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Review of Lumosity

Lumosity reviews

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171 reviews
140 New Montgomery Street, Floor 19
San Francisco, CA 94105
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171 Reviews From Our Community

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When I found out, I contacted their customer service about the unauthorized charge. (in 31 reviews)


If you want to join and are not sure you are going to like it, pay with a credit card. (in 24 reviews)


They release new games, new challenges and recently launched the mobile app. (in 74 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I received a gift subscription to Lumosity as a Christmas gift from a friend. After playing it for four months, I don't see any real improvement in my brain function. Evidently, I got the most basic package because I only get about a dozen games to play over and over again--even if I don't like them--and once my workout for the day is done, I can't play again until the next day. Also, if I'm on the last game and accidently hit "next" instead of "play again," there's no way to go back. Very annoying. Some of my scores have improved and continue to improve, but others have stayed pretty much the same or even decreased. I don't see any real difference in my day-to-day ability to function in the world. When this subscription is up, I won't renew. There are enough free games on the web to play which are as good or better at challenging your brain than Lumosity's.

Ask Judith about Lumosity
1 review
1 helpful vote

I signed up for a Lumosity family package. After paying it has a perpetual message " We cannot process your application at the moment"

Regretfully, transaction went through, Called my credit card to cancel so that i do not get recurring charges and will DEFINITELY CHALLENGE THE PAYMENT MADE.
17 April 2016

Ask ml about Lumosity
1 review
0 helpful votes

I broke my ankle last April. Luminosity was something that was able to make my time spent at home productive. My favorite part of the day was doing Luminosity. As a result of my constant use of Luminosity, I found that it actually repaired parts of my brain that gave me better memory, attention and problem solving abilities. I was great at speed and flexibility right from the beginning. As I progressed in the other areas, I saw great life changing results. I always wrote better than I spoke. The ability to slow down and do better in areas that I still struggled with, gave me the ability to speak better. I believe that in slowing down to improve my ability to have better memory, attention, and problem solving caused me to slow down before I spoke. Now I'd say that my ability to speak is more in line with my ability to write. I am coming off more like the intelligent person that I have always been in my ability to communicate. Thank you Luminosity!

Ask Susan about Lumosity
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been using Lumosity for several years, but have recently developed a hand and head tremor which deem it next to impossible to play most the games on the site. I wrote to the company to ask for suggestions, and NEVER heard back. They are quick to take our money, but not to offer service. I tried calling the company today, and of course got a recording which said to write them an email which I have done twice already. I wish I could talk to a person. The company has already had legal action for automatically charging credit cards for renewals. You think the company would improve its policies.

Ask Michelle about Lumosity
1 review
2 helpful votes

Started using Lumosity when I was having memory and concentration issues. I went from 23rd to 91st percentile in a few months, but my memory and concentration in the real world have not improved. Most of the games are boring. Some depend on the equipment used for example "Eagle Eye" is much easier to play on a small screen. My score can double when I use my laptop vs. my 26" screen. What's up with that? At best Lumosity is a timewaster for people who aren't into computer gaming. At worst it is a total scam.

Ask Daniel about Lumosity
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am a professional boxer and I mainly concentrate on attention, and within 2 months of playing attention games my reflects gotten seriously good that I can barely get hit in the ring now.. 100 thumbs up

Ask luis about Lumosity
1 review
6 helpful votes

Faulty app, continuous sneaky billing despite opting out, NO Phone number & take forever to respond with Pre written responses of no explanation what's really going on. Then will use every excuse not to reimburse non approved funds taken from you. I feel this company preys on what they believe as "stupid people needing brain improvements". I'm surprised they are still in business, not being sued.
Very Disapointed Fraustrated EX Customer.

Ask Rich about Lumosity
1 review
11 helpful votes

I liked this for the first month, so I bought a year subscription. I am usually careful to deselect auto-renew boxes. We'll a month after that and it got repetitive, I could see that it wasn't helping. But they continue to charge me the next year. Thank to the lawsuit, I am aware of what is happening and switched the account off of autorenew. Will set an alarm to double check that they didn't charge me again later this year. The folks who run this site are low life criminals looking to take as many $50 nibbles as they can. No thanks to NPR for promoting the f^ck out them last year.

Ask James about Lumosity
1 review
1 helpful vote

and in particular one doesn't get a sharper mind by doing mindless things. When I hit a plateau on a game, I look for ways to play or look at the game differently.

Ask Joel about Lumosity
1 review
7 helpful votes

I signed up for Lumosity over 5 years ago. After 2 years, I decided to cancel my subscription. I called and advised them of this and they told me that being that the annual subscription was just auto renewed the prior month that there was nothing that could be done. They told me I would not be auto-renewed again. This turned out to be not true. They continued billing me. Recently I asked for a refund and pointed to the fact that the account has not been accessed in 3 years. They refused to refund anything. Make sure that you read the fine print!!!

Ask Meyer about Lumosity
1 review
9 helpful votes

took money out of my paypal account when i went to find what email it was on encase i made one while drinking so i wrote every email i had in the forgot password and all said no account but yet they are taking money out of my paypal EXPLAINED IT 7 TIMES TO THE PERSON WHOS $#*!ING STUPID STILL HAS GOTTEN THE I HAVE NO ACCOUNT WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY MONEY....

Ask Karyn about Lumosity
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I started out with my problem solving ability at 99.8%, As I wondered where I could go from here, I've found myself now at 85%. So did I lose brain power???
My memory, though, which had been at 50% rose to the 92% once I gave it more attention and effort.
To sum it, I've learned the games and improved my performance of them to the top of my age group by learning them. After a while some of them became boring. I skip them all the time (hence losing points?) Some others I've reached as high as I can (e.g. trains at level 12) and all my failed efforts only lower my scores, not improve my brain ability.

For me, Lumosity is fun.

Ask Tara about Lumosity
1 review
0 helpful votes

The only way to improve you score was to use a faster computer. Very boring.

Ask Cheryl about Lumosity
1 review
11 helpful votes

I subscribed to the premium version and one month later I emailed them to ask if I could convert to the family plan and how the price would change. I got a detailed email saying they would reimburse the unused portion of my premium plan. So I converted to the family plan and they refused to reimburse me IAW their own email. So...beware! They rip you off, even if say they won't. They don't honor their promises.

Ask Dianne about Lumosity
1 review
2 helpful votes

I used Lumosity for a year and had no trouble canceling when subscription period came to an end. I'm surprised to see all the negative reviews about auto-renewal. It seems like these people didn't read the terms when they signed up. I really enjoyed the games and found them challenging and Lumosity added new ones frequently. I'm planning to start my subscription again, but while I was doing price research, I stumbled upon these reviews and just thought I'd chime in with a different perspective.

Ask Jay about Lumosity
1 review
2 helpful votes

Why am I suddenly locked out from playing the games I usually play? If I am at an anniversary, why haven't received a notice?

Ask Susie about Lumosity
1 review
11 helpful votes

I subscribed for several years and enjoyed the product a lot. However, one thing I didn't learn was that the subscription was set to auto-renew by default. When I discovered that my credit card had been debited but I hadn't planned to continue the service, I filled out their online cancellation form within 30 days of the renewal. The site said it would take a few days or weeks for the credit to show up on my credit card bill. When eventually it didn't, I contacted the company but they said that I was now outside of the 60-day refund window. Moral: if you like the games, by all means, sign up. Just make sure that you've cancelled the auto-renew feature.

Ask Oliver about Lumosity
1 review
8 helpful votes

This is a waste of money. It hasn't been proven that these games add the value that is claimed. All they do is improve the user's skill through repetition of the same task playing the same game over and over again. You can achieve this by doing something else FOR FREE. It's also difficult to get them to stop charging the credit card so don't give them your credit card. The customer service leaves a lot to be desired. It just is not worth it. Overall, I would stay away from this. The same games are given over and over again. I can find free games that are better than the ones that cost money at Lumosity.

Ask melanie about Lumosity
1 review
5 helpful votes

Why do you continue to let the review from Kate M. to stay on your page? She uses a derogatory word (retard) in her title and inflammatory remarks while insulting legions of possible customers. It was the inclusion of this obviously moronic user that dissuaded me from signing on, rather than the negative remarks from those who had trouble with billing. If "Kate" is an example of the people you have helped with your product meant to test and increase brain function, then she is a poor rep. She couldn't sound more stupid if she tried.

Ask M about Lumosity
7 reviews
31 helpful votes

to this day im trying to reach them--- they have you create several accounts then they confuse you so your not sure what account is being used then they dont respond to your questions. and you have to contact your credit card company to stop them

Ask gina about Lumosity
1 review
11 helpful votes

I joined Lumosity for a year under a promotion. The following year they charged my account even though I had selected no auto-renew on my profile. When I contacted them they said that their TERMS say that auto-renew is what they do. So you give them your credit card info once and they can charge it whenever they like? This company is crap. They have lost their mind and are teaching brain training? I don't think so. I'm working with American Express to handle this.

Ask Veronica about Lumosity
1 review
9 helpful votes

I recently subscribed to a year's subscription believing that they would only take out the $3-4 each month as was stated on their subscription page. I was unpleasantly surprised the next morning when I discovered that it was not a recurring monthly payment as was advertised. I immediately attempted to cancel my subscription...made a "request" 4 times before finally threatening to call my bank and dispute the charge. The funds were finally credited to my account but now I am wondering if they will make further attempts in the future to withdraw funds from my account, now that they have my banking info. According to many previous posts here, there are more people who have been scammed by them than I thought there would be. Regardless, I don't think their business practices are ethical and will never make the mistake of subscribing again. There are plenty of FREE brain training exercises online without having to worry about getting ripped off!

Ask Janise about Lumosity
1 review
14 helpful votes

Lumosity, at first used to be fun but after it got more people join, they started slowly making games paid. Now they made every single game paid, u can only do test once a day and to play the game you should pay

Ask Ishan about Lumosity
1 review
15 helpful votes

Lumosity is a scam. Be warned. Step away now! I signed up and found the training makes no beneficial difference to my daily life - and stopped using it. However the company never stopped charging. They provide no notice or receipts and continue to charge your credit card and refuse to give a refund unless you catch them in the act within 60 days.

Don't just take my word for it. It seriously doesn't work.

Ask Adam about Lumosity
1 review
11 helpful votes

Don’t waste your money. This is a short series of simple brain teasers. At first it’s kinda fun and challenging. But it get’s old after about 2-3 weeks. And by the second month, totally boring! But by then, it’s too late to cancel your subscription. It doesn’t improve anything except their bank account. You simple become a better game player. Read the reviews at other websites. To repeat, … Don’t waste your money.

Ask Dave about Lumosity
1 review
9 helpful votes

I set up the train game only to have the trains redirected. Similar problems with a few other games. The problem started win I changed "automatic renewal" to do not renew and I completed a test once and wouldn't do it a second time. Reverse billing is illegal in Canada.

Ask c about Lumosity
1 review
8 helpful votes

Waste of time.

Ask Steve about Lumosity
1 review
27 helpful votes

I seldom offer an unsolicited opinion but when I saw the reviews posted on your site I decided I would. First, 50,000,000 people use it.That is an incredible number and the quality of Lumosity's program based on this alone speaks so loudly I can't hear what the naysayers are saying. 2nd, Since the beginning of time the almost urgent recommendation from the medical community has been to continue to use your brain for something besides tv or the latest spy novel. Crosswords Soduko, brain teasers are all helpful.But Lumosity offers so much more. Structure, accountability, challenge, and fun. And I've never had any problems with the service. Zero, it's always been 100%

Ask Brian about Lumosity
1 review
15 helpful votes

Just measures how much faster you can play the same old games. Only thing I use it for is to see how focused I am on a particular day or time of day. Mind game? Mindless fun is more like it.

Ask $#*! about Lumosity
1 review
13 helpful votes

I have been using Lumosity regularly for a couple years after receiving chemo and radiation. When I first started I could not remember 3 numbers in sequence, people's names, passwords and some words.
When I use it regularly I notice a huge improvement. I'm up to remembering 18 numbers, 80% of my passwords (if I have not used them in a long time than retreaval is still hard) but the results pay off every day for me. If I take an extended leave from practice I notice this in my daily work. This program has been a godsend.

Tip for consumers: If you don't practice regularly, 3-4 x week, you may not notice any change. It takes time and practice to retrain the brain.

Ask Judith about Lumosity
6 reviews
70 helpful votes

They draw you in and then start trying to sell you a million things.

Ask Thomas about Lumosity
1 review
17 helpful votes

I paid for a family membership but only one person was able to play even thou I played family membership. They charged my American Express twice in one month. Can not reach human at this so called company.
I called American Express and had the charges removed and talked with soemone at the fraud dept and they have blocked them from charging my account.

They claimed if you joined you would have access to other games which was also a lie!

Ask melinda about Lumosity
1 review
15 helpful votes

Some of their games need calibrating properly, e.g. 'Train of Thought'. I have told them that when level 13 is reached, their calibration makes it impossible to go up to the last level. I have tried so many times I have lost count. If they were calibrating train lines in real life, then there would be multiple crashes, people unable to get on the trains because they whizz past stations etc. etc. They need to experience the real world when devising these games, then they would know how to set up a game properly. I have complained several times now, and to be honest, they just suck as they assure me of this that and the other, but never make the necessary changes. Yet want me to give them the thumbs up for their customer service!!

Ask Caroline about Lumosity
1 review
24 helpful votes

This company is the pits. I have a brain tumor with increasing vision problems. I tried to close out my account. When I went through the process of ending one's subscription I had no luck following their instructions, so I sent them a note telling them I wanted to drop my account. No response, and it just happened again. My second year in a row. Trying to leave this scam of a company just feels like I'm going nowhere fast. I will persist and be a real pain in the derriere till I get some response from this company

Ask Mickey about Lumosity
1 review
26 helpful votes

Lumosity urges people to Log in to see what it's about. When you log in, they say they need us to set up an account. Then, as another reviewer says, after a few games, you discover that you have to purchase a plan to use it. This is HIGHLY DECEPTIVE. Next come the email messages asking if we forgot something and "to FINISH" the purchase of a premium plan when there WAS NO attempt to purchase anything. Again, at least one reviewer has reported the same problem.
If you just checked it out and found yourself purchasing a plan OR being CHARGED illegally for something you didn't purchase, I URGE YOU TO CONTACT YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE. If enough people report this HIGHLY deceptive advertisement practice and possibly illegal practice, they may be forced to stop.

Ask Christina about Lumosity
2 reviews
36 helpful votes

I am stuck with playing only a few of the games because the instructions/demos for the new games are confusing or missing key elements. Whoever devises these games needs to learn HOW TO EXPLAIN them and/or DEMONSTRATE clearly! I realize communication is not the forte of gamers, but the company needs to rethink their personnel choices and have several different type thinkers on staff to troubleshoot games before they send them out to subscribers.

Ask Mary about Lumosity
1 review
25 helpful votes

I signed up, but all the games were locked for me unless I bought the premium package. I am sure they need income for their efforts, but I never saw or heard in the commercial that I would need to pay to play. Misleading to me.

Ask Morgaine about Lumosity
1 review
27 helpful votes

My account was charged $80 without my authorization. When I found out, I contacted their customer service about the unauthorized charge. They responded by email saying the best they can do is not to charge me again next year!! I am very disappointed. I thought they are a reputable company. I should not have trusted them.

Ask Donna about Lumosity
1 review
32 helpful votes

I saw the ads so I went to the website. I had to sign up for "free access" and then sent immediately to the subscription page. There was not even a sample page. I'd never buy anything sight unseen so this was a fail.

Ask D about Lumosity
1 review
49 helpful votes

Honestly, they probably deserve around 4 stars, but since this site seems to be filled with people who don't understand basic concepts- like how to contact a business, how a subscription works, how to use an app-- or even how to write... I want to help them balance these idiotic reviews....

Look, I've used the site for a little bit- I pay for a monthly subscription and have had NO ISSUE bouncing between multiple computers as well as my iPad. Every time I sign in as me- it counts me as me and I can access the full catalog. Do I know for certain that it's helping my brain? Meh, maybe not as much as they say- but certainly as much as Brain Age on my DS did. The games are fun and quick. If you want something to play that may or may not help your brain but will always be working to challenge you- it's a decent product (not a scam... seriously? Do you honestly not know how to delete an app??)

If I had one issue it's that the whole set of games should be available on your iPad- especially for the price which leans towards expensive in my opinion. But other than that I'm entirely satisfied. I genuinely think at least some of the reviews on here are people who the app couldn't help if it wanted to.

People- if a company is legitimately charging you without your consent- file a claim with your credit card, it's not rocket science.

Ask Lila about Lumosity
1 review
8 helpful votes

I could go on but it will waste my time. Do UR research. Really it was a waste of time.

Ask K about Lumosity
1 review
16 helpful votes

Some of these games were obviously made up by men, especially the spatial details games which give you very little info & NOT ENOUGH TUTORIAL on how to play B4 testing you. Very frustrating! Hope you get more women developers on board soon. Also I'm guessing ur comparative results r NOT very accurate since ur not showing results of men & women separately. NEWSFLASH: womens brains are different than men's and we learn and think differently.

Ask Jnett about Lumosity
1 review
29 helpful votes

Paid for yearly subscription. Used it for 1 month, then got a new computer. Logged in to game and to my surprise some games were locked. Said I had to pay for new subscription again. Rip off.

Ask Kathleen about Lumosity
1 review
42 helpful votes

My wife was a subscriber to lumosity, she passed away over 2 yrs ago, i unsubscribed from them about 2yrs ago or so i thought?
I had not heard from them for 2yrs then on my last credit card statement they have taken $98Aus out, NOT HAPPY!!! sent them emails etc no response!!! had to cancel my card, what a pain in the arse!!!
I will be telling anyone who talks to me about them about my disgraceful experience with them!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT sign up unless you want to have to cancel your credit card!!!

Ask Brian about Lumosity
1 review
50 helpful votes

DO NOT USE LUMOSITY! They stink. Honestly - I signed up for one month in JULY 2014 and am still (JAN 2015!) trying to get them to stop charging me the monthly fee. Such a scam. HORRIBLE company.

Ask Kristen about Lumosity
10 reviews
46 helpful votes

I subscribed but was unable to access the games. Kept getting msg that I was not a member. However, my Discover was charged $59.95. I called the Lumosity phone listed and got an automated msg referring me to the online site. I went online and filed my complaint and got no reply. So I called again, and again, and again....automated phone msg each time referring me to the website. All of this time, months, I am unable to get into the games...getting the same message that I am not a member. Finally I email Lumosity stating that I will be appealing the charge to Disco ver. Magic......I get three replies in 2 days. The first states that I cannot be found as a paying member. I send the information to them with a copy of the Discover charge. I asked for cancellation and a refund. The reply from Lumosity was that my 30 days was up and I could not be refunded. Never mind that I had not been able to access the games!! Discover accepted the dispute and told me that they receive many complaints from Lumosity customers. Discover also suggested that I contact my attorney general and the Calif attorney general about this, which I intend to do tomorrow. This company is inaccessible because they want to be!! Some customer service, huh? No service after the sale!

Ask elaine about Lumosity
1 review
45 helpful votes

Doesn't get any worse than this. It's a scam in terms of payments and their refund policies. They clearly take advantage of the well intended user...stick to 2048 or any one of the thousands of free apps available online. STAY AWAY FROM LUMOSITY.

Tip for consumers: SCAM!

Ask vas about Lumosity
1 review
63 helpful votes

I'm doing this review because of Lumosity's unethical subscription renewal methods.
I subscribed in July for one month, and turned the Auto renewal off. Despite that, i got charged for a new month in August. I contact them, they apologize for the mistake and give me a refund.
I did another subscription in December and made SURE that the auto renewal is off. What happened at the beginning of January? I get charged for a new month anyway and now I have to contact costumor service again.
I think this is a deliberate act from Lumosity's side to trick people into new months subscriptions without their consent, under the impression that it was a mistake.
They misused my credit card info without my consent.
I'm not going to deal with them anymore.

Ask sam about Lumosity
1 review
44 helpful votes

Bull$#*!. Says you get a free fit test, you fill everything out, then the only option is to pay for the full thing. What a load of crap. Only reason its 2 stars not 1 is the site is pretty nicely made and seems quality in that regard.

Ask jim about Lumosity
1 review
41 helpful votes

This is the message I received when I logged in. This is after 11 months of use. Glad I did not sign up for another year.

In order to use Lumosity, you must be using a current version of Adobe's Flash Player.

Download the latest version of Flash Player.

(Ipad does not support Flash Player)

Ask Tom about Lumosity

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