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54 reviews
Categories: Chat, Forum, Music
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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This social media website is 100% real, but the people you meet on here are liars, cheaters, and stealers! (in 24 reviews)

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1 review
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This app is pretty horrible. The blocking feature is a joke, if you block someone through the app they can still stalk and harass you in games which you can't opt out of! I've had someone call me racial slurs, threaten and harass me throughout the site and when I contacted the app through the report feature nothing was done and I didn't get any help or feedback. At the very least there should be an option to A) block people in game, especially if they're abusing game features and B) silence notifications on games you have no interest in playing. As it stands the block feature is pretty useless. The customer service is a joke and I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone.

Ask Nix about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

I beleive this site is for people that have screwed up there life at some point in life and alot of it is scam now. Also for If your looking for a one night stand and plan on not seeing that person anymore. Im lucky to have not caught any diseases from moco with all the women ive been with on there. I actually tried finding a girlfriend here but it just doesnt work here.Better off finding someone in person like at a workplace or school or where your both trying to do something with your lives and you can trust eachother right away. Online has never worked for me but i met girls in person where it lasted longer and was more real.

Ask Angel about Mocospace
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give this app a zero I would not only are the staff very unprofessional I feel as if they scam a lot of people with this moco gold crap. I've had this app for nearly 6 years I've been playing a game on this app called Street wars which is a very addictive game they advertised double gold yet when we purchased it didn't give us double at all, which was the reason I purchased So me and many others contacted them with no response. So I sent out a report with itunes then later Someone gave me the email saying they will reply to that sooner so I did that and they finally replied and fixed my gold. I then emailed them again to let them know out of RESPECT that Idk if itunes cancelled my payment but could they check so i can re issue the payment since they fixed the gold. INSTEAD of them replying back letting me know they only asked my username which I complied and then TOOK away the gold. I checked to see if i have a pending refund and nothing is pending so they took away gold I Paid for and didn't respond to me since. I was told if I keep harassing about the MOCO GOLD my page of nearly 6 years would be deleted

Ask gina about Mocospace
1 review
0 helpful votes

Mocospace is a sad place.. once a alternative to MySpace and Facebook now a same sex driven no customer support virus having weird place.. use at your own risk is all I can say.. it seems like once I decided to delete my account I got over ran by spam messages.. now I can't long in long enough to delete my account by being blocked by a choose a prize you've won message. . with nowhere to turn my account an info are at the mercy of the sea.. smh..

Ask eazy about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is horrible! The customer support is nonexistent! They only take your money and never fix problems... Ppl are cyberbullied on there and moco does not about it...many fake profiles and protitutes

Ask Cilly about Mocospace
45 reviews
107 helpful votes

It's not a dating website, but I thought I met the love of my life and she cheated on me! This social media website is 100% real, but the people you meet on here are liars, cheaters, and stealers!

Ask Tony about Mocospace
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've been on mocospace since 07 it was pretty cool now as soon as 2013 came along nothing but loosers Cyberbullying each other.. Meeting up to fight..and the soo called administrators do nothing but make you click a ban button. Which doesn't solve anything xD why is this $#*! still active?? Nothing but Weed sellers & active moco users asking dtf for money..

Ask Loca about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes

Mocospace acts like a program that has been hacked or has a virus. It is slow and freezes up every few seconds. I have tried over and over to make contact with their customer support and keep getting an automatic reply thats basiclly telling me we dont care about your issues. Have a f'd up day. And good bye. This site basiclly just leaves everyone else open to catch a virus and the people running it dont care one bit about fixing the problem. I wish there was a petition to have this site shut down. If you dont want to get a virus or get hacked do not create a page with mocospace!!!

Ask Dale about Mocospace
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

While MocoSpace is convenient it is also jam packed with those that do not fit into main stream sexuality. Use extreme caution and not a site for the young.

Ask susan about Mocospace
1 review
0 helpful votes

How can i get my profile x.tapoutx from being hack when last password was $#*!TheWorld this pass sunday on 23 it want let me in nee ya help I try msg they said i need all my information I only know some

Ask Preston about Mocospace
2 reviews
3 helpful votes


Ask Apolonio about Mocospace
1 review
4 helpful votes

In 2009 I had never even heard of Mocospace. My friend had me make an account after I had been single for "too long". Everyone that messaged me seemed desperate or creepy, except one guy.. who actually just started up a normal conversation with me by asking how my day was going. We've been married for five years now.

Ask Lisa about Mocospace
1 review
13 helpful votes

The only site worse than this is CRAIGSLIST. This is horrible, childish and ratchet

Ask Bridget about Mocospace
1 review
5 helpful votes

What used to be a great alternative to Myspace and Facebook is now a sad excuse for a social network. Its now littered with inmates and trashy people! If the userbase wasnt bad enough to deal with the staff nowadays dont give a $#*! about their own site! Mocospace has recently gone rampant with ads and microtransactions and more recently I was disgusted that they have made it impossible to access without Adblocker suggesting you pay for their "Moco Gold" membership for a fricken social network and blocking out the entire site from use if you have Adblocker on! About 5 years ago I would have happily reccomended this site but as it is now I can only reccomend that you stay far away! As for me, I'm going back to Myspace.

Ask Solarcat about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes

site has gone downhill over the last 10 years or so. Prostitution ruins the chat rooms, users are allowed to steal/ post photos in order to harass other users, and the owners don't give a flying $#*! about what happens. any suggestions or complaints will be ignored unless it can turn a bigger profit for them. I've messaged them several times, including examples of the filth we are subject to, yet they never reply (in some cases, your comment will be deleted from the forums). I advise everyone I know to stay away from this cesspool, it has nothing but a negative affect on those who use it regularly

only rating this 1 star because there is no 0-star option...

Tip for consumers: DON"T MEET ANYONE IN 'NEAR ME'....EVER!!!!!!!

Ask Rallo about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

In their street wars games if you are a better player than their close knit snitches then your game gets slowed and has technical issues that others don't! I even have my Verizon Tach out to check my fios and guess what? Everything is great with my end! Moco is screwing you! I have wrote Moco many times of the issue never getting one response! Business is ran very unprofessional and it appears certain players dictate to Administration ways to change the game to make it worse for others but benefit them.

Ask Donald about Mocospace
1 review
9 helpful votes

I was there from 2006 and had a profile until a year ago (I only kept it to keep in touch which a few friends I made).

I enjoyed it. Was a cool way to entertain myself when I was bored. I watched it grow and there underground artists could post music. I met poets fRon all over the world and some pretty interesting individuals. I also met CATFISH.

Yes I knew a guy for years named SCRIBEZ or MR.WORDZ (I still have his fake pics somewhere) & I talked to him regularly and thought of him as a great friend. He was fake. He was having ppl send him money and everything. I didn't believe it and when I went to call him....both numbers were disconnected. I have never heard from him since.

The sad thing was he was an awesome talent. He was a poet and musician and often played for me and sent me songs (and it really was his voice). I probably would have liked him amyway.... but he lied and said he was adopted and both family members were killed.... then he had a little girl he was raising alone that he found out was not his but the girl left, so he raised her anyway.... just to find out he has cancer.... Boooo$#*!inwhoooo. Lmao.

I believed him. He even said he flew out to my state and was mad because I didn't go to meet him 1 THANKSGIVING. What a douche.

And that was just 1 CATFISH I ran across. I also met 1 guy doing life for murder.... 1 guy doing 11 years for murder since he was a kid and countless other inmates. 1 actually did 8 years and is out and happily married to someone he met on there. They live in my city believe it or not.

I actually met a few really genuine friends that I met in real life that I am friends with to date. But I will say this....AVOID THIS SITE. JUSTIN AND JAIMIE ARE JERKS. They actually gave out password info to harassers that hacked into a few accounts and could care less.

Now it's just a place where PIMPS are looking for little girls and INMATE who have illegal cellphones manage to find luv. The rest are crooks trying to scam or rob you....or the future victums of them.

I am not over exagerating. This is real. People have been murdered all over AMERICA. It's been labeled the most dangerous social networking site in America. And it's true. Between the rapes murders and robberies.... Why bother.


Ask Justina about Mocospace
1 review
1 helpful vote

almost 6 years ago I met a guy on mocospace I was never one to meet people online in person but something made me meet him. Now years later were married and have a precious baby boy together who would have thought

Ask Brittany about Mocospace
1 review
1 helpful vote

I love it when you have sales. I love stocking up on auto fights and favor packs. I wanna get stronger and stronger so I can be better at street wars.

Ask Lisa about Mocospace
1 review
11 helpful votes

THIS IS A HORRIBLE, TRASHY SITE. Mocospace is getting worse. Everyone is rude to each other. I mean viciously rude. To the point of homophobia, racism, sexism. People are getting out of hand with their online bullying. Now people are screen shoting conversations and using it as ammo when fighting with someone online! This site is a cancerous tumor on this country. I consider myself a fairly thick skinned individual when it comes to online taunting but someone from years before I even got mocospace found me and has been going into the chat telling everyone I'm a crackhead, that I was abused as a child, and that my daughter was molested. WHEN AND WHERE IS THE LINE HERE AND HOW MAN PEOPLE HAVE TO FEEL VIOLATED FOR THIS TRASH TO BE SHUT DOWN?

Ask Janell about Mocospace
1 review
4 helpful votes

Numerous occasions this site has violated the free of ads agreement . I initially payed the 3.99$ for zero ads for life yet the owners have sold out to big companies pushing ads like cocina tequila, singles dating sites and countless other pop up ads. This is false advertising on mocospaces behalf and shouldnt bebe tolerated by any gamer or user who paid into the notion of having a pleasurable experience free if distractions. Their support team has one thing on their do we make more money and has ruined the overall experience.

Ask Darrell about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

omg! i got delete for fighting all the racist players thats on sw my profile got delete once the racist could not bully me anymore ive been called the N WORD A FEW TIMES THE OWNERS R RACIST AS HELL ON THAT SITE

Ask brian about Mocospace
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been on mocospace for about 6 years now. Its getting worse. It be a good site. I play the games and even there its bad. Such as titan wars I was threatened in real life over the game and nothing was done about it. And the other games suck. Streetwars is kind of ok. And yes there are a lot of perverts on mocospace. Locking the profile is main key. Then you here about harrassment, suicide, and sex scandles from the site and its like wow. Do I want to be here any more? I may not spell right, but I have.enough respect to respect others. Most on mocospace don't have respect or honor. I guess it fallows with the owners. Because they never seem to care.

Ask Traci about Mocospace
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

mocospace is a pit of evil....stalkers...clones..child molesters racists homophobes haters are as accepted in forums writing hate comments, creating armies of fake profiles to harrass and campaign enmasse of one but legion to have legitimate, sane community members deleted without warning...profiles take time to develop and
to suddenly attempt to log on only to discover
The there's no user by that quite the
shock especially for those who do not save their
posts and blogs and pics to other sites or write
down on paper as in times when writing on paper
with pens was in vogue...the site's majority of
sociopaths and miscreants and Christian
fundamentalists who infest all forums with
judgements, dire prophecies and Biblical dogma control the forums...except the
chat rooms where sexual deviance is rife with obvious overtones of danger and probable recurrences of rape and murder as seen on news and FBI warnings which are still simple to verify on google by typing in the word "mocospace" the site
parasites want what others have or their often
shocking actions validated or at least
lieu of acceptance they tend to take what they want anyway...mocospace has absolutely no shame with
money as their apparent only goal and ho hum to the rapes and deaths and disillusion that can only
come from exposure to so many twisted beings in
one place at the same time...these human
destitutes project their mental illnesses regularly
onto others with obvious clinical symptomology
reflecting socio/psychopathy, non medicated paranoid schitzophrenia just to name a few and
with absolutely no fear of legal or site
recrimination. complaints are regularly ignored.
im a published poet. clones have stolen my published and copyright poetry and images which
remain on site despite many complaints.
eventually I intend to sue moco for their criminal
accomodations. defamation is rife. offshore sites seem to think such crimes will be forever able to accomodate criminal defamation but they are wrong. international law will catch them as responsible as those criminals they allow to stay. curb crawling sexual deviants luxuriate in a lawless free for all...i advice women and children to steer
clear of a site that caters ONLY to that which
MAKES PROFIT. meanwhile clients will continue to
risk the muder and rapes that have originated on

Ask alan about Mocospace
1 review
1 helpful vote

In spite of overall negative reviews, I found my now husband through MocoSpace, believe it or not, and we are now blessed with a beautiful baby girl due in a few weeks. All thanks to Mocospace! I feel that through selection of crowd, and attention one seeks, will result in what experiences they'll receive. There will be frauds and strange, grotesque characters anywhere, and on any sites. But, you have the control as to whether you interact with these individuals, and how they affect you. Your experience and achievements are within your own power! THANK YOU MOCOSPACE!!

Ask Sheila about Mocospace
1 review
9 helpful votes

How did they get my cell number and why don't they acknowledge my stop request? They harass and bombard me with text messages which I have to pay for being I don't have a data plan. Stop sending me texts messages. I am NOT INTERESTED!

Ask None about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

Disappointed. The real truth mocospace has people harassing each other but yet mocospace does nothing also for people that want to find that "special someone" this is the wrong place for you. Mocospace is no different then the Houston back page list with people that just want to "get some" for the night... and not to mention it's also used as a black market too. It's funny I don't work with mocospace but I found so many nudity profiles and just about everything else that violates there so called "rules" and yet they can't do sh** lol they probably only say that to get away with it

Ask Cameron about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

A great way to find the love or you're life.

Tip for consumers: Just be careful of scammers

Ask Robert about Mocospace
1 review
7 helpful votes

if you dont know how to chat then dont come here, if you dont know how to get to know people before you hand out your kik,number, etc out then you gone get $#*!ed with, you dont wanna look for anything serious but if you find it then whatever, most people hate on mocospace because they are not chatters who know how to chat or use this site, have some fun and talk $#*! is about all you can do on the web, other then that get the $#*! off the internet and go do something with yourself, just saying:.

Ask Snoopy about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

Well my experience in mocospace be friendship there is no way to said you have to meet another user some where, be smart mocospace is good but us we use it to the wrong way you are the smart person,it happen all website so mocospace doesnt do anything bad to you,people do bad things to others complaining mocospace isnt a good site its because you are not smart enough so i mention this movie this guy said guns dont kill people but people kill people i compare in every site this guy line is true so think about it

Ask Simon-z about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes


Ask PATTY about Mocospace
5 reviews
16 helpful votes

They incite you to buy virtual currency but fail to inform you before your purchase that upgrades/maintenance affect those purchases...... the steal from you and call it "data loss", then cite their terms of service as a reason to KEEP your money, and if you speak out they CLOSE your accounts, including premium accounts.

Please join this campaign:

Ask Regina about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes

Your review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website. My friends talked me into joining mocospace and playing street wars.I spent months working on my game and hundreds of dollars.I made a comment in the forums about a user named smoke and he made fun of me then attacked me everyday until I had enough and was forced to sign a tapout blog so I could play my game again.I reported him and nothing was done about it.then I found out later that he is an administrator for mocospace and the owners of the site let him do whatever he wants.I deleted my account and will never waste. my time on ain on

Ask john about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes

This site is very dangerous. I just deleted my account and Im glad I did. I know anybody that has dated online has at least one horror story but if you use mocospace as a dating platform please be aware. There are too many ex-cons, inmates, creeps and perverts on this site you are guaranteed to have more than one horror story if you meet some of these people in person. Dont ever invite anyone to you house or give them your phone number either.

Ask anonymous about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

The website is a bad place for and I do not recommend it.

1. No one talk to you and if they do it mostly for dating sites.

2. Alot of very rude people and no one has respect for anyone

3. It been on the news and alot of the people are gang members or finding children for sex.

I have left the site a few times now and now I'm gone for good. So word of advice do not even sign up for it.

Ask Phillip about Mocospace
14 reviews
29 helpful votes

I'll just explain by posting what I posted on Justins comment box on his profile.

Dude seriously, why did I get banned in the chat rooms? I havnt even been on for like a month, some guy comes in calling one of my friends in the room a tranny and Im the one who gets banned? How come it seems you guys like to keep the ones around that get reported for threats of rape and decapitation and $#*! and I get banned for telling some troll he needs to take his pervy uncle issues out the door. This is weak man seriously you and jamie need to re-set your priority's


LMAO Well I guess Justin read it cause I'm unbanned now LOL Just as I got done on here I got back and had an IM, meaning my IM's where working again. If the IM's are working maybe I can get to the room, so I went to the rooms and I was back up and running again.


Well if you need any explanation to how they are now just go to Jamies profile and see the comments left on his profile. They went through another banning spree. It would also appear they have been taking peoples money by wiping out their accounts of money paid from the games, most likely transferring that to cash and keeping it them selves. I have seen people that I seen on the site before (Not necessarily friends) but they have been banned and lost money as well and those where people that I never seen personally to cause any trouble at all. I to was banned again from the rooms with Emails telling me I couldn't talk to anyone unless they where already on my list and from comments I have seen, it would seem that became part of the Norm. and some people had that same issue on their first time being there, by comments posted by these same people, J&J had NO want or will to help anyone and Justin now has his profile set so no one not even those on his list can E-mail, comment, or in any way get ahold of him at all through his profile. They truly have become a corrupt web site and refuse to take control of their moderators at all. Mocospace is nothing more then a smut site claiming best customer service when there is none at all and if you get reported after some one has been trolling YOU expect to be banned with no help from the operators of the site. If you make a report on some one else and you aren't a friend to the moderators through games or profile chat to the owners they will not take your report.

I have personally reported users for (Seriously not jokingly) threats of rape, murder, decapitation, to kill peoples families and even rape their children in front of them, profile cloning, and even admitting to hacking my computer through their site (Once reported, others where failures or I just didn't notice or care and had one firewall up with out the secondary port blocker) as it was hacked and my firewalls dropped as he was bragging about doing so in the room as I posted ALL the conversations, told them the room and time, and all the twisted crap people can say and nothing was done about it, friends of mine have also done the same and those users where allowed to continue to use their site even though any respectable chat site that really wants to create a safe chatting site will NEVER allow these sort of activities to go on. is not a place to allow your children nor is it any longer a place to go and have intelligent conversation. Yahoo chatters have taken over now that Yahoo was closed down that where hackers and allowed to run all over anyone they wanted there, it has prisoners all over the site looking for women, (Sad part is they actually tend to be the nicer people) and J&J only caters to their friends now. It should be closed down before anyone else gets hurt as their have already been rapes, murders and suicides do to their neglect of the users.

P.S. And don't think for a second not sharing information will do any good to keep psychos away from your home, all the hackers allowed to use their site as a hacker hot spot they WILL find your address. If you're on a phone with no personal IP address all they have to do is hack in to your phones memory and get your phone number and they can track you that way. is NOT a safe chat site by any means.

Thanks you for viewing my review.

Ask nintynine about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is a nightmare! It used to be Christian based but not anymore! Its full of weedheads posting pics of them smoking, pornography, whores for hire, pedophiles luring young girls & denented chicks who barage u w/abuse if u come close to becoming competition to them on the Happy Farm game. I report all this & NOTHING IS EVER DONE. They allowed pics of men's d**** sticking out of pj pants & disgusting huge chicks in thongs. Lets get rid of this smut!!!!!

Ask Angel about Mocospace
1 review
5 helpful votes

Mocospace is full of societies losers and weirdos. The forums and chat rooms are full of unemployed benefit scroungers, weed smokers, trolls and single women who have multiple kids from different fathers. They live in the forums and chat rooms arguing with each other on a daily basis. You have more chance of getting an intelligent conversation from a chimp than you do from the people on Mocospace. There is also a large number of clearly fake profiles and porn bots trying to take your cash. It was also recently voted 'the most dangerous social networking site in the world', and i'd probably agree with that. The only person i'd recommend it to would Jeremy Kyle if he ever got short on guests. But for everyone else i'd avoid like the plague.

Ask Matt about Mocospace
1 review
8 helpful votes

Mocospace is a horrible site! There seems to be no moderation of the chatrooms & the site is crawling with inmates & pervs. I really fear for teens that have access to this website. Very dangerous, so parent, please monitor your childrens web activity!

Ask jenn about Mocospace
1 review
2 helpful votes

advertisements make my computer work slower and worst there are
alot of virus treats in it..

Ask alex about Mocospace
1 review
6 helpful votes

Mocospace started off as a friendly close knit community site, over the years it has expanded and the owners dont seem able to kep up with the demand. Since the introduction of online purchasing in mocospaces's case ;moco gold' This has only added to the sites decline. The initial idea was to allow players added benefits if they purchased gold, in turn finding the site along with all the advertising they allow. If you have an issue a technical issue and contact there support staff you wont get a reply, and it will not be resolved. In addition new users probably cant even navigate to the support area, which has changed from a direct contact pop up to a multi choice 'did this answer your question' format and a final email contact if all else fails. The site owners have become more distant over the years One having closed his page off to the site members, so has NO contact at all, the other ignores everything you mail to him or leave posted on his page. A real let down. I have been with the site since shortly after its creation, after taking a short break returned to a huge error with m account contacting both support and one owner daily I advised if not resolved within 7 days I would again leave, Well that is tomorrow and no reply from anyone. Its ironic they beg, and I mean BEG you to return emailing offering gold to pay you to return, when you do they are not interested avoid avoid avoid uncaring, incompetent, money orientated, with untrained unhelpful staff

Ask violet about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

The website is very dangerous, and the owners have no idea how to control the people. Admins give advantages to the girls that post ass pics, they actually are ripping of their paying customers. That site attracts many prisoners, deathrow inmate carey greyson was a member. The community as a whole is uneducated, essentially they have nothing in life so they have nothing to lose. Mocospace has many predators, inmates and people with mental health issues. It is unfortunate that they are even allowed on the web becuase it is a very dangerous environment.

Ask Vette about Mocospace
1 review
4 helpful votes

Mocospace is full of prisoners and I mean men who are currently in prison preying on those who are vulnerable and unaware. The site is tacky, the founders don't have a real picture on their profiles and there is no way of getting in contact with someone to report issues or problems that may arise. I had a profile and deleted it because I was told by one of my prisoner "friends" to stay off the site because "we are monsters on there". Users beware...

Ask Shawna about Mocospace
1 review
10 helpful votes

Corrupt admin

Less then lousy customer service

Pretty much anything you would except from a website where admin play by bully tactics and the users show favoritism to do the same. On this website the admin (and there friends are the police, judge, and jury) if you don't mind being harassed and muted/deleted if you don't agree to bully tactics, expect to be muted and blocked for no real reason excepting true rights you receive buy your government. Now I know this may seem hateful but its true, you spend months if not years on theses games and you put yourself into them the users and admin have no respect for others and will never consider any argument beyond what they think.

I would compare the admin at least Christian Rubio, to a cop that's overly aggressive and doesn't care respect or rights if you don't kiss there ass.

This site is also full of pedophiles who attempt to make contact with underage ( I mean under age 12-14) year old girls. This part seems to fall under the blind side of admin who choose not do acknowledge it in the thought that (if you don't bring up a problem there is no problem)

Site has also had a few users who have committed suicide because of relationships on here, and has had at least 1 serial killer incident

Users are like viruses trying to get you to go to 3rd party websites that install drive by Trojans/keyloggers to steal account or other personal information.

Admin does play shady have had at least 1 account where admin was overly agressive and changed my password and recovery email

Was a member of this site for over 3 years on several deleted accounts

Ask clinton about Mocospace
1 review
4 helpful votes

I got deleted like 3 times , every single time I was a celebrity there and on top , but every time I get no warning and no reason why did I got deleted , and their support & the site owners never reaply .

Ask moneer about Mocospace
1 review
3 helpful votes

Need i say more?

Ask nunya about Mocospace
9 reviews
22 helpful votes

Mocospace is a website that is filled with the most troubling individuals you will ever come across. Of all the website I've come across over the years I have never met some of the rudest, disrespectful, obnoxious people as I did on mocospace. There are trolls who will make topics in the forums just to bring anger and controversy and there people who are foolish enough to give these trolls attention. The moderators are some the most corrupted people you will ever come across. If you have a problem with the websites, games or someone is harassing you, forget reporting the problem they just simply don't care. The most troubling thing about the website is there is a lot of pedophiles that are clearly out in the open and nothing is done about it. Like I said the moderators don't care what troubles are going on this website. I feel that mocospace is a website to be avoided at any cost.

Ask Paul about Mocospace
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been on there for over 5 years and watched it go downhill... Any "improvement" has made it worse.. Favoritism is shown by modoratores that get good ppls accounts deleted and muted... Mocogold is a waste of money, VIP also a waste of money, offers for gold are not actually paying out and costumer service for the sight is a joke

Ask anthony about Mocospace
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Im being too kind by giving Mocospace 1 star..Ive never come across a site with such bad 'Customer Support' .You contact them, You never get a reply, if your lucky you might get a ,totally random automated reply,thats has nothing to do with the question you asked!! Ive had a profile on there since 07,it got deleted 2 days ago,i hadnt recieved any warnings off admin or anything..I contacted support,and like always no reply.They want people to spend money on gold,thats all they care about..

Ask SHELL about Mocospace
1 review
6 helpful votes

Disgusting group of people with low morality and little education. Most of these people intentionally misspell words beyond regular internet speak. Somehow this group got my cell phone number and constantly send me disgusting texts, asking me to contact them as soon as i can with a 4 digit code, none of which I have responded to. I have called my carrier to block the number and website from calling/texting as well as their host company,
Stay far away from these lowlife scum.

Ask courtney about Mocospace

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