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Lumosity reviews

83 reviews
140 New Montgomery Street, Floor 19
San Francisco, CA 94105
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New Reviewer

I just don't understand the negative reviews ... Have been on lumosity for a couple years and have had no problems and found their customer service to be good ... Asked them a functionality question one time. I find that the site has helped me increase my ability to focus and concentrate and really use it a lot. I suspect it's also helped me recover from an auto accident concussion i suffered. No complaints - I recommend it without reservation for those interested in optimizing concentration.

Ask Brenda about Lumosity
New Reviewer

Lumosity reminds me of the old joke about a kid eating the rabbit dung "smart pills".
He did learn something!

New Reviewer

I am an on/off user of this product, think i have purchased the first subscription in 2008, when their prices were a bit steep (i.e. Eur78pa), then again in 2012. I recently got another package at half that price and bottom line is that i have no complaint whatsoever. I was surprised to read all the negative feedback on this product; i don't play their games every day or even week as they'r tend to be a bit doll so i didn't get addicted to them; but i've definitely noticed some cognitive benefits and overall i take it that the monthly price i pay (from the41Eur pa offer) is bearly the price of 1starbucks coffee, so no real worries here!

New Reviewer

Regarding AUTOMATIC RENEWAL can uncheck it by reading the instructions HERE:

There's alot to read so one must be prudent and not just click anywhere.
Hope this helps alot of you!!

I am not rating this as I haven't signed up - yet!

New Reviewer

To be honest, I haven't tried Lumosity. I have been afraid that I would be come as smug and self important as the people in their commercials! Looks like that was a good decision!

Tip for consumers: Ugh! Who would want to be like the smug egoists in their commercials?

Ask Norm about Lumosity
New Reviewer

Not worth payin. After one month you get sick of playing the same boring and probably not even effective cheap games.
Their customer service is pathetic. They just copy&paste "Unfortunately, policy, bla, bla, bullsh**" and close the ticket...

Tip for consumers: Don´t spend money on this

Ask Javier about Lumosity
New Reviewer

Buyer beware! Linosity will take extra money from your bank account! I signed up for one year and they charged me for 2! They added the charge and year when I tried to cancel my account. This is scam to take your money.

Tip for consumers: Don't sign up unless you don't mind people taking your money arbitrarily.

Ask carolyn about Lumosity
New Reviewer

I looked over the reviews on this site about Lumosity and got to say. Please let me sale you a car. If you took 4 sec to read the billing statements before purchasing the product, you would have clearly seen what the billing cycles are, and the options if you choose not to enroll in the monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Has for me, I like this product, I've tried other free apps and for the most part. They tent to be the same mathematical questions, no shapes...etc.

I'm only four weeks into the service and seen improvements with my way of thinking. Now, I and hope no one expects these games to make you a genius, but should help improve daily thinking requires.

Tip for consumers: Read before you buy, if you want cheap apps, cheap apps is what you get. Life is not free, so pick wisely. But don't be upset if you're expectation are let down!

Ask ryan about Lumosity
New Reviewer

I'm giving the one star review because their auto renewal process is deceptive. No where was I told that my yearly subscription would be auto drafted from my bank account, until today I received a notice that I had approved the $74.95 annual fee. I thought that last year I had just signed up for one year. I wasn't notified in advance or sent a reminder that this was happening until after the fact. All that is beside the fact that I think it's overpriced for what you get. Lumosity, automatically making your customers always renew without reminding them before hand or giving them the option, and having us have to change that in our profile, if you're lucky enough to figure it out before getting the charge, is NOT a way to keep users happy or coming back. Also, when you call the customer service number, there is no representative, you have to leave a voicemail which says they'll get back to you in 3 days.

Tip for consumers: Be careful that your settings are set to the subscription preference that you want. You wouldn't think to do this, but you'll get surprised with charges and get upset!

Ask Woodsie about Lumosity
New Reviewer

I signed up for an account an immediately began getting daily spam from two other sources. Its obvious to me they are selling their contact lists. Not cool.

New Reviewer

I signed up for Lumosity in May of 2014. I thought the $14.95 was a one-time charge. In fact, it's $14.95 per month. That is not something I saw at all, and feel it's more than a little deceiving. Took me two more months to really see the charge (yes, that's my fault). Though, I also feel that it's what Lumosity counts on -- that people won't notice/investigate that small amount coming out of their bank account. Lumosity refunded ONE month of $14.95 when I complained to both PayPal and Lumosity directly. I guess the other month was the price for lesson learned. Yup, I guess you could call that Brain Training of sorts!

New Reviewer

I sure hate to be negative, but I DID like this app. I give it no stars (but have to give one) because it is way too expensive. There are free games that allow you to build neurons. The games are very limited via the app compared to a computer, it's not worth it. Yet more importantly, it gets no stars because it you sign up for a yearly subscription and do not know that you have signed up for auto-renewal this company feels that it is not important to let you know that you have. All of the auto-renewals or auto-payments that I have set up send advanced warning that your credit card/bank account is about to be charged to my email or my phone. This includes Apple, my isp, my car payment, my phone, the water softener people, Godaddy, and this list goes on. They also let you know that you account has been charged. Not Lumosity. Yes, my credit score has been damaged for because of a payment made with a credit card that I do not use and, therefore do not check it's balance. In fact the last and only time I used it was to renew my Lumosity subscription. This is one of those "There ought to be a law" situations.

New Reviewer

Good mental work out, but if you use an I Pad there are very few games. They are so far behind the trend away from computers. Not worth money on an IPad!

New Reviewer

You cant talk to customer service...I'm on my 6th day waiting for a refund...any business that avoids their customers, I AVOID THEM.

New Reviewer

Games were challenging, but got a little boring after awhile. When you sign up, there is a clause that your membership will renew automaticallly in a year. I circled the date on my calendar and before my renewal date, decided to give it a rest, cancel my enrolment online.
Months later, when looking over my charge bills, there was a renewal charge for Lumosity! I had not used the site since my cancellation. They will not reimburse me because of a six month limit for renewals. Shocked and disappointed! Shady response from what I had thought was a respected company.

New Reviewer

Have had an account for 2 years now, have never had issues! It's great!
They release new games, new challenges and recently launched the mobile app. My Android phone runs it perfectly. (It's the first version of the app, there will be more games added soon it says)
I've track my progress, while the numbers say I'm getting quicker with better memory, I've actually noticed a change myself. People's names, driving directions, quick math, I've impressed myself sometimes.
You have to stay at it! I do it 3-4 times a week. Lunchbreaks usually.
If you stop using it, you'll performance will decrease.
Maybe this is where all the bad reviews come from......dumb people!
It will not make you MAGICALLY smarter.
As far as the price, I used to buy video games, $29.99, $59.99, $79.99, play them for 3 weeks and shelf them. Hundreds of dollars a year.
Now that I'm not a kid anymore, $60 a year for Lumosity, is easily justifiable.
You pay for a gym membership for special machines and equipment, but you can't fork over $60/yr for your brain. Oh gosh. I fear where the world is headed!

Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay sharp and keep their brain active.

I don't know how it could be a scam, you pay, and you receive a service.
I got my family hooked and we pay for a Family Plan. No complaints.

New Reviewer

There might be some value to this application, but their customer service is so terribly poor that it will have you wishing you could deal with a non-native-speaking, off-shore customer support person instead. If there's any possibility you might need some help with this program .... don't sign up for it!!!

New Reviewer

They have a promising product.
Top down non listening management
No contact between customers and staff.
Deceitful business practices.
What a pity. Frustrating
They need to make it easy to be in touch with customer experience. The do the opposit.

New Reviewer
6/23/14 are bunch of thieves. they got my friend's money(took the credit card info and all other information and after transaction was done) when he started to use the software, she got an error msg saying that her device is not supported. she tried to get customer support, no body answers the customer support line.
Also my wife registered to test the software as they advertise it for a month in a free basis, she was only able to use it for one day. But after that they are doing heavy marketing to sell her the subscription.
in summary if you are interested in brain teaser software look somewhere else. Lumosity are bunch of thieves.

New Reviewer

wish it could be no stars! used it for a couple of months years ago, no benefit whatsoever - but autorenewal! and "help centre" is just a bunch of system-generated junk. stay away!

New Reviewer

I admit to being enticed by the supposed brain science and ability to improve my memory and brain function by playing games. I should have known better than to be lured by the heavy marketing and fabulous claims. I paid nearly $100 for a 2 yr subscription and was denied a refund when I realized I had been duped (not only was there no improvement in memory despite constant claims of stellar performance by the Lumosity measures, but I had become the target of a heavy handed marketing campaign designed to get me to pressure family and friends to sign up). I subscribed to this service based on the marketing claims of improved memory and brain performance. It seemed more credible coming from an educational based background and as an educator that appealed to me. I found it difficult to access the website from the foreign locations where I often work and the i-phone app was not the same quality of experience and seemed far less legitimate than the regular web page version. More importantly, I noticed no improvement in memory or any other brain function after using this consistently for over 2 months, despite the company claims my brain’s performance was miraculously improved. The rating system of where I stood with my age group was frankly suspect and seemed designed to only encourage me to continue playing games just to beat others. It became clear there was nothing credible in this data and the company had few other people in my demographic subscribed, so the performance comparisons had no solid basis. The performance numbers seemed rigged to encourage me to get friends and family to subscribe and then compete with them. I was bombarded with family and friend plan options. This service should sell itself based on its 'science-grounded' merits - not a heavy handed marketing campaign. After several months ‘playing brain games’ I realised that it is a scam, designed to squeeze money from gullible customers wanting to optimize their memory and performance. There is no discernable improvement in my mental capacity or memory since I subscribed. Now they refuse to give me a refund for the year and a half that's left of the subscription and I’ve been forced to lodge a complaint with the BBB.

New Reviewer

I have been a user for about six months. I really like it! In my opinion, it is most certainly NOT a scam. I have not had any issue with billing (I paid for a year after trying it for free on my iPad, and did not sign up for "automatic renewal," so I haven't yet gotten to any potential issue on that). The service is MUCH better on the computer than on the iPad. The iPad games are well-designed, but there just aren't very many of them (maybe 12 compared to around 40?). So, if you only want to use your iPad for these types of games, I wouldn't recommend signing up. There is a wide variety of games on the computer, though. They focus on five different areas of "brain power." While I don't know if it's actually building brain power, I don't think it is hurting me, and I really do enjoy a lot of the games. The "train game" is completely addictive!

New Reviewer

This is a scam !! I only wanted to try it once and it auto-renew EVERY MONTH without notifying me and when you cancel you have several steps to actually fully cancel it. This site has taken so much of money and it's being doing it for a full year paying $14.95 /month

New Reviewer

Beware, when you try to cancel the automatic think you have cancelled but you must go through a mulit-step process, see below, or they will charge you again and NOT give you a refund.


Thanks for the explanation. If you only clicked on the first cancel link, this did not cancel auto-renewal. In order to fully turn off auto-renewal, you have to go through a multiple step process that ends in you explaining why you are turning off auto-renewal. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like you did this. Since we cannot process your refund, the only option available to you is to dispute the charge with your credit card company. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.



New Reviewer

A scam and a rip off, once they get hold of credit card details it is too late.
I joined and was very unpleasantly surprised I made a complaint to Apple Apps about this scam.
Games that you get get free free on other sites.

New Reviewer

Tried it. Wasn't that impressed but, I wouldn't have thought it was a scam. Just no one really used it in the house. Tried to cancel. They KEEP taking money out of my account (not just for the one month I signed up for). The latest is "we will refund you but, this is your fault because it was set up as auto pay" even though I tried to cancel on their site several times (There is no customer service line) then I finally just had to block there charges on my card.

New Reviewer

Website easy to navigate, I used an iPad mini to sign up for an account. After signing up by supplying my birthdate and an email address rather than using my FB login (doing so gives them access to your friends list and google activity). I then answered a few more questions. After being redirected to the home page, I tried to access the "limited" games that are free. All of the games, tests, and other account items are all locked. It appears that if you are an iPad user the only thing free is the ability to sign up for a lumosity account, you must pay to access and use everything as an iPad or iPad mini user.

New Reviewer

Stay away from this one.
Neat concept.
Problem is there is very little available on iPad.
They state more is coming but no action appears to be happening.
Instead of being Customer focused when I contested them they simply fell back on their "policy".
Avoid signing on with them. They are pretty lousy to deal with.
Not worth the trouble.

New Reviewer

I have been using them for 3 years. I am 55 years old and found their site fantastic and has helped my brain performance incredibly. I paid monthly for 1st 2 years, now pay yearly. It fits my budget and quite affordable; have never been ripped off. Their service contact can be a little slow but they do have over 500K users.

I have tried other sites, paid and non-paid; for the moment Lumosity has my confidence.

New Reviewer

its a scam
I enjoyed first two month and I stopped playing it
I paid by credit card
but they just charged me for another month without any notice or explanation!!!
yeahh i was paying auto renewal.... and i didn't know bout it
i can accept it coz its my fault to not read it
but They charge me extra two times exactly 2 days later after I made the payment!!
they charged me on 2014.02.03 and 2014.03.03 when I made two payments on 2014.01.31 and 2014.03.01!!!
I heard tat they are abusing users card information and i am not alone!!
so just keep away from this crap

New Reviewer

I really enjoyed the games and saw good results from playing them.

Trouble started when I signed on one day to find I was locked out of all games.
Tried through their Help department and got very strange responses such as your profile shows you are under 13 years of age so we cannot help you. I clarified my age. Days later another request for credit card information etc. and still no access to games. I have been trying to make contact again but now no response.

Lumosity is spending a great deal of money on TV ads, banner ads etc. with virtually NO CUSTMER SUPPORT. If you want an exercise in frustration sign up to this sight.

New Reviewer

I want to use this service for one month as some game are not programmed for an IPAD..most could not be used...I made sure no credit card information was in my profile.....I quit using the service before the 30 was up....I was charged again....They said my card was on auto renew which it was not. ....So BUYER BEWARE

New Reviewer

Terrible company that doesn't give a hoot about customers. The single most reprehensible customer service I've ever experienced. I've been asking for a refund on the second year of my 2 year term because I don't have time to use their service and they just continue to refuse my request. I seriously hope that people stay away from this company and their bait and switch marketing. I'm actually shocked that their practices are in compliance with FTC rulings on direct marketing.

New Reviewer


I bought one year program from Lumosity 2 weeks ago. The games are great but i don't have time for the games. So i wanted to cancel my acount. They paid back my money in 2 days. In this forum; some people says; they don't refund their money. It's a lie. Lumosity is great and has quickliy solved my problem. Thanks for that.

My best regards,

Ahmet id..

New Reviewer

There are some flaws with the games, and your BPI is drastically affected depending on which device you use. My BPI doubled once I switched to an ipad from a PC--that's because the ipad has a touchscreen, so it's easier to pick up speed with that feature. The ipad, however, offers only a subset of games that you can get on the PC. The ipad has maybe 10-12 games, while the PC version has about 40 games. I have found flaws with two games, and within a month, I am at the 96th percentile for my age group--the big leap was because I switched to the ipad. The games are interesting, but I would like more statistics/data to accompany each one. I can see how I rank in general--across the board. But I would like to see how I rank on a per-game basis. I also think the company should provide an overview of how you rank and what that means in terms of daily functioning. For example, if I rank high in <x area> at particular times of the day and lower at other times--or if it's obvious that I rank better/worse after/before meals or after/before exercise, they could provide that information. They could offer optional quick surveys after each game to pull this data and then aggregate it into something useful. I enjoy playing some of the games, but I'm not sure if it's really improving my cognition or if I am just getting better at particular games.

New Reviewer

I really notice when I've gone a week without doing my lumosity training... I'm slower with my reaction time and less able to formulate solutions to problems. I don't compare my Brain Performance Index (BPI) to others and I try not to marathon-train or cheat. I notice that meeting participation improves (maybe that's due to confidence, because the night prior I was able to memorize so many names I am still in shock) and I'm able to recommend creative solutions to systemic problems in the organization. Love this site!

New Reviewer

I tried this crap and now they send me emails every single day. this is the stupidest thing i ever tried. dont waste your time or money on it.

New Reviewer

Like many others who have written here, I can only reiterate: STAY AWAY from these
con artists!! Customer service is a joke! Payment information for those who already have an account is a lesson in futility. DON'T BOTHER!!!

New Reviewer

I've been using this site for a little over a year. I still question whether it helps or if it is only turning someone into a robot. I totally believe in exercising the brain, but that can be done in many ways and most likely for free. I was stupid enough to join, because I thought it would be easy and then I would do it. This turned out to be true, I was using it at least 6 days a week for about a year. Sometimes it just seemed repetitious. There was one game which I reached their top level and I would lose points for playing it as it was part of my training course for the day, which were many - I sent in a question on it and several days later received a response which pretty much said nothing. Hmm,,,, I guess they aren't really studying their stats.
Well, the real turn off is the customer service. You open a request, they hope you forget about it or it gets resolved on it's own, you then comment on the open request asking if anyone works there and finally an answer comes that provides absolutely nothing.

New Reviewer

The training games often do not work lately. When you finish a game, it often doesn't give you a result or let you carry on to the next training game. Some games quit right in the middle without giving a result. Others seem to end ok, but the "continue" button doesn't work. I've complained about this numerous times, with no satisfaction. I'm ready to demand my money back.

New Reviewer

POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE UNIVERSE! Don't try to cancel an auto renew that THEY sign you up for. It will take more than I accomplished giving birth 3 times! I am still trying to get a decent answer from an online person because the phone messages I left have not been returned. Do NOT waste your time, your money, your brain on this company.

New Reviewer

Worst customer service I have ever seen. No response for 8 days. Stay away from a subscription to this site.

New Reviewer

I kinda knew @ the start it was gonna cost me & I took a few " hits" lol until the I had to pay. Then I read some reviews about poor support. I hope they don't prey on "pay for a yr " bullibites....anyway,,,w/ poor service on a mo to mo basis of payment. I'll usually call the cc co and call it in as lost and have the #'s changed to prevent more billing,,,F the webiste

New Reviewer

I subscribed for a year, and actually thought the product was good. However, when I tried to find out what the prices were for continued subscription, I found that: 1. I could not find out what those costs were; 2. There was NO oontact numbers that actually let you talk to a person who MIGHT be able to address my questions.

New Reviewer

worked great until 30 day money back guarantee expired, then game stopped almost completely, contacted support many times, and they blame flash, even though i have tried several versions, several browsers, and 2 operating systems. No satisfaction with support at all.

New Reviewer

A thinly disquised scam operation. Signed up for a year's subscription and continued to get charged 2 years after the year had finished. Was only partially reimboursed and am not at all confident that Lumosity's greedy minions might not continue to use my bank details to take out money without my permission. AND you cannot phone and talk to anyone of authority. You must send "Requests" and get limp preconstructed responses from a series of dishonest who-knows-whats.

New Reviewer

Customer service is terrible. Don't pay for a full year by credit card as I did. You might be very sorry. I cannot login to my site. I'm routed to FaceBook for a sign in and cannot do this as I have no intention of belonging to FB.

New Reviewer

Do not pay Lumonsity any money. They promise a full refund if you are not satisfied, I have been trying for a week to get a refund. Their customer service is awful!!!!! Do not pay for this product. You do not need to pay, just do the free stuff.

New Reviewer

Lumosity customer service is pathetic! Some of the games are interesting, but forget it if you expect scoring that makes any sense. I don't think even they know how it works. When I ask they say scores are based on an algorithm and they cannot reveal the algorithm. Hmmm. I usually don't buy anything online from a site that does not have a customer service phone number or chat line. Made a mistake this time. Emails take days to respond to, and usually are unresponsive to the question asked. Training reminders work sometimes, sometimes not. They need to address their problems, but they will have to do it without me when my subscription runs out. Waste of time and money. I give it two stars only because I enjoy a limited number of their games.

New Reviewer

They ripped me off. No easy way to cancel and they auto-renew without notifying you. Many people have reported similar problems. I would not recommend this company.

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