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64 reviews
Categories: Conservative, Health, News
P.O. BOX 20989
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Tel: +1.5616861165
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64 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

The most Biased group of Loud mouths.

Ask P about Newsmax
1 review
2 helpful votes

Virtually no other place but NEWSMAX, will you see video of radical terrorist muslims on TV. Most networks won't show you, because the Liberals fear it will insight people against muslims. Newsmax believes you should see what is really going on in the world and in our country! They report the facts. They are much like Trump! They tell it like it is.
The Liberals have shut down free speech on many a college campus. Any view other than their own liberal socialist bias, they seek to banish and destroy to prevent others from exercising their free speech. You can witness this by their attempts to stop Trump from speaking at his own conventions. NEWSMAX, will just keep getting bigger and better, as they expose liberal bias reporting, and show viewers what the liberals don't want them to see. "THE FACTS" With only a few conservative news networks available on television, the liberals are still furious. Because within only a few years, the majority of citizens in the USA have learned by watching these conservative news sources, just how liberally biased the entire main stream media actually is. These liberal stations have continually lied to the American people for decades, with no one to expose them. BUT NO MORE! Now these liberals are being held to account, and they are crying and screaming and gnashing their teeth. These Liberal Socialists seek to destroy anyone and everyone that exposes their liberal bias and lies. But it's not working. Their programs are not working. The socialist liberal nirvana they promised is finally being seen for what it is. A COMPLETE FAILURE. NEWSMAX will pull the curtain off these liberals socialists, and show you who they really are, and what they are up to. GO NEWSMAX!!

Ask Bass about Newsmax
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Newsmax seems to be part of the lunatic fringe with all of the fearmongering conspiracy theory links they embed within their stories. What's worse, they spam my email repeatedly. I've tried unsubscribing from their emails, and finally just had to add a filter to deflect all of their crap to the Trash folder, where it belongs.

Ask Willie about Newsmax
1 review
15 helpful votes

Keep in mind that I'm a very, very conservative leaning individual so I can only figure that these clowns must sleep with a copy of Mein Kampf under their pillows to find any of my posts intolerable! I'm as anti-Obama and anti-liberal policy as they come but there are ethnically pejorative and downright bigoted posts left untouched on that website while very (like mine) sincere, polite and what I believe to be insightful (at the least thoughtful) writings were "held for review" and subsequently deleted.

Stay away from that group if you care to have a meaningful dialogue. Newsmax, as a website is a joke!

Ask Johnny about Newsmax
1 review
11 helpful votes

Polls are misleading if not outright lies. Articles are riddled with adverts and most of what they're selling is crap.

Ask Lib about Newsmax
1 review
2 helpful votes

76% of Americans (% w out a college degree) need a guide(professor) to explain what you are reading to you like a child. Because public h.s.simply Doesn't provide you the skills to think for yourself unfortunatly. Not your fault, but you should have the natural intelligence to know you need to learn MUCH MORE than where you are now(or were at 12th grade)
Only then are you NOT a low info voter that can spot rhetoric and navigate red herrings and other forms of persuasion that work on 9/10 of you.
Here is a gift to the above avg intelligence ppl that didn't have the chance to go to college...but still refuse to be stupid and stay informed..for you lovely ppl, I give you the ONLY reputable news outlets in the order of integrity-descending
1-infowars (Alex jones) too complex for new listeners.this is heavy next level stuff.
2-the drudge report-just straight facts,no bells and whistles)
3-wnd-(world net daily)-1st class
4-Rt-(Russia TV-USA)-surprisingly factual,and progressive
5-the guardian(debatable between ppl weather this is pro liberty or just has sum journalist with integrity like Glenn Greenwald(Ed Snowden interview)

Ask Rod about Newsmax
1 review
3 helpful votes

If you love MSNBC you will hate this network. Good to see another conservative point of view with great reporting and excellent guests.

Ask Lisa about Newsmax
1 review
7 helpful votes

A friend gave me your site as an alternative to CNN and FOX. I just listened for the first time today. You are no different. Disappointed in the lack of support for religious freedom--seems your view is "equality" out-weights constitutional religious freedom. I will go back to CNN/FOX.

Ask Jeannine about Newsmax
1 review
6 helpful votes

I got one of those Newsmax Magazine charges on my credit card.Not sure how I got it but not for me.

Ask Marie about Newsmax
1 review
1 helpful vote

Does S C Rep. Horne get all choked up when she sees a flag with the Rising Sun flying over the Japanese embassy in D C??? I believe that flag was on all those planes that made that sneak attack that killed 2500 Americans on Dec. 7th 1941!

Ask coy about Newsmax
1 review
16 helpful votes

I wanted to comment on stories and articles. it didn't take long to realize that if the comment was truthful and had a link to my source to verify what I had said it was automatically removed from the comments. They take away your right of free speech and your voice to debate on issues. If it does not prays conservatives and their agenda it is deleted. They are in competition with Fox News to be the biggest liars and they are succeeding.

Ask Billy about Newsmax
13 reviews
42 helpful votes

Their polls are a mess, and if you sign up for their newsletter you'll get five links in one email and then get 10+ emails that day that have nothing to do with news. But, now let's talk about the site. The site is better then their email newsletter and polls, but not much. They flop like the wind political wise. One day they may be supporting the Tea Party and then the next they are supporting RINO's. Also, their articles are generally not very informative. I was going to give this site about 2 stars out of 5, but I saw it getting 1 star on average, and so I'll raise my star level to help it get where it belongs (which is 2 out of 5).

Ask James about Newsmax
1 review
37 helpful votes

NEWSMAX is disreputable and despicable. The so-called polls are fraudulent, and I suspect that they are looking for people dumb enough to buy their subscriptions, which, by the way, they renew automatically, even after you canceled. In my case, I clearly canceled the Blaylock Wellness Report, which was nothing but fluff with far more pages hawking the vitamins that were supposed to cure the condition they were writing about. Nevertheless, they renewed it for the full $54.99 in 2014, claiming that I had only canceled the bonus newsletter (a free-bee) --also nonsense-- and not the thing I had actually subscribed to. So glad I caught that tiny little postcard in today's mail, or they would have stolen another $54.99 out of my checking account if I had not called them to stop it. Never bother with their polls, and certainly do not subscribe to anything, because the teaser articles are way better than the actual publications. I just denounced them and their polls on FB, and I urge people to take the time to do so on their social media.

Ask Denise about Newsmax
1 review
34 helpful votes

Any site that claims to be a news organization--rather than a "news" organization--should probably avoid presenting skewed and meaningless anti-President Obama polls and also sidestep palling around with Fox News for news facts. Does Newsmax provide Fox News with faux news or is it the other way around? It gets so difficult to understand who's who in the world right wing media barons and their silly "news" outlets. It's another feel good site for far right Republicans and Testicular-Bag (sorry,T-Bag) Party members. Personally, goose-stepping to the tune of GW Bush and Cheney destroying this nation and lying treasonously about why we needed to kill Iraqis continues to be unattractive to me to this day, but perhaps you will find something to enjoy at Newsmax. Each to his/her own . . .

Ask Daniel about Newsmax
2 reviews
62 helpful votes

Do not sign up for anything from this company...they flood your email with SPAM for vitamins, nesletters, etc, and send you stuff you didn't sign up for then sneak charges in. Stay away!!!!!!!!!

Ask carol about Newsmax
1 review
35 helpful votes

I want to be unsubscribed to the Newsmax/Franklin Prosperity Report and any other publication you are sending to my e-mail address. I find your information stale, unusable and unwanted. You have offered me absolutely nothing of value in your reports.

Ask Ben about Newsmax
1 review
48 helpful votes

Newsmax is a total scam. Just another right wing propaganda website. I took a couple of polls giving my approval of the job Obama is doing. I was supposed to receive emails to verify my submissions were valid. They never came.

Typical of right wingers.... Lie or withhold the whole truth. I'm sure they'll publish the "results" of their polls showing how "everyone" disapproves of the president. It's funny how these knuckleheaded RW's keep believing this propaganda BS.

If the president could run for a third term he'd probably win again..... and by a landslide again, especially if that lying, sleaze ball, sack of crap Mittens rears his ugly head again.

Ask Jmi about Newsmax
1 review
35 helpful votes

I foolishly took part in a Newsmax questioner about heart health. The "data" that I received back regarding my hearth health was egregiously in error.

It was only a few days later that my email address was spammed big time by Newsmax. For several weeks I was receiving a plethora of junk emails ranging from snake oil (holistic) peddlers hawking "miracle" cures for this and that, bogus investment opportunities and all of this other rot sensationalizing the wondrous "cures" that Dr. Oz and the PBS informercial docs, Dr. Roizen and Dr. Amen have up their sleeves.

Newsmax will take it upon themselves to blow your email address around like dandelion seeds, everywhere, to all sorts of scammers, shammers and charlatans that are lurking about. This is so typical of these arch conservative extremists groups.

If you see the name Newsmax on anything please BEWARE!!!!

Ask Jason about Newsmax
1 review
35 helpful votes

Thought I was really getting an opportunity to give Pres Obama a positive poll vote. Not with Newsmax you won't. It's a bogus poll. When my answered expressed my support for Obama, the necessary requirement for confirmation of my vote never showed up in my email box... so of course it didn't count. That is why I do not trust 'polls'. It's too easy to rig them..

Ask Linda about Newsmax
1 review
35 helpful votes

Arrgh! I fell for it again! "Somebody" has planted these bogus "polls" around the web for a long time, but when I support Obama, the necessary requirement for confirmation of my vote never shows up in my email box.
BE AWARE that Republicans are bankrolling bogus "Democratic" candidates for the next election, so look hard at your favorite candidate, or you might help load up the wrong side of the aisle.

Ask Tom about Newsmax
1 review
26 helpful votes

I won't say they are a scam out right, but you won't get your email off their list. I've requested many times through their online forms and through email, and they refuse to stop sending me fear mongering emails. Steer clear. They try to use false fears to get you to buy products/services that are on the edge at best.

Ask John about Newsmax
1 review
24 helpful votes

SCAM PLUS!!! In the small print it is FREE. Automatic renewal BS. I was billed $97. It is not free nothing but a SCAM. Best wishes on trying to UNSUBSCRIBE, it is a JOKE.

Ask Kenneth about Newsmax
1 review
25 helpful votes

Their so called polls are obviously a scam. If you do not respond to their biased questions with the responses they a seeking your vote will not get counted. Typical conservative dirty tricks. Conservative: Con the people serve yourself.

Ask Repub about Newsmax
1 review
10 helpful votes

The last bastion of hope for those that don't drink the kool-aid of the leftists. If you believe in the right to defend yourself; if you believe that credit limits should apply to government, not just individuals; if you believe in self-sufficiency over government dependency; Newsmax might make sense to you. If not, there's always msnbc.

Ask Jesse about Newsmax
1 review
25 helpful votes

Rightwing scam ! This is the tired, old me, me, me, greed of the Repukelicans. They have no policies or plans for govt except to takeover and spend all the money, and than they call us Liberals. Bush & Reagan is all you have to remember. Financial ruin, higher taxes, and bible-thumping hypocrites running this country to the bottom of the heap.

Ask Ger about Newsmax
1 review
23 helpful votes

If you take a survey on this site and don't answer as a conservative then you don't receive an email to verify your survey. This type of tactic makes me wonder why conservatives have to rely on deceptive and unethical tactics to support their positions. They seem to be more focused on deceiving their base than making a real contribution to our government. There was a time when I would vote Republican, but I just can't these days.

Ask Howard about Newsmax
1 review
19 helpful votes

I clicked on their "Vote on Obama's Performance" advertisement. I was led to a pretty cheaply done website, with a poll that featured, in my opinion, very biased questions, I had to confirm my vote to "make it count", and now all of a sudden I'm getting PRO-GOP email spam messages.

I clicked on the HOMEPAGE menu, read a few of their articles, and my faith in humanity dropped a little. Very biased, don't go to it unless you want to be brainwashed.

Ask Zion about Newsmax
1 review
21 helpful votes


Ask E about Newsmax
1 review
17 helpful votes

I tried to vote on a poll question on their site and I guess they did not like what I had to say, they did not count it. I tried twice.Guess what, if you go along with their unamerican reichwing crap they count that? What the FU&*#?

Ask ed about Newsmax
1 review
19 helpful votes

Total $#*!--right wingnut site funded by some $#*! like the Koch brothers or similar--should be called a virus, they are putrid, disgusting and vile'

Ask Mart about Newsmax
1 review
14 helpful votes

I agree that Newsmax is a bogus site, does anyone have a favorable review for them?

Ask Tim about Newsmax
1 review
10 helpful votes

Similar to others--Newsmax poll is dishonest and deceptive. Does not acknowledge pro-democratic survey answers. Not in any way a "news" service. Dishonest, deceitful and disgusting.

Ask Christopher about Newsmax
1 review
15 helpful votes

Once they get your name it's there for life. I made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a book on thyroid disease through NewsMax Health. The book's content was of common mainstream information that my doctor has been preaching to me. I gave up on trying to get refunded on the book. NewsMax's customer service is job zero. Bad! Now they've got my name, they keep sending a plethora of unwanted emails, I can't get them to un-scribe, and I keep getting their junk newsletter. And since this newsletter has columns written by Dr. Ox and Dr. Roizen (two celeb-glamor docs) that only lends a sense of discredit to the publication. Dr. Oz and his "which" doctoring and Roizen's informercials on PBS pledge drives. Pseudo-science to the max, NewsMax!

Ask Tam about Newsmax
1 review
16 helpful votes

I also took the poll about the affordable care act and the government shut down and placed blame on the republicans ,never got an email to verify my authentication .. I backed out retook the poll blaming democrats and the president and the poll went thru...Newsmax is full of it

Ask Victor about Newsmax
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

I took their 'Obamacare' poll and answered all the questions as favoring it. After entering my responses, the site said I wouldn't be counted unless I 'verify your vote by clicking on the confirm link.' No email was ever sent (what a surprise). Instead I did start receiving their unwanted propaganda.
My conclusion? They have rigged the poll to only reflect the P.O.V. they want AND they will use your email to send you unwanted spam! Not a legitimate site at all!

Ask Kathy about Newsmax
1 review
15 helpful votes

I saw a poll about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and decided to take it. It turned out to be a Newsmax poll.

The questions were biased and misleading. It was very obvious how you were supposed to answer them. I won't vote for anyone who does smear tactics, so I didn't answer the way they wanted me to.

I was told there would be a verification email sent that I needed to use in order to make my vote count. There has never been a verification email sent.

However, I received 7 emails the next day, all trying to sell me something and get my credit card number. Since I cannot trust them to send me a verification email, count my vote or have actual facts in their poll questions, why would I trust them with my credit card number? Run screaming in the other direction at a high rate of speed.

Ask David about Newsmax
1 review
12 helpful votes

This site does not tell the truth. It's polls do not match the news polls. It is a right wing site with the typical right wing lies. They are saying social security does not help you make decisions for retirement and want you to purchase a book. Total lie. Social Security helped me and told me the best time to collect if I could wait. Do not trust Newsmax.

Ask Fasia about Newsmax
1 review
13 helpful votes

Right wing crap. They want you to watch videos offering products, always at a price, instead of just printing in black and white what they are trying to say. Tottally disgusting ripoff.

Ask bill about Newsmax
1 review
14 helpful votes

Phoney poll and phoney results by Newsmax:
This phoney right-wing organization has figured out a way to manipulate public opinion in favor of the Republican agenda by falsifying the results of a poll they are promoting on the Government Shutdown. They have devised a way to monitor the results of your response by asking you to check your email and click on their link to confirm your vote in order for it to be counted. Who knew? Unwittingly, I took the poll. Surprisingly, there was no auto-reply email for Newsmax in my inbox. So, of course, I knew my vote would not be counted. The next morning, however, lo and behold, I DID find an email from Newsmax in my inbox on the subject: 5 Reasons Stocks Might Collapse with the following advice from their so-called Financial Publisher Aaron DeHoog: “I strongly encourage you to take precise steps to protect your wealth such as getting Retirement Crash Insurance.” Click here for details etc etc.. Well, I can at least confirm they got my email address right. Nothing in the spam folder. Still - no email that would allow me to confirm yesterday's vote so it could be counted. I decided to take the poll again. Once again, I received no confirmation email. So I tried a third time. Finally on the FOURTH try I got my confirmation email along with a nice “thank you for signing up to receive FREE breaking news email alerts from” Of course, I had signed up for nothing of the sort. But it was too late. Ten minutes later I got another email from my new BFF hawking their not to be missed special offer: “Get our special $4.95 offer for the ObamaCare Survival Guide – That's a saving of $15 off the cover price! Please act today... Go Here Now" said the link in big blue caps... etc etc..
If you answered: 1) you oppose a government shutdown; 2) you support implementation of ObamaCare now; 3) you mostly blame congressional Republicans for the shutdown; and 4) you voted for Obama – you can be sure that only 1 out of every 3 or 4 similar responses will actually be counted. The rest will somehow mysteriously end up in cyberspace.

Ask Kay about Newsmax
1 review
10 helpful votes

Found the site through a poll advertisement - poll on Obamacare and decided to check it out and vote. Well, the questions itself seemed biased, as if they were meant to influence the voter's answers. Next suspicious thing was that I did not receive their so called 'confirmation' mail, as someone else pointed out, probably because they did not receive the answers they wanted.
Once I was done it spewed some shameless propaganda, portraying it as authorotative news. As a medical health editor I'm used to sifting through garbage and genuine content and this site has nothing but garbage.

Ask Shaun about Newsmax
1 review
11 helpful votes

totally BOGUS. 100% traffic capturing spam-farm. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Ask James about Newsmax
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Pig ignorant, right wing propaganda, wont unsubscribe from the corporate owned brainwashing machine.

Ask Elwood about Newsmax
1 review
9 helpful votes

Website sucks.. I receive everyday more than 20 emails. I tried to removed but I can't. Scams with spams

Ask mike about Newsmax
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have found on almost every poll listed, the questions are ambiguous and misleading so as to deduce a wrong conclusion from the polling data. Don't even waste your time!

Ask Wade about Newsmax
2 reviews
13 helpful votes

Terribly biased bogus news source. Articles written by poorly educated hacks who invent psuedo-facts in attempt to support a predetermined agenda. They have no desire to give the reader an opportunity to draw their own conclusion.

Ask Joe about Newsmax
1 review
10 helpful votes

A load of sensationalist end of the world crap is what this site is. Its not trustworthy info. its a joke.

Ask lon about Newsmax
1 review
10 helpful votes

This site continues to administer "polls" ,generally with leading questions to determine the outcome. To participate you must provide an email to receive massive spam. It is a good site if you want to hear every half-baked conspiracy theory to come out (unless it criticizes a far right wing politician or candidate)

Ask danny about Newsmax
1 review
8 helpful votes

Newsmax wouldn't send me my confirmation email either. What a crap site full of right wing wing propaganda. If I could vote it with fewer than one star I would. No honesty or integrity whatsoever. Where the hell is the republican party I joined 20 years ago?

Ask Roy about Newsmax
1 review
8 helpful votes

The site will only count your vote if you vote in favor on their agenda. I tried voting it and because I am "for" Obamacare, they never send me the confirmation email.

Ask m--r-s about Newsmax
1 review
8 helpful votes

these are some evil people, and they tell to many lies, they must be in the GOP.can not get them to quit sending me e/mails.

Ask roger about Newsmax

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