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New Reviewer

I have been ordering my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the gallon tub for years from Dr. Mercola. The shipping is extremely fast! It's here before I can turn around! Wonderful!

Veteran Reviewer

Read what this O.D. has written about the taking of statin drugs, ask your own trusted cardiologist(s) and decide for yourself whether or not to trust all the advice this O.D. publishes.

A close friend who exercised regularly, stayed trim and ate an exceptionally healthy diet, relied solely upon Mercola's advice instead of that of any competent cardiologist. His sky high LDL (bad cholesterol) went untreated, he failed to be followed by a cardiologist and consequently had a near fatal heart attack from a single 100% occlusion of the notorious "widow-maker" artery. A competent interventionalist implanted a stent within 1 hour, saving his life and putting him on the proper drug regimen, including a statin. This patient's left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is now 45%, which is below the bottom of the low normal range, indicative of permanent death of heart muscle. This patient blames Mercola, O.D. for his absolutely incorrect advice as regards statin drugs and now trusts nothing which Mercola writes. This friend is now a patient of the interventionalist who saved his life and carefully follows the proper advice of this very competent MD.

A major problem is that Mercola sometimes embeds dangerously incorrect medical advice in amongst some other perfectly correct advice. This misleads the naive and medically uninformed patient into thinking that all the advice is correct.

New Reviewer

This site has a lot of positive attributes-mostly consisting of many intelligent, well informed members. However, if you challenge the content,use sarcasm or humor, you'll be expelled from the site. Mercola is illiterate to humor-good thing, for if he smiled, his face would crack...

New Reviewer

I agree. I go to Mayo Clinic and my cardiologist put me on Simvastatin. My LDL has dropped significantly to 47.4.

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