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LostMyDoggie reviews

167 reviews
Categories: Cats, Dogs, Pets
Tel: +1.8667767584
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167 Reviews for LostMyDoggie

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I can't say enough good things about this website and their service.

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New Reviewer

Our dog was gone since Sunday and this morning decided to try and no kidding I got a call from the person who found her by 10 am and picked her up during her lunch hour at 1pm thank goodness for lostmydoggy!

Ask Vanessa about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

his was really fast!! yesterday at around noon, Marley exited home from an open garage door; time later my sister in law realized this and we started the search all over the place; yesterday night, as you might imagine, was horrible, especially for my two nieces. Today morning, I posted it on Three hours later, I got a phone call from a good person that saw the listing and recognized him from a posting in Raritan Animal Hospital in Edison, NJ. Rest is history, now he's at home and we are happy.


Ask adolfo about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

I am very grateful first of all to God for my pets making it home safe. Lost my doggie dot com, was very helpful from the very start, these are actual people that do care for not only the well being of your lost pet, but are motivated on do the best they can on trying to get your pets home and safely. They use every resource of the internet media they have to get the word and photos out of your pet/family member out there to as many people as they can and they email you to stay updated on both ends, yours and there's. If you have a lost pet, I highly recommend that you contact "" immediately to help assist you on finding your pet/s., I appreciate everything you guys did in helping me find my pets thank you.

New Reviewer
9/13/14 is a great website! They helped us find our lost cat. They faxed and emailed 35 businesses in our area about our pet, for free! There are options to pay for even more wonderful services! They are a great company.

Ask Siobhan about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

I admit I was skeptical about this service because it depends on the people who get the calls to listen, save your number and actually make an effort to get your lost dog to come to them. We were on vacation at a cabin in the woods 250 miles from home. My 8 year old Collie has been going there with us since he was a puppy and has never left my side. Because the house is 1/2 mile from the nearest road (which is a dirt farm road) I did not have him on a leash. Someone nearby was target shooting with a rifle and the sound scared my dog into running. I called and he would not come. An hour later I found him down on the road but he was still scared and ran from me.

We spent 4 days, 9 hour a day by car, foot and quad looking for him. It thundered and rained every night and he is afraid of storms. We could not find a sign of him and school was starting for the kids back home, so we had to accept the fact either our dog was dead or someone took him. On day 2 missing we listed him as lost with this service and heard nothing from the local people that got the calls. We returned home crying and brokenhearted. 12 hours later calls started coming in from wonderful people. A local vet who got an email poster wanted to see if we found him or needed help, a few other people called saying they got the Lost My Doggie phone call and knew of dogs that were found locally. None matched the description of our dog though. Then the call came from a farmer who lived a few miles down the road from the cabin. He got the call, saw my dog in a field and knew it was the missing dog. However. my dog ran. This amazing person stayed in the field playing with his kids for 3 hours and caught my dog. He fed him, gave him water, brushed him, and kept him overnight until we could drive 250 miles to get him. They even refused the reward money. This truly is a miracle ending for us and proved me wrong. Animal lovers understand what you must be feeling when your dog is missing and want to help. Because of this service and a wonderful family nearby, my Mr. Pickles is home and doing great.

New Reviewer

We found the little "unknown" on our front porch two days ago. Although I made a poster with his picture and placed it on a telephone pole nearby, I knew it wasn't enough. We later got a call alerting us to a lost dog via, but not the one we found, however.. So I decided to give the website a try. I went to yesterday and filed a report with picture, then "BAM" his owner and I connected within hours!!! She had also filed a lost dog report with your website. I saw the email inquiry to our report, and it turned out to be her "Chewey!". I was sooo excited for Chewey and his Momma! I am happy to report he is back with his family now and I know I will use this website again should we loose our dogs or find one!! Thank you for creating this website!! It's effective and convenient! We would NEVER have found his Momma going door to door since Chewy had gone quite far!! Once again, so thankful for!!!!

Tip for consumers: Be sure to upload a picture of your beloved pup, as a picture is worth a thousand words! Be cautious in connecting with someone who claims to be the owner of a pet you have found. Ask THEM questions as to what the dog is like, name, temperament, or any special markings to make sure the person IS the owner.

Ask Merry about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer
9/8/14 was the reason our dog was found! The fax and email "animal alerts" are amazing, especially since my dog was lost while he was out of town. I never would have been able to get notices to all the pet businesses and vets in the area so quickly. A vet recognized a dog the local Police Department brought in from one of those alerts and called me. It was a miracle! Thank you!

Ask Lisa about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

We were totally devastated when our little Chihuahua, Smokie Sue, became
missing..She was missing for 11 days out in the elements of some heavy
thunderstorms...We never heard of until a friend told us about it,
after I posted about losing Smokie Sue on Facebook.....I went there and made fliers and put them up everywhere...The site also emailed and faxed out to 25 local vets and animal hospitals in my area so if someone brought her in, they would know that she was a lost dog.....It was this site that got the phone calls coming in to which we were able to find her...Thank You So Very Much!!!...I will make sure
when people lose their pets that they use this site...

Tip for consumers: is not just for lost dogs, you can also post for cats, birds and ferrets, plus if you find an animal, you can post it on there also...The site is from anywhere from free to $94.95...All aspects of the site was wonderful and easy to navigate..

Ask Ronie about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

Lostmykitty: Thank you for the helpful LOST CAT poster you made it so easy to share with neighbors and the vet. I found my Gracie!

New Reviewer

Your Testimonial:
What a great service! I was able to create and print flyers for the little dog I found so I could post them and emailed/faxed them to local pet businesses also! And all for free! This truly is a wonderful business for anyone looking to either find their lost dog or find the owners of a found dog and it's very easy to use. I'm happy to report that the dog I found and his owners were happily reunited thanks to the help of and the awesome power of internet! A happy ending! Thanks!

Tip for consumers: Don't waste precious time if your dog goes missing or you find a dog. Just log in to and you can have flyers to put up instantly!

Ask Patti about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

We lost our pug on August 28th morning then proceeded to post posters everywhere. As well as call and go to all local vets and dog places nearby. My boyfriend finally paid to call our local neighbors and a guy in a neighborhood over received the call. He then called my boyfriend and we met him at his place to find that he had indeed found our lost pug, Harley!

Tip for consumers: The option to have them call your local neighbors is definitely worth the money!

Ask Dee about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

I'm very very happy to say that our baby girl is safe at home. I am very pleased with Lost My Doggie service. I just couldn't believe how quick you had sent out the flyers to over 30 different places. She had already been gone for 10 days and after I found this website she was back home only 4 days later. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

Tip for consumers: Trust me use this site of you have lost your fur baby!

Ask Eva about LostMyDoggie
New Reviewer

Thanks for your help...turns out she was sick and had hidden in the basement for 3 days....came strolling up the stairs today...a little skinny but thankfully alive.

New Reviewer

I have used LostMyDoggie on two occasions. The first time did result in my finding out that my pet had been hit by a car. Although this was the worst possible news, it relieved me of what had become sleepless nights and days spent calling shelters and posting flyers. This time, I am happy to report that my dog was found and all is well in our multi-pet household. This is a great service that I always recommend to others who have the need of help in finding a lost pet

New Reviewer
8/13/14 was very influential in locating our lost dog. After listing Xena on the site, sent faxes and emails to shelters and pet hospitals in our area. It also helped us create a free flyer which we passed out and posted in our neighborhood. The flyer was what alerted a jogger in our neighborhood who spotted Xena while running. also helped by giving advice on where to post and seek assistance and updated us daily with findings in our area online through email. offered additional services that would aid in locating your dog like automated phone calls to your neighbors. We thank you

New Reviewer
8/11/14 is the best site that I came across during the heartbreak of a missing pet. They are so generous with initially giving free services by faxing all local pet busineeses, hospitals, shelters, ect. HOW AMAZING!! You have the option of ordering even further to help find your pet. My CAT is home safe n sound now but in any case, I will always remember how helpful was. Blessings, The $#*!eson Family from Lisle Illinois

New Reviewer

So easy to use and within minutes they had made flyers, emails etc to local
businesses. I'm very happy with this service and will recommend this to my

Maureen Saunders, DVM
owner Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks-Nyack, NY
& Spring Valley Animal Hospital-Monsey, NY

New Reviewer

We want to THANK YOU so much for this service!! The hints you provided to bring back our Cuddles was extremely helpful. We put out the litter box & food. We also put out clothing in the surrounding area!
We will definately recommend this service!

THANK YOU again!!

Jim, Paula & Cuddles :)

New Reviewer

I want to thank this site it has help me in my time of need thank you so much its nice to have a site like this
that will help us fine out lost cats. thank you and god bless
Diana young

New Reviewer

Well I couldn't be happier with Lost My Doggie. I found a stray dog and understand that putting up paper fliers is still a good way, but it was the digital flier from the Lost My Doggie website that helped the owner find us.

The dog's owner started calling veterinarians in the area and sure enough, one of them had received the electronic email/faxes from Lost My Doggie. And let me tell you something, this big burly guy shows up at my door and I can see tears forming from being reunited with his dog again. What a great service.

New Reviewer

They were extremely helpful. I had emailed them several times and their response was immediately. They did everything they promised. I was very impressed and would recommend their services to anyone looking for their lost pet.

New Reviewer
7/22/14 was instrumental in notifying the immediate neighborhood of our lost dog. Many people contacted me saying they'd received the robo calls.
It's an VERY important asset in the search for a lost pet.

Los Angeles, CA

New Reviewer

Thank you for the excellent service during the stressful time after our dog disappeared for the second time in a week, right before our vacation. The personal, caring phone call and emails were so helpful, and all without charging us anything! We will definitely tell everyone who has a pet about your site.

New Reviewer

Very happy with their service: Many robocols were made to people in my locale AND using their flyer template was extremely helpful. Many neighbors said they received the calls and were aware thanks to I found my dog as a result! I am so glad this service exists. Laura O. - Westchester County, New York

New Reviewer

What a great value for the money. Samson was found the next day after paying for this service. They quickly sent the faxes, emails and made phone calls to my neighbors. I will use this service again, but hope I do not have to.

New Reviewer

The best help from was doing all we could do to find our pet. The posters near the area he went missing were the key to finding Caine. But in the process I found that there are places in the area that most people will miss. One is the Pickens County Animal control. Please encourage folks to go directly to the animal control in their area as these poor misplaced pets are on a one-way road to death in only five days if not claimed, with no hope of adoption even if other people looking for their pet may want one of them. Thank you for the helpful tips and for passing along very needed information

New Reviewer

We used the automated phone call service(to alert neighbors in the surrounding area) as well as the free service this site offers (to send email/fax alerts to local vets/pet businesses). It was so nice to know that all of our neighbors -- both business and residential -- were alerted to be on the look-out for Fletcher. While it was not this site or service specifically that helped locate our dog, it still helped put the word out and allowed people to know to be on the lookout for him, which gave us comfort and saved us lots of time in our efforts to recover our lost dog. WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE HIM HOME!

New Reviewer

THANK YOU!!!  The morning after I posted about my lost cat, I recieved a call from a local pet hospital.  One of the workers who live on my street saw my cat try to cross a major street and called out to him.  She took Misty to the hospital and he is safe and unharmed. Because of the faxes LostMyDoggie sent, she called me this morning and described my cat's personality to a "T".  I am picking him up tonight after work.  I wouldn't even think to call this particular animal hospital, so THANK YOU LostMyDoggie for helping!  I wish everyone else the same luck I had! By the way, I used the free service where they post my lost pet ad online and send faxes to local animal hospitals and shelters, so people who say this is a scam are idiots and trolls. If I hadn't heard anything, I would have upgraded to a paid service.

New Reviewer

I appreciated the fast service, follow up emails, and notifications to area vets, shelters, and rescues. We also used the poster around the area (saved time from creating our own). Thank you!!

New Reviewer

We had lost our dog Brandy early in the morning. I found your website and posted an ad within an hour. Your service sent emails and flyers to area vets within a half hour of our registering with you. About 5 hours after Brandy was lost, we received a call from a lovely couple who found her. They took her to the vet and saw her "wanted poster". This worked and worked fast. Thank you so much, Brandy is back home, safe and sound!!

New Reviewer

Thank you so much for your service. I was so impressed that within the hour you had emailed and faxed all the local vets, dog pounds, etc in. 50 mile radius with a missing flyer with all her information and my phone number and sent me confirmation that this had been done, especially as it's 4th July and a holiday. Luckily my neighbor found a flyer I had placed at the local garage and called when Hannah was seen roaming around. Thank you Lost My Doggie for doing a really great job. I hope I never need to use you again but I will totally recommend you to anyone else. Thanks for peace of mind.

New Reviewer

Thank you so much for helping us find our dogs! Yesterday evening a neighbor from down the road saw our fliers and knew where to return the dogs. The dogs were very far from home but placing the fliers all around helped them to be found. Thanks again from a very happy Garza family!

New Reviewer

I can not express my gratitude to this website.A neighbor found Ashley and called animal control and they had all my info and shared it with him,thankfully he called me and I was reunited with her. love love this website.Thank you for having such a trustworthy site that people can use.

New Reviewer

We are very happy that we used your website, the people that found our dog were able to contact us in less than a day. We are forever grateful for this website helping us find our dog.

Thank you,


New Reviewer

Riley, the kitten, was found alive and well! She is overly friendly and was relaxing at a neighbors a few blocks away.
The neighbor who we never met, came into the grocery store my daughter manages. She noticed this young couple purchasing something that looked like a "start up" kit for a new cat and commented. Sure enough, Riley, was at their house and they were prepared to keep her until the owner was found.

Lost my dog did NOT find Riley. But Lost my dog's response time was beyond amazing. Within hours of our post....
Lost My Dog, had sent out 11 faxes and 25 emails to all the local rescues, vets, etc. These faxes and emails were in poster format and easily copied to post around our neighborhood.

I feel we were the exception to the rule and got lucky.

I strongly recommend Lost My Dog and urge anyone whose family member pet goes missing, reach out to Lost My Dog. Immediately, they will start the process.


New Reviewer

We are so happy that our beloved Katie was found safe and sound. I am so impressed with Not many sites will create a poster (which is what helped us reconnect with her) and send it to various businesses in the area and keep me updated by emails. I will definitely be recommending this site to other animal lovers!!

New Reviewer
6/15/14 was instrumental in finding my dog! Had it not been for them, he may have been lost forever. I HIGHLY recommend this site to anyone searching for their beloved missing pet!

New Reviewer

The service this site provides is truly a blessing for animal lovers!! I'm not certain if it was a result of the efforts of the flyer from this website, or other media I posted in, but my entire family is just Overjoyed at the return of our pet!! She was delivered to our door by a member of the local Humane Society, who also showed much
compassion for us during these 4 days that we were so worried about her well being.

Thank You to this website for doing exactly as they said they would by getting the word out and creating a perfect flyer to all the local veterinary clinics and the Humane Society! I Definitely recommend this service to anyone who has to experience the sudden loss of their pet.

Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!

New Reviewer

Yes this website worked perfectly my dog was found by a very nice person who love him and took care off him for 3 days.
After he review my lost dog ad the person contacted me so I can pick Raider.
I did reward him $200.00 for his efforts he had taken my dog to local vet - bought new chain and gave him a bath.

P.S If it weren't for this posting my dog would have had a new home and new name of Bentley.
Thank you very much I am so grateful and blessed! :)

New Reviewer

I am so excited to have found Reese!! He had run into a wooded ravine that was surrounded by houses. We had no way of knowing where he was, or where to start to look for him. We used the Animal Alert, and it was the key to finding Reese. I had gotten multiple calls from people around the area of where and when they had seen Reese. From that point, we were able to post flyers, hand out flyers and talk with people who lived near the area of where he had been seen last. After 6 days and 5 nights of searching, and the tremendous help from the neighbors, we caught Reese about 2 miles from home. If it hadn't been for the Animal Alert, it may have taken a lot longer to be able to find him, if that were the case, he may not be alive. He was near a major highway and in a wooded area that contained foxes, coyotes, and bear. I am SO thankful for the Animal Alert that LostMyDoggie provides! I spread it to my vet, who didn't know about the program, and said he will be telling his clients who have lost pets about it! Thank you!!!

New Reviewer

When my parents dog ran out of my house while I was house sitting and took off like a lightening bolt we were devestated. My parents were out of town and I surely just ruined their vacation. I felt very alone in my search. Because of my work at a vet clinic I remembered seeing Lost posters faxed in to us regularly and went to their website. I paid a small fee considering all the leg work this company did for me. By the time I went back to work less then an hour after I signed up on their website there was already a Lost poster faxed in to us....keep in mind they did not know where I work they were just that fast at getting the posters out! I made copies of the excellently formatted poster and put them up everywhere in my neighborhood. They even made phone calls to registered numbers for the area, my neighbor got the automated pet amber alert call even! 3 days later, after driving the streets for 6 hours we got extremely lucky and found her laying on someone's front porch. While we found her we got lucky. Don't count on getting that lucky, the chances of that are very slim. It was so comforting to know thanks to this service every vet clinic and shelter was alerted about my little dog missing and hours of my time saved to do something else, like drive the streets looking for her. We weren't alone in our search, that was worth every penny and more. This is a great service. I continue to get lost pet posters via fax and I'm sure I share this action like the other vets do....we always post them on our front desk for all the clients to see. If the other vets in the area do this think of all the people that are alerted of your pet gone missing. If horrible circumstances arise again where I need them, I will use them again and I continue to refer my clients to them now with personal experience on how good it is. Worth the money to help find your baby! To the people doubting whether or not the posters get sent out.....explain this to do I get all these lost pet posters at my work if the service doesn't send them out? And, if they don't send them out how did my lost pets poster end up at my work when they didn't know where I work? Just because your pet wasn't found doesn't make it their fault, your pet never should be been loose in the first place. I was irresponsible and left my front door open too long, it happens. I guarantee this service is legitimate, I'll stand by it professionally as well as personally. I have contact with dozens of veterinary professionals in this city at the local county shelter and other clinics, they all periodically get the the lost pet posters too.

New Reviewer

Within 10 minutes of completing the form someone called to say they had my dog!! We had been searching for 2 days, wish I had come to this site a lot sooner!

New Reviewer

Thanks to your posters Holly was found by some very kind people not far from where we last saw her. The QC code helped make a better ID. I taped her poster to the ticket machine at the trolley stop so she didn't go far. I added a $500 reward. This nice couple that found her were newlyweds! Cash well received!

Thank you for this free service, I was about to do the payment portion when I got the call. I was dog sitting for a friend to whom I am forever in her debt. Thank you once again!

New Reviewer

Dogs get away from the best of owners. This includes dogs in loving foster homes that are committed to keeping them safe. Allison, a great Pyrenees foster dog who prior to rescue was used to roaming at will, dug her way out of a huge two acre fenced yard and went for a neighborhood "meet and greet". Within one hour of posting on she was back at her foster home. Numerous people immediately began calling her foster mom to report seeing her and one kept her foster mom on the phone while following Allison until she could get there to pick her up., along with dog tags and microchips is an important tool in the rescue toolbox. One we never want to have to use but very important when it becomes necessary.

New Reviewer

Thanks so much for having this great platform to create flyers. I made my own at first and then I used yours as well. I will definitely recommend your website to anyone who has lost a pet! I'm so grateful my little dog was found alive and well <3

New Reviewer

I am ever so grateful for!!! We lost our little Blue on 5/10/14 and by 5/12/14 we were sent an email from that someone may have information on her. When we contacted the family that reached out to lostmydoggie, they told us they saw one of our flyers at the local grocery store. Thanks so much to for designing our flyer for FREE! And thank you for acting as a safe channel through which the family that found Blue was able to contact us. And although we did not find her through one of the local vets or animal clinics, thank you for sending the 10 faxes and 25 emails out with her information the very next day!!! We are deeply touched by your great compassion, and will let everyone know about!!!

New Reviewer

This is an amazing web site and resource to help anyone who has lost a pet.
When you have done all that you can it gives you new hope. I received phone calls, flyers, and good advice. It took us ten LONG days but we got our kitty back.
Remember there are others who know what you are going through. You are not alone!

New Reviewer

Your services are the best! 30 minutes after we printed 30 flyers and posted "Unknown" picture we found out Unknown was was Nitro and he was missing from loving owners. Very happy to find their boy!

Thank you so much!

New Reviewer

This is an amazing website....I will tell everyone about it. Thank you!!! So happy we got our dog back. When he first went missing, I did not know what to do, this is by far the best way to get the word out. Checkers was picked up 5 miles from home, can't believe he went that far in a matter of a few hrs.

New Reviewer

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the services provided from! My vet told me about the site, and I logged on and signed up. I then went to drop off my missing flyers at the local animal hospitals and while I was in there, they got the fax from lostmy!!! Not even a half an hour had gone by since I had signed up on the website!!! Then about 10 min later someone from another vet clinic called me and said they thought they may have my Phoebe. It wasn't Phoebe (although from the pic she sent me, this pup looked identical to my pup!) We ended up finding my pup on the canal banks by my neighborhood! But I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the services provided by lostmydoggie!!! thank you for everything!!!!!

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