireland I`ve decide to go to Garda Station (police) to ask about procedures but unfortunantly I was told I can only get solicitor and try to solve it this way. I went to my bank (AIB) to find out if there is any chance for refund - and they asked me to print off all corespondence between me and onlineticketexpress + write a letter with explanation what has happened to me.

In the meantime I was trying to contact onlineticketexpress... and guess what ... first time in 2 months time I was able to talk to someone when I rang them ! So I`ve said them my story. Man told me he has to check it, and he will ring me back. Another surprise ... he did after 4 days telling me that refund is going to be send on my card (I was using Visa Debit) in up to 14 days. I`ve decide to wait with letter to bank (they told me I have 30 days counting from matchday to handle it to bank). After 14 days waiting I wrote letter for bank. I was waiting around 7 days to get reply asking to send all corespondence with onlineticketexpress (including their offers, spam and my e-mails sent to them) and proof of trying to solve this problem with merchant.

As I had no proof of solving problem with onlineticketexpress I wrote another letter explaining that it`s almost impossible to contact them and was very hard to get through on their phoneline ... After 5 days from sending this letter bank did refund on my account. It took me 1,5 month to get it back (deleyed becouse I was waiting 3 weeks for refund from onlineticketexpress). I`m not going to use this website again, and would not recommend to anyone...

They`ve lied me twice in few days time. Before I`ll buy anything online I`m going to read reviews about websites from now on.

onlineticketexpress = SCAM

Next season I`m going to get Utd membership and buy tickets official way.

New Reviewer

They are absolute scam. Think about it, why don't they take credit card payments?? You have no protection and you will get ripped off. DON'T USE THEM.

New Reviewer

Overpriced tickets and no service. They are actively in contact with you until they get your money. After that you do not get any service nor information. They take absolutely no responsibility of failing to deliver as agreed. Very, very poor service and unreliable company. DO NOT USE THEM!

New Reviewer

Purchased Copa Del Rey tickets from the website, paid a huge some for the tickets. They did deliver the the ticket, however not the seats the online support or the phone support had indicated that we would get. The catagorization on the website doesn't make sense, VIP Gold and Platinum, doesn't mean much! I bought the VIP Platinum tickets and ended setting in the corner of the field at an angle that is very hard to watch the game from... Very bad seats compared to what was explained, ruining the entire experience.

New Reviewer

my recommendation- don't ever purchase anything from this site!!!!
we bought tickets to the match Arsenal Vs. Westham, which was suppose to take place at boxing day 2012. we flew from Israel to LOndon to see the game, but few days before our arrival the game has been postpond. we've been told we won't get our money back, because those are the terms. o.k.
we asked them to deliver the tickets to the new game (which took pace yesterday, Jenuary 23, 2013)
we called them all day and at the costumer service we've been told that the tickets will arrive later, and that they will call us with a answer later on.
off course they didn't call, or texted. we tried calling them all afternoon but no answer. we didn't get those match tickets.
few minutes ago my husband called them to understand why we didn't get the tickets o at least got a phone call, they told him they tried to reach him few times but he didn't answer (that's a lie- he didn't get any phone calls)
and that they sent us an e-mail before the match that a representative is waiting with our tickets outside their office. needless to say- we didn't get any e-mail of that kind.
because of their story, they won't return our money.
i'll never ever buy tickets from them again, and i hope so will you...

New Reviewer

I too was conned by these people. I paid €3200 for 2 tickets for Bayern v Chelsea Champions League Final. They contacted me the night before to tell me I would need to pay an extra €3000. It took me 5 months and Visa head office and solicitors letters to get a refund. I have been pursuing them since with the authorities, the Andoran Government told me they have had many complaints on the company and were taking action against them but they have now moved to Malta. I will continue to pursue action against them there - Chelsea fans never forget. - John, Ireland

New Reviewer

I paid $517.00 for 3 tickets for my family who have gone to London to watch to a Chelsea - Aston Villa match. I received a telephone call at 5:30 am yesterday morning to be told that the tickets will not be delivered to the hotel as promised; their supply was no longer available but that I can get other tickets by adding 65 pounds/ per person if I wish. I demanded a full refund and was told someone would contact me at a later date. It was absolutely clear that this was a huge SCAM and it was too late to undo. Visa will not reimburse the sale as I had approved it with them.

New Reviewer

Scam - don't buy tickets from website. They offer tickets they d on't have. Customer service is non-existant once tickets are sold. Say will despatch 3 - 5 days before event. No communication until day before when rang to say let down by their suppliers but if i paid another £125 per ticket i could meet someone outside the ground. No way after reading reviews. Convinced no tickets would show. Phone was then put down and my order details immediately erased from their website. No mention of refund - but will fight all the way to get money returned. Never again - please don't buy tickets from this site.

New Reviewer

I was really frightened not to get my tickets for the Real Madrid´s match against Celta from Vigo in Santiago Bernabeu´s stadium on the 20 th october!!!After i had finished my transaction i had the bad idea to look for the reliability of this site...I nearly panicked because of the reviews!!!We were going to London and Paris,from Uruguay (South America) with my son of 21 years old in his first time to Europe.Ending our trip in Madrid for one day his last breath taking experience would be watching this match!!!When in the morning I rang my hotel in Madrid where we were arriving in the night...(the match was the next day)it was a pleasure to find out that my tickets were there for us.!!!I can´t say people who rank this site as a fraud are wrong but i imagine that more people had good experiences and never wrote about them...normally when you are very angry about something that didn´t come out as you expected everyone tends to write,but not when results are positive!!That´s why i,m´writing today my review,i wouldn´t be fair if i didn´t!!!

New Reviewer

Do not use this web site under any circumstances! My experience is the same as everyone else. Firstly my credit card was overcharged by more than £100 than the agreed price then I was contacted by CC company and told to destroy card as I had just used web site that sell on CC details to third party! My tickets were never delivered as promised and I was emailed an hour before the match I had purchased tickets for to be told a representative would be there with them. They didn't even give details of where I was to meet this fictitious person. I have lost over £800 and I am now in touch with the fraud department. They need to be closed down-NOW!

New Reviewer

They will not deliver your tickets to you. I bought 4 tickets to a premier League match for 4*170 £ - cat 1. When I arrived at London the Company had delivered cat. 3 tickets in the away section. Listprice 35 £. I have tried to get a refund, but every time I phone them they promise that they will get back to me, but they never do. You will get tired of phoning them before they do and you will never get any promised refund. F... OTE

New Reviewer

No More Dashing for Tickets

Online Ticket Express is the best place for someone who loves football. I am a big aficionado of Barcelona and I crave to watch every possible match live. On Online Ticket Express, I simply have to go through the upcoming matches of Barcelona once in a while and buy the tickets from same place.

Not only for the fans of Barcelona but Online Ticket Express sells tickets for every team playing in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Seria. So, this is the perfect spot for football fanatics.

Francesco Sem – Las Palmas

New Reviewer

Best Online Tickets

I like the way Online Ticket Express has dedicated itself to selling tickets online. One thing that is most commendable about them is their full devotion and forthright approach towards selling tickets. This website is meant to sell tickets and that is exactly what it does to perfection. It provides you with a crystal clear, simple and easy to follow method of buying tickets online.

It has the best customer care center, the best tickets available and the price is worth it. One could say that I am exaggerating things here, but no, this is how you feel when you get more than what you expect.

sareena james – Zaragoza, Spain

New Reviewer

OMG !!! I really wished I have read these review before I decided to purchase my wimbeldon man's final tickets !!!! I have paid for the tickets back in may , then keep calling them and emailing them and LIVE chatting them to ask where are my debenture tickets ( we paid over 5500 euros for these tickets) they told me that they will be deliver a few days before the match not to worry !!
then the tickets came , we were so happy !!! show up today at wimbeldon , then we were refused entry at the gate !!!!!!

the tickets they sold us were ILLEGAL !!! turn out , they send us public ballot tickets ( which cannot be resold ) only debenture tickets can be resold !!!

so wimbeldon confiscated my tickets and I called the web site , I called all their numbers they just tell me " BE available" we will get you replacement tickets

I waited for 30 minutes , menawhile the match started , then I got an email saying my tickets is at some pick up point , if I do not get there within the next 5 minutes , the tickets will be consider delivered !!!and no refund ,final deal !!!

meanwhile the live chat guy hung up on me , and every single phone number no one answer !!!

I am going to sue them for fraud , sicne they know that these tickets cannot be resold and they still sold them to me !!

New Reviewer

Faithful Tickets Seller

Both my husband and I are proud supporters of Swansea City. He recently came across Online Ticket Express and made an account there. However, he never used the account because he had doubts about online ticket sellers.

I recently used his account and purchased 2 tickets for the Swansea City vs. Wolves match for my husband and I. My husband and I had a great time watching that heart stopping match. Swansea sent a blitz of goals towards the Wolves and got our hearts racing.

Although it was a tie in the end, the adrenaline rushing through our veins and the electrifying atmosphere made it an exceptional match to watch. Thank you Online Ticket Express for the match. You have restored my husband’s faith in online ticket sellers. Actually, only in you.

Amanda Derlap - London

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE ONLINE TICKET EXPRESS..I booked 2 tickets for the French Open Men's semi-final 2012 on 9/3/12. As I was travelling from Australia, I was concerned that they had not arrived by mid-April. I called the company at this time after I discovered their poor reviews on the net and they told me not to worry-the tickets would be e-mailed to me "in around 2 weeks". I made a follow-up call at the start of May, and I spoke to the same 2 people. They now told me that the tickets would be released in mid-May. After questioning them about the legitimacy of the tickets, they hung up on me. Now I was was very anxious, as I had booked flights from Australia to Paris and hotels, etc. I made other arrangements and got hold of 2 real tickets for the event. I contacted my credit card company who refunded the money to me, pending an investigation.
2 days before the event on 8/6/12, I was emailed 2 tickets. I originally paid 'Online ticket express' 1328 Euro for 2 tickets. However these tickets were 120 Euro each. The e-mail stated that our names were attached to the tickets. As I had acquired 2 alternative tickets for the event, I did not try to use these tickets. Perhaps they were real, though I could not take the risk. Travelling from Australia, I had explained my obvious anxiety to the 2 people from Online ticket express, though they obviously did not care when I received the 'tickets' 2 days before the event.
The Roland Garros official website warns fans not to use this company. I have found them to be aggressive on the phone and very unprofessional. Please DO NOT use ONLINE TICKET EXPRESS!!!

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