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MadisonSeating reviews

53 reviews
244 5th Ave Suite 1554
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 888-704-3435
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53 Reviews From Our Community

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their customer service is amazing, they send prompt e-mails and update the customer on EVERYTHING. (in 19 reviews)


Aeron Chair was shipped quickly, delivered as expected, almost new condition. (in 36 reviews)


Asked the sales rep a few questions, placed the order and received it all in one week! (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

10 year warranty is a fraud. these guys claim a 10 year warranty but my chair broke after 3 months and they don't stand behind it. make sure you google search madison seating before purchasing and you will see all the negative reviews. these guys are a fraud

New Reviewer

Aeron Chair was shipped quickly, delivered as expected, almost new condition. Big savings over a new Aeron, glad I purchased with Madison Seating!

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. I ordered a display cabinet online. It took forever to be delivered and when it was it was damaged so I took pictures and refused delivery. Then I immediately submitted a request for return. When I was not issued the return number that I was supposed to get, I contacted customer service and they told me that they were working directly with the delivery company and I didn't need to worry about it. After waiting several weeks to hear back from them on how they were going to resolve my return, I filed a complaint with my credit card company to dispute the Madison Seating charge. At that point I finally got an e-mail from Madison Seating, but still no resolution. I never heard back from Madison Seating, but several weeks later I got a notice from my credit card company that Madison Seating had issued a refund.

New Reviewer

Really a dishonest business whose MO requires its own dictionary:

Open box: adj. extensively used and probably mistreated

Under warranty: adj.(colloquial phrase really) under warranty as long as you spend the money to send a 100 pound chair all the way to NY to replace a 3 pound part. Original manufacture will console you on the phone but that's all they can do given the term 'open box'

Customer service: n. entities willing to label people who buy from the company they represent as ignorant since they do no know there is a separate dictionary

I hardly write a review, but after going through what I've just gone through with this company, I could hardly contain myself. Reporting to the BBB. So much for saving a few dollars for an Aeron chair.

New Reviewer

Pretty questionable customer service. I ordered an Aeron chair over a month ago and it took an extra week than estimated for it to arrive. As soon as I assembled the chair, one of the screws that holds together an armrest assembly literally broke. The screw, as far as I can tell, cannot be replaced. The only solution is a replacement armrest.

What did they do when I contacted them about it, WITH PICTURES in detail? They sent me screws for the seat back. Why? I don't know. After I contacted them again, they indeed sent me the correct screw, but no instructions on how to fix it. Granted, it can't be done anyway.

That's how bad their service is. They either don't even bother to read your complaints or are ignorant.

New Reviewer

The worst customer service EVER!!! Do NOT BUY. They shipped only 2 out of 4 chairs, and they haven't responded!

New Reviewer

I purchased several chairs from Madison. They all arrived in good condition. They're not new, hence the discount. They do come needing assembly, but that is an easy process. The only thing that needs a little intellect is attaching the posture fit device. Once you get one done, it's easy. Also, the chairs have a few scuffs on the base. Other than that, they're great. This transaction was just fine.

New Reviewer

Do not use this company!!! It has been over a month since I ordered my chair. They have now sent me the wrong chair 2 times. Their customer service is the worst!!!!

Stay away!!!!

New Reviewer

Customers Beware.
I ordered a very expensive, top of the line Aeron chair from Maddison Seating. The chair arrived unassembled. The pieces sent did not fit together.

BEWARE: this company does not provide any type of paid return service. In fact, if you return an item, they will charge the ustomer 75$ as a fee. What a Crock of BS.

Take my advice, and do not trust this company for any type of customer support after the sale!

New Reviewer

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. The Herman Miller Mirra chair I received was actually okay, minus the scratches on all surfaces. The open box description should include "and dragged behind a truck". I am picky though. from a distance it looks okay and doesn't stink of chemicals or smell like a 7 layer burrito. The picture in their cart showed the Mirra chair with tilt seat adjust and back lock. the description said fully adjustable. When I got the chair there was no tilt and lock adjusters on the left hand side of the chair. As soon as I talked to the sales rep I knew I was being "handled". He told me none of their Mirra chairs have this options. I have decided to keep it for now. Shipping it back from WV would be well over 100.00 I found the missing part on another web site for 40.00. All in all I'll be into this chair for a little over 500.00 still a couple hundred off, but the warranty from them is useless. If the chair holds up, I did alright. All I can say is pay the extra money and go with a authorized dealer. This transaction went okay for me. I also could have gone very wrong. Stay away, don't be fooled by their slick web site. They are terrible!

New Reviewer

Madisonseating is a scam!!!! They are not selling you what they promise and their customer service process is a hassle. There is no satisfaction guarantee and they make it a huge deal to try and return anything. Also I had to PAY FOR MY OWN RETURN. Shipping is thus not free and you DO NOT get a 100% money back guarantee. I ordered an Aeron chair that was supposedly open box, but it was heavily damaged and used, painted over and the seal for the height adjustment had been replaced at least once. They made me prove that it was damaged with pictures and written documentation. Online retailers that are legitimate do not require this for a return in 30 days or less. Madison seating is NOT LICENSED as a distributor for herman miller for a reason. STAY AWAY from madison seating!

New Reviewer

A previous user said it best: "smells like the inside of a fiesta on a used car lot". When I got my "open box" leap it reeked of a chemical $#*!tail. It's been three weeks and the smell still hasn't subsided. On the other hand if you enjoy sniffing chemicals for pleasure, this won't be an issue for you.

New Reviewer

Buyer Beware if you want a Herman Miller product. Madison Seating is not an authorized dealer and if you have a defect like I have with my chair you will be stuck with the shipping costs to return the item and to ship it after possible repair or replacement. Herman Miller will not honor the warranty.

New Reviewer

All I can say is Run Run Run as fast as you can. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in the 15 yrs that I have been shopping online. I placed the order, that went great, then delivery that was a nightmare they want and expect for you to inspect your shipment on the curbside where it's delivered to before you sign for it. For us in our area it was hurricane season, raining terribly and madison seating still expected for us to stand in the pouring rain to inspect the shipment. Long story short found some damages and we refused the shipment. Their customer service is the worst, they act like they are a big company and they have like 2 people working there.

New Reviewer

I ordered a leap chair and got it in 5 business days free via fedex ground. Chair seems new and arrived in good condition, but this is in no-way a "steelcase" leap chair in leather. I didn't actually expect that for the money, and to be fair, their website doesn't say "steelcase", but that is what they lead you to believe by calling it a Leap chair. The leather seems more like stiff vinyl, nothing like the leather steelcase would use. The leg assemblies say made in the USA all over them, but no other brand name or designations anywhere on the chair. Knock-off furniture? For sure, so... Buyer beware. Still a decent chair for the money, but I just received it, so I cannot speak for the warranty or how long this "fake" will last.

New Reviewer

Worst company I have ever dealt with. They sell Herman Miller chairs online but I later found out that they're not an authorized dealer. In fact they sold me a damaged/refurbished chair instead of a new one. When I finally got them to take it back, they refused to give me a refund until I rescinded my complaint on the web. Now I'm out over $1000 including shipping. I'm filing a formal complaint with the NY State Attorney General and the BBB. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

New Reviewer

Bought a brown leather sofa. Said it was in stock. Then sent us an email saying it was backordered. Waited 3 months. They sent a cryptic email saying sectional sofa had shipped 3 months later. Charge ny card. We opened the package to find a white couch. 3 months, no calls, wrong color. They said their Chinese manufacturer discontinued brown so they thought we would like bright white. I am not making this up. I swear. They did not want to pay the shipping to return the couch. SO they tried to offer me a discount. They told me they would lose money on the deal! Like that is my concern?!? These folks are clowns.

I did some research. Here is the owner of Madison seating. His name is Levi Cohen. He owned a company called Look at what he has been up to since 2005.

New Reviewer

I bought a "new" Aeron Chair from this retailer, and it did not last six months. They now claim that the chair lost its warranty.

An email from the chair's manufacturer, confirms that they sell used chairs as new.
I provide evidence of this at

New Reviewer

Watch out! You are NOT buying brand new chairs! You have to read the fine print to find out that the Herman Miller chairs they are selling are "Open Box" - code name for "used" or "Refurbished". Terrible customer service here!

I would not recommend buying from this company.

New Reviewer

I made the mistake of ordering my Leap Steelcase chair and THEN reading the reviews and I was a nervous wreck about everything because I was so sure they were going to rip me off. When the chair was listed as being shipped 3 days after the sale, but 2 weeks later it still had not been picked up from the site, I was already trying to figure out how to get my money back.

However, I emailed Madison on a Thursday, asked them why the chair was taking so long, they apologized and by the end of Friday, the chair had been picked up and I had it the following Tuesday.

The chair is brand new, smelled a bit new which is unpleasant, but that dissipated almost immediately. It was easy to assemble, is exactly what I was looking for and I paid hundreds less than what it was going for at most other websites.

So, yes, do be aware that there might be issues. This is not a 5 star review because I should not have had to remind them to ship my item- which took about 3 weeks total to get here, rather than the 10 days promised- but shipping was free and the chair did arrive in perfect condition.

New Reviewer

Misleading in Purchasing an Aeron Chair - What does "open box" mean? Used? Floor model? Returned? The shipping label was created, delivery date estimated to be 2 days later, I received it a week later... not sure why they psych you out like that. Chair arrives, no assembly instructions with Posturefit, so YouTube it is that helps. The chair is obviously used as it has marks and dings and smells like the inside of a Fiesta on a used car lot. I'm fearful of keeping this thing as it sounds like if I were to have issues 3 weeks+ down the line this could get pricey and problematic as there's no Herman Miler serial number, just one from Madison Seating. I've owned several Aeron chairs and haven't had issues with them, but depending on what Madison Seating is selling, I am concerned based on these other views....

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 Herman Miller Aeron chairs from them, and initally thought they were great...that is until one of them had an issue only 4 months later. I wrote them and they told me I had to ship it back for warranty repairs and would have to pay for shipping. I figured I would just have a local Herman Miller place do the repairs since it was under warranty. Not to mention why would I pay for shipping back and forth?
When I called the authorized Herman Miller dealer they asked me to give them the Serial number off the chair and they could do the work. I searched for the serial number and never found it. It was taken off by madisonseating. They admit to it and said it was because they were a reseller. Doesn't make sense to me that they would take off the serial number, since this is the only way you can get warranty repairs through Herman Miller. Makes me wonder if these are not stolen goods?
Don't buy from them unless you are OK with having your chair shipped back and forth for any repairs for the next 12 years of their so called warranty

New Reviewer

This is THE WORST company to do business with. I ordered one table and they informed me that my card was declined. It in fact did decline due to my bank putting a "security hold" on the card. I called my bank and they removed the hold. I then called Madison Seating back and told them to re-run the card. Again, they informed me that the card declined for a second time. I waited a few days after not hearing from them, and decided to try to order the table again, and this time it went through successfully. 2 days later I found out that they had charged me for two tables and sent me two tables. I only wanted one, and the cost of the table was $639.99. They told me in order to send it back, I had to make my own arrangements, as they do not provide a return service. I was quoted $474.78 for shipping, and Madison Seating charged me a "re-stocking fee" of 30% ($192.00). This brought my total to $666.78. Do NOT do business with this company. There's a reason they only have 3 stars out of 142 ratings!!!!

New Reviewer

I would rate zero stars if it were possible. I paid $700.00 for an "open box" Leap V2 chair and received a used, broken (seat adjustment lever broken off) chair that was covered in some type of orange film and improperly packaged. There were gouge marks all over the bottom of the seat where it looked like someone used a screwdriver (repeatedly) to try and remove the seat bottom. Any damage that was done to this chair in shipment was obviously caused by their poor packaging and I let UPS know this after the company filed a bogus damage claim with UPS! I sent the chair back and was told they would send a check instead of issuing a credit to my charge card. If I wanted an immediate credit, it would be less the 3% fee that Amex charged them to use my card! Amex didn't agree with that, obviously and they are now investigating this company's practices. Totally rude, unprofessional staff who argue instead or resolving issues. I wish I would have done more research before buying from this company as there are a TON of negative reviews online. It appears at least 40% of the people who do business with them are unsatisfied. Looks like the site with the greatest percentage of good reviews is theirs. Go figure! Do yourself a favor and spend more money for a new chair with a factory warranty. There is a big difference between "open box" and USED. Steelcase and all of their dealers ship for free.

New Reviewer

Buyer beware! MADISON SEATING sells REFURBISHED ITEMS. DO NOT buy from this company. You will REGRET IT!

New Reviewer

I had an issue with the way the 2 end tables I ordered was packed. Absolutely no packaging. One table on top of the other with the glass tops loose in the box. I called and got a very unfriendly customer service response. If fact I called twice with both customer service reps very rude! I will never, ever, order from this company again!

New Reviewer

Complete con artists here. I ordered 2 chairs during a free shipping promo and had them shipped to HI where I live, which their site let me do. Days later they tell me they do not ship to HI (yet their site let me pick it and showed "Free Shipping!" when I did). A few emails of them telling me it was a mistake didn't help.

Then the sale ended and the chair price dropped by $270! Their site then said shipping to HI would be $350, a difference of $80...meaning, their mistake would have only cost them $80 to correct but "Susan" who listed herself as a "Supervisor" on her email said they canceled my order and can't ship to HI. I called Susan and after she yelled and screamed at me on the phone without letting me talk I asked to talk to her manager and she said (after pausing a lot) that she didn't have one and she was the owner of the company.

Right... supervisor of the call center or owner? Which is it? She wouldn't stop yelling at me and calling me names because I said I'd report her shady business to the BBB. I'd stay away from this place...even if you don't care about their crap service the fact that all they do is raise prices to have a free shipping sale should be enough. Total rip off here.

New Reviewer

Do yourself a favor, Don't use this retailer. We bought a Coaster Roll Top Desk, sold from Madison Seating. They expect you to hold the shipper there until you open the package and inspect all the items. I wish I would have done that. I would have sent it back IMMEDIATELY! There were obvious manufacturer defects, which the retailer, Madison Seating would not acknowledge, nor would the manufacturer. After construction, there were other issues, which I am now stuck with. I would NEVER use this retailer again."

New Reviewer

OK, bought a couch and two chairs online specified I was available only on mondays and saturdays for delivery and to be contacted during business hours. They attempted to deliver my living room set with just an email for notice and did not pay attention to my statements that said I could only be contacted on mondays/saturdays. They then cancelled my order and marked my account as fraudulant, wich almost got my credit card cancelled. When I called madison seating the lady i spoke with was a B----H she told me that she was in sales not customer service, I would have to call there customer service line and I would have to stay home from work on the day they choose to deliver my furniture if I wanted it. When I told her I was shocked and I asked for her name she laughed commented she was in sales, I was not going to make her money and they were closing (at 3;11 in the afternoon) So I called back nope, they were open untill 5;00. Irf I had her name, I would have her job, I've never been treated worse in my life. In an economy like this I can't beleive they are still in business and I can't beleive that woman I spoke with is still employed.I ordered the set off a different web site for $600 more, a garunteed delivery date and time,Frankly I am looking over my credit card statements to make sure the didn't steal my information!!! Worse company EVER!!!! Don't even look at their web site!!!

New Reviewer

I purchased a Herman Miller Aeron chair from this sad excuse for a company back in 2010. One of the parts to go first on this chair is the seat. The mesh part of mine broke less than a week ago. I took a picture and emailed it to them since I am under the 10 warranty. I got a generic email and was curious, so I called Herman Miller and one of their official retailers told me that the arms of the chair I purchased has been obsolete since 2004. When I called Madison Seating about this, the woman that answers the phones said that nothing they sold was over a year in their inventory. Then when I called her out on it, I got transferred to another department. This guy, instead of trying to be accommodating with the lack of warranty they have or just sending over a new seat... tells me to look on eBay. Unbelievable with the careless service they provide and then takes me through all these loopholes within the site saying that "Open Box" means refurbished... and was not that pleasant about it. Actually he was kind of snobby. When I originally purchased this chair, the seller... his name is Louis, never took me to that page to agree. On top of that, when I tried to post my review of them on their site... I was BLOCKED. NEVER PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE... BUYER BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

First, they made the shipping label really fast and sent you the tracking number. On the day it was supposed to be delivered, it was still not shipped. After I called the, they shipped next day.

When I received the chair, everything was wrapped nicely, but after I open the package, the piston, the important piece that connects the base and seat was used! There are obvious tears and wears. So they asked me to take pictures to prove them it is indeed a used piece.

They made a new label to ship the piston replacement, but it was's shipped.

They refused to give an explaination why a used piece was sent out. It seems to me it is not a mistake.

New Reviewer

This company should not be allowed to operate in this country.

Terrible and unprofessional people.

Please avoid this company!!!

New Reviewer

This is by far one of the worst customer service experiences I have EVER had. First off, the four chairs that we purchased arrived late. Then two of them broke and needed to be sent back for repair. The process of finding out what I needed to do to have these chairs repaired took weeks. This company does not care about their customers. When our chairs finally arrived back to us they were the wrong size! I have been dealing with this company for months and I sincerly warn anyone from entering any business dealings with them.

New Reviewer

First of all they did not deliver on time. Second, the chair was extremely poor quality, the adjustment mechanism broke down after three weeks use. I've tried to get this product replaced or repaired, or claim 30 days money guarantee Madison Seating offers. They replied there is no warranty, there is no money back, I cannot replace the chair because "I was supposed to file a claim immediately with the carrier when it arrived". When I unpacked the chair it seemed ok, but it did not last more than 3 weeks. They either sold me extremely poor quality product or the one with latent defect and they did not want to find a solution for the problem. They do not reply to my emails on time, they promise on the phone they would come back with some solution or at least the answer the next day. They never do. I had to send numerous reminders so they could finally reply that I am not entitled to get the money back, or replacing the item even when it doesn't work after 3 weeks of normal use. Very bad customer service, very bad quality product for approx $200 price."

New Reviewer

I recently made two different purchases from Madison Seating online
furniture company. My husband and I absolutely love their selection,
but their exquisite customer service is what I am beyond pleased with
with. Madison seating makes furniture shopping such an easy, quick and
inexpensive experience that my husband made another order the week
after the first. I am super pleased with my shopping experience at
Madison seating. Looking forward to my next purchase!

New Reviewer

I don't know why no one had a good experience!! This truly was such a breeze. Asked the sales rep a few questions, placed the order and received it all in one week! Everyone was friendly and the technician sat on the phone for twenty minutes helping me learn how to use my chair. I want everyone to try this company

New Reviewer

I ordered a desk that was being sold on the Madison Seating website for $343. I had found the same desk on another website for about $15 cheaper but preferred the more professional looking Madison Seating website and went with them instead since they claimed they price match. My order was placed on a Friday but by Tuesday I had an email stating that they were not able to get the item and had canceled the sale. I checked the website Thursday just to see if it was still listed and found the same desk selling for $389... So they cancelled my order and raised the price. Great customer service!!"

New Reviewer

Promised 6 weeks in advance that they would deliver by a deadline. They totally failed. Talked to the manager, who said, basically, too bad.

New Reviewer

This furniture website is TOTAL SCAM !!! NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM !!! Not professional, treating their customers like...i even don't have words to describe it. I'll tell you why . The 90% of my shopping that is online shopping . and bying in that was the WORST EXPERIENCE in my entire life! I ordered a leather sofa from Madisonseating about two weeks ago they told me that i will get my order in 10 bussines days. Yesterday i called to confirm my delivery and to verify that the items I wanted were in stock. because i'm not living at this house it's my summer house and I need to go there to meet delivery guy. Lady that answer the phone was completely RUDE. I was told that my order was NOT IN STOCK. THEY CANCEL MY DELIVERY AND NEVER LET ME KNOW ABOUT THIS!!! They never called me to let me know... If i wouldn't check my email i never found out about cancelation ! so i losing more than two week's time, which was very critical to me. Because i was buying this sofa for my kids that they would have place to sleep while we are in our summer house. they ruined my plans for this summer. Such a web site doesn't have right to sell online at all.

New Reviewer

I ordered a table and chairs from Madison Seating. Since I live in Canada, the shipping wasn't free, but was supposed to be $150. The chairs were backordered 2 months (which they had no intention of telling me until i phoned wondering why the chairs didn't arrive with the table.) I changed the chairs on the order, but instead of changing the order, they created me a new order and charged me an additional $75 shipping.
Customer service reps were rude, and could care less that their automated system was charging people additional charges without warning. Additionally, tracking numbers were never sent, as promised, once the items were shipped.
All in all, dishonest company that seeks refuge behind their phones knowing that they don't have to put faces to the names they deal with. Stay away.

New Reviewer

great products and greater prices. they price match. furnished my backyard in my florida home and subsequently purchased a few office chairs.

very helpful reps too.

To the guy underneath me - i think you meant to post that ad on the trucking companies review page

New Reviewer

What a saga it was just to deliver a simple desk. The freight delivery company they used here in southern California was horrible. They never called to schedule delivery, just decided to head out and attempt to show up but then called me after they got lost where I had to spend a half hour giving them turn-by-turn directions.

After all that they didn't even deliver the desk, because I wasn't home since they didn't bother to schedule delivery ahead of time. I specifically instructed them to drop it off at the leasing office of my apartment so they wouldn't have to come out again. I come home to find no package at the office then tell me they would need to charge me $100 to attempt delivery again because I couldn't take their initial surprise delivery.

After a week of going back and forth with the delivery company and finally with Madison, they took care of not charging me $100 for another delivery attempt, which is the only reason I gave them 2 stars. So I finally take delivery of my desk...except only one of the boxes contains parts of my desk in it. I opened the other box and it was the legs to a completely different item (coffee table?).

So here we go back to another round of dealing with customer service and the delivery company to return the random coffee table I got and get the legs to the desk I ordered. I still haven't gotten my whole desk yet, and while in the end I think they'll get everything to me, just...never again. Get a new delivery company, the one they use in the L.A. area at least has been a total pain.

New Reviewer

I furnished my entire first floor with their merchandise! A Dining room table and chairs, and china cabinet, a sofa for my living room, a 3-piece coffee table set, and a kitchen table w/ 4 chairs for my kitchenette. so easy and simple.. I couldnt buy anywhere else because madison seating is the lowest price on the web! i placed my orders over the phone , one simple transaction, and furnished my entire first floor of my new home. products arrived in great condition and super fast! also the customer service people are so sweet and helpful!! highly reccomend!

New Reviewer

Excellent prices, super fastt shipping.

Two thumbs up for Madison seating....

New Reviewer

great price matching!

New Reviewer

So I ordered a Lider Chair from Madison Seating about three weeks ago. It came extremely quickly, within 5 business days. I didn't realize I was supposed to check the item before Fedex left, so I accepted the shipment. To my suprise, I opened the box and part of the chair was damaged. I'm assuming the damage was from the mis-care of the Fedex driver, since the packaging seemed very adequate.

However, I can't believe how nice Madison Seating has been with me. Even though I did not check the chair before I accepted the order, they permitted me to return the chair and get a new one.

I called in and explained to them what had happened, they asekd me to send in pictures to confirm that the chair ws actually damaged. After I did that and sent the e-mail in, I got a response within 24 hours. After that I was instructed to box the chair up again and that Fedex would come pick it up.

Fedex came to pick up the chair two days later, and Madison Seating received my chair another two days after that. As soon as Madison Seating received my chair they sent out my replacement, again, EXTREMELY QUICKLY!! I received my chair within a week, undamaged, unscathed, and brand new.

Madison Seating was awesome. What they did for me was extremely nice and most other companies would have charged me for the return shipping of the damaged chair since its my fault i did not inspect the merchandise upon arrival. Madison Seating did not charge me one penny!!

I highly recommend doing business with Madison Seating. You won't regret it.

New Reviewer

This is a great website. I know it may be hard to shop online because you don't get to see the products or test them out, but this website really makes it that much easier.

I ordered two office chairs and i was so pleased with this company that when i was moving into my new apartment i ordered my home furniture from them.

The bedroom furniture is magnificent! Such a pleasure to shop on this website. Upon arrival of the furniture, i see that it is exactly as described, right size, no flaws, and simple assembly. they packaged it great so that careless fedex drivers couldn't damage it.

i highly recommend madison seating to those who want a low price with good quality.

New Reviewer

I actually had a great experience with Madison Seating.

Seeing these bad reviews compelled me to post a great one.

I ordered a dining table with four dining chairs from madison seating, received it very quickly, and in great condition.

i searched high and low for this dining set and saw it on many websites - and not only was madison seating the lowest price but they also helped me try to find a matching piece for my dining room.

their customer service is amazing, they send prompt e-mails and update the customer on EVERYTHING.

you never have to wonder what's going on with your order there!

i only have positive things to say about my experience with madison seating and i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy online shopping experience.

thanks for listening!

New Reviewer

It is misleading. They sold us a chair, it arrived damaged, they refused to ship a replacement until they had received the broken chair back, even though Fed Ex had record of picking up the chair 10 days earlier. They claim they have great customer service, but the people are rude... even the supposed supervisors in charge. They should fire the lot.

New Reviewer

I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about, I made an order with this company about a month ago for a 5 piece dining room set. the set was gorgeous, but there were some scuff marks from the manufacturer when they packed it. I was worried about what would happen, but MADISON SEATING WAS MORE THAN HELPFUL!! All i had to do was send in a picture of the table, which i sent from my cell phone, and they refunded me completely, and send me a new dining set that i got the next week!!! i've never been more satisfied with a companies return help. they were great!! so helpful. no hidden policies, no files to claim, no papers to fill out.

highly recommended!!!! great service!!! they really care about customer satisfaction!!