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Omegle reviews

16 reviews
Categories: Chat, Video Chat
PO Box 1652
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
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16 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

i plis jo men jour plai omegle

New Reviewer

This site is ok for the fact it is fun to talk to new people and improve your language skills, but I think there moderators are corrupted for they let people in video chat masturbate, but if I say I'm not gay in chat they ban me.It seems like they are Anti-Straight and the moderators need to be fired.

New Reviewer

I was just banned for the NINTH time for no apparent reason. I have never done anything that is prohibited by the terms of service, nor have I ever received a reply from Omegle explaining why I continually get banned for an unknown reason. Omegle spends its time banning people who abide by the terms instead of taking care of those who don't.

New Reviewer

This website is fun to go on if you're bored and want to laugh at the stupidity of some people. The website is poorly moderated and put in a section where they say you won't be talking to perverts, however, the new "moderated" section still has people on there doing inappropriate things.

New Reviewer

Well, I have to disagree on one thing: This site is NOT full of lonely, unhappily married men. It's mainly populated with ignorant, illiterate sad, little boys who actually believe that saying you're 22 is believable if you type like a 4 year old.
The room's users are the type of internet warrior that have an endgame in sight (making someone angry) but cannot quite think of how to get there so they spout $#*! insults which bore but not quite anger.
They also believe that age and gender are relevant for more than making them look like paedophiles.

New Reviewer

This site should ask for age verification it's full of pornography.

New Reviewer

Not what I thought. I'm just a kid, and honestly, I thought this was a site where you just innocently have a chat with strangers. But no. It's just a bunch of lonely, unhappily married men "looking for some fun."

New Reviewer

I think the site itself is an entertaining concept, and that you can occasionally get an intriguing conversation out of it. However, all too often the people you end up talking to are either trolls, or sex crazed idiots. I never go on to video mode, because every single person there has his $#*! out (and on the tiny chance that they don't have their $#*! out, they'll immediately disconnect once they realise you're not a girl.) It has been attempted to fix this recently by monitoring the chats, but honestly I don't see any difference, every time I go on there's at least one person I run into with his $#*! out.

New Reviewer

I guess Omegle is ok if you're into online communities where profanity is a perfectly normal and acceptable greeting and conversation starter.

New Reviewer

Lots of dudes with their *ahem*, you know....their.....They're rocking out with their $#*!s out.

New Reviewer

I thought it would be a little fun to go online an talk to random strangers, but this site is very wrong. all it is, is a bunch of lonely sick men doing inappropriate things in front of a camera. and the worst part is that their is no filtration anyone can go on no verification nothing, all you can do is skip on to the next person, but you never know if the next person might be even worse. I believe this site should be taken down permanently.

New Reviewer

Omegle is a site that should be taken off the web as any similar site should. It does NOT have any log in information, no age limit, no anything. It is a site that allows any body talk by video or just text chat to complete strangers. This site is just asking for trouble. It's a site that pedophiles will easily pray on our children and for that reason it and any other site that does not require limiting of age should be removed from the internet.

New Reviewer

This is a preditory website, parents do not allow your children on this web site. It is a video chat that grown men expose thier genitles and masterbate while speaking with your child. A child who has body issues or low self esteem will certainly be coersed to expose herself. It happened in my family and I am devastaded!


I'd give it the worst rating except that it's fun to go on at work when there's nothing to do and you need mindless entertainment. That being said, the entertainment is far and few inbetween since you either run into adult site bots or people looking to cyber.


As an educator, I was excited to hear about sites like Omegle and Chatroulette. I thought it might offer up my students a good opportunity to practice communication skills with others through video chatting. And if the person on the other end didn't speak the same language, it would be an ever better chance to practice nonverbal communication skills.

But all my hopes are dashed by the lack of moderation on these sites. There's no way of knowing whom or what you will see on the screen next, and frankly I'm not sure I like the site's motto of "Talk to Strangers". As I've gotten older, I've certainly gotten slightly more conservative, but I suppose it happens when you've got some little ones under your charge.

New Reviewer

Alright. The concept of meeting random strangers for the sake of conversation may seem stupid and pointless, but I swear to god, this site was almost TOO fun. Not counting the numerous idiots that start conversations with ASL (Age, Sex, Location, in hopes of finding some hot male\chick they can meet up with), there are also many intelligent, reasonable people to meet. You can meet someone that will make your day, and that's what's been happening to me ever since I found Omegle- someone makes my day. It's completely anonymous, which makes it great for people who like to take their anger out on strangers through degrading and incredibly creative insults. Other than that, I've found great fun and happiness in this site.

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