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132 reviews
632 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10012, USA
Tel: +1.2122557327
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It's just a website that facilitates peoples' desires to MEET other like-minded people. (in 67 reviews)


Every Meetup Group that I organized had a lot of people joining. (in 98 reviews)


I agree when I was in Canada some of the groups charged for events, but most didn't. (in 35 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Way to go Let's just take away the first amendment and while your at it, just force on your members all the other goofy beliefs you have on tap.

Ask Roger about Meetup
1 review
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The overall experience was disappointing. First I wanted to find some hobbies or interests outside of my current group of friends. I joined some social groups and even some singles groups I am a very shy person when put into a social situation where I know no one. I decided to interact with a few people before I would show up at an overpriced event with strangers. I wanted to get a feel for the group, what to expect and to be able to get to know someone before attending an event. I received responses back from other interested members. Then meetup deleted my account stating I was sending spam messages!!! Apparently they have a rule against copying/pasting messages. How many different ways can you say Hi can you tell me what your opinion is of said group? How feasible is to make sure every message is unique? Is it really spam if members are talking to each other? Isnt the point of this site for basic networking? If Im in a singles group isnt the point to meet others who may share common interests? Apparently not. Meetup wants you to be forced into awkward social situations and then you are free to conversate with others in your group. In this day and age meetup might be the only site where one is not allowed to send online messages. Truly bizarre.
Worst part was I dont even get a warning that what I was doing was against their Terms of Service. Just tried to log in one day and got a message my account was deleted and would not be reinstated. That was just bizarre.
Of course trying to get an explanation from customer service is like trying to get a toddler to explain why they thought it was a good idea to eat cat poop. They are of no help. You cant have a conversation with them. They are however really good at replying with scripted correspondence that offers no real answer to ones specific issue. And that includes responding back and informing them that they havent really explained their position, offered a reasonable solution or even appear to have actually read your email query to them.
In my opinion trying to get customer service to help is a complete waste of time. They have no idea what that term means. And thats apparently OK with them until we as consumers stop buying their product or someone else develops a similar model.
One more thing MeetUp: Your account will not be reinstated. Thank YOU for understanding. Sh!tbirds

Ask Mark about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

My whole social circle are Meet Up friends.

Activity meet up groups are great...especially relating to nature and hiking. These are the two most popular groups in my city. The dance groups are also going strong...both lessons and meeting together at a club. The huge decline has been in general social groups...also dating groups are now dead (never were popular). Tons of singles have paired up doing specific activities ( hiking, etc) rather than 'dating'.

Bottom's all about the organizer. How does he/she welcome newbies, keep people enthused, organize events, etc.

Ask Tom about Meetup
1 review
2 helpful votes

I joined several meetup groups and found all were full of leaders and participants that are are socially disfunctional outcasts. For a better experince, just join a legitamate club. Or if you are that lonely, just go to a park and start talking to a bum sitting on a bench. You'll get the same outcome.

Ask Jenny about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

They are really great and we meet at different dog parks every weekend, the people are very nice and friendly. The site is really organized and it's easy to see who is going and I appreciate the updated emails. We always have a great time and they keep the meetups within a 12 or less mile radius. I just wish their was one for mountain bikers in this area.

Ask Paul about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

I attended a Meetup called Bay Area 40+ Singles Club and the event host, Liz, who is now the group organizer, severely harassed me. Basically, my constitutional rights were blatantly violated! Liz demanded to search my food bag when I was leaving the Meetup without probable cause and of course, without a search warrant. The U.S. Constitution itself protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. This woman, Liz, grabbed my food bag without my permission, searched all the contents without my consent and then demanded to know "Is that wine bottle yours?" (I had brought a bottle of wine to the Meetup which no one opened.) She basically accused me of theft without justification and in front of 3 other Meetup members, libeling and slandering me. I look somewhat Latino and feel this bizarre search was a form of racial profiling. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MEETUP WAS HELD IN EAST SAN JOSE WHICH IS 50% LATINO AND YET OTHER THAN ME, NO ONE APPEARED TO BE LATINO. Her actions will discourage Latinos from joining Meetup and since Latinos are now about 20% of the U.S. population and 40% of the population of the county I live in, a reputation for racial profiling will be highly detrimental to Meetups business. Please note that the City of San Jose has strict city codes in regards to any type of racial profiling and this Meetup was held within the San Jose city limits. Liz also violated city codes in that she was acting like she was a police officer. Meetup also allowed her to remove my posting about the incident so Liz is free to engage in this behavior again and innocent Latinos will be intimidated and harassed! I have not received even a traffic ticket in over 30 years and have never been accused of any crime, not even a misdemeanor and yet I go to a Meetup and am treated like a street criminal. This is very, very disgusting. The bottom line-Meetup needs to reprimand this organizer and re-post my comments about my experience on this Meetup site. California has very strict laws about revealing product defects to consumers and this form of harassment is definitely a product defect and should be revealed to consumers. What will Liz do next? Call the police on some innocent Latino and have them arrested on false charges? Block all Latinos from joining her group? The San Jose Metro has done stories on racial profiling here in San Jose and I do not think Meetup would enjoy being part of a news story on the false arrest of a Latino at a Meetup event or blocking all Latinos from joining major Meetup groups. Meetup absolutely refuses to do anything about this situation and has deleted my comments about my experience from the Meetup Website. Meetup lets organizers delete all bad reviews so all Meetups look like five stars and members can continue to be victimized.

Ask Renee about Meetup
16 reviews
11 helpful votes

I'm on several meetups. Mostly I use it for organizing motorcycle rides. I have no complaints.

Ask Joe about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I loved Meetup when you could run free groups, but now they want everyone to pay fairly sizeable fees, which is problematic if you can't get enough people into your group pretty quickly, but even if you are willing to pay to start a group, and pay for the service, they offer ZERO support other than a page of FAQs. Good luck trying to find a way to contact them about problems. We have constant issues with members being able to pay dues, yet there is no way whatsoever go get support for the problem. I wish another company would step in and create a similar system, that would let people run small groups for free and then gradually increase the fees as your group grows... and have at LEAST a way to contact someone by email when something DOESN'T WORK they way it should.

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Meetup decided they don't want to allow any "dating" services but in a case of over-kill, they have gone after pretty much all Singles groups (I saw the review on here from someone that was harrassed by someone in a singles meetup group so it's probably due to a few bad apples that has caused this over-reaction in what they are allowing), so that all these wonderful groups that host activities for singles (who let's face it, often have a hard time finding things to do if you aren't in a relationship or have a group of close friends) are now getting harassed by Meetup under this policy even for activities that have NOTHING to do with dating! More and more of my groups are starting to use Facebook for our events because of how incredibly frustrating and over-bearing Meetup has become to deal with. We are just all waiting for some other website to come along that offers something similar so we can finally all get away from Meetup for good.

Ask Mary about Meetup
1 review
6 helpful votes

Can't find a way to send a message to meetup "help" to change the city I live in. Seriously, this should not be this difficult!

Ask Penelope about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I set-up a meetup group and was notified I need to add more details..I continued working on it and spent a few hours calendaring upcoming events. I thought well I'm using the meetup group okay and hell a member just joined so I guess I'm cool. Guess again!!!!! WITH NO WARNING AND NO ABILITY AT ALL TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE (NO EMAIL, NO SUPPORT FORUM, NO PHONE) I GET A NOTICE THAT EVERYTHING IS DELETED AND REFUNDED! AHOLES. NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER! THANKS A BUNCH MEETUP. WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING?

Ask jUNK about Meetup
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

In short, is like a prison where you cant interact with other prisoners. You can pay for the one hour break i.e. event where most of the interesting people never show up!
I joined meetup as I am a very shy person. There were few groups for singles and I decided to interact with a few before I would show up at a overpriced boring event with strangers. I never go to an event alone and reason for interaction with another member was to make sure the company will be worth it. After I began to receive messages back from other interested members, deleted my account stating as spam messages!!! Is it really spam if members are talking to each other or basic networking? In this age and day might be the only site not allowing online messages. Truly bizarre & complete waste of time.

Ask X about Meetup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am being charged $14.99/mo because the number of members in my meetup group magically reached 50, in a surge, yet NONE of these accounts actually interacted to an announcement, or message, or registered for an event.

Did pad my meetup group with fake IDs so you could start charging me? Pretty suspicious.

Ask Frank about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

I wanted to start a meet up group, but had problems with the technical side of it. Their "customer service" is someone just answering emails. How often have you been able to solve a technical issue by email?

Ask Ronald about Meetup
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I was a member since 2005. I attended my first meetup in 2006, met my longterm bf of nearly 4 years that day which unfortunately ended badly with a horrible break. I then met a close friend not long after the break up at another meetup and met many nice people, none of whom became more than meet up friends but who were nice people to occasionally spend time with.

I had my frustrations with meetup: endless rsvps and warnings not to cancel at short notice or you will be deleted from a group- I find this ridiculous since life happens, we get sick suddenly, emergencies come up etc. Bad instructions to meet up locations, early morning only events and such, event organizers who don't show up, don't wait for the group, don't communicate via email, and one who refused to give more specific parking directions to an event because I hadn't signed up for the meetup yet. The worst was probably when I was on a hike, my blood sugar was dropping and I and another woman who had bad knee pain lagged behind and the leader never even noticed or asked if we needed help. Overall it was a good experience and the people organizing events were nice.

I hadn't logged in on my phone/laptop for 2 months maybe due to having too much going on and I tried to log in the other day to find Meetup has deleted my account, with no notification. I received a response that various email providers such as yahoo/aol etc. require that if an email isn't working and or someone hasn't used the account for 6 months their account should be deleted. I know I had logged in in a six month period so this is bogus. My email is still working, it's not a yahoo/aol etc. I'm very disappointed that all my groups and friends are gone now, I had some old comments from friends I wanted to keep and who knows I might have wanted to click on those friends and look them up at some point again. How does meetup justify deleting a member account in good standing without even notifying them?? Very upset!

Ask meowe about Meetup
4 reviews
81 helpful votes

So apparently, it is just a bunch of "Like" buttons for your personal interests. It seems like the kind of thing, in this horrible age of instant gratification, consumerism, and hyper-materialism, that people just go in - start clicking away on all the things they would like to do, then never show up to a meet up . Personally, here in SoCal, they are all really too far to drive and be stuck in traffic. Plus, hardly anyone ever RSVP's. Guess they are too busy at other Meetups? Wrong. They are too busy worrying about themselves, and watching reality TV to care about socializing. What a sad more on the decline of our society toward 3x5 mobile screens . . .

Ask Brad about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a member of several meet up groups for a few years but "Toronto Vegan Meetup" has to be the worst. It consists of badly organized events, with no one to greet you, no music, terrible food options and a young demographic enthralled with their smartphones lacking in the social skills that would enable them to meet new members.

I have witnessed organizers try to moderate discussions by taking sides, ganging up and berating individual members for voicing their opinions.
This group is more interested in their socials than animal welfare. Please dont wast your time

Ask Teka about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

I waa member of meetup almost 3 yrs and while i did connect with 2 pple as acqaintances the overall experience was disappointing. First it ses like pple who join meetup are either just looking for something to do randomly in btwn their lives or they're pple who are just curious to see what its like with a different crowd. Half the groups i joined that had great carch phrases as descriptions were inactive then the other ones the events were merely disappointing.

My last straw was after i had planned for almost 2weeks on a listes event to where i had arranged childcare etc and about 12 hours before the event it was listed as "canceled"!! No explanation no personalization with direct msg just a last minute cancellation. As a parent it takes a lot of planning to be be able to participate in social events and i find it very disrespectful when an organizer pretty much wastes your time. Mind you this is a small goup of pple i had met before. They cld havw definitely contacted me before hand. They literally canceled at 9pm for anebent scheduled the next morning. I even tried to reach out to the organizer and nobody responded.

The other group had what seemes to be a group of anti social females who basically wanted to form a click. It seemed exhausting.

Bottom line for me it yielded no real results and i ended up deactivating my account. Ill try connect with pple in person wherever i go and im a person who jas no problem with my own company anyway and am very open minded and social.

Meet up basically confirmed what i have always felt about anything to do with meeting pple online.

Ask Lashawn about Meetup
20 reviews
54 helpful votes

No disrespect to anyone, we will all get to that age, but most meetup groups in my town is just for old people.

Ask Laharl about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Young newbies of PBC is a group that is only there to sell and do drugs. They should shut it down

Ask Michelle about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am very outgoing and energized, and have always been one to organize events, so I thought it would be perfect to get a meet-up group going as I was divorced and wanted to connect with those who have common interests. I started a live music group and have invested an incredible amount of time into this for close to 8 months and have under 130 members only. I have scheduled 33 awesome meet-ups and most times I am solo or have to find an outside friend to go with and other times 1-2 people show. It is costing me $20 a month - no one contributes although I ask for a $2 fee (I don't want to ask for the money). I am not a quitter and had high hopes, thinking 1000 people would sign up right away (how silly). I reached out to meet-up and asked why is it that I see tons of people who are interested in live music yet they are not joining my site (even my friends couldn't find the site when I gave them specific instructions) and just some unhelpful responses. There is no number to call an employee and it is frustrating. Like I said, I am not a quitter but in this case I am feeling very discouraged which is not good so have to close up shop.

Ask Jeanne about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

As a Group Organizer, using Meetup is fine until something goes wrong. You then naturally turn to the Help Center for assistance. The name is a misnomer because, in my experience, you will get a polite message by return, but no useful help or advice. Even on going back and explaining the problem again (and again) does not help - the staff just reiterate the same anodine, unhelpful phrases. Very frustrating and a complete waste of time! The one star is for the politeness of the messages from them Otherwise, it would have been zero!

Ask Laurie about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been, and still am, both an organizer of groups and a member. Loved every minute of it.

Ask Assunta about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been unfairly removed from 2 meetup groups because some women are jealous of me and do not want me there.. They have tarnished my reputation with lies and have damaged my reputation. This started happening in August of 2015.. They held meeting to degrade me and talk about me and shared my last name with men who could potentially be stalkers.. I have complained and nothing is being done about it.. This is illegal..

Ask Angela about Meetup
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was looking forward for a few months now to go to a meetup group in toronto its for a nightclub.she has a strict rule that if you dont show up 3 times your out of the group. well it also said if you need to cancel and you cant come to the event you need to cancel before 48 hours or its one strike. i canceled 3 days before 48 hrs because i had an important family event i wasnt aware of. so i rsvped no. instead of just letting it go because i followed her rules and canceled before 48 hrs she messages me, starting arguement. she said why am i canceling after i was asking her lots of questions about the event so i told her why and she didnt understand that in life things come up. she wasnt being fair because i did cancel when i was suppose too and she said im not welcome to her groups anymore. i told her as a host you should be patient and polite to your group members and help them out. she didnt care at all. other groups i joined they are very friendly. whats the point to have a meetup group if you cant respect members. i guess just because your a organizer it gives you a right to bully others. i reported her to meetup but i dont know what they can do about it. im sure other people had that experience as well. she wasnt even respecting her own i quit her groups. i was suspicious of her because when i asked her questions about the event her answers were very short and she sounded annoyed. i wouldnt feel safe if i had to meetup with her. i didnt want to put her name up on public forum. people do need to watch out which groups they join. there are alot of dangerous people out there.

Ask Cutie about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

The success of any MeetUp is really about the organizer ( Westerville 40's = the organizer is not kind, graceful, nor diplomatic) and of course the people who join the group. But again, if the organizer is accepting, treats everyone equally, and doesn't promote gossip then it's likely the group will be successful. If an organizer has pure intentions of getting people together we must assume that people are adults...don't micromanage!

In my somewhat limited experience the best groups are the ones which draw sports minded people together, such as kayaking or cycling. As a cautionary note it is probably best to never use your full name nor tell where you live or what your profession is. There will always be creepy people and if someone messages you via the MeetUp site-- simply ignore them!

Ask Betsy about Meetup
1 review
8 helpful votes

Not a good place to meet quality people.

Ask Mike about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

I been thinking of sueing meetup for mental crap!! I joined a bunch three years ago, and it was fine.. It helped me with all my depression and activities during my divorce.
I helped this organizer this weekend, felt strange about the situation, she flirted with me, and I didn't respond, next thing I got banned from all my
Meetups, and also some friends on Meetup I was on FB has all unfriended me!
She got two organizers to kick me out of the two popular ones I always have done!
What the $#*! did I do!!

This isn't fair.. She never ever thanked me, she just left me to be myself in a room of 70 people, awkward and left alone!

They suck

Ask Armen about Meetup
1 review
8 helpful votes

I am a former organizer of a Meetup Group. What a crappy platform. They blocked my account because I cut and pasted a few messages to members. Although some groups have thousands of members they have a policy that there is no copying /pasting and want personal messages to all members. How feasible is that. Don't waste your time or money with this pathetic social media site.

Ask Dave about Meetup
1 review
11 helpful votes

We run a sports meetup on MEETUP and guy pulled a knife and was upset and threatening. He then harassed members for several weeks.

We emailed police report, photos of him at events, and testimony from several members TO MeetUp Headquarters.

Naturally we banned him, so what did MeetUp HQ ask: did we ban him. WHEN he was banned he immediately attempted to start his own group on MeetUP.

What did MeetUp do? They took his money and started his MeetUp while he harassed members several more weeks.

We asked, why are you profiting from this guy?

They said go to your local cops. We had already sent MeetUp police report, so it was pointless.

We literally email MeetUp photos of this guy at an event, UN invited (not rsvp d), AND we email testimony from members that he was stocking group, AND MEETUP TOOK HIS MONEY TO START A NEW MEETUP??????? They are scum.

MeetUp totally sucks if there is an issue, and since you are dealing with the public, in time, there will be an issue.

MeetUp actively promotes violence BY watching and not acting.

It is like the teacher who watches bullying and then blames it on the bully. The violent guy acts out because he knows there is an environment that encourages it.

I do not doubt that one day they'll be a big news story on MeetUp for being sued for this type of non-action.

Tip for consumers: avoid MeetUp

Ask T about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Went to what was meant to be a London Fashion and personal styling group. I have a vintage clothing company in Holland Park and I was keen to meet other industry people and or Stylist's. Alas that was not to be...I was very disappointed to discover it was just a rouse to get people to fill a very expensive venue while it was having a "quiet period" before the Christmas office partying event began.
We were shown to the room where our expected Fashion Networking session would begin. No one from the organisation was there to welcome you or to help conducting the event. Usually when you attend these events there is someone to kick the event off by introducing a member or speaker who can help others mingle. Instead we were greeted by another event, indeed 2 other events - "The Christmas Jumper Party" - full of fat 20/30 something junior office admin types and a "Meet n Mingle" dating event, so the 2 guy's who were trying to chat me and my friend up said.
I feel that we were duped by the organisers who clearly were merging all events so to mitigate against low numbers. I did not meet anyone who was there for the London Fashion and personal styling pleased WILL NOT BE BACK!!!!

Ask RSVP-VINTAGE about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am the Organizer of two Meetup groups, one of which is now in its third year and very popular. The Meetup concept and overall implementation is very well done. I have the following questions and comments for the Meetup organization:
1. Why do you implement new major features to the arrangement or operation of the Meetup system without giving a heads-up to your Organizations first? For example, your roll-out of the payment system WePay; you not only rolled this out to the masses without forewarning your Organizers, you also removed the ability to accept Paypal for these fees in the same step. What a blow to your Organizers!
2. Meetup does not allow Organizers to “make a profit through Meetup” by charging a high group membership fee (in the eyes of Meetup corp.), but yet welcomes and supports Organizers who are clearly only using the Meetup system as a front to upsell their members to other services, such as speed-dating events and matchmaking services. Why the discrepancy?
3. The Meetup technical infrastructure at times is unstable and disjointed. For example, lately it has not been working properly with MS Explorer. Come on; this is a major browser. Another example: often at times it will chug and chug while waiting for the site to load. Professional sites such as Google never seem to experience such issues. Please upgrade your programming capabilities.
Thank you, but I truly do not expect to hear back from you on these issues…after all, I am a mere Organizer, the axel on which your system turns.

Tip for consumers: Meetup is the best system for meeting and making friends because it uses technology to meet the old-fashioned organic person. Love the premise, just which they respected their Organizers more.

Ask steve about Meetup
2 reviews
32 helpful votes

Meetup really is a fantastic concept. As with ANY "semi-anonymous" public forum in the new millenium, whether its online dating or meetup, its YOUR responsibility to use caution when using these venues to meet people. Like many unscreened social situations, there is often a high number of what I think of as "predatory" people that, although they have mastered superficial charm, may struggle with "quality relationships" (this very much includes the organizers!) But, there are also great people out there to meet as well. Its your responsibility to inform yourself. Ofcourse public venues can be a big draw for antisocial people who need an endless supply of new faces for relationships as very few of them go deep or last long. I think this is just something we need to become aware of as we socialize in the new millenium. Its not scary if we just inform ourselves & learn how to socially screen better. Ask more questions, pay attention to behavior rather than words over time, take our time getting to know people. Its just a fact of life that some people, rather than becoming socially accountable, by learning from mistakes, prefer to create a constant oasis of "fresh victims" by starting or haunting meetup groups. A "false fan club", if you will. Similar to facebook addicts with 500 shallow friends who they create a false life for "instant-gratification-attention-getting". Ive noticed many organizers of these groups end up being exposed as some of the most immature, childish people Ive ever met, who amazingly enough, are void of any long-lasting deep relationships in both the "love' & "friendship" "family" arena. Ive seen them methodically drive out, discourage, & gang up on members of their group that are classier, younger, or better looking than themselves. (Thats why people complain that meetup is 'full of losers' actually may have to do with the fact that the organizer is "running off' the "winners" because they see them as competition) Reminiscent of middle school social behavior. Narcissists, sex/love addicts, gold diggers, double lifers, stalkers,"poor lil' ol me, Im a victim" divorcees/bankruptees looking for kind & generous suckers with money (both male & female on all examples). Depends on luck & location sometimes. Refrain from giving too much sympathy/$$ generosity $$ /attention to anyone until you've known them awhile (watch their behavior, ignore their words). If it feels like an organizer/member wants something more from you than what the meetup advertises ie. trying to control who you date or befriend, expects you to be their personal "lackey", or coerces (every) nightly drinking companions (closet alcoholics.)-- Also if the organizer/member seems to be asking more about your love life or wealth/finances than you feel comfortable sharing...move on! Women, keep your information/address private no matter how attractive, harmless or charming the people seem. Your new "bestie" may be stalking your house 3 months from now to see if you are dating a guy she is obsessed with (even though she has methodically serial-dated most all of the eligible men in the group). In this wonderful new age of internet connections, its OUR OWN personal responsibility to become more informed about social screening. If you dont know what a 'Narcissist" or a "Love Addict" is, GOOGLE it. Educate yourself! Feel free to share this review with others you know in meetup groups! Knowledge is the key to our social success in this day in age. You are in control of which social situations are best for you, be informed! Common sense in an anonymous world!

Ask Jane about Meetup
1 review
11 helpful votes

I set up a Meetup group, and many people joined at first, but only one or two people would ever RSVP and actually show up. I started getting rid of members who hadn't looked at the page in four months. Members would complain about where the meetups were, and I would change the event to a place they'd go to, and no one would go. I was open to suggestions, and held several meetups at places members suggested, only to have one person show up. Then there are the weirdos. Some of the members just did not make me feel safe to be around based on their comments, and I realised that Meetup doesn't do anything to really check to see who these people really are. I'd love for them to have something that verifies the person's identity and make sure these people are who they say they are. I would get so many new member requests from people with pictures of their room, a cartoon, or some weird name. I would clearly state that they had to have a picture that shows their face, and first name and last initial if they wanted to join, but no, I still got requests like that. I shut it down recently because I was tired of paying per month for no one to show up. I really think if you had to pay just to join Meetup in general, about $5 a month, or were charged a certain amount for each group you join, people would go to more events and take joining groups more seriously. I thought Meetup would be a great way to meet people, but I haven't had a good experience in this area.

Ask Angela about Meetup
1 review
2 helpful votes

Help ***********************************************
I am not permitted to attend the Nov. seminars of HSP - Highly Sensitive People. I cannot afford to hire Shirley Z - as my therapist at 60.- an hour.
I am suppose to learn to be kind to myself and others.
What about Shirleys kindness.
I need to learn how to handle my emotions. HSP woman 52.
This is not right. I am on a fixed income
I cannot afford to hire Shirley Z - as my therapist.
So I am shut out.

Shirley Z
Counsellor and Life Coach

Ask Rose about Meetup
1 review
18 helpful votes

As a single and attractive professional woman, I am appalled at what is allowed to go on in meetup groups, including groups that charge you to be a member!! In the DFW area, many groups require members to have a clear face shot and answer profile questions as a condition for membership. This is fine and dandy, until you are being harassed at all hours of the day and night by male members. Message after message trickles in, sometimes even ten separate attempts. The boys keep suggesting to blow off the wait listed event, offer phone numbers, and make lewd comments--- even if the female states she is not single in her profile! The sand ni&#er boys are the worst and make one feel so violated. This problematoc behavior is rampant in the Uptown Professionals Group, Dallas Professionals, and Random Events Dallas (RED). The guys are very forward and corner you at events and latch on and refuse to accept no for an answer. I was actually raped and brutally assaulted by a boy in one of these groups, and he left me for dead after stealing my credit cards. The boy has a lengthy criminal record and cannot even obtain a job or Texas CHL due to it. I was granted a pernanent order of protection as a result of the crime.

When I reported it to meetup, they did nothing. Zero. I told the organizer about it, and got no sympathy and was just told that the perpetrator doesn't show up to events very often. Excuse me? So I'm supposed to accept this? Meetup organizers who have no regard for the law and are too much of a pussy to enforce rules? Apparently, meetup doesn't care about the law or safety of its members, since they let criminals continue to lurk around their victims and keep RSVP-ing to events immediately after their victims do. I hate to think if what will happen in the future, but someone will probably get killed, and meetup will just be akin to a Craigslist. The vermin on this site is deplorable, and consists of the most socially awkward of the worst on various dating sites. This was hard for me to write, but I must spread the word to protect other fenales.

Ask Dallas about Meetup
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A recent hike (scramble) into the mountains above Vancouver, Canada turned into a trip from hell. The theme of the day was arrogance, and the condescending remarks began 20 minutes after the meetup group left the parking lot.
The leader of the group was an older guy who didn't seem to be lacking in any social skills, until he attempted to 'educate' the newest member by barking "listen to what I'm saying" less than 30 minutes in. The pearl of wisdom he couldn't wait to share was simply the trail marker. Certainly worth a little awkwardness, I guess.
Never mind that I'd done this same scramble 3 times before. He heard me tell him that. In fact, he only allowed me to join his group because he felt I had enough experience and the right temperament to fit in. Who would have guessed?
An hour later the next lesson was on how to pack an appropriate lunch. Something you'd teach your children, but hey, any information is good information, right?
And on it went. Lessons on how to be a responsible parent, while hiking of course. From childless master to student with two boys. No matter. And then something about how to avoid pushing people beyond their limits, 'appropriate' trail conversations, other such stimulating topics. And all following the theme of arrogance.
Yes indeed, this man had very admirable leadership skills. It must have him taken years to master them, no doubt!
So, finally, nearing the summit, comes the "first real lesson" from master to student. Wind. Yes, that's right, wind. The almight power of wind. The make or break point. How did he say it? "Let me give you your first real lesson."
All prior lessons were rubish, I guess. This was the key you couldn't get anywhere else but from his lips. "Always pay attention to the wind." It's not that I didn't agree. I just couldn't see how anyone might think it was 'my first real lesson.' Crazy me, I guess.
The final straw broke me completely. I totally lost it. We met two young hikers going up as we descended to about a quarter the way down the trail. His commanding 'advice' was to turn around because they simply could not managed it before darkness fell. He seemed to resign his position when they shrugged him off, until of course, in my foolishness, I wished them good luck. Absolutely unacceptable! How dare I do such a thing! Their life was now in my hands, according to my new lord commander. If I'd had a light saber at that point, well, I'm not sure what might have happened. Instead a rapid succession of four letter words spewed out. Verbal diarrhea!!
Damn it!! Why couldn't I give him a smack down like in the movies, 'yo mamma' style! Pathetic really. Sad. He was the level headed one now, and I was crazy. Nobody coming to my defense! Definitely not his mostly silent and agreeable hiking buddy!
Wake up call. Time to join a debate club!

Ask Ray about Meetup
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This story will definitely make people scared using meetup groups. I'm a frequent user of the Seattle Climbing Meetup group (and other meetup groups), and I'm writing about a horrible, crazy, and hostile event that happened to me with this meetup group that involved my driver and Bruce MacLachlan, the organizer on the trip to Smith Rock on 8/6/15. I've climbed many times with this meetup and Bruce and something like this has never happened before, which is why it's extremely shocking what happened to me since I knew Bruce.
The purpose of this story is not to attack anyone but to inform everybody of what happened, and to warn everybody to be cautious of this meetup and to show how Bruce is not at all who he seems to be.
I have met a lot of different people in my life and went traveling overseas by myself for a year, and this is one of the WORST things that has happened to me. Here are the facts of what happened:

1. I went on trips with this meetup many times before and climbed with Bruce. Things have always gone smoothly.

2. It was hard to set up a time to meet with my driver JC since he kept changing the times

3. I texted JC to meet at South Bellevue P&R three times and he was at a different park&ride

4. He told me hours into the drive, “By the way, I have different plans Sunday and I might not be able to give you a ride back. I should've told you earlier.”

5. We stopped at two gas stations before Oregon. Each time JC never filled up his tank full, only a little bit each time.

6. We ran out of gas when we reached the bivy campsite at Smith Rock.

7. When I asked JC, “Why don't you fill up your gas tank full?” JC freaked out and said,
“Seriously?! Are you seriously questioning my decisions right now?”
I said, “Yeah, it's a simple question.”
“Seriously, woman?” JC exclaimed. Yeah, he actually said woman.

8. JC said he almost didn't pick me up before we even met because I was “bargaining” with him what time we had to leave, and that he's the driver and he's doing me a favor and I shouldn't be trying to “bargain” a time with him. I wasn't bargaining a time, I was coordinating. I need to plan ahead and know when to leave! Weird.

9. We drove around for half hour searching for a gas station. It was around 11pm.

10. JC dropped me off at skull hollow camp where the meetup group was supposed to be but he wanted to stay at the bivy site. Now we're officially separated. It was midnight by now.

11. I was stranded the next morning and had to ask a kind stranger to give me a ride to the park. I eventually found Bruce and the others and climbed with them and got a ride with them back to Skull Hollow. Bruce KNOWS by now I have no driver. They went to the bath house and I didn't see them again that night.

12. I was LEFT BEHIND the next morning even though Bruce knew I had no car! I had to ask another stranger to drive me to the park and by now I'm extremely frustrated.

13. Bruce and the others were in the middle of climbing a multipitch route, so I had to wait a couple hours. I planned to talk to Bruce about everything that's happened.

14. When Bruce finally came down I tried to tell him what happened but he cut me off and said
he had to go change his shoes. So I waited a while and Bruce sat down and got settled, started chatting with 3 climbers next to him and showed no signs of coming back. So I walked down and asked to talk to him. Bruce sounded annoyed and tried to brush me off again. He really didn't want to hear me at all.
I started telling him about my incident with JC and seriously barely finished my sentence when Bruce cut me off again and said he doesn't care what happened between us, it's not his problem.

15. I was shocked at his response and this is where things got extremely intense and hostile. I tried explaining again how my driver ditched me and again Bruce yelled, “not my problem!”
I said I was extremely upset how they left me that morning knowing I had no car! Bruce did not understand and was yelling, swearing, and pointing aggressively.

16. Bruce continued attacking me. I said, “So you don't give a $#*! that I was stranded at the camp this morning.” Bruce said, “Yeah, I really don't give a $#*!!”

17. At one point Bruce jumped up and tried to be intimidating, and he even threatened to hit me. He yelled, “I am sick of the sight of you, get the $#*! outta here!!” Not the way an organizer should behave.

18. A long time has passed, and when I went to Bruce again and started talking, Bruce plugged his ears and started singing, “La la la I can't hear you,” like a kindergardener.

19. When I continued talking trying to get him to listen, Bruce stood up and said, “If you don't shut up I'm gonna push you off this cliff!” “I'd like to see you try,” I snapped. It was over at this point.

20. Bruce banned me from the Seattle Climbing Meetup group and removed my comments. Whoopdeedoo

Throughout this trip I felt abandoned, bullied, neglected, disrespected, and worried for my safety. Right from the beginning I felt concerned for my safety when I had that incident with JC. I was alone with a stranger who never fills up his gas tank full and lashed out at me when I questioned his odd behavior, and it was late at night.
It's not right that strangers not from the meetup agreed to help me and were much kinder, and the meetup group itself with people I KNEW refused to help me at all!! I felt completely abandoned and neglected when Bruce and the others KNEW I had no car and left without me the next morning anyways! It made me feel like I didn't matter and was being treated like $#*!.
I am extremely shocked at Bruce's reaction through all this. Here was a guy I climbed with before and on the surface seemed like a cool, friendly guy. I knew him which is why I'm so shocked. I thought he'd be understanding. Goes to show you will never truly know someone until $#*! happens.
The worst thing of all this is how Bruce continued chatting to Ty and the other 3 bystanders as if nothing had happened, as if I was invisible and that I was the crazy one. Everyone was against me. It was a nasty and toxic atmosphere. I felt horrible. I was treated like $#*! this entire meetup and Bruce is totally ok with that. Like he said, “I really don't give a $#*!.” A leader of the meetup group should not be acting this way. It is totally wrong.
IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT MEETUP GROUPS: THE ORGANIZER CAN TAKE DOWN YOUR REVIEWS!! How screwed up is this?!? I posted a negative review of my horrible experience and they took it down! It's a dictatorship. There is no freedom of speech. Oh, and I emailed itself about this and they were absolutely no help at all.
Meetup group people are a bunch $#*!s hanging out with other $#*!s. Birds of a feather flock together. I hope this teaches everyone to stay away from meetups!

Ask Yinghua about Meetup
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I was having some ongoing problems in my 8 year relationship and was leaving my relationship and signed up. A few day later I was called by Tiffany @314-748-7006. She was extremely invasive, pushy and wouldn't take no for an answer over 3 times. Before she got off the phone she asked how long I had been in my relationship, and had the GALL to ask why I hadn't popped the question before now (in a manner that was supposed to be a slam) and as I told her that is my business and got ready to hang up she got another snide comment in. I not only will never consider this service, I am going to report them to the BBB and every forum. What I found most amazing is she is trying to sell and appointment to sell a membership in person. I am in sales and never have I been so man handled, and she talked over me so bad that I finally said OK you talk. I will be doing a reverse lookup and letting the world know your name and # Tiffany. You might want to take some sales seminars on how to treat people and how to listen, which is 90% of sales.
If I could give this service negative stars I would. Tiffany is frustrated because she works for a shady operation and that makes her desperate, pushy, aggressive, and arrogant. All the things most people would run from in a salesperson. Selling memberships (under the guise of Activities Coordinator) Shame on you Tiffany. This is 100% true no sensationalism.. was that poor of an experience. If this is how gets people to join their service.. Good Luck, you'll need it!! Now time to post Tiffany's conversation with me on You Tube. She thought she was going to bully me and make rude and unacceptable comments without reprise.. Guess again the conversation was recorded (for quality assurance of course). :)

Ask Mark about Meetup
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I'm giving this site more than the lowest rating because it's a way to meet a lot of folks with similar interests fast (and maybe the only way on the Web). Be warned however that signing up will bring tons of spam. The site offers settings that lead one to believe the spam can be controlled, but without creating your own independent filters that's really impossible.

For example, the site will send you solicitations to join additional meetup groups based on what Meetup deems to be your interests. It also invites you to check those interests on a provided list. One would think that the solicitations would be sent according to the interests you've listed--but not so. For example, even though as an atheist I have listed "atheist" and "humanism" and nothing relating to meditation or acting, I've received today a solicitation for a Prayer and Meditation group, and another for The Actors Alliance. In response to my complaints I get double-talk ("...we try to strike a balance between recommendations based on each member's current interests and suggestions for Meetups they might not have thought to seek out themselves").

The above is just one of the many many kinds of spam Meetup will send to members. Some of these can be controlled by settings, but these settings are a challenge to find. For others there are no settings at all, such as the repeated pleas to take over from a group leader who has resigned.

Ask Richard about Meetup
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I recently posted a weight loss challenge and was VERY clear and direct about what we are doing and when/where it was taking place yet MEETUP thought it was too vague and sent me an email saying it needed to be adjusted. I responded asking what I needed to change to make it accurate with what they want on the site but never responded and instead removed my group from the site COMPLETELY. This would cause me to completely restart creating the group. I can't call any phone number as it or an email to communicate DOES NOT EXIST! Pardon my french but that just sounds like a $#*! HEAD COMPANY

Ask Good about Meetup
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I recently joined this group and was in for nothing but put-downs and judgemental views from the "leader" of the group.
Many people, including myself, stated that events aren't organized and that for a "meet-up" group the organizers don't do much to make that happen.
I'll say!!!
When I couldn't find ANY ONE of the 206 members that went to a festival that occurred recently I voiced my concerns about the fact that there was no meet-up time and no meet-up place...the "owner" of this group had the audacity to tell me that his intent was for this to just be for informational purposes only and that he was "too busy" to deal with the group and that he didn't mean to create it as an event, EVEN though he stated "Come join us" in the headlines and even what headwear he would don in order to be more "recognizable." So there IS an "us"?
After I made my claim about the fact that there was no meetup group to speak of, despite having to RSVP for a "supposed" group meeting in the park, he began creating scenarios in his head, saying I'm not from Calgary so how about he explains to me how "Calgary culture" functions [excuse me!?!?!?!]. He continued to say it was my choice to be sad and miserable [and I said this WHEN?] and that if I wanted to "meet-up" with anyone then I can "feel free" to "volunteer" to wear a sign in order to draw people to me.
I'm sorry, but who picked HIM to be leader of a MEET UP group!?!?! This person goes under the simple name of "Atul", has a short, square face, has a triangular nose, wears sunglasses in his photo and baseball cap. If you do choose to go along and join his group just be aware that it's his way or the highway and anything you try to bring to his intention will not only be put down, but he will put YOU down, DISRESPECT you AND put the ENTIRE blame on YOUR shoulders!
He has written comments [like the ones stated above] to other members and quite frankly, I don't know how the group continues to exist.
So that has been my experience. The choice you make about this group from here on out is yours!!
Oh, and one star is WAY too many for the disrespect and arrogance I experienced. Simply ridiculous!!!!!

Ask Margaret about Meetup
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Nasty, use something else. Someone I know was block in the middle of a meetup. Negative star if it was possible.

Ask Paul about Meetup
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One star is too many. Can we give it no stars here?

I'm the owner of a Meetup website (group). This is a PAYED service, but the customer service is the worst I've ever seen or heard of -- which is to say they never actually communicated with me by email when I reported a problem. And they apparently are not accessible by telephone at all (I could not find a customer service phone number for them on their website).

What is more, Meetup apparently prevents users of its messaging service from voluntarily sharing their email address with others in the group via their messaging service! I've had several people respond to my request for their email address by sending that address... which Meetup blocked! in the place of the email address these people sent was five asterisks: *****.

Meetup needs to be replaced by a superior service which offers the same kind of service, only better. Perhaps Meetup themselves will realize this and repair their egregious errors of judgement.

Tip for consumers: Stay away! These folks offer crap, garbage....

Ask James about Meetup
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The concept is a good one. The biggest problem with Meetup is the quality of people, and there's not a whole lot you can do about that. Every Meetup Group that I organized had a lot of people joining. The biggest problem is that people don't show up to events once they join, and they don't let the organizers know if their plans change. And they have no awareness that the organizers are paying to host a Meetup. They get irritated when you ask them to monetarily contribute to keeping the Group running.

I've taken to deleting people from my groups that don't check the page or haven't been to a meeting in 3 months. Everybody's busy, and they should choose activities that they really are going to participate. This is a big help, especially now that Meetup is now charging more money based on members of your group. It's pretty sad when you see groups of 200 people, and only 5 show up at a time to meetings.

Customer Service has been great. Quick response time.

Ask Kay about Meetup
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Organizer has not held event for over nine months. She has received everyone's dues and then sends out emails that she is too busy to plan events. SCAM ALERT - this is just to get $$$ from dues with no events. There should be some type of audit to check that an Organizer is really doing what she says that her group does on her "meetup page" against the large volume of $$$ that she takes in from several hundred members! Sarbanes-Oxley

Ask Barb about Meetup
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3/30/2015 Problems with Product/Service | Complaint Details Unavailable
2/13/2015 Billing/Collection Issues | Complaint Details Unavailable
12/11/2014 Billing/Collection Issues | Complaint Details Unavailable
10/22/2014 Billing/Collection Issues | Complaint Details Unavailable
10/15/2014 Problems with Product/Service | Complaint Details Unavailable
9/10/2014 Problems with Product/Service | Complaint Details Unavailable
8/7/2014 Problems with Product/Service | Complaint Details Unavailable
7/1/2014 Advertising/Sales Issues | Complaint Details Unavailable
5/15/2014 Billing/Collection Issues | Complaint Details Unavailable
4/24/2014 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details
Details on last complaint:
Additional Notes

Complaint: My email was changed with by a hacker. I called and they said they could not help. They would not give me the email of the person pretending to be me, and stated again that they could not help. Only allowed to email in, which has already been done with Incident #*****and led to an absolute fail of finding a solution. Now, my groups, and one that I organize are subjected to comments I do not make or actions I do not make by someone pretending to be me. Meetup does not care. My credit card/billing information for the monthly dues I pay for organizing the Winning Resume Strategies group is also at huge risk by the person who figured out my password and changed my email in the system.

Desired Settlement: I want meetup to restore the original address for my meetup groups and to prosecute the person that hacked into my online identity and assumed it. This is a serious legal matter and the people at Meetup HQ do not seem to understand this since I've been brushed off both via email and phone. Please rectify immediately.

Consumer Response: Better Business Bureau:

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***********, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Ask M about Meetup
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They have no phone number, no customer service and nothing to offer.

Ask dave about Meetup
12 reviews
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Terrible site and I don't like the meetups.

Ask Blake about Meetup
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Nasty people in this group, snotty and exclusive. Don't bother to join. They will make nasty comments about you later on. Mean rotten girls there. Maybe cause they are fatties?

Tip for consumers: Stay away.

Ask chris about Meetup
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DISCLAIMER!!! I'm not associated with the group AT ALL!!!! But I witnessed them in action today at SUTRO Baths SF. About 150 amateur photographers shooting. They took over the entire ruins, beach, rocks like little ants with cameras and their music blaring. The main guy (organizer) asked me how long I was going to be on the beach?!? The entire experience was embarrassing to witness and my experience at Sutro was RUINED. I saw a few guys had flashes on tripods with the ocean.. heheheh. wave coming.....

Tip for consumers: If you want to be a photographer! (don't do it) the market is already oversaturated, and the top guys are not going anywhere. If its of Fun, don't go in big groups! your photos will look the same as everyone else's, so be original and find your own style.

Ask Sutro about Meetup
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