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Review of OkCupid

OkCupid reviews

210 reviews
Categories: Dating
39 W 14th St Ste 502, 589 8th Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011-7403, USA
Tel: +1.8556528743
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210 Reviews From Our Community

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so much so, i can't believe OkCupid doesn't have a category for these people
(in 83 reviews)


Unfortunately, as others have noticed, the customer service is nonexistent. (in 8 reviews)


and even though I have had encounters with women on the site, I have also sent many messages that went unanswered. (in 50 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I was a member of OKCupid and they cut me off for no reason! They never communicated with me as to why, my profile was simply deleted!! OKCupid needs to be sued (which I am looking into doing); they need to be shut down!!
Let's do a class action against the scammers!

Ask Izzy about OkCupid
6 reviews
5 helpful votes

i met a mad chick on here and we banged a bunch of times

Ask Andre about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

A high-school alumni friend suggested OK Cupid because he used it when his long-term girlfriend died. I live on the opposite coast. Three Strikes and OK Cupid is Out ! First was a well-known respected married scientist. We sincerely liked each other. But he got cold feet after our coffee date and knew he would be caught-too many red flags that he would raised. Second was a widowed man who lost his wife last year. We exchanged pleasant OK Cupid chats of our major common interests. Then, he disappeared - never to be heard from again. The third was an oil driller who wrote that appeared to be sincere notes. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he wrote idealized messages about me. His last words were that he has prayed looking for a woman like myself. And lo and behold, I came across the horizon. Then, he disappeared. How convenient for these men to play it safe for a week's time with a flirtation over the computer. There was not going to be coffee dates nor concerts nor restaurants - absolutely false information from these males. To me, these males are cowards who sit by the safety of their computers and imagine great worlds. There will be no more online dating for me. What a Joke !

Ask Janicia about OkCupid
1 review
0 helpful votes

Within 4 days I found my mate. We're engaged and looking forward to our new lives together as one.

Ask Jenny about OkCupid
8 reviews
55 helpful votes

OKC is not all bad and I don't understand why all those people complain about it. Yes, it is not as good as Mingle2day but on the other hand it may be a little more favorable. You get what you pay for.

Ask Larissa about OkCupid
11 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have used this site for years and it is my favorite free site. I think overall that the quality of people on this site is better. I don't find quite as many players and scammers on this site. They also have a bunch of personality tests and quizzes which I think is really cool. When they are trying to match you up with someone, you get matched by a certain percent according to the questions you both have answered.

Ask Connie about OkCupid
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

my experience on ok cupid was ok no pun intended when you get past the stuck up people and potential stalkers its a pretty good place to meet people

Ask Britt about OkCupid
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Joined OK cupid and paid 6 month subscription for A-List about 10 days ago. Now I get "We’re having technical difficulties, try again later" every time I try to sign on - although the website itself says that it is up an running with no issues. Customer service simply will not reply to requests for help. Have gleaned from internet search that this error message probably means that my account was banned.
So I'm out the subscription fee ($47.70) and all the time and effort I put into making a profile and answering questions, as well as the contacts I had made on the site. Not sure if my account was really blocked. Only thing that I can think might have caused an issue it that I am now stationed in Afghanistan (I'm a US citizen). Otherwise I have no idea what I could possibly have done to get blocked. Looks like I'll never know.
I complained to the BBB. I also disputed the credit card charge with from my bank.
From the large numbers of posts from previous subscribers who get the same error it appears OK Cupid commonly bans accounts arbitrarily but never give any reason or even let you know that you've been banned. They also don't respond to customer service complaints.
I consider that a very poor, even fraudulent business practice. I doubt OK cupid cares that they took my money and did not provide the promised service. But I suspect they will care if enough people complain to their credit card providers, and then mastercard or visa blocks them as a merchant.

Ask Matthew about OkCupid
18 reviews
32 helpful votes

I just signed up with

Getting signed up was a major pain in the ass. I tried signing in with Facebook and the site rejected every postal code I entered. I had to start over and sign up the long-hand way. The site rejected my postal code and forced me to use one from a town 60 km away.

I went through the site's introduction questionnaire and that's as far as I got. My first search produced this result:

"This is embarrassing. We didn’t find anyone.

If you set a lot of filters, you might not get any results.

Try broadening your search settings."

I hadn't yet set any filters.

The site that recommended OKCupid ranked it second behind POF, which, based on my experience, and that of many others, is a scam site. That they recommended these two sites probably tells you everything you need to know.

OKCupid's claim is that they're "the best dating site on Earth".

Yeah . . . really?

The site that recommended OKCupid and POF is

I'll be reviewing them next.

Ask Greg about OkCupid
1 review
5 helpful votes

It seems that that there may be some real people behind the mask but it's very difficult to find them and once you do they do not write back. The new policy seems to be to greatly limit search features which is the only good thing about this service. However if you can't search by a specific query then you have to spend hours and hours searching and searching and still not finding anyone. On the other hand scammers and abusers are quick to send messages and some of these appear to be dangerous. Don't bother with OKCupid. There must be a better way!

Ask Jai about OkCupid
1 review
17 helpful votes

I have texted over 200 woman with hello's and hi's and with other normal introductions. I have not had one woman wanting further conversations.My profile is a very good genuine one of me. My woman friends say it is a very good profile. Advice, meet woman in person.

Ask Robert about OkCupid
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been trying out online dating on and off for a few years now and used several sites including Match, POF and Zoosk. I find OKC has the best matching system and overally design for ease-of-use. The site is free to join and send messages. But you can subscribe to additional services e.g. invisible browsing, for £20 a month free, which i thought was pretty reasonable.
In terms of users, the site is filled with the usual insecure, bitter men who flip when you don't respond to their messages within the hour. In particular watch out for the user voxoid1313 who is eternally 36 and single. When in actual fact he is 43 and has a girlfriend and son who he fails to mention on his profile. He is also unemployed and not exactly a musician...rather he plays the same old songs to the elderly at nursing homes. He will draw you in with his web of lies and then spit you out. So just keep your eyes and ears open and date safe!

Ask Karey about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

OKCupid wasn't perfect in the short time that I used it. The questions are on the silly side, and there is a LOT of crap to sift through. But, I stuck it out, and one day I got a genuine message from a very attractive guy! We chatted for a few days before exchanging numbers, and we got to know each other via text and phone calls for a month before we met. We dated for exactly a year to the day of meeting before getting engaged, and we are getting married in April (10 months later). If you're willing and open, I hope you can find a love story like mine. I could not have asked for a more perfect man to spend the rest of my life with. Good luck to you!

Ask Ashley about OkCupid
8 reviews
19 helpful votes

this site is a cross between Zoosk and E harmony dating site. Females are able to message/view profiles for FREE absolutely Free..not sure how long this will last. wil keep you posted.

Ask Kelly about OkCupid
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

This site has SOOO many posibilities but the issues keep getting in the way.

It has a great base of real people lurking.....

and that is the best & worst of everything. I am on my 3rd account go- round. HAd to close 2 previous ones due to issues and aggresive behaviors.

This site has the most STUPID site ban process ever. Its beyond stupid.


1) women complain about getting all these in their inboxes = :)

And yet they are the worst offender to do that, hmm

2) many hookers there and DONT DARE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT> because I guess they are payin the okc light bill.


I was censored by admin because a woman complained that I WAS USING SITE FOR OTHER THAN SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS>>>yes I was and am> SEARCHING FOR= FRIENDS, EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE

So whats her issue?

There is an entire under the table social thing going on there too. Lots of ADULT things if you know how to get there, but DONT TRY THAT< because the whole system is arranged for THEM TO FIND & APPROACH YOU.

You do it the other way around and you will be flagged and banned.

I do find merit in the site and if you enjoy reading good writing, the profiles there will keep you busy and be rewarding. JUST DONT START MESSAGING PEOPLE.

The bottom line for pkcupid for all the new comers is this: ITS A SITE FOR BEING SEEN. There is an elite grouping of people who were selected and allowed IN to that grouping. If you are there, well okc becomes an entirely different website than the one seen by the UNDESIRABLES.

This goes for males & females.

If this site were to make just a few changes, it could be the best social site going. I SAID "IF".


Ask kevin about OkCupid
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

I tried POF and that didn't take so I decided to try OkCupid since I heard it was a lot different. You fill out a personality assessment and answer questions for it to help find you people that match up. I was feeling hopeful about that feature until I saw the messages I was getting. Every guy that messaged me was very unattractive and to be blunt I'm an 8 so I was baffled guys like that even had the nerve to message me. I wait two weeks to see if it changed. Not one message. Not one person stood out to me or was even average looking. I'm not sure if it's better when you pay for a membership but the free features are definitely a no-go. If you're someone who isn't unfortunate looking I don't recommend this site. These are the types of people that live in their mom's basement. Put off free online dating completely.

Ask Chelsea about OkCupid
6 reviews
9 helpful votes

The woman are in dream land....
Just have a good laugh. It's free. And you never know!

Ask Danny about OkCupid
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Been there , done that , still there for the automatic laughs .
Here is a hint " you have such a smile sparkling " 1. Grammar ! 2 in my pics o do NOT smile
Extremely long introduction ending with could you be the one for me . NO
Also the widowed father and child that just moved here and want You in their lives . Plus don't forget the ones that were in Florida last month , Indiana last week , South Dakota this week with exact same pictures and profile . Bots never answer more than 5 of OKC questions . Take it all in stride . Play safe and with a grain of salt .

Ask Lara about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's a great site with a very clean and easy layout. I've met a number of partners over the years on OKCupid, both for casual hookups and longer-term relationships. It can feel a little small after a while, but if you are willing to put in some work there are enough interesting people to make it very worthwhile.

Ask Taco about OkCupid
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

I've been on OKC for several years, on and off. I have met several ladies through the site who I had a lot of fun with. I like the fact that is essentially free. Most sites don't let you message people unless you pay. OKC is not like that you can message people right away. I suppose the downside is that many women especially the more attractive ones get a TON of messages. As a guy I find that many women don't respond to my messages often, my best results is where the girl has contacted me first.

I like the Q&A format. While some people who have answered 1000 questions just have too much time on their hands, I find it enables me to get a good feel if we are compatible. e.g. people who answer the question "Which is bigger the sun or the earth" and get it wrong blow me away! It makes me wonder if they rest of their answers are random.

I pay for A-list so that I can browse profiles without being seen and I can tell if a girl opened my email and just did not respond.

The biggest thing about OKC I like is the clean layout. Compared to the mess that is PlentyofFish OKC is super organized. They changed navigation slightly recently and I don't like it as much but it's still very clean.

And once again it's free.

Ask Henry about OkCupid
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

the questions to answer is a stupid waste of time. I'm pretty sure my potential match doesn't care if I like crunchy or creamy peanut butter. none of my ex's cared about that. I've been off and on the site for many many years. I always started with POF, and when that site turned up silent and cold, I would switch to OKC. I've been single about 3 months now, and decided to get "back out there" I joined pof 3 months ago and I haven't gotten 1 email, message or wink. talk about a shot to my confidence. After deleting my pof profile, I opened one up on okc. I re-activated my old account where I've answered well over 300 questions. after updating all my pictures and calling it a night I logged on about 3 days later. with 67 views to my profile 44 people liking me and 1 message in my inbox. and it was some guy from turkey who said I had pretty eyes. I logged off again for a few more days, came back and had 22 views, 7 people that liked me and 0 messages. I've gone ahead and messaged a bunch of guys, saying their profiles and personalities are hilarious, and they're interesting, funny, talented ect. not a single reply. all the guys in my area are looking for an adventurous skinny free spirit, and they're the complete opposite! I know I live in ca but that superficial-ness is really unrealistic. I just deleted my profile, maybe online dating just isn't for me. I don't know why I keep going back, but there has to be a better site out there with people actually willing to talk to you.

Ask christin about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have got to say, reading all of the reviews on this site, that I have to wonder whether we are using the same thing?

Every one of my last 4 relationships, over the past 10 years, has been either with women whom I have met on OKC, or whom I have met through friends that I have made through women I have met on OKC... And I have never encountered a scammer there!

Maybe it's because I only spend time on women with a >= 90% match and a <= 10% enemy with me...!

I find their matching algorithm to be excellent... And it doesn't matter how silly the questions are, it will match you with people who answered similarly as you did!

Ask Todd about OkCupid
2 reviews
19 helpful votes

The site is full of scammers and escorts. A total waste of time.

Ask abbe about OkCupid
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I like that this site asks you questions and while it suggests who is a close match you can see the answer the other person gave and come to your own conclusion.
I didnt want a site that allowed a computer to solely pick my match. As with any dating site you will have "a few" issues but This was by the far the best site for value and accuracy that I have found.

Ask danni about OkCupid
1 review
11 helpful votes

Most of the men on this site are the type that lack the confidence to approach women in public or have serious commitment issues and use this site as another way to pick up women. Most of messages are either hey beautiful or some other generic garbage they would never say in real life. It was quite depressing to consistently receive the same message. Not quality men for the most part, beware.

Ask Reg about OkCupid
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've found that out of all of the online dating sites, this is the only one that gets it right. They provide free members with all of the necessary functionality to meet an individual. You see someone interesting, you send them a message. After using the site for awhile, I started meeting people quite frequently. I don't expect to immediately be paired with someone (as no one should) but I have to say OKC gave me the quantity necessary to find the quality I desired. I've made a lot of good friends and have even had a few relationships from the site. Since I have gotten so much out of it, I have paid into it mainly to support them. The paid features are nice as well ^_^

Ask Mike about OkCupid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Yes I fell for the his bull$#*! and got scammed for over $3000. He travels between North Carolina Los Angeles and Istanbul. Reels you in and will meet you if you live in any of these locations. Comes up with sad stories to borrow money as he waits for the Big payment. Each time I never got paid back and eventually had to walk away. Real name is Gregory Scott Pettis. He is a black man age 32 and 6"8. Ladies beware on POF and Ok Cupid.

Ask Dominique about OkCupid
68 reviews
800 helpful votes

Well... it's free, so I had to try it.

I answered a LOT of their silly questions and they have this rating system that says either "The Two of Us" or "Y'all Got Issues" depending upon how each person answered each question.

Some of them are truly bizarre: "In a certain light, would a nuclear war be interesting?" That, for me is a NO! And some completely inane: "Peanut Butter: Creamy or Crunch" Like, honestly? That matters? And I prefer almond butter, anyway.

I have met a couple of men who seemed truly sincere, and then *poof* they lose interest. I guess that can happen either way, but I answer every single correspondence even if they live 3,000 miles away (it says right on my profile that I won't date anyone who lives further away than 25 miles away from me).

I will also say that the site is just insanely buggy and very hard to use sometimes, but it's free, so how can you complain?

Tip for consumers: answer as many of the crazy questions as you can... it yields better responses.

Ask Melinda about OkCupid
4 reviews
16 helpful votes

Generally speaking all dating sites suck for guys. That being said, OkCupid seems to suck somewhat less than the others, and if you are only using the free version of the site then it's worth putting up a profile, as long as you don't let yourself get hooked on it and start checking your profile for more than a few minutes every other day.

I've had far better luck with the site, where you actually get out of the house and meet people who have similar interests. The "sit-at-home" dating sites are just not an effective means of finding a date.

Ask Arnold about OkCupid
1 review
3 helpful votes

Is OkCupid still in business?

Ask Bryan about OkCupid
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Very interesting concept, well written ideas and a walk through on how to best setup an account, answer questions and build your profile.

The book, which felt more like a long paper, was a little hard to grasp at times (for someone with minimal math/statistics knowledge). The concepts are clearly explained but the author could have offered a few more examples at times.

Ask Logan about OkCupid
7 reviews
12 helpful votes

Waste of time and money and has gotten worst the last time I was on it. I been looking for a girlfriend for a date and other activities. However like any other dating site they are scams and complete jokes that offer false hope. Don't waste your money or your time with Okcupid or any other dating site. I accepted the fact I will always be single.

Ask Joseph about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

I could swear that Occupid is owned by these many of these people on their are not real they still photos and act like it's them, they lure you out of site ask for your email address and phone number they will never meet you. All they want is to steal your life savings

Ask terese about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Why does OkCupid suck?

Tip for consumers: Why does OkCupid suck?

Ask OkCupid about OkCupid
4 reviews
34 helpful votes

this is another site that is bullchit!! you cannot put anything honest in your profile, for instance if you say.... you dont date users or cheaters or money grubbers, then the hobags there who resemble that report you and your booted, if you report a scammer you will be booted!!!! phuck this site!! ANOTHER CHIT SITE !!! aslo like POF (plenty of fecal) they will take your money and boot you as soon as your reported for no reason and NO REFUND!!! doesnt deserve any part of a star!!! STAY AWAY, and gee they wont resond to these cuz they know its a scam

Ask jon about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's a pretty decent online dating social network. But besides that they make it so hard that you can actually make your account work.

I like the questions that it asks users to determine compatibility and the "sections" that it has on people's profiles.

Recently i am using That is also very good.

Ask Hill about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Be careful your not duped by a bot, not everyone is for real here, thats for dam sure.

Ask debbie about OkCupid
1 review
15 helpful votes

I have been on this site for 2 years. As I am over 50 I get targeted by scammers. The site is crawling with them only 1 in 10 contacts that I have had have been genuine. I am repeatedly reporting the scammers and ok Cupid do nothing. Often if you copy and save the photo and then google search it, it will come up on google with multiple identities. Scammers always use the same bull$#*! stories and want to go straight to email and phone numbers. I don't get why they are so prevalent on this site, I have had no problems on POF.

Ask Lesley about OkCupid
1 review
23 helpful votes

Don't join this site. There is a total recurring theme to all the "men" robots? scammers? that will write to you. They are in the military. They work on an oil rig. They are in the oil "business". They are engineers. They have a wife that died. They have one child. They are looking for a soul mate. You, somehow, are it! You will find that the profiles may be written in good English, but any other communication with them has odd syntax, misspelled words, like English is not their language. Replies to conversation with them will not address what you have said. Only basic questions will be answered. There may be long soliloquies about romance and ideal love that have nothing to do with how You are trying to communicate. You will be messaging and then find out that suddenly their profile has been deleted.
I do not know what the total scam is, what the end purpose is, or who is actually doing what is done, but it is all false, unreal, and unlike normal human behavior. Just don't
do this site, do yourself a favor.

Ask Bonnie about OkCupid
1 review
14 helpful votes

I have proof that a user's profile is fake and still ok cupid won't remove it. This is already the second time in as many weeks that I've been scammed on that site. I get that scams happen. it's just how it is. but for a company to be so irresponsible as to not even delete scammer profiles? That is when I delete my app and move on.

Ask dana about OkCupid
3 reviews
25 helpful votes

The responses I received were overwhelming when I first joined even before I had completed my profile. I thought in the beginning there was just some outrageous flirtation going on. The most in depth conversations I had were between four men all of whom were most insistent on getting my email address or phone number within the hour of speaking to them. These four claimed to be successful businessmen, three living abroad who would be willing to relocate, two of these men were interestingly in the gold/diamond import/export business. Despite their claims of being English speakers, they very quickly exposed themselves as very poor English speakers.

I closed my account after two days because it was too exhausting trying to determine who was real and who was attempting to scam me.

Ask Cindy about OkCupid
26 reviews
210 helpful votes

One user wrote: "a little bit better than match" ad I totally disagree. is not bad but is better, even way better. But in general, this site is ok.

Ask Robert about OkCupid
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I am registered in Match and this one too. Compared between those two sites I have more success and responses from girls at OKCupid than Match. Anyway from cupid I made a really good friendship with girl but that's it. And of course just as suggestion. when you pay those scam sites use PayPal. Then cancel your subscription with them in PayPal. Using this way it is impossible for them to charge you after the subscription is done and you no longer need their services. Good luck finding the right one. And bare in mind that being single is probably best way of living sometimes.

Ask Marto about OkCupid
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

Not a single response...Makes me wonder if the site is "real" or just an information gathering melting pot for others to try and make a buck.

Ask Ryan about OkCupid
1 review
10 helpful votes

Deleted my account because someone was HARRASSING me. Won't get ANYONE to respond to me I'm posting it all over social media. What a joke the website is. The messages I sent I received, the message I sent to the website and no respi se to reopen my account. I'd advise EVERYONE to STAY AWAY. total joke of a site.

Ask Krista about OkCupid
5 reviews
26 helpful votes

I decided to try this website after I had no luck on Plenty Of Fish. This site is easy to use, appealing to the eye, and kind of fun to use; it's interesting to answer questions and see who you get matched with. The variety of people I think are better, too and they seem more attractive and less...trashy (POF on the other hand is filled with trashy people). Within a few days of joining, I started talking to this person who was one of my highest matches and we've been together for about 3 months now. The website isn't perfect, but it's definitely one of the best dating sites I've tried and for once, not everyone you talk to wants to just hook up which is refreshing. Even if things in my current relationship don't work out, I would definitely use OkCupid again.

Ask alex about OkCupid
3 reviews
18 helpful votes

I hate this website not just for the fact that they randomly delete my profile when I'm a real genuine woman trying to have normal conversations with dudes, but when I try to reach their customer service team I get NO RESPONSE whatsoever. So, not only will they delete your profile for no reason, they won't tell you WHY they did it to begin with. They will just log you out and never let you log back in. Which is extremely frustrating for me because I was interested in some of the guys on there and now I won't have the opportunity of talking to them again. Horrible dating service, horrible customer service, would never use again.

Ask Lisa about OkCupid
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site has a lot going for it.

A) it's free -- can't beat that
B) it has a high percentage of queer folks, something other sites don't
C) they send you emails recommending matches, if you don't have time to search

On the downside

A) the searching aspect is really cumbersome. I find that clicking "Browse Matches" just shows the same old people I've seen for like a decade. (I've been on it a while.) But the trick is to click on the lower right hand corner, where it shows you a few new people. (Hard to explain, but you'll see when you use it.)

B) It tends to attract bisexuals and poly people, which may be a plus for some, but isn't for me

C) Some of the people on it are crazy, but that's true wherever you go

D) You can't see which people liked you without paying a fee, though sending and receiving messages is free

E) their profiles ask some stupid questions and their matching system is messed up

F) I find that months will go by before I see anyone new and interesting on this site

Overall, though, it's better than any other site I've used. Match, HowaboutWe and JDate included. Still, I think they could do better.

Ask anon about OkCupid
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

If okcupid wants to be different: Let women post reviews of men on the site and their experiences. That will keep the men honest!

Ask Lori about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Nobody calls me I message people no response I want a refund

Ask Rick about OkCupid

7 Questions & Answers

Below are questions from consumers with answers from the OkCupid staff and other consumers. Do not write reviews in this section - click here to write a review
Ask a question
Q: I have written to a few men and then on Monday their profile is no longer has an account and the one I am writing on my email pulled his account yesterday--what does this mean-scams, married men?
A: I am a moderator for OKC. I have no idea why they picked me; frankly, I think they pull us out of their hats.

Here are our guidelines, word for word:

Last updated Aug 21

Reports should be on the item in question.
Profile image reports should be on images, not profiles. (Flag the photo.)
Empty or inactive profiles should be left alone unless they meet other conditions for deletion.
Users do not have to show their face (in other words, headless bodies are OK). [Me: this is a new and more liberal guideline].

Things that are okay

OK In Profiles
Blank or incomplete profiles
Inactive profiles
Couples profiles

OK in Messages
Links to legitimate personal websites

OK in Photos
Album photos may include pets, cars, baby photos, artwork, etc.

Things to delete

Delete in profile photos
Not a photo of the user (e.g. pets, cars, artwork, etc.)
Full nudity (Ladies, no nips. Guys, no dongs.)
Extreme close ups (e.g. tattoos, eyes, etc.)
Childhood photos

Delete In Album photos
Full nudity and offensive content

Delete in Profiles
Reveals they’re under 18
Reveals another user’s personal details
Is threatening or violent
Engages in hate speech
Stolen photos (check and Google Image Search)
Claims English as a primary language but has the grammar of a non-English speaker (Scammer Grammar)

Delete in Messages and local broadcasts
Threats or harassment
Hate speech
Crude, overt sexual remarks
Commercial solicitations

Mods seem to be pretty generous. There's the main photo (profile pic) and the ones you see when you click on Photos (album pics). We see all of them.

The ONLY profiles we see are the ones in which a member has flagged a PHOTO. Then we read the profile. I have never recommended deletion because of content; I can see the other mods' remarks and think they do the same.

There are several suspicious things we see: If there is only one pic in their profile, it is very possible it was stolen. Very good-looking woman are suspicious (even if the photo is not pro). We check GIS and TE. As far as the profile pic not having the user in it, but has the user in the album, I am lenient. I say "ntu - not the user" but recommend it be left alone. Mods often differ on degrees of nudity allowed. I am conservative in this area.

Frankly, it is so easy to recommend scammers, I don't know why people complain. So what if they are. Ignore them or report them. Any man who asks me, in the first or second message, to email or text and provides that info I immediately delete. Also found a guy with a well-written profile. We communicated for awhile, then I told him he could call. He could barely speak english and told me he was from Africa!. His pic was definitely a white man (not that their aren't white people in Africa) and did not show up on GIS. That's the only problem I've had.

Use GIS or TE on every profile you look at. If someone emails you, do the same.

I'm on many sites, and as I've said before here, scammers exist with little difference in percentages. Now Zoosk - crappy, and have to pay or you can't message, so what's the point of the "free" site? And, IMO, the men are sooooooo boring; much more interesting on OKC. I paid for match, ourtime, and chemistry - briefly. I called chemisty, complained and they refunded the money I had not used. These, including OKC, are all under the same umbrella.

BTW, I once started my profile with "I $#*! ON THE FIRST DATE" and it got worse after that. It was obviously sarcasm. But I was not banned. Try to say $#*! on any other site! I left that profile up briefly. Ya know, there's a lot of men who don't understand sarcasm.

I hope this info helps.
2 weeks ago
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Q: Just wondering how many other older women on OkCupid have have the same problem that I have had with scammers. I mean, stupid I am not!! It is so easy to pick out the scammers when they begin to communicate. I have been contacted by dozens. I don't think that one real person has contacted me and at this point, I can't believe anyone. I was sincere is looking a friend or date and I am completely tired of the horrible responses I am getting. Young guys contacting me when I am specific in what the age range is....get real. Just Tired of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
A: Terri - this is what I recently sent in about OKC. I will answer your specific questions at the end of this.

I have heard many complaints about OKC and scammers. But I AM NOT HAVING ANYWHERE NEAR THE PROBLEMS THAT OTHERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. I am on several sites, and I experience about the same % of scammers on all. 1) it is so easy to spot a scanner - he wants to use email or text/phone right away. Is this really a problem? I immediately block. 2) if he is in Africa or any other 3rd world nation, I immediately block. I filter my messages so that I do not receive messages from anyone who has answered less than 100 questions or is at least an 85% match. Scammers are so obvious.

Also, I note that most scammers claim to be "god-fearing christians," or "looking for an LTR or marriage." I am an atheist and very liberal and state this in my profile and my questions. I know what I am about to say is very offputting, snobbish, elite, etc., but I don't think scammers hit atheist, well-educated, and skeptical people as much as they do others (christians). Sorry, but I did say you wouldn't like that.

Scammers are on every site. I have been following the sites and the complaints about scammers. My conclusion, based on my experience, blogs, and LOTS of research, indicate that every site has about the same amount of scammers. Sites that provide almost 0% info on potential matches (Zoosk, POF, tagged, Chemistry, Match, ourtime, etc. - all worthless for matching, IMO) do NOT have fewer scammer than OKC. I am also a moderator on OKC. WORD: Do a GIS on every picture on every profile on every site. It will tell you if the pics were stolen from a commercial source (models, actors, etc.) or not.

I have had a ton (sometimes 3/week) of dates from OKC, and I do not believe any of these guys were scammers.

Finally, if you know how to spot a scammer, what difference does it make how many there are on any site?

I am 59. Yes, I have many very young men contacting me. I just say "You are too young, but thank you for your interest." If they reply, I block.

As I stated, I've met tons of great guys (and of course, creeps) and had a lot of dates. I have a lot of correspondence before the date, and make it clear that I am looking for LTR and NOT FWB, NSA (what a load of crap). I have not clicked with anyone yet; but the, I am an atheist, free-thinker, liberal in Texas. Not a lot of guys hit on me (after 18 months on OKC, I only get about 8 guys/week hitting on me. Check my profile: I'm not gorgeous (LIB75002) or email me: I will be happy to help you further, if requested.
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