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NastyGal reviews

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247 reviews
Categories: Fashion, Shopping
523 W. 6th Street Suite 330
Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA
Tel: (855) 627-8942
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247 Reviews From Our Community

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I contacted their customer service team and I gave them all of my orders that had a damaged piece in it. (in 62 reviews)


THat is almost the same amount as I paid for my original order! (in 167 reviews)


Now you only get store credit if you want shipping waived... (in 15 reviews)

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1 review
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I have received a bill from UPS for £60.60 for the customs on the package that was sent over to me by NG recently (THE BILL ARRIVED AFTER I HAD ALREADY TAKEN DELIVERY AND THUS I HAD ALREADY MISSED THE OP TO REFUSE IT). This was not at any time discussed during the purchasing process and while paying for the specified P&P on the site. I have subsequently looked through the FAQ and found a paragraph on the subject. I am livid. Not only did I have to pay for my returns package myself (disgusting), that nearly came to the price of the returned item but now I am told that I have a bill for the original package that was sent to me on top of paying for the P&P already!? This is not on. CUSTOMERS BEWARE! This is not a good service and it is a real shame because the clothing is fab. The company are letting themselves down by doing this to their potentially loyal and loving audience.


Ask Lynsey about NastyGal
1 review
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I was making my first purchase on the site and they have so many problems!! After all the emails back and forward, they cancelled my order telling me it was sold out when clearly there was still 3 left in stock. My credit card was fine and they even sent me an email CONFIRMING that the order was going to be shipped shortly, to later send me an email saying it was cancelled! On top of all the trouble they made me go through, their only apologize is saying that "they also love their stuffs" and a coupon for free shipping. My order was worth USD $135.00 which already had free shipping, I don't need a worthless coupon!! You've wasted MY TIME for NOTHING!!

Ask Laura about NastyGal
1 review
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Ask LALA about NastyGal
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Ask Ella about NastyGal
1 review
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I live in the u.s. I've ordered from nasty gal 3x, each time in hope my order would be better. I love love love, the idea of their clothing, totally my taste. However, for the price I pay I guess I expected the quality to be a bit better. I feel like I could've received the same thing and pay a fraction of the price with aliexpress. It's always such a gamble with nasty gal. I also do not know where on earth they get their measurements from. It looks fine in the description but as soon as u actually receive the garment, it's way off. I ordered a must have dress before, an xxs, and they sent me a large! Customer service could return it and I couldn't reorder cuz it was sold out in my size. Wth nastygal? Step it up already

Ask Amber about NastyGal
1 review
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wonderful experience
I do not understand why are so many bad reviews . I bought two beautiful dresses, certainly both were M but one fit small and the other runs large so that I returned the big one without any problems. The delivery was super fast as the refund to my pay pal account . The clothes are amazing and great quality ! love this online store , as a mom of two kids is difficult and impossible to go shopping so to be able to have the opportunity to buy original and different clothes without having to leave the house is really wonderful.

Ask Susana about NastyGal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Amongst all the shops I have tried online,Nasty gal has the most reliable shipping I have ever had.I mean their items are very pricey but atleast one can rely on them unlike Missguided.I love me some nasty gal.Cant wait to receive my new item tomorrow!!

Ask Sih about NastyGal
1 review
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I don't know if it's because I'm in America but I always have the best experience with nastygal. If I call the customer service it is amazing and always resolves my problem quickly and they have even given me store credit in exchange for nothing. I have never had a problem with returns- they are always free and fast. The quality of the nastygal brand garments is not amazing but they are also not expensive so you get what you pay for and I have never had a problem with anything falling apart. I usually buy other brands other than nastygal off their site. I truly love this website and like I said I truly always have an amazing experience so I felt obligated to share.. I literally have spent thousands of dollars on this website and I don't have one thing to complain about. Not a single thing..

Ask Destin about NastyGal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a simple body suit. Relatively expensive garment to begin with but I had to have it- it was beautiful. However. After waiting close to a month to receive my garment and contacting customer service three times (with them telling me they couldn't help me) I picked it up- and got charged insane in duties shipping and taxes (it doubled the price of the bodysuit) and went to try the bodysuit on- it has two product errors. Contacted the customer service and they stated there was nothing they could do. First and last experience ordering on nastygal. I don't care how beautiful the garment is I will never deal with them again. The bodysuit ended up having so many hidden fees from shipping duties taxes etc and- I'm not happy with the garment at all, I can see it falling apart in no time. Do not ship here !

Ask Tabitha about NastyGal
1 review
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My shirt i ordered and then later received ( a long time after it was supposed to be delivered) is total crap. i spent $82 aus dollars on a black DENIM shirt and i got a crap cotton thing that will fall apart in one ware. it was supposed to have 2 pockets and different stitching but no. 1 pocket and crap stitching. they won't tell me how to return it and i am so bloody pissed off. is every After party let her rip shirt crap or was i just super unlucky

Ask sarah about NastyGal
1 review
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Not only did they ship it to the wrong place, they credited me the wrong amount to reorder my items even though I ALREADY PAID AND PAID TAXES AND DUTIES. I asked someone on live chat and she assumed me my items would ship out express shipping so I can have them before I leave. 2 days passed I talked to someone else and shes like you must have misunderstood you need to order them and blah blah even though I asked the lady 2 nights before on online chat and confirmed everything again. I thought I was being annoying but was like nope I need to do this to make sure. SO when I talked to someone else they were not only snippy when I asked about a refund because I would be out of the country when the items came, you know me wanting a nice valentines dress, and since they wouldnt be here on time I asked for a refund. She not only got rude but then TERMINATED the session I was in when I asked for the refund links.

How unprofessional and you can't even get the copy of your chat when they terminated it but sure, when things seem to go well, you can hit "close" and then you are able to review them.

rude service, all of them are liers, I confirmed with 2 people, and then I get a terminated session. I think they just go "hold on a sec" and are actually ignoring you and telling you what you want to here.

Will never order from them again.

And there is no where to leave your feedback but this place.

Ask Shelby about NastyGal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a dress and two cropped tops from the website and I spent £73 pounds plus shipping. After my order had gone through, the next day they email me asking me to pay tax and duty fees.. What type of bull$#*! is that? When I was placing my order, there was no where on their website that mentioned anything about duty fees... I am so pissed off.. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Ask Asia about NastyGal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I only purchase from stores that offer standard intl shipping/USPS to avoid tacked on courier brokerage fees. As a sidenote, I have no problem paying customs/import fees for international orders - Canada post charges this at their discretion, as well as a small, reasonable brokerage fee compared to most courier companies ($7 vs $15 plus!). So imagine my shock when, despite choosing the Standard shipping option, not express, which is listed as UPS on the site, it turns out the parcel was being delivered by a Courier company named Landmark Global. Just received an email from them saying I would need to pay brokerage and customs fees before my package could be cleared from customs (Brokerage alone is $ package is only 40 usd)..NG even goes so far as to write "We ship your package DDU, "duties and taxes unpaid", and we do not collect nor do we calculate the VAT, duties and/or taxes during checkout." - which is what other sites, such as Free people, write when they ship via USPS - meaning there is a chance you COULD be charged brokerage/customs fees. WRONG. NG deliberately use a courier service with MANDATORY fees, while giving off the impression that it will be shipped by standard mail and brokerage fees are unlikely. The reality is that you will HAVE to pay this amount (the email states they will not clear it from customs until the fees are paid, and the company they use doens't even have a phone number/contact details - so even if you wanted to self-clear, like is usually possible with other couriers such as UPS etc to avoid brokerage fees, you can't even contact them to do so!! From what i've seen of previous reviews, too many people have fallen for their scam. Would not order from again until I'm back in the States, and absolutely only if my girlfriend is dying for an item from the site. Shame on you, Nasty Gal. First cheap, literally "nasty" quality clothes (which can be mitigated by only purchasing during highly marked down sales when the items are 10% of their original claimed RRP), and then a scam-like shipping process.

Ask Dennis about NastyGal
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is a total scam!! After you place your order and funds have come out of your account, they send you a bogus email with no working tracking number and it wasn't even in proper English! Thank goodness I got my money back from my bank but save yourself the aggravation and do not buy from this company!!!

Ask Rachel about NastyGal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I should have read into their name more. If you want to spend $10, give it to a charity instead. At least someone will get use out of that money.
NastyGal's prices are cheap, yes, and sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough cheap clothes store. This is NOT it. I purchased 4 items. They ALL looked like a 1st grader's attempt at making an outfit with their toy sewing machine. The quality is almost comical it is so bad. If you are looking to return something, you can forget it. They ask you to jump through a million hoops before simply ignoring your emails and refusing to contact you back. In other words...returns do not exist.
NastyGal. not even once.

Ask Jaime about NastyGal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes online and paid for two-day shipping. A week later, still no shoes. I contacted them and it took several more business days to get a response. I even tried their "chatting service" which was practically useless because they couldn't give me an answer either. I finally get a response, asking for the order information, which I promptly provided. More days go by, still not even an update. When I call, because clearly they did not even have the courtesy of giving me a call, they tell me that the package was lost ...

I had to wait more than two weeks just for them to tell that my package was lost. Absolutely ridiculous! Awful service!

Ask laura about NastyGal
1 review
0 helpful votes

contacted customer service and voiced my concerns with delivery time after ordering an item within 2 hours. Jennifer D. offered me complimentary overnight shipping.

I will leave an update on product review, but so far customer service has been great.

Ask April about NastyGal
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have never received my package worth $200, and it was a domestic delivery. I contacted Nasty Gal customer service as UPS has shown that it was delivered. However, Nasty Gal just responded that after opening an investigation with UPS, that the package was delivered and neither party is responsible for the package. But the customer service rep offered NO PROOF and no "make-good" for my lost order. They just won't take any responsibility not pursue UPS further. So I just lost $200 dollars and I will never order from nasty gal again. How can customers trust this brand when they care so little about our satisfaction?

Ask Jessica about NastyGal
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered on the 13th Nov 2015. They said 4 to 7 business days. 7 business days later & still no dress. They blame it on Australia Post but it hasn't left the U.S. Yet,
I should have read reviews on this company before my purchase.
Thank goodness I paid via PayPal , I will lodge my complaint, if I don't get me order soon.
The saddest part is my daughter doesn't have a dress to go to her formal.
So pleassssse avoid this Nasty Gal site.
Read the other reviews & you will know why.

Ask Ann about NastyGal
1 review
9 helpful votes

There are ADDITIONAL duty taxes. $75 DUTY TAX. That the site keeps in fine print so that you don't see it until you get an email asking to pay it. Very disappointed with how the company runs itself. Low key scammers. Ive read some reviews prior but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Honestly not worth the time and money...

Ask mar about NastyGal
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am from Australia, purchased two dresses from NastyGal. One of them was not the right size, sent it back. They claim never received item and refused to refund my money back. I end up paid double of the postage as well as I lost the dress. Will not buy from them again!! Overseas buyers be careful!

Ask Ying about NastyGal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Thus place is a joke I was having my daughters initials Monogrammed on a shirt I had purchased from them,I received the right shirt but The ASW initials I sent them to put on the shirt was sent back to me KMB how did they get it so wrong.I sent then a ticket that's what they say use on there site an I have this bad feeling that I just need to chalk it up as a lose.I Just want people out here to know DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Ask dustin about NastyGal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I never used this site before and never will again. It's like the company is hiding from you. I went on-line as instructed to get return shipping label and request a refund to PayPal. There is NO contact information or instructions on how to do a return on the receipt that came with the dress Their website would not take my information. Tried 6 times. Finally had to go to PayPal who provided me with a telephone number 510-547-5502 and it was just a voicemail recording rather than a live customer service representative. Thank Goodness I used PayPal and so I have filed a complaint and PayPal will pursue the matter on my behalf. By the way I ordered an "extra-large" shift dress and it was so small I couldn't even get it on!

Ask Heather about NastyGal
1 review
4 helpful votes

It is probably the worst shopping experience ever, i would day. So, I order a sweater dress online from nastyGal and i was so happy that I got it. Then, after an hour I wore it, the right underarm was ripped somehow. I didn't really do anything. I was just walking and typing on computer. Then, I chatted with one of the customer service representative and she suggested me to send an email with the pictures. Then, I sent an email explaining what happened with the pictures of the ripped sweater. What I got from them is that the item couldn't be returned or exchanged. I cannot trust the product quality anymore from this store and wouldn't shop with this store anymore. The way they treated the customer was not that great either.

Ask Huanxin about NastyGal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of sneakers, for which I paid 30€ for, plus 15€ for shipping. I was unpleasantly surprised when they got delivered to me, and the delivery guy tells me I have to pay 22€ or he won't give me the package. I asked if it was for custom fees, and he told me no, 'cause the sneakers had been shipped from Germany, which is part of the European Union, so I wouldn't have to pay custom fees for them. He told me the 22€ was probably money NastyGal was asking for the shoes themselves. I ended up paying, thinking of complaining later, which I did. The staff replied very quickly, but they only answer with already written drafts, that don't really answer your questions. They told me the 22€ were for custom fees by the government 'cause the sneakers had been shipped from the USA, but that's a lie, 'cause it's written on the stamp that they came from Germany.
Also, I ordered size 6,5, which is supposed to be a size 37 in Europe, but the sneakers I got are too big, maybe a 38 or 39. NastyGal's staff wanted me to pay even more shipping costs to have the sneakers returned/changed, and when I said it made no sense 'cause they were the ones sending me sneakers bigger than the size 37 I ordered, so they should be responsible for their mistake, the staff's answer was that if I didn't want to pay more shipping fees I should just donate the sneakers!!!!
So basically I wasted 66€ away. Don't do the same mistake folks. Avoid NastyGal.

Tip for consumers: Don't! You'll loose your money and just get really upset.

Ask Raquel about NastyGal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried to make a change to my order right after placing it, but the agent told me there was no way of doing that. I asked to talk to a supervisor or manager but the option was not provided to me. No other solution of option was made available either.

Ask Cynthia about NastyGal
1 review
3 helpful votes

So, when i ordered my clothes it said to ship to AUS It would take 5-7 business days...well here we are on day 15 and i have received nothing. Not to mention my package has been in transit for over a week but it doesn't specify where abouts it is in transit! The only thing i can confirm is that it hasn't even reach australia yet. I also ordered somethimg express shipping on there a couple days later (extra $30) which is meant to take 2-3 days? Apparently it hasnt even been sent yet. Ridiculous, i have spent $500 on this website in the past 3 weeks and gotten nothing. When they replied to my email they didnt tell me anything.

Ask india about NastyGal
11 reviews
5 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of creepers for £45 with shipping to the UK for £9. When they finally came the man on the door said they'd been through Germany so wanted another £20 for postage, when I said no I'm not paying that he sped off without leaving any details of where to pick them up etc. I never saw them again or got my money back. I was extremely pissed off to put it lightly.

Ask Nessa about NastyGal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Are these people trained at all? Or are they just trained to be clueless wastes of space on this planet?
I made an order with like 5 things, one didn't go through on my order (said the website confirmation, not the email) then I freak out, cuz I'm a shopaholic lol, so I order the same item again and it went through. So now here I am thinking, crap, did I just buy 2 pairs of sunglasses worth $45 USD (I'm Canadian and we all know the exchange rate is awful for us right now) Sure enough, I did. So I started an online chat. The rep said the glasses were out of stock so I'd be getting an "out of stock notification email".. I wait... Nothing. I contact them again. They say to wait longer. THEN the next day I contact them again and they say it's too far in the order process to cancel my order...... EXCUSE ME?? Now, I made the mistake of not saving all my chat transcripts (WHICH I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND- ALSO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER IN THE US AND CANADA) so I couldn't very well prove myself other than by sticking to my guns and telling the rep that I've been scammed lol.. they say nasty gal doesn't scam but from the reviews I've read and my experience they most certainly do (and I mean look at the prices.. over a grand for a dress that I could easily make.. ha ha). So after talking to a rep for the 4th time I finally got my shipping refunded (which they were only going to put $7.75 CAD on because they are stupid.. I corrected them and got what I deserved)
My package arrived on July 27/15.. It is now August 10/15... It's been 14 days and is still at the post office? Yes I know I should have gone in and refused it, but I don't really have the time (I'm going to today I guess because I want my money back like now)
So I recommend refusing it as soon as possible so you don't delay your refunds like I did.

I also find their stuff fits small. I'm a size 0 in jeans, XS in tops and an XS skirt JUST fit me. Like it's perfect. I'm a small person, so if you aren't.. beware. I'm a shopper because they have realistic sizes.. I mean some stuff I get is a bit big but it's way more flattering than a skin tight prosti dress that's over $100.

To conclude, don't shop at Nasty Gal. I mean, if there's something you're dying to have.. go for it I guess. But make sure you're ready to deal with these difficult b@st@rds to get what you, the customer (who I thought was always right?) deserve.

September 4, 2015:
Just contacted the customer service online help... AND AM FINALLY GETTING MY MONEY BACK... We'll see if they take in the fact that I'm Canadian and should be reimbursed in CAD.. Unlike my duty where they tried to only give me the USD amount in CAD.. yeah scum bags.

Ask Maddy about NastyGal
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I purchase lingerie on each holiday to surprise my boyfriend. I was immediately pulled in and loving each design. I was extremely disappointed when the pieces arrived. The material is not durable. I paid $85 for a bra and panty set. They were the quality you'd find at local cheap boutique. You are much better off going to Fredricks or Victoria Secret. Ouch!

Ask Madalene about NastyGal
1 review
1 helpful vote

To return two separate items, they required me to send them separately, and charged me $11 on each item to process the return!! I lost $22 just to return 2 items that made me look like a french fry holder. NEVER AGAIN.

Tip for consumers: BEWARE OF RETURN POLICY

Ask Site about NastyGal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered from Nasty Gal one week ago. I didn't buy a lot of stuff like other people. I just bought one cuff and one pair of earrings from them. I've been looking over their website for months now. I waited for some big discount, so it ended up like the cuff- they marked it originally C$60, I paid C$18; The earring they marked C$75, I paid C$16. Shipping cost is reasonable around C$12.. I wasn't expecting a COD amount at the time I finished paying with Paypal, until I reached here and found out - boom! what the heck? In my case it wasn't much so It's not a big deal in the end.

What I really don't get pass is they didn't package my order with even a small box!!!- hello?? You call that a parcel??? The style of that packaging reminds me the day I order snacks from Chinese online website Taobao... With Taobao, you can accept that style of package is because it's only raw snack which wouldn't been damaged very easily, and TaoBao is very complicated, it's more like an online flee market. However, As an online shopping company in US, this type of packaging condition is truly unacceptable and below the average of North Amercia shopping site service, they really showed their attitude toward small amount of order- "you didn't purchase much, so we are not going to waste our shipping box to you"...... They just wrap those two items each with bubble wrap then wrapped external with foil material. The shipping was really fast.. They shipped out my order before I actually paid them, and I received order only after one week. Not to mention the risk my order might be damaged or anything else, the fact is I ordered something is closely considered as fragile in their own way... I just don't see people who sell jewelry online would not notice the difference or importance of a proper package...Clearly Nasty gal treat their shipping style more close to Taobao...

The product doesn't look like they are worth nearly C$70.. Over the months of observing their website, I found out they tend to sell the exact same thing- handbags or jewelery like other website with much higher price. They do carry some cute, contemporary brands that you can't find on other websites. They also tend to mislead young girls with brighter picture technique. Most of their pu leather handbag you can see they really put effort into their picture taking. You even nearly think it "looks exactly"like real leather, but I'll tell you- do not buy them.. you will definitely get disappointed, because they don't provide 360 degree of capturing for their product's actual condition.

I paid with paypal. They didn't accept my paypal transaction at the first place, but they have already shipped out my order, so I contacted their online chat. After I talked to the first person, they still didn't finish my transaction at that time (you can see the chat in the following picture, the girl promised me they would accept my transaction, but obviously they didn't at that time!)... another weekend had passed.. I'm a very patient person, so I talked to the second person through online chat, finally that person was very helpful, she actually sent me an follow-up Email afterward..

What I would suggest is - not purchase too many stuff at one time. Don't fall for the "get free shipping on orders over $150". Yes, sometime shipping can be very high, but you really need to consider your budget and your potential. Before you buy something, ask yourself- Do I really need this? What would I do with this handbag? Is this really good material? Is this worth the price or is it going to last a couple years?? most of those free shipping deal would only affect your judgement toward your mind by either buy more things you end up may considered as useless or increase COD amount your pay even more in the end..
2. Do not fall for their picture. If you really love a bag they are selling. You always need to search the same thing over the internet first, because you may search out more and even better pictures or information about the product.
3. Always consider quality as your first priority when you search on their website. Nasty Gal can still exists in today's online shopping mostly because they sell bizarre and interesting fashion stuff you can't find very easily anywhere else.

Tip for consumers: 1.Do not purchase too many stuff at one time.
2.Don't fall for the "get free shipping on orders over $150". It just trick you to spend more than you could.
3.examine product more carefully or even do more research for the things you buy by google it. It's just convenient and your money saver.

Ask Brandy about NastyGal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been shopping big online stores like Nasty Gal and others and always seem to have a problem which sucks because they are such well known. I bought a skirt from Nasty Gal and the zipper broke as I was trying it on. Not only that but I found the axact same one on another website for a lot cheaper. They are overrated and I'm over shopping there. I tried to exchange and they won't let me. I rather shop smaller online stores like Bare Rebel. Good products and customer service.

Ask Amanda about NastyGal
1 review
6 helpful votes

If you are looking to order through nasty gal if you are Australian, think again! I waited two months for my order, and then after I questioned the live chat service where my order was, they gave no reason as to why i had not received my order, or that they had even sent it. This meant that they had over US$200 of mine for over two months without any attempt of conmmunication with me???? Dodgy as, I would NOT trust this website!!!!

Ask landy about NastyGal
1 review
5 helpful votes

Because they don't use Canada Post or USPS - instead another courier company Landmark - the duty, taxes and brokerage fees tacked on to the order are horrendous. If you contact customer service about it, they patronizingly remind you that you checked a box agreeing to pay extra for applicable duty. I purchased a dress for $110, paid $12 shipping, and then was told I had to pay $50 more when it arrived. I ended up refusing the package - it will go back to NG and I'll eventually be refunded for it. I wanted the dress, but wasn't even sure it would fit properly - and wasn't going to pay $50 to find out! Shame on you Nasty Gal - pure robbery.

Ask Diane about NastyGal
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I like most writing here, trusted this site as they were recommended in a uk magazine, and website as shipping to the uk. So here's the deal , you order and pay international shipping rates, the item then takes a couple of weeks to reach you and as the courier doesn't give you a delivery time you will of course be out! To your horror you will be charged another £20.00 or so to except delivery of the item, THIS IS NOT A CUSTOMS CHARGE THIS IS CHARGED BY THE SELLER! I don't care how nice something is I refuse to go into pants down territory by a company that you will probably find dodges tax anyway, this lot are a sneaky bunch of conniving weasels. Use at your peril! I have emailed uk trading standards in regards to this company's antics alongside watchdog people need to be aware. Use at your peril!

Ask Dolly about NastyGal
1 review
5 helpful votes

I wish I had read the reviews on this site before ordering from Nasty Gal! I took advantage of the Memorial Day sale to splurge on a pair of adorable boots from the site, 40% off. And YES, since I live in The Netherlands, of course I checked if I would have to pay customs and taxes upon import. But last I checked, VAT in my country is 21% and customs another 12%. Well, last I checked, 33% over $340 (the original amount, NOT the sale price I paid) would be around $115. But I received an email from a company called Landmark Global that I owed them a total amount of 195 DOLLAR (!!) in total for taxes and COD. THat is almost the same amount as I paid for my original order!
Slightly panicked, I contacted Nasty Gal's customer service. To be fair, they reacted almost immediately and very politely, if not exactly helpful: my order could not be cancelled because it had already shipped, but I could send it back once I received it and they would refund my money. I replied that I could hardly send it back, because to do that I would first have to pay the custom charges and I wouldn't do that, but I said I would refuse the charges and the package would be returned to Nasty Gal immediately. To that, I received a reply that that was fine; I would just have to contact Nasty Gal once I refused the package and they would refund my money immediately. Well, I haven't received the package yet, so I'm hoping this all goes as smoothly as they have promised. BUT: regardless, do beware of buying internationally from Nasty Gal. I have no idea whether this is a scam or not (having read #Girlboss and enjoyed it very much, I hope not), but I do know there's 80 dollars not accounted for.

UPDATE. I received my package today and to my utter surprise the taxes and duties I had to pay were much lower than I was told by NG. Apparently, the customs officers disagreed with the estimate that Landmark Global gave me and the total came up to 114 dollars, just as I predicted above! Now I totally know that that company is a complete scam :(

P.S. After writing this review, I checked my inbox and it seems I already ordered another item from Nasty Gal a year before. It took about a month to arrive and I had, indeed, to pay some import taxes, but not as exorbitantly as this time, nor to Landmark Global. It seems as though Nasty Galś policy and service has changed in the last year, for the worse.

Ask Liselore about NastyGal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been a loyal NastyGal customer for about 4 years now. The customer service has never been great but in the past year it seems that as they grow bigger their customer service is of their least of their concern. It seems to me and from other reviews I have read on here that Nastygal’s quality control is at a low point. I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell beige leather booties. When I opened them in the box it was clear that the shoes had been worn. There was a large stain on the front of the shoe and a number of noticeable scuffs everywhere. It looks to me as if someone had spilled something on the shoe and a girl in shipping decided to clean the stain with a chemical and it looked “good enough” to send to a customer as new. Naturally I contacted their customer service live chat (which is the biggest waste of time – but that is another story) and was re-directed to their email service with no information whatsoever. I received back from Jennifer D “Hello,
Thank you for getting back to us. I have issued you a return label so you can return the item and be refunded. Please note the label will work for UPS only.
Please let us know if we can assist you further.
Jennifer D. “
Where is the apology for their mistake?
Where is the offer to what other options I have?
Offering me store credit?
Offering me to send a new one in the same size?
No where.

Now it is up to me to take my time to PRINT the label, PACK the items, DRIVE to ups to ship the item back because of NASTYGAL’S mistake for sending a defective item. Then WAIT for my refund (which took 15+ business days last time, which by reading the previous reviews, I am considered “lucky” to have even gotten it back.)

Additionally, during our conversation through email it sounded like a robot because she would have the same opening welcome line and same ending line. I had to ask questions repeatedly for her to answer since she would not answer them the first and second time.

The clothes are cool and trendy but it seems as if the customer service representatives think that having helpful considerate customer service is not. I guess it’s not “cool” or “trendy” to apologize for a mistake at this company. Bottom line: I do NOT and will not recommend buying from NastyGal. You may not have an issue with them now like I did in the past, but sooner or later you will if you continue to shop there. To me, the items are not worth the stress and dealing with their terrible customer service. Sending the shoes back will mean they will try to rip off some other customer by sending it to them trying to pass it as “new.”


Ask Anonymous about NastyGal
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I ordered a dress which looked really pretty online. A very simple maxi lace dress but when it arrived it was an extremely cheap lace and being 5'3 it didn't mention anything about length online so I thought if it was long it could be tailored but it was short on me too so god forbid anyone to be taller than me lol! Anyway wouldn't recommend anyone buying things from this website unless you don't mind cheap material.

Ask Sidrah about NastyGal
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I don't get it! I read the reviews after I bought the clothes and I was really worried that I got scammed... But actually they sent me 3 confirmation e mails and I received my order within a few days ( I'm in uk) the clothes were nice.. Not the best material but then again they were very cheap! If I wanted top material I would have spent more n gone to Armani! Anyway one of the orders was wrong ( I ordered 5 pcs)I wrote to their customer service and they replied immediately advising they will deal with my query within 24 hours.. Hopefully they will! I will update u.. Overall happy with the clothes and with the customer service' oils it be that by paying with paypal they behave differently as they don't want to deal with paypal if they don't deliver! I don't know but honestly I would order from them again!!

Ask Sha about NastyGal
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I was immediately drawn to NastyGal about 2-3 years ago when I stumbled onto their site through an ad on another site I was browsing. Their clothes were so my style, I just absolutely adored all of their pieces and I slowly began purchasing. Usually, I've had no problems with them other than the fact that their merchandise is ridiculously overpriced, even their accessories are just way to expensive, but I figured "Hey, decent quality so it's worth it!" Wrong.

I purchased a pair of platform sandals and they were pretty pricey, about $60 and I had them for about a month when one of the shoes' straps completely snapped off one day when I was wearing them. When I was looking at the shoe, I was actually appalled at how cheaply they had been made, it literally looked like the straps were glued in and they were plastic feeling. It was too late to return them and I had to actually glue it back to make it stick and it just wouldn't, so I ended up having to just throw the shoes away. I haven't purchased anything from them since. Such a shame.

Ask alex about NastyGal
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Bought 2 Fedora hats nowhere in the copy was mentioned hats were not returnable . On the hats themselves it states Do Not Remove Tags if you want item returned. Are you kidding me. Called NastyGals. Sorry, can't do anything. it our policy. $150.00 lost.

Ask Jessica about NastyGal
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Recently I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nastgal online without reading any of the sites reviews... stupid me. Anyway it's a few weeks later and they still haven't arrived. According to the tracking information from Nastygal's website, my shoes arrived in the UK from American a couple of days ago. However when I just checked the UPS tracking site they said that my shoes were actually in Düsseldorf, Germany. What? I don't know whether this is something really bad such as nastygal saying they sent the shoes from America, just so I'd pay extra shipping taxes and fees. Or whether they were sent to Germany instead of the UK. Either way, the information they have given me is completely wrong and I will never shop from there again. Oh and to top it all off, the amount of tax I pay is going to be ridiculous. I wish that they had clearly specified that i would have to pay extra tax and fees whilst I was ordering my product. Steer clear from this business.

Ask Izzy about NastyGal
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I've attached an email correspondence below with how they would like to handle a dress I received that's damaged. My problem is I received this dress in the mail with a clear black stain on the back. I sent a nice email asking them to overnight me a new dress and of course if send the damaged one back. The response I received, was not customer service. They told me to ship the dress back by going to a UPS store and purchase another one online. The problem is, I've already purchased the dress I wanted and you sent me something damaged. Your asking me to drive out of my way to ship the dress back and not offering any convenience for me, the customer. It's my first time ordering from this website and with this lack of customer service it will be hard to do so again.

MAY 02, 2015 | 08:56PM EDT
Hello Lauren,

Thank you for contacting Nasty Gal regarding your order #016449032.

We truly apologize that an item you received in your order was less than perfect.
I am happy to issue you a UPS prepaid return label to return the Aphrodite Crepe Maxi Dress.
This will be electronically sent by UPS to your email address
Simply, print the return label and tape it to the top of your box containing the defective item.
Please fill out the bottom half of the return form attached to this email and specify that you received a DEFECTIVE ITEM.
You can then take the package to your local UPS location. They will take it from there.

Once we receive and process your return, you will receive an email confirmation.
At that time, you will be issued a refund back to your original form of payment.
Additionally, your original shipping fee of $5.00 has now been refunded.
Please note: All refund transactions may take up to five business days to post to your account
(depending on your financial institution).

If possible, could you please provide us with a picture of the defective item so that we can submit this information to our quality assurance department?
We would like to perform a quality check on the remaining inventory to ensure that no other defective items are purchased.
The picture can be submitted to Please include your order number in the subject line of your email.

Unfortunately, we are not able to replace the item, you will have to reorder the dress. We do not offer overnight shipping for Saturday deliveries. I am really sorry!

I certainly understand how frustrating this is, and we truly apologize!
Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this matter, or if I can help you with anything else.

Thank you for being a part of Nasty Gal!
Have a great day~

Chantale G.

Nasty Gal is Hiring

MAY 01, 2015 | 07:58PM EDT
Original message

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

> From:
> Date: May 1, 2015 at 7:52:06 PM EDT
> To: Nasty Gal <>
> Subject: Order 016449032 damaged
> Good evening,
> I just received the dress I ordered and it has something black on the back. Can you overnight me another one? I'm going out of town and was planning this as a big outfit. Pictures below.
> Thanks,
> Lauren
> Sent from my iPhone

For your reference this is Case #: 783971
Support powered by Assistly

Ask Lauren about NastyGal
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I've ordered from Nastygal twice now. I live in New Zealand so I've been careful with what I buy from them. The first time around I bought a dress and some jeans - the dress looked a lot different to the way it looked on the picture, and I didn't like it very much. The jeans were a weird cut, ran two sizes smaller than the size they were supposed to be but were otherwise ok-looking. I just ordered two cardigans and a pair of leggings which didn't take too long to arrive. None of them are made from particularly great quality material but are wearable. One of the cardigans is made with black and white pulled wool and has two big holes in the shoulders, and unevenly pulled wool. The leggings are ok but have an especially scratchy label tag seen into them - I can't really get rid of the tag without making it worse.
It would be great if I could return the faulty item, but we had such an awful time trying to return the last things I got that I dont know if I want to bother.
Sorry NG - your clothes are pretty to look at online but I think I'll pass next time :(

Edit: Also, you silly geese - it is NOT Nastygal's 'hidden charges' catching you out at customs! You should be aware of your own country's import taxes! It's not their responsibility, and they're not the ones charging you. That's not a scam, you can't just import hundreds of dollars' worth of goods willy-nilly and expect not to get a slap on the hand for it.

Ask Alicia about NastyGal
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I had a little issue with my package. However, I gave customer care a call and they went ABOVE AND BEYOND to resolve my issue. Of course, I'm still a little upset that my dress was defective. But, at least the customer care representatives cared enough to try and solve my issue. I'm so sad to see all these negative comments.

My advise, give them a call!!!!

Ask Ashley about NastyGal
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Honestly, spare yourself the heartache!! I returned my order 4 months ago and still have not received my money back. I just contacted them like a minute ago to ASKKK for MY money back!!!! are they f-ing delirious?! The quality of the clothing is a disgrace. So that was my first and last order ever at nasty gal!

Ask em about NastyGal
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Have waited 5 weeks for a pair of glasses I. Could have bought in top shop for half the price - when they finally arrive I am asked to pay a further €22 !!! Why I ask , because of extra shipping fees - I refused to accept the package and contacted them immediately to be told - it's nothing to do with us , your government are charging that on import duties !!! Really , but the parcel arrived from Düsseldorf in Germany I said , and last time I checked that was part of the EU so no duties apply ! Lying bunch of scammers - I contacted UPL who confirmed that the extra money was requested by 'Nasty gal' ( should of taken heed of the name ) and had nothing to do with govt duties since they did not apply from goods shipped from Germany !
This website is targeted at young teenage girls , who probably don't have a great deal of disposable income , I think it is disgusting that web sites that make a habit of this kind of behaviour go unchallenged by any governing bodies - if I had read some of the previous comments on this site I wouldn't have touched them with a barge pole - I will make it my mission to let as many people as possible know how rubbish this company are to deal with and hope fully stop others from being defrauded by their antics .

Ask Tracey about NastyGal
1 review
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Here is a transcript of my conversation with nastygal advisor "jennifer"
One sec, we're connecting you to a Nasty Gal agent.
You are now chatting with 'Jennifer D.'
steve b: hello
Jennifer D.: Hi! Thank you for contacting Nasty Gal! My name is Jennifer D.. How may I help you?
Jennifer D.: May I have your order number please?
steve b: xxxxxxxxxx
steve b: or xxxxxxxxxxx
Jennifer D.: How may I help you?
steve b: I paid for the shipping, however, when the item was delivered, the man from ups said I had to pay an extra 30 pounds sterling
Jennifer D.: It looks like you were asked to pay a COD for taxes charged by your Government. This was not for shiping
Jennifer D.: We do not charge tax on international orders but your Government can when it arrives
Jennifer D.: This tax does not go to us but your Government.
steve b: this was not made clear at the time I purchased the item
steve b: why was that?
Jennifer D.: There is as customs notification in check out.
Jennifer D.: It states: Customs policies vary from country to country. All applicable customs fees,taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer.
Jennifer D.: It is also listed on our International Shipping Page
steve b: This is totally disgraceful
Jennifer D.: Since we do not charge or collect these fees we have no control over them
steve b: And extremely misleading
steve b: I have bought things from China and the United States before without this
Jennifer D.: If you would like I can look up your Government's Customs office contact information as they are the ones that have charged you not Nasty Gal
Jennifer D.: I am so sorry. To find out why they charged your this time you would contact them directly
Jennifer D.: Would you like their contact information?
steve b: You should have made this clear - I am a consumer, I am not a business, people buying clothes from websites believe they are paying their final amount
Jennifer D.: It is on the site and in check out
steve b: Just like airlines do not ask you to pay airport tax when you are boarding - they factor it into the overall price
Jennifer D.: You would not have been able to place your order with out acknowledging the customs notification
Jennifer D.: I am so sorry would you like your Customs Office Contact information?
steve b: I am going to find every fashion blog I can find where your stuff is advertized and point out to their readers what scamming bastards you are
Jennifer D.: Nasty Gal does not accept that sort of language. This chat service is used for assisting customers on the site. I will have to end the chat now.

Ask steve about NastyGal
1 review
6 helpful votes

If I could give them zero stars I would

I ordered a crop top from them three weeks ago. I checked online for the status of the delivery which stated it was delivered to my apartment when I was home. I never received a package and so I reported a "missing package" at UPS. They told me that it takes 8 business days for them to "investigate". I then called Nasty Gal and told them that I never received a package from them and they assured me that it takes 8 business days and they will call afterwards. That was it. 11 days go by, no response. So once again I took it into my own hands and called Nasty Gal again. They reported that UPS said it was delivered and now there is nothing they can do about it. ARE YOU SERIOUS? IS THIS A JOKE? You're telling me that I just paid $50 to your horrible company for nothing? They scam you.

The shirt probably cost them $5 to make and you can't replace it? You have got to be kidding. Horrible service. Not worth it all at. And with that, I will never shop here again and I will defer everyone I know from shopping with this company.

Nasty Gal, you are certainly nasty.

Ask Katie about NastyGal

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A: This place is a big rip off ! Buyer beware!!!
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A: Hi!!
I had to order 2 sizes up...these clothes are made for slim petite women.
If u are not then order at least one size up.
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