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MyCokeRewards reviews

6 reviews
Categories: Sweepstakes
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6 Reviews for MyCokeRewards

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New Reviewer

Used to be one could save a bunch of old caps & enter them together. Not anymore!

Now it looks like someone in management has made that risky, because if you don't enter them right away, the system kicks them out as old, giving you the message: "Sorry! The promotion is over. Your code is no longer active."

Tip for consumers: Not worth the time.

Ask Will about MyCokeRewards
New Reviewer

In the past, there were actual items, and cheezy ones, you could redeem your point on. However today there are only a handful of items, and the rest are cheezy gift cards to facilities that none of them are where near where I live. So I'm stuck with the handful of cheezy items.

New Reviewer

I've been able to get some really nice things from this site. I especially like that you can take your points and give to charities. As long as the points are available I will continue to use the rewards site!

New Reviewer

The rep is soooooo rude and unprofessional

New Reviewer

They only allow 120 points to be added each week. Most prizes are cheaply made and they take 4 weeks just to process your order and then another 3 weeks to deliver. Should your order not arrive, they do nothing! They don't guaranteee delivery.They never post the winners of the Sweepstakes and in the 5 or so years I have not won any of the Sweepstakes. Big scam!

New Reviewer

Basically you save your My Coke Rewards codes and enter them in for prizes and such. Some of the prizes are kind of cheezy and in my opinion nothing I would save like crazy for, and the ones that are really good have an astronomical point value. However my husband drinks an insane amount of Coke and we do save our rewards.
I turn mine in for coupons for free food or drink that they will snail mail you. You can also get free Club Pogo memberships by turning in your codes - my son enjoys this very much. Also, you can get the codes off of anything manufactured by CocaCola, including Powerade and Desani water, so it's not just Coke you have to drink.
The things I don't like are the site only allows you to enter 120 points a week which is kind of a pain in the butt...I like to enter whatever I have all at once and not have stuff hanging around my house...but it works for me I guess. And also if you don't turn in points or trade for a reward for 90 days your account is considered inactive and you will lose any points you have banked. I have a friend that this happened to, but she did say she called the company and they had great customer service and replaced her points for her. All in all, if you or someone in your house drinks a lot of Coke products, this is a decent site.

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