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914 Westwood Blvd #517, Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90024-2905, USA
Tel: (888) 704-1900

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New Reviewer

This is a f@#king scam to get your money by gathering information and offering to charge you money to remove the information. I've got our team of attorneys looking into this.

MyLife is a SCAM! I never signed up or anything!

Tip for consumers: MyLife is a SCAM! I never signed up or anything!

Ask Robert about MyLife
New Reviewer

I don't understand why Kim DotCom is in jail and the people at MyLife are not. This should be illegal.

Tip for consumers: Don't.

Ask S about MyLife
New Reviewer

Out of nowhere I get an email saying my identity & personal information are out in the Web & as a registered member (um, I NEVER joined! ) I can click & delete my personal info. I searched the site & found that they will not delete any info without a payment- SCAM!

New Reviewer

Unfortunately I didn't scan for reviews before joining as I was in a somewhat grief stricken state. I just found out that a friend from HS who I'd been trying to locate was actually deceased. The ONLY reason that I joined was to reach out to her parents in a non-intrusive way since I don't know the details and it happened almost 18 years ago. I cancelled immediately and hopefully won't have to fight with their billing dept. I've already disabled the automatic renew so fingers crossed. What jerks. I am more than happy to get the word out that they're crap. You have been warned!!!

New Reviewer

Can you give a negative? If so they would get it, they found someone who I could telephone tomorrow but instead I thought I would email today, Two paragraphs over $70. they can, well you get it.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your time

Ask Keith about MyLife
New Reviewer

I don't know how they got a bunch of my personal info. I certainly didn't type it in. Phone, address and family names. Not cool, not sure how I can get it removed either.

New Reviewer

Made me give them my personal information pretending it would allow me to get in touch with someone, then wanted money for it. Now they have my information! They know where they can go :)

New Reviewer

Terrible service sends you all this info about someone searching for you but won't let you sign up for anything less than a 3 months. Then when you do sign up you can't see what you are looking for and you have to get another subscription. This site will cost you a fortune. If you sign up on line you have to call in to cancel. Then you get put on forever hold and they won't cancel your account. Only the automatic renewal. I should have searched first but I thought I had remembered doing this in the past. So either they are no longer reputable or I don't remember them being such a dishonest website. Stay away!

New Reviewer

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MYLIFE.COM! They say $7.95 monthly and then charge you $95.40 without the disclaimer that it is non-refundable. I just got off the phone with them and they refused to give me back my money even though I paid for the account 5 minutes earlier - good thing I checked my bank otherwise I never would have known. Also, I did not get access to a damn thing - all of the info I had to "upgrade" to access. FURIOUS.

Where can I join the class action suit???

New Reviewer

Seriously are you guys stupid. This is a site that claims to protect you from having your information spread around the internet - and also barracks you with emails about signing up for social network sites.

Why the flying f*** would you sign up for social network sites if you wanted your footprint removed from the internet.

Clearly a scam - it appears that I have Margaret from Manchester searching for me :-) I have never been to Manchester and don't know anyone called Margaret, I never realised I was that famous :-)

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. The 7.95 per month rate is charged for a full year at once and you won't find any information that you are looking for. PLEASE DON'T GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR MONEY. IM JOINING THE CLASS ACTION SUIT

New Reviewer

I recently got scammed by these guys. A class action lawsuit was just filed over against MyLife, and I'm thinking about joining it –

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Vertrue, MasterCard,, Oak Investment, and Others Regarding Allegedly Fraudulent “Membership" Fees for Bogus "Savings Clubs"

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Vertrue, MasterCard,, Oak Investment, and Others Regarding Allegedly Fraudulent “Membership" Fees for Bogus "Savings Clubs"

Lawsuit claims that Defendants profit from charging consumers fraudulent fees for savings club “memberships”

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Vertrue, Inc., Adaptive Marketing, LLC, Velo Holdings, MasterCard International, Inc.,, Inc., and Oak Investment Partners. The suit states that Vertrue partners with and other deceptive online businesses to trick consumers into unknowingly joining Vertrue’s “consumer savings clubs.”

According to the lawsuit, most club “members” never make use of their savings club “memberships” and cancel their subscriptions immediately upon learning of the fraudulent charges. According to the lawsuit, MasterCard earns fees by processing Vertrue’s charges while knowing they are fraudulent and processing such plainly illegitimate charges violates MasterCard’s agreements.

The lawsuit further states that Vertrue’s parent company, Velo Holdings, and’s investor-owner Oak Investment Partners, which invested $25 million in MyLife in 2007, also participate in Vertrue’s improper practices. The case, Chi v. Vertrue, Inc., et al., was filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, on February 28, 2014 and has been given case number 1:14-cv-00614-TWT.

The lawsuit proposes a class action on behalf of all consumers nationally who have been harmed by these practices.

The new complaint alleges that Vertrue’s “savings clubs,” administered by its subsidiaries such as Adaptive Marketing, LLC, include At Home Rewards, At Home Rewards+, BusinessMax, Cross Country Savings, DealMax, Home Savings Mall, Food and Flix, Getaway and Save, Leisure Exclusives, My Great Deals, Passport to Fun, Passport to Fun+, SavingsAce, SavingSmart, Shopping Essentials, Shopping Essentials+, Simply You, Today’s Escapes, Today’s Escapes+, ValueMax, and Your Savings Club.

The lawsuit states that when consumers purchase goods and services from and Vertrue’s other online partners they encounter confusing, obscured ads for Vertrue’s “savings clubs.” Consumers click through these ads without realizing that they have accidentally “joined” one of Vertrue’s clubs, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit also states that consumers who accidentally join Vertrue’s clubs are charged recurring monthly fees of $20 or more until they affirmatively cancel their “memberships.” Vertrue’s entire business model is based around this deceptive practice, and Vertrue’s co-conspirators, including MasterCard, knowingly facilitate and profit from Vertrue’s fraudulent activities. The lawsuit states that MasterCard approves such unauthorized charges, and profits from them, even though this violates MasterCard’s own rules regarding protection of private customer credit card data.

The suit asserts that the other Defendants are vital to the improper billing scheme. First, Vertrue transmits a consumer’s credit card data to the related credit card network, which the complaint alleges was MasterCard. MasterCard verifies the consumer’s identity and, the lawsuit states, analyzes the transaction to determine whether it is fraudulent. MasterCard transmits the relevant data to the cardholder’s issuing bank which, if it authorizes the charge, sends a verification message to MasterCard, which then informs the issuing bank that the charge has been authorized, according to the suit. The suit claims that the issuing bank then informs Vertrue of the authorization, at which point the purchase is completed and the issuing bank and MasterCard subsequently “clear” and “settle” all of Vertrue’s charges for that day, at which point the illicitly obtained funds are sent to Vertrue. The suit contends that all the Defendants are well aware of the illegal scheme, but they nonetheless participate in order to obtain substantial transaction fees.

Vertrue is a subsidiary of Velo Holdings, an investment group also named as a Defendant in the lawsuit, that acquired Vertrue in 2007. According to the lawsuit, Velo and Oak Investment,’s senior investor-owner, were fully aware that Vertrue’s business model relied on consumer fraud when they acquired their positions in these online companies. The suit asserts that these investors nevertheless controlled, participated in, and profited from Vertrue and MyLife for years while doing nothing to curb the companies’ highly illegal business practices.

If you have unknowingly joined one of Vertrue’s savings clubs and wish to discuss this action, or if you have any questions concerning this press release, please contact Webb, Klase & Lemond by e-mail at or by calling (770) 444-9325. Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC is a law firm that practices complex litigation with a focus on litigation arising from wrongful deprivations by corporate and government entities.

New Reviewer

Creepy. I saw about 50 more people with my same name, date of birth and people that I knew! I put my pic on there but I think I am going to remove my I heard it is a scam to get you out of your money! They're not getting my pennies! Ha ha

New Reviewer

They used to be very responsive about removing your info if you called them and requested to be opted out. Recently, they've started posting people's info on other people's profiles who have the same last name. When you call to try to get your info off someone else's page, they tell you they're having difficulties removing it and it will take a while (and refuse to tell you how long). So far, it's been 3 weeks and the info has not been removed, despite there being a documented safety issue involved. If you have had a similar experience (or other opt out problems with this website), please let the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse know so that they can approach the FTC about this issue: (I am not affiliated with them but know they're trying to do something about this.)

New Reviewer

SCAM to get your $$. Was told I would see a profile of the person who I was looking for and given the option of sending an email to that person instead. I was charged for the entire year at a discounted rate. I did call the next business day for a refund and was told that they would downgrade my package to 6 months but they could not and would not refund anything more, per their policy.

To sum up…not the product they propose to be, not customer focused and does not have good business ethics.

New Reviewer

Same story: charging for more than we expected. Called them and threatened them I would dispute charges with CC. They offered 6 mo refund on yearly subscription. I pushed harder and had them reverse all charges. Too soon to see if they followed through. Total Scumbags.

New Reviewer

I joined Mylife to take advantage of said services so unaware of what was about to happen to me I foolishly gave them my debit card number, social security number and personal information. I paid for the websites services and upgraded my account in several different offers of service. The next day I tried but failed to log in I could not access the site or an services that I paid for I could not find any record of my given email address to access my account. I looked up my name on the site and it is listed with my personal information that I gave them during my application to join. I recommend staying clear of this site because as of now they have my debit card information, birth date, social and other information that can give them the tools to make me a victim of identity theft! This website stole from my bank account and is 100% fraudulent and illegal in their business practices. If you would like to know more information on this incident contact me at my name is David.

New Reviewer

For safety on the internet, I use multiple avatars. I have never searched for nor signed up for anything on, so they should not have my avatars' e-mail addresses, but there a growing number of people that claims "know" my avatars and want to re-connect with them.

Pure BS!

The simple solution is to for them to be blacklisted and blocked by honest ISPs.

New Reviewer

This is a total scam. I signed up for it with the purpose of removing a picture that was posted under my name. A few minutes later after signing up, all my information became public. They just made my life more public contrary to what I signed up for.

New Reviewer
3/14/13 states that i have a relationship with a woman who in actuality committed a theft of my wifes identity. This site should be shut down!!!!!! or prosecuted!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Beware of Linked in should NOT be promoting this site! I did 2 "free" searches months ago, which gave no info without $. They notified me several times that people were searching for me, so, I signed up for what I thought was a $7.95 fee per month to see. It was a scam. No one was looking for me. When I called to complain & ask for my money back, they told me that someone may have been searching for my name, but that they could have deleted the search. I told them this was a scam and wanted a refund. Although I had signed up less than 5 minutes earlier, they tried to tell me that I had used their services - they were referring to my free searches several months ago. I called fraud, so they then told me they could only refund six months of fees. That was when I found out that they had billed me $95.40 for all twelve months, although their ad said $7.95 a month. When I told them that this was fraud, & refused to accept a charge for 6 months of service I didn't want,the lady told me she could do nothing else. So I demanded to speak with a supervisor. She must have thought I couldn't add, because she offered to refund all but 3 months, but said they would have to charge me the higher premium of $15.95 per month! So they were still keeping six months worth of premiums, but were now offering 3 months worth of service in exchange. I refused & insisted on a full refund. So the supervisor offered all but 1 month's premium back-at the $15.95 a month fee (so she was going to charge for 2 months but give only 1 month of service). When I refused and asked to speak to a higher level supervisor, she said there was no one available & offered the mailing address of the CEO. I allowed her to refund all but that supposed 1 month, actually 2 month fee, with the repeated stipulation that I was not agreeing to this as a settlement & that that the company was acting fraudulently. I am now going to pursue recourse through my credit card company.

New Reviewer

Jeffery Tinsley the CEO of is using people’s information unlawfully to make money. In my case, a young man came to my house prior to my name being on Jeffery Tinsley’s mylife. He told me he was from the census bureau. I gave him my information. He asked me who else lived in the house and for their information and names etc. I gave him the sequence of my birthdate incorrect. Shortly after, I found my name with that incorrect birth date exactly on the website. In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. Look at this guy on LinkedIn. What I smart ass smile you greedy $#*!. I know young entrepreneurs in California are really excited about making money from their stupid little website projects after facebook. But how can these sneaky stupid greedy little $#*!heads like Jeffery Tinsley steal people’s information on such a massive scale and sell it. I can’t believe this website is still running. Jeffery Tinsley YOU SUCK and should be in jail.

New Reviewer

Mylife is a scam, a rip off do not put your info in the boxes because they will sell you out and rip you off. THEY SUCK

New Reviewer

This site is terrible. It contains too many misleading links, it's like setting a trapping net. I just wanted to find out one old friend, then I got trapped of a year membership which cost me $96. I do not have that many people to search for. It was a nightmare. They finally charged me $11 for 1 search. Furthermore, the $11 search did not even have any data. No contact info, no latest information. It's worthless.

The site just trap people and steal people's money. Cannot believe it!!

New Reviewer

This site is a SCAM!! Stay as far away as you can! They will send you lies in to your email CLAIMING people are searching for you. They should be sued for false advertisement! Not only that but be VERY careful about buying "premium services" on their site. You think your paying $11.00 and it ends up being over $100! Also to delete accounts you have to call them you can't do it online. How ridiculous. Don't join this site. They will only disappoint you.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. If you use the free locator service, it creates an account with a default to auto renew the account each month. Of course, you are not advised of the autor renew feature until the card is charged the next month. You are advised by email a day later at which point they state, whether you use the site or not, they can do nothing about the charge.

DO NOT Patronize these a-holes.

New Reviewer

Really lame bait and switch type website. They suck you in saying you can create a free account but you can't really do anything with the free version. Then they barrage you with premium upgrade offers. Dont they get it. Why would i want to pay a premium when their free service is so bad! Either offer quality free content or dont, but don't mislead people. I will never do business with them just because of their deceptive marketing!

New Reviewer

once signed on, they send you frequent email updates about "new" information on people you are searching for. then when you go onto the site, there is nothing really of interest. they seem to point you to info on other sites such as Well, frankly, i can go to myself, without paying a subscription to Mylife to get me there. Feel it is not worth it at all...

New Reviewer

I signed up for a fixed one-month search deal and within two weeks I was charged an adiditional $18.95 and $16.95 for bullsh*t automatic renewal. I called and got the runaround by some ditz who kept trying to sidetrack me and read from a script. Stay away from these scammers. They should be put out of business.

New Reviewer

Crap website, you pay a separate fee for each small feature and then you don't get any real profiles on anyone. If you change your name you still get the same results of people who searched for you, how is this possible unless it is just a scam. Then even if you just pay for a set prescription, they automatically start charging your card at a higher rate in advance for every month after that. Total scam. Dont waste your money like I did!!

New Reviewer

i don't like it at all. Some people get in trouble for searching people.

New Reviewer

Very bad....Stay away!!! It was a total ripoff !!! I had no idea they would charge my credit card what they did (I think it was one year for 2 services I don't even recall ordering! automatic annual renewal. I called and cancelled all services immediately, but they still insisted on charging me for one month anyway. I still plan to dispute all charges with my credit card company and if not successful, I will cancel my (20yr credit card)!!!

Apprentice Reviewer

Pure scam. Supposedly free! Then have to upgrade to get any information. Stay away! I think that one guy had 2 different names on 2 different days. They take your money and charge your card and keep your information.

Apprentice Reviewer

Here's how to delete your info from being listed on MyLife: "If you are not a member of MyLife and you are receiving emails you wish to opt out of, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-704-1900 or by email at You can also unsubscribe from all future MyLife emails by entering your email address here. Please allow 7-10 days for your request to process."

They're actually quite fast over the phone. Be sure you have your full name, current address, and one previous address in order to remove yourself.

New Reviewer

they offered me a onetime free viewing of, and then double charged me over $100.00 dollars after I entered the site. This site is a ripoff

New Reviewer

This website is a con, because although it allows you to search for people it has people at the beginning of the search from the UK. However, once your "in" the people that come up are all from the US!! The UK ones have disappeared!!!

In the search boxes you are only allowed the first name when you should be allowed a second name to make the search easier, but a message in red says "name is invalid!" Of course its not invalid, its a real name, but the site doesn't allow it so it means you are highly unlikely to find who you really want!! This is not right, and they do not allow you to check the person is really on the site until you have coughed up!! Am now trying to get a refund from PayPal, hopefully I will get one. Lastly, the payment system is confusing, as there is a big yellow box stating prices in dollars, (so you have to work out the pounds!) then at the bottom there are wildly different prices for same length of time!! The pricing system at the bottom is the one they use, not the yellow box! I signed up for a month but they made me pay for twelve months and for a month!!!! DO NOT TOUCH this website!!

New Reviewer
5/4/11 offered a partnership deal stating that if you order something from one of their partners that was listed, I would get a free membership for one year. I ordered business cards from, which I really did not need, however it was way cheaper than paying for the membership. I was charged for and received the business cards but no membership. Called several times and these people had no idea what I was talking about. Finally one of the representatives gave me her supervisor's email and asked that I send a copy of the vistaprint order which I did. No action. They will not even let me talk to a manager. I would not recommend this to anyone as it is indeed a rip-off company.

New Reviewer

OMG...just had my Visa debited $179.80 for an acct I cancelled 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow I will attempt to call their 1-800 number but after reading the reviews on this site (and others) I don't expect a favorable resolution. Wish I had checked them out before signing up for the "trial period". BTW, I guess I should have known grad,retired teacher,senior citizen.

New Reviewer

Someone is tampering with my profile on If you look me up, you will find a photo that I did not put in there. It is a photo of a guy holding his arms and hands to look like he is shooting at the viewer. Before that, it was a guy kissing a baby's head. It took a 30 min call to clear that up. Seems someone's other profile was reflecting thru mine. They did not clear up someone else's access. Before that it was a photo of a black guy holding his hand in a peace sign at the viewer. I am not black and I am not a guy. My profile also had my places of residence,relatives and other information altered without my knowledge or consent. If someone can chronically get into my account, after repeated efforts to clear it up, no one is safe from the same thing. Beware of what you open your life to - it shouldn't be

New Reviewer

This is pure fraud! They hijack your email or facebook or at times you do not even choose at all sometimes! These people are bottom feeders! When is law going to catch up to technology?



Terrible, filthy scam. This is not the only "people" site out there, it's just apparently one of the better financed scams. They blitz the airwaves with commercials, get a whole bunch of folks to sign up unwittingly, and like others before them...they will be GONE at some point without a trace.

Always be WARY of any site that shows "people" trying to contact you (or are "looking for you"), when the people listed are roughly your age and from cities or towns where you have lived. A lot of information is available about you, especially previous address information. That's the key to this SCAM...just try it for yourself!

Go to the site and put in your name. It does an instant database search (they're obviously interfaced with a skip-trace type d-base), and it finds your previous addresses. Then it cleverly assembles a "list" of people who are "looking" for you, who are approximately your age..with random assignments of 'male' or 'female'. Quite a clever scam actually. So for example, let's say at some point you lived in Miami and you're now 32 years old. The skip-trace database has all sorts of info on you (including age or DOB), so mysteriously the site says that a "FEMALE AGE 32 IN MIAMI" is looking for you. What a goof. If you lived in Miami when you were 25 years old, there's a good chance you KNEW a female there at that time, and she would also be 32 now (7 years later). They leave the rest up to your imagination. Like "hmmmmm...I wonder if that could be....." then your mind fills in the blank. Maybe a girl you dated, or whatever. This is most despicable rip-off yet...using your own personal, historical information against you. Which up until now had only been used for debt collection, credit reporting, and skip-tracing and/or law enforcement.

There's just WAY too much information about ANY of us floating around out there in databases, just waiting to be exploited like this. Stay clear of ANYTHING that shows you 'generic' search results about your past life, it's always going to be a scam to get your credit card number!

New Reviewer

When you sign up you autmatically have a monthly renewal. Ok that's normal but when you try to give feedback or talk to someone there is not customer service center. you can get to frequently asked questions but that's it. and the searches are horrible. I have never been more disappointed than i was with this sight.Don't ever sign up for it.

New Reviewer

Agreed to pay one price for services and they tak out a lot more money and continue to take other charges

New Reviewer

I just posted my experience with MyLife/PeopleSearch. One more thing I forgot to post: They sport the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo. Do not be fooled like I was!

New Reviewer

My-life/people search charged my credit card and has not given me any info. I called the 800 # for customer service thinking maybe I was not doing something incorrectly. Not only could they not help me, I was told that they did not receive my payment, therefore I did not have an account with them. According o my credit card statement, I DO have an account with them. Eventhough I did not sign up for recurring payments, I have a feeling thet will TRY to charge me again. DO NOT EVEN GO ON THEIR WEBSITE! Total scam!!!!!

New Reviewer

I signed up for this to find someone and they won't send me my password and stuff to cancel my subscription.

New Reviewer

I went on to search for a friend and they gave me options of service. One was one month for $12.95, so I selected that. After I found out it was useless, I went to cancel the account and found that they actually charged my credit card over $150. for a year of use in advance. That was never made known to me anywhere in the process of enrolling and really pissed me off. Nobody should use this website.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

A complete fake. Any attempt to use if ask for $$$. I have deleted my account and I would recommned everyone else does as well.

New Reviewer

A TOTAL SCAM claiming someone is looking for you whom you do not know and have never heard of just to get their hands on your money what a rip off.

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