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733 reviews
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733 Reviews From Our Community

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I tried to contact the customer service number that the sales rep provided. (in 210 reviews)


for those friends to purchase the deal - I was still charged. (in 358 reviews)


Be careful --they store your credit card information!!! (in 70 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I used to use Livingsocial but now I only use Groupon. I received emails to an email that had no account attached to it! Strange? That's what I thought.. I emailed their support team to ask them to unsubscribe me, because when I tried to do it myself, it said this: "Even though you receive our daily emails you haven't yet created an account. You can create an account below." The consumer service representative, Erik, sent me a variety of emails, none of which answered my question: How am I receiving emails when I don't even have an account. He explains that he will "delete" my account, which was non-existent in the first place, and that the subscriptions will stop after. Well, explain to me why YOUR website says that even though I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT, I still receive emails.... Completely IGNORANT.

New Reviewer

Very poor customer care service.

I had a genuine issue and the merchant could not honour the voucher. But still they did not give me a refund and asked me to bring refund approval in writing from merchant. I provided the approval from merchant to them still they did not give me a refund. Please be careful dealing with them. I will not recommend anyone to buy deals from them.

New Reviewer

I purchased a window cleaning deal in Nov 2013 and made an appointment for window cleaning in February 2014 which was a date chosen by the vendor. I left messages the day before to confirm but they did not show up on the day of the service. I could not get ahold of them for their phone service goes to voice mail. Someone did call back and I was able to reschedule but it was scheduled to rain that day so when I called a couple of days before to reschedule again, no one ever called back and the vendor did not show up on the day of the appointment either. I explained this to LivingSocial and asked for a cash refund, they refused and offered only Deal Buck because the certificate had expired by then. How would I have known that the vendor would be a flake and a fraud? I don't recommend anyonen buying any service from Living Social for they cannot back up their customers and cannot manage their vendors

New Reviewer

Staff and agents at LivingSocial are quite pleasant and helpful.

Have had nothing but positive experiences at each place I have purchased vouchers for. Dinners, massages, shows, etc... As an active purchaser for several years, I have learned to appreciate LivingSocial to introduce me to new places.

New Reviewer

Avoid these types. They prey on people not cashing in on their vouchers. In the words of Joe Gerard the world greatest salesman who was in the Guinness Book of World Records, look after every single customer, because that customer knows 100 other people. There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth advertising! These people will spend a fortune on advertising trying to create a successful business when all they need to do is look after the clients they already have. We had a funeral and couldn't make the deadline. Voucher expired. I asked them to check the death notices if they thought it was an excuse or I was making it up. But she just kept reading her script - we have "policy" and should have notified them in advance. As if that's what was on our minds then?? Rubbish customer service, a disgrace.
Plenty other fish in the sea! Spend your money elsewhere where it wont be wasted.

New Reviewer

Bought headphones. They took over a month to ship. They were supposed to have a mic and remote built in. Did not They refused to refund the shipping charge.
BEWARE!! They do not back their products!

New Reviewer

I purchased a Hockey Ticket package deal and let me just tell you, this deal sucked for many reasons. #1 - I couldn't print my parking pass until the day before. I work M-F and do not feel the need to have a printer at home, this caused me to have to inconvenience a friend to use their printing, because I couldn't just print the pass at the same time as the voucher. Stupid. #2 - Will Call was a NIGHTMARE and by nightmare, we waited in line for 45 minutes in the straight sun. We had to take turns standing in line and hiding in the shade! #3 The seats we were provided were in NOSE BLEED section 450. Are you kidding me? Way to use a bait and switch on us. The key words you used to describe these tickets were "Premium balcony seating" Nowhere in my mind did I think we would be sitting against the back wall in the 400 sections. What a joke. This is the last time they will burn me. I have bought over a handful of deals from Livingsocial and each time, I get burned or end spending more money then I EVER would, just get what I thought I was getting when I purchased the voucher. I wanted refund, but GOD knows that wouldn't happen.

New Reviewer

Terrible, I purchased a window cleaning service from them in Auckland New Zealand. Despite many calls the cleaner never returned my calls. Living Social refused to refund my money.
They don't have a registered office in NZ so I cant take them to court.
Avoid them like the plague

New Reviewer

When I saw the negative reviews on this site, it did make me wary buying from it but I found this website to be a positive experience. It had an Michael Todd Organics item for $25 and after purchase gives you a coupon code to apply in your shopping cart on Michael Todd website. The coupon worked and was true to its word. I'm happy that I know the product is coming from Michael Todd itself and isn't going to be a cheap version of the real $150 product. Real value for money and was easy to do. Can't wait to see more Michael Todd sales.

New Reviewer

I was happy finally to find the item I was looking for a long time - a green coffee. Thank for fast shipping!

New Reviewer

Worst site ever! They promote failing and shady businesses because no one else will. I am personally fighting a big charge incurred from one of their fraudulent businesses. When you have a problem, the site has no feedback or help. Stay away...this site will fail...give it time.

New Reviewer

I bought a voucher for a car detailing service. The merchant is unreachable. When you call their number it says "mailbox is full". Livingsocial customer service called them while I was on hold and confirmed that she got the same message. Then I get an email from Livingsocial (Help Request #14029415) saying that they confirmed the merchant is actively scheduling appointments at the number so they cannot refund my money. They just out and out lied about it.

New Reviewer

I bought a cosmetic treatment for close to $300. I scheduled my appointment well ahead of the expiration date. The merchant informed me that she would not be able to complete the treatment successfully because I required several treatments beforehand to prepare the site. These treatments and healing would span several months and cost at least an additional $500. I did not want to invest the extra time and expense. I contacted Living Social and told them the merchant is not willing to honor the voucher as is. They told me they would investigate and contact the merchant. Shortly after they told me the merchant said she would honor the voucher, but I STRONGLY repeated she will not without conditions that are unacceptable to me. Then they relented a bit and offered me deal bucks. But I wanted my money refunded. Fortunately, I appealed to my credit card company and after looking at my documentation, the full amount was credited to my account. As a result of this experience, I would never use Living Social again and never recommend them. They were dishonest as far as I am concerned. I will stick with Groupon from now on.

New Reviewer

Ordered 3 pair of earbuds deal was told by living social 2 weeks for delivery...called after 2 weeks...was told to wait a little longer...3 weeks still no product...shady deal from a company only 1 month old should not have been offered.

New Reviewer

This is a dishonest company in the way it sells, advertises, and supports its products. This weekend they advertised a "Valentine's Thames Cruise" which, one would assume, would take place on Valentine's Day. After inadvertently ordering the item, I checked out the fine print, and saw that the deal was available on every day BUT Valentine's Day! I emailed them within minutes of purchase, but they were closed. I called them promptly Monday morning and the operator told me they would refund the money. Then I received an email saying the fine print would not allow them to make ANY refund. I called to speak to a supervisor wand was put on hold for 20 minutes when I hung up. Do not trust this company!!!

New Reviewer

I was a first time user of the site and ordered a wine cruise voucher. After the purchase, they sent me a message saying that they would refund the purchase if I were to get three more purchases from other people. So IU got a hold of some friends and got them to purchase six more vouchers. twice as many as required. One friend bought four vouchers and another bought two. Then when I asked for my refund, Living social told me that because only two separate purchases were made and not three, I would not get the refund. So if one of my friends had purchased 20 more vouchers it would not qualify??? They have to be purchased by three different email sources. What a Joke!! I unsubscribed and will never buy from them again. If you go to and read the Living social reviews you will see how bad this company is. The reviews are written by their own employees!!

New Reviewer

I ordered touch screen gloves from Living Social in Early November a year ago for Christmas gifts. Was given a ship by date. Never got the gloves even tho I called both Living Social n the merchant many times. Was promised the merchandise numerous times from the merchant. Never got the gloves but they charged my credit card! Living Social was absolutely NO HELP. Basically said "Not our problem" and to contact the merchant. Have ordered from Groupon and had no problem at all. Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from Living Social and use Groupon!

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. I purchased a voucher from them back in November and the merchant won't return calls or emails. So I can't use the voucher I paid $80 for. I contacted living social and they did nothing and refused to refund my money. I disputed transaction with credit card company. WILL NEVER USE LIVING SOCIAL AGAIN. I will stick to groupon and there fantastic customer service.

New Reviewer

Wife purchased a V8 Superlaps voucher for Marulan. They only offered 1 day a month to do the drive day which were all booked up. Living social claims that they are honouring their voucher by having the 1 day a month and even though they are booked out i cannot be issued a refund... Currently in contact with Department of Fair Trading.

New Reviewer

I purchased 3 sessions from a merchant on Living Social. This required me to call the merchant and schedule the sessions. Over a 2 month period, the merchant had ZERO availabilities. The first one was AFTER the promotional value expires on my deal. I contacted Living Social, who politely told me that they don't really care and that I should read the Promotion Expiration Policy. They gladly explained that I have 5 more years to enjoy the PAID VALUE on the deal. (i.e. No Deal at all!)

New Reviewer

I bought an item from this site was sent a code but when I went to site to redeem it and pay postage it wouldn't accept. I got back to livingsocial who didn't help also got on to company and asked if I could have phone number to pay for postage they said it was up to living social I LOST THE MONEY I PAID swore I would never buy from this site again but guess what they advertised something I wanted and couldn't see it on any other site so bought and here I am same problem won't accept code.

New Reviewer

LIVING SOCIAL SUCKS! Don't try to purchase anything from this website they have terrible customer service. I tried to order something and I have yet to receive it and it's been since November when I ordered it. And no one can tell me where it is and I can't get a refund because that's how much living social sucks!
Don't waste your time it's a waste of money!

New Reviewer

Delete them from your email list. Do not give them your credit card number. I have tried for over a year to get a resonse regarding an item I ordered but was never delivered. I was crazy and ordered another item from this site about a year and a half later, only to have them charge my credit card twice! I have never had any bad experience with TeamBuy and will NEVER use Living Social again. Run don't walk away from this site. IT IS A SCAM AND YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE WHAT YOU ORDER BUT THEY WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD (TWICE).

New Reviewer

Photo book voucher. Confusion in dates between Living Social and Photo book supplier. Needless to say I lost out. Had to pay more money to re-activate the voucher. Customer service at Living Social redefined the word "service" in the downwards direction. It was a whole lot of weasel-words and basically, "Go away, we are not going to help you". I can honestly say that with Living Social, it is a case "buyer beware".

New Reviewer


This company takes no accountability for the dodgy merchants it signs up for it's deals! Although the deals look great (and I will admit, some actually are great), they are usually start up companies, or companies struggling to make money (usually for a reason - they suck).

To give my own personal experience:
Purchased a voucher for a canvas print, claimed and ordered the item, after 2 months the item never showed. Couldn't get a response from the third party merchant, so went back to LivingSocial for advice. Instead of providing me a contact phone number, LivingSocial gave me the merchants Australian Business Number (ABN), which clearly they got from the website (it was the only number listed on the website).

LivingSocial failed to take any accountability for their dodgy merchant and told me that "as they had provided the voucher, they had fulfilled their part of the sale agreement". Visa disagreed and issued a reversal on LivingSocial so that I was able to receive a full refund.

Interestingly, almost a week after I received the chargeback, LivingSocial managed to "solve the issue" with the merchant and re-credited me also, DESPITE being told by me that I had solved the issue via my card issuer.

So now I'm left to deal with following up on my card holder dispute to give back the duplicated refund!

Overall, livingsocial are crap! Crap deals and even worse service! Just don't even bother, these reviews should be enough to show you WHY to avoid them!

New Reviewer

I believe this company, Living Social, is a site front for gaining access to large amounts of cash for a period of time by pretending to be offering merchant deals. The merchant falls through and you get back only the cash you put in not any % of the deal you though you had bought.

It is a law that they have to hold your original funds for 5 years if not used in the voucher period. I had an experience where a vendor whose code did not work during the valid period would not honor the full amount of the voucher and demanded that I use the cash value amount within two months or loose it.

The amount of time you invest to get you $$$ back is astronomical. And they make every attempt to hold it for longer and longer.

New Reviewer

I have had nothing but problems purchasing deals from this site. I don't know if they just don't validate the merchants properly before making deals with them or what but I had purchased a picture on canvas from canvas people and received a canvas that was defective. There was a snag on my fathers face. It was like pulling teeth trying to get them to send me a new one or a refund. My mother purchased me the uv nail starter kit for Christmas and what a joke!! The colors are not true to color and they peel right off working minutes. Of course you can't return that. $70 down the drain. I will never use living social so purchase a deal again.

New Reviewer

I will NEVER buy from this site again! The quality of the earrings I bought was terrible and the dollar amount they claim the earrings were valued at was laughable. I feel I was scammed and will avoid this website from now on. Also, I tried to resolve the issue with their customer service and they clearly were NOT interested in helping me...they pushed me off to the manufacturer who never answered their phone and did not respond to my emails. AVOID!!

New Reviewer

I would never EVER buy anything from Living Social again, I bought a Laser Hair Removal Device, and it is a glorified torch, I have wasted $200 and now they will not give me a refund as it is doesn't meet their refund policy as it was a store item and a final sale. BUYER BEWARE...... Check and double check their fine print.

New Reviewer

I bought a deal on here and was very dissapointed with the quality. I looked at this site to read their customer service reviews before contacting LivingSocial about it, but almost didn't even want to after reading such negative reviews. I emailed them anyway and was told I could get 5 living social bucks as a way to show they were sorry for inconvenience (the deal I bought was $15). I was not satisfied with this so I called them...the lady was super nice, issued me a refund for the whole price back to my credit card AND let me keep the 5 living social bucks. I personally had a great experience with their customer service...maybe I just got lucky by having a nice lady answer the phone with the holiday spirit? Idk but either way, I feel like this company is fair and I have enough confidence in their customer service to continue being a customer.

New Reviewer

They are clearly trying to steal as much as they can as quickly as they can. By far the worst deal site I have ever used. I wouldn't buy anything from them if it was free. Horrible customer service as well.

New Reviewer

Below details the horrible experience I have endured with this company! PLEASE DO NOT EVER PURCHASE THROUGH THEM.


I purchased two of the Progredi sports cameras on the 20th November as a gift for my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas as they are going on a holiday on the 30th December.

Before placing my order I checked the fine print and all terms and conditions on the offer and NOWHERE did it stipulate that the items would be delayed. Furthermore, a week after ordering I emailed you asking when these would be dispatched and to provide an ETA. Your response was that the order would be delivered within 5-10 business days and you confirmed I should expect it by no later than the 3rd December.

When this did not arrive on the 3rd I sent another email asking for this to be addressed and for you to email me with a tracking number for my item. Surely, if you had guaranteed me delivery by the 3rd you would have known it was dispatched so this should not have been an issue. Your response from Andrew was "We will need to look into this a little further with the merchant or supplier directly. Do you give LivingSocial permission to pass your details on to the merchant if necessary?". I agreed for my details to be passed on and advised that I needed this looked into urgently as the delivery address this was being sent to was closing from the 20th December and these were Christmas gifts.

On the 9th December Andrew advised "I have raised a case with our products team to look into this with the supplier and our logistics department. This typically takes 3-5 working days, depending on the supplier and the number of issues raised regarding this item."

After 8 days I still had not received a response from you or the suppliers so I once again had to email you to ask for an update. I also phoned you company and spoke with Wes who put me on hold for 10 mins and when get got back on the phone told me the order would arrive on the 17th December. I spoke with Kylie this week who could only tell me that you were still awaiting a response.

I cannot understand why you cannot call your suppliers and find out what is happening and arrange for this to be express posted. I had provide you with ample notification that this order was required by a specific date that exceeded your quoted delivery time frame. Furthermore, no explanation has been provided to me as to WHY there is such a delay.

This is the second time this has happened to me when ordering from your company. I placed an order for a onesie in late May/early June and it was not delivered until the end of August after, once again, me having to contact you several times to chase it up.

Now there is one day left until the address this being shipped to is closed and Christmas is 3 business days away so the likely hood of me receiving these in time is none. I am left with out Christmas presents for two of my family members along with being down $160.

What will be the point in having these delivered sometime in 2014 when they are not required then. Christmas will be well and truly over along with their holiday in which they were to take these items.

I have emailed and called you so many times now that this is becoming ridiculous! I cannot get one bit of information out of you as how this situation can be rectified. The fact that I work in the customer service and logistical side of a company shows me how poor your company's customer service really is. Not once has anyone I have spoken to been helpful or provided me with answers. It is your duty to go above and beyond with your customers when there is an issue such as mine to ensure you retain their business and so that their bad experience does not taint others perception of your company.

I have also asked for a manager to call me to which no one will. I have now also via email requested for this order to be cancelled and refunded so that I can make other Christmas gift arrangements and your staff ignore both of these requests.

This issue has now been raised to the Fair Trade Ombudsmen and all emails have been forwarded on to this government department. You cannot advertise offers as "Great Christmas gifts for him", promise delivery within 5-10 business days of ordering and then fail to adhere to this.

The logistical side of your business is appalling but what is more disappointing is the terrible customer service you and your staff provide.

I will not ever be ordering through your site again and I will strongly encourage others to avoid doing any kind of business with you.

New Reviewer

Living Social - stay away!

I received an event 'present' from a relative that had been bought with their hard earned money from the site. I was very disappointed with the non-delivery of the said package. Any attempt to engage Living Social customer service in meaningful dialogue ended in non-communication and further disappointment.

If you want to avoid mental termoil, then please avoid the site.

New Reviewer

Tried to buy tickets to a hockey game, website claimed the prices were a 31% discount. I went to Tickemaster website and the prices are actually higher than the regular priced tickets however you can get a hockey puck for free. Ridiculous.

New Reviewer

Dreadful -m they do not care about customers, they are rude and heavy handed in customer 'support' - do not deal with them, they are only interested in taking your money

New Reviewer

I bought the headphones that came in the broken box and some wire is missing .One side of headphone doesn't work properly and when i made a call they told me ,that this is final sale and they can not help me even this headphones looks used -NOT NEW .I felt helpless and outwitted .I don't want my money back but i want new headphone . First and bad experience with LivingSocial buying goods.

New Reviewer

I purchased two vouchers to spend on Pandora charms in the Watch Store in Belfast. Vouchers are valid until end of March 2014. What the deal failed to say was that the Watch Store are discontinuing their Pandora range. When I called to order two charms that I wanted they said that I could only choose from what is instore and they will not be getting new stock. The shop has only very old stock in store which is not suitable for genuine Pandora collectors. I called Living Social to ask for a refund but they refused saying that the deal said any charm in store. True but very misleading. I had to speak to a manager who was abrupt and said that I could gift the vouchers to others who could use them. Who wants old stock ???? He then said that he would credit five pounds to my Living Social account. No Point as I will never purchase from them again. I also had ordered an Android tablet for Christmas and then got an email saying that the company could not honour Christmas Delivery. I asked about this also and was advised that this is not Living Social's responsibility ! They sold me the deal !!!!! To cut a long story short AVOID AVOID AVOID !!

New Reviewer

Obviously PAID for item (dress watch) and it's never arrived!! Over 4 months of attempting to contact these dogdy people with nothing more than a fob story email every now and then. Customer service is NON existent and they refuse to refund me my money saying "they can't do that" so have "resent" the item. Yeh right!!

New Reviewer

I bought a coupon for shari's berries which I loved prior to this experience as well. I spoke with sharii's berries at length explaining how living social took my money and turned it into what they call "deal bucks" and each segment of time, possibly weekly they deduct $1.oo from your they do essentially steal your money.. I laugh they only got $12.00 and I believe in Karma... and really thought that Shari's Berries would be smart seeing that I am a customer would honor the cash I paid in the least.. I was off by one day, thought it expired the last day of the month and it expired the day prior! So shari's berries also denied any real help to me... I told them I never would've ever got involved except they have always been so reputable, etc They took no responsibility. In my opinion, as another reviewer said, the merchants are losing customers over this one! I have not ordered from living social, don't even look at what they offer, have deleted them from my computer and I have not ordered from shari's berries again either to date... I don't imagine I ever would, I feel I was not treated well by either of them. They are real beauties in this scam.... PLEASE KEEP YOUR MONEY! I cannot honestly recommend getting involved on any level with this business.

New Reviewer

Merchants, RUN from this site. Do NOT run a deal with them. They are horrible to deal with, and it's all around just a nightmare. We are utterly horrified with how theyve treated our deal, and their complete lack of communication (takes at least 3 emails to get a reply), and when they do finally address our concerns it's a complete brush off. Very very disappointing. Groupon and Wagjag treat their merchants much, much better.

New Reviewer

A Nightmare experience - Endlessly frustrating simply "awful company" to deal with - Reguires endless forms to be filled out -Suddenly my bill for 20 Euro for a shower speaker suddenly became 207 Euro . After frantic calls to my credit card company - I managed to reduce it to the correct amount -then I was charged separately for postage incurring double credit card fees -The system is designed to frustrate and create anxiety for the unfortunate consumer - Why is this rip off allowed to continue with the support of the Credit Card Companys and Pay Pal who have a DUTY OF CARE to protect us "consumers" -Shame on you all .

New Reviewer

Do not order from living social! I wish I read these reviews before I used them. I ordered 2 watches from them and they never arrived. I emailed living social and they told me to email the merchant. I did that and the merchant never replied. I emailed living social back and got no reply. You'd think that living social would be more helpful seeing as it reflects badly on them as well as the merchant. My housemate had the same issue with another product she ordered. They are a scam! Stay away!

New Reviewer

I have ever bought a voucher for horse riding from LivingSocial representative, $99 for 4 half days activity. They confirmed the deal by sending email to me and charged my money. But when I called them after one week for exact date for activities. i was shocken by their explaining that they had never such activity for that voucher at all. Then I asked why they still sold the voucher now that impossible to provide any activity. The supervisor of LivingSocial told me that it usually happened in this company. I then asked refund money. They refused my request and told me that they only refund money to within one week, otherwise they will transfer the money to into an livingsocial account they set up without my agreement. I argued that I had no intention to cancel the deal, this is your problem without activity for the voucher and didn't inform me within one week after I brought it. They assertively put my money to one livingsocial account. I then further asked them to refund my money back first and close the account. They just simply closed my account and blatantly ate my money. I asked them why you closed the account but not refund me money? They said they closed my account according to my request. Oh, my GOD, how ridiculous was what they did for me!!! How possible my money just walked around within LivingSocial companys and disappeared just like a ghost?!!!!!

New Reviewer

As I paged through the buying process I missed the place to enter the 25% off code BlackFriday.
I missed the fact that I accepted the confirmation page.
Now I am trying to get $170 back.
I filled out the form.
later in the day i received an email from LS Help asking if I used any of the coupons even though there was a box in the for for the refund.
Now I see that I can call 877 521 4191 but they close at 6 EST on weekends.
Even though I have used LS often for a few years, I have a bad feeling about this refund.
I wonder if I should be happy with the credit optin as it seems faster but after this I do not want to deal with LS at all...

New Reviewer

Purchased a voucher to repair my phone on 9/22. Received an email on 9/30 from the company saying all appointments will need to be rescheduled and they will contact me starting 10/7. That's 8 days, 1 day outside of the refund window. I never received any communication from the repair company. I called 10/14 saying they'll have everything ready by 11/1. I called again 11/11 with no response.

I called LS today for a refund. They told me the owner's wife was in the ICU on 11/19 and that could be a reason for the lack of communication. The repair company is still honoring the voucher.... but I can't schedule anything to get my phone repaired. LS was unwilling to honor a refund because the voucher is still good. It's BS. Go Groupon!

New Reviewer

Honestly do NOT bother buying any vouchers off LivingSocial!!! Even if it looks like a good deal wait for it to come up on a decent website like Groupon or for you Kiwis Grabone. I do not usually write reviews but I am absolutely SHOCKED about the customer service I received!!! I could go into detail about my dealings with this company but that would make too long of a review. Let’s just say they will not refund you even though you should get one… they care more about the merchants but us as customers are the reason they are ALL in business!!!!!
Here’s a little run… I purchased two boxing vouchers which mentioned in the fine print and on top of the voucher that customers were entitled to 30 days of classes from their first visit however, Shane Cameron Fitness would not honour this because they said LivingSocial got it wrong but LivingSocial would not refund me. All I got was passed around and sent generic emails with the MOST bull$#*! excuses. Now I found this review page and wish I had read it ages ago! I have not understanding of why a company like this could still be in business!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Living Social promotion of if your friend buys 3 tickets are yours is free is a LIE. It does not work even you used the provided link. When we called in they say there is nothing they can do and I don't believe that!

New Reviewer

As a consumer. I purchased a deal off of LivingSocial only to find out that the company running the deal had absolutely no Customer Service. I then wanted to run a deal with LivingSocial for services I have seen advertised by other companies and this is the response I got:

Thank you for your interest in featuring your business on LivingSocial! We are always looking for great partners. LivingSocial loves locally owned businesses, and we want to make sure that we help our business partners grow their customer base and enhance their online reputation. While we can’t support your business with a promotion right now, our subscriber base is constantly changing, and as soon as we think we have the right opportunity for you, we’ll let you know! Thanks again for contacting us, and we hope we can work with you in the future.
Socially yours,

In addition, not only did I not get an answer as to why I could not run my deal, I was unable to get in touch with anyone who could explain this to me. I was told to try again in a few month. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? I guess birds of the "No Customer Service" feather, flock together!!

New Reviewer
11/19/13 is one of the worst ways to discover a new business I am finding based on a few experiences. The businesses you get a coupon for always hate on the customers when they use the deal that they offered. However, it should be the businesses time to show off what a great business they are, but instead fail miserably by hating on customers using coupons that they themselves offer up. If you don't like customers using them, don't offer them. Poor experiences with the businesses makes you not want to go back.

Also, they have fine print that is very misleading and conflicting. In one area it says that the "Paid Value Does Not Expire", however, they say in the Fine Print it says " voucher subject to forfeiture".

New Reviewer

Just terrible customer service. They will repeatedly cut and paste generic responses to any emails. Good luck ever getting in touch on the phone.
They will not accept returns, no matter what the reason. Product arrived damaged or didn't arrive at all? Tough luck, you paid for it.

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