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43 reviews
Categories: Adult, Sex
Tel: +1.3122520586
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43 Reviews From Our Community

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This is also not a free porn site, models are not paid hourly. (in 17 reviews)


Live streaming video of girls from around the world. (in 14 reviews)


they lie about themselves, theyre whole attitude is false and they get tipped insane amounts of money... (in 21 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I was a premium on mfc for six years and i spent a lot of $$ there,liked it for many years and had loads of premium points to my name but i think i was hacked on the site as i did not spend 4521 tokens on some model i never heard of.So i tried to contact support 6 times and got nothing,nada in return.
So &@*^ them,i now go on chaturbate and LiveJasmin,much better support.

Ask Elios about MyFreeCams
1 review
0 helpful votes

there is a model amed jalyn.whenever she comes on she is nuber 1 on the list.she is very ugly and has a body like a breadstick.she is number one because she dated or dates the owner of the site named leo.this site has many models who sit and do nothig and dont even get naked at all and become miss freecams for the month.the models on this site think you are here for them and not that they are here for you.that is the mentality of all the models on here.and it's think they would be nice to paying guys but they cant even ask them to raise the cam or they will ban you.and most will ban you if you dont tip every 5 mins.and most will ban you if they see you talking and not tiping.thats why so many guys on that website dont talk at all.for fear of getting banned.also the site can ban you at anytime for no reason and wont return your emails beware.

Ask ron about MyFreeCams
1 review
2 helpful votes

I thoroughly enjoy my work on MyFreeCams. :)

After reading these reviews, i really hate that the site gives itself such a bad name by banning members with no explanation and not having a way to report the models there that scam and give us all a bad name.

But i do have to say, MFC does state that you should not tip for services outside the site such as Skype, Kik, Snapchat, whatever, because they are unable to prove the model did not follow through on what she said she'd do on a site not directly linked to them, so sadly, that is your own faults. (Example: A regular of mine went private with a model, who spent nearly 1000 tokens worth of his money talking about her dead boyfriend instead of giving him a show she promised. MFC refunded his money to him. They could do this, because privates are on the site itself and they can see for themselves what happened.)

I'm sure other models can agree with me when i say, it is quite annoying to deal with some members who come into our rooms attempting to scam US.

They will say things along the lines of, "Hey! If you get nude, i will tip 200 tokens." Probably unaware that we are able to see their token amount and number of points if they have not made them hidden. Still, no model should ever provide a service without proper tip FIRST. Or they try and bargain. I charge 200 for my Skype I.D. and a show after you accept my request, no time limit or anything and they will say such things like, "Well, i only want X amount of minutes, could you lower your price?" Absolutely not. Models have to be stern, but not rude when dealing with these types of people. After all this time, it just comes with the territory.

I also advise model to get a DMCA badge on their profiles. Sadly, you WILL be recorded while performing online. You can find your videos usually by googling your username and adding "mfc" or "myfreecams" after your username and find something. My live streams are always recorded, but i just do a weekly sweep of the net and report the videos. This would be a reason not to webcam model. If you don't want anyone finding out, or have a job in the real world that could be jeopardized by your online work.

I don't even try to participate in the Miss MFC contest. There is no point. The same girls will always take the grand prizes, but i do applaud them for the hard work they put into their cam life. Some are actual porn stars, so i double applaud them! I could never do that, much more comfy being in the safety of my own home.

I would say that i have made great friends with some of the members. Going so far as to trust them with my phone number, real name, and going to meet them. Keep in mind, i have known them since i first began and tell them, pointedly, and for my own safety, that i have made people in my life (friends, even parents.) aware of where i will be when meeting them. They totally understand, and even gift me with "tips" upon meeting.

All in all. No site is perfect and there will always be issues. If you have been cheated from this site, i understand your frustration completely and totally. No one deserves to be cheated out of their well earned money. My apologies to you all. But on a positive note, it can be a great place to earn extra income to pay mortgage/rent, school, for food, gas, bills, or even if it's just to spend on shopping. You can make lifelong friends and express yourself.

Have a great day and a great life all!

Ask Loni about MyFreeCams
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is a fantastic site. If you enjoy sitting at a strip club and having an adult beverage you can do so in the privacy of your own home. Tips are gratuities and nothing more. For the model it is a job and for the member it is a fantasy. I have seen the other sites, none compare. The rules are pretty simple. If you use racial slurs, threaten a member or model you are dust after a few warnings depending on the infraction. If you had tokens in your account at that time, you lost them for violating T.O.S. Read them thoroughly
~Tokens are not money. You spent the money the moment you bought tokens. There are decent members and models. In time you get to know them pretty well. It is more of an adult community than what others lead on. Members enjoy a lounge by reward point levels, PM between members and models with cam, email and a few other nice features. My suggestion is to purchase the membership, find a lounge and watch while learning the ropes. Old school strip club etiquette applies. If you wouldn't do it in a club then its not appropriate in public chat.

Ask Six about MyFreeCams
1 review
0 helpful votes

Favoritism and models cheating to get their way;

Most models dominate their way or I would not doubt blackmail to win

To easy for models to abuse that paying members make the free sever possible
But most models have horrible attitude thanks to the site not paying its members or holding their pay

Tip for consumers: I suggest not spending anything less then the direct bank deposit and get a model that is willing to go half way; Free cam2cam , skype or gtalk etc to keep in contact and non nude striptease to show their affection.
You don't want to help a model reach their cut of goal just so they can use you again; get what you want.

Ask Aaron about MyFreeCams
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

you might have come across my FREEcams and made an account but this issue can occur when you paid myfreecams for "tokens " you payid for them and then they can at there will remove you / your account without notice , grosely untrustworthy company to be avoided unless you go in and warn other members using the free guest chat feature never tip a model none are hard up they all look happy and healthy or act otherwise REMEMBER they are surfing online too this is not free for them LOL beg for tips for rent money or food is a common request WATCH them for free they know site name my FREEcams . AND how do i get refund from blocked account YOU CANT it is gone p*ssed off freeloader exposing the trooth

Tip for consumers: use the free guest feature like others advice the payment side is unregulated the models lose out frequently and mfc support is arrogant in its attitude if you enter in to discussion . quality of other sites is improving try the many free sites NOT pay to buy tokens in mfc

Ask Avoid about MyFreeCams
4 reviews
30 helpful votes

This is one of the better sites. Not as good as or not even as LJasmin, but there are some pretty HOT CHICAS on there:)

Ask Marcel about MyFreeCams
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been going to MFC for the last three years or so. I started out as just a spectator. I'd pop in room with girls I found attractive and wait for other people to tip and for the naughtiness to begin. After a while, I decided I wanted a little more influence on the action. So I officially signed on, bought some tokens and decided to see where the night took me. My experience for the last three 3+ years has been decent. There have been both good and bad experiences, but overall, it's been fun.

About the girls: there's A LOT to choose from. Sometimes it gets overwhelming when you've got cash to burn and can't decide who to burn it on. You can either let the chips fall where they may and hop in a random room, or do some leg work and find a girl who meets your preferences, which I've had no trouble doing for the most part. Now, some of these girls are seasoned camgirls. They've been doing it for a while and they know how to please. The downside is, these girls do not come cheap. A lot of the top girls tend to demand hundreds, if not, thousands of tokens, and that's if they're doing a show. Otherwise, they may demand anywhere between 50-70 tokens for something as simple as a spank. Still, that's just one set of girls that all the high rollers flock to. There are plenty of girls who are affordable and have reasonable rates. The lesser known models on the site may be more malleable with their prices in their efforts to get closer to the top spot, or they're simply just looking to make a little extra money in their lives. There are also the girls who genuinely enjoy the sexual thrill of voyeurism and are there to have fun and make some money on the side. A lot of the girls are pretty cool as well. They can carry on conversations with you in between erotic displays and some are quite friendly. I myself am friends with a few models on the site and that's earned me a few special treatments. Now that's not to say there aren't a few bad apples on this site.There are. Some girls are just in this for a quick buck and will do the bare minimum to earn that. They don't care if you're satisfied; once they got your money you can roll over and die for all they care. Some girls are also $#*!y and if you don't tip them enough, may verbally insult you or refuse to perform or accept a request you've made. Others are pretty full of themselves and may demand top dollar even if they haven't done anything worth tipping over or are even all that attractive. The most annoying ones are the girls you tipped ONCE and will the proceed to hound you every time you log in. The girls who aren't raking in customers, remember you were curious enough to tip them, and think they can get more easy money of you. This clinginess can get really old really fast and just make the experience very awkward. Luckily, there is an option to "Ignore" these girls if you so choose, which is more or less you "blocking" them. You may have to filter out these girls on your own, but trust me, there IS a girl for your needs on this site.

About the site interface/peformance: It's pretty standard stuff, relatively easy to navigate. You can personalize your preferences by favoriting certain models and the site will offer up some suggestions for girls based on that when you log in. The search engine will bring up models for you depending on what tags you type in, or you can search for a model by name if you know it or even select "most popular rooms" on the side menu if you're too lazy to look. You can also have emails sent to you when a model you like is online so you don't have to worry about missing a show. One of the few downsides, is that the not really HD. The girls might have HD cameras, but the site doesn't always work with them and you may get SD feed regardless. There are also occasional stutters during the video feeds that can be annoying, but more often than not, it has less to do with the site in my experience, and more based on your connection speed or the models connection.

About the cost: This is where it can get iffy for most people, myself included. This site can get expensive. It's a sad fact. There are limited purchase options for tokens. You can choose to pay $20 for 200 tokens, $50 for 550 tokens, $75 for 900 tokens, and so on. For many people this can be costly, especially when- as stated above- some of the best girls on this site may come pretty high in price. These prices can make spending a less frequent occurrence- unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands. I've personally taken to only buying tokens once or twice on a month. If you really search you can find good things for fair prices or you can save up for the top girls or an extended Private session with your personal favorite model.It's also worth noting that Private shows are archived in your profile for later viewing. That being said,it can also be a short-lived experience depending on how many tokens you have. I'm not sure on the cost exactly, but 550 tokens got me around eight minutes of a Private show.

Overall: MFC is a decent cam site that you can easily get into. There are over a thousand girls to choose from and many of them are well worth the money and if you're willing to put in the effort, you may find a special one that will make you a regular visitor. It's easy to use and should suit the needs for most people. The site can get expensive at times depending on your appetites so you are limited to an extent by what you can do with some of the models. Not all the girls are great and you will have to filter through them on your own, and many of them can get clingy or just make the experience more miserable than arousing. As for the "scammers" I'm seeing mentioned in other reviews, I've yet to encounter any on the site which leads me to believe they are rare or someone had a bad experience and blew it way out of proportion out of spite. MFC may not be a free site- which is what I see a lot people here $#*!ing about- but it's a decent one and worth a try if you're willing to give your time and effort.

Ask Christopher about MyFreeCams
1 review
6 helpful votes

As a model I really hate those who think it's free site! Do you guys know that for someone its a full time job? There is nothing free here. and if u can't afford this site just watch porn

Ask Carrie about MyFreeCams
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I met this girl on Seeking Arrangements, and we agreed to an arrangement. After giving her a LOT of money for this arrangement she never followed through. She basically stole my money from me. She's a liar, a cheat, a thief and a fraud.

Ask Aaron about MyFreeCams
1 review
27 helpful votes

Ok guys here's how it is from an honest model:
This is not a dating website- you know this because you signed up, topped up your account and agreed to the terms and conditions. This is also not a free porn site, models are not paid hourly. They only receive tips. Most of which are students and are just trying to get by and pay their education fees until they get "a real job" as some of you have said.

I understand it isn't free or cheap, but you know what? I'd like to go flying around the world every weekend but I don't because it would be an expensive hobby... Please don't blame models if you have an expensive hobby. Yes, you can go on a free site and watch non live porn for free... so go and do it.

For those lonely men out there hating models because we only want you for tokens: men only want us for sex too.... we feel your pain... Yet we are suppose to look all nice and pretty and sexy for you but god help us if we ask for something in exchange. We are like an escort service, we will be there for you but this is a two way street. You can't expect us to be super sexy for you with nothing in return-you want us for sex, we want something back. Simple.

Now im not saying I don't genuinely enjoy chatting to some people. I have several very close friends I have met and stayed in contact with outside of MFC. But this is earned -just like in the real world. So just like in the real wold-don't be upset if were not your BFF after knowing you for 5 minutes especially whilst were trying to work... got to buy food at the end of the day. Not sure if you know but when I'm chatting to you-im not recieving tips and I dont eat (as I say -we're not paid hourly).

And yes, many of us do have boyfriends. Don't be silly. Do you think were some weird breed of females that are so desperate to cum and have every man in the world perv on us like were a piece of meat and in desperate need to voice this all the way across the internet? NO! We do it because we get paid to do it.

You have a fantasy-we become it. It's an expensive hobby.

If your lonely-go on a dating website- if your upset that on a token based website, models only like you for your tokens then your in the wrong place.

The problem with mfc (as iv'e done it for years now), is that there are so many guys coming in expecting everything for free and nothing moves forward. No shows no nothing and it can become crap-didn't used to be like this mind. And i do blame mfc for advertising it as a free site. And I'm sorry some girls have scammed you but there are many models who are true to their word about everything they do and promise. Models don't work for mfc-they are self employed. Mfc takes half their tokens for advertisement etc.

I am honestly a really nice model...too kind tbh and took me a while to figure out all the member scammers. But sometimes, when i see guys getting upset because girls are interested in tokens i feel like saying " why are you here? Go find a dating website or a free porn site".

You can complain that a porsche is too expensive all you want and why should you pay so much when at the end of the day its just a car... but its you who wants it. You who has the expensive taste. But you dont have to pay it. You can look at it but you can't drive it unless you got the dosh.

Honestly,,, some men with models is like hearing teenage girls wonder why the boy they slept with wont talk to them after having sex with them.

Males= sex
Females = money

Accept it-we both want things

Ask F about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

First of all... guys if you got scammed... you are the idiots... not the girls. The majority of top cam girls dont give a $#*! about you... they lie about themselves, theyre whole attitude is false and they get tipped insane amounts of money... the girls playing games like treating men like absolute $#*!ing circus animal retards and you guys buy into it, literally. Its your own fault. There are tons of gorgeous honest sweet girls, who will be insanely grateful for your tips and will not scam you... but you morons just keep tipping.. for custom videos youll never get, dates you;ll never go on. Stop complaining cause you feel dumb. Cam girls are laughing in your face, you think youre their shining light. no. They will never go on a date with you even if you tip them.. unless like I said... its someone who isnt a top cam girl. Guys... spend some time, get to know girls, it isnt hard to see whos genuine and whos not. You are making the scam artist lying chicks rich as $#*!.. obviously mfc will never ever ge rid of that model... theyd ratherget rid of you as a customer. MFC is great. Period. If youre not a $#*!ing moron. Straight up. Guys be smart with your tokens, tip the less popular girls and itll go a long long way... just take that advice atleast.

Ask loulou about MyFreeCams
1 review
3 helpful votes

do not tip to "models" like this... thieves.. swindlers.. as soon as she got your money for Skype conversation she disappears..

Ask Lucas about MyFreeCams
1 review
3 helpful votes

take care with my free cams , they close my studio account after 3 years and stole my money,, they didnt answer mails and take a lot of money of my models,, if this happend w me can happend w you, and w any model

Ask luis about MyFreeCams
1 review
5 helpful votes

Beautiful girl... inquired about a custom video... an hour later she agreed enthusiastically requesting 1500 tokens for a custom video that would be delivered in 24 hours... paid up next day... then... nothing... no replies... nothing... i don't exist... unfriended... nothing... complete scam

...there are reputable girls on MFC too, but it only takes a few bad ones to make a negative impression

Tip for consumers: also has twitter account KellyKennedyXXX - avoid!

Ask Shy about MyFreeCams
45 reviews
105 helpful votes

It's real, but you have to pay for advance stuff. This website should be sued for false advertisment because it said it was free, but it's no free!

Ask Tony about MyFreeCams
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

this owner of this site is a criminal, they decided to close most of the Colombian studios and fine all of them all the money they had earned this pay period, a few days before the period was to end, this way they dont have to pay them, they could have don this honorably and paid the hard working models, instead they stole all their money...and customer service wont answer any more questions

Ask ric about MyFreeCams
1 review
8 helpful votes

This myfreecams is ripe off mostly the model name mariamslave4u and naty_slave4u is a gold digger & Scam & liar And Bull$#*!. He taking my money couple thousand dollars. All this model is liar and ripe off. I wish no more myfreecams at all.So please be careful with this model.

Ask Allen about MyFreeCams
1 review
4 helpful votes

I haved an accout a model in myfree with nick name babyfeline but myfreecam block my account with 5000 tk why?i heved member wjo liked me .is not correct bad site

Tip for consumers: Bad site

Ask alina about MyFreeCams
1 review
4 helpful votes

SassyCassie_ stole 500 tokens from me. She added me to Snapchat, but didn't send me any snaps at all. She's a scam artist and a ripoff. Do not tip her whatsoever.

Ask John about MyFreeCams
1 review
7 helpful votes

Actually I'm a model on mfc and i really can't understand all these man on here complaining about the site. OKay the freezing stuff is not cool ( :D ) but most of us girls are working our asses off, i sometimes sit in front of the cam for 4-5 hours, some of us private chat with some guys, we dance, we talk all those things. Idk what illusions you all have but it's actually our job to be nice to the guys there, we don't trick them into anything. Also i'm only nice to guys i actually think are nice. I'll do things I chose to do for tokens. But most models actually wear nice lingerie or pretty and kinky outfits, and we do take good care of our body/skin/hair... So you actually have a pretty nice show even without tipping.

Ask Henni about MyFreeCams
1 review
11 helpful votes

It is not a good site.

Ask Petro about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

Rather expensive site, but u decide what u pay for. The private shows are registered on film. I sometimes watch for free good shows that I've paid for more than 2 years ago.

Ask Jean about MyFreeCams
1 review
11 helpful votes

SUCKS! I am a model but this site has become $#*!ing cheap.
Guys never tip. Kickaz the scammer and $#*!ing ugly korean , Angela are making so much money for doing dating fraud.

Ask lalala about MyFreeCams
1 review
12 helpful votes

I am a model on MFC and the real problem is that there a lot of man that wants the model to do things for FREEEE!!!!!...And when the model's like myself disagree they already upfront to JUDGE...A lot of them waste their tokens on some model and beg other models to do free stuff and it does not work that way...nothing in this world is free and thats what they need to understand...Overall i think it will be a better site if PM pay up stop being so cheap for free...And let the model's do what they do best

Ask Betzaida about MyFreeCams
1 review
17 helpful votes

I'm not a reviewer really but an actual model. I want to tell you guys something. Modeling on cam isn't freaking easy. Some of you are saying "it isn't a real job". If it isn't a real job why is the adult industry one of the biggest income industries in the world? And why are so many of YOU LONELY DESPERATE MEN supporting it? I don't work on MFC but don't expect $#*! for free. Us models get tired of the "stalker" attitude or people DEMANDING us to flash our tits and they come in being rude beggars that don't even say "hi" or anything. We don't make that much of our cuts. When you pay $2.99/minute we only get anywhere from 89cents to $1.29 for that!!! So you guys that are all like "The $#*! is expensive" YEAH BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T MAKE THAT MUCH!!! So when you guys only stay private for 4 minutes, the first minute is usually free and we have men rushing us to get naked and so we only technically get paid for 3 minutes and work for free for one. Not to mention we get you freakies in there that want us to take a ten inch up our asses saying that $3 is too much. We deal with a lot of bull$#*! from you men on there. So yeah, sometimes the girls lose their edge and become total sadistic $#*!es because we get tired of it. See it from our ends a little bit. I just ban and kick guys that start acting like that. Sometimes they even ruin our shows. Nothing is free. This website isn't free. Don't ever think a live performer will work for 'free' because the sites don't pay us hourly. We sit in free chat sometimes for HOURS trying to 'seduce' guys into taking us private. I get that all the time. Men saying "oh seduce me into private" but those cheap asses never come. You want free porn? How about you stop being cheap and go out and rent a $5 video or actually support the industry? Less it happens like what happened to the music industry with free downloading. Stop being cheap asses and you can spare $10.

Ask Genesis about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

I can not believe the us government allows these girls to show everything in free chat rooms . What about the little kids that can go there and see these types of things . Shut it down!

Ask jim about MyFreeCams
3 reviews
18 helpful votes

Absolutely horrible site. Everyone who's complained so far is correct. It's a ripoff not only from the website "membership" but most of the models are hateful, spiteful girls who would rather insult you than do anything remotely worth a tip. Half of the girls will take your money and run, so don't let any of them fool you. At least you get a meal out of waitresses who work for tips...but then again waitresses have real jobs.

Ask Rob about MyFreeCams
1 review
12 helpful votes

Do not tip model named Brina_ , she is a thief. She charges 500+ tokens for snapchat add then doesn't add you. When you ask her about it in her chat room she will just ignore you, no response. She won't open your mfc mail or accept pm's from you either, so you have no other way to contact her. She is a scam artist thief.

Ask sean about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site sucks!!!! girls would take your money as much as they can.
Non nude models are worse, ex; Sneaky@ngie is doing "meetme" "skype date"raffle for few hundreds tkns for 1ticket. She makes guy to tip her as much as they can and at the end, she makes up random user name for winner,which means nobody wins.
GIrls know guys are dumb . lol This sit is a SCAM>

Ask Alex about MyFreeCams
30 reviews
46 helpful votes

Overrated, support sucks, and although the name says "MyFreeCams" it really cost money to see any decent action. I rather go with over as at least the support is good, and get some decent action for free.

Ask Josh about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

It's a complete ripoff, a psychological means of exploitation of all the lonely men, and with the women, except for the really glamorous ones who men throw money (called tips, but you pay 20 bucks for 200 tokens for 'tips'), the women are suffering self-esteem and, it's all phony and false, and the women will tell you you're cute when they don't even know you, they just want to emotionally manipulate you so they can get some of the money you spend there, whatever doesn't go to the site's owners. Supposed IP tracking and 'keeping info' issues combined with this exploitation of the lonely make it a site to best avoid. A SCAM.

Ask David about MyFreeCams
1 review
13 helpful votes

I was a model for little over a year in myfreecams, only works couples days a week, on and off and just started getting the hang of thigns, until the big gov't shutdown ruined my week due to the IRS SENDING bogus notices in the mail. I also have depressed and I have a schizoid personality disorder, I was having a bad day, I called the cheap guys broke ass n***** and they gave me a warning and it was supposed to be a warning and on the day the warning was supposed to go away they banned me, ALL BECAUSE OF ONE $#*!ING RACIAL SLUR. I was harassed in their $#*!ing Asian Chat Lounge Room the room where "Models with low cam score cum to die" and those guys were giving me a hard time and making fun of my face and making memes out of me, comparing me to grumpy cat and calling me a crack whore, EVEN TELLING ME THEY SHOULD GET A GUN AND SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD, they used AN EMOTICON TO DO IT, ALL OF THOSE GUYS IN THAT ROOM SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR CYBERBULLYING ME, CALLING ME UGLY AND FAT, SAYING I SHOULD BE SCHOOL BUS MONITOR, TALKING ME DOWN LIKE I AM A PIECE OF $#*!, making fun of my flabby arms i tried to hold it in, bUT I COULDT i started crying and cyring and cyring they kept on humilating me some more even when i was crying. These members on MYFREECAMS: BALUT, OXICLEAN, OR WHO ever the hell goes into that room, they MAKE UP MALICIOUS LIES ABOUT MODELS LIKE ME WHO WENT INTO THAT ROOM JUST TO HANG OUT AND THEY WERE ALREADY SAYING I WAS BADMOUTHING A MODEL WHEN I NEVER EVEN SPOKE TO THAT $#*!ING MODEL SOME ASIANGIRL WHO KNOWS I DONT EVEN CARE, I DONT $#*!ING CARE! MY $#*!ING MENTAL ILLNESS IS MAKING ME SICK AND THESE SEX SITES ARE SICK, IF you look up it up in the asian chat room lounge hosted by a guy named RAY (IN MFC IN THE MEMBER CHAT ROOM) THEY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED they are $#*!ing $#*!S AND RACISTS AND THEY WERE TROLLING ME AND I BET you they ENJOY THE $#*!ING FUN THEY HAVE MAKING FUN OF MODELS WHO ARE BELOW THE REST AND please if you are new to MFC NEVER EVER GO TO MFC the email they sent me was so vague, they portayed me as a terrorist, THERE IS A $#*!ING GOV'T SHUTDOWN, wtF DO THEY EXPECT? I AM HAVING A $#*!ING BAD DAY AND YOU $#*!ING BAN ME, WHAT A $#*!ING BUNCH OF AWESOME PEOPLE YOU ARE MFC, YOU DONT CARE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOUR MODELS GO THROUGH (JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER $#*!ING ADULT CAM SITES), JUST CAUSE IM NOT MAKING TOKENS YOU $#*!ING SHUT ME DOWN, I HAVE A DIFFICULT TIME DOING THINGS UNLIKE MOST PEOPLE WHO GET IT BY CHEATING AND STEALING WHICH I DIDNT DO, YOU FAKE $#*!S WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, I SURE HOPE SO, LABELING SOMEONE AS A RACIST AND TERRORIST JUST FOR SAYING THAT GOV'T SHOULD GET THE PLAGUE WELL MFC I HOPE YOU GET THE $#*!ING PLAGUE YOUR $#*!ING SITE WILL BE ILLEGAL SOON YOU $#*!ERS RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES you allow members on YOUR SITE TO BULLY MODELS, I DONT GIVE A $#*! ABOUT YOUR IGGY BUTTON I DONT USE THEM! iF I AM WORKING I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW IF SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING BEHIND ME BACK! DO YOUR $#*!ING JOB MFC YOU'RE NOT THE $#*!ING POLICE YOU ARE FAR FROM IT AND I AM NOT A $#*!ING TERRORIST YOU STUPID $#*!S, OMG A SHORT $#*!ING 5'2 CAM GIRL IS GONNA GIVE THE GOV'T A PLAGUE $#*! YOU $#*! YOU, YOU KNOW WHAT? I HAVE NEVER HAD A GOOD DAY IN MY LIFE WITH MY $#*!ING PROBLEMS, BEING MADE FUN AND EVERYTHING ELSE NO $#*!ING GOOD JOBS, THERE IS NOTHING GOOD THAT COMES OUT OF MFC, IT IS THE $#*!ING WORST CAM SITE NEXT TO STREAMRAY THEY BOTH SUCK AND SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF PEOPLE WITH THEIR CROOKED RULES, THEIR RULES SAY YOU CAN'T MASTURBATE ON CAM AND IT HAPPENS ANY WAY BECAUSE IT MYFREECAMS! EVERYTHING IS F$#*!ING FREE DUHHH IS THAT WHY YOU $#*!ING BANNED ??? REALLY?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! YOU GUYS ARE $#*!ING STUPID, CHANGE YOUR $#*!ING NAME TO MYFUNCAMS DUMBASS CAUSE YOU LIKE TO WATCH MFC MODELS SUFFER SO YOU CAN BAN THEM, THE ADMINS WERE WATCHING ME CRY ON THE CAMERA AND DIDNT BOTHER TO DO ANYTHING AND WHEN I REPORTED SOME PICTURES THOSE $#*!ING $#*!S IN THAT CHAT ROOM WERE TAKING OF ME AND MAKING MEME'S I NEVER GOT A NOTIFICATION THAT THEY REMOVED IT, I HOPE THIS TEACHES ALL THE MODELS OUT THERE THAT MFC IS A $#*!ING JOKE, ALL THE MODELS ON THERE LOOK SO $#*!ING FAKE AND ACT FAKE TOO, THERE IS NOTHIGN GOOD ABOUT THAT SITE OTHER THAN THE FACT YOU CAN SHOW OFF YOUR ASS BOOBS AND TITS FOR LIKE 3 HOURS AND MAKE LIKE 30 BUCKS AND THATS ALL YOU MAKE FOR THE DAY THIS IS NOT A RANT OR A THREAT THIS IS THE $#*!ING TRUTH this is what i have to say i i hope they get what they deserve, I have been bullied and harassed and tortured all my life with depression I will never recover from any of this. I have been a cam model in other places for a year o more and i am a phone sex operator and the beggars and chatters and premium members are the worst peOple and not to mention the lack of customer service on MFC don't bother calling the number (847) 962-2802 i left 2 messages. I Have never felt so degraded in my whole life by this company. I cannot speak my mind I cannot do anything I want they fake bastards, read the rules THEY ONLY APPLY TO MODELS WHO THEY WANT TO GET RID OF, IT. I WISH I COULD SUE THEM FOR DISCRIMINATION HERE'S THE MAILTHEY SENT ME AS THEIR REASON FOR NOT LETTING ME BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT:

We have closed your account due to your use of racist language, terrorist threats, and other issues that violate our terms and conditions.

You will be paid in full at the end of this pay period but you are no longer eligible to have an account at MyFreeCams.


MyFreeCams Model Support
Model Login Page:
(847) 962-2802





Ask arma about MyFreeCams
5 reviews
14 helpful votes

I think i have seen that a private chat with any cam models of myfreecams cost $6 a minute. That's crazy to me. plus i tried to have private chat there, but the cam model was not interested and disabled the private chat pending time. The guys tip the cam models to see breasts being flashed. It is hard to understand how it is working.

Ask henri about MyFreeCams
1 review
4 helpful votes

Support is non existent. you will lose money

Ask jo about MyFreeCams
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is crap , it may be ok to get a quick spank to but the "Cam Prostitutes" as I call them just wine trying to get people to spend tokens (Real Money Tips) saying that their camscore is too low , please help me guys :( all that crap. I feel sorry for the poor fellas that spend money on these hobags and really they should be taking a real woman out on a date.MFC and their models make their money off making people think they might have a chance with the "Cam Prostitute" but really I see them squeezing more people to tip them.MFC even says that men are not even allowed in the same room with the models for safety reasons , haha what safety reasons that the customers might realize that these are girls who either have boyfriends and are just getting that money with people thinking they are just a lonely little girl who cam chats or most of the girls don't even like men they get stunt penis' to bj then the models record it and sell them for 5 dollar tips on their profiles. Take this one overweight redhead on the site OUSweetheart , this girl wanted money so bad that she got a male friend i suppose to let her bj him these girls are internet prostitutes that you don't even get to see lol save your money and support your local strip club.Or just watch free porn because these girls are as fake of people as press on nails.

Ask Mike about MyFreeCams
1 review
9 helpful votes

excellent site... when its working right... had a few times when the servers were super slow etc. girls are beautiful, varied and ready and willing. its free to check out as a guest so why not?

Ask Trey about MyFreeCams
1 review
4 helpful votes

After paying my account was frozen for no valid reason. The will not respond to emails. The only way to get your money back is reverse the credit card charge. Save your money and only use the free services.

Ask Bob about MyFreeCams
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have enjoyed many hours of free viewing but am slightly afraid of buying tokens because I wouldn't want my account to be frozen even though Bbb can help with at least 5 out of 6 problems with the site. I'm now curious what % of $19.99 token buyers have had that problem. How can I find those statistics? I'm pretty sure they must be pretty low as the web doesn't seem to be floode with complaints.

Ask Paul about MyFreeCams
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

NOTHING free about it, rip off site, save your money

Ask Collin about MyFreeCams
1 review
8 helpful votes

they ask for $19.99 to become a lifetime member.They took my money and froze for account as they said my name had been flagged.They offered no refund and have failed to respond to any of my emails.

Ask lee about MyFreeCams
1 review
6 helpful votes

These people track your IP addresses and try to steal info from your computer.They are tied in with hackers. If they say it is free then why are they trying to manipulate your computer.

Ask james about MyFreeCams
1 review
10 helpful votes

This is absolutely unbelievable. Live streaming video of girls from around the world. You don't have to sign up or even pay for that matter unless you want to "Tip" the girls for their performances. Some girls do the whole BS "tip me" thing but others go ALL out and show everything when some tips come rolling in. Fabulous, a don't miss!

Ask Jay about MyFreeCams

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