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553 reviews
Categories: Dating
39 W 14th St Ste 502
New York, NY 10011-7403, USA
Tel: +1.8556528743
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553 Reviews From Our Community

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If you really read the other will meet nice people. (in 101 reviews)


It's typically males, and likely because several women singled your profile out with red flag. (in 72 reviews)


Unfortunately, as others have noticed, the customer service is nonexistent. (in 11 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

This website has no way to verify if person's picture is real. There are many options of software that verifies images uploaded with actual user's face. I reported several times fake profile, but Okcupid did not close that account. No reaction from this company. I actually found real person on Facebook whose pictures and name was stolen to create fake Okcupid account. That person also contacted Okcupid and demended to remove this profile. Still nothing was done. Its creepy and dangerous. Be aware single ladies and gentlemen!!!

Ask Cindy about OkCupid
1 review
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Ask HURT about OkCupid
1 review
21 helpful votes

Not sure if I've been doing something wrong -- I think I'm not-ugly and put pretty good effort into my profile, messages, and answers to site questions without being rude, negative, creepy, or long-winded -- but I almost never got a reply in my 1.5-year use of this site, despite messaging dozens of women with a high match percentage; and when I did get a reply or even a first message, my reply to it didn't yield a reply. Apparently from what I've read the women are inundated daily with dozens of messages, many of them from bots, scammers, lechers, rude guys, etc, so I imagine the selection process is pretty difficult and competitive; but still, using this site seems utterly futile after a while, and I've pretty much exhausted all my good options (which were honestly many). What's more, I read not long ago that OkCupid actually lies to users about their percentage compatibility with other users, meaning it's possible that I saw users with match percentages very different from the ones they saw with me. I recommend sticking with old-fashioned methods of finding dates and using this site as a secondary means if anything.

Ask Ethnik about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

I met a ton of nice guys on this site and even had a boyfriend for two years. after we split I found my forever love on this site as well. we dated for 3 years and were married we will be celebrating our first anniversay this year

Ask Brandy about OkCupid
1 review
24 helpful votes

It seems that the people you email are unable to reply for some reason.

Ask Kirk about OkCupid
1 review
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Ask Julia about OkCupid
7 reviews
113 helpful votes

I don't know about you, guys, but I found love of my life on this site!

Ask Ngonadi about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Remember it's a free site, so it will attract more scammers. Simply know what to look for with scammers and you should be fine. Having tested close to 100 paid and free dating sites and apps and owned 40 of my own, OKC is my preferred dating site - free or not. Frankly, all dating sites have scammers but the free ones will always have more. Good luck to all.

Ask Rob about OkCupid
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

OkCupid is a great site for meeting women. There are scammers (like anywhere nowadays) but I met someone right away. After 4 months, we're still going strong!

Ask Mister about OkCupid
1 review
32 helpful votes

I want to explain the other bad reviews- When I first got on okcupid or pof the first thing I noticed were a lot of overweight unattractive girls. I mean I can walk down the street and see normal girls but here maybe 95% or so were abnormally ugly. I'm not going to be too picky, whatever, I'll just write people and meet people. There was a normal looking one you would see occasionally. Then when I wrote most women acted very stuck up despite being over weight and unemployed. But all of them acted messed up mentally. I would start a conversation with a woman and it would start half way normal then she would begin insulting me, saying I have mental problems, cussing at me. I didn't do anything to provoke it. This happened over and over again I would just get insulted, told I'm not good enough. Other times a girl would act interested and every time I ask her to meet she never followed through.I get a lot of people who want to know how much money I make, what car I drive and even offer sex for money. A lot of people with weird sexual fetishes, men that had sex change operations. Not a normal person on there. If you find someone that appears to be half way normal, they start cussing you out for no reason a couple days after you start talking to them or refuse to meet.

What I like is that a lot of them will say "you need to impress me" when I first message them. Ok well meet me somewhere. No they want me to somehow impress them via chat. It's all a game to them, they aren't interested in finding a date like a normal person.

So the question here is why is everybody on these sites dysfunctional? The first thing is these dysfunctional people appear to be on every free dating site or most. I mean I see the exact same person on okcupid as on pof. They are online all the time, seemingly day and night online. When I do a search of people 90% of them are the same people that were online the day before- and always the dysfunctional ones. They are always on there chatting with people. I can leave the website and check it out six months or a year later- mostly the same people still on there. These people are socially dysfunctional and have no life so they live on these dating sites. They never pay money for any service though. They are losers in real life and it feels good for them to insult men, hurt other people's feelings etc. Some of the other ones just have social anxiety and not able to meet people in real life so have fake relationships. Other ones are basically hookers.

On the men side almost all of them are "pick up artists" who live on the site their entire lives trying to sleep with as many women as possible. The women most are gold diggers. So the men just lie and say they are rich, ride the bus to meet the woman. Sleep with her (or have a bad date) and then never talk again. The cycle just repeats. It is a place where trashy dysfunctional people hook up.

But why? Why are the normal people missing? I'm getting to that. I wrote on pof "I am looking for a woman of normal height and weight" the next day I can't log in to my profile. Apparently someone complained and I was banned even though I didn't violate any rules. They don't tell you that you are banned you just can't log in.

On Okcupid I wrote a long thing about the dysfunctional behavior. I just told women that I need someone who will meet me for coffee in real life and explained about how most of the men on there are pick up artists and are broke and how they tell women they are rich to sleep with them. I then copied some of the crazy conversations I had to demonstrate the crazy behavior. Suddenly I can't log in.

If you offend the prostitutes, the mental cases, the career "single" women who never find a boyfriend after 20 years of being on the website- you get banned- without warning. But normal people usually don't go around reporting and banning the prostitutes or the crazies. I didn't even know it was possible to ban people. I have better things to do than report people I don't like or who act crazy. But it goes a long way to explaining why everybody on there is dysfunctional.

On the men side the "pick up artist" loser has taken over. They are generally losers in real life who have to post doctorered photos and lie about their income to pick up women. On the female side you have women who are unattractive and somehow like being hit on by 100 fake guys or else so ugly they can't date in real life or else who have serious social anxiety that prevents normal dating. Because they are losers they get really upset by a normal attractive person being on the site and you are likely to get banned. Because okcupid and other sites like it are so poorly managed the normal people have no idea why they are banned (or even that they were banned). They just end up disappearing from the site gestapo style. The sad part is I even paid money for some services and they still bann me without warning even though I didn't break any rules. I don't want back on the site though. It is horribly run.

I advise to join a site where you pay a fee up front and get matches or something. This helps filter out a lot of the people who live on these free sites and cause problems.

Ask Raymond about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Bob Greenwood and I met on this site, I believe in love at first site, it can happen, we met at Applebees and we talked and talked found out how much we had in common, this was October 12, 2015. Then we dated for a month and he asked me to move in with him, I said yes and the next day started to pack my stuff from my mothers house in November. We are getting married in the spring of 2017 cant wait when the priest says do you take Bob Greenwood as your husband the answer is yes and when he looks at Bob do you take Carla Giovanoni as your wife yes it will be the best ever. I give okcupid between 1 being bad 10 being great I give it 10. Because of the freedom of comunicating god forbid you be like Catholic match they have to much boundaries. Okcupid has a lot more you can do to get to know someone better. So guys and gals who are single open up a Okcupid account and flirt like crazy and have fun.

Ask Carla about OkCupid
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Here is the thing if you want love dam pay for it and have a certified site sort them out or just be alone point blank online is a scam regardless. i met men off of this site into my lifestyle so i thought i found out they are mentally nuts i found one guy who wants to dominate me and beat me with electrical cords as i am dangling from his attic ceiling i mean he surely phucking scared the hell out of me but later i found out he was mentally ill he was suffering with ptsd but still was never treated i lost contact with him quick.

Bible thumpers into the bible and bondage who the hell knew freaks come in all sorts of religions yikes.

Anal drawn porno kings. i found a man all he wants is anal sex raping kind on a girl or just the easy kind. this is a dark side of this man well i thought the man has a thing for little kids and yes i said it. he wants me to dress up like a 16 year old in a school girls out fit and then bare my arse out to him for anal sex he says if it is ripping it is good he wants to rape and beat me until i can not move .
he said he would capture me in his basement and then use me as he feels until i am bred and then sell my babies.

i was like your nuts all the conversations with this man was down right nutty and plus he looks like a vampire and not a cute kind he is nasty looking all he needs is a cape and the vampire teeth he is hiddious and gross.

all rapists, porn kings and pedophiles and sex offenders.
be warn
they all want to do bondage on you , either rape you or hell just down right hurt you i think i am paying for e harmony and phuck this scary phucking site.

Ask Kristy about OkCupid
1 review
21 helpful votes

The questions they ask are dumb and not at all relevant to a relationship. The girls are beyond picky and half, even though they say the want a long term relationship, just want attention or sex. About the same as using tinder.

Ask Ryan about OkCupid
1 review
23 helpful votes

I have been on and off this site often. Years ago it was designed by programmers, like myself, great concepts of matching with questions - and Free! Well, it still has the same stuff, now owned by - even saw job openings on match to work on okcupid site...
I have written well over 250 messages personally addressed to each person, sharing interests, and asking only to type more or meet if they like. My profile is honest, and portrays me exactly, I am a nice guy, clearly state I would like to get to know someone with long-term intentions - no interest in FWB/short-term fun ever. I've even had compliments on my profile - yet, by women outside the state or my dating age range - so no reason for them to lie...
Too Picky - my conclusion based on writing so many whose profile literally sounds as if it was written describing me - such that anyone who knows me would agree, that this person sounds like they were describing me... yet - not even a reply. My only conclusion is they are looking for Mr. Perfect, not even willing to share some conversation.
The facts - Of those written, less than 5% are Asian - and yet, in 5 years of looking (1999-2000, 2012-2013, 2015-2016) - the only replies I have ever had have been Asians. I guess they don't get as many messages so the odds are in my favor? I have met 2 Caucasians, and not a single date beyond a meeting... Why so picky? So - ladies - reply, like what do you have to loose and you might actually find you like the guy, me...

The greats: Question matching - and comments, it is a lot of fun to read through comments and answers of potential dates. At one time, back in 2014 I was well over 6,900 questions before I met a gal on a different site who was pissed when she saw me disabling my profile - made me delete it. Found numerous articles about how to find the right gal - answer only those questions you really need to know - not all of them. too late now as I'm over 1000 now again...

The bad: Messages - they've messed this up, difficult to use - takes 3 clicks to see if someone read your message now... hope they simplify it.
Some of the search features I really question. Searches also - seldom return correct results - run it once and get a few results - less than 8 once, and the same search query ran the prior day gave two pages of results.
The question algorithms that do the matching - also block results at times, not consistent. There should be a way to disable question pre-filtering of search results - so we can do non-question matched searches... this does not exist.

The worst: - need more women there who are actually looking for a long term relationship
OKCupid - is one of the best designed, could be best overall as it literally, assuming the questions are answered honestly - matches two people on how they feel on stuff. The problem is, there are not enough new ones there. many faces I have seen in 2000 and 2012.

Tip for consumers: Answer the questions honestly. Skip questions that are not related to values you 'must' know, or not truly important. Answer multiple areas too, not just dating and sex...

And ladies - be kind, reply to a guy who writes you - even if you do not want to hear from them.

Ask Todd about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

Don't think you will find a guy in his 60s anywhere close to normal. For that matter I don't know of a single dating site that has normal men in their 60s. It's either a nurse or purse they're looking for, and believe they aren't worth either.

Ask JoAnne about OkCupid
1 review
21 helpful votes

Torally bogus site seemingly influenced by some sort of radical leftist wing liberal agenda.

Ask Ssds about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was with the site for few years, and I'm here to tell you that really works
Have up and downs, but you never to be patient!!!!
Well I meet someone, now we are engaged
Thank you for bringing happiness in my life

Ask Patty about OkCupid
1 review
43 helpful votes

Yeah as other men have stated,Unless you are 6 foot 4 + and rake in 300k + a year you will not fare to well with this. I rate about a 7/10 looks wise but apparently still not good enough for "average" looking American women which to whom I should say that being skinny does not automatically make you attractive! It's comical.
Anyway,Are you serious in finding a partner? Have a little extra money? Then look for a Russian woman,They are 10X more attractive than western women and they are actually interested in you. I've already been talking to a easy 10/10 woman from Moscow and plan to meet her soon. Ditch this site and give up on American women,They will never be satisfied. Cheers!

Ask Joe about OkCupid
1 review
62 helpful votes

I've used this site off and on for years during times when I was single. It's mostly a waste of time. These days 99.8% of women will not give you the time of day unless you're a 6'6" pro-bodybuilder lawyer millionaire with six pack abs, even when they themselves are average looking or far below. It doesn't matter if you're normal, have a great job, whatever, unless you are Brad Pitt you will have an extremely difficult time getting a response. That being said, I had a two-year relationship with a single-mother drug addict that I met on there in my early 30's. She stole my social security number after moving in and used my identity to acquire several credit cards to fund her drug habit. I also dated another woman for several months who ended up going to jail for grand larceny. Again, to fund her drug habit. It was obvious that her main interest in the relationship was financial. I love how the women on this site think they're such great prizes. They're the left over scraps that everyone banged in their 20's and won't commit to. Four kids with four different guys, drug problems, total train wrecks. The other side of the coin is narcissistic, overly validated, post graduate SWPL hipster trash/militant feminists, in the more metropolitan areas anyway. The reality of it too is that there are tons of thirsty guys fighting over these "prizes". If an average (or even ugly) woman gets 200 messages a day, it's going to be a pretty low ROI as far as getting responses, much less a date a goes. Between the advent of online dating, social media and smart phones, the amount of attention the average western woman gets daily is probably 20x what it would be even 20 years ago. This has fundamentally conditioned their attitudes on many levels. Skyscraper egos and narcissism are the new normal. I hate to say it, but honestly, I think most American men, if they are seriously looking for a wife/family would be better suited looking outside the Western Hemisphere where values tend to be a bit more traditional. Otherwise go American, just be aware of the reality of today. These aren't the women your grandfather dated. Don't have kids with them, cohabitate, or wife them up.

Ask John about OkCupid
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I have enjoyed OKCupid. It has been a good dating site for me.

Ask Sayed about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Everyone that I met on this site is a deviant. Every. Single. One.

Or they had horrendous things wrong with them bad backs, metal plates in various extremities, unemployed, homeless. Cross dresser, which didn't come out until way too late in the conversation. Penchant for exhibitionism and public sex. Backgrounds in porn. If you're looking for that, cool. I just don't like those kinds of surprises.

I did end up dating someone. Seemed ok at first. Then little factoids came out: alcoholic, rehab stint, philander, history of violent behavior. I wondered how I had answered those questions to cause me to be in that predicament.

I tried. I spent money on boosts, spent time messaging, exchanged numbers, etc. The whole thing. I guess I should quit while I'm ahead. Now i just want to delete my profile and call it a day.

Ask Faith about OkCupid
5 reviews
51 helpful votes

THE SAME CON ARTIST HOE THAT OWNS MATCH.COM , AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE PEOPLE. Don't believe the success stories they are fake reviews.

Ask steven about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

If you happen to be a really attractive woman with a bubbly personality, this site will have you swiping left 95% of the time. The 5% of dates you go on will be with men who are average or below average looks wise. Personality wise they will be creepy, on a rebound $#*! fest, socially awkward or just plain uninteresting. Coupled with their sub-bar faces you'll be ending the date early so you can go home and chill with your Netflix. If you happen to stumble upon a genuinely attractive guy with a seemingly outgoing profile, it's almost 100% guarantee that the pics are fake. Steer clear of OKCupid, ladies.

Ask Kelly about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

is this site for real . I have been on it for about 4 hours and have gotten over 15 messages with guys phone numbers or them requsting mine . I even have one guy in Texas wanting to meet up somewhere for the weekend. I won"t be on here long.Most of these guys are in there 40's . I am 65.

Ask Ellen about OkCupid
4 reviews
10 helpful votes

I don't think any of the dating sites have it down. They need to go back to Love Connection when you had video submissions lol. I'm only half joking. Ok Cupid has potential to accurately match you, but sometimes it's like they throw these guys at you that have literally nothing to do with your match criteria. It's one of the better sites to choose from though.

Ask Grace about OkCupid
1 review
11 helpful votes

Well, as the name tells you: It is OK. I have seen better, I have seen worse. Pretty clear that this site can't compete with Mingle2day or Match but on the other hand, I found it fun to use.

Ask Oliver about OkCupid
1 review
10 helpful votes

Sigh........if you put the right stuff in your profile... If you really read the other will meet nice people. If you are "nice" then there is a "nice" counterpart for you. It just takes a little weeding. I have met several kind, decent men. Just try to ignore any weirdo's as best you can.

Ask K about OkCupid
13 reviews
187 helpful votes

That's what they think you are when you sign up with them. Seemingly endless stupid questions about nothing that anyone would be looking for in a person. Men don't represent all of the problems here. Many of these women are trash, seeking arrangements, looking for sugardaddies, college students trying to ho ho ho their way through school, Nigerian scammers in search of unsuspecting victims, and drug addicts wanting a quick fix-up. Use extreme caution when using these sites. I've been messaged by some of these people looking to meet at hotels, housing project addresses, and truck stops. One wanted to meet at an adult book store. Good luck with that. Most of these sites are operated by the same scam artists, and they're all after the same thing. That's right. Your credit card information. After your trial membership times out, they'll register you for a full paid account without you knowing it, and check your pants because they're somewhere down around your ankles. Then, they start charging your credit card for other scam sites. Thanks to my own stupidity, they were charging me for 3 different sites before I could stop them. Had to cancel my credit card and close my checking account to get rid of them. By the time I realized that all these pictures and profiles couldn't possibly be real, l was robbed for over 150$. Most of them use contractors and 3rd party representatives which is a fancy term for fake and they even tell you that in their terms of service. Many of the messages come from towns that don't exist. If they do, the names are spelled wrong or there can't possibly be that many people signed up. One woman that was emailng me, was using the name of a town that was destroyed by a coal mine fire in the 1980's! Don't expect them to keep your search results local if you request it. I was messaged across country by someone in a profile, supposedly from California that had the Eiffel tower in the picture. Just how stupid do they think people are? Don't expect much help from their customer service and have a nice day trying to get a refund because they'll take the scenic route to giving your money back if you get anything at all. So if you're stuck on stupid, by all means, join any of these sites. If not, STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Ok

Ask John about OkCupid
1 review
64 helpful votes

The women on OKCupid love to talk about all the bad messages they get from scummy guys, but without fail they conveniently neglect to mention dudes like me. Hi, I'm the fella who actually reads your profile, tries to engage you like civilized human being, tries to make you laugh and invites you to do fun stuff that doesn't involve sex in the back of a truck, and still gets brushed off because I don't look like Channing Tatum. I'm that guy you never talk about because it'd show people that your entitled asses are half the problem with online dating, and you'd rather blame the men for everything and continue looking like the victims.

Yeah, most of the men on the site are crap, but the women are far worse because they're totally conceited. They're looking for their perfect fantasy man, and they will not give you the time of day, no matter how high your match percentage is. If I wanted to have women turning up their noses at my average-looking ass, I'd be asking them out in person. All OKCupid does is streamline rejection.

The only positive about OKCupid is that it doesn't cost anything to register, and you don't have to pay to send or receive messages. So I still can't get a response from anyone, but hey, at least I'm not broke as well, right?

Whether you're looking for dating, friends, or casual sex, if you're a man, just don't bother. You will never be good enough. Not unless you're Channing Tatum, or that computer engineer who had to hack the website before he could actually get a date on it. I'm not kidding:

Ask Rombles about OkCupid
9 reviews
128 helpful votes

I've recently been on this site through a recommendation and to be frank it just the same as pof first thing I have to say it that they ask too many personal questions
most women on there are too picky yet again this is why I hate online dating so much is because they want to meet someone who isn't average looking which really pisses me off

so yet if your an average looking guy then don't bother with ok cupid or pof because they are bad as each other

Ask dean about OkCupid
9 reviews
35 helpful votes

went on I met a lot of nice ladies, found a great woman and now I think I found my other half. :-) thx OKCupid

Ask Jose about OkCupid
36 reviews
17 helpful votes

I'm new here, and hopefully can find a good friend/partner. I hope that I read wrong from the negative reviews.

Ask teri about OkCupid
3 reviews
21 helpful votes

Men looking for easy ways to have sex. On night stands are what most of them want. I did run into a con artist however who wanted sex and money. I think he is probably married. On our first date he came on very strong physically. Then he basically ignored me after asking for money for gas. He called me later and asked me for 1k for a household repair. It was out of the blue after much time had passed. I told him no. Then 6 months later he showed up at my doorstep asking for money. I made the mistake of letting him in. I gave him $40 so he would leave. He scared me. It has been over a year and he has not showed up at my home, so I hope I'm ok now. I contacted the site to report him and they did nothing. The other guys I met on there were just looking for a hook up and when I turned them down they sent me abusive angry messages. After ok Cupid I had no desire to date for a year and a half. I became totally uninterested due to the trauma of ok Cupid. If i had been looking to be used and abused for sex and money this would have been the site for me. Fortunately I want something healthy. I found using a religious site works better and the guys move more slowly and actually get to know the person.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it. If it's free there's a reason for it. If you want rapid random hookups/one night stands from men this is the site for you. If you want to give money to strangers this is the site for you. Otherwise stay far away.

Ask Giselle about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

This dating website was great for love (in theory) but ended up just being a bunch of people who just want sex. No one really wants to make a connection or do the work or relating. It's just people who want to make a small effort to get women into bed. I would not go on OkCupid unless you were just dumped, going through a dry stage, and/or at the end of a disappointing night club experience. It's really not for love, marriage, or a spiritual connection whatsoever. Good luck! Let's just say you can't get people on OkCupid meeting your mom, and most of all, if he or she does meet your friends or family, it doesn't take away from the fact that you met anonymously on an online dating website. Try and go back to the "normal" ways people meet and find love if you can!

Ask Ashley about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

I got duped by one. Apparently they pay someone to post for them and interact with you through their prison email. Had to act interested to get the scoop for the ladies. Trust your intuition and ask them to call you if you're iffy about anything. All they want is your money.

Ask M about OkCupid
20 reviews
54 helpful votes

Bunch of people with unrealistic views on what they're looking for, yeah keep waiting for your prince charming, forever!

Ask Laharl about OkCupid
4 reviews
38 helpful votes

Not a fan of this dating site. I've had better luck meeting decent people on match. OKC has some weird/awkward questions in the profile set up. I would skip this one if I were you.

Ask Tadd about OkCupid
3 reviews
22 helpful votes

I was on POF and OK Cupid at the same time. I met someone on a date from this site and I messaged a friend who called me and pretended to be stuck in a ditch needing immediate assistance. His picture was not him, he asked for sex up against his truck, and he parked behind me so I couldn't move my car. Our date was supposed to be at a bar and grill I knew, but when we got there it was closed for the season. I drove through the grass to get away.

There are probably decent people on here, but there seem to be more shifty scumbags. Use with caution!

Ask Abby about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Literally all of my adult boyfriends have been through OKC. I am a dog groomer, before I owned my own business, I worked in salons with all women, and I am not into the whole social scene of clubbing and concerts. Anyway, 5 1/2 years ago this guy messages me on okcupid. He was funny and intelligent and loved to read, so we met up at a Hobby Lobby and he helped me cut out stencils to use for Creative Grooming.
I was the first woman he ever spoke with on OKC, whereas I had been on the site for about 6 years and met and dated a generous handful of guys. I was looking for something more permanent when I met this guy though, as I had an almost-2 year old son at the time.
5 1/2 years later, I am submitting this review as I nurse our 11 month old daughter to sleep. I am eternally grateful to this site for bringing us together. Use the site as it's mesnt to be used, fill out the silly questionaires and pay attention to the compatibility ratings. Be picky! Dont even bother talking to anyone that isnt 88% or higher compatible. Answer those questions honestly. And dont treat every date like it could be your last, or as if every man is your possible future husband. Just know what you want, only date men that are what you want, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

Ask Charity about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

Hi...this site has some pretty creepy questions to complete as part of the site setup and matching process....multiple, embedded questions seeking to identify those who were bullied at school, victims of abusive relationships, and those desperately lonely as well as multiple questions that are sex-related and unsavoury, and generally follow the same theme....these I skipped and the resultant personality graph developed from my answers to the questions did not appear inconsistent with the answers given, and were potentially manipulative (I have studied psychometric testing as an undergraduate, and worked in mental health, and many of these Qs are on the nose)...I was only on the site a couple of days and was swamped with 50 or so messages purportedly from the US when I was only interested in locals, and while they were courteous and seemed nice, many were clearly not who they said they were, and all wanted to immediately go to Messenger or private email addresses, which I very cautious if joining this site, and follow your instincts. It was easy enough to unsubscribe.

Ask lorraine about OkCupid
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have been on an off this website for a few years. I talked to some cool guys and some bad ones. I have went on a few dates with the guys and they were okay never went past the first date for the most part. It's not worth the money to pay for a month to month fee. It is somewhat good quality for free.

Ask Katherine about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

My son visited your site and had someone try to scam him for money .I recommend no one use this site.

Ask daphney about OkCupid
1 review
38 helpful votes


Ask STEVE about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

In a matter of less than two days I had received about twenty messages..... 18 were scammers, one wanted pictures of me naked and one was just not my type at all. I quickly deleted my info and the app. It was the worst site I have ever been on!

Ask Kyla about OkCupid
1 review
11 helpful votes

This sight is a waste!!! I had one guy message me last Thursday and he seemed very nice and told me how beautiful I was. We decided to meet on Saturday for drinks. He seemed to come on strong and I started to feel uncomfortable. By Monday he was texting me he loved me!!! When I told him there was no way he could feel that way so soon he proceeded to tell me he wanted to gag me with his c**k and piss down my throat!!! Disgusting CREEP!!

Ask Candace about OkCupid
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This would have to be the worst site out there! I got constant emails from overseas (which was not a part of my search) and most were obvious scammers.
There were very few local people matched and the ones that were did not fit my search criteria. I constantly got a message that said no matches found due to my filters.......I widened the age group, the kilometres and narrowed it down to a non smoker and results were the same!
Don't waste your time or money on this site......its a scam!

Ask Vicki about OkCupid
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While I was member about couple month, only had few visitors.
No one replies my messages.

Ask mo about OkCupid
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Why does this web site have so many scammers it is ridiculous I get at least 4 a week how a do they get away with this ? How do you actually contact the person on the profile

Ask Linda about OkCupid
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This site is free to use. I have no complains about it. Very easy to use!

Ask Diego about OkCupid
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I received a lot of emails and like some of these women who have made complaints, I almost fell. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find any information on this guy in the states. Said he grew up in Cincinnati. I found his same story all over the other dating sites as well. The pictures are fake. Do not send money or give out personal information. OKCupid attracts them more because it is a free site. Anyone who tells you they are doing business in another country - please stay away. If you choose to look online, please go to a reputable website.

Ask Donna about OkCupid
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