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69 reviews
632 Broadway, 10th Floor, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10012, USA
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It's just a website that facilitates peoples' desires to MEET other like-minded people. (in 35 reviews)


Each group has their own page, photos, and message boards. (in 51 reviews)


It's easy to design your own page and set up events, even collecting money for them. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Meetup is the worst company ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to contact them for help with stopping a payment and their response time and system was an absolute joke! it's obvious that no one works together and I kept receiving emails from different people asking me for different things and then when I would respond that person would never get back to me and then when I would write another upset email I would just get a new person asking for the same thing, it took about a month to get anywhere and then they just told me they could not help! It's ridiculous that this company is too lazy to have any type of phone service to help their members, they could not understand the situation through email but yet I could not even have the chance to explain it over the phone! And they say they have great email customer service! That could not be further from the truth, I flit like I was dealing with untrained circus monkeys instead of people! This company just wants to take all of the credit, and take your money and have absolutely no responsibility! Their departments don't communicate at all, and they literally just don't want to deal with any drama so they use the cop out that they are just the middle man!! You have seriously pissed me off and I will try to spread the word about your company anywhere I can and as often as I can! You treat your members like crap and I think other have a right to know!

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE THIS SITE, Just contact the group you like directly or find them on Facebook, meetup is one of many outlets for groups, and they usually have pages on multiple sites! and don't pay any dues through them! you can pay an organizer directly! YOU DON'T NEED MEETUP!!!!!!!

Ask Jessica about Meetup
New Reviewer

Wow! A lot of negative reviews on here . . . . I notice most of the naysayers tend to focus on an incident or anecdotal happening
my experiences have been pretty good especially if you link up with one that is active and has a few organizers and not just one or two. I n my homecity in Canada there is a wide selection to choose from and the larger general activities Meet-Ups have a wide following and a number of events. I've some good acquaintances and widened my social circle far more easily than striking up conversations in a bar.
I've traveled to other cities for and looked up local meet up group(s) and just show up and they've all been welcoming. Some may charge a couple dollars but I understand that there are costs associated with hosting the site and I'm fine with that.

New Reviewer

My stalker found me through because of their lax Privacy Policies in which case they did nothing to ban her from the site. Organizers don't want to deal with the "drama" so they ignore any requests for bans. And, because anyone can start a group with no guidelines or expectations set in place by for Organizers, Organizers can chose to do whatever they want without reprocutions, such as ignoring pleas for help.

FYI: If your name is used for your account or if your name is listed in any comments in any group, you will come up in any online search of your name and every single group you are a member of will show up. This is a great way for stalkers, employers, or anyone else to find you!

Mine did this, and then proceeded to sign up for every group I was a part of, then proceeded to slander me in groups, and act like she was going to show up to an event - only to never show up, but only psych me out from attending anything fearing she'd be there.

Did Meetup do anything? Nope.

Tip for consumers: In this day and age, when our information and privacy, is a thing of the past, and companies like this chose to do nothing to better protect the online identity of their patrons, I really do believe there are other, more effective ways to go out and have fun and meet new people than heavily relying on sites like this.

I can better protect myself and my information "off-line" and "in person" through other means than through online sites that don't care what victims of stalkers go through.

Ask Louise about Meetup
New Reviewer

a haven for predatory men to go after young women, and those who are new in town. also a great way for said men to hold meetups at bars where they know the bartenders/bar owners, make commission off drinks purchased by people attending the meetup, and cover up for anyone who wishes to slip date rape drugs into the drink of any female meetup attendees.

at a meetup i went to i was roofied. it was a langauge-speaking meetup of all things, on a saturday night at a bar in a large city. it was a small group and we were in a small, uncrowded bar. i arrived alone at 9pm, and introduced myself the the organizer who smiled and welcomed me and made sure i ordered a drink. he asked if i was new in town, if i knew anyone else, and when i said no, he introduced me to the rest of the group. total at the meetup that night was: myself, the meetup organizer, two of his friends, and two men who had not come together. everyone was standing at the bar talking.

i ordered a rum and coke, which was small and not strong, and drank it as i talked with the group. half hour later, i ordered a second one. my last memory of the night is sipping on my halfway full drink, while standing at the bar. my next memory, which would be 12 hours later, was when i woke up the next day on the floor of a strange apartment, covered in vomit and dirt, and with bruises, and my whole body hurting.

i soon realized i was in the apartment of one of the men who i had been talking to at the bar, and i started to panic. i got up and found my things, which were on a table. the man said he would help me and that he had brought me there because i had been falling down "drunk" at the club the night before. i told him that i had no memory of anything. my head was pounding and i could barely form concrete sentences, so all i told him was that i wanted to go home. i was scared and wanted to get away as quickly as possible. he called a cab and i went home in the cab.

i was sick for 3 days afterwards, unable to get out of bed, my whole body hurt and i had no energy. at the time i had no medical insurance either, so i was unable to do testing to find out what i had been given. i did go to a low cost clinic and they told me i clearly was drugged with something. i tried calling to do a police report but kept on getting recorded messages, and was told that i would need to come to police station to file a report. since i had no clear evidence (like lab tests) i couldn't prove that i had been drugged. so i didn't file a report.

i later learned that the organizer frequently holds meetups at bars where he is friends with the bar owners. one bar even has a drink named after him. he has 9 different meetups which are supposed to be specific interest groups, but they always meet at bars for happy hour or club nights. i think that a friend of the organizer must have roofied me, and the organizer, seeing how incapacitated i was, got rid of me by sending me home with a strange man, rather than calling 911.

months later i worked up the courage to go to another meetup and confront the organizer about what happened. he recognized me immediately and even remembered my name. he was very apologetic from the start and asked how i was. i asked why on earth would he have put me in a cab with a strange man, when he knew i came to the meetup alone and that everyone there was a stranger to me? he said that he thought i was really drunk and that the man had offered to take care of me. he said i had been falling down on the ground. when i asked why he didn't call 911, and why he got rid of me by putting me in a cab with a stranger, all he could say to me was "sorry" and then he offered to buy me a drink to make up for it.

i could have died, if i had been given a higher dose of the roofies. as i said, i woke up covered in vomit. i am very angry that this happened to me and it was over a year ago. i think this man knew what was going on and that one of his friends drugged me, but they didn't expect me to have such a violent reaction (profuse vomiting and falling down)

stay away from meetups!

Tip for consumers: be extremely careful. meeting people this way is not much better than meeting them on craig's list. also you will get stalkers who will see your profile and stalk you when you sign up for another meetup, they will know that you're going to be there and they will show up to stalk you.

Ask sheila about Meetup
New Reviewer

It is a very good site to organize a meeting in your city where people from different backgrounds are welcome to join. One way is to organize a facebook event but another is to use this tool to organize it for people who don't have facebook accounts and don't want to get involved too much in facebook to attend events.

My personal experience: great

New Reviewer

I was an organizer of a few groups for a few years and hosted around 100 events with 95% having great reviews. When a few female members who were psychotically jealous of me because they were desperate cougars and the men were attracted to me and not them decided to start ruining my events meetup kicked me off the site (claiming that I was barred for life). After what I went through dealing with the mentally unstable and desperate people of New York City that are a part of meetup (had to call the police twice, strangers started yelling for no reason at events, adults over-drinking and puking on others, stalkers, people not paying for their meals, really sleazy and creepy men, etc. etc. you wouldn't believe what I've witnessed) there's NO WAY IN HELL that I would ever want to be a part of this site ever again. Not one employee at meetup ever asked for my side of the story- what a horrible business with extremely poor customer support. Back in the day... crazy people like this were sent to lunatic asylums... now they all belong to

Tip for consumers: Join if you want to meet highly unstable New York City lunatics who are unable to meet friends in real life or are extremely cheap and won't pay for their share.

Ask New about Meetup
New Reviewer

I tried to organize a few meetups with no success ,so I didn't want to waste my time or money anymore and attempted to unsubscribe as an organizer and stop my cc deductions. An almost impossible feat. They charged my credit card again and once again I'm trying to stop my membership. Phone calls not accepted and emails not answered. BEWARE!

Tip for consumers: It sounds like a good idea,but I had no success.

Ask Annette about Meetup
New Reviewer

I don't get all the bad reviews? I agree when I was in Canada some of the groups charged for events, but most didn't. In Australia, none of my groups charge for events unless the event costs money, eg a ticket to something. You just get to go, meet awesome people and my social life has now expanded. In some cases we get to go and get free stuff. As a woman, you have to be careful of the weekend events that creepy older men treat as dating events though. Go to girls nights and groups for people who've just moved to the city. I've made so many friends through meetup.

Ask Laura about Meetup
New Reviewer

I met Yiqian Zhou through meet, and discovered that he entered into the United States to attend Rowan University from Shanghai, China in 2005-2009 and 2009-2011 to earn a Bachelors and MBA degree. He entered the country using factitious and fraudulent documents, which was supplied by a Chinese company to recruit Chinese students to Rowan University up to 2009. The University has not done anything.

He currently resides in the Virginia or Maryland area and is working for Innovative life Solutions in Hyattsville, MD (301-270-4750). He used the same factitious documents to gain employment through this employer, who sponsors him. Other contacts that may be helpful to you is Gisele Jones-Human Resources Rep. at Innovative Life Solutions and most importantly, Tim Torry, the foreign student representative at Rowan University. Tim's number is 856-256-4105. Yiqian Zhou's number is 856-357-4776.

New Reviewer

I am shocked and surprised at the number of negative reviews. I have been a member for years, and an organizer for one year. I charge my members a small fee (dues) just to cover meetup dues charged to me. Met lots of new friends and its great for networking as well. Maybe the bad reviewers have joined shady meetup groups and had a bad experience. Not the situation here at all!

Tip for consumers: Dont believe what these reviewers say! Most meetup groups are free to join. I myself am a member of MANY groups, from Gardening, book clubs, lunch groups..dirt biking groups....and more. No issues!

Ask sherry about Meetup
New Reviewer

Can you say adulterous men preying on desperate women? Pretty much the purpose behind these groups. For loser only.

New Reviewer

Once you join Meetup you cant seem to cancel. I have try for the last 3 1/2 hours to cancel nothing works on their web site, the site tells you how to cancel, but of course, it doesn't work.
They keep charging my CC. it looks like I need to charge the number on my card thats about the only way to stop this charge. It hasn't been helpful at all

New Reviewer

As a member, it's easy to join and is free. So far no really terrible experiences. I've used it for years.

However, I decided to become an organizer. What I didn't know before I hosted was they charge you a monthly fee. This is how they make money. However, they gave me a discount so I decided to test it out for six months. That's not my complaint though.

I had an issue with some members in the group. I wanted to ask the community of organizers on Meetup how they usually deal with general situations like mine. I couldn't find any other forums but the one on their site. I searched for a similar answer and found none, so I submitted my question to the forum.

I got a reply shortly after from their community manager stating that they couldn't post my question, but did not specify why. He just gave me a generic statement that this was a community forum for best practices. How was my question not about best practices? However, he continued to offer me some generic advice I found unhelpful.

I got the feeling that because my question was negative, I wasn't allowed to voice it. They wanted to hide it and didn't want to make others in the community aware of what could happen in their groups. What an incredibly discouraging experience. It made me feel isolated from other hosts, and unable to turn to anyone for support. What's the point of "meetup" if you can't turn to your community?

My thoughts about this company: be weary of anyone that tries to hide something from the community especially when it relates to safety. I'll be cancelling my account when my six months is up.

New Reviewer

I would not recommend joining a Meetup group as the organisers can (and do) ban you for whatever reason with no recourse -daring to RVSP, changing your RSVP or even asking a question online and you're banned. Querying this with the organisers cuts no ice either as they'll ignore you and don't even bother going to meetup HQ itself as they'll point you towards the TOS which requires a law degree to interpret. You might do better if you've had to pay a subscription to join as then you'll have a contract with them but don't bank on it. A more un-user friendly association I've not met.

New Reviewer

Instead of meetup - go to - it's completely free. You do not have to pay for groups or creating a profile. It's new and it's hip. You can IM or go to the main chat room, or use group chat.

New Reviewer

I have attended a few of the Meetup groups. Most have been very good. The one's that try and sell their business services eg. Workshops, Courses etc. are one's to stay away from, especially when they fail to omit a charge on their 'Meetup Page'. You would think if they are trying to do the 'sales pitch' and generate business, they should pay for the room - as most are in libraries and very reasonable to hire. Very deceptive.

New Reviewer
4/3/14 doctored their search engine so my computer would not be able to access all available groups.
This 'playing god attitude' seems prevalent in their decision making, curtailing the freedoms of other users for no apparent reason.
I also note health clubs or anything slightly counter culture get closed down.

I would give no star if I could. Its the ugly club

New Reviewer

Meetup is arbitrary with the enforcement of their own rules.

I built two different Meetups and in both cases they shut them down and they were both legitimate topics that have plenty of other people doing the same thing (I wasn't setting any precedents).

And the worst part - they just shut you off without giving you any tips or suggestions on how to become compliant in their system if they determine you're not. Just "POOF", you're deleted. What a crock of @#$%.

New Reviewer

Meetup has good facilities for organizing group members and events. It's easy to design your own page and set up events, even collecting money for them. Clubs who start using it need to be aware that it's really hard to stop using it, because if you stop paying fees, meetup will email everyone else in the group asking for another organizer to step up. So, if say you start a club called Harley Riders of LA County, but then decide to move to your own website, it's really difficult to take your meetup members with you. You need to email all the membership and then manually delete all group members, otherwise they will all keep receiving emails from Meetup that your club is closing down if a new organizer doesn't step up.

New Reviewer

I've been a Meetup organizer for 4 years. I've started several free groups. People need to realize that they are dealing with human beings on 3 levels. 1. Meetup New York. 2. The group organizers. 3. The members. Most organizers are good people who work without pay. Most members are good people too, but expect to run into anything. Never carpool with someone you don't know well. If Meetup members didn't love their groups they wouldn't stay in them for years, and that's the bottom line.

New Reviewer

You can't "rate"
It's just a website that facilitates peoples' desires to MEET other like-minded people.
If you are crazy, judgemental, paranoid or full of yourself DON'T JOIN A GROUP AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR WARPED PERCEPTIONS.

You can't rate the website, but you can rate a individual meetup group that you've been in, but what's the point? What's the likelihood that anyone using Site Jabber is going to be attending the EXACT SAME GROUP as you?

The few meetup group organizers that I have met and had the opportunity to chat with, always lament about the crazy people that join their group and then complain, whine, $#*! and generally wreak havoc in what is supposed to be a group of people that simply want to share an activity/interest with other like-minded people.

There ARE meetup groups for dating, just as there are for introverts, East-Indian singles 24-33 ... whatever you want, so don't join a group for over 40's and then complain that everyone is over 40.

New Reviewer

It is a stalker's paradise!! There are so many obvious fake profiles; people who have been banned just rejoin with fake profiles, then show up to meetup events to repeatedly stalk, harass and terrify the person they are obsessed with. When Meetup is notified of these fake profiles, they do absolutely NOTHING about it even though they are aware through comparing the stalkers IP addresses. I have been told that I need to file repeated lawsuits against the criminal stalker before they will divulge the information. I had Organizers who repeatedly had to warn their membership to beware of this sick man and his repeated presence in banned groups in an attempt to protect me and keep me safe. Ultimately, I had to leave Meetup completely, while the sick, perverted stalker now has up to 8 fake profiles. All Meetup screams loud and clear is that they are a "Safe Harbor"....meaning they will take absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for any resulting harm. Meetup is a disgrace to the community.

New Reviewer

I have attended many meetup groups and have NEVER been scammed. It is a free social service, similar to okcupid but offers more then just meeting singles. After each event members are able to comment and rate the events so if someone wanted to scam you they would have to make tons of profiles to make the group seem legitimate. Read the reviews for the meetup group, view the photo's of the events, contact the venue where the event is taking place. If your afraid of getting scammed (which is crazy) then do your homework to make sure the group is real. It cost money to start a meetup group, you need a paypal account, and members can easily contact the owners of the site to report any problems. This site is a great free service. I have started a meetup group, you pay a monthly fee & it is a TON of work. No one becomes rich for owning a meetup group, there are much easier ways to scam people out of money.

As for the emails you get, CHANGE YOUR PROFILE SETTINGS. It is so easy, I don't receive any emails from because my profile setting are set where I don't get promotional emails. Also if you have google, make a social events folder. That way you can view the emails when you want to and they won't be in your main inbox. Meetup is such a great site, not every group is great, but that would be a little much to ask for.

New Reviewer

a little expensive but the results as being a participant are good. To run a site is work and lots of emails. You can set it up not to get the emails
Problems running a group is like running an organization. Only as good as it's members. Stop putting it down already.
Find a different similar site as cheap. ok can't find one...........hmm

New Reviewer

I'm a member not an organiser. There is no screening. This one organiser is stealing money i.e taking deposits for an event and running off with the money. Setting up another group and doing the same thing. I complained and all I got was "sorry, nothing to do with us"

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service once they have your money. All friendly, charming and quick to help when you begin to set up a new meetup, but that welcome mat is gone once they got you in. A Meetup I had organized for after-school education in Technology (of course, the Meetup is technically for the parents as kids cannot be Members), disappeared with no warning or explanation, and so far they have not responded to all efforts I have made to contact them.

New Reviewer

There is bad and good. If they don't like you or you don't fit in, you re just treated like dirt. Some of the organizers are very nice and others are ignorant. I already talked to organizer who had serious trust issues with meeting new people. Well duh! What are you doing on meetup? I guess it's like everything else. You have good and bad but I did meet some really cool people. There are better ways of meeting people. Oh and if you re new to a group and you re not liked, some organizers will delete the event!!!

New Reviewer

There are some pretty good groups on it, but I was unfairly banned from a dating group recently. I didn't fill in the boxes properly because I was not sure what to write about, so I was declined. I did try to do a better job of things the next time I filled in the registration form, yet I got banned. The person in charge is clearly rude and obnoxious. I was reported to the police too, but I felt I just needed her to explain her reason. It totally could have ruined January for me.

New Reviewer

The organizer Lorraine LIES!. This is a group for woman in there 20's and 30's and the organizer is in her 40's. She also lets men join in the Facebook page and and ignores members who don't pay the VIP membership. I was basically ignored at one of the events because I was new and not considered "Gorgeous" to be included. This organizer only cares about money and attention. Don't join GorgeousGirlsofSC (southern california) it will be a horrible experience if you are looking for real friends.In my opinion.

New Reviewer

It varies from one the next Some people are sincere, some aren't , some are well attended some aren't They try to get people to meet based on their interests and they have many actitivities

New Reviewer

In Auckland NZ, many religions/quacks/dodgy types drumming up clientele from a pool of lonely peeps with neurological/autism spectrum disorders. AVOID!

New Reviewer

There are some decent meetups, but the majority of meetups are people shilling their services. This is especially true of the singles meetups. I'm just tired of being hit up to join some therapy session, personal coaching, or what not at a meetup. I thought the meetups were to "meet" people, not to be hit up for sales calls.

New Reviewer

Meetup is a great way for new friends & activities, but don't expect a perfect world. It is another social group which consists with people; it means normal(good or bad or accidental) troubles are coming with it.
I was new in the City and joined meetups & even was a paid organizer twice. I met good friends and enjoyed many interesting activities. Without meetup, the quality of my life would be different; less friends & less healthy activities like hiking.
One of my ex(seemingly harmless at first) who I met at meetup, turned out to be a stalker and ended up physically assaulted. He(David Snow from Edmonton, Alberta) is waiting for his court date, after arrested by RCMP. So, things happen.

One great things about is that when I reported on, they disabled his profile; it means he cannot join or reactivate at meetup aka kicked out because of his abusive behavior(stalking, threatening, and physical assault toward other meetup member.).

I still think is such an amazing website. Generally great for making guy or gal friends who like same activities as you(food or running or hiking), not so much for real dating; just my opinion.

New Reviewer

I spent several hours setting up a page for my moms group and after 2 days I received an email that our group violated their policy even though they have 389 other groups with the exact same name. I thought maybe I used improper wording so I actually copy and pasted from an already active group and they denied me again. this website is a crap. and customer service is a joke.

New Reviewer

I've used this site for years for organizing social network events. The reason I used this site instead of facebook events pages was because I didn't trust facebook. Facebook has made significant changes to their site without notifying subscribers on many occasions. Well... After using over the years and PAYING for the page, has made subjective format alterations to the page as well. It is one thing if Facebook makes changes to a free page. However, paying for a page and having them reformat the product that a customer has paid for, without their permission was very disappointing.

New Reviewer

Great groups in every city.
One exception Beverly Hills group leader never sent me address for 15 meetings I signed up for as she's promoting her 5 businesses and I don't fall into her demographics I guess. I complained no addresses given and she wasted 15 hours x 2 = -$3000 of my time.

New Reviewer

Unfortunately, anyone can attend and anyone can host these meetings. There is no screening. I just left a social for "foodies" and will never return. I thought it was a good way to meet new people (hence the name Meet Up) But it seems more like an avenue for a bunch of dorky and unsavory types. For a bunch of 40 somethings and older the majority were unmannered and socially inept--actually sat next to a man who played on his cell phone while sitting in the middle of a table of guests. I addressed his bad manners, instead of him apologizing to everyone, he defended his poor behavior by saying that it was a matter of opinion! Then another man defended this man's bad manners by saying that sometimes he (himself) needed to use his phone to check in on his girlfriend (as he was physically all over the woman next to him). They proceeded to tell me that the group was not for singles, it was for everyone. In other words, it was a great pool of lonely, single and desperate women victimized ( or not) by married and otherwise attached men. Why would it be open to married and attached people but they were not coming as couples? Why wouldn't they just go out to dinner on their own or have the social skills as a couple to make their own friends (which is very easy to do)??Not surprising that the organizers of the group were all men! If these attached men needed a social group, there are many other avenues that are morally acceptable than to prey on lonely, unattached women.
I also attended a meeting for spiritual awareness that describes itself as a meditation only to discover that it costs $8.00 per 45 minutes to "meditate" and connect with dead people. The organizer of that one finds everything possible to host a "meet up" and keeps a time clock next to her! She hosts a "meet up" group almost daily at $8 per person. I cannot believe that "meet up " rules allows a very profitable business to operate and use meet up avenues as their primary advertising.
In the case of these meet ups, I would definitely say BUYER BEWARE. It seems to be a great magnet for deceitful practices and more so, rude and ignorant people.

New Reviewer

I created a beautiful page as an organizer who holds free and low cost health and spiritual practice events. I thought Meetup would be a good place to get the word out in our local area. I WAS SO WRONG. After hours of getting friends and local like minded people to join my new page and not to mention the hours creating the page and adding events etc....I get this email!

Our Community Team reviews each newly-created Meetup Group to see if it's a good fit for our platform. When we took a look at your Meetup Group, Three Roots Wellness, Center 4 Holistic Practices, NE, 21901, we determined that it wasn't in line with our Group Community Guidelines. You can check them out here:

As a result, we've closed your Meetup Group. Sorry about that. Don't worry, we've also refunded your Organizer Dues. It may take 3-7 business days for that refund to appear on your account. Please confirm receipt directly with your card issuer.

We appreciate your interest in Meetup!

Meetup HQ

ARE THEY GOD???? They didn't even have the decent business professionalism to say "we noticed xyz and feel it is a violation of our terms you have 24hrs to remove it etc" NOTHING and when I emailed them so bewildered not even understanding what I did wrong they had an EVEN RUDER response....

I am so angry

These people are completely NOT professional and think they have the monopoly on social networking!!

Oh don't bother calling will not get anywhere because the customer service people do not handle ANYTHING according to Lianae (representative) who couldn't even tell me what I did wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Where to begin. First, I attempted to create a specific kind of health group. Meetup rejected it, stating I was doing it for business purposes only. Keep in mind that I wasn't attempting, nor was I going to attempt to charge anyone for anything. I only wanted to create a place for like-minded, health-conscious individuals to get together. This was AFTER I have found groups that charge people a fee to join AND after I attempted to join an existing Meetup, but was told by the organizer that I had to meet with her individually first, and would need to pay a fee for that initial visit. I referred her group to Meetup and was ignored. To date, her group is still in existence.

New Reviewer

I have nothing but very negative experiences with I agree that is for losers who can't make friends in real life. The people who attend events are some of the most insane, emotionally disturbed, sycophants I've ever met!

As a female, attending the singles events are horrible! The men are socially retarded and won't take "I'm not interested" "No I don't want to exchange numbers" and walking away from them as a sign to please leave me alone. They will follow you around the event and even send frightening stalker e-mails after the event.

I've deleted my profile and am trying to find other ways to meet people, because there is ZERO quality on

New Reviewer

As an organizer for many years, unfortunately I can only say that the experience has been a bitter one... forget about the occasional weirdo that might join the group you're paying for as an organizer, it's the complete and utter lack of touch and empathy from Meetup HQ towards us their paying customers. Over and over they don't get tired of making the point that they don't care a bit about and understand what you have to say and what truly works to run a succesful group for adult people. The feeling you get is that Meetup HQ is run by a psycopath together with a bunch of teenagers. All they care about is that their website looks good, hiding and many times disappearing the many complaints organizers have posted. For instance, organizers used to have a forum to post questions, concerns, etc. but due to the fact that lots and lots of organizers were posting complaints about their platform, website, constant changes, etc etc etc, Meetup HQ had the brilliant idea to silence everyone and got rid of that forum... instead of perhaps listening for a change to its paying customers.

New Reviewer

Seriously! $19 bucks a month to start a group and all you get is headache after headache! Once comes out in my area I'm going to that! (free AND none of the privacy issues of Meetup such as people seeing where you are without even having a Meetup account)

New Reviewer

As an organizer of a 8,000 member + group I absolutely HATE They make unwanted changes and do not listen to customer feedback-- If you are staring a new group PLEASE consider other options. It may be too late for me, but you can save yourself!

With this last change they took away ALL font options, color, font size, ability to copy and paste pictures, highlight or underline, and MUCH more.
No all of my postings have to be b;ack and with at size 11 font.

It was soo good in the past, but with change after change they continue to screw the paying organizers

New Reviewer

I was an organizer for a large group for professionals in New York City for a few years and WILL NEVER attend another Meetup anywhere again. Professional events resulted in such cruel and psychotic behavior that we even had to call the police at several events. Restraining orders, having to court, etc.

I completely regret all of the time that I spent trying to put on quality events. The stand up comedians here in NYC have it right - Meetup is for LOSERS who cannot meet friends in real life.

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Meetup is one of the scummiest sites going. By this I mean, not all the fabulous members and organizers who are unfortunately using it. I have had very little good dealing with meetup in the last while (since they cut out most of their editing options and pissed many organizers off) I have been blocked from commenting on their boards after posting the letter they sent me after I registered a complaint with them. They refuse to consult with or acknowledge the organizers who are paying them! All you get is a copy and paste generic letter and a shove under the carpet. From what I can tell they place no value the people who use the service.
That being said, the groups, organizers and members are fabulous! I have made many friends who I adore! I hope in the future these group can move elsewhere.

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This site is a huge scam. Once you sign up you'll be harassed with endless e-mails, and changing your e-mail preferences is a major pain if you sign up to any of the groups. If you complain about the e-mail volume on their suggestion forum your account will be banned. If you say ANYTHING even slightly criticizing them on that forum your ENTIRE account will be banned. And if you paid money? Too bad, so sad, you voicing your opinions apparently means you're no longer entitled to the money you spent.

Not to mention the fact that if you don't give in at first and don't pay them to create a group, a few days later they'll send you a 50% off coupon. You have to be a pretty disgusting company to run your business like that. Trick people into paying full price but offer the reluctant ones HALF OFF. I mean, wow.

Aside from the unethical business practices the membership base itself if FULL of fake profiles. 90% of your members won't attend a meetup, won't respond to messages, aren't active in any way, and have stock photos on their profiles. Digging a it deeper you'll be hard pressed to find any of them are real.


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This site is great for meeting people with similar interests, attributes, or talents that are outside of the interests of the average local bar patron. I have a rare personality type and a 160 IQ which makes it very difficult to meet people that I can have a meaningful conversation with. I started a meetup group and have met some very interesting people. I think that groups that revolve around cleverness have better odds of turning out well because most of the people that show up can have amusing conversations on just about anything.

The much older people, shyer people, or geekier people that show up I just try to include and give them advice on things that they complain about. I like the idea of helping people with what I have learned as much as I do meeting people who challenge me and teach me things.

Most of these people would take me years of pub crawling to meet randomly

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Love the meetups, and have made many real friends.

The website has a big problem with scammers, however. Whenever I join a new meetup group, I get several messages from men who are using meetup as a pool of new targets for their scam. The language/phrasing is often the same, as if they cut/paste the bait message.

Beware if you get a message from a man whose profile shows messages from several other women saying "Thank you for the compliment but I don't remember you, where'd we meet again??"

Beware if you get a message from a man whose english is poor, using phrases like:

hello dear
if you don't mind
I will like to know more about
hope to read from you soon
Looking for a serious minded woman for a serious relationship
I am new here
please no games
i will like to meet a serious minded woman for a serious relationship
God bless and please to hear from you soon
Thank you for the information's

If you do get a message like this, click Report - and also send an email to include links to the message you got and to his profile.

If they get enough complaints, maybe they'll be able to adjust the software to filter out certain phrases.

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You really have to go and try some out. Some are worth the $ and others just rip you off and all they care about doing is TAKING your $ and offering very little (i.e. Soul City Social Club). The more the charge the more your should be weary or just avoid them completely.

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I was an organizer and member this place is crazy. I started a womens drum healing circle had about 30 women 20 rsvp to me for the eve we were having the circle. NO ONE SHOWED UP seems a bit strange I paid for the space and of course paid for the meet up organization. I then closed out my account and my credit card was being used on line. Do not play into this company they will not help you if you have issues like this. They send people to your meet up who do not want to come to a meet up or are 25 miles away from the place you intend to have the meeting. As for the new set ups it sucks. It use to be free but charging you for something is crazy. Meet ups are only good if you have a public place to meet and our area was very scare in those places. I would not allow anyone to come to my home, as you don't know who you are dealing with and most are a bit weird and crazy. they don't like groups and don't want to even meet. They just like to join on line. don't waste your time or money, as you will get caught in a loop like I did, yes meet up is a scam!

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