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OkCupid reviews

97 reviews
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97 Reviews for OkCupid

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New Reviewer

OKC is the best website I've used. Match, Ourtime and Chemistry were a complete waste of time. They and others are very conservative. I am an atheist; on other websites, there simply aren't any. You won't see "cuddle in front of the fire" or "moonlit walks on the beach" (especially when the nearest beach is 400 miles away) and my favorite "I will go shopping with you and hold your purse and lip-lock you in public" (you'll get bit if you try that with me). Detailed lists of favorite books, authors, movies, etc.) On OKC I can say exactly what I am - atheist, liberal - and I get lots of responses. Profiles mean very little to me. The matching system is the best. It really goes into detail, and if the system says you are less then a 75% match, pay attention. The key is to answer enough questions. There are about 5000, I've answered 2,000. Many people don't answer any; what's the point? The profiles/pictures don't have to be approved. However, if you find something offensive, report it and they will do something about it. You can even write "$#*!," and it won't be deleted. I've had many dates from this site. Another plus: you can filter mail. I filter by match % (I don't want to see matches less than 75%) and age; there are other criteria, also. You can see the filtered messages, if desired.

Tip for consumers: If you are liberal, aren't religious, and want very specific qualities, this is the place for you. Fascinating profiles and the matching system is the best. I've had more dates from this site than all other combined.

Ask Joanna about OkCupid
New Reviewer

No one is serious about meeting on this site, like all the rest...are you people afraid or what? I hardly receive any interested on are so petrified to meet in PERSON.. What is wrong? Im nice looking with great personality..The fat women with crazy personalities get more men than i do.. I guess i better start eating double pound cheeseburgers and be crazy to get a man..I dont want to grow old by myself..

New Reviewer

Total waste of time at least for men. I have other guy friends that have tried okcupid as well and im the only one that hasnt given up yet and thats just because its free and I got time to waste. The girls virtually never reply and when they do its basically just to mess with you. Of the few that even do theyll message you once maybe 3 times then never again. Ive tried everything I could think of to get them to reply too. It doesnt matter what your profile says, what kind of pics you post, what kind of message you sent, or how high of a match you are they simply will not message you will not reply to yours. I have been on this site for the last 5 years whenever I was single and of the time i wasnt it was never any thanks to okcupid. I think this may be because it's free a lot of girl might figure theyll sign up just too mess around (not cool some of us are actually on there looking for someone). Maybe I got something maybe I dont but whatever the case is no matter what you do it is not likely you will have any luck whatsoever with this site.

New Reviewer

I have been okcupid off and on for several years, and up until this year, I liked it better than most other dating sites out there. I've had difficulty lately with my profile name being stolen on Plenty of Fish THREE times in the past 6 months. Nobody responds to me on eharmony. That's why I don't pay anymore.
Many men consider me to be an attractive and sexy 50 year old woman. I have more 20 year olds contacting me than anything else. I will talk to most anyone out there who emails me unless I'm downright repulsed by their picture. I don't respond to shirtless men or men who look depressed, don't smile, or appear "off" in their picture. I have been dating online for a long time and after meeting so many men in person after sending minimal emails back and forth, I will not do it anymore. The reason many men want to meet so quickly is because they fear that if you continue to text or talk on the phone for more than a few days, you will figure out their "baggage" and not want to meet. And when I say "baggage," I mean mental baggage. Crazy, angry at the world or an ex, whatever. I think if a man is good and respects women, they should give a little longer getting to know each other on the phone. I understand that this can work both ways and that there are women who delay meeting because they are not who they say they are.
As far as OkCupid lately, like in the past couple months, I have been getting the message that the robot had a meltdown. I was able to get into it for the past couple weeks but yesterday, I got the meltdown message again. While I was on there, I received several emails from scammers. I can tell by their introduction to me when they say "I am Richard by name" as opposed to "my name is Richard." Or their profile is very vague about their interests and all they talk is poetry and romance. Usually they are widowed and have an only child that they are raising on their own because their wife met untimely death. Their Language is a little off and when I try to pressure them to give me an exact location here in town, they can't do that or they give me the name of a mall or something.
I believe that the site has worked for some, and I believe that if you are extremely attractive that you won't get many responses. I think that many men are intimidated by me because I have my stuff together really well, have a very good job and I know I am. I think that it's very easy for men to take advantage of women who don't know who they are or can be on the inside and the outside.
But since I'm a glass full kind of girl, I figure that if there is someone like me out there looking, then there's got to be men out there just like me looking as well. I may be a romantic at heart, but I'm also a realist. There's just not that many real people out there to balance out all the garbage. Not to mention the scammers and the bots and that the customer service is lacking.

New Reviewer

The site looks good, but at one point I got to a page that if I wanted to know what someone thought of me I would need to pay a monthly or year fee ! Now that does not mean I can not have contact for free, but I found it strange that in a free dating site I would have to pay. Strange have not seen other people mention this. When I sent an e mail to customer service no reply. Then a few days later my pass word and email , when login in, where not recognized ! I then started to join again, at this time it told me I that my email was already used! So in fact it did recognize my address !! Sent 4 mails no reply. To me it sounds like they did not liked being questioned ! How can it be called free if for a service you have to pay, and how come every one recommends it as a free site if it is not.I would like to have contact with them so I can make sure that my photos and info is taken out.

New Reviewer

I met the perfect guy for me on okcupid :) at fist I was kind of iffy about the site, but I'm glad I went on :) we have been dating for 2 months so far, and it's been going great *knock on wood* for this site, I suggest being 100% honest with the questions, so you do find your perfect match! :)

New Reviewer

I met my girlfriend on here on January 5th, 2014. We had a very high match percentage, something like 95%. We knew from the first date a week later that we were a match. We've been dating for 6 1/2 months now and our relationship has been literally perfect. We are moving in together on September 1st. Yes, it is hard to find the person for you on here or on any dating site for that matter. The truth is it relies mostly on luck of the draw. I talked to quite a few people on here. Most of them replied to my messages at a snails pace. It seemed like a lot of them were juggling 4-5 guys at one time which is obviously a bit too much. When my girlfriend and I met I never went out on any other dates after her. I'm glad I joined here and keep on trying, you may get lucky like we did.

New Reviewer

Okay, so it seems like most of the girls/profiles in here are:

a) Bots. They'd send me a message along with their #, and as I greet them back, I get no response.

b) Impostors/scammers. Example: Hi, I'm looking for a guy that would cam $#*! with me and it would only cost $5.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm interested in having sex with a complete stranger just for $5. That's absolutely retarded/risky and I'd go to a massage parlor for that.

.. But then again, the real point here is.. How dumb can this impostor/scammer be if he/she actually thinks anyone would fall for that. If it's real though, congratulations, you're dumb as $#*!.

c) Girls who're friendzone'd irl and has way too high standards considering the fact that they're not even good looking. No offense, but most of the girls I've searched near me are subpar looking at best. I could find better looking girls irl.

Regardless, I would say the site itself is pretty good. The layout is nice, self intro questions are short & simple as well, and the best part is that it's free.

It's a shame though because the girls in here are really mediocre.

New Reviewer

This is the best dating/hookup site out there that I know about. It has lately added some ads to the top and bottom of the page, but other than that the buyout by match hasn't changed it.

All for free: you can put up dozens of pictures. You can message whoever you want as much as you want. You can rate each other and be told if you both like each other. You can look for marriage, friends, casual sex and everything in between. You can be a guy looking for a guy, a girl looking for a girl, or anywhere in between - though they don't have an option for a couple profile (yet.)

The questions are fun to answer and help you match each other. I've dated long-term and had great one-night stands from OKCupid, and you can't ask for more!

New Reviewer

Great site for woman you'll have your pic, Forget it if you're an average looking dude. There is no way the site is anywhere close to 50% woman. I was on the site for 12 months, sent out 60 messages, got about 6 replies and one almost date who chickened out. Don't think you have a better chance because she's a 95% match, it's the same crappy reply rate as you would get 50% matches.

New Reviewer

Waste of time-- women have airbrushed glamor photos-- the profiles what they write is just total bull$#*! the women are high on themselves the response rate is 1 out of 50 emails its a bad trip.

New Reviewer

From all the comments I've been reading I can see not a lot of people are having luck in this site. A lot of people on this site are not looking for something real. I was lucky enough to find my boyfriend on there after 3 weeks of being on there we started talking then we decided to go out now we're living together and plan on getting married soon :)

New Reviewer

I found lots of matches, but too many women seem to be using the site to fulfill some sort of romantic fantasy. I have little patience for chat relationships so I push for a face to face meeting - something relaxed, no committment - like a cup of coffee in a public cafe. Of the half dozen I met, all seem extraordinarily confused about what they want. In other words dabblers. Maybe it is because it is free that is what attracts them.
Is it me? No I have had much better success at another dating site reaching my goal, which is a second date with someone I want to spend time with.

New Reviewer

I have been on OkCupid for awhile now. I have also done eHarmony, Match, and PlentyofFish, and I have to say that I like OkCupid the best out of all of them. The reason that I like OkCupid best is because of the format of the website. I like the questions that it asks users to determine compatibility and the "sections" that it has on people's profiles. I will admit that it is hard to get women to respond to men on there, but I know that they get bombarded with messages and have to be very careful about meeting guys on there.

However, I do have one complaint. I have been on OkCupid on and off since 2010, and over the last 6 months I have had a harder time finding new profiles of women who I want to message. Maybe new membership has declined, but it seems to me that the website's search function is messed up. I most notice this when I search for users who are new to the website. It seems that the search results more frequently yield profiles that I have already seen. I am curious if anyone else has had this experience.

New Reviewer

Not bad. Better than plenty of fish. The girls on there still seem too picky and shallow but you at least get some responses to messages. The star rating and quick match system works pretty well and seeing if someone else likes you makes it easier to know who to message. But I only had a couple conversations and it is seemingly hopeless still unless you look like a damn model. So better than some other dating sites but still lacks what you want to get out of it which is real people and a good relationship.

New Reviewer

Very low response rate unless using carefully tailored messages that require one to behave like an empty headed idiot to get to home base. Easier to chat up the soup chikkins in the local dive and in person one can spot the people with problems more easily. Great place to collect a stalker. Online dating used to be great - maybe 10 years ago - now it's a waste of time - women are bombarded with junk. The women are not fake. Didn't see any fake profiles. And they're not all ugly. But the response rate is close to zero. And your details ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL!!!

New Reviewer

I have been on OKC and POF. Nothing so far from OKC and obviously some only look at pictures and write as if they read the profile. POF was a bust because the women on it were not honest or sincere More like a bunch of sour old cows been put out to pasture and got bored so they put their pics, if the pics were really theirs, on a web site to wait for replies and break the monotony. One was really criminally offensive. I am sure she / he / they have placed a phony complaint. OKC is up in the air. I live in Florida and plan to bicycle to PA. I want to meet a woman there. I definitely am completely on the level. Nothing but some answers or "We are not a match."

New Reviewer

I was scammed by a man professing to live in the Us and was working in London. Said he would be home in less than 2 weeks. The went by Mike Grove, 51 of Fremont. My son became suspicious and started copying and cross checking it on the web. Not only were his emails word for word copies the mans identity he was using had died at 51 in 2013 when this Indian scammer took over his identity with someone else's photo. I was lucky, they usually start asking for money after 2 weeks to help with a problem or get them "home". Even the FBI is aware of the on line dating scams.

New Reviewer

Had a profile on OKCupid. Met some guys, however, all of them are just looking for one night stands. Or constant sex hookups. My experience was horrible, lots of weirdos emailing me, or lots of indian males looking to cheat on their wives. And then there was the guy that I met that claimed he was single, great southern guy, we got along quite well from the first date, but after all was said and done, he was actually still married and never filed divorce papers. His profile said he was single. So, that's what you'll find, lots of fakes, lots of liars, lots of cheaters. I became a moderator, and it's surprising how many profiles men would make even if they were banned. You can have someone banned by their email address, which is what I did after someone was cybstalking me and still creating profiles. Just be aware,and google that person, get their last name, and make sure that person is reputable and not on any cheater websites, or the dontdatehimgirl website. That's my mistake. I should have been more cautious. After all was said and done, southern guy sent email after I had surgery (this is when he was hooking up with other unsuspecting women) to say he was just using me for sex, and that we had never dated, and that he would never date me. Yep those are the types of men on OKCupid. All losers.

New Reviewer

I was notified of 17 people who "LIKED" my profile and if I wanted to communicate with the 17 interested clients I had to pay a fee. How is this a free site?

New Reviewer

Unfortunately there seriously not enough people on there looking for something real. However, I met my boyfriend on there awhile ago, we're so happy, and expecting a daughter in about a month

New Reviewer

I never rate anyone this bad but because the site refuse to deal with the issues that they are having I have resigned to this!
Last October I joined the site and within a week I had two scammers, I reported them to OKC, however no one replied to my concerns and nothing was done about the scammers. I left the site after two weeks, however a month ago two of my friends talked me into giving it another shot which I did, in the past two weeks four scammers have tried to extract money from me and guess who showed up, you got it, Mr Scammer from last October, so that just tells me that no-one is monitoring the site. I had this issue with E Harmony in the past and the scammer was removed from the site within 3-4 hours of my complaint.
Watch out for the following which is quite common amongst them!
The one story that they like to use is that they have lost their wife, their english is usually poor, which they will explain that they lived in Peru for the first 20 years of their life, they will give you a Chicago telephone number (I cannot understand how they can get these from outside the country!) but if you call it there will be a delay in them answering and sometimes a different tone, like outside of the country and if you speak to them, the accent is usually South African and there is a delay in the conversation. They are nearly always unemployed through the hardships that they are experiencing and have no family or friends around.
Watch the times that they will be online or contact you as there is a six hour time difference. It is always fun to send a text at 6-7pm to see would they like to meet up and they will have a silly excuse or they are asleep!!
One guy had an 847 telephone code, said it was his home phone number however he had a 323 mobile tel code, on the site he lived 27 miles north of Chicago, however when I asked what neighborhood he was in he said he lived in Lincoln Park which would be 30 miles south of where he supposedly lived. His mother lived in Michigan, however he ran daily errands and did grocery shopping for her, a joke and impossible because of distance! Which means this guy did not have a clue about distance or neighborhoods.
Anyway hope this helps and prevents someone getting scammed.
Thank you

New Reviewer
4/20/14 has revolutionized the world of online dating by providing a free, easy to navigate dating website that offers a service comparable to the paid sites. While the matching system has its limitations, the fact that the site is free means that it has one of the largest databases of users in the country, which is crucial in this industry and is directly related to its positioning as the leader in the online dating world.

New Reviewer

OKCupid, as a site, its excellent. Its probably one of the best dating sites out there. However, as the case with any dating site, you'll often have shallow, superficial, stuck up people on it.

As a site, OKCupid is almost perfect. It has detailed profiles, a question matching algorithm, an early warning system to let you know if you'll be wasting your time by writing to users who never respond, and more. However, its not perfect. The matching algorithm is flawed. Once you answer a good 600 or more questions, it becomes nearly impossible to match anyone who's answered just as many. In other words, the more questions you answer, the less compatibility you'll have with others. Also, over time, OKCupid has gotten rid of some cool features, like the blog, the Private Notes section, and most recently, the tally of new messages or matches you have. They no longer tell you how many new messages are in your inbox or how may people have viewed your profile. Also, the browsing options are limited, even if you upgrade to paid-subscription A-List. You cannot search by response frequency, common interests, or sometimes height (which is limited to 5'0" to 6'4").

OKCupid is one of the best dating sites out there, but it could be better. They continually get rid of cool features over the years, and more can be added into the site to make it more popular other than searching among the same old lame profiles. It could be like Facebook, in many ways. The questions and quizzes are cool, for example. And you could visit the site for reasons other than writing to people (and getting snubbed by them).

As a dating site, OKCupid is nearly perfect. However, it does have its flaws and like any other dating site, is often filled with very shallow people.

New Reviewer

I've been on and off of here for 2 years. I filter the guys that contact me to see who's an actual match and who's just a jerk looking to get laid. I sometimes get contacted by older guys trying to find a girl with daddy issues which in my case is not the case and I'm quick to shut them down because it can get really creepy.

I went out with one guy on here for around 5 months gibsondude29 aka James Ryder aka James Butka. We didn't work out, and it became very obvious to me towards the end of the relationship. A few months after I broke up with him I found out quite by accident that he slept with one of my friends that also lives in my building and thought I wouldn't find out. She didn't know we were dating because he didn't want people to know we were dating (the only guy that has not been okay with telling people we're together and yes this was a red flag for me). Well she tends to use guys for sex and apparently receiving a taste of his own medicine didn't sit to well with him.

He keeps coming back to my campus, most recently for a radio interview. He's incredibly narcissistic, if the conversation doesn't revolve around him it's boring, and he's always right.

He did teach me to be more careful with whom I choose off this site because there are some really cool guys out there, it's just since I'm in the younger age group I have more to sift for to try to find someone that I'm compatible with. I also am posting this to anyone that may be considering dating him, and should have some perspective of someone that actually dated him for awhile.

New Reviewer

I have been a member for over two years and I have had no luck whatsoever. The girls are too selective, the picture guidelines are too ridiculous, and the matchmaking is poor. Out of my entire time being on OkayCupid, only about six women messaged me, but those conversations never lasted long. The majority of that 6 also took a while to reply, while I replied almost instantly. Now you may be thinking that 6 is a lot, but over the course of two years, six is quite low. Of course I'm not expecting swarms of messages, but I would have expected a little more than six.

Me being a male 19 year old Atheist, I wanted to be be matched with like minded people, but nope. I get matched with 30+ year old people, highly Religious people, etc.

Based on the amount of questions I answered (I answered at least 1,700), I expected decent results (I was told my highest match would be 99.9%). But that would take effort from their staff.

Also being someone who has never dated before, my experiences only make me dislike OkayCupid even more. But I still keep my account up in hopes that something might happen. Though if this keeps up, I might just give up and delete my account.

New Reviewer

Totally worthless and a big waste of time. You are better off calling numbers randomly from the phone book. The interface is annoying, and the matches are brutal. Don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

after weeks of waiting i finely was asked on a date by my prince donging we both new where we would rather be 10 min in to are date he was a real hunk, i took him back to my place he reviled his ass distraction it was officially the biggest dong i had ever seen, i knew i wouldent be able to walk any more if i went a head so as i turned to say no to him i found the piethiaon half way in to me mouth i couldent breath in one hand me dreams where becoming true and in the other hand i was chucking to death. then i thought to me self i rather die knowing then live woundering. next thing i know i woke up 2 weeks later in icu iv permanently lost me voice and got me rear door kicked in so hard that when i eat now comes out 2 sec later. but the mystery is that is this a good experience or...... plz u gays help me

New Reviewer

I think, hands down, ok cupid is the best free site...and coming close to the best site overall. It has thousands of questions and tests...the more you answer, the closer it can match you (so it claims) though some of the matches are baffling. It also forms a personality profile on you based on your question answers and test results. There also seem to be a wider variety of people on this site than most.

UNFORTUNATELY, bought ok cupid a couple of years ago. And they've slowly been removing functionality from the site ever since. Dumbing it down, removing useful stealth. For instance, you cannot locate profiles without pictures now if you do a search. Before it was a checkable option. They've removed the Forum and Blog component entirely...where many members were complaining about the recent changes. Now they no longer show you when your 'favourites' are on line...a useful feature.

Perhaps these features will return one day...with a price tag on them. But, from a commercial point of view, it doesn't make much sense for to maintain a free site they own...that is a much better dating site than their pay site. It's only going to get worse.

You've been warned.

New Reviewer

i was skeptical going in but was gld to be found wrong. Chatted with a few women and had some, that i thought, possibile matches. Went out with one woman who was nice but i jsut had no chemistry with.
Than one day i was scrolling thru some of the computer amtches and came across one that had a high percentage (plus a spunky profile message) so i contacted her. We talked for a bit and made a date for that coming weekend and spent th whole day together.
She is now living with me and i could not be happier. She is everything i had been looking for and i feel so lucky and blessed o have found her. I know this does not happen for everyone, but the site can and does work.

New Reviewer

This website sucks signed like five weeks and I had my profile for only three weeks and I didn't receive no messages which is frustrating the only stupid thing was that a girl accepted me as a match then I message her and never responded back so I deleted my account for good

New Reviewer

I had little to no luck on OkC. Figured I'd put in a sincere effort to find someone but fate had other plans. I expected the women to be extremely selective in who they chatted with and why wouldn't they, the market is in their favor. If I had to guess it's probably ten males to one female, so the odds are stacked against dudes.

Advice to the guys, sign up with very low and I mean LOW expectations, don't set yourself up for failure.

New Reviewer

I met who I thought was the love of my life. Only a few things would I have changed at all. He contacted *me* first, and after giving it some thought, I decided to get us in deep. I thoroughly looked forward to getting to the point where we spent the rest of our lives together.

Then, after a while, he stopped messaging me.

I talked to someone earlier today, and he said he was probably either a middle-aged pervert who creates fake profiles, or a robot.

As a person with autism, I had never been in love before and now, for the first time, I experiencing my first genuine heartbreak. My depression has also gotten a promotion from intermittent to consistent.

After reading about the bad customer service, I’m afraid to report it.

New Reviewer

I had sign up for ok cupid for less than a week. I received a message from a user called stuckey530 ( Paul Stuckey). He claimed to be a Sargent with the ARMY and that he was stationed in Afghanistan. He stated like that he was 41yrs old looking for long term relationship and that he made 100,0000 a yr. At first, the conversation was very short and basic., then he gave his email address and he eventually disabled his okcupid account. As we started to communicated.I asked him basic questions like, where are you orginally from, how long have you serve in the Army etc. I had did some research and found him on facebook with six different fb pages all with his pictures with him in field in Afg. and with other soliders. One page was updated as recent as feb.1,2014. He didn't say much, all I got out of him was that he was from Albany, NY. Yet his fb had listed as orginally from Washington D.C, was in Albany and he that he was in Brooklyn, NY. He stated that he was busy and that was why the communication was stagnant.( which was understandable). However, one day I did not receive any message from him until 11.oopm and He stated that he was Ok but worried. When I expressed my concern and asked him to tell me what is wrong. I stated that he had sold his car in the States and the buyer had his check with money but he did know how he was going to get the money. I responded and stated that he should contact the buyer, a close friend or family and handle his business. He wrote back that he was the ONLY SON and that his parents are dead. I immediately knew that this was a scammer. I wrote back and referred him to check out and to find himself a sucker. He wrote me back and stated "I see That is why you ar Poor and you never get married you will die in poor (M...Fr) I complained to Ok cupid and to dat no one has reponded. I will be filinf a complaint with the internet crime unit. Meeting people should not be a nightmare..

New Reviewer

So not being comfortable with on-line dating I gave this site a try. The site will email you every day or so "compatible matches" that are selected from your answered questions. The first week of those matches was "ok" but no one that really interest me. Then I was sent 3 matches of women that I had recently worked with."How does that happen"!!! And, these were women who I knew I was not compatible with. Not only was this weird but it made me think there is really no logic to the site when it comes to matching couples. I really think they just randomly match up anyone. Needless to say I'm no longer dating on-line. Note: I live in the Los Angeles area not in some hidden mountain area where there are only 5 ppl living...

New Reviewer

Okay, so I am little biased because OK Cupid worked for me. First off I was pretty selective and would only respond to people who were nice and polite, and showed a decent profile - no 'selfies' in the mirror, shirt off, gangster style, and so on. Out of these I went out with two men. The first one turned out to be on outing and FB friends where we still talk and are very friendly towards each other. The second one was a successful business man who asked me what my income was - first and last date which consisted in ice cream and good-bye. I was 'gone' for a while and always left the IM off. One day I was logged in on different things, including OK Cupid, and received an IM that I have no idea how it turned on. That was July 2011, August of 2012 we became an official item, February of 2013 we moved in together, and August of 2013 we were married. Happily married! What I can say is to not wait for overnight magic and Prince Charming, select what you want based on what is good according to your moral standards, and give people a chance. Not everyone is a douche bag nor a saint, but there are normal guys and gals out there waiting for an opportunity for something good. Best of luck!!

New Reviewer

A lot of cool features. Met a few black men on here. One claimed he was rapper T.I.'s third cousin. Yeah ok. Anyway they were all extremely friendly as long as I was in a good mood. Yeah ok. Only met one in person. The other two were flakes.

New Reviewer

My biggest complaint is that you cannot select the racial background of the men you would like to date. In my case, my parents would freak if I ever brought a black guy to their house. My inbox gets flooded by messages from black guys. I have a red dot (responds very selectively) due to this, which makes other members less likely to message you. I sometimes wonder if these guys just do it on purpose since they know you won't respond. Aside from that, I dated three guys off the website. One was rebounding, another looking for casual, open relationships, and the third was thirty and still living with his parents.

New Reviewer

Okcupid is a free dating website which means that most of the men on there are basically looking for something for free. I met one person on this site and he was a total pervert. I should have known because look at the questions they ask and really the Swiss cheese pervert was on the site. The guys on here are low class low grade me. The conversation I had with the last and final guy told me to go $#*! off because I wouldn't flirt with him through IM. That is when I closed out my account and had enough. I have better things to do with my time than talk to low class degrading men. If you are bored ladies by all means this site might be for you but other than that its a waste of time. This isn't a dating website. Its a site for men to get laid for free who have no respect for women.

New Reviewer

Found my husband cheating on me .... his username is thecrow1984.(aka Andri Krita) i really hope he deleted his profile and never had any dates with any of those dirty women.....
if someone recognize this name, pls reply to me....

New Reviewer

This is pretty cool site for casual dating, it is about time something else besides POF. If you are looking for something more adult oriented though then you could try

New Reviewer

Tried a few days ago for the first time. Found the questions Interesting - its a way of gettting to know someone. BUT there seem to be major problems with logging in to you account. The password retrieval system mostly does not work, and then all the work you've put into you page is wasted. Having looked at several other sites recently I suspect that many of the profiles are run by site computer. One paying site I tried I had about15 hits in the first couple of hours - and I am no Adonis. So how many of those women exist only in the computer??. The DTI needs to check this industry out - there appears to be a real possibility of some of these sites being scams.

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I can only claim three days experience but in that time I wasted many hours answering almost 2000 questions only to have my entire profile vanish.

Next day I tried to log in and it said "account deleted"

Today I created another account because I wanted to use the forum to find help. You can read problems others had in the forum but you cannot post unless you log in. When you do log in you cannot access the just redirects you back to the home page. Basically you cannot complain about problems.

10 minutes after creating the account ( no info in profile yet ) I went back to log in and it said "account deleted" ???

Now several hours I can again log in to the test account but my primary account still says "deleted".

These are classic signs when a company like this is in trouble and about to close its doors, technical problems go unresolved, forums and blogs are disabled for comment, support emails go unanswered.

I won't waste those hours again. If they fix the problem and I can finally access my account again and have not lost that work I will give it a try. But if they lost everything then I give up.

A site like this, hype aside, is useless if it does not function and they won't fix it.

UPDATE: 1/6/14

Well now that I created a new account in order to try to gain access to forums to complain, that account was also deleted. Bottom line, these people refuse to let anyone complain about anything. If you do you will not get any response or support, they will simply delete your account without any warning or explanation.

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Not sure why but my account was deleted after making a profile twice. The main culprit, a picture of me in jeans with my shirt off!!! Hold your horses I know, it's not against guidelines listed on the site, there are several profiles of escorts on the site where they advertise their services, I saw dozens of women covering their breasts with only their hands, or them bent over in some scantily clad underwear. Yet a man cannot have a picture of himself with his shirt off. Awesome job!? Search options were limited, actual search results where usually not complete/fragmented (ie if you searched the same criteria, you'd get different results each time) I would NOT recommend using this site, ever.

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Talked to some interesting girls, and hooked up once, but the site is still missing the actual amount of attractive women(1/5 are hot enough for me). Its full of lonely unattractive girls that can carry a conversation and remain in the friend zone. Its free so try it?

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Its worthless. Wastage of time for guys. It wants to show to girls if we can't spend few money to became a paid members then we are fake and poor.

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I signed to okcupid months ago. Suddenly i can't sign in. I tried to change password but they have a robot to send you a link. The link wasn't good So i'm stuck . I send them 3 email to fix the problem and thy never answered. That's suppose to be the best site on earth? lol

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Contacted numerous ladies 60 or so, 4 replyed back, 2 to say they didn't want to communicate, had one good conversation with one lady, never went on any date. Worst waste of time ever, if this is typically how e-dating is they can keep it. Dont waste you're time, or money on this site.

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OKC is a great site, efficient, user friendly and funny with tons of wonderful and interesting people. However tough and specific as standards are very high there.
With OKC free doesn't mean cheap at all!

Feminine profiles are mostly from middle-age highly educated women, with strong personnalities, who have busy and dynamic lifestyle with good professional positions. Often executives or independant. Then they know exactly what they want and are indeed very selective.

Challenging but fair isn't it?

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Most members seem to want a one night stand. I suppose it would be a five for quite a few people but that is just not my flask of whiskey.

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