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LivingSocial reviews

722 reviews
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722 Reviews for LivingSocial

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I have been calling all day & the phone rings off the hook.


I bought an Amazon gift card and it was easy to use and a great discount.


If you are a business owner, be prepared to experience a loss per customer.

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New Reviewer

I have bought some purchases on Living Social but the one huge problem I had with a service not honoring the coupon Living Social refused to give me even a credit towards another deal and there was no way I was going back to that business. So if you have an issue with a deal your on your own!

Tip for consumers: Restaurants seem to be safest purchases, beware of services performed deals!

Ask Tracy about LivingSocial
New Reviewer

My boyfriend helped me purchase a deal on livingsocial. We waited for weeks and we never even received a shipping confirmation but the transaction went through on Paypal. We were busy so we didn't have the time to contact them, but when we finally did, they replied saying that they would send us a redemption code or a follow-up email but they never did.

Basically they took our money and didn't even bother to offer a refund. We don't want a redemption code for WHEN and IF the deal comes back on. We will no longer be purchasing any deals on this site. WHAT A SCAM.

Ask Brittany about LivingSocial
New Reviewer

Living Social is a scam... it shows from what I experienced with the Air Duct cleaning services. The fine print covers hardly anything and the hidden charges are very costly. If I hired a local company, I could have done it with some reasonable price. Finally, I did not use their service and wasted my time. Never want to use any deals with LS again. LS refund policy is complex. Unhappy customer.

New Reviewer

Definitely a lack of service when dealing with this organisation. They have lost a customer here due to a lack of response to enquiries about their "interpretation" of their me+3 deal. An absolute SCAM as far as I have experienced.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother.

Ask Jutta about LivingSocial
New Reviewer

I have ordered 3 products. 336 Finish Dishwasher tablets. A Clever Cover for the clothesline and a Babybliss Pro 2 Volare hairdryer (salon quality). I received each item within the time frames they advertised and am very happy with my purchases.
One minor problem was that they send a Shipping Confirmation when they have sent an item. I got the Shipping Confirmation for the first item received last. So initially I was expecting the Clever Cover to arrive first because I'd had confirmation of it being sent, but I received the dishwasher tablets first with no confirmation which finally came last. So apart from a bit of confusion all turned out well .
I have ordered a product today and which offered two different size options. I adjusted my choice to the bigger size and my hair type but when I pressed order now it defaulted back to the smaller size offer. I rang them and the lady said they would get back to me within 5 days to see if they can change the order to the other offer. We will see what happens!

New Reviewer

They are $#*!ing bastard cheating people,my voucher did not come and when I contacted them they said the voucher expired and they refused to give me refund, I don't know how on earth such web site go unnoticed cheating people, they are not bothered about their one star rating, they are all fraudster and cheaters, not honest at all.

New Reviewer


Online course: code didn't work, company won't respond, living Social say it's not their problem

Day Spa: closed down, couldn't redeem, living social say it's not their problem

Restaurant Dinner: voucher not valid and they never had a deal with living social, living social say it's not their problem

Pet Product: email requesting an addition $13 for delivery, living social say it's not their problem

I've also been charged by them for items I didn't buy! Living social say I must have bought them and not their problem!!



New Reviewer

Just got off the phone with someone who said his name was Isa Gani. He refused to refund money to me that was overcharged on my credit card bill because I had already redeemed the coupon! I had inquired with the service provider why my voucher was for $349.00 when I had agreed to pay $296.00 and he said that since the discount was from LivingSocial, they had to make the voucher for the amount that his firm's agreement was with LivingSocial which was $349.00. Made sense to me, so I went on my way...when I received my credit card bill it was for the $349.00 and not the $296.00. Called as soon as I received my credit card bill and was told they would not refund the money. On top of that, I asked to speak with someone higher up on the food chain, and he refused saying he would take total responsibility for LivingSocial and their refusal to refund any money to me. I agree with other complainants, Groupon is super understanding whenever there is a problem with any of their programs. They are quick to make amends things right with any of their customers. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and am going to refute the charges to my credit card company because companies that do business like this should be held accountable for their actions!!!

New Reviewer

I just want to start off by saying how dissatisfied and underwhelmed I was when I arrived to my hotel Barcelo in Los Cabos San Jose. We stayed at the same hotel a year ago and it was absolutly an amazing vacation we didn't leave the resort once. This is the same hotel company as the other and there is only 1 Barcelo in Cabo. When I asked customer service about the change apparently it happened 8 months ago that they moved a couple of buildings down. When I purchased this voucher I had the idea I was purchasing the same hotel that I stayed at Barcelo a year ago. It's on the same street and the photos online look exactly like the first hotel we stayed at a year ago but that's very deceiving. First off none of the waterfalls in the whole building worked. Our beach front ocean view was obstructed by construction everywhere. Our refrigerator did not work. There were $#*!roaches in the room and in the buffet area. The ac was barely blowing and we were just as hot inside as we were outside. When I went to customer service they just shrugged their shoulders . When I called living social from Mexico I was told I could get a 50 dollar credit. 50 dollars won't make a dent in the amount I paid for this whole vacation to be staying at a horrible disgusting hotel. I asked if I could at least get a cheaper hotel in the area to accommodate me for the my horrible experience and I was pretty much dismissed. I am so upset about this whole deal it was far from a vacation and I had to spend even more money to eat out because we didn't want to eat any of the roach infested food. All of the awards this hotel had showing in their lobby was from 2013 when they were at the other location. I've been using living social for a long time and have had nothing but great experiences until now. I'm very disappointed at how they handled my complaint and offered me 50 dollars In living social vouchers. After this I will never use living social again and I will spread the word by mouth and reviews. I'm very angry and upset that I waisted my money on a vacation that was far from feeling like a vacation. Not to mention I talked my friends into getting this voucher as well now I look like the fool for recommending such a terrible hotel.

New Reviewer

I purchased a shoe rack through Living Social from the company - Ez Innovations as a present for my wife. The product proved to be totally unfit for purpose. I contacted both organisations seeking a refund. Ez Innovations replied promising to get back to me. I assume this was an automated response. Living Social have refused to offer a refund or provide any assistance in resolving this issue.
I would advise anybody to be extremely careful when dealing with this organisation as they obviously do not vet the services or providers they have on their site. This could leave a person exposed to very dubious operators using this platform to move their inferior, defective and shoddy goods and services. Living Social strike me as a mercenary organisation with no regard for the customers using their service.

New Reviewer

My wife and I on separate occasions have had the same issue with Living Social. We decided to make a purchase and the purchase price on our bank statement is different than the price that was displayed and listed on the website. We've tried contacting Living Social by phone and email but with no success. Even though the difference in price was a total of $20.00, it needs to be addressed directly by Living Social.

New Reviewer

They took my money and ran, no one can do anything about it, not my bank, not BBB. I would actually have to fly to Seattle from Chicago to take them to small claims court. Not worth my $127.

New Reviewer

I booked a 3 day vacation at Legacy Resort in Kissimmee Florida with Living Social. They obviously do not check out their deals. Noisy people, rooms with cardboard walls, unruly kids. People at front desk were nice (of course they want to keep their jobs) First day there they tried to sell me a time share (NEVER get a time share at this place)
People at Living Social were very helpful booking the vacation for us unfortunately they do not know where they are sending you as it's evident they don't know the sites.
In short you get what you pay for.
Stay out of Kissimmee if at all possible it's an area that is on the downside.
As much as I hate to say it the best place to stay is on Disney property. You will pay a premium price but the people you'll meet are nothing like the ones you'll meet in Kissimmee spots.
Last time I ever go thru Living Social.

New Reviewer

For Valentines Day 2014, I received a voucher for Living Social to get my house cleaned. I tried for over a month to call the number given to schedule and received no call in return. I got through once to a human who promptly hung up when she realized why I called. Needless to say, I contacted Living Social who refused to refund my money but gave me a voucher to use somewhere else. I next attempted to use the voucher to get the air ducts in house cleaned (as this was the only service I saw any value you accept for restaurants which were on the the other side of the country. The original date agreed on (by the service call center) was canceled by the actual company who only cleans air ducts in my city on SUNDAYS. Okay, fine, I set it up for an inconvenient Sunday given no other option. And if you haven't guessed it already, they canceled after I had waited for someone to show for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I called Living Social once again to get my money back and was told again that they can only give me a voucher to use for one of their unusable services. Living Social, you win. You may have my money as I do not have the time to waste on this anymore. Well played Living Social, well played.

New Reviewer

Bought something 17 days ago, no delivery and can't get the vendor to respond. Got the autoresponder message 2 days ago and they would respond within 2 days. BS I have bought some things through Living Social with some success, but no more.

BEWARE of LIVING SOCIAL, great prices, but maybe no delivery.

New Reviewer

Save yourself the displeasure in dealing with this bunch! As attractive as their offers look, that's as far as the pleasantness goes! Their customer service have a standard line, stating that they cannot tell you anything until 7 days after you have raised a query or complaint. They use suppliers that no one (not even themselves) can contact by telephone. An example; Love Bebe Shop!!!
My advise; unsubscribe from Living Social. Never use them.
ps: the only reason I even added one star is that you have to select a star rating!

New Reviewer

Bought a vent cleaning service. Scheduled an appointment, took time off to wait for them and they were a no show. Just to be sure, book an appointment again on a Sat and they were as expected a no show (didnt expected them to show up). The company has terrible reviews. Living Social should check credibility of these vendors. On a good note though, Living Social will refund you with credits promptly. That is why I gave them two stars.

New Reviewer

Living Social does not honour their offer of "recommend link and if 3 people buy you get yours for free". I did this for a photography course, sent the link to 3 friends. 1 friend did not have a credit card so I used the same link that I sent him and paid for his ticket. I got a email from Living Social saying "Congratulations, I get mine ticket for free". My credit card never got refunded. I followed up and was told because I had paid for my ticket and my friends ticket with the same credit card the offer did not apply. I got a really "we don't care" attitude and they palmed me off.

New Reviewer

I bought the anti snore guard for my husband (Snore-Free Nights (from It was terrible! Large tough and too big to keep in your mouth without gagging! Living Social wouldn't refund and neither would Stella White. I will never buy anything through Living Social again!

New Reviewer

There should be a rating system here for NO stars. This company is fraudulent and sneers at the mounting number of dissatisfied customers they are amassing. I purchased a NYC hotel package and when I called to redeem it, the hotel HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT and had no redemption code. The entire business was a fabrication; the hotel would not honor any part of it. When I complained, LS said it was expired. The voucher clearly sates there were TEN MONTHS left to redeem it and only one blackout date. I wrote them back to say they were committing a fraud and I could hear the laughter from their contemptuous billionaire owners, including the board and Steve Case, who come off as dishonorable if this is their idea of a business plan. They and the founders are the Bernie Madoffs of leisure and entertainment. I do not expect any action from them and am now stuck with having to go to NYC and pay 3X what I would have had I not purchased this deal. I believe they are in cahoots with businesses in an effort to offer a package, pull out, replace it with a lesser value item, and everyone is happy except for us suckers. Regrettably, I live in a town of a million lawyers and not one will take these people to court. If they did, it would be a massive class action suit. If Soylent Green is made of people then Living Social is made from LIES.

New Reviewer

Purchased a coupon for house power washing through a company called Delia's Home Services. OUT OF DURHAM/CHAPEL HILL, NC They never called me to schedule the cleaning, My bank account was drafted $109.00 on MAY 20, 2014. There is no website, no phone number for either Delia's or Living Social Deals. If anyone has a contact number please let me know. After I contacted them after printing the coupon. I never heard from them. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LIVING SOCIAL DEALS!!!!

New Reviewer

I used Living Social for some small things like restaurant coupons with no problem. But I took a risk and bought a Book-A-Tailor coupon so my husband could get a tailor-made suit. 6 months and 3 suits later, he still doesn't have a suit he can wear and Living Social says once the coupon is redeemed, they will not get involved.
I also had a bad experience with carpet cleaners. I don't think they screen their offers so beware, you are on your own. I've had much better luck using Groupons.

New Reviewer

Desperate customer service. After a problem redeeming code on merchant website and emailing merchant with no reply, I contacted LivingSocial because I had paid them for the deal. They sent me merchants number which I couldn't get answer from. I emailed LivingSocial on numerous occasions only to receive replies from'Sandy' (customer service team member!) one of which said the deal had expired!!( only because I couldn't redeem it) I eventually realised the phone number was a uk one and as I am in Dublin I need international code. I emailed saying I didn't, think I should have to pay for this call, when I ordered in euros through their Irish site. I have received no reply to that email. DESPERATE customer service. Will never order from LivingSocial again.

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. Merchants should have a grace period. Emergencies arise where the coupon event cannot be redeemed. Groupon is very understanding about it and will give FULL refunds. The deals they have are far less superior than other merchants. And that is why I will continue my business with Groupon and NOT LivingSocial. I purchase at LEAST one/two coupons per week. Because they were not accommodating with my situation, a single $100 voucher cost them literally thousand of dollars of my future business. Good riddance!!

New Reviewer

Bought a deal for finnish dishwasher tablets through living social the supplier was silver fishes no item was delivered could not get any response from these suppliers and when living social tried to contact them they were referred to Hermes postal delivery when I contacted these I was told to deal with the supplier after complaining to Living Social I was refunded y money after 6 weeks of trying but no postage was returned. I see that they are offering the same deal again would not touch this offer.

New Reviewer

I will never use Living Social again. Purchased a blue tooth for the car. Should say I got charged for a blue tooth. Never got it. Tried contacting the seller several times and then Living Social several times for help. No response from either. Stay away from Living Social!

New Reviewer

Living Social charged me $23.05 and Tyler's Coffee charge me $5.95 for a 1 lb bag of coffee that was advertised as $5.95 period. Never buy from lLiving Social again.

New Reviewer

Frankly buyer beware. Second clothing purchase the last one was for cami-tops adjustable straps etc. ABSOLUTELY THE CHEAPEST QUALITY I HAVE SEEN-SERIOUSLY! They do accept returns but there is a $7.99 shipping fee if you want a refund and if you take a credit for future purchases you get the whole amount back. DO NOT BUY CLOTHES FROM LIVING SOCIAL!!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP AND RIP OFF RETURN POLICY COSTING YOU $8 TO RETURN FAULTY MERCHANDISE.

New Reviewer

I bought a living social deal for Sylvan Valley lodge on living social in 2012. After buying the deal I realized I was pregnant and was having really bad morning sickness. I called the company to inform them that I was not able to keep the reservation only to find out the deal expired 30 days after it was purchase and can only be used as a voucher. I tried rescheduling on multiple occasions but no one was helpful in working out a deal with me. Surprisingly, the deal is currently running on living social for 199 with 20 dollars off for a total of 179. I call Sylvan Valley again to see if they would honor the 215 dollar voucher and the answer is no......Really! I am willing to accept the lost at this point but I warn you please do not buy any deals for Sylvan Valley Lodge. Please!!!!

New Reviewer

A week and a half before Father's Day, I purchased an item through Living Social taht was advertised as a great gift for Father's Day. A week later, I still had not received notification of shipping. Wrote to Customer Service. THREE DAYS LATER, finally got back a snarky email from Customer Service "reminding" me of something that was never on the terms of service, offer, etc: shipping occurs within ten days of purchase.

I feel that LS was dishonest in promoting this Father's Day item, and that their Customer Service = "not our problem."

Looked up the item on amazon. Same price (and it would already have arrived!). Out of curiosity, looked up other LS deals, and found that every single one of them was readily available from the vendor, or through amazon.

I'm now trying to cancel my LS membership, but not sure how to do it.

Apprentice Reviewer

Purchased tickets to an event for my fiance and I, but when I had a question their customer service took forever to get back to me. Tickets worked fine though.

New Reviewer

Bought a coupon for a sky dive. Skydiving company cancelled twice because of bad weather. Never got back my money because the voucher was expired. What a scam.

New Reviewer

Do not purchase from Living Social Deals!!!!!
Before Christmas of 2013 I purchased four lots of vouchers from them (four times £15.00), these vouchers were to purchase colour changing candles from Bentley and Karvel for presents. Each time I tried to use them the charge was coming up, including p & p as £42.98, I could not retrieive the vouchers and until this day I have chased both living Social and Bentley and Karvel to no avail.
Bentley and Karvel have an unobtainable telephone number and although I have written to them on several occasions (recorded delivery) they have totally ignored my letters requesting my sixty pounds back or for them to deliver the goods.
When we purchase an item in any shape or form from a company it is them, and them only that our contract is with and they are the one's that should deal with our complaint. Any third party is for them to deal with as they are their contractors.
I think we so easily except that they will pass us off to anyone so that they do not have to deal with the complaint.
I am reporting Social Living Deals to Trading Standards and will also take them to the small claims court as they have caused me time, upset and aggravation, to get my money back.
If we all let our complaints drop, just think how much money belonging to us, their so called customers they will have sitting in their banks earning interest!!!
Mrs P Watkins

New Reviewer

This is the second time I have attempted to run a Living Social campaign. One would think there would be any interest on their part to make it happen. Instead no one calls back or responds to messages. If it is already that bad from the business end of things I can only wonder how customers get treated in case of issues. Living Social is clearly over their head and needs to go out of business.

New Reviewer

Please do not purchase from living social. It is a scam... I purchased the boost of nature lawn service and the company will not call me back. Every time I call, I get an answering service and they stated they could only leave messages for the company to call me. I have left 4 voicemails and sent 2 emails and no response. Living social told I could not get a refund... Only a credit to use later. Why would I want a credit to not receive something from another vendor? Buyer BEWARE!

New Reviewer

Livingsocial is grand until there is an issue like, ex: a service provider closes down the business, without acomplishing your deal, then Livingsocial does not take the responsibility and ask you to chase the the service provider by yourself (!!) as "they can not do much now". It happened to me and I did not get the money refund.

New Reviewer

I am getting crazy with all the deals I get at living social.I love it is so much that I have to control my urge to buy new deals or even gift it to my loved ones. My mother was here visiting me for a month for my graduation and I booked a few great deals here and My mom was so happy.....

New Reviewer

I personally have not had a bad experience with them. However, their customer service seems to be lacking so I knocked off a star.

New Reviewer

Purchased a deal for auto detailing from Diamond Shine Mobile Auto Detailing in Orlando. Have spent three months trying to schedule the appointment for the detailing. Unable to leave message on answering machine "mailbox is full". Emailed Diamond Shine with promises to schedule service but never scheduled. Living Social continues to advertise "deal" on their website. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

Acquired a "Whole House Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning" service coupon through Living Social. Voucher said they would clean unlimited supply ducts, one return and a dryer vent. Apparently a company called Carr and Sons is a subcontractor to Living Social. Upon arrival, Carr did not know what service they were to perform and did not know my name. They requested a tour of the home to identify the locations of heating ducts and return ducts. Upon end of tour they announced the fee would be ten time the amount of the purchase price of the coupon. This amount was in addition to the already paid coupon price. They were asked to leave. However, sensing a scam and sensing a refund from Living Social would be difficult or impossible, upon reflection I asked they perform the cleaning stated in the coupon description and nothing more. They stated it would not be beneficial or worth it to me. I then asked, if this was not a scam, why had they come to my home to perform a service that would not provide any benefit? I told them I thought they were con-artists and escorted them off my property.

New Reviewer

Have purchased two items through Livingsocial. The first arrived & failed to work. Attempted to insert fresh batteries, only to find that the battery cover cannot be removed. No return details were enclosed either. Contacted Livingsocial, who provided me with an email address to contact. It took 9 days for the vendor to respond, and only then after I'd contacted Livingsocial again. I was offered a replacement. I said that I would prefer a refund, to which the response was: "Provide us with your address so we can send a replacement." I contacted Livingsocial again, to be told that the vendor had sent a replacement... ...without an address?! After another 9 days - yes, you've guessed it - nothing has arrived.
I also made the mistake of ordering a much larger item. After two weeks, there's no sign of this either.
I'm sorry to say that my experience of Livingsocial is dire. One star is far too much! I can only assume that the site/the vendors are either incompetent or verging on the scam. Avoid! A call to the credit card will be needed to retrieve my funds.

New Reviewer

LivingSocial is as much of a scam as the companies they feature. I am only giving 1 star since it won't allow me to give 0. I've purchased 5 different service companies through them, none of which actually existed. Despite informing LivingSocial of this (and from other reviews I know I'm not the only one who told them, LivingSocial still features the companies on its website. They are aware there is a problem and they will do nothing about it. I am now stuck with their 'DealBucks' which are completely useless since I can't do anything with them. Stay far away from this company.

New Reviewer

They sold me fake Gillette Mach3 Blades. The only blade I can use which gives me a babies-bum finish and glides through my super-tough whiskers. Got my LivingSocial/NiftySpot "Gillette Mach3 Blades and it was like using a cheese grater on my face! Looked up to find out what the problem might be. Compared the blades with the pictures. If the shave wasn't bad enough to convince me (IT WAS) the comparison pictures were absolute confirmation. Pointed out politely on their customer feedback website and all I got back was a very swift return email which in essence said "speak to the hand, the face ain't listening." Time to trash Living Social even if I do get my money back from their partners in crime

Apprentice Reviewer

Similar to all of the other deal sites. But, I like how livingsocial offers up to 20% discounts from time to time. If you are patient, just wait for a deal to come up before purchasing the deal!

New Reviewer

I have had my first bad experience w LivingSocial (LS). I bought a coupon for Glow My Collar for an LED collar for my dog. No problem with LS until the collar came and didn't work. I have tried for 1.5 mos to get a replacement from Glow My Collar to no avail even though they admitted it was their fault. I got LS involved about a month ago and they send weekly emails saying they're working on it. I'm getting no help from them. But they gave me $5 deal bucks for future purchases. I have no confidence in LS if they cannot vet their businesses or help out their customers. I'm rethinking any future purchases unless it's from a reputable site or a local business I can walk into.

New Reviewer

I purchased (two) Photo Facial from LivingSocial. The owner of Belleza Salon and Spa burned my face, and when I asked her for a refund, she referred me back to LivingSocial. Not only did it take LS MANY weeks to review my complaint and request, but they denied a refund. The spa refused to give me a refund as well.

I see that Living Social has the same promo for the same spa. BUYER BEWARE! If you want your face scorched and no refund, go for it!

New Reviewer

I have tried it twice. Although both merchants honored the deals and the redemption worked smoothly, I was disappointed in the quality of the products. I think the original price was jacked up to 10X the amount the item was worth to make it LOOK like a deal when in fact a better price could have been obtained elsewhere.

New Reviewer

They don't honor their deals. I purchased one and never was able to get the vendor to do the work and Living Social had nothing to say about it. Just don't go there.

New Reviewer

I used to use Livingsocial but now I only use Groupon. I received emails to an email that had no account attached to it! Strange? That's what I thought.. I emailed their support team to ask them to unsubscribe me, because when I tried to do it myself, it said this: "Even though you receive our daily emails you haven't yet created an account. You can create an account below." The consumer service representative, Erik, sent me a variety of emails, none of which answered my question: How am I receiving emails when I don't even have an account. He explains that he will "delete" my account, which was non-existent in the first place, and that the subscriptions will stop after. Well, explain to me why YOUR website says that even though I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT, I still receive emails.... Completely IGNORANT.

New Reviewer

Very poor customer care service.

I had a genuine issue and the merchant could not honour the voucher. But still they did not give me a refund and asked me to bring refund approval in writing from merchant. I provided the approval from merchant to them still they did not give me a refund. Please be careful dealing with them. I will not recommend anyone to buy deals from them.

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