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Review of Mingle2

Mingle2 reviews

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30 reviews
Categories: Dating
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30 Reviews From Our Community

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( I have met people through myspace, craigslist and Yahoo I.M. (in 7 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Review my accounts

Ask manzoor about Mingle2
1 review
2 helpful votes

Mingle 2 worse website if you want get rip of get scam go on Mingle 2 the are keep all scammers there even you report them the are just block them for day or even do not touch them at all the are let them free run they business

Ask mike about Mingle2
1 review
0 helpful votes

Simply put free means free I just wouldn't waste my time with this site or any other site, it's all about making money with no results.

Ask B about Mingle2
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

This Site Allowing User Use Other Person Picture (i.e Photo Artist or etc)
Too many profiles using pictures of others ..
in other words they do not use their own photo ..
you can imagine, this little thing they are allowed, what about the other thing?

Ask Kurai about Mingle2
1 review
1 helpful vote

The sys-op who set this site up , have no clue. If there is a mistake in your access, or "profile" you cannot correct it.. PERIOD. I made a minor error when setting up my account, with my email address. They seem to be able to email me, but I cannot use the address they can use to contact me. I keep my user and passwords in a "keychain / data base". These programs / applications DO NOT FORGET. So, as a result of bad design, I cannot correct to issue. As for the rest of the service... NO COMMENT, as I've not been abler to use it This situation prevented me from retrieving my "code" to send the msg. I frankly think the site is run by amateurs, and it there is ANY problem... your screwed.

Ask Emery about Mingle2
1 review
2 helpful votes

I chat with this person and after a while she gives me her number. I'm only able to text so I asked if I could actually call her and it didn't work so she says that there is a problem with her phone. Tells me that her father died 6 months ago in South Africa and she said she would have to fly there to claim inheritance. Now today she said she would not get the full amount unless she is married and asked me to contact her attorney in Africa so I did. He was hard to understand so I tell him that I haven't even heard her actual voice yet. So I said how about you get her on the phone so I could talk to her. He was busy for another meeting and said he would tomorrow. So then I email this person for a test saying that her lawyer did talk to me and he advised to tell you to go to the lobby where you can find a pay phone and call collect. She said she wouldn't leave her room because of to many black men.

Tip for consumers: Stop! Use a different one.

Ask Jason about Mingle2
1 review
0 helpful votes

Guys from Ghana pretend to be girls to get you to send them your money.

Ask Don about Mingle2
1 review
1 helpful vote

Have been on the site off and on for a couple years. Have yet to meet anyone who is not a head case. Seriously. One was a drunk, one went back to boyfriend she broke up with the night before our first date, another after about 4 months runs into old high school flame and hopes I'll understand that she is dumping me for him, another became excessively possessive after a weekend getaway, and demanded 6 text messages a day on her schedule. Yeah. Stable. Right now however my profile is banned and I've had no communication from the company as to why. No warnings for any potentially objectionable behaviour or posts, just *bam* the profile is locked out.

Ask Michael about Mingle2
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hello I been in and out of Mingle 2 my account was close for no reason, I never had any problem with people there. I can't go on for 6 days already. I know I am a real person and very respectful lady.

Ask Linda about Mingle2
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I was on Mingle2 lots of scammers and girls wanting me to do money laundering, then I get locked out for no reason and they won't even tell me why! After a month of continuous emails I finally made contact and was sorted.

Ask mike about Mingle2
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

This site has up to 4 phony profiles per page! All of them Internet models! I've been a member for less than 5 minutes and had to go... thank God it was free.

Ask Michael about Mingle2
6 reviews
17 helpful votes

As at the time of making this review, this site has about 149k facebook likes and 17k google + likes. It is a free dating site where people can connect and eventually meet their possible future life partner. I've had the pleasure of chatting with 2 women who found their men on the mingle2 dating site and were pleased with the choices they made.

They would talk about it with so much enthusiasm that I was moved to ask them how long it took them to find what they were looking for. They replied that patience was all it needed and that yes they had experienced some bad encounters along the line but this did not deter them from searching and in the end they did find love.

Mingle2 is that dating site where you can meet people from all over the world. It has a rich database of profiles where you can meet people from all walks of life. Doctors,lawyers,business and professional individuals., there is no limit to the people you can meet . This goes to show that people are in need of love and happiness and are seriously in search of the man or the woman with whom to share love and happiness.

It has a forum where lots of serious discussions are held and where your questions about love and life could well be answered by other forum participants. Like all dating sites the scammers are there too with fake profiles. Messages can be sent to anyone but based on what their profile says and if it matches your profile. So if a female profile says they are looking for a male aged 40-55 and in your profile you age is 35, then you wont be able to message that person.

Mingle2 allows lots of features such as visiting profiles in invisible mode where you will not be shown that you are online. Also other visitors will not know that you viewed their profiles. if you want to have a more engaging experience you can upgrade to mingleplus and enjoy more features.

My experience with the mingle2 dating site continues and will continue as long as the site is up and running. I have met a lot of interesting people and also some scammers too. It is an interesting dating site and free to join. It may not be what you are looking for but you may want to give it a try. With its rich profile database it is impossible not to find what you are looking for.

Ask so about Mingle2
45 reviews
107 helpful votes

I'm ugly and autistic and the women using this site are extremely rude to me!

Ask Tony about Mingle2
6 reviews
13 helpful votes

met very few on this site, most never seem to want to meet and there's a plethora of men from Firestone Park a unincorparated area in L.A. County (why would they have so many single men-unless a whole group decided to do it for fun as I'm polite enough to answer my emails.) Since I refuse to continue corresponding with men I've not met, haven't met Nigerian scammers but heard there's a lot of them there. OKCupid is free too, but have met men there and the profiles seem genuine.

They also removed my main pic which WAS of me and showed my face (reason they gave for removing it) was outdated but told why in profile, as it was to weed out the men who responded to the pic and NOT the personality behind it.

Ask Eva about Mingle2
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's hard for me to justify paying for a dating site. I'm grateful mingle2 offers a free solution because I know that running a large website isn't cheap to do. While you need to exercise common sense to avoid scams, I've found success with mingle2.

Ask jordan about Mingle2
1 review
1 helpful vote

I stumbled upon Mingle2 after seeing some of the other dating sites sort of took me nowhere in my personal life. Mingle2 is free, which is a big advantage, and it's very easy to use. Plenty of good looking users around me so that part is cool, but I also enjoy that there's forums about topics aside from just dating that I check out and talk on from time to time.

Ask Alex about Mingle2
1 review
3 helpful votes

I posted a nice full length picture of myself taken outside after riding my bike. I had sunglasses on and was appropriately clothed for bike riding. This site took it upon itself to delete my photo without prior notice, saying that a close up picture showing my face would get my profile more attention. I was getting more than enough attention from men across the country, some saying they loved the smile on my face. Very disappointed in a site that in essence played Nazi. I am a 58 year old woman and know what is appropriate.

Ask Leanne about Mingle2
1 review
5 helpful votes

At first I was hesitant to try a free dating service. Everyone always said that you'll only find crazies on the free sites, but I've been on Mingle2 now for a couple of months and have only met nice people looking for the same thing I am. I've gone on a couple of dates and had a great time. Overall It's been a really great experience.

Don't listen to the haters. Give it a try.

Ask Brad about Mingle2
1 review
5 helpful votes

I've been using Mingle2 for a few months now, and have had some pretty good results. The quality of users are pretty good, and I've been able to get a few dates out of it that went well. I first decided to try Mingle2 after having sub-par experiences on other free online dating sites. This one is worth giving a try.

Ask Harrison about Mingle2
1 review
10 helpful votes

Beware of a guy going under the name of James Woodward, saying he works for the u.n he will talk to you for a month telling you how much he loves you, and wants a future with you, then he has to go to south Africa, and Nigeria where his credit card no longer works and needs help with money until he can get it straighten out, becomes very upset when you refuse to send him money, he also uses a google voice VoIP account. He has been reported for scamming under a different name but with the same photo he is quick to give you a cell number which is actually a google voice, he supposedly can not talk only text because it will be recorded while he is on the u.n base.

Ask Jen about Mingle2
27 reviews
333 helpful votes

"OK"...not more / not less!

Ask Robert about Mingle2
1 review
8 helpful votes

This site should be avoided. It is full of scammers (particularly military romance scammers - men claiming to military when they are NOT).

Ask elizabeth about Mingle2
1 review
6 helpful votes

Joined free website, which has a filter to automatically block men or women you are not compatible with, which does not seem to be working! My filter says I am seeking men 35-65, within 150 miles, no married men, or smokers, and a friend. I had two men, one from Africa and one from Delphi, both under age 30 write me, telling me I was put on their friend list. I never received a friend request from either, or would have denied it, since I live in the USA. I blocked both men and contacted Mingle, but when I clicked on send, I got an Error Message from Cloud Flare that the website was off line, which I reported to my carrier, Verizon. This makes me question their ethics, so I say beware.

Ask Eileen about Mingle2
1 review
7 helpful votes

Not one, not two but all three of the men I attempted to connect with turned out to be fake. Fake names, fake pictures and fake phone numbers... I looked it up; they're a call center in INDIA!

Ask Non about Mingle2
1 review
3 helpful votes

Total scam -- requires you to install a shop-at-home toolbar before you can use the site, and that's AFTER you already have to navigate away from three or four other attempts to get you to sign up for sales stuff. I never even got to the actual site to try it.

Ask Katia about Mingle2
1 review
2 helpful votes

I really like this website. The people are so polite. You don't see polite people on dating sites, but you do on THIS one. Unless you prefer sluts and drunks, which would mean joining the main dating sites we already know about. The ones with the famous names. No-one you couldn't already pick up on a street corner. lol. Mingle2 is the exception. The people who moan that they never get any replies, well, maybe they just need to re-think their whole approach to women/men. Also, jealousy will never look good on you. Just because i talk to other guys on a forum, doesn't mean anything. I talk to the women just as much. I don't like a guy friend thinking i am his, before we even date. Possessiveness is not a good trait. Neither is stalking me just to try to get me to fall in love with you. If it won't happen naturally, then get over it. Sorry. Just some men think i have no right to date anyone, just because I'm their friend. It's like they don't know the difference between just being friends and dating.

Ask Sarah about Mingle2
1 review
5 helpful votes

Terrible experience full of scammers, and insulting forum regulars playing their silly little troll games. Extremely poor moderation of posts. There was a very limited amount of genuine people there looking for dating or a real relationship. That's what you get from a free dating site.

The paid upgrade gives you little more than what you get from the free membership. Don't waste you're money

Don't bother wasting your time and go to a paid professional dating/singles matching website.

Ask Dave about Mingle2
5 reviews
23 helpful votes

useless waste of time, not one girl or lady would message me, not even a message.

Ask Will about Mingle2
33 reviews
142 helpful votes

Judging from the previous review and the Q & A section, the forum is not for everybody. having said that I actually met a very nice lady on I have tried many dating sites and this is the only one where I met a girl in real life. ( I have met people through myspace, craigslist and Yahoo I.M. they are not "dating" sites) So if you want to try to meet someone try this website, if you want to try a discussion forum - maybe go elsewhere? The site is safe and doesn't have pop-ups or suspicious links.

Ask Eric about Mingle2
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is full of biased mods that love to flame people. They are a very close clique and I wish I had read the reviews before I joined because lots of people posted about them being this way. I have been banned for my political views and I also get flamed constantly and the mods will only delete my posts, not the posts of the other users. Beware of this site, its not your non biased dating site. its a haven for miserable people to cyber bully all the people that they are jealous of.

Ask rachel about Mingle2

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