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Ordered over $100 worth of Frontline for my two dogs and am still waiting.

I ordered Frontline Plus 6 applications for $59.00.

They sent me email stating that they had shipped my order on 12/29.

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New Reviewer

I will never order from this site again they sent me frontline chioce instead of Frontline Plus I ordered...Dont accept the Choice it is a rip off. I returned the crap and I have not recieved the refund as of yet its been over a month...there website is gone and the phone # is busy all the time I think it is disconnected....go figure.....

New Reviewer

Always a good site to purchase my pet's medications. Really good deals and their staff is so helpful even on a 24/7 operations. Keep it up!!!

New Reviewer

Really appreciate how okpet handles their customers over the phone, such helpful and friendly reps, makes me feel safe and secured with my order.

New Reviewer

Ordered Frontline tick and flee for my dogs on March 27, 2012. Just received product today on 4-25-12. Called customer service, they can't tell you where the shipment
is for 24 to 48 hrs. Told them to cancel order, they flatly refused. Do yourself a
favor and go to your local pet store instead of waiting a month to receive your
product from the UK.

New Reviewer

The website itself is bland and they don't offer very much. I ordered two boxes of advantage for dogs on march 28th & it's April 13th & still wasn't in the mail today. The pricing is decent, but the shipping is entirely to slow. I will not order from here again for that reason alone.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering my pet's medication from here for awhile now. Girls on the phone are always friendly and helpful, never had any medication errors, and delivery is always fairly quick.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from this web site for a few years now and the only problem I had was slow delivery. I love the savings and the products are effective. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and I am a dog groomer. The frontline plus I always order does come from other countries but works well. Very happy customer.

New Reviewer

I ordered on December 23, 2011 and received a confirmation from OK Pet. Please also note, I paid via CC on this date also. Shipping was on 12/30 and now, 1/23/12, I am still waiting. Finally, I called the company to inquire. I was told that they would begin an investigation...and not immediately FedEx a new shipment to me. Put bluntly, customer care and service is horrendous at OK Pet. The surely deserve to go out of business. There are many options out there and this will not make the cut next time. Please do yourself a favor and don't order here. You will be delayed weeks and may never receive your order. In the meantime, your pets will suffer!

New Reviewer

I don't know what all the whining is about. I have ordered Frontline for cats from OKPet for a couple years now and my cats are happy, healthy and have no fleas or ticks. What else is there to say? OKpet offers the same product at half the price and has all the desired results. Plus, the billing and shipping has never been a problem.

New Reviewer

I've seen negative reviews for this site but still this company has proven to me excellence in service and promptness in delivery.

New Reviewer

I have been very happy with the prices, quality of the pet products I order. Shipping is always fast and comes in a secured packaging.

New Reviewer
9/7/11 is a Canadian company and is basically an intermediary that orders your product AFTER you have placed the order. I learned this directly from a customer service representative when I called to see if I could get a tracking number for my order. They would NOT give me the tracking number. They do not consider the product late until 3 weeks have elapsed. I'm afraid the product is coming from China and will not be authentic.

New Reviewer

I have used this site for the past 10 months and I am so happy I found such a great site!! For me I have not had any problems getting my dog's products in time. Maybe I am lucky - but their service has been great with me. My friend has been using this site for a few months now recently and she is pleased with the service too. If you can't afford the outrageous prices on pet meds visit this site, and you won't be upset :) :)

New Reviewer

Never thought I'd save so much on pet medications but I did with okpet. Great coupon discounts and superb customer service!

New Reviewer

Appreciate so much that I can now get quality pet medications at low prices. Keep providing fast deliver and promotional discount!!!

New Reviewer

Haven't encountered any problems so far, fast delivery and excellent customer service!!!

New Reviewer

Such helpful people and prices I can really go for. Best is that it's effective and delivery is fantastic!

New Reviewer

Pleasant experience ordering from, each time I called in for my order the representatives are so friendly and helpful and they have given enormous discounts their customers. Really a good site!

New Reviewer

Well so far I'm no impressed. I ordered my product back on April 27th and still no product. I wish I would've found this site before ordering as I don't think I would've placed an order. I called customer service today and they did say the product was coming from the UK. Once I receive I will compare the packaging but I think I'll return the product anyway and try to get a refund. I live out in the country and I don't want to take a chance of my dogs getting fleas or ticks.

New Reviewer

Ordered over $100 worth of Frontline for my two dogs and am still waiting. They were quick to process the creditcard, but never respond to my emails. As to my phone calls, I get the same answer.... within 24-48 hours! It's been three weeks and flea and tick season is in full swing while we wait, and wait... and wait. Wish I had seen these comments before I ordered! Never, never again!

New Reviewer

In a short span of time, you guys have saved me so much in my pets medications. I have 9 cats and keeping them healthy means big bucks. Just wished I had found your website before. Thank you for low prices and effective medications, plus you have such wonderful people working for you, very friendly and helpful!!!

New Reviewer

I have ordered many time and don't care if it comes from a different place other than the U.S. as long as it is effective and safe, not to mention that I always receive my order on time. Good going okpet!

New Reviewer

I've tried several online pharmacy and nothing beats the prices with okpet, I must say i have read bad reviews about this company but have never experience any problems with my orders.

New Reviewer

I enjoy ordering from this company, not only does their representative make you feel secure but i get to save so much with my pet's medication.

New Reviewer

Best quality customer service i ever dealt with. Good job!

New Reviewer

Quality product with affordable prices. Keep up the good work!

New Reviewer

Service and pricing is awesome! Helpful customer service!

New Reviewer

I must admit that after reading these reviews I was skeptical to use OKPet to buy medication for my beloved lab's heart condition. However, the best price eventually won me over and I couldn't be happier with the results. Quick shipment, great product and friendly service. I'm sorry that some of you weren't satisfied with OKPet, but I couldn't recommend them more based on my experience!

New Reviewer

All of the above! Ordered Advantage flea product a month ago. When it didn't arrive on time I called and was told because of the BAD weather the shipping company was backed up and deliveries were running late. ( Incidently the day after I placed my order I received an e mail confirmation my order had been shipped). It has been a month now and I called them again. This time they told me the order was coming from the UK and the hold up was because of national security inspections. At the end of conversation the woman said my product was being shipped today.??????? This company is a fly by night RIPOFF. I've always checked out a company before ordering and have never had a problem. I guess I got lazy and stupidly began to believe most companies are honest. I'm contacting all my email friends to tell them that before they purchase anything on line to go to SiteJabber and check the seller company out. Never assume anything

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

They sent me email stating that they had shipped my order on 12/29. It is 01/22 and I still have not received product. Emails to them have been returned as undeliverable. As my current credit card bill is due on the 24th I am going to contest the charge and I frankly have no interest in trying to work with them on rectifying this

New Reviewer

Ordered Frontline for our dogs from this site, great price but the product seems fake, and comes with arabic or some foreign language labels all over the box. I highly doubt the product is real. I have been using Frontline Plus on my dogs for years and never had a problem with fleas, started using the Frontline I got from OkPet and it definitley does not work. Company refused to give me a refund or exchange! Such a scam! No where does it say on their website that they ship their products from another country.

New Reviewer

Though the website doesn't mention that the products are coming from New Zeland (not Australia as someone else said), the products are the same. I have used them several times - the first time I complained about how long things were taking and threatened to cancel my order. The second time, things came quickly. The packaging is different (no other country uses the measurements the USA does) but that's to be expected.
The products I ordered worked just fine and I compaired the ingredients to a American package - it's the same thing.

New Reviewer

I normally do not write reviews, and in general am an easy going person that doesn't get upset over little things, but this is really overboard!!! I ordered frontline for my dog exactly a month ago from today, and I still have not received it! Seriously??? I called them several times, and they've been saying that it got held at customs, and that I should receive it soon. Today they said that if I do not receive it in two days, they will reship it. Finally I asked for my money to be refunded. Interesting how long this will take now?! I will not order anything from this company ever again! I do not recommend this to anyone! I asked what could they do to make up for this long waiting period? All they offered was to reship the ordered item. Are you kidding me??? That's the best you can do after the customer waited for the purchased item the whole month and still haven't received it? There are no words for this kind of customer service!!!

New Reviewer

i ordered from this sit two weeks ago, have not receved my frontline yet. the site page is no longer active. have tryed to go on their site for days its no longer there i don't have a number to call them i feel i got ripped of. now reading all the reviews i wouldn't put it on my animals anyway. sad i am a low income single parent i baught from them because it was afordable, guess i lerned my lesson and my kittys will be getting baths their not happy with this company an neither am i

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus 6 applications for $59.00. This is false advertising. They sent me something in another package that resembles Frontline but it is NOT Frontline. I'm going to report them to Frontline. I'm sure Frontline doesn't want counterfeits of their products being sold in the U.S. I assumed I was buying a U.S. product from a U.S. company. These people should be shut down.

New Reviewer

Hopefully I read the reviews before buying anything from them. I was thinking on buying some frontlline from them, but the price was too ship, so I decided to check the reviews first. Then I found this web site and saw all these horrible reviews. Thank you guys so much for letting people know how they work :-) Fortunatelly I did not buy anything from them and I am happy for it!!!

New Reviewer

yet another victim its looking like to OKPET.COM .... has been 13 days since i orderd my 1 55+ frontline plus flea for dog and 6 doses of the cat frontline plus spending nearly 80 dollars and called in today to check on my order and she says its comming from the UK, which raised some red flags.. so i began to search websites about OKPET to find this one with everyone having the same issue, and now im going ot get FAKE MEDICINE???? This cannot be legal and is there anyone out there who can help? so now i have to mail it back to them and wait for a credit to my account.... WORST SCAM EVER DO NOT SHOP FROM THIS WEBSITE <<BEWARE>> BEWARE>>

New Reviewer

Ordered and assumed it was being shipped from the where on web site does it say otherwise. After 2 weeks I called to find out it was being shipped from Australia regular postage. After reading the other reviews I realize it will probably not even be the product I wanted.
Do Not order from these crooks.

New Reviewer

DO NOT,I REPEAT DO NOT! order from this site. I made a 59.00 purchase from them aug.3rd, I waited 2weeks for my order, NO order, I called they said that they were backed up, so now I had to wait til the 29th for my order to be sent. Still NO order, I called, they said well the company we get the meds. from are on back-up which they don't mention on their website.S o you can either cancel and get a refund or wait. I said canceled, my refund was suppose to take 3-5 days I waited 6 days, Today I have called the BBB on them and 10 of my friends as well. my 59.00 is gone because the said they don't keep credit card orders on file. wtf. So PLEASE DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM PPL!!!! BEWARE!!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible web site ! Borders on Fraud....Products are shipped from over seas but company is located in Blaine, Wash. and no where on the site does it tell you the products are not FDA approved for use in this country. They represent themselves to be shipping products from the USA. I am waiting on 2 orders to be delivered so I can return them. They will not let me refuse delivery so they say I will not be refunded. If I do not get a refund as soon as UPS confirms return delivery, I am going to file a complaint with Google Check Out and a billing dispute with my Citicard. This company continues to prey on people by not disclosing information. I do not understand why they have not been sued. I also don't understand how the phone cust serv. reps can lie like a rug to customers on the phone repeatedly.....No morals, no character.....Stay away from this company like the plague !

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus for cats. The medicine that was delivered was in a different package than what you buy at the pet store. I didn't think a whole lot of it, just assumed it was different packaging since it was delivered from Canada. The Frontline DOES NOT WORK!!! It doesn't do ANYTHING to the fleas. There was no reduction in fleas, whatsoever. Do not buy from this website. They are crooks with bogus, counterfeit products.

New Reviewer

I order the generic K9 Advantix from this website. They told me great things about it and since the price is so much cheaper I decided to buy it. What a pain in the butt this has been.

This stuff does not work at all! my three dogs are full of fleas. I don't mean that it does work of a few days or a week... It does not work at all!!!

So I called them to return this stuff because their "policy" as it says on the web page is: If you are not satisfied you can return everything and you will get your 100% money back guaranteed. If the package is open, they will refund you 50%.

Great, right? Well, not really. I ordered the twelve pack. One twelve pack for one of my dogs and another twelve pack for my other two dogs. Two twelve packs. I got them from the UK and they are four boxes of each, each box containing 3 doses. When I called them back to say I wanted to return the whole thing they told me they would only refund me 50% of the whole purchase. But 6 of the boxes are unopened, they will resell them.

After almost 30 minutes on hold waiting for a manager, the representative came back to the phone to say, they would refund me the 100% of the unopened boxes.
Which is good, but, now I have to return them to the UK, by USPS, with no insurance or customs value, no postage higher then $10. After I do this, I need to fax OKpets the receipt with the order number and then they will refund me my money.

I have to trust them and hope... and NEVER order from a vendor like this without checking the reviews first.

Well, that's how we learn.

New Reviewer

I just ordered Frontline Plus for Cats from this site.. after waiting I got a package from the UK ... NOT the US but the UK... The packaging is totally different then what we get here in the US... and it DOES have an expiration date not to mention other differences.. I contacted and was told it was shipped from the UK and that is fine for our use.. I called Merial who manufacturers Frontline Products and I was told NOT to use this product that it is NOT approved by the FDA here in the US... They explained that the drugs in the UK are different then what we need here and what has been approve here.. Merial is replacing my Frontline but they also stated that OKPETS is NOT approved to sell this item in the US... I called OK Pets again and once again got the run around that they are a licensed pharmacy and that it is ok for them to sell this product... Sorry but I myself will take the word of the manufacturer over this website!

New Reviewer

Still waiting for my Frontline that supposedly shipped out on June 28th. My confirmation email said it would take 8-12 days and that I wasn't able to cancel my order for any reason. The length of time it's going to take to get my purchase wasn't supplied before I ordered and now I find out that it's coming from the UK. I hope I haven't been ripped off!

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