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New Reviewer

1.I had lots of communication with them about sending money, withdrawing money etc. Each occasion I spoke to them about same issue they had different answers.

2.When I wanted to withdraw my account balance of 22 pounds to my bank account(which I deposited the money from)they said their charge is £5.

Can you believe? £5 charge to withdraw money to the bank account. That's like robbing money from you. That's very wrong. These are hard earned money and I don't mind if there is a fair charge. But £5 pound service charge?common!$#*!ing robbers

I will never ever use this service again. And I will tell everyone who I meet

New Reviewer

I deposited money in Neteller in 2006 to use to play online poker. In July 2007 USA Attorney General closed their company in USA. NETeller, admitted criminal wrong doing and agreed to forfeit $136,000,000 for its part in a conspiracy to promote Internet gambling businesses and to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business. The company also agreed to return $94 million held in the accounts of U.S. customers since January 2007. The two founders of Neteller, Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre pled guilty to conspiring to promote illegal Internet gambling businesses and agreed to forfeit $100 million. The USAO has agreed to defer the prosecution of any federal charges and, as a consequence, the Company will not be convicted of any federal crime, as long the Company fulfils the set conditions including paying a refund to everyone that has money in a Neteller account

JULY 30 2007 Neteller starts “The checks in the mail” refund scam. The NETELLER Plc Group has announced that the distribution of funds to its US members will begin on July 30, 2007. Neteller claimed they sent me a check for $150 my refund of account money. The check never arrived. After 2 more years (2009) of back and forth emails Netteller admitted the check was never cashed. Of course it wasn't cashed, They never sent it. 5 years later (2014) they wanted to send another check. I finally made them agree to send me a International Wire Transfer (Jan 2014) Many phone calls and 31 emails it is now 5 months later (June 2014) all the while Neteller was telling me to "be patient" Now they have stopped answering me at all. I've been tring to get my money back for 7 YEARS!!!

Neteller has made several hundred million dollars scamming people. The company commits criminal fraud and gets away with it. If you give them any money at all it's gone period. I'm now going to start rounding up other scam victims of Neteller and promote a class action lawsuit.

New Reviewer

Only clicked one star because I couldn't get away with zero. This company is basically in the business of stealing money under the guise of banking. I transferred £50 to my account to use online. I quickly found out that zero websites accept neteller payments, so decided to transfer the money back to the same card I put it into the account with. They said this was a security issue, and I'd have to send them additional i.d information. How can it be a security issue to xfer it to the SAME card they accepted it from??? They took it simply enough. I provided two statements, showing name and address details, and my drivers license. They refused to accept, saying they had been cropped - they CLEARLY had not. I resent them, stating in the email that these were uncropped images of the exact information they said they would accept. They refused, saying they were cropped. Nonsense - they were not. This went on for weeks, then I received an email saying that as there had been no activity on my account, they were going to close it and that I had to remove my money from the account, or use it, or it would be taken by them!!!! Tried to get through on phone but no luck, just long wait times. They then sent an email confirming that the company had closed my account and taken my money! Just like that! This is theft, pure and simple. This company needs to be criminally investigated. AVOID LIKE THE BLACKEST PLAGUE!!!!

New Reviewer

Like other people said, they just block accounts for no reason.
Also their customer support never knows anything or make up excuses and policies they don't follow.
Avoid like a plague!

New Reviewer

I opened an account with Neteller over a year ago so I could transfer money from my gambling account to them and then transfer that money straight to my MasterCard account. I did that on January the 4th, 2013 and never received that money.mi called them numerous times to ask what had happened and last week (which was over a year after this problem occurred) they told me that I needed to send them statements to prove that I did not receive that money. I did that, and after two days they responded and told me I needed to send them the statement with account number blah blah and bag blah blah. I realised I had no account with those details and promptly called them. After ten minutes speaking with the customer service rep (who barely spoke a word of English, even though that's the language I chose when I called) he FINALLY understood what I meant. He then told me to hold, which I did for ten minutes, and finally told me someone would call me in a few days. They better sort this out or I'll be taking legal action. How did they transfer to a completely different account when I has given them all of my card details and asked to withdraw to that card!? They are absolutely pathetic

New Reviewer

Signed up, documents, put some money on it. Bought the plastic card.

Everything went well.

Tried to pay on 17 december 2013 Netflix with the card; they don't accept it, but... Neteller took € 7,99 from my account. 'Pending...' is the message.

Still not back. tried several other companis, but NO ONE ACCEPTS NETELLER!!! Maybe some online casino's, but i thought i bought a Mastercard creditcard.

i don't know what Neteller is, but it is certainly not a Mastercard! it is a SCAM!!

New Reviewer

they close accounts for no reason and if there is money in there. forget about getting it back.

I had $5 in the account when the closed it and they are way too poor and greedy to even send that money back to the bank account that deposited the money to the neteller account. This company dont make lots of money. out of a million sites that offers payment. i've only seen them in one of it. No one uses their services to they try to close people account with money in it to gain some for themselves.

Payapl shts on these poor compnay.

New Reviewer

i have created account on neteller and once i uploaded my a little of my funds on their limit , then i wanted to increase my limits , so i uploaded a ID card for me and then i recieved a message from them telling my that my account has been disabled permenantly without any reason .

i could reach to the support and they told me that this disable decision is final and not up for review.

they waste my time and my money without even telling me any reason for this.

neteller is a SCAM website.

New Reviewer

This is an online payment site that advertises you get a virtual credit card , they show you a youtube clip about their services. However when you want to download their application (that is presented in the Youtube clip) you can't find it. I then goggled this and found out that the app that provides you the virtual credit card has been discontinued. When talking to their customer support the answeres were hesitative.You can get a pre-paid plastic credit card. It's a pity the add says one thing and the facts are different.

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