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NastyGal reviews

117 reviews
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117 Reviews for NastyGal

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New Reviewer

I love Nasty Gal. I am so addicted to their products. I always buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes from here. I have purchased summer clothes as well and now I know how the sizing goes. Im a size small and the small fits well. Sometimes it depends on the manufacturer, clothes that are size small might fit a bit loose but can be fixed with alterations. I have purchased their shoe brand Shoe Cult. I love wearing the flatforms. The platform clogs are very cute though a bit unstable when walking. I prefer saw tooth threaded soles like UNIF and YRU bec its very comfortable to walk in all day in the office. They have great deals and sales. My outfits are so trendy that my friends and co workers always ask where I shop. I love the free shipping when you buy $75 or more. Shipping time is great. I receive my order within 1 week from the time it has been shipped. Great customer service. I always receive my response through facebook within 1hr or within 24hrs. Keep up the great work!

Tip for consumers: The staff on facebook are really nice and helpful. They reply within 24hrs with my questions and so far I havent returned/exchanged any of my orders. I am very pleased with my orders and their services.

Ask Anna about NastyGal
New Reviewer

Asked for £25 at the door by the poor UPS woman who had had to do the same to 4 other Nasty Gal customers that day. Although the 'FAQ' section says you might get hit with import charges, this is NOT made remotely clear at any point during checkout (it says it in tiny writing at some point but not at all noticeable. Apparently they are working on software to sort the issues out but that is probably a load of balls. Can't comment on the clothes yet as I asked UPS to give me a night to think it over! I am going to pay the charge but have complained HARD to Nasty, and asked for clothing vouchers, but of course they said no.....

Ask jess about NastyGal
New Reviewer


Best customer service ever. My package was lost and they offered to deliver me a new one with over night delivery since it was a birthday dress i needed ASAP. The clothes are a bit pricey but I've bought a bunch of orders from this website and I'm obsessed

New Reviewer

Really disappointed. I order a few cute items with standard delivery and it took so long to post. The shorts I got weren't true to their sizes, I got a small pair of shorts and they were farrrr too big for me. What's more I can't return them because it would cost too much. I was surprised when the postman came to my door and asked me for £25 tax?! Altogether spent too much for items that weren't that amazing.

New Reviewer

So I only have ordered here once, and it was a pair of boots in the shoe cult collection. Luckily I got it for a good discount, cause when I got them in the mail I wasn't happy with the quality. It's not $200+ quality for sure. The boots I've gotten from H&M are the same quality (maybe better), and next to other shoes I've splurged on, they're really not that great.

On a separate occasions, I've found the same things from nastygal on other sites for much cheaper. There was a sheer white striped shirt this spring that was going for over $50 dollars, that I found at H&M for $10, and there's also a white collared dress (sheer on top) that is like $80 that I found for less than $20 on another clothing site.

I'd just be careful. I never checked online reviews on Nastygal but they have quite a few unhappy customers...

New Reviewer

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING READ THE SHIPPING INFO FIRST - DDU means "duties and taxes unpaid" , which means for example for the UK a cash on delivery charge will be required when your parcel is delivered and this will be 32% of the purchase price (20% VAT and 12 % import duty).
I placed an order with Nasty GAL without understanding what this meant - so be warned as I learnt a very expensive lesson !!
This is not the fault of Nasty GAL I should have done more research or asked questions of their customer service team before buying.
I found the customer service very good actually kept me well informed and were helpful when I had to deal with the COD charge and return of items went smoothly .

New Reviewer

The refund policy is horrible. They gave me store credit when I returned cheap looking items I bought for a decent price, I wanted a refund. Their clothes look different on the website, the colors were totally different on a dress I bought. So instead of getting a refund that I wanted, I ended up having to purchase another ugly dress, ended up paying more on top of that and now I have to ship it back and they won't give me store credit until they receive the item. Nastygal is a complete waste of time. I rather shop where refunds and exchanges are not an issue!

New Reviewer

******** CARD THEFT! *****
unless you want your identity stolen as well as all your credit card information. do not order from the. this isnt the 1st time this has happened but the 2nd time this has happened. they will steal your information. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. SCAM !

New Reviewer

I am glad I read these review before placing an order. A few days ago I picked a couple of dresses that I liked and placed them in my "tote" and "closet", One was $48 and another $68, today when I was ready to order them the one was $48 popped up as $53 and another that was initially listed for $68 showed up as for $75. The bottom line, do not place anything you like in "tote or closet" as they web-site tracks the items you like and raises the prices when you are ready to place the order!!!!

New Reviewer

I placed my order 4 days ago I bought a bathing suit from this website thinking they were good due to website being put so well. My bathing suit came perfect but too small, I spoke to someone first who told me i could send it back but this was before I tried on the bottom piece and realized it was small also. My true size is medium when i thought on this site was the same thing BUT UT WASN'T. The garnet was too small, then when I called the second time a different lady gave me a different excuse saying I have to order a other was first and then send the one I have, which I found strange because I have order from other high end sites and they never told me such a thing. NOW THAT I READ ALL THESE REVIEWS I AM AFRAID TO SEND IT BACK AND NOT GET MY MONEY BACK. THESE PEOPLE DO SEEM LIKE SCAMMERS. Their return policy said one thing on the website and a different one on the receipt. BE CAREFUL WITH THEM. When I was on the phone I asked for someone higher and she said everyone left for the day which I found strange as well. For those of you who haven't got your money back YOU SHOULD FIGHT FOR IT BACK. I WOULD NEVER BUY A CROP TOP THAT I SAW MARKED FOR 300.00 THAT WAS INSANE I WOULD RATHER GO HUNTING IN STORES FOR SOMETHING WITH BETTER QUALITY. These people must be smoking something to put retarded prices like those on that site, it really isn't worth the money and I am a shopaholic but I wouldn't fall for these dumb prices on these garrnents. THIS SITE DESERVES A MINUES STAR FROM ME.

New Reviewer

If you are shipping to Canada they will not show you the duties and taxes you have to pay so be careful! They sneaked me in to paying an extra $17 for duty taxes where I had to pick up my package at shopping without my agreement or confirmation on the receipt or anything. Never shopping here again that's for sure.

New Reviewer

I would never buy here again - the sizing is wrong, the quality was poor, for a $60 dress make of synthetic fabric that doesn't fit properly. The worst was the $68 custom fee I paid which I was not informed of. Now I will have to pay to return it all.

TERRIBLE STORE - I would not shop here again

New Reviewer



New Reviewer

will never shop on this website . Took me 3 seconds to see the rip offs. REGULAR shorts for $100. WHAT THEEEEE F!!! bye bye nasty gal....nasty prices.

New Reviewer

I placed an order in March of this year. The clothing arrived in a timely fashion but the sizing was all wrong for me. The items didn't appear to be true to size and I found the quality inferior. I contacted Nasty Girl and they emailed me a UPS label which I printed out and put the items back into the box they were shipped in and took them to a UPS dropoff location. That was mid-March. I'm still waiting for my refund.
I contacted Nasty Girl via chat and it was a very frustrating conversation. The chat person didn't know anything and just kept saying give it some more time. It's been over a month already. How long does it take to process a return? I kept asking how long I should wait and all the chat person kept saying was "I apologize." Give it some more time. I don't know what recourse I have. Am I just out of $139? Will I ever see my refund?
I will never buy from them again and will be tweeting to my over 8,000 followers and posting on my Facebook page about this awful and frustrating experience.

New Reviewer

Why did I not read the reviews before I ordered from this dreadful company!
The quality of the products are a disgrace the material is cheap and the sizing and fit a joke. The dress I ordered was unfinished the stitching at the bottom had been left open! I have never ordered from a company and been so disappointed, on top of this I also received a custom clearance charge of £20.18 which is not refundable! My advice do not buy from this company

New Reviewer


Coming from a US resident and a frequent nastygal shopper:
-Cute styles
-Generally fast shipping (to the US).
-Awesome sales 1-2 times a year.

-NastyGal/Shoe Cult brands are very cheaply made. (Wouldn't recommend buying anything they made themselves.)
-Customer service is questionable.

So here are a couple things that have annoyed me from previous purchases:

1) I bought a dress made by NastyGal and the strap was sewn on backwards. I got the dress on super sale for like 12 bucks (from $50~). I still returned it because I didn't want to fix it myself and the quality was so incredibly cheap. I want to include this policy:
"Returns for store credit will be processed free of charge, while returns for a refund to your original payment method (i.e. credit card, Paypal) will require a handling & processing fee of $5.99, which will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to you."
I wanted my money back in full because it is not my fault that sent me a bad item. Right? But they refused to give me all my money back. I find that so very irresponsible..

2) Almost every single item I bought from them that is made from them is unwearable. They either fit really awkwardly or are so cheaply made that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them.

**I almost always shop in the sale section. Everything else not made by NastyGal usually comes in looking great.**

New Reviewer

I'd just like to clear up something with customs charges because I feel like a lot of the ratings on this website are unfairly low because people are annoyed they had to pay customs on their order.

Customs are NOT controlled by nastygal! If like me you live in the UK anything you buy outside of the EU is subject to customs charges. So if you're not prepared to pay customs, don't buy! (the reason you may not get customs charges from other shops is because some companies mark your order as a gift so you don't have to pay customs, but it's illegal for them to do it!) It has been complained about in a few reviews that nastygal don't inform you of customs charges, but it is very clearly marked next to where you select your type of shipping that customs are your own responsibility.

In case you're wondering how much you're looking to pay with customs...your parcel might sneak through without you having to pay anything but it might not. In the UK when I get a parcel with customs I have to pay £8 handling fee plus 20% of what my total order is worth (total order worth does include what you paid for shipping!) I think it varies based on which company ships your parcel but just be aware of that when you're making an order.

In terms of the rest of the buying process, I have made one order from this site - 2 dresses - and both were true to size, good quality and arrived within the specified 1-2 weeks. They arrived with customs (about £16) which was annoying of course but that's just life! I would order more from nastygal if customs charges were free, but as it is out of their control I haven't marked down their rating at all for it.

New Reviewer

Here is the online chat of when I complained about being charged 19.37 EUR in fees when the rules of my country say they should be 4.30 EUR. They claim to have paid HMRC on my behalf in order to speed up the shipping process!!! They produced no receipt for this payment they claim to have made.


One sec, we're connecting you to an agent.

You are now chatting with 'Linsey'

Jennifer: I was speaking to your online chat earlier today, and she said that Nastygal have no control over the hmrc charges, but when my order arrived, the ups driver had no hmrc documentation and he said that the sender had calculated the charges and placed the sticker onto the package. HMRC have not seen the package. Would you like to tell me how you calculated a figure of EUR 19.27 when VAT in my country is only 20%?

Linsey: Hello Jennifer!

Jennifer: hello I was speaking to your online chat earlier today, and she said that Nastygal have no control over the hmrc charges, but when my order arrived, the ups driver had no hmrc documentation and he said that the sender had calculated the charges and placed the sticker onto the package. HMRC have not seen the package. Would you like to tell me how you calculated a figure of EUR 19.27 when VAT in my country is only 20%?

Jennifer: my order was $29.40

Linsey: I assume you're inquiring about the COD charges?

Jennifer: 20% of $29.40 is $5.88

Linsey: Can I have your order number please?

Jennifer: 5.88 USD = 4.30432 EUR

Jennifer: #7025598

Linsey: I'm so sorry that you've been misinformed, Nasty Gal does not calculate the amount which you are charged for taxes and duties.

Jennifer: so who does? because the UPS driver said that neither he nor HMRC had done it, that the sticker had been applied by the sender. there was no customs sticker on the package, there was no indication of how the charge was calculated, there was no indication of the item value on the package

Linsey: We currently ship your package DDU (which means duties and taxes remain unpaid at the time of checkout). Because we do not collect these fees at the time of your purchase, and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be, you are asked to pay these fees upon delivery of your order. To expedite the shipping process so that you can receive your Nasty Gal product as quickly as possible, Landmark pays your COD fee to your local postal service in advance. Your local postal service then requests payment from you to reimburse Landmark for those fees. Ultimately, your local post receives this payment for carrying your package across the border, not Nasty Gal or Landmark.

Jennifer: BULL

Jennifer: I've had packages delivered from the states before. there is a customs sticker on the item

Jennifer: the customs agent decides if there is a fee

Jennifer: not you

Linsey: The information I'm giving you is correct, I would recommend contacting your Customs office.\

Jennifer: who is Landmark?

Linsey: As I explained to you, we currently ship your package DDU (which means duties and taxes remain unpaid at the time of checkout).

Linsey: These fees are paid by Landmark (the International shipping company).


Jennifer: YOU SENT IT BY ups

Jennifer: UPS

Linsey: Either Landmark or UPS may be delivering your package, they pay your Customs fees up front, to get the package delivered to you quicker; however you are required to reimburse the shipping company for the Customs fees.

Jennifer: i DON'T THINK SO

Jennifer: Unless I see some receipt that you paid the fees on my behalf, why should I pay fees?

Jennifer: I calculated the fees to be 4.30 EUR according to my countries customs rules, and you want me to pay 19.27 EUR with no receipt, no calcualtion and no explanation for the descrepancy.

New Reviewer

I got charged extra $3 which I didn't know about until I checked my bank balance, the when the parcel finally arrived I was charged $55 dollars extra just to receive the parcel - shocking! Never shopping there again.

New Reviewer

I bought a pair of pants off the site. I live in Canada, so i was already charged 10$ for shipping. This was fine until i was charged a Cash on Delivery fee of over 20$, which i was not notified about until i had no choice but to pay it at the door! Completely ridiculous and a scam. 30$ in shipping on a 30$ pair of pants...and no real proof that the parcel was even assessed by any kind of customs to deem a 20$ charge at the door. This is a scam. Never buying from here again!!!!!!

New Reviewer

First things first, their clothes look MUCH BETTER on the website than in person.They use great stylists and photo editing to make them look thicker, luxurious and well fitting. In reality, they are cheap china made outfits that you can buy on Melrose in LA for half the price. For what you are getting, the prices they charge are not worth it. I have always been disappointed with every order I have ever received but that's not the worst of it. They pretend to have free returns but they don't, you can only have "free" returns if you choose store credit, why on earth would you want store credit if you don't want to be ripped off anymore with their crappy clothes? I ordered two things from them and ended up forking over $12 in handling fees because I actually wanted to get my money back (imagine that). What a joke, waste of time, and a ripoff.

New Reviewer

Nastygal prices are indeed a rip off, thus i always purchase from the sales. My past 2 orders had no problem. I love the clothes so much and the sale prices were really reasonable.

Until yesterday, there was a sale thus i ordered 6 PAIRS of shoes. Sadly i've mistaken the sizes to be in UK instead of US.

However, there was a maintenance out of a sudden and the prices returned to the original pricing! FROM $30 TO A WHOOPING $100!? I was told that there was a sales glitch. Thankfully, i was honored the sale prices. Thus, I asked if i could change the sizes and the answer was a strict no, no matter how much i pleaded. I have to cancel my WHOLE ORDER (including my clothes and such) just to change my shoe sizes?!? BUT if i were to do that, i will not be honored the sale prices anymore and i have to pay the original price of everything!


Thus,i had to carry on with my orders of 6 PAIRS OF SHOES ORDERED WRONGLY. Such disappointment, Nastygal.

New Reviewer

There are good and bad point to this site. The customer service really is a nightmare with this shop, I was sent automated messages everytime I tried to ask a question and was given inaccurate information, for example requesting whether a top would be restocked I was told all sales were final and it would not, but by chance came across the top again several days later. I also have several glitches with the system where I would be mid purchase and it would delete my tote. However once I bought the items I found delivery very quick, prices sort of fair for the standards I got, colours were decently accurate online compared to real life, as were sizes, and somehow the package was delivered without me being stung for customs fees. I bought six items and was only disappointed with one - due to the apricot colour being a lot more sickly in real life. If it werent for the bad customer service I would happily give a 4!

New Reviewer

Great clothes, but too expensive for the quality. They sometime have amazing sales, though. So far, I've ordered only clothes (two jumpsuits, a jacket and a pair of pants) and I love them, but be wary of the sizing (check the charts!), I use a M on tops and 6 on pants and ended up getting 8 for the pants, which fit alright, but I would have NEVER been able to fit a 6 in that model.

New Reviewer

Well.. I ordered a really nice dress from Nasty Gal, went to check the order today to find no record of it whatsoever on my Nasty Gal account, tried talking to them and the woman was absolutely useless, she just told me that there is no record of the order - however there is a record on my bank and paypal accounts of the transfer to Nasty Gal for the exact cost of the dress plus shipping. I am now in Paypal dispute with the company to try and get my money back. This is the first and last time I will ever buy from Nasty Gal! Given the other reviews I'm glad that they messed it up because I'd rather not pay the hidden customs charge!

New Reviewer

I read these reviews before ordering and I got a little uneasy of it. seeing negative reviews on customer service, but I did it anyways and I'm glad I did. ordered from their sale adding up to $90. I knew they were pricey but as I always scrolled down their website I always fell in love with their pieces! I was anxious for its arrival and always checked on the ups tracking! I love in the u.s so I figured it wouldn't take longer than a week. a week passed by and the date it should've came(Friday) didn't arrive. I freaked out and checked the tracking, it said a late arrival has changed its schedule so it would be coming the next business day(Monday). so Monday came andi thought it wouldn't come because it was about 5 already. but my mom came home and saw the package in front of the door so I guess I didn't hear it? anyways I was really happy with my purchase and it was everything I imagined! yes it is cheap thin quality but I'm still in love with it. might not purchase from there again unless I feel like splurging! :)

New Reviewer

I ordered from Natygal in February. My order came to $55 which is about £30 in the UK, and after taking my payment Natsygal didn't not even send my top. I emailed them several times but they where very unhelpful. I realised that there was some hidden costs that I had to pay for but I did not know how to pay for them and when I requested help from Nastygal I wasn't helped. Up until today I have still not received my item.

New Reviewer

The Christmas sales are so good! I purchased multiple pairs of shoes at 70% off. The shipping is terrible! The website stated 1-2 weeks, but in reality it took 4-5 weeks to arrive. When it finally did arrive I was very pleased with most of it. I would recommend avoiding any products that are by Nasty Gal and not actually a proper brand- the quality is terrible! I purchased a dress that was ill-fitting by Nasty Gal, as well as a pair of Shoe Cult for Nasty Gal heels, and the quality was terrible. I did contact them (and took my time to do so), they were very helpful and refunded my money without asking me to return the items. So overall, I would say very good customer service, not the best shipping (although this was during the busiest time of the year- Christmas), stick to brands you are familiar with to be safe and they offer great sales. Although if you are spending under $150 you have to pay for international shipping which is a little hefty, if only the shipping fee was less I would order a lot more from Nasty Gal.

New Reviewer

I don't know why this site has such terrible reviews!
I've ordered off here at least 15 times and nothing has ever gone wrong. Most of the items I purchase are on sale, (very cheap), but I've never ever been unsatisfied with the quality of their clothing. It fits great, looks great and I always get the most compliments when I wear clothes purchased from Nasty Gal. I'm addicted.
Their return policy is also great. The one time an order didn't fit, I used the return slips they enclosed in the parcel and sent it back. They were friendly to deal with and quick to respond to my queries. I highly recommend it.

New Reviewer

I bought $50 worth of goods, and upon their arrival in my country I was charge $60 in duty taxes because they declared $300 on the parcel!!!!!!!!
I refused the parcel, and it was sent back to them- but I never got my refund....They refuse to refund me when I call. AWFUL!

New Reviewer

Too many hidden fees in this bloody company. If they know we are going to get slam dunked by custom charges topped with VAT at least let the delivery be free! OR OFFER STUDENT DISCOUNT FOR GOD SAKE. Just wanted to buy a £15 bag, delivery was £10. Customs sent me some crusty ass letter saying I have to pay an additional £12.35. This bloody bag better be worth it.

New Reviewer

Dress arrived quickly (but I did get stung with charges by HMRC)
Dress fitted well and I was pleased with it.

New Reviewer

I usually don't leave feedback, but with all the negative feedback this site gets I thought I should. I would have given this 4.5 stars, but I couldn't. I ordered from this site on Sunday, and everything I ordered was here by Thursday. I'm 4'11 and 100 pounds. It's very hard to find clothes that fit. This site offers tons of smaller sizes, so that was very much appreciated. I didn't give it 5 stars, because the packaging was roughed up a bit. All the clothing was in perfect shape.

New Reviewer

Really great looking clothes … online. The reality is very low quality. These items look like they came from a loss leader giant chain store. Not good.

New Reviewer


I've been shopping at Nastygal for years and for an order this month, suddenly, I get slapped with an OVER 40% custom charge on TOP of my purchase + shipping. This is ridiculous. So I contacted NG and they said they changed couriers a few months ago -- which they should have informed us about.

I've made orders in the past ranging anywhere from $10 to $200 and NEVER have I had to pay almost HALF my total cost just in custom fees alone. I've had to pay anywhere from 20-30% which is high (our tax is usually %15) but still acceptable. Why the change? They're using DHL shipping which not only charges custom for your country but also charges the customer for their OWN profit. Why use DHL then??? Oh probably because Nastygal gets cheap shipping deal and their customers have to cover the cost!!!!

Here ends my love affair with NG. It was good while it lasted.

***So if you're ordering NG to Canada, beware! For all orders over 30 (might be 20 actually?) DHL will slap on AT LEAST a 40% custom charge on your order. It will be higher if your order costs more.***

I made a site jabber account just so I could post this warning cause it's not a fun moment at the post office as you can imagine. Nowhere on the NG website does it tell you about DHL brokerage fees or even that they're now using DHL which if I had known, I would have cancelled my order.

Anyway, if you're American... feel free to ignore this and shop away!! Hmph.

New Reviewer

I an so annoyed, that I'm posting this review on all public websites.

So, I bought a dress from them recently and wore it to my cousins graduation. First off, I should have known something was up due to the god aweful poor quality it was for the price. But I didnt send it back because I really couldnt be bothered having to deal with their catty customer service reps or their unnecessarly ridiculous return process. I just couldn't be bothered (which is probably what they hope to achieve by simply not enclosing a preprinted return label in the package!) But I digress. So, wore the dress out, (family function) my cousin came up to me, telling me how she has the same dress and how it was a "steal for the price" and how she loves Forever 21. I'm thinking, Huh???? Forever21?...NO, I told her, it cannot be the same dress because I paid damn near $60 bucks for it from NASTY GAL! My cousin literally laughed out loud. She explained to me that it was the same dress and she doesnt mind the quality because she only paid $15 (FIFTEEN!) for hers!!!! (Turns she actually paid $16.99).

I still didn't believe it could have possibly been the same dress, so the next day I brought it over to her house to make a comparison and proove to her that they were in fact different, and that I didnt get suckered by those Nasty Vile Female Dogs, aka Nasty Gal. FAIL!

Sure enough, the dresses were EXACTLY the same.. but with different tags!!!!! Are u kidding me?? I was so pissed I threw it in the trash! The same dress Nasty Gal sold me for $58 dollars, Forever 21 was offering it for $16.99! Now THAT is really nasty!

A few days later, after I had calmed down, I went on their website and found the dress. Then did a search on Forever 21's site...FOUND the dress. I also found it on Lulus (another rip off, but they had it at $40+). And ofcourse, I took screen shots because this was definitely something I felt everyone should be aware of. See the screen shots below!

Forever21 screen shot:

Nast Gal screenshot:

Lulus screenshot:

As you all can see. They are all the same. I will never buy anything from Nasty Gal...or Lulus again. It's one thing to be ripped off, but its something totally different that they could be soo in your face about it. Stay away. I've sent them a notification of this review. It will be interesting to see how they respond.

New Reviewer

DON'T SHOP HERE!! WASTE OF MONEY. First of all you will have to pay customs charges which you are not told about, on top of already expensive delivery. Next the sizing is awful, I'm pretty sure on one dress they sent me they must have switched the label on it because they had run out of my size because it was massive, and I ordered a different dress in that size and it was a perfect fit. I fell in love with their clothes online but have so fallen out of love with them, honestly don't bother.

New Reviewer

Stay clear of nasty gal if you live outside of the UK!
Late last year (2013) I placed my first order with nasty gal after loving how the clothes looked for so long! So I placed quite a big order which came to about £200 UK pounds. I chose the cheapest shipping option as I was in no rush for the items and didn't want to pay a large amount for shipping. About 2 weeks later I still had not received my items, so I checked online to see what my shipping status was, and it said that it had been declined and not shipped. I called nasty gal and they told me that to receive my package I had to pay a shipping customs charge, they told me I had to pay £85!!! Almost half my order, now thats £85 on top of over £15 shipping costs. I was so unhappy about this but I assumed I had just been unlucky this time. I declined the package and told them I was not paying that ridiculous amount of customs charges. The shipping company told me they would return it to nasty gal. About a month later I still had not received a refund from Nasty gal so I used their online live chat to speak to someone who could help me, they said that they had not received it yet. I then emailed them about 5 or 6 times again over the next month to try and get my refund. Most of the people I emailed via nasty gal did not help at all and did not seem interested that I was £200 out of pocket because of them. I finally got so annoyed about it I emailed them and basically demanded them to refund me now or I would take it further as it had been about 2 months, they refunded me instantly once I said that. Sometimes I wonder if they try and drag out things like that long enough so that the customer will just give up and stop trying to get their money back. It feels as though their only goal is MONEY. they seem very money hungry and don't care much about their customers.

After receiving my refund I did not want to order from them again. But a few weeks ago now I saw that they were doing free international shipping so I thought I would give nasty gal another chance to prove themselves So I purchased just over £150 worth of clothing. I bought a jacket, top, dress and playsuit. Their items are very high priced but I was hoping they would be worth it.
I got an email about a week after from the customs offices saying I had to pay £65 customs fees. I honestly could not believe this had happened again. I then searched for reviews and realised that i was not just the only one and probably over 95% off all nasty gal reviews and horrendously low and most people have had problems with them. Most of these problems are due to customs charges.
I also read that a LOT of people are saying that their clothing is terrible quality. I am now in the process of declining the customs fee and telling them I am not paying it, I contacted nasty gal but they didn't do much to help they just told me it would be returned to them. But the customs offices are telling me if i do not pay the package will be destroyed.

I am so so so disappointed with nasty gal. Instead of just focusing on how much money they can scam people of, they should spend a little extra on clothes production and get their clothing better quality and ensure their customers are happy. Also get rid of those customs fees!! I buy from different countries all the time and I never get customs fees except from the very odd time which would be a very low price!! Not half of the price you payed!!

Shame on you nasty gal.

New Reviewer

My first purchase from this website will sadly be my last. Delivery was painfully slow, I had to wait a month for my order to arrive. When I opened it I was so disappointed because my order had been stuffed up! They sent me the wrong colour, which I don't even like on me. I'm so annoyed because I was hoping to wear it to a special occasion coming up, but I doubt I will now because of the colour. Also, the garment itself is a total rip off and definitely over priced for the $#*!ty quality. You really don't get what you pay for!

New Reviewer

**************************** BUYER BEWARE*******************

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Buyers be aware!! DO NOT purchase from this website! They do not care about their customers & they do not refund money even though the promotion says so! Absolutely disgusted with this site, customer service are lousy/lazy terrible people! I am from Canada & they charged me 52 dollars extra at my door when it was supposed to be free shipping. DON'T waste your time nor money!!

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Absolute $#*! customer service, I tried ordering a (very overpriced) top and they kept saying something was wrong with my credit card even though there wasn't.

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I started out liking the website but as soon as I experienced my first order "I absolutely hate it''!!! First, the picture looked good on the site but the actual clothes were horrible! The fabrics sucked. One knit top's price was $54.60 and the material was rough, not warm and terrible (I could have bought something a hundred times better in forever21). Another $72 dress I bought was make out of "cheap silk".

Also, the shipping was terrible. I ordered "one" necklace, and the site messed up my order and gave me "two". When I found out how bad the quality was I returned it and the quantity became "1" again. There was no consistency in their system whatsoever!!!

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I have ordered from NG a number of times and while I have loved the items I have received, dealing with their carelessness for customer satisfaction has driven me away from ever supporting their business again. I ordered an item, got an email notification that it shipped, received my shipment only to see that my item was missing. I then checked the order through the website only to find that my item was cancelled due to it being out of stock - although at the time of order, it was in stock. Fast forward to me seeing that the item was in stock again, I contacted customer service ( because they apparently don't take the initiative to simply backfill your order or to tell you it's back in stock) only to be told that they would not honor the price that I originally purchased the item at. I will not purchase from here again.

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WORSE WEBSITE EVER! I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try anyway. WORST IDEA EVER! Anyone thinking about buying from the site reading this review… please listen to everyones advice and don't order from the website. I ordered a few pieces of clothing on cyber Monday and still have not received anything. I contacted customer service to see where my package is since the tracking wasn't working and they said it was in Canada to contact my local post office. I did and they said my package is in Germany???? I went online to make sure I wasn't and idiot and entered the wrong address but everything is fine. I am now asking for my money back but I doubt that will even happen after reading the rest of these reviews. I've ordered stuff from China and got it way faster.

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after reading the reviews on this website I was quite iffy about ordering,but since they were offering free international shipping for a limited time I decided to go through with it, and boy am I happy that I did!! I live in Canada, my order arrived within a week! I didn't think it would especially because its the holidays, a very busy time for customs, post offices. I am VERY satisfied with my purchase, its exactly as pictured and great quality. I did have to pay a small customs fee but that was expected. Even if I bought that hat here in Canada I would still have had to pay the extra 20 in taxes. I paid no extra on the website so it was fine by me. Im a VERY happy customer! :)

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Do NOT order from this website, I repeat do NOT order from this website. I have ordered 3 items from this website on 3 different occasions and each time, the objet is trashy and cheap. And oh, don't be alarmed if you're item comes without a tag, that just means that they "put tags on some items and not on others" and that you are not able to get you're money back from that item; only store credit. Save yourself the money and the hassle of dealing with their horrible costumer service and do not shop here.

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Please DO NOT buy from this website.
I really wish I had read all these reviews before deciding to pay.
I was sooo excited when I found this site because it's exactly my style.
Ordered quite a few items which came to over $500.
1 of the 4 dresses I bought actually LOOKED LIKE THE PHOTO.
The other three were TERRIBLY designed, badly cut, felt and LOOKED cheap and absolutely nothing like the photos. Incredibly disappointed.
Two crop tops I bought were a LOT more 'crop' than the photo portrayed despite buying them in a size above my normal size.
The only good item out of the lot was a mesh top but then again what can really go wrong there.....
So so so disapointed.
And also a SILVER necklace I bought turned out to be gold.


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worst customer experience ever. i shopped their black friday sale and purchased some items on 40% discount, including a pair of boots i wanted for ages. upon completing my order they sent me an invalid tracking number, i refreshed it a few days later- it was still invalid. it had been two weeks and still no sign of my parcel. i checked my nasty gal account and they had returned my order without even contacting me and had relisted the items i purchased, on their website at full price. i emailed them asking for a refund, they refunded me incorrectly and refused to refund me the full amount. they also told me i would have to reorder these items at full price and pay $29 shipping if i wanted them. i will never shop with nasty gal ever again and i will make sure i warn everyone i know. stay away from this website, they are incompetent and will scam you.

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