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MakeYourOwnJeans reviews

52 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Jeans
606, V.K Ind Est, Pais Street, Near Simplex Mills, Byculla (W)
Mumbai, 400011, India
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52 Reviews From Our Community

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I found the MakeYourOwnJeans website online and without reading any reviews, I ordered a pair of jeans. (in 30 reviews)


They made them exactly to the measurements I provided and the
(in 29 reviews)


Add to this the fast service (just over 2 weeks from order to delivery) and excellent price, you really can't fault it. (in 3 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Before you make your purchase consider some facts below about this company. I have made 3 purchases in the past year and half:

#1. On their website you can find a statement saying if the piece of clothing shipped to you did not fit, they can offer to make a new one. This is a lie. Their Customer Service is nonexistent and will reject your claim 100% of the time.They will tell you that based on their measurement "report", they are 100% correct and you are 100% wrong and therefore go #@($* yourself. Even if you submit to them photos of wrong size, they will still refuse to agree with you. Basically a bunch of people paid to say "no" to you.

#2 If your order came with perfect fit, lucky you, you had a good tailor, but don't expect it to be consistent if you plan to continue buying from them.

#3 The size of my last pair of jeans ordered a month ago came totally off with the fact that I gave them FIX measurements (FIX=exact measurement of the cloth without including stretch). On Average the rise, waist, thigh measurement were all off by more than 1 inch, the back rise was off by 2 inches.

#4 There will be no refund or exchange.

#5 Also good luck if you dispute the purchase through Paypal because more than likely Paypal will rule in their favor because this company has put in some kind of statement saying by purchasing from website, the customers have agreed to no refund and no exchange. This was my real experience through an actual dispute with them

Ask Jerry about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a three piece corduroy suit for my upcoming wedding from and I was a bit nervous that it might not fit right. I took as many of the measurements from my actual clothes that I knew fit me, and the suit that I received is almost an identical fit to those clothes. I received the suit in three weeks from the order, and I'm completely happy with it.

Ask Dustin about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

Each time I have ordered from these people they don't deliver. This time, the waist was 2" less than the measurements I sent.

All of a sudden this becomes MY problem!?

Ask Neil about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was sceptic with the idea to get custom made leather pants based on my own measurements. I made my order 6th May and pants arrived 15th May. They were exactly what I expected - well made, good leather quality, right measurements. They were not ordinary simple leather pants so they cost quite, but I understand that they were not easy to sew together. Would definitely order again!

Ask Tuija about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
0 helpful votes

Shipping rates are pretty crazy. They ship from India, so North Americans be warned about the customs to deal with. If you make an order with more than one of the same item, yup you get double customs.
The worst part was dealing with their Customer Service folks.
The material seems kinda cheap.

Ask Cass about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
0 helpful votes

I truly believe that all of the testimonials on their website are fabricated by them.

Ask David about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought custom pants from this company in 2013 & 2014 and LUV'm still today!!! >>>>Not a Scam

Ask JspansKi about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
0 helpful votes

I wish I could rate them -10. Measurements were off, sent them photos proving incorrect measurements, but they still refused to fix it. I'm going to dispute the transaction with credit card company as they won't issue refund

Ask S about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

I just received my 7th order from The quality of manufacture is exceptional as always. It took two orders to get my measurements where I wanted them, and I've tweaked and tuned them with each subsequent order. As a tall person, it's absolutely impossible to find jeans that fit. Being able to order ones that fit flawlessly is worth its weight in gold. So in the end, I'm a huge fan. If it takes an order or two to work out your ideal measurements, it's still worth it. The prices are low compared with getting custom jeans made in the US, so you still come out ahead after a few orders. After that, it's an amazing experience.

Tip for consumers: Be patient, and pay careful attention to the measurement instructions. Or even visit a local dry cleaner or tailor to get your measurements done before ordering.

Ask Jonathan about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

I sent fixed measurements. The jeans didn't fit. I thought it was me until I got out the tape measure and realized they were about 2" off in the seat and 1" in the thigh. I returned the jeans at my expense at which point they sent photos claiming the jeans were correctly made. The problem was that they were not measuring seam to seam. Instead, the tape on the right seam was at 1" (or 2" in the other photo). I pointed out the obvious scam. I'm looking for another review site where I can post these photos. Their motto: Our jeans fit whether they do or not.

Ask scott about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
3 helpful votes

I sent fixed measurements from a favorite pair of blue jeans following the instructions, and the jeans I received are off in every measurement. MakeYourOwnJeans refuses to fix their error, even when presented with evidence that the jeans are the wrong measurements. I had to get American Express involved to get a refund. Spend your money elsewhere.

Ask corey about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

I don't know what I was thinking! I was so excited at the idea of finally getting a pair of jeans that actually fit that I just didn't do my research. Well I got them today and they're the most god awful thing I've ever put on. All measurements are up to 3 inches off. I'm going straight to my bank. Don't do it, ya'll...m

Ask rori about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been using myoj for a couple of years now and generally found that the clothes they send are exactly the measurements I have provided. Anything badly fitting has always turned out to be my measurements rather than their error.
The biggest problem I have had is to find out exactly what blends they are using for their non denim fabrics.
Their quality of fabrication is fine and now that I know how to measure I'm quite confident of getting what I ordered. For the relative cost of the clothes I have found them to be good value.

Tip for consumers: Read the measurement instructions very carefully and get someone else to double check your numbers!

Ask anthony about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
6 helpful votes

Again echoing the numerous terrible reviews of this company, I ordered a pair of jeans and the front and back rise measurements were off by 3 inches and the inseam was only 27" despite following their instructions exactly. Emailing with them is just as useless as everybody else stated, they refuse to accept that they cut the jeans wrong and will not refund the purchase despite offering them photographic proof of the errors. I am currently trying to get Mastercard to charge this back right now.

EDIT: Good news, Mastercard charged this all of those where the experience has been terrible (wrong measurements, etc) take the time to dispute this with your credit card companies.

Ask Chris about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
6 helpful votes

Crap crap crap. Used to be good when they first came out but now the measurements come out wrong they dont give you the denim type you select sometimes and the quality is terrible. They will not offer you any help when a mistake is made on their behalf.... I really wish you ccould rate them negative -5☆'s STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!!

Try SQjeans. Great customer service and quality made jeans. They made a mistake on my first 2 pairs and Hitesh the owner made it right by sending me two new pairs no charge. They are great!!!

Ask Tara about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
4 helpful votes

The cheapest jeans ever and I mean that in a bad way.
Put them on for the first wear and the belts loops ripped tearing the jeans.
They refuse to repair them and accused me of wearing too big of belt.
Then tried to sell me another pair with a more durable fabric. Fool me once Fool me twice.....
BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! This Co. is a joke

Ask Donna about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
6 helpful votes

THIS SITE IS A SCAM. Ordered a pair. Provided all my measurements. NEVER received jeans and they did not answer any emails. Ended up having to call my credit card company and get a new card. Was advised that this site is a SCAM. I feel stupid for falling for it. DO NOT give out your credit card information to a company on the other side of the world. Their job is to make their SCAM look legit. IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!

Ask Shouldhave about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
9 helpful votes

Bought a pair of jeans online.
Thighs too tight. Button hole a struggle to use and poorly stitched.
Complained to the company and even sent them back only to be told.
"There is nothing wrong with the jeans and you are wrong".
Stay away from this company.
They will not admit wrong doing. They will not replace the jeans.
They amazingly offer you a 50% discount on a new pair of jeans.
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
No way would I give them on more dollar and nor should you.

Ask Digby about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have bought a suit, shirt and two pairs of jeans so far. I have found the quality and workmanship to be very good. However when you go to your local tailor, they are experts they know how to measure you, when you measure yourself its easy to get it wrong----the website even says don't buy the most expensive suit first time out, buy a cheap one to check measurements.

The first pair of jeans I was really happy with the 6oz denim(which brand jeans don't seem to offer), the length was perfect, but too tight around the seat, though wearable. For the second pair I just added an inch on the seat knees and thigh, now I have my perfect jeans measurement sorted.

When I got the suit the pants were perfect, but the jacket sleeves were too short --- but it was completely my fault. When I was putting in my measurements they suggested a sleeve length, but I measured it myself and got it wrong----they were right.

I notice one reviewer said the colour of fabric did not match the colour on the website. That will happen sometimes, I don't think anything can be done about it, but you can buy fabric swatches for the suits and leathers.

The shirt I bought was good size wise and quality, but it did not quite match the picture, but its fine, I wear it---sometimes that's just the way it is with photos.

Overall I thoroughly recommend these guys, but only buy one of each thing first time round-----two people can measure the same thing and get different measurements. Also the measurements you use for brand jeans, or even on another website may be different to this website.

Ask Storm about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
7 helpful votes

I first ordered a $52.00 pair of cross stitched jeans that the time I payed for shipping and duties they actually cost a shade over $100.00 not too bad as they did fit very well. Based on my first experience I decided to order a second pair which were the grey stretch jeans and I provided pretty much the same measurements but when they arrived they were too short and way too tight. When I sent the company an e-mail explaining that they had made some mistakes I was told that these were stretch jeans and that they would stretch over time, I certainly don't understand how they will get an inch longer the more I wear them ??? The thigh measurement was 3 inches too small and you would have to lie down on the floor to take them off. I have exchanged many e-mails with their customer service dep't and they keep telling me that they can't do anything for me except offer a 20% discount on my next order. Needless to say I will not be ordering anything else from this company. It is a lot easier to shop elsewhere and have your tailor make the necessary alterations if need be. Buyer beware a total waste of money.

Ask Graham about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
4 helpful votes

Caveat Emptor! I ordered a pair of jeans and carefully measured, as they instructed. The jeans finally arrived, weeks later and with no up-front suggestion when they might arrive; they were so narrow in the butt I couldn't get into them. The site is difficult to reach via email - my emails using their stated contact address returned errors - and finally when I got one through they sent a form response but no substantive response. Net result: I have a pair of useless jeans and they've gone silent.

I would stay away from these people like the plague.

Ask Barry about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

I followed their instructions and measured an existing pair of jeans (36 by 34) turned out to be 39.5 by 34. Sent all the meausrements off to them and got back a perfect fit. Am absolutely over the moon with my new jeans and about to order more. Absolutely brilliant and on top of that very affordable.

Ask Andy about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
4 helpful votes

I can never find jeans to fit me as I'm big in the hips and thighs and small in the waist. I ordered a pair of skinny jeans and was careful to follow the directions provided on the website and am quite pleased with the jeans I got. I have recommended the site to several other people, including my son who will buy a pair of pants and immediately want to alter them, so it seems ideal for him as well. The shipping was fast.

Ask Rosemary about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
2 helpful votes

CAVEAT EMPTOR! After a first order for three pairs of custom lightweight jeans, (a fabric almost impossible to find in retail stores), I was impressed enough with the fit and the workmanship to order some more jeans in more regular denim. Disaster! None of them fitted. They had wildly different leg lengths, waist sizes, (and all the rivets were oversized). Then began my e-mail saga with the generic 'Pearl" who accused me of not measuring properly, demanded I return them (at a hefty self cost) then said to throw them away, and order anew with a paltry 10% discount .
All the while stating that they were never wrong , despite photographic evidence
to the contrary. Appeals to their business sense went nowhere. I am down a couple
hundred bucks and now, on reading the majority of these reviews ( I wish I had done so first) I see I am in good company. So AVOID this lousy set-up.


Ask simon about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
7 helpful votes

I found the MakeYourOwnJeans website online and without reading any reviews, I ordered a pair of jeans. I took an existing pair that I loved and measured them up! Got really excited when I told my wife I found this amazing deal on custom jeans.

Then I started reading reviews. My heart sunk. I had spent all this money (was around $96.00 with shipping, taxes and the extras which were white thread and back pocket flaps) and now I was starting to anticipate a huge let-down. Not only were the reviews not great, finding out they were coming from India made me even more apprehensive.

Then a family emergency took us out of town and I forgot about the jeans for a week or so. Imagine my surprise, when out-of-the-blue I get a knock at the door - it's DHL. My jeans arrived from India to Canada in less than 2 weeks! I wasn't excited though, I was still nervous. I carefully opened the well-protected package. At first, I held them up and was pleasantly surprised that the quality seemed as good or better than the American Eagle, Hollister and Gap jeans that I had worn in the past. The extras I added when ordering were exactly what I expected. The flaps on the back pockets button well and look great. The thread is very high quality and the denim is thick. The flared bottoms which I did by adding 2 inches to leg opening is perfect. The moment of truth...would they be completely the wrong size like all those reviews had said? Not at all! Perfect fit. Honestly. I laid the jeans on top of the jeans that I had modeled them after and they are exact.

Let me say this: I am an amateur tailor that has made several pieces of clothing. I have also modified and mended about 5 pairs of jeans. I have looked very carefully over many pairs of jeans and these are top-notch.

*Note: When you are ordering, DO NOT simply write your regular American Eagle or Gap sizes down (inseam and waist size). I always wear a 30"-32" waist. Always. So I thought I would skip the measuring waist part and put down 32" - at the last minute I measured just to be sure...36"! The size you normally wear is simply a number - it is not how big you are. Even now, it's hard to imagine that I'm actually 36" around but if I had written 32" I'd be screwed. They fit perfectly. READ THE MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND DO WHAT THEY SAY and hopefully you will have the same experience I had.

Ask sean about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

My experience with Oliveo is that you might have to tweak a few "non-fitting" jeans to get to your correct size. I have my size and the type of jeans I like, and I now own three of them. I can't get this good of a fit anywhere. Again, if you're willing to sacrifice a couple of jeans to get a feel for how they are made then I think you'll find that you can get the product you really want. I think some of the problems may arise from submitting measurements that you might think are a good "fit" but in reality result in something kind of weird. for example, though you might think that the front and back rises are independent, they really don't feel right for some measurements. Anyway, I have my size now, and I like them a lot.

Ask Dave about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!! I waited for three weeks, and was scared once i tracked the package to find out they were coming from Mumbai, India. The $200.00 jeans were three inches too short. Perfect for PEE WEE HERMAN and I have no recourse. Buyers Beware!!! THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK FOR YOUR REFERENCES TO FRIENDS. I only wish I had taken the time to get these reviews!
Thanks for letting me share!!!!

Ask Guy about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered two pair of jeans and they were wrong on the measurements, to small in the thighs. I contacted them and after over a dozen email they said that they do not make mistakes and I was out of luck. I contacted pay pal, as I paid through them, I logged a dispute and they said that I had merit and after their investigation they sided against me and they said since they were custom made they. could no help me either, so what good is pay pal? They accept a company and do not stand behind their guarantee. Pay Pal said I should notify my bank and they would notify pay pal, what a waste of time, pay pal gave them the same runaround they gave me. Can't do nothing even if the evidence is overwhelming. It was suggested that I let a lawyer file a claim against MAKE YOUR OWN JEANS. this company is a SCAM in every way. Their way of measurement, with picture on how to measure doesn't make any difference, you get what they feel is what they decide. Don't throw your money away, stay away from them. Let's see what my lawyer wants to do. Not finished yet. Someone is going to eat these jeans and it won't be me. This disabled veteran is not going to give up the fight, especially to a foreign company ripping us off. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Ask Dwight about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered 3 pairs of jeans with exactly the same measurements as previous orders but when they arrived, they didn't fit.

I emailed makeyourownjeans and notified them of this and they asked for photo evidence. Despite the photo evidence showing that they had cut them too small in the thigh they refused to acknowledge this and as such I have had to refer the matter to my credit card dispute department for investigation.

I have found this company to be thoroughly dishonest and unwilling to admit that they have made a mistake. Even though previous orders have been successful they have really let me down on this occasion, even suggesting that the jeans will stretch to fit me. This is not good enough, I simply want the jeans with the measurements I ordered in the first place!

I have other pairs which have never been worn - due to the fact that the colour wasn't quite the same as the one on the website - and despite these being ordered using the exact same measurements, they fit perfectly, unlike my most recent batch.

I won't be using makeyourownjeans ever again. The customer service is appalling and they are unwilling to accept that they have made an error.

Ask Andrew about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
3 helpful votes

These guys are hit or miss. You may get a good cut and they'll fit perfect. But you may also get a pair that is cut completely wrong. This particular "company," and I use that term loosely, does not have a phone line for support. They are email-only. So guess what that means? If there is any issue at all with your order, you're pretty much stuck with it.

I had a pair of jeans come back that was 2" too long, and yet the checking report stated that someone had checked it to be the correct size. Instead of apologizing and offering to help, the customer rep. went on to tell me that these particular jeans were cut longer to allow for shrinkage. So I said, why weren't the other ones left at length for shrinkage and why did the checking report say it verified at the correct length?

Well, after that its been crickets so Im stuck with a pair of jeans that don't fit. Ask yourself, is lack of customer support worth the risk to have a pair of jeans that may or may not fit?

I've purchased my last pair from them and will be reporting them to the BBB and ITC. Good luck if you choose to take the risk.

Ask Jon about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered one pair of KHAKIs and one shirt to try them out. I wish I'd tried just one item as neither fit properly.

The shirt was a mess -- they even used some non-standard button spacing on the placard. I used to same measurements submitted to another site I've been using for years, but the shirt turned out a mess. They didn't ask for sleeve width and it was made too small - barely got my arm into it.

Khakis were correct waist and length but the rise and fit through the crotch was all wrong. Unwearable.

The most irritating part is the lack of customer support - all they say is "we made it to the measurements you sent." No returns, no warranty or fit guarantee.


Ask Var about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
6 helpful votes

After reading the reviews for I was understandably skeptical. When I started reading their "about" section and discovered that they were based out of India, I was even more leery of ordering. That being said, they had several styles of jackets for really good prices, and I am notoriously hard to fit. Also, being leather worker myself I figured that I could fix anything they messed up.

I went ahead and took my measurements according to the instructions, and I did leave about an inch extra on all of the measurements. It took about a month for my jacket to go from "production" to "shipped", once it was shipped though, it only took about 4 days to get here. When it arrived I was almost afraid to look at it. It was beautiful. The leather was so soft, and dyed wonderfully, nice and strong with no runs and no flaws. Believe me, I went over this jacket with a fine toothed comb to find any and all flaws. There were no crooked seams, everything was stitched nice and tight and all of the zippers were high quality and installed properly, as were the snaps and fittings. I tried it on, and it fit like a glove, absolutely perfect with no break in period.

In short, I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this company. I can't speak to the quality of their jeans, but as I am hard to fit in that department too, I will be ordering some of those shortly. My only complaint is the lack of communication from the company, it would have been nice to be updated more regularly as it took so long for the product to be manufactured. Anyone considering purchasing a jacket from them should really consider disregarding the negative reviews, I certainly wasn't disappointed!

Ask L about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

HORRIBLE!! I can't believe that people are actually happy with their jeans. My jeans were not even close to the right size. The measurements that I sent were for a size 14-16. I received a size 8-10. Also, keep in mind that this company is from India, and IMPOSSIBLE to get any type of resolution. There are no refunds, and this is a total SCAM. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

Ask Dena about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have ordered two pairs of jeans from this company and the first was great, the second had a difference of 1 inch between the leg lengths. The right was 1 inch shorter than the left. Not great quality control. I dont want to go into detail here, but dealing with their customer service department has been very difficult and it is by far the worst customer experience I have ever had.

Ask James about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
8 helpful votes

Never stop spamming ads. The mailing list is a fraud, no one can be found and removed from the mailing list.

Ask Jon about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

We ordered jeans for a seven foot man. They fit when we took them out of the bag. One wash on cold/air dry and they now fit a 6'4" man with a waist that shrank two sizes. This company refused to reply to any of my questions. I wrote them many, many times but they will not back up their own product.

Ask CK about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have ordered from this site four times and getting ready to place another order. I have ordered womens jeans and womens chinos. I am a very unusual size and difficult to fit. I am very pleased with the jeans and chinos I have ordered and gotten a lot of compliments. However you do have to be careful in getting your measurements correct.

Ask Susan about MakeYourOwnJeans
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of jeans before I read all the negative feedback this company is receiving. After I ordered I saw the reviews so I expected nothing when my jeans arrived. But they're great! I have no complaints. The waist was a little too wide but after checking I found this to be my own fault as I had stuffed up the measurements. I find it really difficult to get the measurements right - definitely get someone to help you or it'll show in the finished product.
Anyway - I'm happy. Love the fabric and the color and after over 1 year of wearing my jeans I'm also happy with the quality. So I am about to order my second pair now.

Ask margot about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
7 helpful votes

The customer service at is horrible. I ordered the "fashion" rivets for my jeans and when they arrived they were 3x the size of a regular rivet. There is no mention of the size difference in the catalogue. They blamed me "the customer" saying "there is no mention of the size difference in the catalogue and as the customer I should have known that and it is not their problem".They were unable to open photos sent as per their request sent attached to an email. It took five tries and many emails to get absolutely nowhere. I have given up trying to get my money back and am posting on line my dissatisfaction.

Ask Louise about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a pair of the jeans. Problem is the width of the leg could not be smaller than 10". So I have jeans with a 10" gigantic leg all the way down. The waist fits, the length is right, the quality is good, but with these gigantic legs I feel like a huge fat person.

Ask Laura about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

Well I ordered my Leather jacket, thought it was American but eventually found out they were Indian. The Jacket came quality was OK (just) but it was only $150. Ordered a Large got a large and it was at least 3 sizes too small. I spent 2 -3 weeks getting increasingly ridiculous emails from them saying that it was all my fault, all signed by Pearl. The fact is the jacket is far too small, was made incorrectly and I am stuck with it, I will attempt to get my money back through my Visa card. I CAN NOT STRESS STONGLY ENOUGH DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Ask Steven about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

I sent measurements per their specifications. The jeans I got were 1/2″ to 3″ off in many areas. Multiple emails to them regarding the problem get boilerplate responses or "We didn't get your previous email due to technical difficulties, please resend. We await your prompt response."
Also, they charged me more than what my invoice shows, including some fee CBC fee. False advertising on website states: Get Tailor Made Jeans As Per Your Specifications Starting at $49, Customize your measurements as below. We make them to fit your needs, your measurements, your special requirements. All our garments are hand cut and individually sewn, as a testimony with and made products they may sometimes differ slightly with the measurements submitted, however as we check each product individually the difference will not be much.
Company finally answered asked me for measurements where they were wrong (which I did in 3 previous emails), they told me they sent the right size, to look at the writing on the inside of the jeans and that jeans will stretch! How absurd is that…I can't even zip them shut. I also have photos with a measuring tape showing they are liars. I'll never do business with them or an overseas company again. So much for helping the global economy. Have filed a report with my credit card, the FTC, here, BBB and several other places. Here is part of email they sent, stating the size I ordered for waist…take a look at what it actually came in as. I can't close the zipper, certainly won't get them to stretch almost 3″ more!
"We rechecked our Cutting report and find that:- 1. The waist measurement you have given is 28 inches and our designers have made it 28.5 inches.You can see on the reverse side the waist measurements it is infact cut more than what the waist you have given. You can measure the waist again from the button to the button eye hole stretching it fully.The jeans will become more loose as you wear them. 2. The Front Rise measurement you have given is 10 inches and our designers have made it accordingly. You have ordered stretch jeans, they stretch when you wear. All stretch jeans are made this way. Let us know where are we wrong in following your Measurements." And of course they go by paperwork, I have the actual finished, incorrect product.

They have yet to respond to two photo evidence I have sent them or offered my money back. They think because they're in India they're not reachable but they are wrong. I'm filing a complaint with their local police department, high court and anyone else I can write to. People like them are a disgrace to their country and to business on the net in general. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Ask Charlene about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of jeans from this company and when they arrived, the buttons on the front were too big for the button holes, so I could not get the jeans unbuttoned to get them on. When I emailed the company they responded by saying they do great work, have lots of great testimonials on their web site, and how no one has ever complained about this before.

When I told them all their testimonials mean nothing and it didn't matter if no one complained about it before, they asked to see pictures. I emailed them pictures. Then they said the buttons holes would wear in over time and if not, to stick a sharp object in the button hole and make it bigger myself.

When I refused, they said to ship it back and they would fix it. When I told them I was not going to shell money out of my own pocket to ship it back when the jeans were defective, they basically said, tough luck. They would not send a courier to pick up their jeans, and they would not refund my money. So now I am in the process of getting the charges reversed on my credit card.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Do not give this company your money!!!!

Ask KA about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
5 helpful votes

TERRIBLE!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! I was excited to try this and took extra time to measure my favorite pair of jeans to make sure they would fit good. I paid $70 for jeans with a thigh meaasurement of 27 inches and got ones with a 20 inch measurement. I could not even pull them up my leg! When I emailed customer service asking for a refund they told me that the measurement was 20 inches and basically called me a liar. After several back and forth emails they then told me to adjust MY measurements and told me to order MORE! Check ther website, there is a reason why there is no refund policy... O AND THE REVIEWS ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS! THEY SCREEN ALL THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS REVIEWS AND ONLY POST 5 STAR REVIEWS! WHAT A SCAM!

Ask Ross about MakeYourOwnJeans
1 review
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I'm usually pretty sceptical about things like this and having spent literally years trying to find jeans that fit me in the way I'd like them to, being very tall and very thin, I really wasn't expecting this to work.I'm happy to have been proved wrong..!

I have to say that this company (MYOJ) rocks. I have always had problems buying jean that fit in the leg and have found it embarrassing sometimes when going into shops as folk look at you as if to say you've no chance kiddo...
Thanks to "" that will never happen again!

From what I've seen other custom jean sites do not offer nearly as much flexibility, especially to men, and are much more expensive. The website will ask you to measure yourself--waist (where you want the waist of the jeans to sit, seat), and thighs. You'll also be asked to send in the front and back rise you want, and the outer seam length.

I have just received my 1st pair of jeans and i have to say, they give some of the better brands a run for their money and at a fraction of the price. The jeans are perfect, definitely the best fit that I've ever had.The quality and "fingtertip feel" of the the jeans are excellent. Add to this the fast service (just over 2 weeks from order to delivery) and excellent price, you really can't fault it.

I am so pleased with my 1st order that I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends.
"I'm so glad i found this site"

Ask Jade about MakeYourOwnJeans
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MYOJ makes the best pants, bar none.
I have a very "unique build" i would say. I can never find ready made pants that fit how i'd like them to fit. I was just about to call it quits for looking for pants that might fit me that would have the look i liked and that was when i found this website. I was unsure at first because it seemed too good to be true. but then i took a chance and entered my sizes and ordered them.
I am amazed that it only took two weeks to make them and only two days to get here.
WOW! I would give them a 200 on a scale of 1 to 10. These are the most fantastic pants I have ever slipped into.
I love the pants and they fit better than my previous pair of pants that WERE my favorite until i got these.
The quality of the fabric, stiching, and overall design is seamless. I received 5 pairs of pants and one is better than the next. I have paid 4 times the amount for 1/10 th the quality.
An advice to new customers: get your best fitting pair of pants, the ones that you love and measure them accurately, and I guarantee you, Harry's pants wil be better made, better quality than yours
If any one is interested in buying some custom-made pants, I recommend that you decide beforehand what EXACTLY it is you want (eg size of the flare, colour, etc.), read the instructions CAREFULLY, and then take PLENTY OF TIME AND CARE when it comes to obtaining measurements (check and then recheck if necessary). If you follow these steps, I do not see why anyone can then order that perfect pair of pants.
I totally and unreservedly recommend this company - everything from their efficient professional website to the finished product is great.

Ask Thomas about MakeYourOwnJeans
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I was a slave to VERY expensive jean brands for years because they "sort of" fit the best(relatively speaking).

I would go to Gap and find a pair that were long enough but when I brought em home and washed them IN COLD WATER and LINE dried them (and who wants to do all that to their jeans?) they always shrunk in the length.
PLUS, they never really fit MY body properly.

I love the low-cut jeans but I was so sick of my butt crack showing in low rise jeans.

Desperate for a better fit, I stumbled upon this site:, and have been awed and amazed ever since. I am very particular about my jeans and the fit, and MYOJ got them right!

With I can get the low rise in the front and make the back rise high enough to cover the "area"!

I ordered a pair of Body Hugger Stretch Jeans.(just over 2 weeks from order to delivery).The workmanship is very high quality and the fabric is wonderful.

My ass looks damn hot and ultra sexy, they feel great and look really hot.
These are the best fitting jeans I've ever owned!

Now when I put on my favorite pair of Gap Jeans they don't even feel good. My Seven jeans are the same way. They bind or ride and just don't feel like my jeans do.

I can't believe it! $49 for a pair of jeans that are CUSTOM MADE!!!!!!

I paid $200 for Seven jeans because of the length and they don't even fit good! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies! Believe me!!! You CAN get the low rise and also have BUTT CRACK coverage! Get your jeans here!! YOU will LOVE THEM!!!!!

I even got my very tall boyfriend a pair that he raves about because they actually fit, and he is pickier than me!

Ask Nancy about MakeYourOwnJeans
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I was a skeptic (thought the testimonials are probably all made up) but now I'm not.
I received my second pair of jeans a few weeks ago but wanted to thoroughly test drive them before commenting.

As with the first pair the time between ordering and delivery was very fast and I was kept fully appraised of progress at all times. When they arrived they fit like a glove and they have continued to maintain their fit and shape throughout the entire time worn and even after washing they slipped on perfectly.

The jeans matched the measurements sent exactly - which on other types of clothes from other suppliers has definitely not been the case.
The quality of material is excellent.

They took about two weeks to make (after they verified that I had goofed on the flare leg measurement and I remeasured--knowledgeable people and amazing service!) and then five days to my door.
These jeans are made with pure passion for quality, excellence, and care.

As far as I've seen, other custom jeans sites do not offer nearly as much flexibility, especially to men.

I will be getting all of my jeans from from now on.

To all inquisitive customers. DON'T HESITATE dealing with this company. I have purchased quite a few pairs of jeans and all I can say is that they are of exceptional quality and absolutely perfect in every way. They communicate with their customers in an absolutely incredible manner. I will continue to shop with them and would highly recommend them to anyone....

Ask George about MakeYourOwnJeans
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My entire life, I have had a hard time finding jeans that just fit! I have a shorter torso and longer legs, and everything I found in stores didn't work.

From designer jeans to super market jeans-nothing I found was long enough or fit well enough.

Then, using a search engine, I found and literally everything changed.

Waiting for my personal jeans to arrive was excruciating but well worth the wait.

My jeans finally fit! I can dress my jeans up or down, wear heels with them, and be comfortable in them without looking like I have high-waters on.

Don't be afraid to make your own jeans - they are for YOU and they fit like a glove and actually appear slimming because you're not shoving yourself into jeans that don't fir, or being swallowed in jeans too big.

Ask Kathy about MakeYourOwnJeans
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MakeYourJeans is the only place I now get jeans and cargo pants now.

The quality is exceptional. I'm amazed at how long these jeans last and the fit is usually very good.

The pants fit SOOO well,and it its just plain and simple PERFECT! The service is excellent.

You receive notices about "going into production" and being shipped. I also believe they are very responsive to special requests though the service and quality alone will keep me coming back regardless.

If you haven't tried them,.you are missing out on the best way to get custom jeans.

Ask John about MakeYourOwnJeans

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